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Imagine your own complaining about the weather here, because I can't come up with anything new right now. The cold makes me sleepy, which makes it harder than usual to motivate myself to exercise, that's my main complaint right now. That and the bad eating habits. Which. Oh god. The boy bought Girl Scout cookies. I am never stepping on the scale again and no one will ever see me in the pretty dresses I just bought. She said, mostly for dramatic flailing and whining.

That said, I'm actually really pleased with my exercise habits over the last week. Not so much my food habits, self, you know better than that. You don't have to be constantly out of tasty sweet snacks if you stop scarfing them down because you feel surly at the weather or any other thing.

Okay, what else. I've started on a Fringe rewatch because I never actually made it to the season finale the last time, mostly because I kept forgetting when it went off for hiatus and when it came back. I figure now that I have all the seasons on DVD or Blu-Ray that'll shape up a bit. Also I'm on a serious John Noble kick. I have no idea why, I just enjoy his frothy madness. Lots of Fringe ought to provide lots of frothy madness! Also apparently a transparent Mark Valley, I'd forgotten that part of the pilot. Not the cow, though! I missed you Gene. And the acid. And allll the drugs Walter Bishop is on. Oh Walter. You are such a whackadoo. Not so much in the inherent sanity department, going by his various less-traumatized alternates, but in the utter lack of anything resembling a normal person's moral compass in favor of OH HEY THIS IS INTERESTING SCIENCE LET'S DO THIS. Whackadoo. His moral compass points to east of the sun and west of the moon.

Okay stuff, things. I got maybe a quarter of the writing I wanted to do yesterday done, owing to getting out of work late, getting interrupted by dinner delivery (but I had my crab rangoon!) and generally being laid upon by the boyfriend. So, getting some writing and editing done today, and I think Deli Counter edits will be finished up this weekend. I still haven't pulled the leather out of the craft room yet. Probably for next week. And. Stuff, things. Maybe start off with some blog entries if I can't get writing soonish.

I am so much more awake now that I've had a decent night's sleep and some time to warm the fuck up. This is so much better. It's almost February at least. We'e almost out of this.
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Sometimes I really want to throttle some people. I mean, how can you constantly keep either fucking up or pinning your hopes on something that fucks up that often? And then whine and cry and need bailing out or hand-holding and oh my god, if things keep fucking up like that, move the hell on. Or try and figure out what you're doing wrong and bloody fix it. Doesn't it strike you as pathetic to keep singing that same old song? Throttling. Comma, all of the. Because I'm really, really getting tired of hearing it and really wondering how long this can go on before someone gets sick of all that shit.

There. I feel better now.

Heh, I was talking to one of the employees I know at the Chocolate Store of Awesome across the street, yesterday. This employee happens to be very blatantly/camp-ly gay, or at least I assume he's gay, he wears a tasteful, small pink pride button and we chat some about recent events in marriage equality, etc. Well, apparently last week when Mitt Romney shut down most of downtown so he could rant ramble offend people speak, after the speech was over the chocolate shop was slammed with people. And yet every time he went up and asked if he could help someone, they all ignored him. Didn't want to be served by a [insert slur here]. SIGH, PEOPLE. SIGH.

I have no idea what happened in the debate last night to cause Romney to cough up a 'binders full of women' comment. No, I didn't watch it, I'm still trying to avoid national politics till the election's over. And yet, the statement out of context is so blatantly ludicrous and strange that I can see why it became an internet Thing. I wonder if it's that ludicrous and strange IN context.

So, yesterday I somehow managed to get my ass organized enough not only to send out a care package with all its crap in it, but also to get the last of the plants repotted and get some writing done in addition to all the work crap. I even somehow managed to burn a half a dozen CDs or so of music, on the right kind of CD this time, to bring to work. Because I'm getting sick of the same 20 or so CDs that are out there. At some point I really should invest in a second spindle of CD-Rs, and/or a decent CD burning program, but today is not that day. Tomorrow probably won't be that day, either. I even managed to get half a blog post and a good chunk of two other stories finished, too! Wonders will never cease. Today's task: keep up that productivity, plus line edits, and email the damn contractor. Actually, since you're sitting at the computer, Jag, why don't you do that now? Good Jag. See, you can remember things.

I think my New Year's Resolution for this coming year (pagan year, not the secular year, 'cause of sooner start) is to reply to every comment that I get on an AO3 fic, not just the ones I get on Yuletide. For some reason I managed to get it into my head that if I replied to them my comment count would go up artificially and therefore it would be bad. Except I don't even look at my comment count (or my AO3 stats, for that matter), anymore, so why should that matter? And I keep getting hammered with the fact that it's rude not to reply, so, come on, self. Reply to your comments. Starting new year ish, though, because otherwise I'll have a 200 some odd comment backlog and people will probably be very confused to get a reply to a comment they left years ago. There is one comment I want to reply to, because they pointed out some things in a story that I should fix, but ugh I have no idea when I'll get to that.

I have to ask, when the hell did it get to be Wednesday already? Where is my time going? Why is it not still the beginning of October? What the fuck is going on? Raarr. Okay, though, enough rambling, I have work I need to get done and a fuckton of stories I should be finishing. Come on, writers, let's get writing. Hey, that should be an icon. Where's a picture of a guy in a suit and sunglasses at a typewriter.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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And then all the verb review ever. And Memrise finally shaped the hell up and gave me my multiple choice things instead of just the word to be translated and a blank screen I couldn't select anything on. Fucker.

Gods, I'm tired. Saturday was all the analysis ever, after being up far too late the night before watching Haven and Grimm and having much head explodie over plot happenings. And then Saturday we also, just as things were supposed to be winding down and we were loading the car to go AND I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN THIS ELECTION IS OVER. Ahem. Interrupted by campaigning phone calls, yay. We were loading the car to go over when the cats started hissing at the patio door. Again. Oh look! It's a cat face. So I signed and told the boy he might as well go out and get it, and then he had to enlist my help, and I wandered around the building playing Marco Polo with the cat (seriously, this is my method of finding stray cats who belly up to humans, I meow at them until they meow back and tell me where they are) and eventually we found the poor thing under the bush in front of our house. Just the eyes reflected in the flashlight visible.

And she let me pick her up, and we'd already found a twisted up screen in front of our neighbor's apartment, so it was a pretty safe bet she'd fallen from one of the upper stories (the TOP story, as it turned out) so I was careful, really careful pulling her out from under the bush. Thankfully, she didn't seem to be hurt. But then we spent almost the next 24 hours looking around for her kitty parents, waiting for them to call after I left a note on the door "You may be missing a window screen and a cat. Please call.", and playing with her in the kitty quarantine room, AKA the bathroom, every time she meowed. Which was often. Okay, not every time, we did shuffle a couple loads of things over to the house and did some front yard weeding until it looked like it was going to rain, plus getting plants. Then I came home, did some picking up and some more putting things into boxes, and FINALLY last night the people came home from their weekend vacation and called. They were understandably somewhat freaked out, and I let them hang enough to get a description of the cat to make sure it WAS their cat, which it was, and then I told them I had the poor thing and they walked around and got her. So, happy endings for all. But oi, that was not what I needed out of this weekend.

At any rate. Today after work we go over to the house to repot/plant the broccoli, romaine, and herbs and things. Which is probably all we're going to get to do before we hit the dollar theatre for a movie and a well-deserved relaxing night. I'm sure something else is going on as well, but damned if I can think of what it might be. House repairs continue, oh. I need to do that draw specialist thing. Contact her for that. Oh, and self? It would probably help not to pack the autographs binder until you've sent out the ones that are for someone else. Just saying. Oi, my brain is so scattered it's a wonder I'm getting anything done today.
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And just when I think I shouldn't add anything more to my to-write list, I get Eric is Roddy the Reinigen's real father. Why, brain? I have enough to do, why must you taunt me like this?

Ah well. I survived yesterday, went home early because there wasn't anything for me to do. With the roads all blocked off shipping ended about four hours early, and the storefront was deader than disco, and I went home to take notes on Haven stuff for other blog posts, backlog and so on. And that worked out pretty well.

The apartment is still a disaster area, but I think this weekend will be spent either analyzing or cleaning and packing. I've hit the point where half the shit that's lying around is little fiddly unpacked things that aren't easy to categorize and don't go in any particular box, which is half the reason the apartment looks like crap. (The other half is because Murdock has managed to worm himself again and decided to play in his own poo to boot. Or something.) So, get that all picked up and done, and then Sunday will be spent hauling boxes to and from the house and that will get that out of the way and maybe I can have a decent apartment again. The other reason the apartment looks like crap is because when the house hunting started, there was so much uncertainty over when we would be moving and whether or not we would even be moving this year, that my motivation to do more than basic household tasks dropped to about nil. So at least I know how that happened. Only now it all built up and ugh.

Ah well. If I'm very lucky we'll have Total Recall tonight, get back just in time to see Grimm, have head explodie over that and then see Haven. And prep all the prepping for tomorrow's episode analysis. And somewhere in there I have to draft up the next chapter of J3 before that slips back down under the radar again. Weird thing of the day, too: Apparently my tumblr posts of links to our analysis got the attention of an official actor's tumblr from Haven. Bunker now.
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Ugh. Half my Irish is missing. It was just verb copy anyway, and I think I figured it out, but still. We'll see if it's still up on my computer when I get home, though, I think I left that window open. If not, what the hell, typing it up again could help seal it in my memory. I think I got it, though. I think.

Something entertaining and terrifying happened over the weekend! [personal profile] lireavue and I did our analyses on Murderboarding of the new Haven and Grimm episodes, as usual, and then because we were up late the night before and analyzing all day and somewhat punchy, we ... well, actually, no. We've been following the Creepy Twins, Vince and Dave, on their Haven twitter accounts (in-character, yes) for shits and giggles, and at some point I tweeted Vince about how "well, if you want answers, we're investigating." And he/whoever's running the in-character account tweeted BACK with something about our our investigations were impressive and they looked forward to the report. So that said, we tweeted them (along with everyone else under the sun, because see: punchy) with the analysis report on the Haven episode after they posted this week's 'Haven Herald' saying that this week's Trouble was swine flu. "Swine flu? really? Our report says otherwise" I tweeted at him. So Vince tweets BACK with "Fascinating report, [twitterhandle], but all our sources say it was swine flu. [link to Murderboarding]" At which point we then get more than double our previous record high of hits on Sunday. This after...

So, okay, we were trundling along with a daily average, and then on Friday I posted an analysis of Juliette and Nick's relationship (Grimm, this time, not Haven) because another site, a jewelry site I think, was posting a blog entry on the engagement ring and there was going to be nepotism involved. For shits and giggles, and because I'd gotten two replies from Bitsie already, I tweeted her a link to the entry. Then she retweeted it with 'very cool' attached and suddenly our hits that day were over three times our daily average. Holy shit! Yay spike! And that was Friday or so, and then Saturday we spiked slightly, too, and at the end of the day we posted our analyses and, for shits and giggles, tweeted everyone relevant we could think of. See above for how we sent it to 'Vince' and 'Dave', I have no idea who's running those twitter accounts. And then on Sunday Vince passes on the link and then Dave retweets that tweet and suddenly we're up to... almost nine times our previous daily average. And now we have to recalculate the average, because who knows how many of these people will turn into regular readers. Or whether or not this will happen again nest weekend.

So, yeah. Um. We seem to have inadvertently gotten the attention of actors and Someones from two shows we really enjoy. Go us? We'll be in our bunker. Hiding.

House shit! We got the koi pond pretty much weeded, half the surrounding shit cleared off of it. Including chopping down most of a cottonwood tree. At least I think that's the answer to the "what the fuck is that" question, cottonwood hibiscus. It's got the right sort of elephant ear leaves and looks like the right trunk. At some point if anyone wants to play identify that plant I can pass around pictures. It's down now, because lighting fires directly under trees with big leafy leaves didn't seem like a good idea, and the koi pond is going to be the fire pit. Weeded the koi pond of all the I don't know what that was growing in it, pulled out the sticker bushes and most of the pokeweed and a couple other things I'm not sure what they were. I think one of them was trying to be an oak. And we managed to pull out the mudmat, which had dried up and cracked all to hell, as well as a ceramic plate, half a round ceramic tile, a lot of rocks, a glove or two, several plastic bags, and half a bone from something. We also found spiders, salamanders, worms, wooly worms, and probably other things I missed while the boy was hauling around things. Now, hopefully, we can get that filled in with mulch and be done with it till we fill it in with sand and cover it with rocks for the fire pit.

It's been a long, full weekend. And I'm tired, and after doing all that yardwork my legs feel oddly like a Siegebarst hit them, but my back and arms are fine. And my brain is tired, and I need a nap, but what I'm going to get is an attempt to organize my shit because that really needs to happen post-haste. Also languages. Because Irish verbs are still giving me fits and there's no conjugation book.
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Holy god that was terrible Irish. That's going to require several hours of studying. Ow.

Still have poached egg eyes. I think Murdock's not used to me waking up later and he keeps trying to walk all over me and wake me up when I usually get up. Which is anywhere between half an hour and an hour before when I WANT to get up. Fucking cat. It's still dark out, let me sleep.

My brain is a strange, strange place sometimes. I'm just saying. (And now all of you are saying sometimes?)

I have Queen stuck in my head. There are worse things, I suppose, but I still have Queen stuck in my head. It's like living out of the Bentley. And I have writing I want to get done today and very little brain to do it with already. And I really, really am tired of my eyes feeling all hot and runny. Maybe if I'm very, very lucky I can get caught up on sleep this weekend? I have the sneaking suspicion things are going to be like this for a while. At least the next several weeks. And at least this has an end date, though! A more solid one than the last time.

Oh, hey. Something else to make me feel like crap. Todd Akin says Cut for weakly frothing rage, which, the lead in should tell you all you need to know. )

I can't even muster a good rage for that, but god I want to throttle him. And the article I got that quote from, that wasn't even the bad part. Ugh. I think I gotta go write something. Preferably something involving brutal beatings or assassination. Where's my Human Target fanfic.
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Oh, hey, look who's back! Sort of. Let's start this chapter of Irish from the top, shall we, or at least from the start of the Gramadach because it's been so damn long since I've done any consistent language practice that I don't remember where the hell I was.

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So, [personal profile] lireavue probably already linked you guys to it, but we're still cracking away at Murderboarding, where we analyze Grimm's metaplot and Captain Renard (because we find Nick boring, okay?) down to the tiniest little shreds. I am so not kidding. Down to the background photographs, the items on desks, nuances of the multiple languages spoken in the show, travel times, background footage, discrepancies in time differences, everything. Which side of his belt Renard clips his badge on. These have all come under discussion. There's also a few side tangent posts wherein we lay out the reasons we think there's an imminent Grail Quest. Hey, it amuses us, anyways.

Back on the tenterhooks (and I still don't know what tenterhooks are) and waiting for the clear to close and the close date and everything, though according to everyone so far there's no more appraisals, inspections, clearances, provisos, permissions, or signed letters to get. We've got the down payment, we're pretty well set for everything. Just. Waiting on the close date.

And then construction, and then moving. Or, actually, starting to move boxes over the second we close, because I don't need all of these books in boxes just yet, I can wait a month, month and a half to put them on shelves. And there's a pile of knicknacks. My crafting stuff can sit for a bit, especially my Dragon*Con costume stuff. Etc. Moving that stuff while people run around laying pipe and attaching radiators and painting things and replacing the bathroom ceiling. Buying appliances. And at least a bed, if not other furniture too. Craigslist is my friend, especially with the kind of budget and list I have. And the Habitat ReStore and so on and so forth. Estate sales!

So, hopefully, it'll go off without further hitches. I'm actually vaguely getting excited about this again!

And in the meantime. In the meantime I work on dragging my dumb ass back into routines, because I seriously need to get back into my old habits. The good ones, that is.
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Oh god too tired to translate the rest of this tonight. I can't believe it's almost fucking Dragon*Con. There will be so much prepping of costumes and things this weekend. And the mail order sale was last week and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of it, because all the damn backorders and. Ugh. Just want a goddamn vacation. Which Dragon*Con kind of is, but still. After that I'm going to want a vacation from my vacation.

Peace out, y'all.
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Hey, look what I forgot to post the other day oops. Actually I've been falling down on languages a lot this week. Stupid mail order sale. Stupid exhaustion.

New plan: Thursday nights are me time, and I'm not going to game. The last two games we've supposedly had we spent the entire night shooting the shit and not actually getting any gaming done. Hell with that. I mean, I understand that there's going to be some social time, but I am neither impressed nor amused by planning to do one thing and then fucking off and not doing it two evenings in a row.

Still exhausted. Really really exhausted, in half of yesterday I ran around about as much as I had the day previous. Today's not going to be much better unless I get everything done at the start of the day and then nothing much shows up to do. Which, given that it's Friday, there's normally a 50/50 chance of it being hectic to the point of exhaustion. Given the sale I'd up that to about 80/20 in favor of exhaustion. On the plus side, it is Friday, which means I can come home and fall over till I feel like getting up and doing something.

And in today's Grimm appreciation post, we have rings for everyone! I love that the show pays enough attention to detail that every member of the family we see has the ring. We can't see what the signet or symbol or whatever is, so we don't know if it's the same, but they have one. It makes me squee a little. Okay, more than a little.

I should learn not to post these things until after I get to work and the aunt has a chance to babble at me. So, this morning's fun story about my family was a road trip the grandparents (I think, or friends of theirs) took from France to Spain through the Pyrenees. And they were driving along and came across a circus that was slowly making its way through the back roads. And since they were back roads and this was back before everyone and their cousin with a chin had the car everyone was a bit startled and there was some brouhaha, and in the course of all this an elephant sat on the hood of the car. Not damaging it significantly, but putting a sizable dent in the hood. Well, they got that straightened out and everyone went along and a little later down the road they came across a motorist who'd had an accident, who was by the side of the road with a wrecked bike. So they gave him a lift to the next town, small Spanish town, and they took him to the police station to report it and the police gave the guy a lift to the hospital and then the police started to interrogate the grandparents/family friends (I think it was my grandparents but now I've forgotten the proper antecedent). Because they had this damaged motorist and a big dent in the front of their car. And sure they'd picked up the motorist but he was at the hospital by this point and couldn't back that up. And when asked about the dent all they could say, truthfully, was "An elephant sat on the car."

So, that happened to my family. My family has some truly wacky adventures.
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Oy veh. Yes, I'm just now starting my Irish at work. That's how rushed this day has been. And I still need to review verbs and conjugations. I am so glad I pre-cooked every damn thing I could find in the house so I can just go home, stick something in the microwave, and collapse. Or in this case collapse and then stick something in the microwave on account of I have Grimm tonight, pretty late, and after I watch it I am not going to be going to sleep very soon.

Tomorrow, if I don't pass out from exhaustion anytime soon, I need to get back in the habit of taking weekly CS stock. Again. Stupid damn house buying process. I can't believe it took twice as long as it was supposed to. (And, no, it's not over yet, but it's the final stretch so I feel relatively comfortable saying that in the past tense.)

Oh. And I need to go get fruit pops tonight because the boy ate all of them. Three. In one day. I had maybe two out of each box at most. Bastard.

I feel like I should be more talky. Mostly I'm just exhausted. Day 1 of the mail order sale down, 5 to go. And then the Monday of Hell. Weekend backlog plus whatever came down Friday that didn't go out, all of it going out on Monday. Maybe I should just go in Sunday and do an hour or two of stuffing shit in boxes to make it easier on me. Something to ponder. In the meantime, I go home, grab fruit pops, and pass out for couple of hours so when Grimm explodes my mind I have an extra hour or so to put it back together.
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I'm learning Irish.

I'm learning Irish.


Shut up. I just hit my first verb conjugation and it's amusing the everliving crap outta me. This is what I do with my life when I'm not freaking out about responsible adult shit, I learn languages and giggle over being able to say "I am cold" in seven different ones. Literally, I can... lessee. Okay, no, let's get dressed and get ready for work and stop translating everything into every language I know. Come on, Jag.

(I mean, there's probably an element in here of, god, at least there's something I'm making progress on and can do right. But I've always had fun with languages.)

Right. Heading to work, there should be more stuff for more backorders coming in today, and there might be packing for Maryland Sheep and Wool. I need to check in, finish the Subversive Mummies which is now more like Subversive Necromancers and which ... I'd say it took a turn for the dark last night but it's always been kind of dark. It was just depressingly confirmingly dark. Or something. I'm just excited I figured that part out. And I can always sit in front and work on my afghan squares, I suppose. Fucking selling banks taking forever annoying the good humor out of me. Where's my nailbat.
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日本語 )

Русский язык )

I feel like I should have something constructive, productive, or incendiary to say about the Occupy protests. And the fact that the police seem to have turned on them, are no longer treating the protesters with politeness. That veterans are being dragged off for peaceful protests, that the media refuses to cover it in a way that favors anything but the status quo, that the Republican/Conservative/Corporate opposition (because it's a little of each) is becoming more strident and more hysterical in their opposition to the Occupy protests with every passing day. I feel like I should be turning myself into some kind of firebrand, but I don't have the energy. I don't have the hope. I don't have the illusion that the kinds of equalities that happen in other countries can't happen here because This Is America, Goddammit. Yes, it can happen. Yes, the police can be and has been bought, before if not now. No, it's not probable that people will be black bagged but yes, it can happen here. And has happened.

Yes, there can be tremendous inequality in this country, and there is. Yes, people can have no clean water (and there are plans to deny people clean water in Alabama), no adequate health care (Mississippi), education with outdated materials and inadequate facilities that would be featured in any brochure about Haiti or some African countries or so on (California, Texas, all over the damn place). Yes, we can have so-called third-world problems here because here in America, in the so-called first world, we have increasingly large pockets of third-world lifestyles. People with not enough food, clean water, health care, protection from the elements, people simply with not enough. Yes, we can be and are being fucked over by the establishment. This is America. We have Establishment here too, and there is class warfare going on. It's Scorched Earth warfare, and the rich are winning. So no, I don't have any hope to deal with politics or protests or carry a banner or wave a flag. Maybe I should, but I don't. I did that six months ago with the Wisconsin bullshit, and only a handful of people gave a damn then.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the shit that's going on and I'm tired of going out of my way to fight it. Maybe at some point I'll find my giveadamn again.

I'm knitting a Jayne hat? I installed my Blu-Ray internal drive all by myself. I've gotten to the new episodes of Haven, or, well, not the new ones, but the ones I haven't seen yet. I managed to make a decent cream of tomato soup. I'm eating healthy, not too much candy, lots of exercise. I'm slowly getting faster on the guitar, working on chords and fingering. Things aren't all bad even on a macro scale, I'm just having a hard time seeing the general good right now, so I'm going to see the personal good, if you don't mind. I'm getting my Big Bang written. I'm doing my job. I'm learning languages! It's not all bad.
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Short Irish lesson today, and a lesson in ordering from Ticketmaster, too: Chrome doesn't work. On the plus side, Quidam tickets ordered! Music Theory class signed up for! Now I just need to shuffle things around in the living room so getting out my damn guitar to practice isn't such a chore. Practicing is already a chore with endless scales, I don't need to wrestle with getting my guitar out, too. That'll probably happen tonight, though. Boy is out with a work thing and that means I get the house to myself to pick up and organize and get my head straight. Phone calls and mailing bills can happen when I get to work. As can outlining the rest of my Nano. Which I have no plot for. And a whole pile of crap in my backbrain, apparently.

Slowly getting organized. I keep forgetting how difficult it is to get organized after I get back from Dragon*Con. Although this year I'm doing better than last year, when I, um forgot to pay the rent 'cause I was out of town oops and nothing really bad happened but goddamn I felt dumb. This year it's been much more better.

Still too many things to do though. Which is why, I suppose, I make lists and check shit off. Should have done it a few days ago, but oh well. One step at a time. And a few more things to cross off the list.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Dammit, brain, stop trying to make jewelry out of guitar picks. Just because you now have magic rock fairies running through your head doesn't mean you have to make jewelry out of guitar picks.

Ooof. Going home a little bit early, curling up with the guitar and clearing my head for a bit. Then cooking, Japanese, and writing, but boy my head is a jumble. I suspect I know why; knowing why doesn't make it any better. And it's not even the productive jumble. It's the jumble where all the thoughts are having a party in the distance without me. I can see this party but I can't take advantage of it. I think I prefer the ten different thoughts running in different directions at once jumble. At least then I could write things down and take them in order once I'd yoga'd myself out of chaos again.

Still kind of amused that, out of all the authors coming to Dragon*Con, not one of them is one of the ones I've made friends with on Twitter. Next year, they say. Most of them say. Which means I have until next year to get my ass in gear and, well, I'll be almost done with four years of Courtesan School holy shit. Um. Let's stop that thought right there.

In fact, let's stop right there and go curl up around the guitar and plink around, now that the power's back on.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Tom Hiddleston is officially a dork. A completely lovable dork, but a dork nonetheless.

RIGHT. Spent the weekend hiding from the internets, mostly, and getting caught up/arranged on writing. Now I have to get caught up on tags (oh dear lord my inbox) and corrections on my languages. Which won't be as hard/as bad. I think. I hope. Depending on what the day at work is like. I do, at least, feel somewhat better? Mmm, it doesn't look like there's much incoming, and I feel somewhat less exhausted so hopefully there won't be as much falling asleep at my desk. That was... irritating. And I have stuff to do, no doubt, with the usual weekend backlog.

Summer is definitely here. I would go so far as to say summer is sitting on this town like a great fat bastard chewing on our tolerance and dripping sweat and humidity. On the plus side, it actually hasn't gotten any hotter than it already is, which is around the mid 80s. I could live with it not getting any hotter than this. We've had a decent amount of rainfall so we're not worrying so much about drought conditions. We are really very lucky where we live, that we don't have the massive climate catastrophes that other places have been having. It could be a hell of a lot worse.

Things and stuff. Things to do. My brain is churning overtime on the writing, which is kind of nice. I got out the mini-painting stuff yesterday and started, and got about halfway done, some sort of golem type thingie in such a way that I am actually rather pleased with it! I might have to do that, work on simple stuff right now, to begin with, and save the more complicated figures with lots of clothes and fiddly bits for the weekend when I can sit down and paint for a frillion hours at a time. I'm also starting to realize how much time having my Dragon*Con costumes all ready frees me up with. I do like that. No need to worry, just. I need to get some parts for Faye, which I'll probably do around the end of July, and then dye them. And then I need to get my unitard for Tron costume which, again, maybe end of July, and then do that construction in August. Because it's either cutting out holes and reinforcing edges, and then wrapping myself in lightwire, or sticking fabric in a pot to dye and boil and setting it and so on. Easy-peasy.

The hard part will be finishing my Russian book so I can babble at Misha some more and completely confuse him. Ahem. (No, I won't. That would be mean. But if I can finish the entire Russian text by D*C, HOLY SHIT TWO FULL TEXTBOOKS IN ALMOST THREE YEARS OMG LEARNING RUSSIAN ALMOST BY MYSELF. AUGH.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I see the retaliatory strikes have begun. Prayers for Pakistan, and good luck to the investigators finding and stopping these attacks before they happen.

Here, in happier news I give you baby falcons.

It's Friday. I'm so glad it's Friday. I keep ... something. I think part of it is catching up on writing words and part of it is that in subtler ways I'm still adjusting to this new sleep schedule, but I keep running into thinking I have an extra hour when I don't. Which doesn't end up being a problem, but oi it's weird. On the plus side, I do feel rested and relaxed and ready to go. It's just, weird.

Tonight, there will be testing of the Campaign Cartographer and seeing if Norton really screwed things up or if it just made my evening a little less convenient. I'm debating whether or not I'm actually looking forward to that. On the one hand, the Cosmographer program is a shiny new toy that has starmaps of our actual galaxy. And you can make your maps in 3D, and you can make ship maps and global maps and star charts and and and. It is shiny and fucking awesome and I am looking forward to playing around with it. Much, much less so if Norton fucked it up and I have to go in and patch things up. Oh, Symantec, why do you suck so hard. No, seriously. You suck like an Electrolux.

The wall above my computer is both very tall and very empty. I kind of feel like I should put something on it, but I'm not sure what. Maybe just my other Akira wall scroll. Or I could move that wall scroll and start putting up small framed pictures. Debate. Although somehow I think mixing an Akira wall scroll with pictures of various celebrities admonishing me to write (what? I am totally planning on doing that at Dragon*Con if certain people are there) would just be weird, visually and ... psychologically? auralogically? Weird Feng Shui? Something, it would just be weird. So. I need to get a decorating scheme on my office area going. The boy is working all weekend, which means I have a block of time to pick up and put things up around the desk without him snickering at me and my obsessions. We mock because we love, really.

Friday. It's Friday the 13th, and we've got this thing called a Yarn Crawl going on. It's sort of like the Art Walks that have been going on downtown, which is basically where all the art galleries stay open a little later and people walk through them all and maybe collect goodies and OH MY GOD, NORTON, WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE. FUCK YOU. Ahem. Norton just asked me if I wanted to trust a file I just downloaded. Fucking Norton. Anyway. So the Yarn Crawl is basically a weekend where people are given a map and the opportunity to enter a raffle for a basket of donated yarn, and they go around to yarn shops, and the yarn shops do fun discounty things, and we're doing it and we're doing it on Friday the 13th and this is either a very good or a very bad idea. I can't tell which. I will, however, be wearing my skull do-rag and my Yarrrrn shirt.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Someone on my flist was asking about Write Or Die. Write or Die is basically a program that gives you a text entry window, either online or you can download their program for 10$ (it requires Acrobat Air, apparently, on the PC), and you have to write the number of words you enter in the time allotment that you enter or it flashes bright red and gives you really annoying, loud music/sound files. It is, at least for me, one of the greatest tools I've found to get me to keep my dumb ass in the writing window and not get distracted by Twitter, RP, Nethack, or something. So far I've been doing 500 words/10 minute increments, and it seems to work pretty well. Ten minutes of writing, five minutes of screwing off, ten minutes of writing, and before I know it two hours have gone by and I've got 2k words. It's not for everyone, or at least so I would assume, and I have a semi-advantage in that I can speed write. I don't know how many people on my flist can bang out 500-1000 words in 10-20 minutes. I could probably do more if I really didn't care about killing my wrists, it's not just about typing speed, its' also that my mind works that way. But! It's a writing tool, and I've found it useful. Very, very useful. I want to hug it and pet it and squeeze it and call it George.

So I guess that's 1. on my list of grateful things! Write or Die. I am very, very grateful to Write or Die.

2. Indoor plumbing. I love being able to come in from my morning parkour practice (getting better! slowly! it's actually vaguely starting to resemble parkour if you squint and ignore my horrible posture!) all sweaty and bleh and turn on a shower that is just as cool as I want it. Or wake up in the morning and crawl into a cool shower to wake me up. Or a cold morning and be able to have hot water to get me clean, rather than suffer through a cold shower on a cold morning! Indoor plumbing kept me sane This One Time, At Lab Camp when we were on the third or fourth floor three in a room with these tinyass windows set deep out and I'm not even sure they opened all the way, in the middle of summer, with no central air circulation. We took a lot of cold showers. Fer srs.

3. My mental acuity where languages are concerned. And/or my ability to be amused by the same. Seriously, learning Russian, Japanese, Javascript, Linux, German, whatever? Even if it's just scanning a few paragraphs in a book, understanding it gives me a terrible glee. Writing out a complex thought in another language in what might actually be correct grammar also gives me a glee. It's such a simple pleasure. And I love it good.

4. Good weather. Good mornings to go out and walk and see nature in.

5. First world privilege of being able to either cook or go out and have prepared for me any number of really awesome dishes from varying countries. Seriously, I love the variety of foods I currently have in my fridge either because I made them or because we ordered out. I have massive choices for lunch and it is awesome.

Oof. There was something else I was trying to think of that I needed to say or do. I can't remember what it is, though. I saw the first rabbit of the season, a little late for Beltane but still. Exercise is slowly getting easier. The good mood persists. Um... no, still can't think of it. It'll go up later, I guess.
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Oof. At some point I need to calculate up my words from yesterday's randomass logging of impromptu story writing. And then get back and finish the worldbuilding so I can get on with writing those. Thankfully, everyone is off to Maryland today, so there's no more of that. It got a bit crazy yesterday, you know that stage of packing when everything is in boxes and you're sure you forgot something and nothing's quite been loaded yet so everything's in boxes and it's hard to tell? That's where we were. And then one of the stores we sell to placed a big wholesale yarn order. Yay.

Ah well. That's over, done, and ... well, at some point I'll figure out what to do about the boy's schedule. And how he's now trained the cats to expect being up and eating at 5 instead of 6, and then he won't fucking get up to feed them, just hits the snooze button. So who do they go wake up? Not him! Grr.
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Okay, at this point I really need a "verb: it's what you do" icon.

Doing push-ups is a tremendous high. It is also a tremendous pain in the muscles. Exactly which muscles hurt seems to switch out regularly between my abs and my arms, and either way, ow. On the other hand, I can do 4-5 sets of 5 push-ups, which is a damn sight more than I used to be able to do. I'm both impressed with myself and a little ... wondering, maybe. Apprehensive. One or the other.

The internet tells me it is Star Wars day, and May the Fourth be with me. That is a horrible pun and you all should feel horrible. Or amused. Or both.

Whatever moods of moroseness had a grip on me last night, along with an inexplicable case of the dizzies, it seems to have passed now. Possibly because whatever head-cold I had or am getting seems to be easing up. I would dearly love it if it would finish easing up all the way and I could finish expelling the approximate weight of my thinkmeats in snot. I'm fairly sure the human body generates at least its own weight in snot per year just from head colds alone. And now that I've had that decently gruesome thought, where does it all go? Never mind. I don't think I want to think on that any further. ... Does it evaporate into the air, what? No, never mind.

Blargh. Last push of packing for MD today. And then I might finally be able to relax, or sleep in, or something. Have more energy than just scrounging for food when I get home, I miss having energy. Unpacking will be easier as we can take more time about it. And, as always, hopefully there will be much less to unpack. That would be really nice.
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I just realized. That is actually the last grammar point in the book. Eep. Now, from German class I know it'll probably take me between two and three hours to work up a lesson plan for Japanese review, so I guess that'll wait till the weekend and until then it'll be grammar exercises and post-chapter review, but. Yeesh.

Babylon 5 continues to break my heart in currently politically relevant ways. Sheridan in particular. First it was the duration, now it's "We achieved the mission objective, it is not a victory." I kind of wish Obama had said that, but I doubt anyone would have paid attention anyway. But that's what happened, isn't it? We achieved the mission objective. But there's been too much blood spilled, too much that might yet be spilled on account of potential consequences to call it a victory. And, really, it's not even that a man has died although I feel as though I should feel worse about that than I do. I don't. I don't feel particularly glad that Bin Laden is dead, but I don't feel bad about it either. He made his choices. He knew the consequences.

Bleh. Maudlin and bleh. I need to get out of this mood somehow, and Babylon 5 probably won't cut it. Maybe playing guitar and getting some writing done will.


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