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Okay, so I'm up to page 85 for tomorrow in the Russian book, it's not so much that it's getting easier as that I have more vocab and am able to put it more into context, though I could probably use a grammar refresher at some point. So, no, I guess it is getting easier.

But what I really want to know is, What the shit is this? Is the Nazi/National Socialist (are they still the same thing?) party actually making a resurgence in Europe? Are we actually heading back to where we were less than a hundred years ago, if not in specific then in general? I knew anti-Semitism was on the rise again, which makes me want to hurl all on its own, but is this shit back too? Anyone in Europe with more current-news awareness care to tell to me a thing about this? I'm also going to go looking for German and French language articles because I haven't yet done my German/French reading practice, and I get that by reading the newspaper anyway, so.

I can't believe this shit is happening again. This has, so far quite literally, ruined my whole day. I want to go home and get really drunk now. I'm so tired. I need to find a way to stop freaking out about this, and so far I haven't been able to.

These aren't even my damn elections! I should not be this freaked out about it! Worried, yes, it's all one world, real people could get hurt, and it's worrisome, as far as I know. But I should not be on the verge of throwing up. Besides, throwing up that perfectly good hummus and chips is not going to help anyone.

I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to get through the work day however I can, and then I'm going to go home and garden and surround myself with flowers and hide until I've found my cope again. Because clearly it's wandered off somewhere and I'm too tired to chase it down.

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Gaeilge )

AHAHAHAHAHAAHA *sob* why is work so insane. It's not even Christmas rush insane, it's just everyone has taken leave of their senses insane. But I think, I think I managed to get everything into the box to ship today, card and all. Christmas card to follow. And if I'm very lucky I may be able to get my words done for Nerd Girls at work today, leaving me with just White Lightning to do when I'm home. Which makes this evening White Lightning and tidying night. Also, probably, feeding the stray cats. Not feeding them to ATMs though.

Of course, between writing that and finishing this entry Nelson Mandela died. I'm not sure what I feel moved to say. I remember my mother telling me about him when I was six because I'd confused his name for someone else's. I remember feeling elated and cheering when he was released without an in-depth appreciation for what had just happened, the precedent and the history behind it. Or at least not as much as I have now. I grew up in a very (for rich America) racially mixed area, in a couple very polite and aware schools, and that's what you did when righteous and good people who argued for freedom and liberty and democracy were released from prison. You cheered, you celebrated. And I do now, re-reading his quotes and his autobiography and so on, but I guess with more life behind me and more awareness of what it means. More context.

I guess what all this amounts to saying is that he was and is inspirational. He fought so hard, against the world and other people and himself, I suspect, in some ways. And he endured, and he made mistakes, and he said a number of very true things. And I hope his life continues to inspire.

Rest well, Nelson Mandela. You've more than earned it.
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Gaeilge )

So, yeah, I started watching Lost Girl the other day. It is, in fact, hilarious good fun. I'm not sure I'm into it for the plot or the main character but Kenzi is pretty much Darcy and Theon Wolfboy is hilariously doofy. Plus I want the entire wardrobe and most of the background music. In general I think I'm going to find myself watching this while I exercise or tidy or craft, munching metaphorical popcorn and telling Bo not to do that dumbass thing and cackling about which of my friends are which character. Hint: We are all Kenzi.

Also Oh my god JMS I love you and your cat.

Anyway. Veterans Day. Many, many other people have said more eloquent things, but here's my bit: Let us remember the people who put their lives on the line, not just in the life and death sense, but in the sense that they change their lives forever to fight for others' right to live and exist in the manner of their choosing. Let us remember them not only with song and pretty words, but also in our lives by treating them with respect, by helping them when they need it, because that transition out of service often involves problems of education, finance, health and well-being. Let us remember and respect our veterans not just on this Remembrance Day, but every day. You don't have to agree with the war, but please respect the veteran soldiers, and treat them with compassion and decency.

(I hate saying words for veterans day. It always feels immensely cheesy and far too forward.)

Anyway. There may be taking out of my veteran for dinner tonight, depending on how he's feeling. If not, chicken enchiladas. Or possibly chicken cordon bleu. That said, today will be all writing all the time. And picking up. My workplace is a mess.

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Russian )

And then I need to do corrections on the other. Oh god, why am I doing two serials at once. In a way. Okay, we'll call it several serials, because the hell with the fairies for now I have no idea what's happening next. We'll start something else! I'll figure out where the fairies are going later. Too sleepy can barely brain in English.

I don't even with my old fucking town today. The most chaotic news I've heard out of there is that there were three shooters, one incapacitated in some way and two on the loose, and six dead, ten shot. I have no idea how accurate this is as of this writing, that's just the last I heard. I'm tired. I'm tired of these fucking morons insisting that everyone has a right to the kind of guns our founding fathers couldn't have dreamed of at the time, I'm tired of people putting their mental and physical comforts above the safety and well-being of others. I'm tired of this allegedly great nation being a paragon of such fucked-up-ness that we stand as a warning to every other goddamn civilized country of what not to do. I'm also tired of Breaking Bad, but that's a whole other thing.

At least my writing seems to be going well. Even half asleep I'm managing to pull together some words for a draft. I'm managing to get packing done. I did my Russian. I'm getting a surprising lot accomplished for having gotten absolute shit for sleep last night. Let's hope this continues till I can go to bed tonight. Otherwise I may have to punch something.

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100 слова о торт в подвале. )

Because why not. Even though that's more like ninety six words. This is sort of working well, anyway. Although why everything has to be fairies I don't know. Also, note to self: review everything you can on participles.

Also I need new rude words to call Putin in Russian. Because reasons. And jackassery.

Gods and Monsters is done, Black Ice is being worked on, and I feel vaguely on time at the moment, even if I also feel like hammered shit. But I think I can actually knock out Brownie Mafia and Moose today, which would be very nice. I actually haven't even taken a look at the edits for two of the three remaining main stories. One of them I think was pretty much done the last time, but the other two... argh. I'll have a look at those tonight, I guess, and see how much work they need. And then Haven 1x12 and Haven 4x01 and hopefully Sunday Person of Interest whatever I'm up to, although I suppose I don't need to fully do that one either. Still. As much as I can. It's starting to look much more doable though now that I look at it more in terms of due dates! I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when we're doing Grimm, Haven, and Person of Interest, though. Argh. One thing at a time, self.

Apparently there's some liberal hatred on for Obama and love for Russia and all I have to say is ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH??? This is not a story about how Russia did the noble thing and was redeemed and everything because they brokered the deal we refused to and we wanted to go to war instead. Russia is not the fucking Draco in Leather Pants of the world. Russia is not Loki. Or maybe he is Loki because this seems to be a strong romanticize Russia streak and Russia will beat you and throw you in a gulag if you piss it off. And if you think this whole Syria issue is as simple as Obama wanted to wade in with bombs, Putin sat down and said something reasonable, and Syria caved? You need a serious history lesson in how politics works, friend. What we are seeing is, for once in highly apt metaphor form, the very tip of the iceberg. Many actions have happened that you have not seen. Jesus christ, this is not a game with points you can regain. The deal with Syria, assuming it works out as well as he hopes, does not negate all the shit Putin and the Russian government have heaped down on LGBT people in Russia. I am seriously expecting roundups and gulags next, the way things have been escalating recently. Not that it's ever been friendly, but.


So, yeah. That happened, and annoyed me. At least it's not anyone I personally know, or even anyone I vaguely glance at on social media. I just. Really. Politics isn't that simple. Not even people are that simple.

Back to work, I suppose. Tonight I will have me some Phryne Fisher, some whiskey, and probably some good chocolate. I think I have decided in favor of getting some truffles for tonight to celebrate the return of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Seriously, you guys, if you enjoy a fun procedural and the twenties and Australian accents and a bob cut on a fierce woman, this is the show for you.

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Russian still has triggery things. )

Not included in today's Russian: "Who's head do I have to smash? Whose bits do I have to stomp? Whose nose do I have to break?" Because in a crisis that is less than helpful. I think the next chunk of Russian I translate, though, will be a list of offenses so that I can recognize them when other people say them. Or say them myself, should I need to make a police report in Russian for some unknown reason, since I don't plan on traveling to Russia anytime soon.

And if someone wants me to translate this into Spanish/French/German immediately rather than when I have some time, let me know?

I finally finished my freaking white stripe down the black unitard for Huntress! That only took forever and a data figure because I had to figure out that I should probably baste it first, then re-position it after I sewed it at a funny angle. Yay. Still, that's done, which I think means tonight I finish the hem on the Huntress cloak so that's done. Finish the leotard, then all I need is to wait for the shipment of leather to come in to see what we have in purples. If I'm very lucky I can make pouches from that (I tried to make pouches from fabric but they ended up not working as well as I wanted, and I'm feeling too lazy to rebuild) and if not, well, I'll make gloves and pouches and everything from the fabric I have. No biggie. And that's that costume done but for the mask. Which I'm paying someone else to do, so. Yay!

At this rate. I'm much less worried about getting my other costumes built in time for Dragon*Con. That's three costumes I've built this year that will be ready in time, one costume that hasn't changed much in the three or four years, and only two costumes to build over maybe the next couple months. Depending on how I decide to do it. I might cut fabric sometime next week and drag Anna on periodic maybe hour long tours of "and this is how I costume!" :P (Translation: I might baste shit together and make sure it all fits properly while we watch TV.) Anyway. I can live with this!

I feel I should have something pithy or angry to say about what's going on in the world, and in my state, but I can't muster up the energy. I think at this point I have to save it for passing on information and doing other daily life things, and I feel terrible about that, but... there's only so much energy I have. I feel like it's enabling those fucking jackholes to get away with it. But I'm not sure what I can do right now, that I have the energy to do. Maybe I'll write some nasty letters this weekend. It won't stop them from voting our rights to unhindered health care away, but at least the truth will be where it needs to be.

Ugh. To do when I get home, because now I'm dripping wet from going out in the rain to deposit the damn mortgage money, and therefore annoyed and prone to forget things:

1. Pay 2 bills
2. At least pin hem of Huntress cloak
3. Edits on G&M
4. Edits on BitG
5. Check in
6. Tickets to brothers of darkland county

I think that's it. If there's anything else, I can write it down when I think of it.
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Gaeilge )

I can't describe the clusterfuck that happened in Texas last night without words that will get me into trouble. Let's just say I wish to employ a Texas stereotype to deal with the problem of women's right to competent medical care without government interference. Jesus hitman Christ is that too much to ask? That the government stay the fuck out of our examination rooms? You old dessicated sad sacks are, by and large, not medical professionals (and at least one of the ones who was in the past has shown no knowledge of basic female biology either, I have to add) so quit acting like you are and fuck right off. Go punch a chad or something. Stop freaking out that women might have brains and wills and ideas about how they want to live their lives that don't involve your idea of what a woman should do or be. You still don't have that right to make that decision for another, I don't care how you justify it.

God, politics today. I want to curl up in my fictional worlds and my costumes and not come out. Yesterday it was the Voting Rights act weakened, that Texas bullshit where a bunch of old white men literally argued about a woman's right to speak to them about women's medical care, and today the Supreme Court decides if separate but equal is still a valid approach to ruling the country. No matter how much of a lie it is. Freedom to marry a person of the opposite sex isn't freedom to marry, your honors. Sorry, but it isn't. Where's that consequences of gay marriage pie chart.

Deep breaths, Jag. Deep breaths. Politics is always politics. It's just more vicious now than it has been. Or the viciousness is more visible thanks to people deciding they can show their asses in public and being older and more able to recognize this.

So, okay. Less rage more building things, I wasn't able to do any sewing last night since my old Singer featherweight refused to sew the material. Not sure why, I tried switching through three needles, it didn't seem to be a tension problem, it just kept snapping the thread. So, now that I've found the cords for the upstairs one I'll see if that works any better and if not, well. I guess it's time to remember how to hand sew things. I did, however, get a bunch of writing done last night, so at least there's that. Hopefully the more advanced computerized whatever sewing machine will work better, and I can get everything done in a timely fashion still. Ugh, so tired. Too much adrenaline last night.
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I think at this point the Russian comes with general trigger warnings )

Yes, today's Russian is relevant to life. No, I don't want to talk about it. There's not much to tell anyway, but. Nngh.

On the plus side, the Gods and Monsters is chugging right along. Not that, given this section, I had much doubt that it would once I sat down and wrote it, but it's nice to have that confirmation? On the minus side work also turns out to be busy today so who knows when I'll have time to sit and let it chug. Blargh. Maybe dinner will happen/get made quickly tonight and then I can sit down and chunk some out for a bit. I did finish my next Haven episode last night, which is three weeks ahead. At the rate we're working, things might happen that I can't talk about because wrath, high atop, etc.

The more this Snowden shit goes on, the more I want to see proof of life presence in whatever country claims to have him at the moment. Why no, I don't believe that Russia has him or in any way can control whether or not he's extradited on account of they probably don't know where the fuck he is either. I was severely skeptical when it was announced, apparently from him, that he would be on a plane to Moscow. But it turns out he was never on that plane, and now he's in the wind. And the more power to him. I can't say I'm surprised at the extent of the government surveillance, and in some cases I'm not even sure I can argue that it's illegal, depending. But some fucking transparency, please. And/or organization. A lot of the people I know already expect they're being spied upon anyway, but... sigh. Fucksake, everyone. Also, casting that wide of a surveillance net? Means fucking nothing unless you have the personnel with the skills to process it all. Which I bet they don't.

ANYway. On other lines that won't get me black bagged or something. Um. I seem to be having one of those days where I like how I look in the mirror (apart from my apparent inability to do eye makeup. Again. Oops.), I'm discovering I can eat a dinner of pasta and two sizable scoops of grasshopper oreo ice cream and not freak out on the daily weighing the next morning. Obviously, things would be different if I were eating two large scoops of ice cream every night, but somewhere along the line there's been a happy confluence of I'm exercising enough that I've built up enough muscle to handle a greater food intake than I would be able to otherwise (say, if I really were trying to get down to 130 pounds or 110 pounds or whatever I'm supposed to be at at five-foot-nothing), I've gotten into the kind of food habits where the slips I make (big bowl of ice cream, brownie a la mode, pot of fondue all to myself) are minor and have minor effects and are few and far between, and perhaps most importantly, the number on the scale is a source of information, not overwhelming fear and dread and self-hatred. I've been hovering around 12 pounds lighter than I was at the start of the secular year, by now, and I've gotten to the point where if I take three weeks off I can still do 25 push-ups when I get back to real exercising. This is awesome.

And, you know, on the minus side I spent the better part of last week aching from some part of my body. Usually my upper arms, thighs, or core. I couldn't cough or sneeze or hiccup without it hurting in my abs somewhere. Then I took a weekend, that went away, and after increasing my plank time this morning I wonder if I'm in for more of that. Sigh. The things I do to look good in my costumes. (NB: This is not, of course, the only reason. It may be the catalysing reason, but it is far from the only one.) (Being like the superheroes I dress up as, now, that's a bigger reason.)

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にほんご )


Now I just have to do that 62,153,743 more times.

Oogh. Don' wanna do much of anything right now. Definitely don't want to cook dinner. I need house elves or something. I don't have too much to do, I think. Writing in White Lightning. I might do an hour or two of blogging, writing in White Lightning, I already did a blog entry for Friday. So, yeah, I guess I don't have that much to do, but I still don't want to do it.

We're not even going to discuss the fucking mess made of the US Senate today. All I can say is, if your constituents (because apparently 90% of the US wanted this bill to pass) want the bill, and you don't pass the bill, I dearly hope they remember this when your dumb ass runs for re-election. Fuckers. I could hope for much meaner things, but I wouldn't actually mean it, so I won't say it. I do hope this comes back to bite them in the ass, though. Hard.

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Gaeilge )

One of these days I'm going to figure out this whole being a homeowner thing. But today is not that day. This week probably isn't even that week. I don't even want to tell you the sticker shock of winter heating. Going to have to pay a lot more attention to that, now. On the plus side, the January lean time is over, so there's that. Right now I still want to curl up and cry over a couple of things. Or stay home and cry. Or something. On the plus side, no massive bill for airconditioning in the summer. At all. Partly because we don't have it and partly because if the last summer was any indication, we shouldn't actually need it.


The good part of the night was making a new friend on Twitter. And by making a new friend I mean dear god that was an epic fit of geekery we had the other night. Voltron and Gundam and Code Geass and booze of varying flavors and Na'vi mockery and Eddie Izzard and who knows what else. It was freaking awesome. And Shadowrun, Shadowrun started it all. New Friend turned out to be a Shadowrunner and I ran and told [personal profile] lireavue and then we all dogpiled on him and it got incredibly silly. I needed that. So much. It was awesome.

And I think the key to enjoying a good glass of the Tullamore before bed is at least a glass and a half of water, a couple aspirin, and uninterrupted fucking sleep. Okay, it was interrupted once, but not much, I rolled over and went back to bed. No headache, no nothing. I don't usually get hangover headaches (then again I don't often drink much anyway), so I'm not sure what that was, but I think at this point I might just have to blame not getting a solid fucking night's sleep in the last two weeks. Some of the time when I wake up it's just for a couple minutes, long enough to roll over and go ugh and pass out again. Sometimes, not so much.

... I think that must be a mockingbird or something because I could have sworn that was a machine or someone's damn cell phone. And speaking of birds, I went out and fed the birds and five freaking blue jays. Five.

Ugh. I don't want the high today to be 31. That's not exactly helping the whole augh cost of heating what the fuck thing. Though, okay, if the five day forecast turns out to be true, we should have nice temperatures in a day or two for a few days, so that'll be good. Still. I'm ready for it to start thawing out a little now. I want to be able to go out and root around in my garden on weekends. Clean off the back deck. Clear out the raised bed in front of the back deck. Homeowner stuff. Ah well. Winter, you know, what can you do. Oh, but I did discover that at least one of my jade sprigs has made some small new leaves. Or at least, I'm pretty sure those weren't there a couple months ago. So yay! I haven't killed them yet! And my broccoli is thriving even if two of the plans are doing something weird involving very widely spaced little... things. The florets have a lot of, for lack of a clearer term, white space. Not sure if that's just a natural variation or what.

Okay, today's tasks: Finish up and post part 2 of the Wesen biology thing, and then line edits on Brownie Mafia and/or coding more website crap. There may or may not be dinner tonight, now, and I wish people would make up their goddamn minds. But if there isn't dinner maybe there will be Hobbiting again. And that would be kind of awesome.
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No. Today is not the day to talk about gun control.

Ten fucking years ago was the day to talk about gun control.

Today is the day to talk about how we can make up for an egregious lack of common fucking sense with regards to our medical care system, our mental health care system, our attention to our fellow man, common fucking decency, putting our love of things that go bang and rat-a-tat-tat above our love for our fellow human fucking beings, pushing people we think might be violently unstable off on the grounds that "someone else will help them," ignoring the problem because we don't want to make waves, a despicable lack of empathic long-term planning or looking at the consequences our wants are having on others, blaming the victims for not being armed themselves and failing to act in their defense against their own fucking murder, and not doing a goddamn thing to prevent this happening again. And again. And again.

Oh yeah, and gun control. I lied.

Never has my icon been so appropriate.
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Русский язык )

I really, really need to straighten my head out as to how to translate gerunds and progressive verbs in my head in Russian. Argh. If I have this right Russian uses an entirely different convention, but I keep freaking out that I don't have it right and am making shit up. Bleh.

Also, all this voter bullying bullshit? That can stop right the hell now, please and thank you. Voter bullying, voter tricking, all that shit. Cut it the fuck out. I would like to think this is still the United States of America, and not any of half a dozen other countries (Russia, I'm looking at you) where the elections are so corrupt you might as well just rig them your way altogether. If you're not doing that already. God, I want to punch all these people in the face. Coercing people to vote the way you want them to, scaring them away from voting, tricking them so they don't vote? That is not what this country is fucking about. Fuck. You. So much hate and rage. Not that I like Romney but fucking hell, this offends my sense of patriotism on so many goddamn levels. And they call themselves patriotic. Our founding fathers, who they so often call on, are generating electricity in their graves. Enough to power New York City till after the polls close.

Anna's right, I shouldn't read Yahoo news this early in the morning. And the boy wants to go vote early tomorrow, so there's that, which means I need to hustle my butt and research the candidates for the non-partisan positions. I've already all but decided to vote straight party ticket because there is not a single goddamn Republican I like, which is truly depressing, but I should double check for third party candidates I like better. Blah. So much work. But worth it.

I have no idea what I did to tweak my back last night, but I really, really hope it's over. Not even middle of back pain this time, some muscle group right under my right shoulderblade extending around to my underbust ribcage area. Ow. Up to nausea-inducing levels of pain at times, though I slammed back an 800 milligram tab of ibuprofen which seemed to have killed it, and today I did a number of dance/yoga stretches that seem to be helping. But fucking ow. I disapprove in the strongest terms. Of course then I was an idiot and watched Center Stage which resulted in me going I FEEL BETTER I CAN TOTALLY DANCE AROUND THE ROOM and Anna going SIT THE FUCK DOWN YOU IDIOT. Oops.

And no fashion show for anyone today, because it turns out what Kohl's means when they say 41" bust they actually mean 45" or so. Um. No. So, returns it will be and I will get another batch of shirts that are more my size. On the one hand, I like being a M-to-L. On the other hand, goddamn. The sleeveless t-s turned out well, though, apart from needing to put in boob darts, I think. That's easy enough done. Except for the fact that I won't have my sewing machine set up for a month and a half. Someone remind me to do that. And finally on the fashion front, I have discovered that thing I was looking for! Apparently it's called Polyvore, this thing that lets you assemble clothing to create a look and even if you can't see it on a body, you can see all the items together. Since I'm not fussy about getting the exact item pictured, this will be awesome for planning out what I actually need to get vs what I have vs what I'm looking for. Woo! This might not turn out to be the world's most unfeasible idea. Seriously, I have been jeans and t-shirt girl for ... almost 15 years now. Except for special occasions and laundry day in college. Getting me to dress with some vague care beyond I-feel-cranky-it's-a-Rorschach-T-day is going to be an interesting time.
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Gaeilge )

Sometimes I really want to throttle some people. I mean, how can you constantly keep either fucking up or pinning your hopes on something that fucks up that often? And then whine and cry and need bailing out or hand-holding and oh my god, if things keep fucking up like that, move the hell on. Or try and figure out what you're doing wrong and bloody fix it. Doesn't it strike you as pathetic to keep singing that same old song? Throttling. Comma, all of the. Because I'm really, really getting tired of hearing it and really wondering how long this can go on before someone gets sick of all that shit.

There. I feel better now.

Heh, I was talking to one of the employees I know at the Chocolate Store of Awesome across the street, yesterday. This employee happens to be very blatantly/camp-ly gay, or at least I assume he's gay, he wears a tasteful, small pink pride button and we chat some about recent events in marriage equality, etc. Well, apparently last week when Mitt Romney shut down most of downtown so he could rant ramble offend people speak, after the speech was over the chocolate shop was slammed with people. And yet every time he went up and asked if he could help someone, they all ignored him. Didn't want to be served by a [insert slur here]. SIGH, PEOPLE. SIGH.

I have no idea what happened in the debate last night to cause Romney to cough up a 'binders full of women' comment. No, I didn't watch it, I'm still trying to avoid national politics till the election's over. And yet, the statement out of context is so blatantly ludicrous and strange that I can see why it became an internet Thing. I wonder if it's that ludicrous and strange IN context.

So, yesterday I somehow managed to get my ass organized enough not only to send out a care package with all its crap in it, but also to get the last of the plants repotted and get some writing done in addition to all the work crap. I even somehow managed to burn a half a dozen CDs or so of music, on the right kind of CD this time, to bring to work. Because I'm getting sick of the same 20 or so CDs that are out there. At some point I really should invest in a second spindle of CD-Rs, and/or a decent CD burning program, but today is not that day. Tomorrow probably won't be that day, either. I even managed to get half a blog post and a good chunk of two other stories finished, too! Wonders will never cease. Today's task: keep up that productivity, plus line edits, and email the damn contractor. Actually, since you're sitting at the computer, Jag, why don't you do that now? Good Jag. See, you can remember things.

I think my New Year's Resolution for this coming year (pagan year, not the secular year, 'cause of sooner start) is to reply to every comment that I get on an AO3 fic, not just the ones I get on Yuletide. For some reason I managed to get it into my head that if I replied to them my comment count would go up artificially and therefore it would be bad. Except I don't even look at my comment count (or my AO3 stats, for that matter), anymore, so why should that matter? And I keep getting hammered with the fact that it's rude not to reply, so, come on, self. Reply to your comments. Starting new year ish, though, because otherwise I'll have a 200 some odd comment backlog and people will probably be very confused to get a reply to a comment they left years ago. There is one comment I want to reply to, because they pointed out some things in a story that I should fix, but ugh I have no idea when I'll get to that.

I have to ask, when the hell did it get to be Wednesday already? Where is my time going? Why is it not still the beginning of October? What the fuck is going on? Raarr. Okay, though, enough rambling, I have work I need to get done and a fuckton of stories I should be finishing. Come on, writers, let's get writing. Hey, that should be an icon. Where's a picture of a guy in a suit and sunglasses at a typewriter.

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So. This whole house purchase process not only wants to give me a bipolar fit, it's like a whole tiny Advent Calendar of Minor Annoyances and Setbacks. This latest one is smallish, but annoying, I don't know if it'll get resolved today or what this bodes for Monday, or if things will have to be postponed yet-a-fucking-gain. I hope not. It's the kind of thing a search-and-replace could fix, if legally it could be fixed that way.

The Middle East is still on fire, in the more emotional and visceral sense than the literal. I'm not sure what to say to that except that by all accounts the video is asinine, reprehensible, and offensive, and the actions of the people burning buildings and firing on embassy staff is likewise reprehensible, asinine, and offensive. And both of these groups represent a minority, but it's hard to keep that in mind when you're being offended. I've seen reports of peaceful protests on embassies, and that's fine, I hope it can stay that way. And if Americans want to wave signs and shake their heads and protest the killings of the embassy staff and the burning of embassies (not just ours, either) that's fine, too. Swearengen said it best, here. My god, act civilized even if you ain't.

Yeah, other than that, things seem to be going all right. I need to watch Sons of Anarchy and I need to catch up on Warehouse 13. And do some writing and do some knitting. And people need to stop sending me LinkedIn invitations, oi. Life continues. More as it develops.
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I don't even. So, yesterday I get a couple of emails that basically amount to we might not be able to complete the appraisal because of the problems that need to be fixed. And the selling bank isn't going to fix it, and apparently there is an exception paper that could be written out but everyone has to talk to someone else and check and can't this just be fucking over with already? I'm not even sure what I can do about it, everyone has to talk to everyone else today and then get back to me. I put all my mortgage ladies in contact with my realty lady, so hopefully that can get untangled today. Right now ...

Fuck Everything, Half-Naked Sasha Roiz forever.

No, okay. Right now things are happening at an incredibly fast clip, but at the moment it looks like I can get an estimate of the repair in writing from the plumber I contacted and brought out to have a look, and there's a new contact person at the bank who isn't a fucking moron. He says he might be able to get them done. I'm hoping he can because this is about to drive me homicidal or something.

Right. Nothing more I can do unless I really want to make a pest of myself calling people every half hour or so. I hate it when there's essentially nothing I can do except beg, plead, and throw myself on the mercy of other people whose job it is to keep an eye on the bottom line. I really hate that bottom line shit. I mean, I understand it? I just don't like it. But I have other shit I could get done right now, so. Come on, Jag, let's do the other shit.

I did see some interesting survey about racial self-identification of hispanic peoples on US census things. It made me wonder a little, am I a second generation immigrant if only one of my parents immigrated? (And, for that matter, did my biodad immigrate or was he a second-generation immigrant himself? It's one or the other, I'm sure.) Does it count if he is only my biodad and my actual Dad who raised me was born and raised in the States, himself? It's funny because these aren't questions I ever think about, myself. I am an American. Whether I'm being patronized and treated as, for lack of a more accurate term, a fellow white person who can reach out to those "hard-working Mexicans" (and 6-7 years later I still remember that fuckhead) or whether I'm being looked down on as someone who belongs with the hired help, I am still an American. It's never occurred to me to define myself otherwise. If I have to self-identify as one race or another, I'd probably pick white maybe 40% of the time and hispanic the other 60%. Depending on whether or not I think it'll lead to me getting treated badly by police, shafted for a job or a place in a school, depending whether or not I can tell the person means I feel like a part of this group or that group... depending on a lot of things. Racial identification isn't something I think about a lot, either. Not until someone asks me. Which is more of a class and geographic luxury than anything, really, due to where I grew up and live now.

Anyway. I swear, my next entry will be kittens and bunnies and something fluffy to break from all these heavy thoughts. Pictures of hot men. Something. I am so tired and suddenly all the plans I had for the rest of ever are back in a state of tremendous flux. Okay, not all the plans, but a big chunk of them. At this point it's not even maybe losing the house of awesome that irritates me, it's the lack of certainty. I want to go home and curl up and sleep, and I can't.

Right. Shut up and soldier, soldier. I have filing I can do, writing, editing, I have German I can do if I get desperate for stuff to do, I have word gardens I can plant. There are other things I can do while I wait for word to come back, so let's get on and do them. (Also at some point I really should start writing my own Russian things. At some point.)
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And now I'm just sleepy tired and trying to distract myself from jumping the gun. These are two not very good combinations. A not very good combination, two not very good things.

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Lighter fare. Alcatraz, I hear, is cancelled? Yes/no? I hear this from a friend, Google isn't telilng me shit. I'm annoyed but not surprised, it was on Fox and Fox keeps maybe one in every five decent shows. Mostly I'm annoyed because a) now we're never going to find out what's going on and b) Sam Neill, goddammit! I liked having Sam Neill on my screen roughly once a week even if he was a big jerkface. Also the relationship his character had with Parminder Nagra's was absolutely freaking wonderful.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Too tired to be much fussed. And there's not much to do but wait and slog through the backlog of crap I haven't been doing because house stuff ate up all my energy. Although I think it will be naptime when I get home. So, so sleepy.
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And we're back to Black Ice: Blood in the Gutters. Which, as per usual for Black Ice these days, is coming along faster than anything else I could be writing. Tighter, too. I like it. I did manage to get sort of past the false start in the mecha frothing vengeance story that still needs a working title, unless I co-opt the mixer's. Actually I might just stick with Sidewinder. There's something kind of charismatic about that name. Sssssidewinder.

I had to explain to my Gulf War veteran boyfriend today about the eleventh hour of the eleventh day. Oh boy. I actually suspect he forgot at that point more than anything, by this time of the morning he's had a full work day and in this case he's had a full gaming day and a full work day, and is probably ready to go to bed, but it still amused me. Have you hugged your veteran today? We're not going to go into what I saw in the news last night/this morning about a certain Vermont veteran. If you've seen the news you know what I'm talking about, and if you haven't, don't go looking. Suffice to say I have hit my bitter sad at the world news overload very early today.

Hmm. I don't have a suitable for Remembrance Day icon, so have a mecha icon instead, since I'm working on a mecha story. Today, hiding in fiction and filing, a moment of silence, and coming home and cleaning at least half of all the things with the boy.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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... Holy shit Sons of Anarchy. I will say, this latest turn in S4 has, um. It's gotten bloody? But I don't feel as bad about this one as I have the others, I think because people are starting to let go of the idiot balls. Except Clay. He's gone and curled up around his Idiot Ball and is all "No! You can't take it away from me! Nyah!" I have to say, I do wonder which way Tig will jump if this becomes common knowledge. From the past three seasons I get the feeling he's equally pulled in both directions. Feel kind of sorry for the bastard. Not just because I'm currently still on my Kim Coates fix.

The Personhood Amendment was fucking defeated, thereby proving that people do still have some reason left. At this point I don't have coherent words for why this is such a bad idea, starting with the implications for all kinds of reproductive health and conception issues, going through what that means for women who miscarry and potential manslaughter convictions for women who behave in risky manners throughout their pregnancy and then miscarry or so on, what, reckless endangerment? It essentially shackles women to the role of baby carrier and gives them no freedoms as far as their reproductive systems at all, so the only recourse is to be celibate or turn lesbian or have babies. And the resultant pain, suffering, and risk to their life and health. And while I can respect the people who are pro-life out of respect for life, against murder as well as abortion and wanting to ensure that children have a meaningful and healthy lives as well as simply being born so on and so forth... I have little respect for most of the conservatives who use abortion as a hot-button issue to get elected, people who try to restrict women with the most stringent legislation possible as far as all stages of pre-natal grown of children, and then gut the welfare that might be needed to keep these children fed, gut the education system that would give these children a chance at a good job, a good life...

... ahem. Apparently I had words after all. So, yeah, there's that, I'm sure a lot of you have heard those arguments before. It still pisses me off.

Right. I've gotten a chunk of Nano done, hopefully later today I can get some editing done because I was way too exhausted last night to do much of anything except vomit words up on the screen and hope they were adequate. Did start a boy-witches thing last night, but I'm not sure I'm actually going to keep any of it, it's a sort of a Stephen King/Lovecraft/Covenant/made up thing involving a school for boy-witches. I don't even. And I may or may not have gotten my assignment for [community profile] bigbang_mixup, because I got two usernames/email addresses and I'm not sure if the first one was right or the second. So. We'll see? I need to try and contact my OBB artist again and check in with her, and catch up on my other fic and other than that, holy crap I'm caught up. Not just on that but also on day job type stuff, too, which is equally amazing. Now I'm down to filing and making a last push to get everything vaguely in order before the mail order sale hits. Oof.

... This weekend is not going to help, now that I think about it. There's game one day and a day trip over to the Used Bookstore of Ginormousness the other day, and argh. At least game will probably mostly involve character creation. I can get a bunch of writing done while everyone else is character creating, I can do my own character creation and maybe this time come up with more of a dimensional character I feel comfortable playing instead of rehashing an old stereotype. And actually, now that I think about it, yes, I do have a lot of shit to do. But for once, out of the past several months, I actually feel okay to do all of it.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Tired. Tired tired tired tired. Tired. I'm not entirely sure why I'm so tired, but I'm definitely going to bed on time tonight. Maybe just anxieties about work and supplies and laying in stuff for the shows. But, I am getting back on track with exercise, language, and music routines. All those good things. And slowly getting back on track with writing, tags, everything else. I feel like this is the first time I've gotten back to normal since I got back from Dragon*Con. But I am not going bad and looking over old entries to see what exactly has been keeping me from being normal because I'll probably be even more tired and then my head will explode.

I'm working on a series of Nanowrimo icons that should go up soon. I should actually be working on the outline for my novel, but no. Icons! This is sort of like being an adult for two weeks and then saying no, fuck it, stupid internet games forever. Only with the me going back to outline later, probably. Right now, though, just icons.

Still not watching the GOP debate. The comments from my friends on Twitter are actually far more entertaining. And there's just something far too disheartening about the fact that half our country's duly (if not always properly) elected representatives don't actually give a damn about the people they're supposed to be representing, in what is supposed to be the world's bastion of democracy. I read something today that said our economic and infrastructure and standard of living imbalance was more akin to people in Russia and Iran. And if I go too far along that line of thinking I really will get too depressed, so I'm going to stop now.

Hmm. While I'm at it, maybe I'll retool that politics icon, it doesn't look quite right.

Oh, there was one more thing. I've fallen in love with Dwight from Haven. Who is played by Edge. A wrestler. There are no words for how confused and entertained this makes me, you guys, normally even the wrestlers who have turned to acting aren't my thing. I mean, yes, wrestling is kind of like chewing the scenery while you perform outrageous stunts, but they're not usually my type. But dear god, Dwight, he's such a mastiff puppy, I want to take him home and cuddle and pet him forever. Also, he totally should have played Sabretooth.


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