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Step forward, step back, keep moving forward. By which I mean I did not get in any of my scheduled exercise at all this morning. Note to self (well, to me and adsartha, as we both realized this last night): chat makes you hyper. Set a kitchen timer if you have to. But I did get some tidying and dishes done instead of exercise, so something productive happened. Still grinding away on my Behind the Scenes post for my reveal, I figure if I started now I might even have it done by then.

Um. *waves to all of you who might still be reading from Yuletide* Hi! I'm Jag, I'll be your narrator for this journal. My friending policy is incredibly lackadaisical. As in I'll friend you so I can read you more easily, or if I don't friend you back it's just because I don't think we have too much in common. As you can tell, my journal is pretty open. I don't lock entries except for security reasons, and that happens maybe two or three times a year. Thus, open friending policy. Feel free to friend or defriend as you choose!

... I hate making announcements like that, I always feel like I'm talking blindfolded to a room that may or may not be empty. Schroedinger's welcome speech. Anyway, hi! Welcome. I'm Jag, I do ten things at once.

Back to routines. Languages are always the easiest, exercise I'll have to be doubly mindful of tomorrow. Bedtime, at least, isn't too skewed. And I made my lunch last night, so, healthy eating that I don't have to throw together at the last minute this morning. Apparently this weekend I will be cooking all the chicken too, or at least ten pounds of it. Need to check in today, hopefully it'll be relatively quiet still, so I can do my yearly summation check-in. Last night's guitar practice was a non-starter since we ended up going out to get groceries, so that'll have to be tonight. Um. Trying to think of what else I need to be mindful of. Making sure I keep an eye on my chore chart, I suppose.

There's writing yet to be done, and I'm kind of glad Yuletide didn't burn out my writing centers, too. Finishing the Behind the Scenes post. Juke Joint Jezebel. Janet Carter in Once Upon A Time, I have a vague memory of there being some other longer ongoing project I was working on, and then bashing novel outlines into shape so I can go over them for *ulp* self-publishing schedule next year. Oh this is going to be fun. I have four days to do this? Fucking hell. At least it's slow at work and then I have a free weekend.

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AUGH. "Oh, tape stuff for the tape I don't have, so only dialogues to AUGH SIX DIALOGUES WTF." Well that was a wall o' cyrillic. Ow my brain. The good thing is I followed a lot of it. The bad thing is it took forever to transcribe.

Jeans were acquired. The really sad thing is that even short jeans, by Lee jeans standards at least, are long enough that I end up stepping on the heels. And putting these jeans on, they're so thin! They really don't make jeans to last anymore, do they? I mean, these aren't $12/pair wal-mart jeans that you'd kind of expect to be made by the lowest bidder, either. These are name brand, supposedly trusted jeans. Well, I guess we'll see how long they last. Sigh. Where's my cane and those kids on my lawn.

Mmph. At this point as far as my parkour practice in the park goes, it's not my agility that's in question, it's my ability to run for any length of time. Thank you, asthma. When I was in college there was an indoor track, and I did a lot more running than I do now, but having been out of college for several years any stamina I might have built up for that has been shot. Plus the humidity out makes it irksome to breathe and run anyway. That said, my energy levels are back up to where I feel they should be, and my body seems to once again be working properly. Seems. We'll see how true that is in another 3-4 weeks.

(Oh, and for my new Russian speaking friend/any other Russian speakers who are wandering by here, the routine is that dialogue gets typed up one day, and then I translate it for the next 2-3 days. And now you know! And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe.)

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Augh no time to finish typing up the gloss..

It's gotten to the point where if I'm typing a transliterated Russian name, I have to actually look at the keyboard so it doesn't come out gibberish because I'm hitting the correct keys on the Russian keyboard, but not on the English one. This is... both sad and awesome. Sad because, oh god the gibberish. But awesome because it means I'm starting to be able to think more in Cyrillic letters and Russian language. When I start dreaming in Russian, then I'll know I've got it embedded.

I'm being good, dammit. I'm being good. No matter how tired I am of living paycheck to paycheck, or month to month. No matter how annoyed I am that after credit card, taxes, and cable are all paid I won't be able to buy Tron: Legacy for a little less than two weeks. I'm being good and virtuous. Even if it is a universally accepted fact that while being virtuous may bring some kinds of reward, it also sucks the monkey's left nut off.

Ahem. So. We will see just how busy today is. Yesterday was pretty busy, which made a nice change. Today, might be the same kind of busy, who knows! I did get a jump on things yesterday, so. Things and stuff. Stuff and things. And OH GOD ALMOST EDITING DONE DEADLINES AUGH FUCK. There was a line last night on Castle about authors and procrastinating and then mad panicked last minute rushes. IT'S ALL TRUE. I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYYY. Damn, where's my woman-moon-lunatic icon when I want it.

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Mmm. Most of the next few exercises are literary put authors into genres and categories things. Which means it's time for another wall of cyrillic: Dialogue!

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Oh Bruce Boxleitner. Why you so awesome and hot when you're speechifying?

Oof. Well, Japan. I was watching some of the footage today, the tsunami sweeping over fields. Short clip from a helicopter. And at first it looks like muddy water or coffee spilling over a model, it doesn't seem real. And then I think, those are farms. And fields. We have mountains around where I live, mostly, but when I was in college it was very flat, and there were very many farms and fields, and I imagined a wave of water sweeping over that as fast as the buses that took us between the airport and the college. I have nightmares about things like that, or I used to, when I was little. Walls of water sweeping up against the windows of my house. Coming through the walls. Never mind the earthquake, shaking buildings and shearing the sides off of them.

I'm not sure if footage of walls of water and buildings shaking themselves apart going global within hours of a dire earthquake and tsunami is a good thing for the emotions. It's good to know these things are happening, and what they look like, and it's good to have empathy. And god knows I hate the idea of information not being freely available. But it's also a scary, scary thing. As with most aspects of this strange new world where information flies all over the place very, very quickly, I guess it's just something we'll have to learn how to cope with. When things get to be information overload and when we can take a little more, and what we should learn or pay attention to.

Yawn. Stretch. Another day, another political roundup, another day of monitoring the news and seeing what horrible things are happening around here lately. And closer to home, a co-worker is being monitored to see if she did have a heart attack yesterday, so there's that. Plus one of the aunts' mother-in-law's passing and she's sorting out the legalities ... oh, hell, it's been chaotic. Both in national things and in close to home things, and it's ... I'll be glad for the weekend. I've got writing deadlines I can catch up on and other stuff that needs doing. Not enough hours in the damn day, I tell you.

Mm! Someone just retweeted "The headline you won't be reading: "Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes". Buts it's the truth." And I think that's why I'm less ...bothered (if that's the right word, distressed, maybe) by Japan than I was by the Boxing Day Tsunami. I don't know so much about the political or economic situation in Japan, not in any great detail; I used to, and that information's about fifteen years old now. But my family grew up in Chile for a time, and while they were there there were a couple of earthquakes, and so I learned some primary source stories about what living with earthquakes is like where a government keeps an eye out for them, builds with the idea that they are inevitable, and tries to keep things up to code. Which I assume is what Japan is doing/has done. So, there's that.

... On the other hand, there's only so many aftershocks even the best systems can take.
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OI. Lots of Russian, typed up very quickly. But I understood a fair chunk of it as I was typing!
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Oh shit. There goes the planet Jurassic Park. Admittedly, woolly mammoth. We have a lot more to go on with those in terms of, well, almost everything. But still.

Brr and oof and words like those. Still have no idea what the hell happened last night, and I'm not sure I want to know more than I do. Yes that was cryptic, no you do not get an explanation.

Still cold. Still bloody freezing, but at least it's a more normal winter type bloody freezing for around here instead of oh look, my arm has snapped off like an icicle and shattered on the floor cold. I much prefer normal winter type bloody freezing. I don't end up looking like someone's babushka.

If this week ends up at all more normal than last week I will be muchly grateful. Between the snow and the ambushing head cold of mocoso doom, I have no idea where the week went but I only managed to work two days and that irks me. Bonus points for the boy coming home sick yesterday and refusing to go to bed like a sane person despite clearly being hot, clammy, and running a fever. Argh. On the plus side, I suppose, it actually seems like I didn't catch whatever he had. Mostly due to either shoving him into the bedroom or locking myself into the bedroom and being surly.

Um. Things. Stuff. I have stomped all over the C-chord. Like a boss. I seriously don't know what's up with that, I don't remember having nearly this much trouble the last time I picked up the guitar, and even the F-chord isn't giving me this much trouble. On the other hand, chord changes are coming quicker. Which is a good thing. Writing continues. Very, very slowly. It would probably continue faster if I had a more concrete sense of just what the hell happened last week, and if I would learn to stop being stubborn and put aside the damn story that's bugging me and work on something else instead of sinking my teeth into it like a rabid badger and not letting go till I see the jaws of life. Murdock got his last kitten shot. Given that it took three people to hold him down for it, we're sedating him for his chipping.

Still way more enamored of Bruce Boxleitner than I probably should be. Which is what happen when you spend half the weekend and an entire sick day curled up watching Babylon 5.
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Okay. I'm pretty sure that whole exercise was NOT actually intended to be translated straight up. Rather, I was supposed to infer things and do the following exercises and get help from a teacher. Being apparently unable to do any language things the easy way, I did none of that.

On the plus side, today is another snow day on account of Elf Lord and Aunt are going in late anyway and UPS isn't running, so there's little point to having me there itching to do some writing work after a couple of hours and fussing over whether or not I'm going to be snowed in in town. The boy still wants to go out grocery shopping, which is slightly mad, and drop off his application at the care center in Black Mountain, which is definitely mad. Am debating whether I want to go with him or just give him a list and be all "Okay, you're that crazy, you do it." This will, of course, all result in me doing a frillion orders tomorrow as a backlog, but it probably won't be much worse than a mail order sale day. And it'll only be one day, unlike a mail order sale!

Right. I have another snow day, I might as well make some use of it. I now have three Big Bang projects/outlines, yay, one of which is sort of original and much less novel-working-intensive. Horror Big Bang is now going to be Project "Holy Shit It's Jack The Ripper!" and you get no context. I just have to decide now if it's going to be "Holy Shit It's Jack the Ripper" or "Holy Shit It's Jack The Ripper IN SPACE." In case of the latter, Babylon 5 references may occur. You have been warned.
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Why the everliving fuck they scatter the gloss for that over the next several pages, don't put half of it in the back of the book, and don't put any of it in the gloss for this chapter I will never know. Too distracted this morning for a good, full translation.

Oogh. Um. Hm. Still need to start keeping and probably expanding on a list of things for bento lunches that are viable or not viable. Probably different ones each for me and the boy since I'm way more willing to have veggie only bentos and he eats pig. Silly man.

Thing and thoughts. Thoughts and thing. Urfgh. I'm out of time for thinky thoughts.
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Christ, at this rate I might as well almost transcribe the damn newspaper. It's probably full of typos, too. Argh.

Okay. Oogh. Somewhat less tired for having gone to bed a little early yesterday. Still not happy with the way I'm not paying so much attention to guitar, which is my own damn fault. We'll see if putting new strings on the thing makes me more inclined to practice, because I also dislike the sound that's coming out of it right now. I keep having to tune it up, which, heh. Is probably a bad sign at least as far as the strings go. On the plus side, I'm still picking out songs with a fair amount of accuracy. The other thing that doesn't help is this cat scratch right underneath the pad of a finger, which, ow. Do not like, especially when playing guitar.

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Dear lord that was a giant wall of Russian typed up in a very short time. And the caterpillars are out in force, argh.

Also, what the hell random muses ambushing other muses with interlinked backstories and not even giving a heads up? Or a 'feel free to ignore'? What is this, a sudden streak of lack of OOC communication here? Messages and PMs and things are good, people! They are your friends! Warning of incoming potential plot or character-traumatizing stuff would be nice! Argh!

On the plus side, I did actually manage to make progress on my Nano novel yesterday. Writing happened, both Nano prep and actual Nano. I think part of my problem is it eventually feels like I'm rambling on to no purpose, and I need to remember that I'm also laying out a setting here in, hopefully, vivid and interesting terms. And I need to focus on that rather than on whether or not the action is happening. It's been so long since I've done anything outside of a modern setting, I've forgotten that some things need to be described. Possibly described vividly. Also, editing is for December. Writing is for November, dammit.

(It doesn't help that another original character of mine is loud and muttering things about retiring from the spy life and what is it she has about assassins and men who are bad for her and so on and so forth. Argh, shut up, Eve!)

And a busy busy day at work today. Here we go, I guess.

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Oh dear god that's going to take a while. Lots of words I have no idea what they are, and only half of them in the gloss. And some of it I can extrapolate from context, but with so much missing I'll extrapolate wrong half the time. And being out of practice, and semi-panicking over it. Deep breaths, Jag.

Morning routines are going to be interesting now. Especially if the boy continues going on days, which means I get to scoop litter and probably feed cats before I go. It's not that much time, maybe three minutes onto everything, but remembering is always the fun part.

Not having my netbook means no Japanese at least till I get home from work, which is going to be a pain in the ass for a bit. Till I figure out a new routine for that. Other than that, the only thing I was using it for that I'm really going to miss is writing and editing, and I have some paper editing I can do. As well as outlining, I've printed up my questions for my Nanonovel that I need to answer for the first few scenes, so I can just shorthand/handwrite that. So, that's not so bad. We got a new lamp and DVD player over the weekend for about $60 total. And, more and more, I'm hating the Blue-Ray revolution. Seriously, guys, didn't we just do this? I do not have to want to re-buy my entire fucking DVD collection because you invented a new and fun means of data storage, and I REALLY don't want you to keep shoving this new thing at me and penalizing me for not having the money to upgrade. Wankers.

(Which is probably all my fault for loving the entertainment stuff to begin with, but hey. Oh well. The only thing I'm missing are gag reels and possibly commentary, half of which show up online later anyway.)

NANO IS HERE. No, I will not be posting on LJ, for those of you who were worried. If anyone wants to read, I can post it online elsewhere!

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No, screw it, I'm going to type in the rest of that vocab at work, holy CRAP that was a huge wall of cyrillic.
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Why, oh why is Elan (Order of the Stick, a webcomic) writing my LJ posts now? Pimp, pimp, pimp the kitty in distress! The relevant Etsy shop is here. I just blew all my disposable income on Dragon*Con or I'd go for it.

Oogh. By this time on a normal day I would have just finished Russian. Instead, I'm at work, holding down the fort in the back and just starting on Russian. With no exercises, no makeup (which I was only going to put on since I was theoretically going to be a shopgirl anyway so that doesn't matter) and 4 and a half hours sleep or so. And a couple of Tootsie rolls for breakfast. I want a nap, I want a real breakfast, and I want a day off, in that order. Sadly, none of those are actually likely to happen.

I still need addresses from two people for your autographs! One I need to send out tomorrow when I'm not rushing my ass off in the morning, and the other will wait until you're settled in the new place and I have that address!

Ugh. As you may have noticed, the SciFi Big Bang got posted last night. Except I still don't have posting access to the comm. Sigh. I did realize, though, that if that thing is going to be that long and that complicated to post, my two original BigBangs are going to be even longer, which. Christ. Still don't know what I'm going to do about that. I might just post it up on my website and link it from there, that might be easier. Or at least, easier on my flist. Right now, though, that's one ginormous workload off my shoulders, and it might even get a sequel next year because as it stands, it totally deserves a sequel. And it's not a bad piece in and of itself. But not yet, no sequels yet. First, editing three novels at once. And probably writing a bunch of short pieces. And maybe finishing up some Kink Bingos and Mundane Bingos. Which will ... god, I really hate realizing that I just met someone whose character I wrote porn about. (Which, for those of you who might be wondering, was the Blade Runner PolyBigBang. So, not much in the way of porn, but still.) And then again, is that much different from going to meet Jim Butcher after what I did to his characters?

... Yeah, let's shut up now and go back to work. Or, since there's not much day job work, writing and editing and things.

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Okay, so, I lied. Last con report!

Monday morning we all sort of got up... well, I got up before everyone else 'cause I just don't sleep in. At all. Packed up a little. Then I got breakfast for people, then we packed up a little more and started loading things into the cars. And Ali and I headed back out to the con to hang with [profile] booknerdguru and Moose and so on, and the boy stayed behind to wake up more slowly.

And I'm rather glad we did. We decided to meet up at the Walk of Fame because I wanted to see if Luke Perry would be there (he wasn't) and Ali wanted to meet up with mark Sheppard one last time (who was running late) and I had my shoulder gryphon Woodbaby. Because I could, pretty much. I've been doing a lot of stuff over the weekend because I could. And I walked by a couple booths and then I got to Neil Grayston's (Fargo from Eureka) booth. And his eyes got really big and he was all "Oh wow" and I made Fluffy (we named the Woodbaby Fluffy) move his head up and down and side to side and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. And then he asked if he could take a picture. Or someone did, his handler asked if he'd brought his camera/iPhone/something and they scrambled for it and I asked him if he wanted to have it on his shoulder for a picture. So we put it on his shoulder. And he took a picture. Actually, he took video. I made the head move some more and his handler was all "Aww, look, he likes you!" and he just seemed really thrilled with it. And I, thank god, managed to keep my composure. I saved all the squee for later. Seriously, you have no idea how much squee I have over this. I was over the moon. Bouncing like crazy.

Colin Ferguson wasn't there or I would have asked for more hugs. He was a very cuddly person. We went on, buoyed by our success, to Corin Nemec. We were going to show the puppet to Mark Sheppard but he still wasn't there, so, Corin Nemec. And he, too, thought it was absolutely amazing. More oohing and ahhing over how the head moves, Moose was there so I pointed out how she had, like, six, and she and him talked for a bit about how she could have one on each shoulder and he said something to the effect of how she could look like she was being swarmed by them. And she commented on how it would look like The Birds. It was great. Somehow, too, this segued into everyone talking about their cats. I think because I mentioned that my cat likes to chew on mine. (Which, yes. As soon as I got home, I put Fluffy down for five seconds and Michelle was going gnaw gnaw gnaw.) And we were all talking about our cats and Corin was being a good sport about it all and really, really adorable.

And then I got Jonathan Frakes's autograph, which was fairly normal and ordinary. And then we went around and bugged Eddie McClintock, who was likewise fascinated by the Woodbaby but remained somewhat aloof. But he did call us all by names with a minimum of peering at our nametags, and Moose told him to call her Moose. And then blinked and may have flailed a bit about it later. (I am so teasing you about that for at least another couple of days.) And he shook our hands and he was really nice.

And then I kind of wanted to stick around for to see Mark Sheppard's reaction to Fluffy, but he still hadn't showed up, so we left. And now that, I promise, is the last con report.

I'm kind of tempted to see if I can connect with Neil Grayston even after the con. It's seriously tempting. I never thought it would be, but it is. Time will tell. Right now, working my way back into routines. I don't even remember where the hell I was in my Russian, which is kind of sad.

Oh! I need addresses for people I'm going to send autographs to. PM! Unless you know I already have your address.

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Well, this morning was a flurry of activity I didn't expect. Um. Eh, it's a little late to edit this into a proper entry now, so have a list of things I mean to get done today and tomorrow.

1. Kink Bingo: Sensation Play: Watchmen/Rorschach
2. Kink Bingo: Pegging: The Covenant
3. Kink Bingo: Object Penetration: The Covenant
4. Mundane Bingo: Pop Quiz: Sky High
5. Mundane Bingo: Texting: White Collar
6. Put up writing schedule for the rest of the week after dentist appointment
7. International relations
8. Sandstorm's Daughter
9. ????
10. Profit.

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Once again, Jag, switch the keyboard to the proper language and THEN type.

Right. Apart from the fact that I want to be as awesome as both Helen Mirren and Judi Dench when I grow up, is it just me or has anyone noticed an "aging action heroes" trend? Maybe it's just because the Expendables and RED are coming out within a short time span from each other. Not that I'm complaining. Morgan Freeman as an action star is fucking awesome. Helen Mirren, too.

Anyway. Oogh. Today, Bele Chere. Yay. And it's going to be ridiculously hot, which means everyone's going to come fleeing into the store for the air conditioning as soon as they can, which means lots of foot traffic. Which means lots of work for us. On the plus side, the back will be quiet because once the UPS guy wrestles his way in for morning delivery, that's it. And I don't think I'll have anything for him to pick up either, so that'll make his life a little easier. And then I'll pretty much be tidying my area and able to help out in the front. Although if Banjo Kazooie keeps disappearing I am going to nail his feet to the behind the counter floor. He has this bad habit of, any time one of us comes out there even if just to help on the floor, going "oh, good, you're here, I'm going to go ..." whatever and then not coming back for half an hour, forty five minutes. Rarr.

German... something. There was German reviewed last night but never posted because, ugh, bored. Still. I don't think there will be German tonight, but at least I'm somewhat keeping in the routine? No bento today, either, though. I'm going to go out for a bit during Bele Chere and see the booths and do the thing where I get my gyro or funnel cake, my one crappy market stall food for the year. Okay, not my one for the year, but close to it. And see if there's anything else running around that I like or maybe that I want for DragonCon costumes.

No further acts in the Pixie and Chuckles show, either. Not even any news out of their friend, who we've sort of been talking to and who was less sandbagged by this than we were. Hopefully this means he isn't doing anything stupid and she... I don't even know what. I'm hesitant to say anything about who's doing what to whom in that relationship and still irritated by the utter lack of data.

And that said, it's time to brave the masses and suffer information/person overload. Yay. I used to love Bele Chere when I didn't have to work in the middle of it.

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A new section! Section NINE. I'm on fucking section NINE. Holy crap.

Wall o Cyrillic, dialogues and vocab )

I still can't believe I'm on chapter fucking nine already. I ordered the second book because it was the lowest I'd seen it in a while (for a used copy, natch), and it seems I may be doing this at least relatively sooner than I thought. Or at least... something. Holy HELL. A year and a half at about thirty minutes a day and I may have learned enough of a foreign language... no, two foreign languages... to be pretty well... whatever the stage between conversant and fluent is. Better than stumbling through on a tourist book, not good enough yet to be fluent? And, really, the only reason I'm better than stumbling through on a tourist book is because I'm using actual texts with actual grammar building blocks and so on.

Holy fuck. I'm on chapter nine.

Ahem. Still coughing. Still feeling tightness around my lungs, but hopefully getting some extra sleep last night means I won't be so woozy today. Other than the cough I pretty much feel fine, so. Yeah. We'll see what happens?

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… This is going to suck. I got about halfway through proofing and then decided that it was driving me nuts, taking forever, and I didn't want to look at the same wall o' cyrillic for that much longer anyway. Stupid cursive handwritten stuff.

The headache that wouldn't quit is finally, I think, quitting. On the third day. Stupid body. On the plus side, almost caught up with Nano on one novel, all caught up just about with Nano on the other, and dammit, I'm going to get back into a painting groove if it kills me.

Дорогой Джин!

Наконец мы переезжаем! Tы, конечно, помнишь, что мы жили в центре, в коммунальной квартире: я и жена в одной комнате, в соседних комнатах ещё две семьи. Конечно, все наши друзья давно нас уговаривают переехамь. Да, у коммнальной квартиры есть свои минусы, но есть и свои плюсы. Во-первых мы жили в самом центре города. Магазины, театры, рестораны, клубы тут рядом. Во-вторых, дёшево – всего 3000. Это 100 долларов в месям.

Так зачем переезжить? Как ты знаешь, мы ждём ребёнка. Лара уже на третьем месяце. В коммуналке ребёнка девать некуда.

Теперь о нашем новом доме. Эту квартиру мы снимаем у людей, которые уехали на пять лет в комнадировку заграницу. Значим, мы будем жить здесь несколько лет. Дом расположен на окраине города, но, мы не очень далего от метро одна остановка на автобусе или 10 минут пешком. До центра бсего 30-40 минут.

У нас три комнаты!! Плюс новая кухня с микроволновкой и новый туалет! Хозяева сделали полный ремонт год назад, так что квартира в прекрасном состоянии.

Квартира наполовину меблирована. Хозява оставили большую кровать, 2 стола и ещё ковры и занавески. В общем, не пришлось покупать ничего нового. Это хорошо, потому что всё равно денег нет и не будет : наша новая квартира обходится в 175$ в месяц. Это, конечно, дорого. Зато квартира не только новая и чистая, она ещё на сигнализации, и, к сожалению, в эти дни приходится думать о преступности, особенно когда в доме есть маленький ребёнок.

Джин! Мы очень ждёт тебя в нашем новом доме. Собираешься ли ты к нам в Москву? Приедешь – не надо будет жить в общежитии, сможешь жить у нас в своей комнате! Напиши, какие у мебя планы. Наш новый адрес:
113226 Москва ул. Зеленогорская 14-47
Тел. (095) 485-41-57
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Wall o' Cyrillic )

And if I typed all that correctly I will be shocked. And awed.


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