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So, I just had an extensive Twitter conversation with the linguist who created the languages for Game of Thrones and Defiance. For no readily apparent reason. Because someone tweeted something about Rosetta Stone Dothraki and I sent it to him and, now I'm being urged to learn Georgian? Bastard, it's actually an intriguing language, too. Double bastard. I might pick it up for a weekend I need to do something that isn't any of the things I need to do, what's relaxing, oh, hey, learning Georgian! Type thing. Not aiming for fluency, just getting an idea of the structure. Shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.

(What? Don't look at me like that.)

(Some of you are looking at me like that because learning languages for fun? Seriously? Some of you are looking at me with the JAG DO YOU NOT HAVE ENOUGH THINGS TO DO.)

In the meantime I have now done Japanese and made a fucking kickass fettucini chicken alfredo. Like you do. And the boy has been a kickass boy and now half of the lawn is mowed! (It started raining halfway through. WHich just goes to show that buying a lawnmower and declaring your intentions to mow the lawn makes it rain.) And now all the writing and some of the publicizing and I actually do feel better than I have in the past few weeks. What is this madness?? This is not Sparta I am lost.

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Now I just have to do that 62,153,743 more times.

Oogh. Don' wanna do much of anything right now. Definitely don't want to cook dinner. I need house elves or something. I don't have too much to do, I think. Writing in White Lightning. I might do an hour or two of blogging, writing in White Lightning, I already did a blog entry for Friday. So, yeah, I guess I don't have that much to do, but I still don't want to do it.

We're not even going to discuss the fucking mess made of the US Senate today. All I can say is, if your constituents (because apparently 90% of the US wanted this bill to pass) want the bill, and you don't pass the bill, I dearly hope they remember this when your dumb ass runs for re-election. Fuckers. I could hope for much meaner things, but I wouldn't actually mean it, so I won't say it. I do hope this comes back to bite them in the ass, though. Hard.

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Routines help. They help me, at least, pretty sure they help other people. So, in the interest of maintaining my routines, here's some Japanese grammar rules.

The American Red Cross says, amazingly, they have enough blood supplies. Still, please donate locally if not in the area, or make an appointment to donate in the future. There's almost always a need.

And please remember and keep faith that there is some good in the world. As Mister Rogers and his mother said, look to the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.

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Hey look! Routines I can maintain them. Or at least start them up again. I have also repotted the sage into something with more room for its roots to go down and its plantness to go up. Hopefully up and not sideways. Sideways sage looks funny. Tomorrow I think I will start uprooting the shit out of everything in the front yard directly in front of the house, except the daffodils. I hope. I like the daffodils, but I'd like them a lot better if they weren't surrounded by shit I don't want to keep.

And now, writing. And possibly eating leftover stew if the boy doesn't get his sleepy ass down here so I know to grill chicken. Or have a reason to grill chicken. Because right now I have more lazy than reasons to grill half-frozen chicken.

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Yes, you're going to be spammed by languages today, I really, really need to get back in the regular habit of practicing everything on freaking time. But in the absence of good habits, you get chaotic language-spam instead. Have ... fun? If you find that sort of thing fun! Russian and an accounting of my German translating to follow, at least, so that'll all be one post. Um. ... no, it's no good. I've forgotten. Apparently today I'm Rosencrantz. Or Guildenstern.
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Once again, Japanese! Not much else to report, chugging along on edits and I really need to get better about doing translations during the day, too. As it is, they'll have to be done tonight, but after Grimm I could probably use something to ground me back again. So we'll see.

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Here. Let's try this thing where I type up my lessons and maybe that'll keep me honest!
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Tired. Did not manage to get as much sleep as I wanted thanks to cats, but did at least manage to get in the full range of kicks and dear god I am out of kicking practice. Which just means I need to do more of it, obviously. I'm a month late on getting started on spring training, such as it is, at LEAST. So ready to be done with this house shit just so I can stop getting derailed on every goddamn routine ever.

Someone give me something pithy to say. Actually, I've still been turning over the 100 things blogging challenge, but I can't think of anything to blather about. I suppose I could do 100 random things about languages, but, eh.

There's a sizable dearth of things incoming today, possibly a dearth of things outgoing, we'll see. Hopefully that means I'll be awake enough and have enough time to do some writing in between minor tasks. So much fanfic I want to finish sometime this week or next, between original fiction. So little brainpower. Too much stress. Would anyone want this big ball of stress I seem to be carrying around?

On the plus side, weekend coming up. Yaaaay.

Alcatraz cancelled. Booooo. Once Upon A Time renewed. Some day I'll go back and actually watch the last several episodes. Today is not that day. I will scream and tear my hair and throw things and bitch about bad writing and get distracted attempting to rewrite all the damn dialogue myself so it is less cheesy. That is not productive. Or any kind of necessary catharsis.

In conclusion, thank Grimm it's Friday.
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WEAVING. I DID A WEAVING. Or rather I put the warp mostly on the loom. It was AWESOME. I cannot express in words how awesome it was to have all of this make sense. I am definitely going to need to put more warps on looms, I think I've got the hang of winding a warp and how to figure out how many threads you need and so on, but actually putting the warp on is something I need to repeat. A lot. I also want a Baby Wolf now. Yes, that's actually what the loom is called. Sadly, it costs about as much as a plumber's visit, electrical tidy, and mason's visit combined, so no Baby Wolf for me. Or more than that, actually. Plus, it's not like I can't abscond with a shop loom every now and again if I really want to. I just have to make sure I don't do it during class time when people will actually need the loom.

And then again, I suppose if I really REALLY wanted, too, we could find a way to disassemble the ginormous floor loom of ginormousness and move it into Old Hotness. Or I could just start going out to the farm and using my aunt's loom. I have options. That do not involve dropping $Maine on a new loom.

My aunt told me a story on the way in that I need to write down lest I forget. Apparently when they were living in Portugal for that year, year and a half. In the castle. Periodically a gypsy wagon would come by and they would call out to bring out your knives and scissors to sharpen. Horse-drawn wagon and everything. And my aunt, who was maybe 7 at the time, remembers thinking that if she could just leave my youngest aunt, the second youngest child, on the front step maybe they would take her. Oh my family. These are the kinds of people who raised me, folks.

And, you know, the reason I don't speak Portuguese, for those of you who know how I got started speaking a frillion languages, is because they only spent a year or so there before moving to Spain. So now you know.

Things and stuff. I need to make up a review plan for Japanese and check in, too exhausted to do so the past couple days. Or too busy. I need to print out emails from Paralegal Eagle and see if we have to sign or turn in anything. I need to run to the post office. I need to beat on the Leviathan. I don't think there's much else I need to do. Sley the rest of the colors on the loom, maybe. Pack, as usual. I hope this will be a more relaxing day. I really hope.

Have a Renard icon. Because my god that man is pounceable. ETA: And speaking of Renard, could someone who is not me who is on TV Tropes please please please go change his damn name to the correct one? It's giving me fits. But I don't want to get sucked in.
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At some point I need to make a list of the points covered in this book and go over them till they are embedded in my thinkmeats. This is the slipperiest language I have ever tried to smash into my brain. It keeps seeping out through the cracks. What's even more annoying is that certain parts I can remember very well, and certain parts just don't stick at ALL. Ugh. Maybe what I actually need to do is get Genki book one and Nakama book two... or at least Genki book one. And go over it from there. ... In fact, let's do that.

Still no green popping up in my plant cup things, although I can't tell if that's a worrying sign or not. And then again, some of that green that seemed to be lawn detritus blowing into the cups might actually have been shoots, though I doubt it. We'll see. Hell, they were free seeds, what's the worst that happens? I have pots full of dirt till I move?

I need to check in tonight although that might be tomorrow before I do. Till then, um. I think everything's done, so I guess it's writing time. Aspirin time can wait until after I see if this headache is dehydration/hunger or not. Stupid goddamn random last minute meetings.
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Yep, still on my Sasha Roiz kick. And now I need icons. An icon, at least. In lieu of an appropriate icon I give you a semi other appropriate icon, because I can totally see his character as kind of a more modern day (and mysterious) Al Swearingen. I mean, okay, one's a cop, the other's a criminal, but they both were invested in keeping order, right? Right?

Shut up. Not obsessed.

I'm actually getting back to writing stuff! It's amazing! Last night there was some more BBM chunked out, which means I'm almost done with that draft. This weekend there can be packing and editing, and some reworking of my self-publishing schedule. I am leaving my box at home for the first time in weeks. You guys, I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome that feels. I don't have to carry around a box of all my damn paperwork anymore! And I can think! And breathe!

Today, to appease Folk both inside and outside of my brainpan, I will attempt to finish this Loki/Darcy thing I've been working on. Also because they're kind of wacky adorable together. And then I have my self-indulgent Captain Renard fic to work on because apparently good Renard fic that is not Renard/Nick (most definitely not my kink, please and thank you) does not exist. This is a situation that needs to be rectified. And I have a Sucker Punch fic in the works that could probably be finished pretty quickly, so there's that. I have stuff to do! And, my god, tidying my desk area at work that looks like a mini tornado hit it.

And, for that matter, calling the lawyer to see if I need to give my 30 days' notice for the apartment now or if we should stay till the end of May. But that's about all the logistics I need to work for the day I am FREE OF BEING THE LOGISTICS QUEEN. I LOVE IT GOOD. At least until I have to coordinate contractors. Which shouldn't be nearly as hard as the other thing.

And now to water my plants and dick around on Memrise till my ride gets here. Oh it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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Hey, look what I found again! Although after this I'm pretty damn sure it's time for a review of the last few chapters.

Tired. Very tired. I'd take a nap but it wouldn't help, this is just the kind of tired that will end when I finish slogging through everything I have to do. Which won't be for a while. At least soon it'll hopefully change into a different kind of slogging. Or I can put the slogging off onto someone else.

I feel like I should have something else to say here but, no, I don't. I'll have a new Alcatraz tonight! This makes me happy. Other than that, still chugging along on things and attempting to put the pieces of my brain back together in something resembling order so I can pick up my responsibilities again. Or at least, my courtesanly duties. Stuff like that.
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Okay. So, that was a productive evening! And then a very unproductive morning due to the headache that won't leave. Three aspirin later, it still won't leave. Ugh.

On the hilarious side, I may have gotten a little punchy last night with Anna and recast Lion in Winter entirely with Once Upon A Time characters. We had Gold (since it ended up in Storybrooke, matching better) as Henry, Emma as Alais getting foisted off on Graham as Richard or David as John because nobody likes David, but not Stranger!Bae as Geoffrey. Because Alais never got foisted off on Geoffrey. So, something for almost every ship! And that left Regina as Eleanor, which is kind of eh since Regina is about as flat as paper but the concept works, if not Regina's execution. And then we realized we'd forgotten Philip, so we put in the Mad Hatter/Sebastian Stan as Philip, because he can flame deadly really well. Just look at Prince Jack. >.>

Headache still won't leave. This is getting irksome. On the plus side it looks like there's only one thing coming in and one thing going out, so if today does get hectic we should be able to deal with it? Which it might. The Southern Basketball Conference or whatever it's called is here over the weekend. This has absolutely nothing to do with us except that we are literally right down the street from the goddamn arena where it's all taking place, which means massive amounts of foot traffic right outside our door. Hopefully this does not mean massive numbers of people who don't know what they're doing fucking around with our spinning wheels and our looms. I am not in the mood.

Right. Let's get this one thing in the mail and then sit down and get some writing done in the hopes that today will not be as bad as I think it's going to be.

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Well, that was a little terrifying. We were going over the bank paperwork the other night and on the mortgage application there was a credit card debt listed to the Bank of Assholes (no, I don't like them, why do you ask) with a partial number so we couldn't even look up and see what the hell it was. Cue lots of snapping, mostly from the boy to me until I stomped on his foot and told him to quit it, and then a couple of cranky phone calls to the BofA. And then this morning we finally get ahold of his parents and it turns out it's theirs and not ours. What it's doing on our mortgage application I have no idea. His credit card also turns up twice. He has one credit card. We each have one, actually. And, actually... oh, never mind, I'll just pay that one dollar charge when I get the bill, it shouldn't be more than a day or so till the paper mail catches up anyway.

So, that happened. And then I ended up going to the bank when I should have been doing German, and at least I got the mortgage paperwork turned in. There's only one thing left to turn in that was sort of a last minute thing, but that's just "type up an explanation, sign it, scan it, email it." And then I got a call from Realty Lady saying that the bank was turning everything on and they just now discovered that the fucking boiler didn't work. Because they're incompetent douchebags who couldn't be bothered to investigate this four fucking weeks ago when they knew someone wanted to look at, inspect, and likely buy the house. They're getting bids on it now, and they ... ugh, I can't even. So pissed off. So. Very. Pissed.

I kind of want to go back to them and be all "SO. Want to revisit that earlier offer of $Shire now that the house needs a new goddamn boiler?" Incompetent sheepfucking douchenozzles. I want that house. I also want them to do the damn work they said they were going to do, which involved making sure the goddamn heat worked. They said that.

I'll stop abusing italics now.

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And Arabic accounting here and here. I think it's getting easier, slowly but surely? My handwriting is also getting way smaller. Although I might need to reinstitute the practice of using lines. Which might just involve making a sheet of lines and slipping it under whatever page I'm working on. And I definitely need to figure out how to refill my ink cartridges with a syringe, because they're emptying way too quickly. Problems I hadn't realized I'd have when I started this! In a way, this makes me even more eager to get this house deal done and get the house, because then I can have a real desk at which to do this. I hope.

Well, that was possibly the weirdest collection of dreams I've had in a while. Highlights include going to the women's bathroom of some communal living thing that was laid out a bit like an old dorm or a hotel. Either it was a woman's dorm or it was the women's bathroom, I'm not sure which. I was talking to some friend, and we were getting undressed to bathe. Yes, bath, not shower, as is customary. The bath was pretty nice and deep, though, it would have been a fun soak. People are going up and down the hallway of both sexes, so I'm assuming in was the women's bathroom, or during the day men are allowed? Or something. And there's a knock and I open the door and it's either Rupert Graves or Lestrade. I'm more inclined to believe Lestrade. And he makes some kind of would-be snarky comment except he's too busy trying not to stare. And I'm not helping by basically being aggressive with my very naked body language. Sort of Irene Adler-y, at least Moffat's interpretation of her. And then I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him, and ... OH. Oh god, ahaah, now I remember what the conversation was about, somehow this got around to my weight. I think because he threatened to pick me up. And I told him yes, I was 5'1" and about 150, 160. And he started to say 120 and I corrected him and he sort of stammered, and I pointed out that I was very, very solid. And he could find out for himself, and that led to pressing up against him and arms around and kissing and so on. And I'm pretty sure he didn't know where to put his hands.

So, that happened in my dream. And then later I'm wandering the halls in my bathrobe and somehow I end up knocking on Misha Collins' unit door, because he's in the dorm hall? Or his wife is and he's just bunking with her, as you do when you're in college. In your late thirties. I don't judge. And I'm in my bathrobe or lounge clothes, or anyway not real grown up clothes but not naked anymore. And I come in and for some reason there's been a last minute cancellation and I need him or his wife for something. I ask... first I ask him about calculating something. Then he shrugs and says ask her, she's on the computer. So I ask her to calculate something, allowing for inflation in the last 5 years and the increase in value in something-to-do-with-Misha. I don't know what. I mean, the increase in value I get given that he's now all over the internet, but I don't remember what I was asking originally. She calculates in, we talk, we bond apparently over my economical savvy? Of all things. And their taste in comics, since they have most to all of the Akira manga on their bookshelf.

Anyway, so we end up running off with Misha Collins' wife as some last minute addition to some kind of team doing something? And we all have to prepare for this mission, which might have been what I was doing in the bathing sequence. And apparently for Misha's wife this involves drinking some foul tasting concoction of milk and some kind of powder that looks like blue flecks. And she drank half a small pitcher in one swallow and made terrible grimaces while I stretched out on the floor, using some guy as a spotter. And all of us were discussing our assignment. And then I woke up.

So, really, what the hell, brain. Although now I have this urge to write shameless Lestrade-oriented self-insert steamy fiction. Not even necessarily NC17 rated, just steamy. Or maybe kinky porn. I don't know. It's a weird urge. And I need to finish that All You Can Kink Kink Bingo before February ends. Too distracted with house stuff. God, there's a whole list of things I want to write today. This weekend. Plus pack, plus make beans. All right, let's ennumerate them.

1. Lestrade fic-kle.
2. Loki/Darcy
3. J3

4. Long Road
5. Subversive Mummies
6. BigBang Mixups
7. Organize Triumvirate world-building
8. Organize mecha for BBM story.

And that's not as big a list as I thought, but it's sizable. Okay, and now for the latest in house news: WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT. Which means finally, fucking finally we might be able to get the inspector in. Appointment's scheduled for Thursday. And right now it's just the inspector and getting the funding, which we have to do quicklyish, but which should be very do-able. I'm not sure how close to home we are, I'd say, pretty close? But at least we're a step further than we were, which, considering this all feels like slogging through sulphur-reeking mud, is all good by me. (And then again at the same time we started just casually looking in January. So it's probably moving much faster than I think it is.) We're under contract. That means, I hope, that no one can snipe the house out from under me. That's all I want for right now. Now I can collect data and chew on it till it becomes clay.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Despite the shenanigans of today, I somehow managed to come home, make dinner, put in beef to marinate for tomorrow night's dinner, feed the cats, medicate Murdock with his homeopathic dewormer since he keeps goddamn reinfecting himself (none of the other cats have worms by the way, it's just him), wash and block two pairs of arm warmers and a dishrag, practice my guitar, do my Japanese, and get a fair bit of writing done. Because I'm awesome.

I banged out some of one of the BigBang Mixups and some of Long Road, little bits of a couple other things but mostly I'm pretty happy with what I did manage to get out. Considering how crazy today's been.

Not much reflection on tonight's writing, just that I need to tighten up my use of time a bit but dictating and knitting is going pretty well as simultaneous activities.

Also, does anyone want a cheese egg? Seriously, this is my sixth or so.

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I need a nap. Or something. I need more hours in the day. But tomorrow will be at least a little easier, I think. Much less outgoing, I need to finish fiber kits but I might even get writing done in the middle of the day that doesn't involve silly tumblr fics.

I feel... a little more confident about my ability to handle all my writing tasks. Less so after having do to some dishes in addition to making dinner and the ten other domestic chores I had tonight, but hopefully that'll change tomorrow. I hope. Or I might end up using the down payment for bail money.

(I kid but, seriously, if I'm going to do all the cooking around here because apparently the boy has forgotten how to make rice, he can fucking well do the dishes. I will be so glad when we move into a place with a goddamn dishwasher.)

Anyway, so, yeah. But I did get some outlining and some writing done, and I feel at least more capable of handling everything that comes my way as far as writing goes. The rest of it, heh. We'll see. I do need to get a little better organized though, so, more writing meditations today, and tomorrow:

1. Snakes That Rattle edits in the morning
2. Black Ice supplementary documents, Triumvirate outline at work. Other BBM scenes as they apply.
3. Long Road and Black Ice: Subversive Mummies in the evening.

And that ought to cover everything.

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Okay, Arabic accounting will go here at some point. Once I have brain cells that don't feel like they've been baked in weed. No, I haven't been.

I'm having one of those weird feelings of not being needed anymore. Everyone can write stories, they don't need me to entertain them or do it for them, they have their own stories. Most of them better than mine, and yes, I know exactly where that thought comes from. Fortunately, this is applying mostly to fanfic, and it'll probably pass. But I'd forgotten, a little, what this felt like. Oh, you've got your own stories, you don't need me to write the fanfic for you.

Which might actually be good, because god knows I have enough to do both writing and non-writing, but it's still discomfiting.

And yet not nearly as discomfiting as that movie oh my GOD what the hell was that I just watched. The movie's called The Perfect Host, starring David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford and I have no idea what the hell just happened. I mean, we watched it for the pretty and the morbid curiosity because the trailer made it seem a bit cracky and interesting. And it was interesting! Only, not a bit cracky. A lot cracky. I feel like this movie would have made more sense on drugs, or at least on weed. Any drug that makes you feel like your mind's expanded and you can understand the secrets of the universe, because I damn well didn't understand what the hell was going on watching that movie sober. I could give you details but it would probably spoil it. But after that movie I can't believe I have any logic left. Ow.

House news! Because I know you all are dying to hear. One hurdle has been jumped and a price has been set at, yes, roughly $TheShire. We met in the middle, now we just have to go to the Cart and Horse bank and get our loan, and get the inspection to make sure Something Nasty isn't lurking in the house. And once that's taken care of, the inspection that is, I will tell you all everything about Old Hotness. Because there is so much I have not yet told you and oh my god you guys this house is fucking amazing. I am so, so lucky.

Right. This weekend we need to replenish our fridge still, because we have nothing in the fridge but four sticks of butter, milk, juice, leftover chinese, and vodka. There's a joke in there about various kinds of stereotypes somewhere, pretend I made it, my brain's still sizzling from that movie. Replenish the fridge, and I need to pack up some stuff that I won't need over the next couple of months because if all goes as well as I think it will we will be moving house in a month and a half, two months. Maybe less? For those of you who have recently bought houses they accepted our offer and we have a pre-approval letter for what is now over the amount, so I don't know if a month and a half/two months is reasonable. I know we can probably get the inspector in on fairly short notice if we start the utilities getting turned on at the beginning of next week. Stupid banks. Bank owned properties, etc. And on Monday I have to remember to call Mortgage Lady. Urghfrazzled. But at least slowly coming back to earth.

Right, really organized now. Picking up, writing, grocery shopping, packing. This can be done.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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