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So. That was a weekend. Um.

Let's just start with the Twitter stuff, because that alone was kind of freaky? Sasha got our scarf. Sasha Roiz, from Grimm, I'd given the scarf to Claire Coffee to give to him? I have no idea when he actually got it, but Saturday he posted a picture on Twitter with his thanks and it kind of, um, exploded. Lots of people were amused and said he looked good in pink, including us. (Technically it's pink and purple and red and white but the pink is definitely the dominating color.) And he looked really amused and touched by the whole thing. So, that's how I woke up Saturday morning, and that set the tone for pretty much the rest of the day. We did the Haven recaplysis, which turned out to be as big as last week's, and at some point towards the end of it when I was doing screencaps I whimpered on Twitter about how scary Colin Ferguson was. To which Colin Ferguson responded. So, that went well! And then there was household chores and bed and so on, and then bed, and trying not to let my head explode.

So, that was that day! Sunday was a bit calmer by necessity since I spent half of it passed out, I'm still not sure if it was allergies or a head cold, but eventually I took an antihistamine to kill the sniffles, allergy medication and not cold medication, and I felt better from then on. So, maybe allergies? Can't quite tell. I did at least get all the yarn plied even if I got barely any writing done due to constantly passing out. I had a nice little conversation with a friend in Portland that led to all kinds of weird answers I wasn't expecting to get (the answer was halfway what I was expecting? But I wasn't expecting to get it, per se.) I'd be less cryptic except his privacy, so. That was a fun conversation. And I went and saw The Wolverine, which was amusing for Wolverine not being familiar with Japanese culture, and the women in the picture, and generally Hugh Jackman. It wasn't the best comic book movie I've ever seen, but it was far and away better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Dear lord. That may be damning it with faint praise, though. I've seen Skinemax features better tha X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The movie trip was somewhat marred by the theatre losing/stealing the boy's debit card. So we'll go cash only there, then! Or just not order food, the place also doubles as the dollar theatre, so. He reported the loss as soon as we got home and to a phone and the relevant data, so it's not like we lost any money, it's just damned inconvenient for him to have to wait for his new card to come.

And then home and spinning and watching some old fantasy movies and watching a friend binge on Haven. Which is hilarious because of all the moments when she's going !!! or "Duke's father is the absolute worst" or what have you. She's up to season three! It'll be entertaining when she gets to the finale and then gets all caught up.

Ugh. Though, today, Gods and Monsters and edits are the main order of the day, get that done soonest. If I can get at least three scenes done on G&M I may start tackling the Darren dime novel. This whole being tired and snotting all over the place has set me back a ways and it irritates me. We'll see how much of that I get done today and then tonight there will be trying to finish up Person of Interest, or at least get within five minutes of the ending and getting to bed early, since I can do five minutes in the morning. And that ought to take care of it all. The rest... hell if I know.
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Sunday! The fun thing about going to panels at 10 am on Sunday is that half the con is hung over and you get empty elevators, short breakfast lines, and good seats at panels. Kiki and I got up and hustled our butts down to the food court and then down to the Hyatt for the Grimm panel at 10. It was Claire and Russell only, because Silas had gone back to film, which answered that question of how they could have both the sidekicks at Dragon*Con. A and I theorized that it was because they were filming royal family scenes, but that makes sense too, since Russell came in more towards the middle of the con. They answered a lot of questions, they were really fun and personable. I took a LOT of notes on my iPod, lacking any other means, sadly, but someone else was also taking video, so I imagine (hope?) that video will be up later. We heard about how Russell tore his Achilles and Claire talked about Portland a lot, and it was really a lot of fun. I got in two questions! One about Adalind's premeditation of her conniving and how at sea she might be now, and one about historical aspects of Grimm and what they might want to see the show take on.

So, that was fun! Then it was back to the cafe to grab some fruit and juice for the boy and back up to the hotel room to deliver breakfast, meet [personal profile] infiniteviking, and get changed into Silk Spectre. Then we went back downstairs to the Walk of Fame to try and get ahold of the people I still needed to get autographs of. I printed out the picture of Tahmoh Penikett and we went in, walked around... and no one. Well, plenty of people, but not the people I was looking for. Did get a Warehouse t-shirt though. We went, checked and saw that Penikett would be back around 4, and turned back to go out... and CCH Pounder was there! So I got her autograph (she saw Penikett's picture and said that was a handsome guy. XD) and then I went over to Genelle Williams and got her autograph (and she saw CCH Pounder's picture and said she was going to have to get one of those because that was a beautiful picture XD XD) and then Russell was back, so we went and got his autograph and favorite colors. And told him about the scarf project and he seemed really touched and pleased. So! I have a lot of spinning to do when I get back! Poor Frain and Chirpy, I think we might have to offer to make them pretty things in their favorite colors too, because their colors are more tied to their characters than themselves. Claire's just happened to be a fun coincidence.

So, anyway, then we put the autographs away and I got to go down, get lunch, spend some time hanging out with [profile] booknerdguru, [personal profile] viridian, Kiki, and others. There was a lot of rapid fire girl talk, natch. ;) And then I did eventually make it back down to the Walk of Fame to get Tahmoh Penikett's autograph and explained to him that I'd 'shopped and printed up this photo from Haven and he said he'd really enjoyed playing that role but, no, no one had ever contacted him about coming back. He said it was fun to play Balfour's dad and be creepy and scary. And I told him a bit about what Simon Crocker's reputation now was, so. That was fun! He was really sweet. And is actually more handsome up close, I think.

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Woke up. Could not go back to sleep thanks to the boy constantly poking me, so got up and did some sewing. Still tacking lightwire onto clothing, but that's better than poor [personal profile] infiniteviking apparently, who got her luggage lost by the airline. :( :( :( I hope they find it for her.

But we got up finally, I put in my pigtails and grabbed my lab coat and hippo and we went out to breakfast. I did not grab my Caf-pow because this was Abby before caffeine, which is a monster you do not want to mess with. Then it was back to the hotel room, tack on some more lightwire. Check on and wrap the scarves and shower and change into Cheetara. (Note that at this point I have not yet written my notes for the scarves because fucking terrified.) Put on my Cheetara costume, promptly freaked out about how it wasn't perfect. Naturally. My wig is too messy and I'm too shapeless and my back is all messed up looking and shut up, wolves. I swear.

So. Down to the Walk of Fame, finally, after we all get it together and figure out what we're doing. Since the Walk of Fame opens at 1, somehow we end up getting there just in time to tag along at the end of the line, get in, and everyone's sort of milling around. Claire doesn't have a line! Excellent, I can embarrass myself at length. So I go up, I introduce myself as Kitty Chandler ('cause blog and such) and proceed to get gushed at about as much as I gush over her. If not more. I give her the scarf. She wears it for the next couple of hours, as far as I can tell, even though I only stick around for a couple of minutes. We talk about the blog, what else I blog about, I love her show, how's she finding the con. Silas Weir Mitchell is next to her. I'm pretty sure he's trying to listen in on the conversation without being rude to his current lineup. When it comes to his turn I get his favorite colors and sheepishly apologized if it seemed forward and he said the whole thing was thoughtful and adorable. And another adjective I don't remember but yes. Pretty much those exact words.

On to the next one! Ioan Gruffudd, who apparently actually knows someone from Bolivia with my name! So it wasn't unfamiliar to him. And me and Kiki both got his autograph and a freaking picture with him. Because he's adorable. And cuddly. I cannot begin to tell you how adorable and cuddly he is. On through a couple others, on to Burn Gorman who is THE NERDIEST. AND AWESOMEST. He recognized my costume while I was fucking in line. And winked at me. And wanted my picture. And we talked about working with del Toro (which he loved, and working with his co star) and he's looking forward to working with del Toro again and he loved playing Gottlieb and and and. High-fived me, yes, that too. Him and his adorable self augh I cannot stand it.

Let's see, what else. Julian Sands gave me a bit of information on Person of Interest for the blog. Natalie Tena and I spoke a bit of Spanish! Her voice is lovely, by the way. I have no idea why that stuck in my memory but it did. Anthony Simcoe and Paul Goddard were very friendly and cute, though Paul Goddard isn't in anything I can access lately. Woe. Um. Graham! Graham McTavish! I mentioned seeing him in Jekyll in his underpants, like you do, and we talked about that for a bit. Apparently that scene was exactly as cold as it looked to film, or so he said. Gleep. He also said James Nesbitt was taking a few days off to be with his family because his schedule was so busy this was the only time he could do it, so, well. All the best to him! And I asked him a bit about Khuzdul and possibly may have shown off a bit with the languages thing, which did impress him. Also he's really fucking tall. People loved my costume, even if they didn't always know who I was. (Actor people, that is.) James Cosmo! The guy who played Jeor Mormont, I got to stand and talk to him for a while, we talked about the Spanish language, he wanted to learn it, the Canary Islands, Guillermo del Toro whom he almost worked for but the project fell through, Spanish thinking and magical realism and how wonderful del Toro's movies are, I talked a bit in Spanish for him just for shits and giggles until I ran out of things to say. He was really, really amazing and fun to talk to.

And then we finally ducked out of there. Went back in to say hi and try to find Burn Gorman but didn't manage it before I had to go do my panel. But I did remember to grab lunch. My panel went well! I didn't freak out, I don't think I talked over people too much, I'm pretty sure I might have been the only one whose name they remembered other than the moderator on account of people actually referred to me by name somewhat. We talked, mostly about theories and also about the scraps of evidence the show had given us. I got to display my buffer storage skills. It was really fun! And I gave someone the url of our blog. And then back upstairs and more sewing of lightwire for a bit, and then dinner and meeting Alison for it, and then back up to the hotel room and semi-relaxing for the rest of the day, except for the part where Claire responded to me and I freaked right out. Oops. Need to stop doing that.

SO. That was Day 1. More may be added as I remember it, but right now ON TO DAY TWO.
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Okay. FINE. Last week was kind of fucked as far as routines went, with little things all over the place chipping away at my sanity, let's see how this one goes. Medium sized things? I've gotten to the point where I can lean on my routines if there are little things, and these weren't big things like people dying or anything (and it's really depressing that that's more than a permanent background possibility, the way friends of mine and friends and relatives of friends have been dying this year), but the car accident damaged my calm the rest of the day, and there was being sick on Monday, and. Generally, ugh.

But this weekend was nice. I got to rest, I got to pick up the house a little, I got to have a restful, productive birthday with lunch out and frozen yogurt and I got to say "It's my birthday, precious, and I wants it" not once but TWICE. And it WORKED. It was amazing. I went and bought that hip holster on ThinkGeek that I've been eyeing for several months now for my birthday present for me, so it wasn't that bad this weekend, overall. Mostly, I got to rest.

This week is going to be interesting. Mostly in the Murderboarding blogwork interesting, at least, I got most of Person of Interest done for this week over the weekend, and will probably finish it up today, but that's largely because tomorrow night's Grimm proposes to be full of conspiracy and metaplot and information and it will take us the bulk of the coming week to untangle the whole fucker. Goddamn season finales. Though at the same time I'm looking forward to seeing Roiz and Frain on the screen at the same time.

Aand. Other stuff. Today I'm going to try to get Gods & Monsters hammered out into a draft during work, I was trying to do that yesterday but the main character threw me a few curveballs. As she is wont to do, but grr. And that way I don't have to worry about that, either, while I'm dealing with Grimm. The rest of it can wait another day or so. Well, at least another day. Here's hoping.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I'm fairly sure that wasn't quite as cohernt as it might otherwise have been. Any second now I'm going to start using all the wrong prepositions and then no one will be able to understand me in anyl anguage.

Traci Dinwiddie, fellow North Carolinian as I understand it (who played Pamela Barnes on Supernatural) has an idea that just might help me get through February. Which is traditionally a bitch of a month to get through for me and mine. "How about listing something we appreciate about ourselves each day?" Traci, that sounds like a damn good idea. You can join in using the hashtag #DigMe on twitter. So, today's that I singled out because despite my inability to string together proper fucking sentences, I do appreciate and enjoy my facility with languages. I appreciate that I can study German and have it be fun and not a chore. And that I can pretty much do it on my own, too, with a capable textbook. At least German. I'm not fucking touching Mandarin with a ten foot pole until I have a teacher.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but parts one and two of my speculations on Wesen biology are now up, for those of you who watch Grimm and are into that sort of thing. And if I knew where the hell my X-Files diary had gone to, I'd type that up, too. That was one of the most awesome science projects I've ever done. Actually my whole high school was awesome, I did X-Files in biology and Star Trek in physics. I didn't do anything in Chemistry because the teacher was incompetent. Seriously, everyone's grades dropped a full point in that class. He didn't come back the next year. Anyway, yes! Blogging happened. Anna also updated all our fouth-wall-shattering profiles. Well, almost all. I'm looking forward to knocking down the fourth wall for Person of Interest, too.

Tired. I have no idea what I'm doing tonight, and this irritates me more than it used to because I know there are approximately half a dozen things I would like to plan out doing, and I can't, because I have no idea what I'm doing. And the truly sad thing is, none of these are strictly speaking time sensitive. No, two of them are, one being to cut up and cook the chicken that's currently in the fridge with an expiration date of yesterday, but even if I go out tonight I'll have time to do that. The other one being finish recapalyzing Person of Interest 1x01, which at the very least can get done tomorrow, since it's already started. So, really? Nothing to worry about. And here I am feeling grumbly over it. Definitely symptomatic of my need for a good fucking night's sleep.

Also I don't understand how it can be 3-4 degrees warmer than my house, according to the thermostat, at work, and then I feel like it's fucking freezing, whereas at home I'm wandering around in a shirt and sweats and barefoot and feel fine.

Anyway. I suppose most of my mood can be put down to my inability to fucking sleep through the night. And it's time to go home soon, where I can either curl up with a blanket, a boyfriend, a good meal, and my netbook and get some stuff done, possibly with a good TV show, or I can curl up with a blanket and my netbook and do a bit of stuff until later when there will either be Hobbiting or murdering beef with my teeth. Either would be acceptable. One step at a time, Jag. One step at a time. You've got plans in place, you're not a failure nor doomed just because you haven't reached the end of this stretch of woods yet, and it really does get better. I promise. Faith manages, right? Of course right.
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Ugh. Half my Irish is missing. It was just verb copy anyway, and I think I figured it out, but still. We'll see if it's still up on my computer when I get home, though, I think I left that window open. If not, what the hell, typing it up again could help seal it in my memory. I think I got it, though. I think.

Something entertaining and terrifying happened over the weekend! [personal profile] lireavue and I did our analyses on Murderboarding of the new Haven and Grimm episodes, as usual, and then because we were up late the night before and analyzing all day and somewhat punchy, we ... well, actually, no. We've been following the Creepy Twins, Vince and Dave, on their Haven twitter accounts (in-character, yes) for shits and giggles, and at some point I tweeted Vince about how "well, if you want answers, we're investigating." And he/whoever's running the in-character account tweeted BACK with something about our our investigations were impressive and they looked forward to the report. So that said, we tweeted them (along with everyone else under the sun, because see: punchy) with the analysis report on the Haven episode after they posted this week's 'Haven Herald' saying that this week's Trouble was swine flu. "Swine flu? really? Our report says otherwise" I tweeted at him. So Vince tweets BACK with "Fascinating report, [twitterhandle], but all our sources say it was swine flu. [link to Murderboarding]" At which point we then get more than double our previous record high of hits on Sunday. This after...

So, okay, we were trundling along with a daily average, and then on Friday I posted an analysis of Juliette and Nick's relationship (Grimm, this time, not Haven) because another site, a jewelry site I think, was posting a blog entry on the engagement ring and there was going to be nepotism involved. For shits and giggles, and because I'd gotten two replies from Bitsie already, I tweeted her a link to the entry. Then she retweeted it with 'very cool' attached and suddenly our hits that day were over three times our daily average. Holy shit! Yay spike! And that was Friday or so, and then Saturday we spiked slightly, too, and at the end of the day we posted our analyses and, for shits and giggles, tweeted everyone relevant we could think of. See above for how we sent it to 'Vince' and 'Dave', I have no idea who's running those twitter accounts. And then on Sunday Vince passes on the link and then Dave retweets that tweet and suddenly we're up to... almost nine times our previous daily average. And now we have to recalculate the average, because who knows how many of these people will turn into regular readers. Or whether or not this will happen again nest weekend.

So, yeah. Um. We seem to have inadvertently gotten the attention of actors and Someones from two shows we really enjoy. Go us? We'll be in our bunker. Hiding.

House shit! We got the koi pond pretty much weeded, half the surrounding shit cleared off of it. Including chopping down most of a cottonwood tree. At least I think that's the answer to the "what the fuck is that" question, cottonwood hibiscus. It's got the right sort of elephant ear leaves and looks like the right trunk. At some point if anyone wants to play identify that plant I can pass around pictures. It's down now, because lighting fires directly under trees with big leafy leaves didn't seem like a good idea, and the koi pond is going to be the fire pit. Weeded the koi pond of all the I don't know what that was growing in it, pulled out the sticker bushes and most of the pokeweed and a couple other things I'm not sure what they were. I think one of them was trying to be an oak. And we managed to pull out the mudmat, which had dried up and cracked all to hell, as well as a ceramic plate, half a round ceramic tile, a lot of rocks, a glove or two, several plastic bags, and half a bone from something. We also found spiders, salamanders, worms, wooly worms, and probably other things I missed while the boy was hauling around things. Now, hopefully, we can get that filled in with mulch and be done with it till we fill it in with sand and cover it with rocks for the fire pit.

It's been a long, full weekend. And I'm tired, and after doing all that yardwork my legs feel oddly like a Siegebarst hit them, but my back and arms are fine. And my brain is tired, and I need a nap, but what I'm going to get is an attempt to organize my shit because that really needs to happen post-haste. Also languages. Because Irish verbs are still giving me fits and there's no conjugation book.
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I just caught a glimpse of a grammar lesson that looked suspiciously like 'subjunctive.' Fuck you, subjunctive. Fuck you in the eye. On the plus side, now I know how to say 'security clearance' in German.

I love my Hiya Interchangeable needles. The only problem is that every time I have to check a shipment in I want MOAR. I do not need moar. I need to knit with the ones I have because there is no way I'm going to have ten or twelve projects going at once. I have more self control, apparently, on that score. On the problem of oh my god I want all the shiny needles and cases and yarn ever? Less so. But oh god I love my Hiyas and they are shiny and fast and interchangeable and solid and mmmm.

It's almost three o'clock and it's actually still sunny! We might get some weeding in after all! And bushwacking and other things, pruning. First I want to get another good chunk of that crap out of the koi pond, and then there can be more weeding the front walk. And there's a compost bin for everything to go into! Yes I am indeed this excited about composting shut up. Composting is USEFUL. And GOOD. And means MOAR FOOD FROM THE GROUND. And it's compost. How is that not awesome?

I swear, even when I don't have blog work during the week, I make blog work for myself. So now I have a schedule of translate the tattoos I keep meaning to translate tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow and Thursday work up an essay, and then Friday post it to Murderboarding. At least this time it's a relatively easy essay to work up, and I've got a couple evenings to do it rather than mainlining it all at once. And an outline! And. No, I think that's all to list among my assets. But it shouldn't be that hard. I hope. Assuming I do have Thursday and Wednesday evening to work things up. Or possibly Wed and Thursday evening entire, depending on how much weeding we get done today. And how busy work is. And.

I should probably stop fucking around for something else to babble about and hit post, shouldn't I. Yes.
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How the hell did I make it to chapter 11 already. And while I'm at it, how the hell did I get to where I'm at least reasonably competent at reading and translating and understanding German, and how can I still feel this floundery? Stupid caterpillars.

Oh god, we're almost done with the Haven analysis and then the Woman in Black analysis and then we'll be caught up with our own expectations! If not with the material. Just in time for new material! Yay. No, I kid, or kind of, the work is making us a bit boggly-eyed but we enjoy chewing over things like this. That's why we have the blog! And Anna's going to spend today ploughing through Haven and then I will spend tonight ploughing through Grimm and then we will be caught up to the new data. And hopefully this week's Grimm won't take terribly long. She said, knowing that would jinx everything.

We interrupt this blather with an entertaining announcement: Samuel L Jackson did an ad stumping for Obama along the lines of 'Go the Fuck to Sleep', only now it's "Wake the Fuck Up." I love that man.

Um. Okay! We have permits, I'm turning over keys to the contractor tomorrow morning or Brian is tomorrow afternoon, and I need to get copies of the permits to the bank so they know the work can begin and I'll talk to the bank about the first draw. Which I should actually call the bank today and do that, see if they can get an inspector over. Argh logistics. So annoying. But it's forward progress even if it is annoying, and since the center is in an earlier time zone, that makes that easier. Okay, then. Holy crap, stuff is actually HAPPENING. It's like a much more fun version of hurry up and wait. Cleaning and renovations and more cleaning and moving stuff to the new house from the apartment and more cleaning and you guys I am so excite I cannot even tell you. Again.

Right. We work before we play, which means it's time for me to get back to day job work, not throttle our suppliers (don't ask), and get that done and dusted so I can call the bank and set up an inspection for the draw procedure. Hopefully this will go more easily than the purchase process. And I still need a tag for the house. Blargh.
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See, Jag? You are perfectly capable of calling up a plethora of government offices, none of which were complicated to deal with, and getting information and services turned on. And the worst you had to do was endure the home music from travel commercial hell. Seriously, what was up with that.

So, okay. That's taken care of, I need to check and make sure those are our recycling/trash bins and not the neighbors. Because they've certainly been storing their car in our driveway, they might be storing their trash bins too. They might not! Hard to say. And that one bill covers a plethora of services, so that's good too. One might, if one didn't know me well, mistake me for a responsible adult. Surely not. Next up, too, hitting up the library to find out the history of my new home! Pre-Civil War house. Best thing this crappy economy has done ever. And, come to think of it, I need to get copies of keys. And paint chips. Paint chips would be good, and then the boy and I can argue over paint colors. Whereby argue I seem to mean I go "well, what about this combination" and he goes "I dunno" a lot. I don't even have strong opinions about colors and things! He just seems to have even less strong ones.

Oh, there's the home ownership glee I was missing. So good to see you again, home ownership glee! First cleaning and looking at paint colors, I guess. And maybe some of going up and down the living room walls and peeling the damn wallpaper off of it. Why the hell would you wallpaper perfectly good hardwood wall paneling? Bleh. And renovation while that's going on, and eventually curtains. Because reasons. Um. I was braining something else and I can't remember what it was.

And while I'm still braining house stuff, does anyone want a change of address postcard with pretty Asheville picture scenes? Or just a postcard with pretty Asheville picture scenes. PM me!

I guess the only other thing I've been braining lately is writing and episode analysis. We've decided to throw in Haven over at Murderboarding, for those of you who are interested in that, and the murderboard dotplot is up with the characters and their factions. Eventually we'll get to churning out the backlog, but because we're probably going to do a pretty in-depth job on every episode, it'll take some time. But on the plus side we're almost done with our Grimm backlog! Two more full-ep things to go, and then the in-between episodes will probably get several paragraphs on their own, bundled into one post. Because we're making no secret about being interested primarily in Renard, and he's not in THAT much of a lot of the eps.

... And in abrupt news I had not expected to share, not being an American football person (or any kind of football person) myself? Chris Kluwe continues to be awesome. This time without the swearing. And particularly the last four paragraphs or so.
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Deutsch )

Well, that's just going to be a pain in the ass because I think there's no help for it but to memorize every damn one of those. UGH. On the plus side, I'm still doing the damn German, and another week of fucking around with the preterit tense shouldn't do me any harm if I have to do that while I dig around for where the hell I left the stupid book.

Um. Things and stuff. I'm learning how to do things on GoogleTasks! It's useful like a useful thing! And did I mention I am way too obsessive about Grimm lately? I spent a good twenty minutes or so last night running an episode from last season at quarter speed and eighth speed to try and figure out if a thing was what I thought it was (it was, continuity glitch, appearing/disappearing gun, bad editor) and describing the minute details of a fight sequence that lasted all of three seconds. Yeah. Three seconds, I know, because I timed it. And it's all going on Murderboarding! Along with actual analysis, I promise this isn't just me drooling all evening over Sasha Roiz.

For all the fiddly bits, I have surprisingly little to actually talk about. I do have a question for those who care to weigh in: the dining room is likely to be warm-tone woods and white, with sun coming in at least one if not two sides. What color placemats should I knit? Still working on fussing at my hope chest, I think the end verdict is to leave the afghan squares at work because those are very easy to pick up, figure out where I was, and put down again, and then do placemats and other more complicated things at home. Placemats first, because I don't know how long our dining table is going to be. But that means I need to pick the colors of the placemats. Out of these colors, guys. Swatch at the top is not all the colors we have, just a good representative sampling.

Anna has Howl in her head, I have Small Town Witch, and I know exactly who to fucking blame. On the plus side, I feel lighter than I have in a while, and like I can actually move on with planning and life and things. Hallelujah. Sing praise to the Goddess.
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Русский язык )

Gaeilge )

Hey, look what I forgot to post the other day oops. Actually I've been falling down on languages a lot this week. Stupid mail order sale. Stupid exhaustion.

New plan: Thursday nights are me time, and I'm not going to game. The last two games we've supposedly had we spent the entire night shooting the shit and not actually getting any gaming done. Hell with that. I mean, I understand that there's going to be some social time, but I am neither impressed nor amused by planning to do one thing and then fucking off and not doing it two evenings in a row.

Still exhausted. Really really exhausted, in half of yesterday I ran around about as much as I had the day previous. Today's not going to be much better unless I get everything done at the start of the day and then nothing much shows up to do. Which, given that it's Friday, there's normally a 50/50 chance of it being hectic to the point of exhaustion. Given the sale I'd up that to about 80/20 in favor of exhaustion. On the plus side, it is Friday, which means I can come home and fall over till I feel like getting up and doing something.

And in today's Grimm appreciation post, we have rings for everyone! I love that the show pays enough attention to detail that every member of the family we see has the ring. We can't see what the signet or symbol or whatever is, so we don't know if it's the same, but they have one. It makes me squee a little. Okay, more than a little.

I should learn not to post these things until after I get to work and the aunt has a chance to babble at me. So, this morning's fun story about my family was a road trip the grandparents (I think, or friends of theirs) took from France to Spain through the Pyrenees. And they were driving along and came across a circus that was slowly making its way through the back roads. And since they were back roads and this was back before everyone and their cousin with a chin had the car everyone was a bit startled and there was some brouhaha, and in the course of all this an elephant sat on the hood of the car. Not damaging it significantly, but putting a sizable dent in the hood. Well, they got that straightened out and everyone went along and a little later down the road they came across a motorist who'd had an accident, who was by the side of the road with a wrecked bike. So they gave him a lift to the next town, small Spanish town, and they took him to the police station to report it and the police gave the guy a lift to the hospital and then the police started to interrogate the grandparents/family friends (I think it was my grandparents but now I've forgotten the proper antecedent). Because they had this damaged motorist and a big dent in the front of their car. And sure they'd picked up the motorist but he was at the hospital by this point and couldn't back that up. And when asked about the dent all they could say, truthfully, was "An elephant sat on the car."

So, that happened to my family. My family has some truly wacky adventures.
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Русский язык )

Maybe I'll have some house news today, yes? Seriously, the longer this drags on, the more I worry about something fucking else going wrong. ... like reaching into your bag of apples and grabbing the SQUISHY HALF-ROTTEN ONE EW OH FUCK GROSS. Ahem.

Holy shit, Grimm. Just. Holy shit. Also, what the hell is with the opening credits and why are they so sucky? Oh the spoilers behind this cut ) Not that I think anybody but one person on my flist cares about spoilers at this point, either because of not watching or because of originally not caring, but it's possible?

So. We'll see how the day goes. Either it'll be crazy again like yesterday or it might be quieter? I'm suspecting crazy. At which point I'm glad all I have to do for dinner is throw in a freezer burrito or toss stuff onto a skillet. So many things I want to do, and no real time to do them. Ugh. Work was supposedly going to be slow and then resumed kicking my ass, too.

I should say something clever but I'm all out of clever. And Dragon*Con is in a little over two weeks, when the fuck did that happen. I mean, I think I'll be ready for it, but still would like to know when the fuck that happened. Dragon*Con is an end of the year thing! When the hell did it become the end of the year? I did, at least, sign up for an astronomy workshop that looks like it will be made of awesome. It's geared towards writers and working with astronomy when you're writing science fiction, with some real life scientists who have done consulting on shows, so. Very excited! It's all day Saturday which means I'll have more crunched autograph time, but eh.

Right. Back to work and letting Grimm swallow my brain rather than dwelling on all the crap I have to juggle right now, because Grimm is more fun. If also kind of scary.
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Gaeilge )

Well, that's going to require some work.

I checked my email this morning only to find out that no one had told me about the mail order sale (free shipping) we're having next fucking week. For those of you who have been around me for longer than a year or so, mail order sales range from the "was that a thing? It didn't feel like a thing" to "AUGH I HAVE BECOME A DECAPITATED CHICKEN." This on top of all the house shit. My Aunt did spend about half the drive in apologizing to me for springing that on me. Still want to strangle half my family. Mostly the uncles.

House stuff! Okay, so, since I haven't updated people in a while since I got so damn tired of it, starting from the beginning. We are applying for (and hopefully finishing, now) a renovation loan for Old Hotness. That means the loan is for the total cost of the house plus renovations. Originally the selling bank had come down on the price from $Tigers to $Lions, and that plus the quote for the renovations that we got from the contractor we ended up going with ($Wolverines) just about hit our budget. We figured the house would appraise the second time for what it had appraised for the first time, which was about $Sabertooths, so we'd be good. Right? Of course not! Instead it appraised for $Pumas, which meant we had to make up the difference between $Pumas and $(Lions+Wolverines) or we had to get the selling bank to drop the price by the difference.

I hated that. Because I had to go to my family for help, and even though I know Grandpa can throw any $$ of a number of wild animals my way, that doesn't mean I enjoy it. At all. It makes me feel like a failure as an adult and a whiny spoiled child who throws tantrums until she gets what she wants. But, indeed, I swallowed that and told my Mom where we were (actually I've been calling her fairly regularly with updates anyway) and asked if there was a way to get help with that. And two days later, I had a check for the difference.

And two? three? days after that, I got an email from Realty Lady saying the Listing Agent had sent over an amendment with the price dropped by the difference.

Because of course if I hadn't stomped on my squick and asked for help, it wouldn't have happened. I think what happened with the selling bank, too, is that they realized they had a house on their hands that finally had a buyer after three years, that was in the process of falling apart, and that they wouldn't be able to sell again any time soon without throwing a shitpot of money at it themselves. Because the $Wolverines cost of the repairs is only what is needed to make the house functional as a modern house. It does not involve any of the cosmetic shit needed to make the house a picturesque sale. This is partly out of budgetary concerns and partly out of me going I will decorate my own goddamn house thank you very much. But it's also what led to the appraisal coming in low, annoyingly enough. Anyway, I suspect the bank guessed that. And the odds of someone coming along in the next couple months with enough money to sink into the damned thing who would want to are very, very slim. And if that house has to go through another winter as it is, I feel fairly confident that the shitpot of money needed to fix it up for sale will double.

SO. Where we are with the house is basically waiting on a clear to close ... date? Letter? Confirmation? All the paperwork is in, all the money for the down payment (except what the boy has) is sitting happily in my account plus the amount I got from my family that we may no longer need, but which Mom told me to sit on anyway just in case. Because I have the best family ever. Renovations Lady thinks it'll go through. Realty Lady thinks it'll go through. Paralegal and company are just waiting for the date. Contractor Dude is ... well, is actually on vacation but is gung ho and ready to go when we get closed. I won't be moving over Dragon*Con (thanks be to the Goddess, yeesh) and the guy who's completely redoing the heating in the house is the same guy who was working on it when someone last lived in there.

To sum up: the house will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

This weekend I ... well, I intended to do very little. Instead I will do batch cooking as little as possible, mostly involving throw shit into a pot and stir it every 30. I will do Arabic Saturday morning and try and remember to goddamn post it here. Saturday evening there will be Hiddlestoned Shakespeare. Sunday there will be sleeping. And possibly sewing. In between there will be writing this Thing that started out as an emotion play profiling-as-courtship Grimm fanfic and has turned into a nearly 20k Grimm Big Bang. Because Monday new Grimm canon starts and I want to at least have a completed draft before the Grimm writers rip my headcanon to shreds.
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Deutsch )

WHAT. I've been watching too much Grimm.

So, there was yet another issue with the house today. Yay. Not. Remember what I said about last time the appraisal fucked us over? It did it again. I think we got unfucked, but I'm still not getting my hopes up. I don't even have the energy to be much more than cranky anymore. Everybody I've talked to agrees this is fucking ridiculous, and no one can do anything useful.

We'll see what happens. I haven't gotten any more emails or phone calls since then.

Tonight, cutting out fabric for the lining and maybe starting a couple stitches, and picking up Japanese again. This time with scanning as proof that I did it. I don't think my tutor's around anymore, but I can at least work at it anyway. It's not like I have a German tutor either.

There are some plot developments in Grimm that are giving me a serious headache. The murderboard shuffling alone that I'm going to have to do. Let alone the rest of it. I mean, it's fun and I enjoy it, but oh god today has been so full of hot and annoying that it's just giving me a headache right now.

I'm sure there was more, but I'm too tired to remember it now. On the plus side, the beading of the glove is coming along amazingly well.
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Gaeilge )

I feel like I should review the rules for lenition and eclipsing every damn Friday, because they're so fucking convoluted. And actually, I am going to spend some time today writing this all down with the fucking prepositions so I have just one place to go back to. Because I need to make my own damn Irish resources, clearly. Oh well, I needed to go back and tag all my Irish with grammar tags anyway. Actually, I need to do that with all of my languages. Eek.

And then David Tennant made me cry. Reading his foreword to Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography. He's adorable. I miss her. In happier Who-related news though, I give you: the sonic screwdriver! A very early model.

I have no idea why this morning is so frustrating, but it needs to shape the hell up. Um. I had a thing here about Grimm and why the hell people are just now deciding that Renard is evil because he put down and kicked to the curb a woman who previously was all about the murdering and raping people for him. No, I'm not kidding. She cast an obsession inducing love spell that would ultimately kill the person, not to mention potentially killing at least one person offscreen and attempting, at least once that we know of, to kill the main character's only surviving relative. NEITHER of them are nice people. I don't know why you're shocked that one turned on the other and started chewing. Or maybe it's just that the Renard haters are now more vocal than the Renard lovers. I have no idea, I'm going to be over in the camp of Oh My God He's Hot and Fucking Dangerous And Scary. Admire From A Distance.

Now, if I have to type up this goddamn quote one more time there will be fucking murders.
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Русский язык )

And now I want risotto with garlic. I should make risotto at some point.

There was supposed to be German here but I ated it. Speaking of German, though, I would like to note for those of you who haven't already seen Anna's victory dance all over everything that, yes. It is, in fact, der Verrat in Grimm, and not the Ferrat. It didn't occur to me that it was German until I heard the word in the context of a KMFDM song, but once I heard that it made perfect sense. And once I looked up what 'Verrat' meant (being as a v in the first position of a word makes an 'f' sound) it made even more sense. So, it is 'der Verrat', as confirmed by Monroe and is poor German saying 'the Verrat' in the sneak peak for the upcoming episode and I feel vindicated and smug.

I also feel somewhat more triumphant because, okay, backing up. Yesterday I got an IM from the boy saying that Mortgage Lady 2 had called and reminded us that our awesome rate of awesome expires on Monday. YAY. So I called Realty Lady to find out where we were on the plumbing and thus the appraisal and thus closing on this goddamn fucking house. She said she'd check and call me back. And within about 10 minutes she'd called me back to say that the selling bank is fixing the goddamn plumbing! Not even with an addendum that says we have to pay them back, they're just fixing it! Possibly because they know they can't get it sold without that fixed. Heh. So, the listing agent is arranging that, and judging by the speed with which they got out there the first time hopefully the appraisal can be concluded next week or so? I called Mortgage Lady 2 back and told her, and she said she'd put in for a rate extension and contact Mortgage Lady 1. And today I should actually email the paralegal with a quick update to say things are in motion again. PROGRESS. It's like a miracle.

I watched Caprica last night. Just one episode, but another shirtless Sam Adama episode. The only problem with this one is that he was shirtless during an obviously fairly religious funeral. With everyone else wearing clothing that I can only describe as frum. And my anthropology brain grabbed onto that and was all "WHAT. EVERYONE ELSE IS DRESSED UP. WHY IS HE HALF NAKED." And I then spent the entirety of the funeral scene trying to reconcile the function of semi-nudity and ritualistic tattoos on display with the function of visually conservative, body-covering clothing. And not actually ogling the man I meant to ogle.

Yes, we know I'm weird, shut up.

Right. I have a pile of crap to do today. Mostly non-day-job stuff, but we'll see how crazy the store gets. At the very least I need to check in. Get some stuff written, maybe do some New Years Resolutions, and get some web coding done. Now that BBM's been put off I can just do that as weekend work without hassle, and, um. Squirrels. Does anyone know what the hell happened to Novel BigBang? Did they just vanish into the aether?
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Gaeilge )

... and then for some reason the stove decided not to turn down to simmer when we told it to, and burned my rice. This week is off to an excellent start after last week from hell.

I guess we'll find out today or tomorrow whether or not the bank will fix the required things so we can get an appraisal and thereby, you know, complete this freaking purchase. I could describe yet again how annoying and nervewracking this is but, bleh. I no longer have the inclination to expend energy that way. At least not today. I have so much shit to do, still, or again, and less time to do it in. At least today there's no incoming, although there'll still be the usual weekend backlog of outgoing.

I have no idea what I'm doing right now so here's a pink leopard. Oh nature, why are you so damn weird. ... Humans why are you so damn weird, I just read an article about a new favorite diet that involves living off a feeding tube for ten days. Apparently popular among brides to be. Never having the inclination to try the whole wedding festivities dress cake and party and all, I have no idea about the pressure, but that sounds like it's pushing it.

I want Grimm porn. I want Grimm porn that is not slash. That I don't have to write. Is that too much to ask? Survey on various portions of the internet says yes. I hate always feeling like the odd one out because I don't slash 99% of the people fandom slashes, or nearly as much as fandom slashes everyone. Actually, no, what I really want is Renard/Adelind hatesex. Or that story where Adelind pulls herself together, gets back in Renard's good graces on her own merit, and proves to him that yes, she is awesome. And possibly then returns the favor he paid her last episode, but not necessarily.

C'est la vie. But I did get incredibly silly over the weekend and finished my Grimm murderboard so that I at least have some concept of who's on whose side. And who is just plain ambiguous. Okay, not so much who's on whose side but who's connected in what group. Fonts being humans/Wesen, colors being ... other categorizations. We have purple for the royal elite, gray for unaffiliated with either group, blue for Nick and his people. If it gets any more complicated I'm going to have to come up with something else.

Should go to work. Don' wanna go work. Whine whine bitch moan too much crap to do. Too distracted by house crap for the past month and a half. Ugh. Let's see if I can make this week more kickass than last by sheer stubbornness.
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Deutsch )

I need these in my life. I don't care how bad for me they are, I need those in my life.

I have already decided that for Kink Bingo at least SOME fills are going to hot Renard sex. I'm not sure what fills considering I haven't gotten my card yet, but that man demands hard and heavy wallsex. Or scratching clawing biting sex. Or some kind of aggressive sex. Just watch Three Coins in a Fuchsbau and tell me you weren't thinking it. (Okay, maybe you weren't, if he's not your type, but oh my god hot.)

Why is house buying so goddamn COMPLICATED. But, there, I've paid the bills and said no to the invitations sent off the rest of the paperwork requests to those as can help me fill them, which means all I need to do is print off these attachments I got today and take them home for the boy to read at work. Actually, probably I should print off two copies, one for me and one for him. I have a headache just thinking about this, and it's kind of dismaying that this is when things are going well.

And, you know, other than that? Things aren't going too bad. I have weaving class in ten minutes (which actually means I'd better pop an aspirin now) and my hope chest is coming along. I managed to get all my day job work done for the most part and I'm not going insane, I'm getting enough rest. Life is, tentatively speaking, good.

I still need more Grimm, Sasha Roiz, and Robert Carlyle in my life. But what else is new. And Guerrero. Definitely need more Guerrero.
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Deutsch )

Well, this was possibly the best video I'll see all day.

And now I have a headache from the revelation that that line from Grimm? That's not "the Ferrat" he's saying, not "I speak for the Ferrat" on this. At least I don't think it is. That's der Verrat. Which is German for "betrayal" or "traitor" according to the online dictionary. Which might be their hamhanded German for Rebellion? The Rebel Alliance? Either way, fucking hell. And a bit of giggling glee because knowing all the languages ever is good for something! Along with pointing out when the subtitles don't match with what Renard is saying.

Oof. Fixing some problems with paperwork in the mortgage crap, I swear this stuff is so convoluted only to cause problems. Sent information along to lawyers, and now there's only one thing, I think... no, two things to do. One I can do tomorrow morning if I remember, and the other will have to wait until I get the proper form/format guide. And packing. Packing packing and sorting things out and more packing and did you know the Irish infinitive for 'to pack is pacàil? Now you know. And even more packing. And possibly no weaving class tomorrow if Aunt Beej is still sick. But she spent most of today upstairs and asleep, I hope, so maybe she'll be better.

Things. Stuff. I have absolutely no functioning brain cells left whatsoever. I'm actually starting to develop a headache, which is annoying because I have editing and packing to do. And I have absolutely no idea what's for dinner, except that we have a fair bit of leftover chicken, so we should probably eat that. And. I'm tired, and I need a day off already. Again. This does not bode well.
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Gaeilge )

Well, thus ends the search for homeowner's insurance. The bulk of the companies about had heart attacks (well, their representatives did) upon learning how old the house was. There's one we did get a quote from that seemed pretty reasonable, so we'll probably go with that, I'll talk it over with the boy at home of course. And then we get to send that information over to the various folken, and it looks like we'll close on schedule, which is good because I don't really want to pay $100/day not to be rushed. Or at least, no one I've talked to has said "You want to close WHEN? Are you NUTS?"

Ultimately, too, we decided to go ahead and take the end of April and most of May to move in, get contractors in, get everything settled. Which, god, leaves me three months to do all my costuming, augh. But if it comes to that, costumes for Dragon*Con are not necessary. Having a house we can live in is, and it'll be annoying in the extreme to be living in it while plumbers and electricians are banging around. Even in a house that size. Plus, dammit, I used to be a professional costumer for a theatre company. I can work to a tight deadline.

Spent the better part of the weekend finishing a BigBang draft and chewing on Sasha Roiz's character in Grimm. I love chewing on characters. Sometimes it probably veers into overanalysis but it's just plain fun to do. Bits of rewatching done. Little bits of packing done, that really needs to step up.

Why is buying a house so damn full of waiting and copying and sending things and copying mroe things and signing things and calling people and waiting some more? This is getting on my nerves. Okay, granted, it's none of it unexpected and most of it is understandable. But it's still getting on my nerves, dammit, so I'm going to complain about it. At least it's just bits and pieces running around now. Hopefully things are proceeding on time, I have no idea how early, late, on time, timely, any of that we are. But we're in the apartment for another month, two months, and after that... ugh, we'll see. I don't know. I need to pack and I'm tired of moving before it's even started.

On the plus side, I have more energy! So even if I'm tired of it it's not bone-weary please god I just want to shut my brain down curl up and play on Memrise for ages. Fuck Everything Memrise forever. Not yet, at least.

Right. When I get to work: compile Black Ice into one big document, stick in DropBox. Fucking gdocs and its fucking inability to process large documents. Keep an eye on email for forms to fill out. Re-check Long Road, edit BBMs, check publishing schedule for things that can be done at work. German, don't forget about German at lunch. And run up to the fresh fruit stand for snacks. And don't die.


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