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I can't even with this washer problem anymore, you guys. It's anything from a couple hundred dollar fix to a few thousand dollar fix and I can't even. I am going to go pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep for the next year.

(No, I'm not. I'm going to eat breakfast and exercise like a good girl and go to work and blah blah blah. But I really want to.)

And I'm really tired of not being able to get ahead. There's always something. We were looking good for about three or four days there till this washer problem came up. And now we're either back where we started or even deeper in the hole? I don't know. Maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be a couple hundred dollar fix. But when does that ever happen. (Although the boy did just remember that we actually have homeowner's insurance, which might cover the biggest pain in the ass right now. That would be nice!)

(For that matter, why the hell couldn't Kiva advertise for paid translation positions, why is it all volunteer. Fuck you, I work for those translations, pay me. Well, except for the Spanish ones. But the French and Russian ones I'd work for. So fuck you, pay me.)

I suppose it could be worse. The problem is pretty much confined to the washing machine, so it's not like we can't laundromat for a bit. The house itself is fine, no leaks, no mess. Well, the house is a mess, but it's an ordinary spend a day picking it up mess and I've got a three day weekend coming. Neither of us is coming down with a horrible health thing. I didn't get hit by the trolley that slammed into the building across the street from the store. (Yes, that happened yesterday.) The car's running fine, the cats are healthy, we have all our stuff, everything else is going all right. It's just that right now we're in the first OH GOD WHYYYYYY stage of this problem. And in the same boat as most of the rest of the country, which is we're about staying ahead but minor to medium sized catastrophes knock us on our ass for months if not years to come. Woo.

I don't have happier stuff for you guys. Sorry. I have new dragon eggs. That's happy, right? Yay pixel pets, free entertainment!

And I do have the ability to go and get new plants from Home Despot, I should add. Because that still indicates a certain level of discretionary income. So, note to self to write down when I get to work because I can't find my notepads here: Basil, yellow peppers. Stupid cats. Stupid basil not growing as tall as I feel it should.

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EVERYBODY'S running late today. Yay. Wait, no, that other thing.

So, lyrics composing! I haven't done that in a while. I'm not terrified at all, particularly since this is kind of sort of maybe (okay, almost entirely) my fault and apparently the fate of the world rides on this. Pressurepressurepressurepressure /RDJ. Why no, I'm not panicking. Why would you think that. Shut up. Go 'way.

(Long story. Lots of pictures.)

Still need to check in and untangle the snarl that is my brain on semi-imminent book publishing. The "what is this how my life" moments have been coming thick and fast, and there's a huge amount of fiddly details that I need to do even apart from the line edits, which argh. Just in general, argh. My head's exploding as much from realizing all the little things I should be doing as from realizing that this could actually be a thing. And mostly, in short, writing and publishing? I'm actually doing it? The fuck? Five or six months worth of writing and putting it out there and having people read it, things which aren't fanfic, versus twenty years plus of writing original fiction and keeping it close or hidden, or only having a few people read it. And. It's a thing, okay?

Right, back to day job work, though. When I'm done with that stuff I can sit down and try to make sense of my scrambled egg brains. And at some point today I call Mom and freak out at her. And at some point tonight/tomorrow morning I crawl online and freak out some more at people oh who am I kidding. My online presence these days is one long slow-burning status of freakout.

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No Irish today, ran out of time due to sleeping in ugh.

I'd forgotten exactly how bad my morning sneezing fits are. I think I forget this every year, I'm allergic to something that blooms around springtime and just in the mornings, with the end result that lots of sneezing fits make maneuvering around breakfast and cats and exercises way more difficult than I feel it should be. It irks me. It's irksome.

This weekend, good fucking god, THIS WEEKEND. It was full of Srs Discussions Are Srs and some ugly truths and a lot of wait holy shit seriously? That's a thing? type revelations. I could have done without the energy sapping qualities of half of those, but at least good stuff came out of all of them. The upshot is that I need to make a CS post sooner rather than later (and by later I mean at the usual time) to get it all straight in my head, because it might mean my chances of pulling off a half-decent book publishing are greater than I'd previously thought. There's also some very peculiar mindset shit tied into that particular area, the one tied into low self esteem in some very peculiar ways where if people are talking about the blog behind our back, it's always in the "oh that crazy fangirl" way and couldn't possibly be in a positive way. Anyway, more detail later when I sit down and go over it. I also got massively infodumped as to self-publishing and publicizing and marketing and things, and apparently I have the right... technique? Words? And just needed a shitpile of new tools. So there was dealing with that too.

And the end result being that meat pies didn't happen, and neither did the sugar cookies I started craving at 8pm that night. Poopy. But edits did happen, shepherd's pie happened so at least there was healthy dinner, a whole bunch of other shit happened, um. Useful shit did happen! The weekend wasn't entirely wasted, just, not as productive as I wanted it to be. Which means I need to stop kicking myself, especially since the boy decided to fuck up his sleep schedule resulting in him getting up at 4 am last night, which meant I had to get up, and then the cats, and fucking argh. No, actually, now that I think about it, the only thing that didn't get done over the weekend that I wanted to do was pick up the living room. So nyah, brainweasels. Nyah to you.

Today's statement of intent: EITHER rewrite whatever the Julien/Syd story gets called OR finish edits on First Principles, you don't have time to do both, self. In the evening, maybe, whichever one of those doesn't get done during the day can get worked on. Russian didn't look too bad last I checked it, so maybe picking out a grammar point in there and otherwise moving on to the next chunk of verbs, assuming I've mastered the difference between увидеть, видеть, and смотреть to my teacher's satisfaction. *salute* German, still churning on the questionnaire in German. I also need to ponder what to do with my blog now that I've migrated it to wordpress and my website so that I have that one central location for everything related to Kitty Chandler. But that's just ponderings and actually fucking around with it can happen later in the week.
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Okay, this morning's statement of intent before I forget it: finish up the paragraph of PoI that I was in the middle of last night before awakeness left me. Add to/finish up the Arcana, code, post. Check-in, because I haven't managed to do that yet. And then line edits on that and maybe if I'm clever I can take some of my worksheets to work and figure out how to code either both of those. Although dear god I do need to. And probably take my netbook to work, come to that.

Game this weekend. Yaaay. I need to figure out what if anything I'm cooking for it. I wouldn't mind making another bigger shepherd's pie, mostly because dammit I want some more of that for myself. And I wouldn't mind skyline chili because I never mind skyline. But then I also have to clean the house, and, blaaagh. On the plus side, that is clean the house rather than unpack the damn house. And do some more putting stuff away in the craft room, but that's a whole other thing. Cleaning is so much more preferable to unpacking, especially since we're managing mostly to keep it clean. Though there are a couple boxes that need unpacked (the knickknacks) or put back in the garage (books we need to get rid of yesterday). Because that's getting really, really annoying.

Things and stuff. Shorthand for, I still should have more things to blather about and I just don't. So I guess that makes it time to get my butt up off this couch and put some pants on if I want to keep fighting crime today.

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No, seriously, what the shit is going on. We haven't even posted anything at the blog and suddenly in about 12 hours we get the kind of number of hits we normally get in an entire 24 hour period. What the shit is this. The weirdest thing is, it's not sourced anywhere that we can find. It's all internal. Implying that it's more inter-office passing the link around than a referring website, which. What the shit. My kingdom for an IP tracker. Or, you know, some way to figure out what the hell just happened.

Booked Altan and Leahy tickets today! Woo! Now I have to go jam my headphones on my head or find youtube or something and listen to Call to Dance on repeat for ages and ages. Because good Irish music, goddammit. Well, Irish and Irish Canadian and so on. But still.

The question of the day seems to be "should I have a professional blog or not." And if so should I make this one friends-only (unlikely to happen), should I duplicate entries, should I do this or that or what am I even doing with this whole public presence thing? Fuck.

... and statement of intent real quick because I just saw the clock and fuck I have to go to work. 1) Code links page and work on Arcana. 2) Line edits. 3) this evening... no, this evening's statements of intent can wait until I get home and see what I've done over the course of the day. I swear I had time management skills when I woke up this morning and now I have no idea where the hell they've gone.

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This is actually way more fun than I expected. Despite morning routines still being skewered on account of ... well, mostly on account of not having my clothes unpacked so I pretty much have to get dressed for work right away, and it's hard to work out properly in my jeans. Though I suppose as soon as I'm done with this I'll do some, because it took me looking back at a nudge on my check-in post to remember that even some, yes, is better than none. If nothing else I can do push-ups and some stretches. And no, self, even if you do push-ups you're not going to push through the hardwood floor. Come on, you've lived with hardwood floors before, you're smarter than that.

(I have very weird twitches and tics while getting used to living here. Or maybe they're normal and no one ever talks about them so they just feel weird to me.)

And despite morning routines still being fucked I have memrise'd, I have watered plants and taken out some recycling and trash. I have fed, scooped, and watered cats. I have had breakfast, or such as I can cobble together with my half a kitchen at the moment. I have showered and pulled together clean clothes from the bizarre pile of boxes in which they are currently resting. How bizarre, you ask? I found an unopened container of vanilla extract in with my shirts and jeans. I have no idea why it was there.

I have turned off the hot water heater and the main gas line into the house so the boiler guy can hook up the last few radiators without difficulty. Contractor guy stopped in and was highly entertaining and surprised that we've moved in (DUDE. We told you. Several times. Don't be such a dingbat.) but was able to tell me at least that the electric county inspectors would be by today to check out our electric. If we're lucky, too, our bed will be delivered today and I won't have to throttle anyone. And then stove, maybe we can maneuver the fridge in today/tonight, but either way, we should actually start having a real grown-up house! Maybe tomorrow we can hit the hardware store and/or maybe this weekend we can look for furniture and I can have a real grown-up dresser. Craigslist is not working out for me so far, sad to say. But maybe if we just go with dresser and vanity table for now something will turn up! I hope I hope.

Meanwhile, for my remembering's sake, today I have to cancel cable at the old place and find out where to drop off the boxen, finish putting away the kitchen, and write all the Yuletide ever. I don't think I have anything else to do in terms of house logistical talking to people crap. I think. I hope, anyway. That shit is more tiring than being on the phone for five minutes has any right to be.
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See, Jag? You are perfectly capable of calling up a plethora of government offices, none of which were complicated to deal with, and getting information and services turned on. And the worst you had to do was endure the home music from travel commercial hell. Seriously, what was up with that.

So, okay. That's taken care of, I need to check and make sure those are our recycling/trash bins and not the neighbors. Because they've certainly been storing their car in our driveway, they might be storing their trash bins too. They might not! Hard to say. And that one bill covers a plethora of services, so that's good too. One might, if one didn't know me well, mistake me for a responsible adult. Surely not. Next up, too, hitting up the library to find out the history of my new home! Pre-Civil War house. Best thing this crappy economy has done ever. And, come to think of it, I need to get copies of keys. And paint chips. Paint chips would be good, and then the boy and I can argue over paint colors. Whereby argue I seem to mean I go "well, what about this combination" and he goes "I dunno" a lot. I don't even have strong opinions about colors and things! He just seems to have even less strong ones.

Oh, there's the home ownership glee I was missing. So good to see you again, home ownership glee! First cleaning and looking at paint colors, I guess. And maybe some of going up and down the living room walls and peeling the damn wallpaper off of it. Why the hell would you wallpaper perfectly good hardwood wall paneling? Bleh. And renovation while that's going on, and eventually curtains. Because reasons. Um. I was braining something else and I can't remember what it was.

And while I'm still braining house stuff, does anyone want a change of address postcard with pretty Asheville picture scenes? Or just a postcard with pretty Asheville picture scenes. PM me!

I guess the only other thing I've been braining lately is writing and episode analysis. We've decided to throw in Haven over at Murderboarding, for those of you who are interested in that, and the murderboard dotplot is up with the characters and their factions. Eventually we'll get to churning out the backlog, but because we're probably going to do a pretty in-depth job on every episode, it'll take some time. But on the plus side we're almost done with our Grimm backlog! Two more full-ep things to go, and then the in-between episodes will probably get several paragraphs on their own, bundled into one post. Because we're making no secret about being interested primarily in Renard, and he's not in THAT much of a lot of the eps.

... And in abrupt news I had not expected to share, not being an American football person (or any kind of football person) myself? Chris Kluwe continues to be awesome. This time without the swearing. And particularly the last four paragraphs or so.
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Not very much today, and I should go through the three notes I still have and fill those in, but it's progress! And it is getting easier. So fuck you, caterpillars. And in retrospect, translating the fairy tales is probably one of the best things for me to do ever, to practice this.

Slowly knocking down shit to do off my list. After a good night's sleep and a morning of exercise and talking it over with folks it is getting easier to think, okay, I still need to do these paperwork-y things. Today on the list, a couple of phone calls in the morning, one in the afternoon, and then that's it until evening when I might take the Aunt by the house, or end up just hanging out and talking plans for stuff with the boy. Which reminds me, I need to decide if all that pokeberry needs to go or only some of it, and keep the rest for dyes. Although it's pretty much a damn weed and all over the place. Maybe the one in the front that may or may not be on our functional property can stay and the rest of them can go. And then I need to talk to the aunt today about finding a hardware store to get copies of the keys made for her and Elf Lord.

See, Jag, how much of a difference a good night's sleep makes? And doing your exercises and so on. Probably it's doing the exercises, though my sleep schedule has been more erratic than it should be lately. Also sister courtesans helping my brainworms untangle. Stupid brainworms.

On the plus side, my weight is back down to what it was pre-Dragon*Con and pre-eating a bunch of crap food and then getting sick so I couldn't exercise. Bonus crappy points for it dropping down onto my lungs so I couldn't exercise for twice as long even though I felt fine otherwise. Stupid asthma. But then again I also only gained a couple of pounds from what I was pre-Dragon*Con, and that's still lower than I have been, so the downward creep continues. Definitely a creep, but the numbers are going the right way. And now that I've kicked myself into getting back in my exercise routine, hopefully the muscle mass will be going the right way too. Ugh. It's so damn hard to pick up the exercise habit again when things you could do previously feel like such a chore again.

Right. Let's start knocking shit off my to-do list. I've actually done a reasonable job so far, so let's see how I do over the next few hours. .... also, if anyone has an idea for a name for this house, offer it up? I keep drawing a blank. Other than Wayne Manor, because you know that road sign for the Bat Cave that floats around the internet? Yeah, I live near that.
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Well, that's going to require some work.

I checked my email this morning only to find out that no one had told me about the mail order sale (free shipping) we're having next fucking week. For those of you who have been around me for longer than a year or so, mail order sales range from the "was that a thing? It didn't feel like a thing" to "AUGH I HAVE BECOME A DECAPITATED CHICKEN." This on top of all the house shit. My Aunt did spend about half the drive in apologizing to me for springing that on me. Still want to strangle half my family. Mostly the uncles.

House stuff! Okay, so, since I haven't updated people in a while since I got so damn tired of it, starting from the beginning. We are applying for (and hopefully finishing, now) a renovation loan for Old Hotness. That means the loan is for the total cost of the house plus renovations. Originally the selling bank had come down on the price from $Tigers to $Lions, and that plus the quote for the renovations that we got from the contractor we ended up going with ($Wolverines) just about hit our budget. We figured the house would appraise the second time for what it had appraised for the first time, which was about $Sabertooths, so we'd be good. Right? Of course not! Instead it appraised for $Pumas, which meant we had to make up the difference between $Pumas and $(Lions+Wolverines) or we had to get the selling bank to drop the price by the difference.

I hated that. Because I had to go to my family for help, and even though I know Grandpa can throw any $$ of a number of wild animals my way, that doesn't mean I enjoy it. At all. It makes me feel like a failure as an adult and a whiny spoiled child who throws tantrums until she gets what she wants. But, indeed, I swallowed that and told my Mom where we were (actually I've been calling her fairly regularly with updates anyway) and asked if there was a way to get help with that. And two days later, I had a check for the difference.

And two? three? days after that, I got an email from Realty Lady saying the Listing Agent had sent over an amendment with the price dropped by the difference.

Because of course if I hadn't stomped on my squick and asked for help, it wouldn't have happened. I think what happened with the selling bank, too, is that they realized they had a house on their hands that finally had a buyer after three years, that was in the process of falling apart, and that they wouldn't be able to sell again any time soon without throwing a shitpot of money at it themselves. Because the $Wolverines cost of the repairs is only what is needed to make the house functional as a modern house. It does not involve any of the cosmetic shit needed to make the house a picturesque sale. This is partly out of budgetary concerns and partly out of me going I will decorate my own goddamn house thank you very much. But it's also what led to the appraisal coming in low, annoyingly enough. Anyway, I suspect the bank guessed that. And the odds of someone coming along in the next couple months with enough money to sink into the damned thing who would want to are very, very slim. And if that house has to go through another winter as it is, I feel fairly confident that the shitpot of money needed to fix it up for sale will double.

SO. Where we are with the house is basically waiting on a clear to close ... date? Letter? Confirmation? All the paperwork is in, all the money for the down payment (except what the boy has) is sitting happily in my account plus the amount I got from my family that we may no longer need, but which Mom told me to sit on anyway just in case. Because I have the best family ever. Renovations Lady thinks it'll go through. Realty Lady thinks it'll go through. Paralegal and company are just waiting for the date. Contractor Dude is ... well, is actually on vacation but is gung ho and ready to go when we get closed. I won't be moving over Dragon*Con (thanks be to the Goddess, yeesh) and the guy who's completely redoing the heating in the house is the same guy who was working on it when someone last lived in there.

To sum up: the house will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

This weekend I ... well, I intended to do very little. Instead I will do batch cooking as little as possible, mostly involving throw shit into a pot and stir it every 30. I will do Arabic Saturday morning and try and remember to goddamn post it here. Saturday evening there will be Hiddlestoned Shakespeare. Sunday there will be sleeping. And possibly sewing. In between there will be writing this Thing that started out as an emotion play profiling-as-courtship Grimm fanfic and has turned into a nearly 20k Grimm Big Bang. Because Monday new Grimm canon starts and I want to at least have a completed draft before the Grimm writers rip my headcanon to shreds.
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I'm going to strangle my boyfriend, don't mind me.

But, yes. We've again reached a point where I'm pretty much sitting and waiting for things to come back, which I think is the final point of sitting and waiting for things to come back. And then when things come back we'll have a final close date and we can be done with this goddamn enterprise. I won't know what to do with myself when the house is finally bought. Well, no. I know what I'll have to do. Pack. But after we've moved in. I won't know what to do with myself.

Well, no, I know what I should be doing with myself. Getting back into routines. And, you know, it's funny. Now that it's finally getting to the point where this all might come out all right, I'm actually feeling a bit terrified of moving. And getting into the house. And not having something or not being able to do something or, well. Anything. I'm half expecting to start having those nightmares where I'm back in college but I don't have my class schedule or my ID card to get into the dorms or something. Logic, brain, the only things we don't have that we'll need to buy are the fridge, stove, washer, dryer. And that's easily enough taken care of. Everything else is manageable.

Except my brainspace, possibly. I need an aspirin and to sit my butt down and write. Especially since today seems to be a relatively quiet day. Oh. And at some point I need to refocus and come up with maybe a lesson plan that will gear me towards sufficient fluency to be able to test for translator positions in a couple years. Maybe just involving more stuff like I'm doing with Russian, but also constructing sentences... I don't know, and my brain is in too many pieces right now to figure it out.
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Well that was a short section. I'm assuming because it didn't introduce any new rules.

Okay, at this point I have no excuse. I have no day-job work, I have all the relevant paperwork except one note I need to type up and sign, and I have no excuse not to get this stuff scanned in and sent. Except that it's more work and it's exhausting and I don' wanna go any farther Mommy are we there yet? I'm tired. Can it be over now?

I'm.. okay, I'm giving it a day before I talk to the local fam on account of there was a minor health crisis resulting in Aunt overworking herself. But she went home early today, so hopefully she'll get her rest and I'll get my rest and I'll talk to Aunt and Elf Lord about some padding money. Thank you to all my wonderful, wiser, less exhausted friends (or at least less exhausted in this direction) who have and are talking me out of my tree. What Superwoman complex where. I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

I think I may have managed to get the Game of Thrones crap out of my head! Or at least, the story has settled back there in the realm of something to write in the next few days, not something that urgently needs written where everything turns into that. And languages continue to be fun practice, which is a minor miracle considering how low energy I am right now. I mean, yes, languages are fun, but usually they're the kind of fun I engage in when I'm manic and need a direction for the energy that's rigid enough that I don't go around in circles. Then again, conjugating verbs till they stick in my head isn't too much of an energy requirement, so maybe it's that.

There was a car on fire on the roof of the garage, which I just typed as guitar, and that's my cue to stop babbling at you all and sign off and go do something that doesn't involve speech. Um. On the roof of the garage behind the store building today. That was exciting? I'm going to go be aphasic at someone else now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Lordy. I forgot how hard and tiring conjugating verbs can be. On the plus side, after this I can move on to the next grammar point. Which is more conjugating, but with different bits attached? Oof. And I need to reinforce my vocab of both Russian and Irish. Languages. So tiring. But so much FUN.

The feasibility study came back on the house as okay except for a couple details which need to be addressed in the bid, for which I want to strangle everyone ever. And my poor contractor is going to want to strangle everyone ever. And half of it is stupid shit I can do my own goddamn self. Fix the opening to the crawlspace? FINE. Give me a sheet of plywood cut to size at fucking Home Depot and a screwgun and some screws. THERE I FIXED IT FOR YOU. And vegetation that needs to be uprooted and moved or transplanted and and argh. I can do this shit myself fuck you. But of course now I'm not allowed to because rules. And the general contractor has to do it. Fuck your rules.

But, heh. Other than that the feasibility study was fine. The amount Renovations Lady estimates we'll need to close up the gap is less than the amount she wasn't seeing on account of it hadn't cleared in the boy's account yet (stocks and things), so that's still good, although I am going to kick my dumb ass to go ask for family help just to be safer. Worst that happens, I don't need the money, and I give it back. Or probably not, because they fuss, but maybe give some of it back. And yes, I realize I am incredibly lucky to be able to do this at all. My family is, in a word, awesome. So is the boy's, because we wouldn't be able to do this without them either.

So, long slog, hopefully almost over. Work as usual today, tonight I have DJing and Leverage saved up, and possibly I can manage to do everything that I need to do today. Somehow. Also, if this crush on Peter Dinklage gets any bigger it's going to have its own zip code. Just saying. It's rivaling the Sasha Roiz and Jeremy Renner droolpuddles.

Click the clickies!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Slightly more awake this morning, and I did manage to gather enough coherent thoughts to check in yesterday. Taking NyQuil did get me to sleep through the night at least, and I was able to get some rest. I'm not sure if it's because I was taking actual brand NyQuil or because they shifted the formula back, but this time it worked pretty much like the original knock-me-out-for-X-time-in-20-minutes, wake up feeling fine. Of course now I'm tired again, I think because usually NyQuil takes 8 hours and I only gave it 6. Ah well.

Still no word from the plumber. Which isn't entirely surprising but isn't helping my nerves. for one thing, I'm not the people they technically report to, although they know the situation and I suspect they'd call just to let me know it's been done regardless, unless there's a legal reason not to. For another, repiping an entire fairly large house. They got started yesterday, it might conceivably take a couple days. Or at least I think it would, especially if they're being careful to leave things as intact as they can. Still nervous, though. And then if I'm not going to hear anything back until the selling bank says so, this could take a while.

Ah well. Still sort of working on my litanies against fear in many languages, less so yesterday on account of brain no worky. Still incredibly sleepy. This is going to make work interesting, there's no incoming today, I have no idea how much outgoing there is. Maybe I should tidy up the box room.

I'm sure I should say something deep or meaningful about the recent political developments. Mostly what I want to say is "Oh fuck you, people." My country is one of the few that went against the amendment, for what it's worth, and with all the redistricting I wasn't sure which way we were going to go, now that we've been dragged under a Republican representative. Traditionally, Asheville is very progressive, laid-back and groovy, and full of hippies. It's probably one of the safest places in the state for two men (or two women, but people get less weird about that) to walk down the street holding hands. And I know this because I've seen it for myself. >.> And there are already rallies to repeal the amendment, but, let's face it, folks. The conservative Stop Having Fun Guys element is strong in the Dark Side. A lot of the people who voted for the amendment didn't even realize how sweeping it was, they were too caught up in the panic of oh noes, two men might get married. As if that was such a tragedy. On the plus side, go Obama for finally coming out and saying it. I also liked his arguments in the expanded version.

Did finally see Castle the other night. There was much rejoicing. (Yaay!) Spoilery gabble aside, I liked that the end shot of a particular scene was a focus on the holding hands. It seems like a really good metaphor/image with which to seal that particular Thing.

In conclusion, god I need more sleep. Even after getting a decent night's sleep. Meh.
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Right. That was a fairly productive weekend, some packing and picking up done, some window shopping for furniture for the house, some early voting and some going to see Avengers. Which was around as awesome as advertised, there was a lot of hype but it didn't disappoint overall. I did still kind of want to give Loki a hug. While in maximum security and ignoring everything he had to say (or chewing over it) but, give him a hug nonetheless. Tom Hiddleston you are not helping.

And now we go to the house and meet the plumber and see what there is to be seen, hope it's not that bad. And possibly take measurements for more planning of the insides of the house. Ugh, and after all that rain I'm almost afraid to see what the bathroom leak looks like, but we knew that needed fixed. I guess that'll be the second thing we tackle once we get into the house? Or maybe the first since evaluating and patching that won't take too long, whereas the heating might take longer to deal with.

I suppose I should have something to say about the Avengers film but, really, all I have to say is, it was fun and awesome and Joss does know how to do two things unquestionably well: write snappy dialogue and give an ensemble cast well-rounded treatment.

Besides, it's time to pack up and go meet the plumber anyway. Oh, and I have a question, when did I become tentative Twitterbuddies with fucking Jackie Earle Haley? The mind boggles. And squees, and jumps for joy, and so on.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Well, thus ends the search for homeowner's insurance. The bulk of the companies about had heart attacks (well, their representatives did) upon learning how old the house was. There's one we did get a quote from that seemed pretty reasonable, so we'll probably go with that, I'll talk it over with the boy at home of course. And then we get to send that information over to the various folken, and it looks like we'll close on schedule, which is good because I don't really want to pay $100/day not to be rushed. Or at least, no one I've talked to has said "You want to close WHEN? Are you NUTS?"

Ultimately, too, we decided to go ahead and take the end of April and most of May to move in, get contractors in, get everything settled. Which, god, leaves me three months to do all my costuming, augh. But if it comes to that, costumes for Dragon*Con are not necessary. Having a house we can live in is, and it'll be annoying in the extreme to be living in it while plumbers and electricians are banging around. Even in a house that size. Plus, dammit, I used to be a professional costumer for a theatre company. I can work to a tight deadline.

Spent the better part of the weekend finishing a BigBang draft and chewing on Sasha Roiz's character in Grimm. I love chewing on characters. Sometimes it probably veers into overanalysis but it's just plain fun to do. Bits of rewatching done. Little bits of packing done, that really needs to step up.

Why is buying a house so damn full of waiting and copying and sending things and copying mroe things and signing things and calling people and waiting some more? This is getting on my nerves. Okay, granted, it's none of it unexpected and most of it is understandable. But it's still getting on my nerves, dammit, so I'm going to complain about it. At least it's just bits and pieces running around now. Hopefully things are proceeding on time, I have no idea how early, late, on time, timely, any of that we are. But we're in the apartment for another month, two months, and after that... ugh, we'll see. I don't know. I need to pack and I'm tired of moving before it's even started.

On the plus side, I have more energy! So even if I'm tired of it it's not bone-weary please god I just want to shut my brain down curl up and play on Memrise for ages. Fuck Everything Memrise forever. Not yet, at least.

Right. When I get to work: compile Black Ice into one big document, stick in DropBox. Fucking gdocs and its fucking inability to process large documents. Keep an eye on email for forms to fill out. Re-check Long Road, edit BBMs, check publishing schedule for things that can be done at work. German, don't forget about German at lunch. And run up to the fresh fruit stand for snacks. And don't die.
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Oh, hey, guess who forgot to post this morning.

So, I got my first Echoes of our Conversations book today. It's a book containing mostly old interviews that were never printed or aired with the cast and crew? of Babylon 5. I picked up this first one because it had an interview with Andreas Katsulas, rest him, who went beyond the Rim several years ago now. And I loved his character, I loved the actor, and I actually rather regret not getting a chance to meet him at the one con I was at that he was too. I don't often say that about actors, but he was one cool cat. So, I picked it up. It was on sale and it wasn't that much and, dammit. Interview. Now that I think about it, though, I might actually pick up all the rest of them. Babylon 5 was an amazing series for its day, and periodically I go back and revisit it, and it still wears well over time. I still love it and all its folk, characters and actors alike. Except that psychic we don't talk about.

Copies of things have been obtained for Law Firm for dropping off tomorrow, things progressing about as planned. At this point it seems also like it's progressing so fast that I won't make a victory post until it's done and we have keys in hand. Maybe not. Who wants to see a victory post?

At some point I need to make a breakdown of initial costs as far as what we have to toss around goes. I've got down payment and closing cost monies, the boy has settling in monies, at least as far as I can tell. Closing costs seem to be mostly an estimate until the invoice is in front of you. Still, I should have that covered. The fun part is going to be figuring out the appliances, furniture, all that jazz. Mostly the appliances because I'm not sure what fits where, we didn't take measurements when we were inspecting. Like dopes. And I've already got ballpark figures on the repair costs for the most needed of repairs. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I was when the plumber gave his estimate. Literally, I had been crying a little as I put away the dream house in my head under "would be nice but probably too expensive" and then all of a sudden it was handed back all "Nah, you're good." And boy has taken over heating logistics, which is the Big Project of the house. Or at least he better have or I will donkey punch him. (Not really. But I will be cross.)

Tonight is a night of all the silly movies and knitting. And relaxing. And not doing anything that requires brainpower. And possibly lots of sleep. Tomorrow there will be more work, because there's always more work. Always a boom tomorrow.
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Well, that went better than expected. I told the boy what the plumber told me when he woke up, and what I'd found out. He then said "Dammit! I hate working on incomplete data" and I womanfully refrained from throwing something at his head because that's what I've been saying this whole time. And the only deadline was losing our earnest money deposit, which wouldn't matter if we found out that we did want the house anyway and if we found out that we didn't, I at least would consider it money well spent.

But, anyway, he is now on board for what we are currently paying or less, if the bank blinks first. Which means that if this does pan out I need to wrangle yet more logistics, oh fun. But at least I get to take my box of paperwork out of my bag! YAY.

BOO. Chrome, stop crashing, I know I need to reboot the damn thing.

There. I've emailed the Realty Lady and asked what the worst case scenario is, and had my little gigglefit over the front door of Old Hotness. Basically it's kind of scratched up and sad looking, though still solid. So maybe we'd sand it a bit and repaint it. Now, this door is currently red. But all the shutters on the outside are black. So, being a classic rock fan, you see where I'm going with this? Cue the Rolling Stones. I swear, if this works out I will do some kind of time lapse video of painting the damn door and set it to that song. It will be hilarious.

... No, I'm an idiot. I'm probably not going to hear back from Realty Lady today, she's got a Thing of Thingness that takes precedence. All right then, focusing more on getting back into routines and not thinking about Old Hotness for a little while. Apart from knitting on the hope chest, which is less about Old Hotness and more about yay home ownership.
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Well. Fuck.

I was hoping the inspection would clarify some things. and it did! It ruled out a number of potential problems. The electrical is fine, the foundation, the roof is in surprisingly good shape given all the doom and gloom of earlier. The leak in the bathroom is probably rain coming through a couple of loose shingles and is, as I suspected, more time damage than great gallons of water damage. The attic is apparently huge, despite access to it being a hole in the ceiling bordered by wood edging and covered by a piece of plywood, no pull-down ladder. One would have to be installed. But someone was doing electrical work up there recently and left a portable light plugged in, the inspector said. That amused me. The outlets are almost all grounded (and there are a LOT of them) and almost all work, there's a couple on the second floor and a couple on the first that are either not grounded or don't work at all. When they re-did the electric they did it pretty well even if they put the case on backwards. There's some older water damage and other kinds of damage to some of the exterior wood, nothing major, nothing that can't be a five years down the road problem. The paint on the outside is still peeling but that's a cosmetic problem.

The heating is fucked. A new heating system needs to be put in place. The ceilings on the first floor are high enough and the architecture simple enough (essentially boxes on top of boxes) that I don't think it would be a more-than-standard major proposition to put in forced-air, but until now it's been running on hot-water radiators, almost all of which are cracked, and the boiler done died. As far as my admittedly limited research shows, a forced-air system would be 10k for dropping in new duct work and everything.

The other problem is that we couldn't get the water on. The city water was on, we had one exterior tap with a hose hookup that dribbled out some water and the inspector could hear water rushing somewhere, but nothing came out of any of the taps. And we couldn't find any valves that hadn't been turned on. So then we turned the water off again so it didn't gush all over wherever it's hanging out. According to Folks (both relatives and the inspector, from what I remember) it could either be as simple as something that isn't turned all the way on that we haven't found yet or a cracked pipe close to the source/intake from city water that might be easy to fix. Or not. It's Schroedinger's problem.

And those are, by and large, the only two problems so far. I just got in the results of the radon test, that's fine, the inspector didn't make any other noises about things being dire, he took moisture readings everywhere there was water damage (there was another place that had water damage on the ground floor, but it was by a radiator and didn't leak in the rain so I didn't think it was a danger, and it didn't give off an abnormal moisture reading) and the normal walls were about, um. A 10? I don't know what the units of these things are. and then the leak in the bathroom was about a 31-33. I don't know what any of that means in abstract terms, but in relative terms I know that means the leak area isn't wildly out of step with the rest of the house. Pretty sure, anyway.

My plans for tomorrow are to dig in to forced air heating systems and educate myself there, and collect phone numbers and maybe call around for very rough estimates on forced air heating system installation and plumber opinions and whether or not they can come out and poke the pipes and try and find out what the hell is going on in there. Also talking to Realty Lady first to see if they can do that. That really annoys me. Not knowing what the hell is going on annoys me in general, in this situation it bugs the everliving fuck out of me. So. Those are the plans. These plans are, of course, subject to change depending on what the boy and I discuss tonight.

Heh. I am kind of glad and grateful that I have family support, now that they've been reassured that I'm not chasing after this wholeheartedly even with the attendant problems. I almost chewed on people today, 'cause of oi, with the I don't know if you can handle it. Yes, I can fucking well handle it! I can handle it by doing some research, calling around, and getting more information before I make a really big decision, that's how I can handle it. Yes, I'm in love with the house. No, I'm not going to run and buy it if something's terribly fucked. The boy won't let me, first of all, and second of all I'm not that stupid. I'll be sad. But I'm not dumb. Argh. Still not five years old, people.

Really, really tired though, which is no doubt contributing to the cranky. So. Horsies forever, or at least for a little while, and then writing. Because even if I can't do anything just yet about Old Hotness the Alleged House, I can do something about my deadlines.
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I have awesome people working for me. Just saying. My Realty Lady is looking into what the status of the utilities are, and I just contacted the prospective inspector and asked him what he thought of our current utilities status. And so it looks like this inspection might happen after all! After which all I have to do is freak out about maybe the inspection will uncover Something Nasty In The Basement. Like Jurgen Prochnow on a typewriter. Or Sam Neill accent hopping all over every frikkin English speaking country in the globe. Guess what movie I watched over the weekend. Go on, guess.

I did, at least, get some editing done today. And now I'm home and can hopefully get some writing and editing done, got all my Big Bang administratrivia done and now I have to get my Big Bang writing done. Which is actually progressing faster than I think it is, now that I think about it, considering it's due in MAY.

Still should get a move on.

Ugh I'm tired. And I'm having fun playing with horsies in between knitting and writing, but I really wish this whole house buying thing weren't leaving me brainless for writing and/or too busy packed/packed in/packing to do anything else creative. A lot of my craft stuff is packed. My guitar is hemmed in by book boxes. The administrative/logistical sections of my brain can either do fictional world logistics or house buying logistics but not both, and that just leaves language working, really, for things I can do to relax. Which I suppose I could do. I'd just like to have more choice.

At least it's slowly looking like it's coming to an end. And if we're doing all the dewinterization process, there's only so many ways the selling bank can fuck us over until we have a better idea of what we're dealing with. And then, well. Then inspections, and finding out if it's a house or a heffalump. I really hope it's not a heffalump. At this point that hope is at least half made up of I don't want to have to shuffle around all these goddamn packed boxes so I can get to my shit because house buying is going to take months longer than expected. We can thank my boy for that. Thank you, boy. I disapprove of all of these shenanigans. Hauser disapproves, too. Just look at him disapproving.
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Right. Slight reset on routines and hopefully that's reboot me Today, among the writing I need to do I need to dig into homeowner's insurance and real estate lawyers. And I find out if I have to step on the necks of some bank employees about the whole boiler thing, or, well, get my Realty Lady to do it for me.

There's apparently going to be some carpet splicing going on in the apartment on Friday, which means we need to pick up around here. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but supposedly it'll be quick and clean. For a relative value of quick and clean, I can't see any way in which splicing one piece of carpet next to another would look at all good, and for another I question what exactly they're going to do. They haven't been terribly specific. God I can't wait till this is all something we schedule. As much as maintenance is anything that's under our control for scheduling when it involves bringing people in.

I'm watching Human Target again. And shipping the hell out of Guerrero/Ames and I totally blame [personal profile] oldandnewfirm for this. It is kind of fun, though. There might have to be tumblr later.

... Yeah, other than that I got no news. Been really tired the past couple of days, not entirely sure why, but given that most of the people around me have had some form of virus or another I'm going to go with fighting off an illness. Still. Reset, back to routines, let's try this again.


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