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Wednesday Reads
So, I, um. May have spent the bulk of the weekend and the first couple of days mainlining the Kenzie-Gennaro novels. Dennis Lehane, I read... five? The first five of them, A Drink Before The War, Darkness Take My Hand, Sacred, Gone Baby Gone, Prayers for Rain. I'd actually never read these before! I've read Dennis Lehane before, I really enjoyed Shutter Island, but somehow I'd never gotten around to these. Being a mystery aficionado, of course, I devoured them. They were very tasty. And as I mentioned, of course I fell in love with the psychopath.

Still chugging away at Bobby Graves, the silly old man. I really need to read The Book of the Courtiers next, and apart from that I have no idea what I'll do for my Joie reading. I'm sure I've got a novel or three around here somewhere that I haven't gotten around to. I've got a shitton of Oz books, maybe I'll re-read those.

Up to the top of page 42, today's Russian was considerably harder than before because a lot of it was long words I don't at all know. Mostly involving furniture. Though there was some recognition after the fact of cognates/related words to other languages not English. Seriously, muebles, meubles (you have no idea how often I fuck up the spelling of BOTH French and Spanish), and then мебели. Learning languages is so much easier when you have one or two under your belt already, and even more so when they're at all related. Go go Indo-European languages!

Which reminds me that I really need to get back to my Latin, too.

Home, writing, possibly some blogging but more probably some staring zoned out at the TV and attempting to write and stuffing my face with the Chinese food I couldn't order yesterday because they, like me, had fucked off for home and the hell with the day's business, life and limb were more important. As well they should! Only that the boy suggested I order Chinese yesterday before he went to bed and the roads went even more to shit, and I spent the whole day craving crab rangoon. And I'm still craving it.

Maybe if we're all very lucky it'll warm the fuck up a bit and we can have a few days of respite from the hellish cold. Because if we get Polar Vortex 3: The Vortexing I am burrowing under all my blankets and you can't make me come out till Portland. Fucking brr, y'all.
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Gaeilge )

Well, my physical went well, everything within normal parameters except the bloodwork hasn't come back yet. Prescription filed for a three-month patch, so, fuckit, we'll try this whole three months on one week off or something, thing. Considering I had massively light cycles on the regular monthly patch anyway and this makes everything much much cheaper, unless it has horrible side effects I should be okay. (Also it's been out for, what, five years now? I feel that's long enough to dip a toe in the water.)

Anyway. And then this morning was a whole thing with Russian and pronouncing and everyone involved got a headache. But then I remembered we had Pronunciator and all was well again. At that rate we might even work on Arabic, although god knows what kind of fluency we'll get in which dialects. That ought to be fun.

Speaking of fun, the fuck is this net neutrality shit. Because of course people have a choice in their ISP with the anti-monopoly laws hamstrung and lots of counties, let alone states, with only one real ISP in the area oh wait they don't.

Um. What else. I re-read All That Glitters and now I want to write more for it. Despite not having seen Once Upon A Time since before the first season finale. All I know is that the Charmings are trying to give the Summerses a run for their money for who has the most fucked up family tree. And there's also the problem of if/when Belle gets out, and Rumple/Gold is still in love with her. And then the problem of, well, I have twenty other things to do that aren't that.

Sigh. I suppose I'd better get doing some of those things. Starting with Russian.
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Started midway down page 15, made it all the way to page 16! And I think I figured out how to say I call shenanigans in Russian (обозвать фиглярство?). Maybe. Either that or I smashed two words together and called it macaroni. The second word seems a more likely translation than the first.

А потом до меня дошло is apparently "and then it hit me", too, which is something I'm going to think of/use a lot. Note to self.

Ahem. So, I did buy some fabric for blazers today and now REALLY DONE SPENDING MONEY GODDAMMIT. I just need to start leaving my wallet at home. In a lock-box. No, I think apart from needing to keep an eye on my ordering out I'm done, but. Rrrgh. Which means I need to stay away from those daily t-shirt sites or at least exercise better willpower, and not order out. I can do that.

Breathing is still an issue, albeit not so much of one that I'm constantly sucking on the albuterol; I've only used my inhaler once in the morning and this makes twice. I can't tell if this is due to the increased cardio this morning or the cold weather or the cold, or some combination of all three. Starting, I guess, with maybe taking cold meds tonight so that I sleep better and doing five minutes or so less cardio tomorrow morning. Which is about one song. Hopefully that will mean easier breathing. On the plus side, whatever I pulled on my left back shoulder muscle seems to have unpulled itself with stretches this morning! I am very pleased with that because that was also making breathing an issue, more in the sense that I couldn't always get in a good position to breathe without it hurting.

I'm broken. Send help. Or robot parts.

I have plans for this evening. They involve cutting out shirts and watching TV and doing very little else of consequence. Okay, cutting up and freezing the rest of the chicken. And maybe putting stuff away in the craft room. I really don't know how to take a break, do I? Okay, I have plans for the evening that involve spending a good chunk of the evening sitting on the floor with a netbook, a pile of fabric, and some scissors and taking my sweet time about things, how's that? Still need to clear out some costume project boxes, though, so I have space for my personal projects. Woe. Bleh.

German is not yet read, so if anyone wants to smack me in three and a half hours to do it that would be acceptable. has been read. Smackings no longer required! I'm slowly getting better about remembering on my own, too! Woo!

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Русский язык )

Doing somewhat better than this morning, at least. Hopefully the internet won't keep crapping out on me tonight while I'm trying to get some writing done. Which isn't so much the writing itself, I can do that out of the cloud, it's tabbing through research sites along with it. And, you know, I'd like to be able to procrastinate my writing with tumblr and pick up my pixel pets at midnight. What. Whaaaaat.

I was going to try to get this week's Gods and Monsters finished early. That didn't so much happen on account of tripping up on some emotional issues my protagonist had not informed me about ahead of time. I swear, you live with a character for years, you think you know everything about her, and then she goes and surprises you. Rude! Still, it should go out on time (and hopefully my Editrix won't kill me) and I should even have Person of Interest out on time and still not have too much to do that isn't chewing on Grimm for the next several days. Because fucking Grimm and its fucking historically linked metaplots and argh. Did I mention argh? Because argh. Complexities.

Which, okay, tonight's schedule, get home, weed front walk a bit. Get in, cook chicken maybe halfway, bake potatoes, cover chicken, let dinner sit till the boy wakes up, do Person of Interest between now and then. After Person of Interest, finish Gods and Monsters. Freak right out till Grimm. Once Grimm airs, freak right out till energy is exhausted and then sleep. And then spend all tomorrow editing G&M until I get home at which point it's all the chewing on Grimm all the time. Because season finales of shows with myth arcs are always full of myth arc.

I've retooled my exercise routine and got four new plants for my garden, which means tomorrow is seriously check-in time. Fortunately I don't think anything major is happening this weekend, which might make this weekend attempt to get ahead on some writing time. Also gardening. Because GARDEN. I now have gone from only picking six plants and freaking out that I would kill everything I touched to having well-growing: oregano of two? varieties, rosemary, basil, bell peppers of three colors (well, one color may have gotten killed by cats, but we'll see), onions all over the place, amaryllises, jade, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, alumroot, lambsear, echinacea, and four o'clocks. ... is that everything? I think that's everything. And parsley. No, that really is everything. And this weekend there will be uprooting all the shit from the raised beds out in the back by the patio, because most of the things that were going to bloom have bloomed, I have no idea what the shit half of that stuff is, I don't care anymore, I want it all out so I can plant MY things. And. And and. GARDEN. AUGH. I need a garden icon. Till then, Rutger Hauer has a pigeon on his head.

Also, someone tell me that just because High Valyrian (I think) has eight cases and four numbers and god knows what the fuck all else (four genders, I think?) that does not mean I need to go around creating a conlang. It is not inspirational, it is headache inducing. Stoppit, Jag. Stop that this instant.

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Русский яызк, и другие языки )

So, um. Yeah. This is happening, with more questions and things as I get them to come to mind. And more languages as I get time.

I used to translate at a free clinic for prenatal/post-partum checkups. Well-baby appointments, etc. Since this was a free clinic for low/no income people, there's really no PC way to say this, we ended up getting a lot of Spanish speakers who had no English. Which is fine; my grandmother volunteered as a translator, and I did too. I didn't have much medical Spanish but I did sit at the front desk, take appointments, etc. When everything went down yesterday, apart from fantasies of putting on an Iron Man suit and flying people to hospitals, doing analysis on the remains and flying off to kick ass, etc. (Such are my coping mechanisms.) I also thought, well. If this happened, assuming I didn't freak out completely, I could be of use. I speak four non-English languages well enough to get through some basics. I could be of use. And I imagined going to some triage station, going "Hi, I speak Spanish, German, French, and Russian, do you need me to translate?" And, you know, failing that, I have full use of my limbs and can fetch and carry, but.

Such are my coping mechanisms. I can do this thing that not a lot of people can do? FINE. Put me to use. Please.

Anyway. So for the next few days I'm going to be pulling out all my old skills out and brushing them off and applying them to the other languages I've since learned. I've actually been meaning to do that anyway since part of my backup plan involves translating at gov't offices, which will essentially be the same hundred or so lines over and over, with the occasional random person who comes over and has something completely out of left field. Which is why I'm doing the larger practice, too. But having this dictionary of phrases will be good. It's something I can do, anyway.

So tired. All of my LJ comments for the last I don't know how long seem to have gone into my spam folder, thanks, yahoomail. Still haven't heard from my friend in Boston, pondering shooting him a DM to see. I doubt he was in that mess. I hope he wasn't in that mess. (C, heard anything from zombie_dog?) I'm just really, really tired now. And I have too much shit to do and I don't want to do any of it. And I'm going to be on my own this weekend 'cause the boy's going home for the weekend and. Meh. Just, meh.

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Gaeilge )

No, yeah, still giddy over the fact that I made a web page in freaking Russian. And German. But mostly the Russian. It was hard, it was a pain in the ass, but it was a fun pain in the ass and I did it. Especially since some of the hard was finding equivalents for specfic terms in Russian. I forgot about that and what a pain in the ass it's likely to be. I mean, I'm very familiar with English (obviously) and even Spanish, and I can probably play around with words to get them to mean other things, but Russian? Fucking forget it. At least for now. But yeah, my website has a Russian and German language mirror index page. I did that. And soon, it will have at least several pages mirrored in other languages.

... which, crap, reminds me that if I'm going to translate my short stories, I should make spaces to put those in links on the stories themselves. ... This is gonna get really complicated.

The Haven Herald blog post turned out to be way meatier than I ever expected; if I'd realized it was going to be that detailed I would have started on it way way sooner. But, it's up. It exists. Now all I have to do is Person of Interest tonight and tomorrow and I think from here on out it's pretty much, PoI and Grimm per week until Grimm goes off, and then Haven and PoI per week. Holy damn, I didn't realize we were down that far. I think I like this much better than endless essays on top of recaplyses! And I suppose if we ever find ourselves lacking for material, we can do cancelled shows.

Right. Ahem, anyway, statement of intent for today: Line edits, at least one scene in, and mirror index pages in Spanish and French as well as picking things to translate for Russian and German practice, and pulling quotes for a Behind the Scenes at Murderboarding. Tonight, Person of Interest, however deep towards the end of it I/we get and then finishing that tomorrow morning. Fortunately it's not really a metaplot heavy episode so it shouldn't take too long. Christ, how the hell did it get to be Friday again? Not that I'm complaining, really. I could use a weekend.

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Deutsch )

Well, that's most of the stuff done for the morning, and, what, essays and line edits all afternoon? I don't even remember where the hell I was on line edits. I was going to look that up but thaaaat never actually happened. Oops.

... wait, gen Durincest? This is a thing? How could you even tell? I mean, okay, if there's in-line references to the incest part without it being explicit, maybe, but Fili and Kili (and, in the movie, Thorin) are so close and tied together anyway, how is gen Durincest any different from Durin family shenanigans?

Ahem. No, that's not a slag against Durincest, I'm just genuinely bemused because a lot of the stuff I've been enjoying has been labeled as Durincest even though I read/interpret it as awww lookit the adorable brothers. I'm actually a bit squicked by Durincest, so I don't go looking for the explicitly incestuous stuff. But now, gen Durincest? uh. huh.


I seem to have hit the point where I really just need to start reading in Spanish, French, and German both to expand my vocabulary and to keep up my fluency. Spanish and French are fairly, yeah, I've known that for a while, but I'm trying to figure out when the fuck that happened with German. Really? Seriously? And if I had a simultaneous text for Russian I'd be doing that, but as it is, no, I just need to get back to translating things into Russian. Fairy tales and the like. Possibly, very possibly also translating some basic phrases like you'd find in a phrase book into Russian and then come spring, practicing by going up to the grocery and poking them. Or something. But now I'm back to, how the fuck did this happen. Four languages manageable, five struggling. We're not touching Japanese but if you dumped me in the middle of Tokyo I would probably survive even if no one spoke fluent English. Of course, one of my first things would be to ask for a dictionary. But.

We're not touching Irish mostly because I just started that, goddammit, and if I was abruptly conversant in Irish I'd start examining myself for unauthorized cyberware. Plus this book I started working off of, while good for the grammar points clearly outlined, is not so much with the exercises to embed it in my thinkmeats. Which is why I got the other book.

Anyway. Oogh. I do have a couple dual-language side-by-side books... ooh, I even have one here at work. So I might as well start on those. French and German, and, ooh, hey, there's a couple Russian ones I could buy too. I might have to do that. And Spanish, well. I just need to get off my dumb ass and start reading my Allende. Really.
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Deutsch )

I will soon be done with Chapter 11 in my German book, which is Kapitel Elf. My current Tolkien re-obsession will be sad, because that was terribly funny.

But, there. Redid yesterday's exercises once more with feeling, did an exercise for today. That's my act of virtue for the day, that must mean I don't have to put away the laundry or clean up the office or anything else for the rest of today, right? Right? No? Okay, no. At least there remains the possibility that the office will be easy to pick up and then I can spend the rest of the day doing laundry to the dulcet tones of either Jekyll or Person of Interest. Picking up that show for Murderboarding was one of the best decisions ever. And while I'm thinking of things I should do, actually, tossing a bunch of the trash into the garage to wait for the appointed massive trash pickup time should go in on that list. So, getting home, cleaning trash out of living room, doing Japanese, then cleaning office. Dinner is leftovers, so no worries there. And after the office maybe tackle the ginormous piles of clean and dirty laundry and get my clothes the fuck upstairs and into my dresser which is actually in my bedroom. Because we actually have all our damn furniture which means the house needs to stop looking like a disaster area any time now.

Also I think a broom and dustpan needs to permanently be stationed in the upstairs hallway because good christ it's a freaking ladybug invasion up there. I turn my back for five freaking minutes and fifty ladybugs are scattered all over the floor again. I mind those a lot less than the ants which attempted to take over my kitchen, but goddamn. This is not an insect sanctuary. Get the fuck out of my house. Go live in my garden, I hear that's good for everyone.

(Not that I have a garden yet, but MINOR DETAILS.)

Somehow this morning I managed to get into a brief discussion of how why the fuck is English the only language anyone in the discussion spoke where "to like" is a thing? Because all the other languages we speak either prefer the "X pleases Person" construction or have an entirely other construction. Like Irish. Which apparently goes "X is good with Person," except Irish is a verb-first language (which is WTF all on its own) so that it's more like "Is good with Person X." And then Japanese is "Person (which I am talking about) X (which is the thing in question) good/favored is." As best as I can translate. Japanese is weird because of particles and the way sentences are constructed anyway, and I'm not actually sure of the language family history there, but I'm sure it makes sense in greater linguistic context! And, okay, yes, Irish also has the phrase "X pleases Person" but why is English the odd language out? Freaking languages how do they work. Come to that, I wonder which is more commonly used in Russian, which has both, Person likes X or X pleases Person. I'm just so curious!

Yes, these are the things that occupy my brain while I'm packing boxes/stocking shelves/labeling things. Subject-Verb-Predicate/Subject-Predicate-Verb/Verb-Subject-Predicate ... what IS Irish, anyway? Wiki says it's Verb Subject Object (close enough) language, and apparently that's different from most of the Indo-European languages. It's certainly different from all the ones I know! So, what the hell, Gaelige? Anyway, yes, these are things I think about. I have geeky tastes. Shaddup.

And, you know, this is why I shouldn't be allowed to go through every Tolkien book I can find to cobble together a working knowledge of Khuzdul, Quenya, Sindarin, or any of the other damn conlangs. Seriously. I have other shit to do. Like clean house. And watch Person of Interest. And write. And blog. And soon, edit.

I just want to know what freaking battle cry that was Thorin was shouting at Azanulbizar. Dammit.
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Русский язык )

I may have finally caught up on the lost sleep from Tuesday night. I didn't actually go to bed until 1.30 (In winter I usually go to bed at 11.) because as I was going to bed they announced Obama's win, so I was all "oh thank god maybe I can sleep now." And then I found the Huffington Post's real-time-ish updates on the four marriage equality votes and spent the next two and a half hours mashing the refresh button to find out how they had fared. And it looks like we have four more states for marriage equality! I bought chocolate for my friend at the Chocolate Fetish yesterday.

And I wanted to go to bed early last night. But no. We went out and looked at appliances, and found a place that will give us a 24 month no interest payment plan if we buy our mattress from them too, which, eh, we were in the market for one anyway, so! And hopefully this one will last the full 25 years, I think it's guaranteed for that, anyway. Plus we found relatively inexpensive dishwasher and washer/dryer, and probably relatively inexpensive stove. Mom and Aunt are helping on some of that, and we still have a fair chunk of change left over from the down payment that we were saving for this, so. Actually, looking at the numbers we should just be squeaking by. Appliances we definitely wanted to get new, anyway, furniture can come slowly and over time. Bonus points if we leave a bit over to pay down over time and/or if we manage to get some cost knocked off.

And in a couple of weeks the major work should be done so we can get them actually delivered. Holy crap. Appliances and things delivered to the house, a washer and dryer in my home so I can do laundry whenever I need to. After four years of apartment living that's becoming precious again.

Utterly randomly I wonder if I should get a nice Moleskin or something and write down these side-by-side translations from English to Russian. If I handwrite them it might embed itself deeper into my brain. If I can get them into the same level of my skull as that quote from Dark Knight Rises that would be fantastic, because that quote will not go away and will not stop being in Bane's voice. Stupid movies ruining perfectly good speech patterns.

Right. And on the way home, stopping to measure the appliances for the umpteenth time because I don't know what the hell happened to the notebook with the measurements in it. Probably it got its pages pulled to feed a sphinx. Measuring that, looking at the hot water heater, checking in on what work's been done, watering plants, then home and doing all the goddamn Nano catch up ever, as well as working some on Yuletide. I've been on my own at work so it's been a bit awkward in terms of finding time to do anything, although it's also been eerily quiet. This that and the other. I miss writing. And... well, writing. BUT. I don't have anything else to do tonight. SO there. Also gratuitous Haven icon is gratuitous only not quite because NOW NATHAN AND DUKE CAN GET MARRIED. (Okay, yes, gratuitous shipping is fairly gratuitous only I totally now want to write the fic where they eventually go to the courthouse to get married because they both have family shit they don't want to fall into untrusted hands, and maybe a year or three later they kind of realize they kind of get jealous of each other and quietly sneak out and buy rings and NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT because Nathan gets surly if they do. Because he still hates Duke. Really. Promise.)
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Deutsch )

Yep! Subjunctive still sucks hate. I suspect I will have this argument every damn time I come across it in any language. Prepositions suck hate too but at least I can practice them with relative ease. La souris est sous la table. Le chat est sur la chaise. El ratón es (de)bajo de la mesa. El gato es encima de la silla. Der Maus ist unter den Tisch. I could do this all day in many languages but I should actually do the damn German exercises.

This is possibly my favorite and, in my opinion, the badassest response to Mourdock's dumbshit quote of the week. Basically saying that you do not know God's will and saying that you do in order to interfere with a decision that is none of your business is arrogant at best and sacreligious at possible worst. If you don't know about Mourdock's dumbshit quote I can give you a precis in comments, but I'm pretty sure everyone's sick of that one by now, too. I will say, reading some of that article and some of other people's responses to it gave me a perspective on the quote that I hadn't considered before. Which did not lead me to think he's any less of a jackass, but some things I hadn't considered.

I've come to the conclusion that when I say 'things and stuff' what I really mean is the stuff needs to stop happening so I can do my things. Spent the better part of this morning trying to be at least two people at once and get both people's task lists done. You can guess how well that worked. Still, it's quieted down some, and it wasn't as busy as it could have been so I managed maybe to be one and a half people at once? Maybe. Took care of contacting everyone about house and inspections and things, so that's done. I got my conclusion up on the latest Haven essay, so that can go up. Preferably early enough for people not to confuse it with the episode analysis/recap. And then this evening there will be errands and TV shows and I actually feel like I have some modicum of control over my life! That never happens! Or at least it hasn't happened lately, with everything that I have to do. And, you know, I still have a pile of unfinished stories, but once I'm home I can tackle that, in between packing. Work's been ludicrous enough that I don't actually expect to be able to get any writing done here. The second I turn my back something will come up, I swear.
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Gaeilge )

I think that's right. I'm not sure. I might take my Irish books to work and work on that instead of Russian today. Oi.

Couldn't decide between practicing all the verb conjugation ever and just keeping on with grammar points. Went with verb conjugation because in my opinion that was not well explained. Thankfully I now have TWO grammar books, ah-ha! I feel like I should write one giant comprehensive textbook for review. I might actually do that, only in a series of composition notebooks more than anything else. Stupid small-pool languages.

In some ways, when I look at how these books talk about Irish dialects, I wonder if this isn't so much a matter of being mutually incomprehensible as a matter of course, but a matter of being mutually incomprehensible to outsiders. Which gives me hope that with a strong linguistic background and a good grounding in Standard Irish grammar I can understand someone with a dialect if they speak slowly.

Shadowrun last night went well except for the part where we're (the party) totally fucked. But it was fun hanging out with people again, that hasn't happened in a while on account of being buried in house shit. And Pixie and Boudicca and I might be going and doing a girly spa thing. My first ever! And not normally something I would do but after this I want to be fucking pampered, you guys. I need to start a round of emails and see what everyone's schedule is. ... Fuck. When did I become logistics girl? Goddammit!

Yes, I joined a new dragcave like thingie. Fortunately this one doesn't kill the eggs if you don't hatch them in a specific time. Unfortunately this one requires clicks and not just views, so please click! Or they'll keep popping up and I'll keep annoying you with them.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Gaeilge )

Well that was a little more exciting than I wanted. Last night the skies opened up and we didn't get just rain that time, we got d20 sized hail. And a power outage while I was trying to do my check-in post. So, that was fun! Then I got a couple episodes of Caprica where I wanted to punch a whole lot of people in the face for being stupid.

But, you know, then I got Sasha Roiz being tall and suave and dark and dangerous, and I got a tweet from Jackie Earle Haley, and I got the last major chunk of a story I've been beating my head against for the past week finished, so that was more literal fun instead of sarcastic fun.

Caprica is pissing me off now. Mostly in the sense that it's making me want to learn Ancient Greek. I already have enough goddamn languages floating around in here! I do not need to add Ancient Fucking Greek! Hell, I already have been kind of brushing up on the Latin I used to know just out of watching Grimm, I really, really do not need to learn Ancient Greek. I mean, thinking about it... okay, how many languages am I up to? English, Spanish, French. German, Japanese, Russian. Irish. Arabic. Latin, if I decide to start refreshing. I've already lost count, that's ... seven speaking, eight reading. We're not counting Arabic yet because that is going to go very, very slowly, but still. And now there's Latin and Ancient Greek on the list and my head is going to explode.

(On the entertaining side, I'm getting much much better at being able to toggle through languages that I'm more fluent in, more cleanly and quickly. Memrise is really helping with that.)

Work work work. I have all the incoming today, so there's going to be no writing of meaty stuff at work, but at least I can knock some of the miscellaneous stuff off while I'm at it. Plus a couple of things I meant to do yesterday and couldn't because the power went out. And there's always these short (for me) New Year's Resolution fics in Caprica and Sucker Punch I could finish that have been languishing in process for about a week and a month, respectively. Should be a fun, if busy, day. And most of the Maryland packing that can be done has been done, yay! And I finished weaving! And I almost finished another afghan square! These are going way faster than I thought. Soon I will be INVINCIBLE! Or at least have a blanket. Which is like invincibility.
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Русский язык )

It's really funny to translate from the Russian to the English and see how many words the English translation added. And how much context got packed into the Russian.

Argh bank. The good thing is, I was super-efficient about my workout and my shower and everything else today. The bad thing is, that's a long-ass complicated sentence so being super-efficient still didn't help with the getting Russian done. For that sentence I probably needed the absolute full hour. And not to go off babbling on a context-unpacking spree in chat oops.

Still and nonetheless, it is still easier to understand the damn language. This makes me incredibly happy you guys you have no idea. And for those of you just joining us, yes, I am this weird. I learn languages for fun, because the way words fit together fascinates me (also why I write) and because it amuses me to be able to talk to ALL THE PEOPLE EVER. And play with other languages. Words are my sandbox! I want to collect all of them and fling them around in the air and make new castles and ... um.

Yeah, I'm just gonna go to the bank and stop cackling at you guys.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Русский язык )

Fuck it, I'm starting the Watch books. I didn't get a chance to do Russian on Tuesday because of fuckmuppetry, I'm doing the Watch books to make up for it.

... And now that I've done the first sentence holy shit it is so much easier. Oh my god you guys, the only thing I needed was a damn dictionary. And the rest of it just happened. Holy shit I can read Russian. Give me some writing practice and I can write Russian and you guys I am so excited about this I can't even tell you. This is fucking awesome.

Ahem. So, yeah, I'm a language dork, what of it?

I think at this point I really, really need to make some time (HAH) in my schedule, maybe an hour or two on weekend evenings, to write rosetta drabbles. Maybe not 100 words in every language particularly since translating the spirit of the thing to 100 words would take a whole lot more than an hour, but translating 100 word drabbles into other languages. Or short stories. I could slowly translate some of my short stories, come to think of it. Yeah, I can make that a project. Into French, Spanish, and Russian, and that way I maintain all of those and don't completely fuck myself over by just replacing one language with another. Although it'd be harder to lose my Spanish now that I'm actually using it regularly. Fluent in four languages. What the fuck. Conversant in, um. Three others. Yeah, fear my linguistic might.

And at this point I really, really... need to get organized, partly, because I can't remember what I was going to say. There's probably a lot of things I could do but until Old Hotness becomes a more definite thing, probably best just to concentrate on knitting and writing. I need to finish the stupid armwarmers and get those off needles, and I need to do the red earflaps and then that'll be entirely finished. And then I can start filling my hope chest. Because for all that I'm woman who embodies all kinds of non-traditionally-womanly virtues like suitably timed aggressiveness, strength of purpose, sense of self and independence and saying 'fuck' a lot, I am filling a fucking hope chest. Because it's a hilariawesome idea. And useful.

And tomorrow there will be bank stuff, and all the house stuff is collected in one binder so I have that already done and don't have to worry about it. And I think that's it for outside-my-routine obligations for the rest of the week. Apart from, you know, work stuff. Which happens.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Deutsch )

Flist! Droll! "Comme j'ai dit" auf deutsch, ist Als ich habe gesagen oder Wie ich... ? Parece que no puedo hablar o pensar solamente en un idioma... o en el idioma correcto. Auf Deutsch! ich kann nicht sprechen oder denken? auf richtig Sprache Ich kann nicht in der richtigen Sprache reden oder denken. По-русски, я не могу говорить или думать ... я не знаю.

And if you can read all of that you're about as crazy as I am.

BRUCE. BRUCE IS COMING BACK TO DRAGON*CON. BRUUUUUUUUCE! Which, you know, as early as it is this assumes he stays on the rolls till then, but still and nonetheless. There is a Bruce on the guest list1 This makes me happy in a big way. And I think I'm almost done with the next chapter of Juke Joint Jezebel, which would be nice because I'm not at all happy with the way this chapter's shaping up. Either I'm losing my touch or it's not as bad as I think it is, and I can't tell which argh. This is why betas exist, folks. This is so why betas exist, among so many other reasons.

Blah Blah Megaupload (NYTimes) blah blah shut down blah blah piracy charges blah blah bitchcakes. "Investigators said there was no connection between arrests in their two-year investigation and the political firestorm that erupted this week over a pending vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act." Their pants have been on fire for so long that they are no longer pants but merely a thin layer of ash covering their naughty bits. I have all the Carol Kane pointing for them. All of it. The only other thing I can think of is that Anonymous is going to be cranky. I think. I could be wrong. Actually from what I got of a brief Google of Megaupload some music executives might be unhappy too.

Me, I'm going to curl up with my writing and this other much more happy headline 30 year fixed rate mortgage rates falling to a new low and grumble and chew on imaginary people's livers. Well, real people, imaginary livers.
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Right. A day and a half off languages and the internet and I feel somewhat better. Or at least, less inclined to tear into everyone.

Did the first two hours of Arabic today. It's starting to look like actual words and sounds with meaning rather than squiggles! It's also definitely something to do in two, maybe three at most, hour chunks over the weekend rather than the way I do the rest of my languages, in hour long chunks every day over the week. There is so much history and so much attached to it, plus the differences between Modern Standard Arabic and dialects. Which means eventually when I've figured out the alphabet and writing system (yes, I'm starting slow, this sounds incredibly slow when you look at the face of it but if you have context you'll understand why) I may need to pick a dialect to work on as well as the grammar of MSA. We'll see. It'll probably depend on what I have to work with.

Today, for recording and accountability, I wrote out baa', taa', and thaa'. First by themselves and with vowels, then as a few words that I had in a book. And they looked like words and I was very chuffed. And then I went looking around for more learning resources online and that's when I got incredibly intimidated and my brain got overstuffed. (For those who want to see my crappy tiny handwriting my practice is here, here, and here.)

I guess the rest of the day will be spent alternating between knitting and writing. Possibly with bits of language study in between, I could use some reviewing of the Irish I just learned at the very least, and my Japanese handwriting can always use practice, and copying over my lessons will reinforce them. Plus there are corrections yet to be made, I think.

Cold and tired. I'm not sure why I still feel so tired only that it's been a hell of a week, and I just got through jamming two hours of Arabic into my already fairly full head. Maybe no more intensive language study today, just repetition and copying. Maybe if I really feel a need to be a rampant polyglot I'll do it tomorrow. We were supposed to go look at houses tomorrow but our realty lady can't, so it'll be next weekend when the boy has some consecutive days off. And still so very tired.

I think for the immediate future it'll just be pick one thing up and do it and put it down, as I think of it. Right now it feels like I don't have the strength to do much more than crawl along this path I've made for myself. Too many damn things in my way. And I know I can do them, it's just. Ugh. No energy. One thing at a time.
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Deutsch )

Every once in a while I still wonder if there's something wrong with me for trying to learn five languages at once. I mean, okay, yes. One is a language I've studied before, and I'm going over it to refresh and renew my knowledge. One is a language I've actually completed the textbook on and I'm going over it to maintain and support the knowledge. Two I'm learning for the first time, and I don't expect to get it all done anytime quickly. And then the fifth one is just the alphabet, and yet still. When I think about it as something within my sphere of the world, it makes sense. When I step outside of my sphere and look at it from the outside all I can think is FIVE LANGUAGES IN ONE HEAD? SE.. EIGHT LANGUAGES IN ONE HEAD? NO ONE CAN LIVE AT THAT SPEED.

I should start translating some of my fanfiction into other languages though. To maintain the ones I already have, like Spanish and French and so on. Maybe German, for practice, although that would have to be some very short translations. Maybe Japanese, likewise. Actually maybe Japanese would just be best with dialogue. Something to ponder. I might also have to make a list/index of grammar points just to have it nearby so I can tell where a thing is if I'm translating into the language and need to look something up.

Oof. No, yeah, I definitely feel better, more ready to face the day. Which is good, means I can clear off this pile of shipping to do and then start probably both cleaning off my desk and writing. At some point some form of organization should happen, I have too much crap to do and not enough brain cells to do it with. And I need to flesh out my publishing schedule ARGH. Argh argh. Too. Much. Shit. To do. Which may mean it's time for another organizational post. Packing first.

That was quick. Meanwhile one of my brainsisters has been braining and apparently decided that the songs we've been composing require the assistance of a whammy bar on my guitar and a wah wah pedal. Or something. House first. Then musical equipment again.
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Gaeilge )

Learning Irish would be so much easier if half the pronunciation sites with whole words weren't either blocked to my country of origin or didn't have people who needed to have marbles shoved in their mouth. Just saying. Enunciation is not a bad word, folks, even if it's just enunciation of the syllables/letters you actually say. Neither is clarity of audio. Thank god, apparently, for Clannad. And Solas. And all the other people who sing clearly, have clear audio, and lyrics so I can match up the sounds to the words.

I am incredibly hyper today. I do not know why. I've been spamming people with this, which is kind of terrifying when you're just waking up and still sleepy. Maybe I just got terrified into being incredibly hyper and awake. Or annoyed into it with the whole Irish finding mp3 files dilemma. Or. Something. I had a brief tangent into wanting to learn Scots Gaelic, which tangented into a discussion of learning Cornish and Manx and Welsh and all the languages of the Isles, but then there's the problem of a) source material, b) pronunciation, c) similiarity, and d) I don't think my brain's that stretchy. Plus there's also Czech, Arabic Standard, Hindi, and ... lots of others. Mandarin, if I can ever find a teacher.

I can definitely tell it's winter, Murdock will not leave my lap. Mikey will not leave my feet when I'm in bed. THe cats have hit full on but Mommy it's COLD outside mode and with all the purring it's incredibly hard to get anything done. Ah well. Here goes nothing, I guess? Oh, and for the curious (all, what, two, three of you?) I passed my Music Theory final with an 82, mostly due to taking it at 11pm. Now if I retain and understand any of that it'll be a fucking miracle, but next up, applying it to the guitar. Also, I can has gig bag. Now I just need a strap that won't cut into my shoulders.
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Love meme! (Technically my thread therein, but love meme nonetheless.) Go forth and tell people you love them.

I still keep thinking about explaining the eleventh hour of the eleventh day to my veteran boyfriend. Of nine years, no less, so I would think he would have noticed me muttering about this before. But eventually this keeps leading to thinking about how he wants to eventually go work for the VA. And stuff. I think it'd be good. I doubt I'd make a very good soldier. I have asthma, and I'm not terribly good with authority figures I don't respect, the latter being more likely to be a problem than the former. I'm not good with respecting the uniform regardless of whether or not I respect the person. But I was raised to have respect for soldiers. Even if I don't agree with the war, which is most of the time, these days. I was raised to believe that I should vote, be informed on the issues and candidates on the ballot, participate in the community and donate time or money where possible, and respect and value the people who give of themselves to serve our country. Today, that's soldiers especially. Other days that might be teachers, policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, administrators, researchers... Anyway, that's how I was raised.

Less weighty matters. Today was absolutely quiet at work. I got a little bit of filing done, less than I thought I probably should on account of, um, getting distracted by writing a fair bit. I should stop that, only I said I would do 11,111 words today and I have a Reputation To Uphold (tm). Also I already went way past 1,111 words. But the good news is, if I can get a little under 1k more written in my Nanowrimo today, which it looks like I'll very much be able to do, I'll be at the halfway point four days early. Which is good! Maybe I can get even further over the weekend and then not have to do any Nanoing over the mail order sale.

This weekend is going to be demented. Until tomorrow afternoon it's cleaning all the things, and then tomorrow afternoon it's making all the characters, and then Sunday it's taking all the drive and going to the used bookstore and buying all the used books. Chief on my list will be an Irish damn dictionary. And after that probably something along the lines of an Irish language textbook, or we'll see what other language books are there (Hindi and Arabic-probably-Standard are next), and, well, we'll see. At this point I also have to wonder what I'm going to do when I hit nine languages. Is it nine? I have to count how many languages I know, how sad is that. Yes, nine. I think at nine I stop doing three languages at once and start doing massive language maintenance and maybe learning one other language as a hobby.

Yes, I study and learn to speak languages for fun. Stop looking at me like that. It's fun for me anyway.

Well, and we'll see what else there is to see over the weekend when we get to it. I've got four writing projects currently, meaning to add a fifth if Yuletide ever gets going, and even if one of them is about to close I'll still have four writing projects, an apartment to clean, meals to pre-cook, knitting to do, dances to dance, web pages to laboriously code, my wife to murder, and Guildor to frame for it. I'm swamped. But not a fire swamp. Just an ordinary swamp.

I'mma gonna go home and watch Princess Bride now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Gaelige )


(Hey, look who remembered vocabulary from 9th grade biology.)

Hey, flist, speaking of Irish and my increasing need to review pronunciation when I hit the three chapter review (which will be soon at least), is there an Irish dub of The Boondock Saints? Because I feel like there really should be. Or would that be blasphemy and/or stupid Americanitis? And either which way, I feel a need to at least attempt to translate the movie into Irish now. Or, not now, but once I'm done going through this book and whatever other grammar books I can lay my hands on. Oh look the BBC has Irish language TV programs. Om nom nom.

No, seriously, I am a total dork who studies languages for fun and squees over finding TV programs in oh god is there Irish language Sesame Street? Because there should be.

Ahem. Right. Oof, okay, Big Bang people emailed, now I just actually need to finish up HBB and my outline for Nanonovel and survive a day at work. Install Dropbox and Spotify at work, which should be easy and will give me access to all the music ever. And, no, surprisingly I think that's it. I guess I'll give it until tomorrow and then start shredding Pretender Sidhe, which reminds me, I should separate that into a second draft for shredding. Delete all the outline crap, and then everyone can mark it all up and edit it and I'll have the first draft copy in case I want to go back and put something in. Um. Things and stuff.

Still a bit tired but actually feeling much, much better than I did on Friday. It's really impressive how fragile and snappy I was on Friday. Now I feel pretty much better, I've had a good weekend of rest, the apartment is cleaner, the food is decanted, the dishes are largely done. The boy's doing better. I haven't gotten sick yet. I got a pile of writing done yesterday and a pile of cleaning and fucked off entirely on Saturday. Slow steps. I wouldn't say I'm better even though I feel worlds better, it still won't take much of a hit to knock me down again. But I'm going to keep going. Shoulder to the boulder and pithy sayings like that, because I like who I am a lot better when I'm being an apprentice courtesan and a superhero in training than when I'm just sort of meandering along. Even if part of being an apprentice courtesan and a well-trained superhero is knowing when to rest. Rest break's coming to a finish.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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