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Hey, guess what today is? No, you'll never guess. It's the braintwin's birthday! Happy Birthday, [personal profile] lireavue! You may have the brain ALL DAY today. Plus chocolates, because what's a brain without chocolate?

Apparently it's the 40th anniversary of the Free to Be You And Me album this week/month/something, which both makes me feel old, not that I was born when it came out but I grew up with it, and makes me feel curious. That album was one of the defining pieces of my childhood, the lessons it taught were lessons I was encouraged to take to heart and use in my life. A person should wear what he wants to, and not just what other folk say / A person should do what she likes to, a person's a person that way And so on and so forth. I think a lot of people in my generation and a bit before were, and I wonder how that's affected at least this country. I don't know how widespread it was in other countries. I don't really have any insight into the whole thing, but here's a good article.

Argh. I have to say, Republican or Democrat or Independent, I still don't see how anyone can think Mitt Romney is a trustworthy, credible candidate. He's changed position so many times I'm surprised he knows which way is up, and his idea of foreign policy is just scary for someone running for an office where he'll have to represent us to the world. And. Well, lots of ands. Maybe next election cycle the Republicans will come up with a decent candidate. But not this time.

Things, stuff, it's getting chilly and I'm getting sniffly. Dislike. The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair is going on this weekend, which means I get to spend Sunday helping pack up from that and probably the next few days helping pack up for that. Fortunately since it's pretty much just on the other side of town (and it's a small town) we don't have to pack everything for a long journey, it's pretty much toss stuff into a box, make sure it won't rattle around too much, heave it into a van. On the other hand, that's going to make the store busy. I am keeping my free Saturday goddammit. I'll need it after this Friday's programmes.

Feeling slightly more comfortable with my Russian today. Let's hope that lasts. Need to get back onto Memrise, though, which I guess will happen after getting some stuff out, oi. Too much to do. Not enough brain cells to coordinate it with.
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At some point I'll write here about how big business is trying to take over my downtown, where I work and some of my family lives, but right now I'm too pissed off and sad and tired about it to do so.

Tracy Chapman songs on repeat probably aren't helping. (Not that Asheville is subcity. Far from it. But goddamn if that isn't the attitude that's killing us.)

I feel like I might actually start watching Once Upon A Time again. After giving up in disgust 3/4 of the way through last season because of shoddy writing (my opinon, I'm not asking anyone to share it, I just hated the writing) But between [personal profile] oldandnewfirm reblogging some tempting Rumplestiltskin things and the possibility of a rousing game of Trope Bingo, possibly with booze if I do something I probably WON'T get alcohol poisoning from, it's tempting. On the other hand, if I do, you'll all get to hear me bitch about how awful it is. It's put me off ever trying Lost, that's for damn sure. And no, I can't cite examples from the text anymore. I could last year! And finally, pigeons can't fucking fly in the rain, goddammit. Though the only reason I know this is because of Blade Runner.

I'm having one of those weird moments where I feel like I should be upping my language study intensity in case of needing to find a translation job in the next five years or so. Except then I read my German questions and I find I can actually construct sentences pretty readily to answer the questions, and maybe I don't need to up the intensity on any but two languages that much. Something. It's a weird thing, and what I probably just need is to talk to people in the proper language. Or just write. But I don't. And now I'm going back and forth on it. It's been a long day, okay?

At any rate, this is clearly not the proper mood to make that kind of decision in. And it's not like I'm not doing language studies at all. Slowly but surely. I mean, give me eight to twelve weeks and I probably damn well could test pretty high in French, Spanish, and even German. Give me a year and I will knock Russian out of the park. Just. Right now I have Yuletide and Nano and personal writing and Shit To Do. So. And in a couple of hours I'll have a garden to weed. So there's that, too.
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Irish was supposed to go here but then I ran out of time oops. Maybe later.

So, that was an adventure. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have heard me shrieking, but for those of you who don't, here's the rough sketch. Last night the boy leaves and about two seconds after he's left, calls me up and says "Hey, go check on the cat meowing in the parking lot." And this leads to a fair amount of "... oh no. Hell no." from me. But I go out, and I meow to the cat, because that's how I roll, and the cat comes up and rams her side against my shins. And meows. And purrs. And meows some more. Now, it's late at night, most of the lights in the apartments are out, it's too damn late to go knocking on doors. And by now this has happened often enough that we have Protocols. So I scoop the cat up and stuff her in the bathroom with food, water, and litter, and go to bed. After checking her fur and nails and ears a bit, petting her, and then scrubbing down with hand sanitizer just in case. This morning, the second the boy and the car come back, we schlep on out to the local 24 hour animal hospital and see if she's chipped. Which she isn't. And by now we're going "Oh god, we're going to have ANOTHER cat, aren't we..." and printing up 'found cat' posters.

But the story has a happy ending! Because by this point people are starting to move around and we go and knock on a couple of doors, and the third door we knock on is an older lady who moves pretty slow around the house, and yes, she's missing a cat, so we bring it on over and open the carrier at her front door and it goes streaking into the apartment. And it was an apartment pretty close to where the cat was in the first place, if it hadn't been so goddamn late this wouldn't have taken an evening.

So! Happy endings for all. And I think when we finally take our last cat to get microchipped (he's a holy terror at the vaccinations so we haven't yet, but if we're going to be moving I REALLY REALLY want him chipped just in case) we'll knock on her door and ask if she wants us to take her kitty too, just in case.

And of course today is the day that work is going absolutely insane, and the day that a lot of Important House Stuff happens, and I am trying to hold onto all of my brain cells with both hands. I need to:

1. Call real estate attorneys.
2. Call local heating contractors and price out forced air systems.
3. Call local electricians because if I have the time to do one of those two why the hell not.

... no, I need to make a house-based organizational post. But. With only one major repair to make, I think it is safe to say it is a house and not a heffalump. Now to slog the REST of the way through.
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Hey, look, I have energy again. Go me.

Working on catching up with RP tags of the last, um. Six weeks, I think. I don't even know how I get so far behind except that my time management skills are not what they should be. I need to just allocate a bit of time to mixing RP tags with things like, um. Coding, maybe. At least until I've gotten the number of threads down to only one or two really lively ones, and then make sure to finish those before starting new ones and I keep saying this and it keeps not happening. It's like quitting smoking or losing 30 pounds for New Year's. You know it's not going to happen, but you tell yourself you'll do it just to make yourself feel better. Or something.

On the list of things I should do but really don' wanna, filing. I have a pile of filing here to do and I really, really don't want to deal with it. There's not even any logical reason for it, I just don't want to. Tedious, boring thing. Maybe the solution is to tag while filing, I've done that before.

Obama is in Asheville! Again. He really seems to like this place, which isn't entirely surprising and in fact pleases me a great deal. I like this place too, Mr. President! Thank you for noticing how awesome it is. And then Tony Bourdain is coming in November and while I might check out what tickets are going for, I doubt I'll be be able to go hear him speak. Maybe. But it'll be fun nonetheless. Sadly, not for an episode of No Reservations or I'd be all stoked about seeing my hometown on TV.

Right. In any case, doing much better this week for having slept almost all weekend. Feeling calmer, more capable of facing the week to come and what is in all probability a weekend of working all the weekend ever, then going right back to work next week. YAY. Not. Well, no, sort of yay, the fiber fairs always bring in interesting things, but still. A break between weeks is also nice.
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I'm not sure WHAT it's a measure of that I saw a guy in a dress on the street today and had the following dialogue with myself "Is that a...?" "Yes, it's a guy in a dress." "... That is a hideous dress." Because it was! It looked like some kind of upholstery fabric in purple and orange, and not a decent complimentary purple and orange, faded dorm carpet purple and orange. The cut was decent, low back, reasonable if kind of short skirt, but it was a seriously hideous dress. Possibly it was just a, he needed to throw on something to go to the pharmacy, which he was outside of. Anyway, that's Asheville for you. One giant dorm, full of people wandering around in their laundry day clothes.

Right. Lesson learned. Only fill the bento container 2/3 to 3/4 of the way full of yogurt. Or it will squoodge out the sides when you try to put the lid on like an android speared by a xenomorph queen. I have also learned that while Brown Cow Greek vanilla yogurt tastes like it should be trying to kill me in some obscure fashion, Oikos Greek vanilla yogurt is full of benevolence, yum, and all the protein ever. The boy may yet live to see another unescorted grocery trip.

Ooof. Though, not tonight, since tonight is grocery shopping and materials for all the soups ever. And then grabbing dinner somewhere and coming home and all the writing ever. Because I really, really need to at least finish this fucking thing, if not get it into shape, by tomorrow. Whoops. Stupid damn endless stories. Next year I may just eschew Big Bangs in favor of polishing all the ones I've written this year. Argh.

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And that was when I looked on the next page and saw the Munich Glockenspiel and had a flashback to Scarecrow and Mrs King and giggled like a maniac at work for the next five minutes. Shut up. I am not a silly fangirl. Really.

(Yes, I totally am. When it comes to Bruce Boxleitner, I am That Fangirl.)

So, instead of finally finishing my whistle quiver I'm... knitting yet another pair of arm warmers. Mostly because I forgot my sweater three days in a row this week (not today!) and it's freezing at work. We kind of have to keep it freezing because it takes so long to adjust the temperature of a building this big, and it's not worth it for every day's temperature variations, but oh god it's like working in an icebox. Or at the very least, a conservation lab. So I have a sweater. And then I forget that I'm wearing it and wear it outside and go fuck I'm hot! And not in the way I want to be, either! and leave it somewhere, like my aunt's car or at home. And then I get cold arms and think, now I want to knit arm warmers.

Ah well. It's also something I can do out front, and since there's jack all happening back here I might as well go out front and help out when it gets crazy busy, as it sometimes does on Saturdays. And speaking of the store, actually, Harry Anderson came in the store yesterday. I completely didn't know who he was until I looked him up on the imdb after he left. And then I gaped. He was really sweet, though. And he had a Jack Skellington tattoo. I giggled. Even before I knew who he was. I used to watch Cheers with my grandmother...

Slowly catching up on, well, everything. I need to make a list of all the crap I need to catch up on, and then do that. Starting with sleep and rest and recuperation. I plan to do absolutely nothing tonight besides go see Cowboys & Aliens, noodle around on my guitar, and write. And then sleep. Till at least 10 or so the next day. It'd be noon but I have to go visit the Guitar Mama and discuss electric guitars. I am looking forward to that like you would not believe, you guys. I'm going to be a real live rock star! Eventually.

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Seriously, what was I thinking when I volunteered to work Bele Chere this weekend? I mean, apart from yay overtime and yay money. No, mostly it was yay overtime and yay money. But that puts me on a six day work week, with writing deadlines, and my head hurts already. Plus being the only one in this apartment who cooks, so if I want nutritious meals... argh.

But I did my check in and have some vague idea of how I'm going to survive the coming week, so at least there's that. Japanese is done, and now maybe we can freaking finally go grocery shopping, there's an ice cream truck outside excuse me

Ahem. Okay, I'm back. So, yes. I guess I just keep plugging at what I can, maybe review the docs com Sunday or even Saturday if it's as quiet-ish as I think it's going to be. Not that Bele Chere weekend is ever quiet, but there's a possibility that my presence there won't be as necessary as some aunts think it is. At which point small tasks easily set down like reading over things would be welcome. I should make up a writing schedule again, somewhere that isn't LiveJournal this time. I think that's the only thing I need to get anymore from LJ. Also. Crap, someone was going to remind me about something. And now I can't remember what it was. Because clearly, this is why I asked someone to remind me!

Yeah, I need a weekend. I am taking not this weekend but next weekend for myself, curling up with my stories and my guitar, and writing and noodling around on the guitar and doing nothing else. Because I need a break soon. Maybe not right now, but soon.
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Oh Bahrain
oh Iran.

Oh people in general. On the plus side, got my jump rope today. Which is probably about a year overdue, but hey. Now I can get cardio in summer AND winter! And on rainy days. It's really nice. I've also managed not to injure myself overdoing it on pliés, which is a plus.

I also found this while looking for a book for my Changing Breeds game. It is everything you ever wanted to know about the history of New York City up till 1898, and probably a lot of things you didn't know you wanted to know. And even more things you really could have done without knowing. It is 12 MB and 1400 pages long. It is a book that I am glad is not on my shelf because oh my god the space it would take up. The weight of carrying it around if I moved. No, I got it in Kindle edition because Kindles and ereaders are the shiznit and make carrying around your library so the hell much easier. Ahem. So, I have that now, and at some point there will be making up a quick setting I can prologue from for my Changing Breeds game. Old World of Darkness Werewolf. It's kind of like a cross between Avatar and my first Werewolf game, because my first Werewolf game was also the shiznit and I want people to have fun. And I like White wolf. And I want to.

Yesterday, my town had a pillow fight. I did not go because I forgot, but it was a sort of an anti-Valentine's Day (or maybe just a 'We're Asheville and we're weird') thing. You showed up at the square downtown, you hit random people with pillows, and in 15 minutes or so it was all over and everyone went back to their lives. I love this town. I really do.

Oh, and you can tell it's spring because the buskers are out. Yep.

Also, fifteen true things Kurt Vonnegut said.

Also, I just hypnotized three small children with the spinning wheel. They were tromping around the store as children do, to the tune of "Don't touch that" and "Be careful" so I figured I might distracted them by spinning some. And I did. Because they all lined up and sat down neatly in a cross-legged row and watched me spin for a good ten minutes or so. It was truly amazing. And hilarious. Mostly amazing.

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I inflict my bad katakana on you. So there.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS PLACE IS MADE OF WIN AND AWESOME AND IT IS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY STORE I live in heaven. I swear, I live in taste bud heaven. I got cardamom, fenugreek, and two blends they blend there just for shits and giggles, to try out. One yellow curry blend and one mole blend. Because I'm lazy. And then I remembered that I needed to restock on thyme so I stocked the hell up on thyme. 4 ounces for 8.40. I don't know how much is in those glass jars that are at the supermarket but I'm pretty sure it's about comparable at the very least.

And then I was even more awesome and amazing and shipped 236 pounds of yarn in an hour and a half. My back is going to kill me for this later, but I'm glad I got it done now and not when the ... um. Lots. Little over a quarter ton, literally, of yarn gets here. I do not want to deal with all of those things, one on top of the other, in the same day.

Making some progress on my list of crap to do but while today was supposed to be my clean off my desk day, thanks to the yarn store that ordered all that yarn today I didn't actually manage it. Oh! And for the Supernatural fans on my f-list this yarn store from hell order? Is shipping to Lawrence KS. Enjoy. I know I cracked up when I realized.

Anyway. Need to find garam masala and madras curry spice mix recipes. When I get home. Tomorrow, filing and tidying, assuming that quarter ton of yarn doesn't land. Tonight... ugh. Something. I'll think of something. I'm so exhausted right now, I just can't think. And yet, accomplished. And that tea and spice store is pure heaven.

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I'm doing this tonight because I won't have time tomorrow morning. Dentist appointment early, right smack in the middle of my morning routine. Ugh. Root canal, too. I am not looking forward to this.

On the other hand, once that's done it'll pretty much be done,, and then I'll be having cleanings and maybe a couple of extractions of the last two wisdom teeth, and that's it. And I'm getting out of it pretty lightly. All my remaining teeth are in good working order or have been patched up into good working order.

Oogh. I picked up a book at the bookstore called "My Lobotomy," which is actually kind of chilling to read and intriguing all at once. The part I just got to before I put it down described a doctor with the kind of attitude that reminds me of the line from Kingdom Hospital. "Sterile technique? Germs and the like? Rubbish and poppycock!" And here I thought he was just exaggerating about that part.

Did have a pretty good dinner with girl and her husband, still not sure what to call them online here. There's something about hanging out with them that makes me go slightly stiffly formal, I'm not sure what. I'm hoping it's just that I don't know them very well yet and I'm not getting an instant click, although I'm not getting instant "I don't want to be around these people" either. Something to think about. I think it's also because they're more extroverted than I am, now that I think about it. girl wants to drag me out to a girl's night out, which I could probably use, but I also just am worried about it being too overstimulating. On the other hand, I really could use more girlfriends in the area. So we'll see! We'll also see if it works out for it not being at the end of a day from hell. Oi.

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... Oh holy crap.

Not going to be online except, maybe, around lunch when I snag something to eat. We just sent out a mailing that says Dragon Tale prices are going to be jumping up, order now for the old price, we will not be backordering (which at least makes things simpler) which, of course, means everyone and their mother is ordering yarn. Which means I'm going to have a shipload today of anywhere between 150 and 300 pounds. So, busy Jag will be busy.

Catch y'all on the flip side.
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Well, that was an annoying waste of a day. Sort of. I got up, staggered around, but mostly my sinuses were driving me nuts and I spent the day sort of zonked either sitting up or lying down. OI probably should have taken medication way sooner, but I wanted to try and beat it on my own if I could. Oops. Oh well. I probably needed the rest anyway.

I did read the first two graphic novels of Lucifer. And now I want more. I'm kind of glad I only bought the first two because I could so easily drop a good hundred or so on them all at once. I think what I'll probably try to do instead is buy one or maybe two every paycheck, spin them out. And then, something. Maybe go back to picking up the Constantines. Or maybe just keeping a list of the Constantines I don't have and seeing what they have every time I go to the comic store. Or something else! Who knows. My graphic novel fixation is back, at least until I run out of titles I want. Yay.

"I've made a playdate for you."
"You what?"

So, one... well, a small cluster of the boy's friends from the game groups/stores apparently includes a female (gasp!) who also sews and also paints minis and also cooks. So either we're going to be incredibly competitive and I'm going to resent her if we hang out, or we're going to get along famously. I'm not sure which, but it's worth a shot? She's nice otherwise, but I've only met her twice, so it's still in that wary stage of "Uhhhh..." and going back to memories of high school when all the people with whom my interests overlapped were better at everything than me, except the one thing I didn't share with anyone. So. But, we'll see. High school was over ten years ago. Hey, I've matured since then! I think.

Besides, it'd be nice to have a female friend. And I think that over the last year and a half I've exercised my, um. Sanity? Consciousness? Self-awareness? Something like that muscles to the point where if it starts being like high school again, I can figure out what the problem(s) is(are) and fix it(them). She lives across town but, hey, it's a really small town. It's a thirty minute drive away, and we can meet in the middle/downtown for things, and such. So! Huh. This is going to be a new experience. We're theoretically meeting them tomorrow afternoon for the doing of Stuff. Not sure what Stuff is going to entail. Grilling or barbecuing or seeing a movie or something.

... Actually, now that I think about it, there's a lot of us who cook. There's D, who needs a cooler name, really. There's N, the potential female friend, and there's me, and there's Good Twin Sylar who's currently in school to be a pastry chef. Huh. Of all the weirdass qualities that I wouldn't have expected to crop up in my circle of friends, that's definitely one of them.

And talking with the boy about the whole what if she's better than me aspect reminds me that, goddammit. I am a baby courtesan. Baby courtesans do not compare themselves to other women/people, they observe other people, find out how they do things, and enhance their own strengths with this knowledge if strengths overlap. This is not a zero sum game, and her talent does not diminish my own. I can be a badass without standing on a pile of defeated enemies.

And right now, it's time to be a writing badass.

(Boy says D should be called Midget Hagrid. I kind of agree. If I ever post pictures of him you'll see why.)

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While I'm at the front of the store, and since someone just approached me and asked me about it:

Things to research and know for Maryland Sheep and Wool, in no particular order.

1. Patinas on metal with: Sodium Acetate, Copperas/Ferrous Sulfate, Blue Vitriol/Copper Sulfate
2. What is liver of sulfur? What is it used for? Do we sell anything that could substitute for it?
3. Uses of Alum, Thio-Urea Dioxide, Glaubers Salts, Washing Soda. Where it is found, etc.
4. Washing Soda (sodium carbonate) vs Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
5. Spinning terminology, refresh it, memorize it.
6. Weaving terminology, refresh it, memorize it.
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I have an ECLAIR.

This is not just a mere eclair. Oh no. This is an ECLAIR.

This is the eclair that ate Tokyo. One does not simply eat the eclair. In Soviet Russia, this eclair eats Soviet Russia. I've seen small dogs smaller than this eclair. This is an eclair even Mick Jagger's lips couldn't get around. Four eclairs walk into a bar, this frankeneclair walks out.

The Frankeneclair, itself )

Fortunately, not only have I eaten relatively lightly today, I actually haven't eaten any junk food whatsoever. This is my junk food allotment for the entire damn weekend. And it is so worth it.


Feb. 17th, 2010 04:27 pm
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For a reference point, I'm about 5' and I come up to the middle of that 'Bang Head Here' sign.

Monday )

Today )

Keep in mind that for maybe half of these boxes, I have to run around the store and gather up what's in them. Then I have to pack them, with paper or air-bag storage or peanuts (I haven't used those in a while, though) or what have you. Then I weigh the boxes. This involves carrying the box over from where I packed it to the scale, which sometimes is about a foot, or hauling it over to the red scale which is lifting, turning around, hauling it over, and setting it down. If I know a box is going to be heavy I start out with it on the red scale (I swear, that thing is older than I am) and then haul it up off the red scale over to the pallet cart thing. Sometimes this involves dead-lifting weights of up to 50 or so pounds. Lately it's been about 20-35 pounds for the big boxes. I do this about four or five to seven or eight times a day on these heavy mailing days. Then I tape the boxes shut, send the papers over to be processed, etcetera.

Now, that's when it's simple. When it's not, like with these two days, I have to take out each cone of our brand of weaving yarn and weigh each color to make sure each cone is of a good weight. Then, if it isn't, I mark down the actual weight of yarn we're sending to the customer so we can pro-rate it. Thankfully, most of the cones we got back from our dyehouse are actually of a good weight this time, so I can just mark down the number of cones and be done with it. I have to double check every damn coil of reed. I have to play yarn tetris or box tetris on the cart till nothing falls off. So it winds up being 2 hours and 3 hours almost straight of bending, lifting, moving, bending some more, taping, bending some more, lifting some more...

And all of this, over the past three or four days, has happened around shipments coming in. 40 pounds of dye that has to go straight back out. A quarter ton of yarn which has to be sorted, labeled, and a lot of that has to go right back out. Some indeterminate poundage of cardboard boxes (100s of those) which, while very useful and I was starting to lack for boxes to ship things to people in, I had to haul all those and play box Twister, Tetris, and Jenga to make the box room navigable again.

My back hurts. My hands are chapped from paper tape glue. And I want to go home. Sadly, I have another hour and a half.

Whine whine bitch.
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Kincaid (Also Me): That's right! Get up those stairs! Keep moving! Go go go!

Me, Samael, and some other headvoices undetermined: STOP THAT! *laughter*

Kincaid: What? It's good for her.

Me: I just spent half of today hauling around a quarter ton of yarn and then sorting about a hundred pounds of it and you want me to run up and down stairs? Fuck off.

Samael: At this rate, you'll be well on your way to being fit enough to impress J--


My head voices are trying to make me blush with my crush objects. This is a bad sign.

OOF, though. Just plain OOF. I have spinning class in 5 minutes and I really did spend half of today hauling around pounds and pounds of yarn. First I helped unload a quarter ton of yarn, then I sorted through a third of a pound of paperwork (that is a lot of paperwork!), then I got to haul around buckets and buckets of yarn figuring out which one goes with what. And at that, that's with the Elf Lord, the Beej, the Witch Queen, and the Aunt person helping. Though admittedly part of it is me taking over sorting through the backorders because I'm more efficient at it, I think. Argh. It'd be easier if we could get this in smaller quantities, but it's actually more efficient and saves money if we get it like this.

Anyway. This post is mostly to show off my dragon eggs and remind myself of things I have to do tonight.

1. Post to CS
2. Post to FYW (oooops)
3. Balance books This needs to happen tomorrow, clearly, since I forgot my iSam at work. oops.
4. Write in Martine
5. Do German
6. Update word count.

Thankfully most of those are short short tasks.

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I think I just helped an old man across the street. I've never done that before.

So, the Urban Outfitters down the street opened today. To a significant crowd and the temptation of me to go poke at their clothes and see if they have a good discount going on, but I doubt I will. If for no other reason than I really shouldn't be spending money like that now. The only reason I'm going jeans shopping in the immediate future is because I have a gift certificate, and so am spending someone else's money. Unfortunately, it's not to Urban Outfitters.

And along those lines, I'm not sure I want to go shopping at Urban Outfitters anyway. They have some skinny jeans in the window that are pretty ordinary, nice black jeans? I like the blouse they're under. Except, I've discovered something about myself. I don't look at the so-called skinny jeans they, at least, are advertising in the window and think, god I'm fat I want to fit into that. I look at these jeans and think, I could span that person's calf with my hands, almost. My hands. And I have tiny hands. And that person's, or at least the mannequin is, supposed to be taller than I am? That's not a fashion model, that's a poster child for starvation in third world countries.

So, no. No Urban Outfitters for me, not anytime soon. I'll be over here in the sane and healthy weight people's area, or the ones who are working towards that goal. With people who have muscle tone, maybe a thin layer of fat where areas do need a little padding, and who know it's not healthy to constantly worry about how much fat you're carrying either. With the people who know that rigid diet plans fail and as a general rule you should just not eat too many sweets or too much greasy fat-soaked food or anything you're allergic to. With the people who work out occasionally but don't worry about body sculpting (unless it's their job as a model or for a role as an actor or something) or freak out if they miss a workout. With the people who know that health and beauty is not the number you see on a scale. And, yes, with the people who are just naturally that thin. You know. The sane people.

Seriously, starvation-thin? Who the hell thought that was sexy? Eew. Just, no. I don't get it. Why is half the country dangerously obese because they don't pay a lick of attention to what they eat (or because they have other health problems, which might be scarier since those are probably on the rise, too) and another quarter sickening themselves with anorexia, bulemia, and the general idea that eating is a punishable offense and starving yourself is a fun thing to do? When did we, as a country, get so bad in our hearts and minds?

Anyway. I also got another rejection letter today, which no doubt has also made cranky. This one hit worse than the last one, I think in large part due to the phrasing of their little stock rejection card. "Due to the nature of the publishing industry today -- and the selectivity it requires -- we regret that we cannot consider you for publication." Fuck you too, you could at least have had the courtesy to tell me that in a damn personalized letter instead of on a fucking business card. Whatever happened to the way more polite "this does not meet our needs at this time", you had to tell me I'm not good enough? Fuck. You.

Sigh. I can't tell if I'm hurt and pissed off because of that or because, as [ profile] adsartha suggests, it feels like a trend. On the other hand, that's the other New York firm. Two down, one to go? The third one is the one from two hours away, so we'll see. It still hurts.

Whatever. I still have an outline to finish, two fics to read over, one to write, and a few foreign language icons to make. I'm showing off this one from Run Lola Run.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Well, that was interesting.

Yesterday we were supposed to get 1-3 inches of snow according to weather forecasts. It started snowing at about 8 am and didn't stop snowing until about 10 or so. Maybe. According to others in the area it snowed throughout the night. We had about 8 inches of snow yesterday when we measured with a stick outside our door just before dark, which was around 6 pm. The boy dug our car out but there's still a shitton of snow outside and if I have my way we won't go any-damn-where.

We lost power around 6pm last night and got it back again about 8. And then lost it again around 11, and shortly after that I just said 'fuckit' and went to bed. We got it back sometime after that, I have no idea. I woke up to the boy asking me to turn the lights off. I also got up and fed the cats while I was still up so they wouldn't wake me.

We have power now, I don't know for how long. 10,000 people in this county alone (never mind the rest of the mountains) don't have power, I don't know if power's out at the farm but it's definitely out across the park at my aunt's, and has been since 5 yesterday evening. For those of you who don't know, or if I've never said, that's about a fifteen minute walk, ten if I cut across the park and someone's lawn. We're charging cell phones and laptops now. I'm going to eat some of the fridge food just because. The boy says we could go out because the parking lot is good, but I'm disinclined still. At least until this finishes shaking down. We're within walking, well, hiking distance of at least one grocery store, if it's open, so if we need something I'll hike up over there.

Some trees are down. I'm not sure which ones, I haven't been outside yet, but that doesn't surprise me. This is the biggest storm to hit the actual town in at least a few years. The mountains, sure, the higher elevations get more snow because hey, they're higher elevations, and they're harder to plow out or reach with power trucks so they tend to get stuck longer, but this, down here? it's bloody insane.

The boy's reading off the online newspaper, the DOT (Department of Transportation) report. Everything's covered in snow and ice. Last I checked we were under a winter storm warning until 7 pm tonight.

It's also kind of making me miss my gas stove at the old place. Or gas and oil heating. or fireplaces. Or wood stoves. I've never lived in a place without a fireplace or a wood stove before, and I don't much care for it. Everything in this apartment with the possible (very slimly possible) exception of non-heated water is run by electricity, so when the power goes out, we're fucked if it's for any length of time. Which probably means evacuating over to my aunt's, where not everything is electric, but hey. Stupid dependence on electricity. If I have my way, when we get a house, it will have a goddamn gas stove. Or at least a fireplace and an opportunity for oil furnace or something like that.

It sounds like the East Coast is getting slammed, you have my sympathy and my prayers, guys. Apparently over half the county is without power here. Hah, the National Guard was called out. I hope they didn't send them up into the mountains; the last time that happened the Hummers got stuck and the locals had to rescue them with the vehicles they had, tried and true methods of getting around. Probably tractors, big trucks with plows on, and, heh, horses. I haven't seen any draft horses on the farms though.

Okay, posting this because I think the cable signal is going. And because I'm hungry, and I want to get a bath, dammit, or at least a shower before the power goes out yet again. Catch you guys on the flip side of this.
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When did I become a tourist attraction??
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