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Today I have:
- Not snacked all over the place on Starbust, but eaten healthy snacks and dessert (Starburst, natch) at the proper time: after a healthy meal.
- Only went on Twitter about twice, very quickly. Each time to post a random thing about writing.
- Not overbinged on dessert, but ate a little less than one serving of Trader Joe's Belgian chocolate pudding because jesus that pudding.
- Not bought the sunglasses right now when the whim took me, but...

+ Ascertained that yes, the shop across the hall does have them. Even if they're not all that attractive looking. The shop across the street and down a bit probably has them too.
+ And then I ended up picking up three pairs out of the lost and found when we cleaned it out. They've apparently been there since last year.
+ Did my shipping for the day.
+ Did a physics for the day
+ Found a new(ish) recipe I can do for dinner tonight, and one for a future night.
+ Did my writing/a scene that needed to be added into Sandborn for the day
+ Did another repeat or so of the bracelet I really need to finish.
+ Made dinner, spaghetti sauce, and chili all in the same damn night.
+ ALSO talked to Mom.
+ ALSO somehow with all of that and trying to pry the boy off the TV and ultimately failing, managed to make time for an episode of West Wing.
+ ALSO ALSO got a preliminary research list for African folklore (if anyone would care to add to it or suggest other titles, go for it) and determined the distribution of major houses to continents (Australia gets none, Asia and Africa get two. Possibly Central Africa/Central Southern Africa and West Africa. Egypt can suck it everyone does Egypt. Not sure who the Asian houses are, maybe India and China or Japan.)
+ ALSO ALSO got together some random collections of names for lesser fae demenses in North America and South America.

* Found out more about tiny point pen refills than I ever thought I would need to know, mostly while I should have been writing. Oops.
* Pondered whether or not I should get a three-ring binder for some of these more fiddly, shifty calendar things that keep getting lost int he shuffle. (Maybe, is the answer. A firm maybe.) (And by get I mostly mean pull out of storage from around the house.)
* Looked around patterns for covering three ring binders with cloth before realizing I could just make my own damn thing. What, like it's hard?
* Realized that I'd better name this one world with the fae courts damn quick and figure out which things are going in it because it's going the way of the mold. I think the mold is just running around encouraging everybody else at this point.

All this and refreshing some Latin, too. So, yes, despite it being all messy up in the thinkmeats, I'm actually getting a lot of shit done.
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So, I just had an extensive Twitter conversation with the linguist who created the languages for Game of Thrones and Defiance. For no readily apparent reason. Because someone tweeted something about Rosetta Stone Dothraki and I sent it to him and, now I'm being urged to learn Georgian? Bastard, it's actually an intriguing language, too. Double bastard. I might pick it up for a weekend I need to do something that isn't any of the things I need to do, what's relaxing, oh, hey, learning Georgian! Type thing. Not aiming for fluency, just getting an idea of the structure. Shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks.

(What? Don't look at me like that.)

(Some of you are looking at me like that because learning languages for fun? Seriously? Some of you are looking at me with the JAG DO YOU NOT HAVE ENOUGH THINGS TO DO.)

In the meantime I have now done Japanese and made a fucking kickass fettucini chicken alfredo. Like you do. And the boy has been a kickass boy and now half of the lawn is mowed! (It started raining halfway through. WHich just goes to show that buying a lawnmower and declaring your intentions to mow the lawn makes it rain.) And now all the writing and some of the publicizing and I actually do feel better than I have in the past few weeks. What is this madness?? This is not Sparta I am lost.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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And, um. Holy shit. I think I just finished my German book. Probably it's a good thing that today is a check-in day since a) I didn't do it last week oops and b) I can brainstorm and get help on ideas of where to go from here. Possibly Russian/German review simultaneously, since German... somewhere in the last several chapters it all started coming together. I'm not sure when or how. But a lot of it is making a lot more sense and right now I'm having more trouble looking up the right words or the right conjugation/declination of words than I am actually stringing words together.

It seems to be a day of productivity, too. I checked with the Eisbiebers and they would like some amaryllises, so I'll bring them some tonight. And then I did finally complete a scene's worth of edits in Black Ice, and the German. Small victories, lots of them, over time. I'm feeling much much better than I was Monday, and even better than I was Tuesday. And I'm slowly working on unfinished projects in between everything else. Right now, cutting out leather bracelets and then figuring out how to attach them. We've got a snap-setter, though I'm also kind of looking at the idea of small buckles. Decisions. And I'll take home the cord for dreamcatchers today, so I can get that done at some time over the week/weekend. And that will get a couple of projects off my hands.

I definitely need to start (back) in on the costuming, though. Like, pronto. Not sure when or how that's going to happen, the first step will be moving the craft table upstairs where it goes and out of the patio. Which, okay. Note to self, self. Move the plants over to the rolling cart, then the craft table can get carried up after the boy's awake. That's not so hard, is it? Then I'll at least have a surface to sew on. So I guess that's something else to consider in this afternoon's check-in.

In the meantime! All right, self. We have shit to do, let's go do it and stop blathering at the poor people on your flist/dwircle.

ETA: Right. Since my brain is both trying to do all of the things and cycle through thoughts faster than I can retain them, the plan for tonight!

1. Move plants the fuck off the card table and onto the rolling table.
2. Get Japanese books into the kitchen.
3. Chop chicken and prep dinner.
4. Do Japanese while keeping an eye on rice and stir fry.
5. Translate Questions while doing the same.
6. Do PoI till the boy rousts himself.
7. Do Haven Herald until the boy leaves for work.
8. Do PoI till about 11:30, at which time it will be time to get ready for bed.

Can we remember this, self? I surely hope so.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Okay, then. Note to self: review the genitive case of Irish things.

It's another one of those days when I keep thinking I should have more things to say, but I don't. Yesterday was productive? I discovered that it takes me about 10 minutes to do line edits on 500 words, which roughly gives me (exaggerating at every step for the Unknown Unknowns) 3 weeks to do Twisted Thread. Which means the aforementioned weasel attack but fuck you, weasels, I have shit to do. And these are definitely weasels, not wargs or direwolves. They're eminently dealable. So, that happened, and I got a good chunk, maybe halfway into the Haven essay that I mean to post on Thursday, and I got a fair bit into Person of Interest 1x03. So that should be drafted in plenty of time too and could it be that I'm actually getting a handle on things? No, surely not.

In an equally but less obviously important category of getting shit done yesterday, actually, I went up to bed early and sat and read a chunk of the first Matthew Swift book. Again. Because goddammit I needed some time to sit and just read a book and rest, and it was glorious. And then I went to sleep early! Still hit the snooze button a few times this morning, but otherwise got up early and did stuff and will be leaving on time and so on and so forth. (Also managed to calculate the time I need to leave to get to the bus station and where in the category of across the street from my drop-off it is. Go me!) I now feel rested and ready to tackle the day, something I haven't felt in ... well, a while, before this weekend anyway. Sunday was also a much needed day of fucking off.

... of course then I go into the kitchen to do a last couple of dishes before I leave for work and get distracted taking stock of and decanting my spices into their use-jars. Come on, self. Today is a week day, which means day job and writing, not domestic goddessing. Wake up now. Let's get going.

(... wait, what's with the missing icons on DW? This have anything to do with last night's crash? Eh, further investigation at work! ... oh, wait, there it is. Never mind.)
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Holy shit, I can string together sentences in German. I think. I'm still really shaky on clauses and whether or not they require infinite commas or not. But on the plus side, this is helping me figure out what I need to review. And restoring my confidence in my ability to speak any damn thing. And my ability to translate my author bio into German! Spanish and French, sure, German, not so much.

And yet, I just strung some fucking sentences together. Fuck. Yeah. I might have to go find some German fanfic. Or some German literature so I can write some German fanfic. Well, drabbles. Something. Fuck yeah four fluent languages.

... hey, I just had a brainstorm on Russian.

Ahem. I also have a headache, so that might be the brainstorm. Or that might just be politicians in Arkansas being jackasses again. Or still. Don't ask, you'll just get the same danger of ragestroking that I have. Instead, let's focus on positive things, like this awesome factory building converted to reduced-rent teacher housing specifically intended to make teacher's lives better. I am all for helping out our teachers. They are a much underappreciated bunch.

Feeling much more like a competent adult today, which might have something to do with the sleep I got. Still a bit tired, which might have something to do with the headache, which definitely has something to do with PMS, but at least ... well, if all I get is a headache and some bloaty soreness after having an extremely irregular cycle due to starting hormonal crap again, I will take it. And hope that that does go through to having almost no PMS symptoms at all. Because that would be so nice. I mean, I know I pretty much won the lottery as far as PMS symptoms go, but it would still be nice to reduce "very little" to "none."

Right. Sadly, I have too much shit to do to sit here yammering. So let's get to it. Not quite shut up and soldier, soldier, but maybe more like... I don't know, what's a good get up and go to work song? One of those.
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This is my family, folks.

I got the Christmas Box from the California aunt today. In it we had:

  • Lavender and Chamomile hand lotion
  • cinnamon tea
  • milk and honey hand lotion that'll give you bees
  • coffee in some sort of purple explosive bag (there was coffee all over everything)
  • a gardenia candle
  • chocolate Channukah gelt
  • chocolate rocks all pretty painted up
  • some kind of pretty socks in black gray and red
  • a purple plastic kaleidoscope
  • chocolate covered orange flavored marzipan sticks
  • a Christmas ornament like you send with your Channukah gelt
  • natural citrus gum drops
  • licorice drops
  • orange drops
  • pomegranate hard candies
  • eucalyptus bath salts
  • a fairly heavy orange wood? heart with a stylized elephant painted on it
  • a pretty scarf
  • a pretty recycled plastic bag with bees on (see, it did give us bees!)
  • blackberry sage bubblebath
  • and some sort of weird acorn thing that is either white chocolate or soap. It smells like soap.

This is an exactly typical package of the type sent by my family on holidays and birthdays. A cacophony of scents and flavors and colors and textures, all gathered up with no apparent pattern to them. Occasionally money will be involved, depending on the relative, but mostly, this is what we give each other for Christmas.

My family, ladies and gentlemen. Gotta love 'em.
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It has now occurred to me that I should start collecting the random copper bits the heating people have been leaving around my house, just to have them around in case I want random steampunk accessories. WHAT. My costuming tendencies amuse me.

So, okay, heating was happening yesterday and inspections are happening today. Whatev. Either way, the radiators are all connected now and we're going to fire up the boiler today in theory, just in time because it's going to get fucking freezing in here Mr. Bigglesworth. Seriously, it was 65 over the weekend? It's less than 40 today and supposedly feels like 30. Of course the highs are supposed to be in the 50s all week, but the lows are down to the 20s, which means at night this house is ... well, probably not actually going to get that cold. But it's not going to have much of a chance to warm up from outside air, either. And our dinky little space heaters are only good for a couple of rooms. Though if this shit keeps up I'll just move my space heater into an upstairs room so I have that and the boy has the other one in the other room and he can sleep. Or something.

No, it probably won't come to that, I think we're firing up the boiler this afternoon. So. Oh god next week it's going to be even colder. Hello, Winter! I'm so glad the heating is finally fucking finished.

Yuletide goes apace, and I think we have blog plans for the next few weeks. Certainly we have several essays planned out, at least one of which might get finished today and then two more hopefully drafted over the next few days, in between Yuletide. If I'm very lucky I might be up to date on Yuletide by Friday! (Not finished. I'm never finished with Yuletide until usually the 26th/27th or so, thanks to defaulters and other people I want to slap with fish. But up to date.)

I might try to transplant my broccoli this weekend, too. It's all getting fairly big for three to a pot. And I should probably harvest some of the herbs that are attempting to turn into little trees. Like the cilantro. I should take a picture of that before I harvest it, there's a bunch of shoots that are all growing pretty normal and one that's just taken off and gone WAHOOO! and is going fucking nuts. Plants. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Literally!

The mists have subsided with the drizzle, so no Avalon for this place, I'll have to come up with some other name. Seriously, a house this grand needs a name, and I'm not sure what it should be. I am not naming it Wayne Manor, either. Some friends of mine called their house Doomsday Manor. Another college friend lives in Mirkwood. I don't know, help? Suggestions? Eyerolling? Anyone?

Ugh, I don't wanna go to work and be a responsible adult today. I want to stay home and curl up with a space heater and my netbook and fuck around with writing and blog shit all day. I'm still boggled at how much the blog has taken off, too. At least we're sort of kind of keeping up with it in that we've got plans to do stuff that's fun for us and, hopefully, fun for our readers too, in the future. That ought to keep us busy for a while.
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Okay, so, German will not appear in this space because I was over at the attorneys' CLOSING ON MY GODDAMN HOUSE. YOU GUYS. THE BOY AND I ARE HOMEOWNERS. FUCKING HOMEOWNERS.

And and and. And then the contractor will start work on the two major things that need work, and the boy and I are going to go over sometime this weekend and mow the goddamn lawn and do some preliminary weeding. (I was freaked out in the middle of last night because dear lord how could I ever think I could do this the FRONT WALK WAS OVERGROWN BY WEEDS. And then I woke up properly and wondered why the fuck I was afraid of weeding. I paid for my first leather jacket with my weeding money.) And if the contractor doesn't need the garage as a staging area we'll start stuffing book boxes in there. And craft supplies and things.

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I am way, way too asleep for more than that paragraph. Slept like crap last night and it seems to be taking its toll. On the plus side, I am not digging into the still somewhat massive bag of peanut M&Ms, but am having a nice healthy small cup of vanilla greek yogurt and some craisins and walnuts. Go me. Can I have my nap yet?

No word from the plumbers today which, given that I'm guessing it's a multi-day job, they might not have started till this morning, and they've got my phone number to call me if there's any problems, I'm taking that as a good sign. Hopefully I'll know more tomorrow or Thursday. I have to say, it's kind of fun to be slowly developing a network of home repair contractors. So far I have a hardwood flooring guy, a plumber (or two, really), and the plumber knows an electrician who can help with the mass of twisty wires all alike in the garage and utility room. I'm actually getting to the point where this is even relevant, too. Which is amazing. It's a really good feeling. I'm going to be spending so much money at Home Depot you guys I cannot even. I will also be writing a nasty letter to Lowes saying "Dude, I have this ginormous project of ginormousness and BECAUSE YOU SUCK AND CAVE TO HATE GROUPS YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY OF MY MONEY. No love, me."

For those of you who have been following my Sasha Roiz crush, I bring you dancing. O Captain my Captain. Oh Sasha. I love you. Come live under my bed. (Actually, don't, it might be cramped under there for you Mr. Tree Man.)

Right. I have Shit To Do. Finishing yogurt and this post, and then working on at least the first chunk of writing down sentences to practice in Japanese because I need to get my ass moving on that. Then checking in. Then Japanese, writing, and packing tonight. This seems like a solid plan of things I can actually get done today. Plus there will be Chinese buffet at that not really new but they renovated it and slapped a new name on it place. That ought to be nice.

Oh, now I'm awake again. And possibly hyper.

Oh. And in the category of there are only 500 people in the world, I just discovered that Maurice Sendak was the uncle of one of my aunts' childhood friends she still keeps in touch with. Suddenly I have a plethora of stories I'm not sure I wanted. Oops.
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I think that's by way of showing me I need to review the rules of Deutsche Konjuntionen.

OKAY. I'm fairly sure I've emailed back and forth with the bank lady about eight times now. Confirming things, correcting things, getting information, sending information. She's nice, but that does nothing to mitigate my readiness for this to be over. Fifteen days and counting!

I managed to actually blurt out a check-in post, and hopefully those problems can be chewed over till solutions present themselves. I have about the brainpower of a stunned cow at the moment, and my eyes are doing the poached egg thing, but I think there will be a nap in my future and then all I have to do tonight is writing and organizing my Japanese review. And I think I'm done mostly with things to turn in for house stuff, at least for the next few days. Until the next week.

I want something sweet. I want an ice cream sandwich. Or an ice cream froggie pop. Some of you might know what I mean, the solid ice cream onnastick sculpted and dyed to look like a cartoon frog? Something like that. I think what I really want is to be twelve again, or seven, before I had to hold all these things in my head and be responsible and do things on time. When the limit of my responsibilities was eating my peas and broccoli and doing my (very easy) homework and not running around the house like a mad thing breaking shit. Which was easy, because I preferred curling up and reading.

No, I'm having fun as an adult. I get to study all the languages ever, I get to hang out and work with my family, which in my case is a good thing. I get to play with craft materials and solve minor puzzles, and I get to write and study languages and I have somehow managed to pull off the house buying coup of the century and get what might very well be my dream house I never knew I could get.

Okay, finally, some details on this dream house. Since it's almost a done thing. It was built in 1856, 1857, and there's supposedly articles and things in the library that I need to go look at. No provenance per se, but historical documents. It's huge. Between 2400 and 2700 square feet, most of the interior is probably original to the 20s, and the exterior brick is, well, original to the mid 19th century, natch. At some point someone took off the original roof and replaced it with a roof that includes an attic you can apparently game in, so says the boy. They neglected to put a drop down ladder, though. Which I guess is the requisite "what were they THINKING?" thing. There is a crack in the pipes somewhere that will necessitate a plumber in, but it's plumbed and wired pretty well for a house that was built both before indoor plumbing and electricity. There is a foyer and maybe two of you ever who have seen Feast of Love will understand why having a foyer makes me giggle. The foyer opens to the left into a room that was probably a bedroom at some point, and probably for a disabled person, because it's got a ground floor shower, toilet, and sink. My guess is someone couldn't manage the stairs. On the right it leads into the living room of ginormous, 34x15 feet or so. With a fireplace. And a mirror above the fireplace. The living room curves around to end connecting to the front hall, and when you go down the hall from the front door to your left and past the front bedroom is the kitchen. It is a fucking huge kitchen. You can put a dining table and four chairs in the kitchen. I know this because previously, someone did. It has two sinks, shelving all over the place, a fuckton of cabinets, and its own door out the side of the house and down a shallow set of steps. Best guess, there used to be a porch out there, you can still kind of see where they cut into the brick. The ceilings are tall. My 6' boyfriend can walk under the foyer chandelier without it hitting his head. In the living room are ALL THE BUILT IN BOOKSHELVES EVER. One set in a L shape along one corner wall, another corner set of shelves in the other corner, and then a hugeass set of bookshelves to the right of the kitchen doorway.

Upstairs! The living room is right underneath the master bedroom. Which means my master bedroom is 34x15 too. Then there's the bathroom, two guest rooms on the opposite side of the house, both with built in shelving and two closets. Basically it goes closet, shelving-ledge-weird little cubbyholes under the shelving, closet. The guest rooms are painted lavender and magenta, that needs to change. And there is a balcony. On which I can stand and wave in a dignified antebellum Southern lady manner to the coaches as they pass.

(Oh who am I kidding, I am neither dignified nor a lady.)

And then there's the attic and then there's a patio off the back, an enclosed glass patio surrounded by deck. And there's a shed, and a garage attached to the house by a utility corridor that must have been a root cellar or something because it's original brick made taller by added woodwork. And there's a small storage loft above the utility room and one up in the garage so we have all the storage space ever, and it's on nearly half an acre so we have room for all the garden ever. And it's white with black decorative shutters and PILLARS. You guys I have PILLARS IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. I HAVE A HOUSE WITH PILLARS. Yes, I'm easily amused, shut up.

It holds a temperature like you wouldn't believe, we have space to expand, the floors are hardwood and spring and you guys I can dance on my floors. Guys, you guys, I can dig out my ballet slippers and dance on my floors. This is a big thing for me. I could hold masques. Labyrinth themed masques because this is a house built back when they DID SHIT LIKE THAT. We had inspectors and contractors in briefly to look, none of the problems that exist now are things we can't afford to fix, and we'll have a month and a bit to fix them before we even move in. For which I am very grateful. And it's sturdy. And apart from one leak which we now found the source of and which should be easy to patch, it's solid. Waterproof. WELL insulated. It is a fucking amazing house guys you guys I can't believe we are pulling this off.

And now I stop babbling at you and go back to doing actual work type things for five minutes before I go home. Oops. But it needs a name. A house this awesome really needs an awesome name.
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For a second there I thought I scrolled past an article that said SOPA and PIPA need your help and I was about to unleash a torrent of fury at someone who was Wrong On The Internet. I think I realized that I'd misread before I realized the futility of that.

I had about an hour, hour and a half of feeling like the only reason anyone gave a damn what I had to anything was because of what I write, the patterns I can extrapolate and spit out, the voices in my head, whichever you like to call it. Then I managed to kick it in the teeth and make it shut the hell up, but it's still an interesting question. Dilemma. Something. At what point does it stop being healthy to hold these patterns separate from yourself and treat them as other people? When you stop being able to function? When you do it at all? (Fuck that.) When you can't tell the difference between yourself and the voices in your head, your Also-Me's, anymore? I don't know. I'm just glad I got that kicked in the teeth.

And then again, it's hard to be depressed when [redacted] calls you up from the other end of the earth about a ginormous weaving yarn order for fucking [redacted]. Obviously I can't say anything about it right now, but let me tell you guys this is fucking exciting. Okay, a couple of you do know because I couldn't resist bouncing privately, but I'm trying not to bounce this all over the internet, as minuscule a detail as this is. I mean, it's probably not going to be something anyone but the family would notice. But I will know. And I will be able to point and squeal and go HI I TOUCHED THAT THAT WAS IN MY HOT LITTLE HANDS AND I SENT IT OUT AND MADE THAT ABLE TO HAPPEN.

So, yeah. No one can harsh my groove over that. I'll be over here, grooving and waiting for the follow up call.

Also, I just did that Google Ads Preferences manager thing? AHAHAHAHAHA Google thinks I'm an 18-24 year old male. Oh Google. You are so very far behind the times.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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This year's New Year's resolution takes place before the turn of the actual secular year. Making more fic recs and leaving more comments, because I always whine when I don't get enough of either.

Tron (mostly Legacy)
oXoA A Yori if she had gone to the new system before Tron: Legacy fic, and a wonderful look at Yori in general. I always was a little sad that she didn't make it into Legacy because of reasons, one assumes, and this is a really well-crafted and poignant look at how she might have changed what happened.

Breakfast I'm a sucker for Sam and Quorra, not necessarily the romance of it but the whole dynamic between them. How close they are after such a short time, both because of their bond with Flynn and on their own merits as people who get along. This story illustrates that bond very, very well.

Baby I'm Cold Inside One of the most touching Audrey-Nathan stories I've seen, and definitely the best executed hypothermia-excuse-for-shippiness story I've seen.

From the Dirt and Five Card Spread. I miss this show, I really do. From The Dirt is a nice brief look at life in the carnival, Five Card Spread is an epilogue centering around Sophie, her relationships with other people. It's really well crafted, the voices are excellent, the detail is sparse but vivid, rather like the show.

Peter Pan
The Art of Becoming The lyrical flow of this is just beautiful. It's a work that uses the balance and tradition of the same actor playing Hook and George Darling and it's very, very well pulled off. If you've ever been a fan of Peter Pan as theatrical as well as book, definitely have a read for yourself.

Harry Potter/Epic Meal Time
Epic Wizarding Experience (Accio calories, hater) I have no idea what Epic Meal Time even is and this story had me laughing so hard I actually snarfed my food. Yeah.

Warehouse 13
And you wouldn't think I'd forget my own gift, would you, but I did. The Thousandth Man, a poignant and touching and beautiful and snuggleable Claudia&Jinks fic, exemplifying everything I love about those two. They are the bestest of BFFs I have seen on TV in a long, long time, and this story captures that. Made even more awesome by the fact that I apparently didn't actually request Claudia&Jinks on my Yuletide letter, but they are still one of the things I love most about the show. And the writer totally went there. Sweet.
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We interrupt Yuletide insanity, profanity, and Jag desperately needing a nap to bring you:

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Mildly irked that I'll be out of access to email while I'm at the doctor's, which goes to show you how rabid I am over Yuletide. Must! Do! All the pinch hits! Still, I'll be home for the giant onslaught of them when the deadline closes and everyone has to scramble to see who didn't make it and what needs to still be written and so on, and I can make my beta's head explode scramble to grab pinch hits then. Plus, by the time this gets posted I'll be able to eat. I'm never that hungry in the mornings except, apparently, on mornings when I'm not allowed to eat anything. Fucking contrary body.

And, yes, this didn't get posted till I got back from the doctor's, so there you are. But I scooped up not one, not two, but ... wait. Now I have to count. Three more pinch hits. Which officially makes me twice as manic as I was last year. I have all of the hyper, there is none left for you. Possibly half of it is Anna's at the moment. Plus the good crack. We are apparently, according to her, bogarting all of the hyper and most of the good crack. Which immediately makes my brain leap to all the fun and most of the good women from the bloody pilot episode of the Highlander TV series, which just goes to show how completely scattered my mind is right now.

And now, on to my contrary body. )

So, yeah. I am well and truly boggled. On the other hand, the doctor's visit and all that confusion therein and thereof did give me the feeling that, if I can peel off these last few layers of excess padding? I will be a fucking awesome superheroine. I have good, solid muscle underneath this. I just have to keep noshing protein and enough calories not to lose muscle mass (which is much easier when you keep track of what you eat, oh yes) and keep being mindful.

We've hit the point of Christmas in retail where everyone's decided that going out to the mall is preferable to praying the gifts will arrive in time, which means that since I work in mail order I have very little to do in the way of work type work. Which is fine! Because I have six pinch hits, which is up from the 3 I had this morning and down from the .. 10 or so? 9? I've slurped up overall. Why yes, I am sort of like a crazy person. In the sense of half literal and half hyperbolic, I have no doubt I'm going to pay fort his manic writing fit with brain cells later on, but I will enjoy the hell out of it while it lasts. I've planned about as well as I can for it, so it won't throw me that far off. I think. I hope.

Oh. And while I'm at it, while everyone else is being irked at LJ, I'm on DW too. I'm kittydesade over there too, I'm kittydesade just about everywhere I have an online presence. But I'm not everywhere online, so, you know, don't go assuming that a kittydesade is me. ;) If anyone needs a DW invite, I have MANY LOTS.
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Gaeilge )

And then not-victory was mine, or at least, something. I managed to be late on one credit card payment due to paying all the bills at once, at my desk, written out, which, okay, happens. But they're also calling where I used to live. Which I don't get, because I called and reset all the phone numbers on my account today, and checked and the rep said that phone number wasn't on the account. So I have no idea what's going on. Hopefully resetting the phone numbers will manage it. And that bill finally got paid, and everything's cool and fixed. So, kind of victory. Yay responsible adulthood?

I hate worrying about money, but I'm not worrying about paying all my bills at least. Computer's almost paid off, I'm definitely getting money for Christmas so depending on how much money either the whole credit card bill will get paid off or my computer will get paid off and I'll have a button of money in savings and my credit card will get paid off over the course of the year. And someday I'll get into the habit of paying my balance every month as it happens. Not this year. At least it's not as bad as it could be, 99% of it is dentist bills or con stuff. A good chunk of which is due to be refunded soon, too. Bleh, finances.

On the plus side! I finished Nano, finished one of my Yuletide stories, about half of another, and stand ready to frenzy all over the pinch hit list as soon as that happens. The second chunk of the Supernatural story is done, I just need to go over it and hopefully I haven't made too many egregious errors, that can get posted sometime later today. I still have a couple more scenes in Nano to do before I hit the actual end in the story, I'll probably work some on that and then put it away, but at least the deadline isn't looming. And, um. Darcy/Loki. I had something else I was working on and now I can't remember what it was. God, and at some point I need to tackle/beat up the Lucien fic and post that, just because, but also because it needs polished.

Quidam! It made the perfect victory celebration ever, it was fucking amazing, it was beautiful, there was an amazing scarf dancer 50 feet off the ground held by nothing more than two lengths of silk wrapped around her limbs. The acrobats were amazing, they did a three person stack and then a tiny tiny woman held above that. The CLOWNS. The clowns were awesome and hilarious and awesome. The juggler was amazing, terrific body expression as well as juggling and contact juggling and. And kind of cute, too. ;) And there were hoop acrobats and it was amazing and wonderful and I cried, I'm not too proud to admit it. A. Maz. Ing. And next week at the same place there will be TSO and lights and fire and wonderful music and more crying.

So, yes. It was a very good weekend. Hopefully that makes an auspicious start for the week. I hope I hope.
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Deutsch )

I have absolutely no idea why I'm suddenly hyper. I got to work, did work, was pretty calm and normal and then suddenly I'm all FUCK YOU BRAINWEASELS I MAY NEED TO LOSE THE LAST BIT OF WEIGHT BUT I CAN DO 25 PUSH-UPS AFTER TWO WEEKS OFF. With a minimum of remembering exercise and crap-all attention paid to eating habits. Granted, that does mean I have to pick up my good eating habits again, but since I found good eating habits I don't mind, that's not very hard at all. And and exercise. And I can do 25 push-ups in five minutes, and I can still run my sorry ass around the park, and. Superhero training for the win, seriously.

Still no wireless for my netbook, which means tags will continue to be slow, which, argh. Just plain argh. It's not even that crazy at work, or, heh, it wasn't before today. Today's a bit hectic, but it won't be all day. And I could get caught up on tags. If I had my netbook on the wireless. But no. Bitch bitch moan.

My eyes are still doing that weird poached egg not enough sleep thing, but my energy level is where it should be. Slightly weird. Most importantly, a day and a half after Dragon*Con I think it's safe to say I have escaped the Con Crud at this point, which makes two years in a row I have escaped Dragon*Con without Con Crud. I'm getting better about doing this in such a way that I don't sock my immune system! Mainly I'm getting better about eating reasonably healthy food and at regular intervals, getting enough sleep, and abusing the hand sanitizer, which I'm pretty sure solves most of the problems. Because cons just encourage not doing the first two and bring everyone in contact with everyone else's germs, which is where the hand sanitizer comes in. And once those weapons have been deployed it would take a sturdy bug indeed to get through the defenses. ... Hm. Still a bit punchy.

Right. I can't catch upon tags, but I can catch up on the fuckton of writing I have to do that hasn't gotten done in far too long, what with everything. And check in, though that might not happen till after I get the shipping out. Mmm. One or the other. Maybe check in while I'm still running on stupid amounts of energy.
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Русский язык )

Pictures of the Beast/Bastard/Thing )

I made a new icon. Now you too can enjoy the hilarity of David Warner and the banana.

So, yeah, that's my new guitar up there. Well, new to me, which is what matters. I have an amp I can use for a bit, and a cord, and now all I need is a strap and a new set of strings, probably a backup set of strings for both guitars, and a set of noise canceling headphones. In reverse order of importance, because it's strung and I have the cord and everything, but not annoying everyone requires headphones.

Dragon*Con is bearing down on me like, well. Like a dragon. I'm quietly freaking out about just about everything. Whether I'll look good in my costumes, whether my costumes will look good, whether I'll be able to walk around for a few hours in my Silk Spectre stripper boots, whether Bruce Boxleitner will even notice me in black spandex and 30 ft of blue EL wire, whether he'll cancel at the last minute, will I survive the gauntlet of hours and hours running around maybe or maybe not getting enough to eat, etc. And most of these are semi-foolish worries, but still. Fortunately I've done this often enough to know that most of these are also customary worries, and to be able to smack them upside the head and go leave me alone, brainweasels. Fuck off.

I do, however, need to get my bangs trimmed before Dragon*Con. Because they are of the long and the past couple of times I've been the one trimming them, and I haven't yet mastered the art of trimming them consistently in a straight line. Sometimes I can. Other times, not so much.

Right. REALLY going to get monofilament thread today. Or if I can't find that, at least a couple charms to dangle from my hairpins. Because they are awesome and deserve danglies. Also, because my guitar picks will need something else.
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日本語 )

Русский язык )

I would like you all to know that I successfully did not write nous sommes or s'il vous plait or anything like that up there, because I managed to toggle the language switch appropriately, even if not always the first time. I consider this a great achievement because half the time I was translating into French. For some unknown reason. And then when I was typing up the French I was thinking in Spanish and god knows what the hell is going on in my head. My brain, how does it work.

Better this morning than yesterday, though! I stayed up long enough to see [personal profile] lireavue get home, then slept in through my usual morning writing and running. Did the rest of my exercises though, so nyah. Fuck you, sleepy impulses, I will be awesome. I managed four sets of six push-ups today, which, considering I thought I would be up to four sets of five a couple days ago, is damn quick. Of course, now my shoulder is tight in some weird way. But! I did notice a thing the other day and this morning. When I shake paint bottles, mustard bottles, dressing bottles, whichever, my upper arm used to jiggle 'cause of not actually having much other than bone and fat and a thin layer of muscle? It don't jiggle no more. Because I am in fucking superhero training and I have muscles now. It's the little things, seriously.

No Exploding Head last night. Thank god. Some weird dreams I can't remember anymore that involved my grandparents, including my thirteen-years-passed grandmother (only she wasn't dead in the dream so it wasn't nearly as creepy as it sounds) for some reason. And my old walking route between school and home. But no Exploding Head.

I still need to check in for the week, yesterday it didn't so much happen because there were gig jitters to discuss and I was exhausted, but need to check in. And then need to figure out how I'm going to cram an entire chapter of Russian into two weeks. I forsee weekend study sessions. And possibly typing up all the rules in one night so I can just read over, copy, and paste into a journal entry, because that's a week's morning's worth of typing right there.

And now, I'm off to see an Elf Lord about a guitar!
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I'm being run from the inside by a drill sergeant in my head. Forced to do crunches and push-ups and god knows what else on the weekend. Apparently it's for my own good, so I'll look awesome in my Tron costume. Personally, I think it's revenge for making all my characters suffer through my writing.

I'm still not sure what to do about said Tron costume. I think I may just resign myself to an hour of prep or so, with the boy's help; I'll ask him about that when he gets up. Because the more I think about it, the more sewing it to the unitard is the best solution, and there's no way I can do that and not have it take for freaking ever. The other thing I might do, though, is I might undo the back seam, since it sews down the midline of the body, and put in a zipper. Since I'm only using one long piece of 30ft lightwire, to put it on and take it off again I unhook it from the battery pack, undo my zipper, peel it off carefully, put it away carefully, and then I'm just in my under-unitard. ... That might actually work. Holy shit, I might actually be able to do that. Okay then. That cuts my prep-time by a hell of a lot.

Ahem. Anyway. That can happen in a few hours, it's my weekend, I'm damn well relaxing for a little while longer. And watching more Leverage. For those of you who are following along, I've finished Season 1 and Eliot is my new best friend. I've suddenly developed an appreciation for Christian Kane I never had before, and he is far, far hotter in motion than he is in still photos. Just one of those things, some guys are like that. But now I want to run my fingers through his hair. Mm.

(Which is actually also good for my motivations of practicing guitar! Bonus.)

Ooogh. Stuff, things. My thighs are all twitchy from exercise now, gleep. But I am, in fact, awesome. I have black zippers of various lengths floating around my craft room and I ordered white shorts based on what my actual size is and not what my ideal size is, which means they fit and I don't feel terrible in them. Which means I can dye them next weekend. I'd do it today except I don't want to rush around doing ALL the costume things, so, Tron costume is enough. Faye Valentine, IF I decide to go as her this year (seriously, I have Cheetara, Silk Spectre, Tron, and Abby Sciuto assembled, this is getting ridiculous), will be an extra special bonus.

Oof. And at some point later tonight there may be spinning, but I'm not going to put that in as something I have to do today. Just a thought. Mm, so. Today, sewing zipper onto costume. Then stitching on lightwire, hopefully. Making dinner and starting spaghetti sauce. And fucking around. I can do this. This is easy.
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*passes out again*


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