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Exhausted. Still. At least some of this is the exhausted of oh god why can't I dance for a good solid hour anymore. And some of it is the exhausted of I really need to get more sleep than I've been getting and it's not happening. I'm not getting LESS than I need at least, which is good. Just not as much as I need to keep recuperating and feel rested. I miss that.

At least I got a decent amount of writing done last night, if not quite in the timely fashion I meant to get it done. I.e. Monday. So, buggeryfuck. I'm pretty much at the point of, get this thing done, get other things done for the rest of the day, get Haven done this evening or at least started on. Or maybe that's Person of Interest, at this point. ... Yeah, probably. And then get back to a draft of the next chapter Friday or Saturday and then more edits and augh. Perpetually behind on things. What the hell. Ugh.

The aunt and Elf Lord are off to DC to figure out my grandfather's TARDIS of an apartment (seriously, he seems to have managed to fit an amazing amount of stuff in there, although having moved recently I can attest that that happens no matter how much stuff you have) and probably they will come back with a giant pile of boxes and crap. Which makes this weekend clean all the things when I'm not writing all the things weekend, so we can put everything somewhere, so. Yay? I may try and get the garage finished in terms of cleaning it out. I expect a lot of spiders and going "what the shit is that" at everything. As I seem to do a lot of when I'm working around the house. Or in the house. Or anywhere I haven't been regularly cleaning.

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Yes, you're going to be spammed by languages today, I really, really need to get back in the regular habit of practicing everything on freaking time. But in the absence of good habits, you get chaotic language-spam instead. Have ... fun? If you find that sort of thing fun! Russian and an accounting of my German translating to follow, at least, so that'll all be one post. Um. ... no, it's no good. I've forgotten. Apparently today I'm Rosencrantz. Or Guildenstern.
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So, I think the boy is finally almost recovered from his Mongolian Death Plague, and I still don't have it. I'm going to be on the alert for another week or two, but after that I think I'm going to declare that bullet dodged. Which is a minor miracle. Still not entirely sure how that happened.

Thanks to the boy finally getting recovered the apartment is slowly getting cleaned and I feel a little better/more sane/more like a responsible adult/less depressed. There was a massive fit of want to eat all the carbs and all the sugar and sleep all the sleep and fuck everything with a backhoe yesterday. Fortunately cured by having only one indulgent meal, a really long nap, and slowly starting the process of tidying up in between doing fun stuff like video games and watching truly excessive amounts of Michael Sheen. Don't even ask where the Michael Sheen thing came from, but it was fun. He's kind of starting to grow on me, where before he was always that sort of wacky guy who isn't related to either Martin or Charlie.

I now have eight bags of chopped onions in the freezer. I do not need to buy onions for a while, and I should remember this. The peppers are probably in a similar state.

Oof. I am finally making use of both Dropbox and Spotify; in Spotify's case it's more making use of it to actually get new stuff rather than making use of it at all. So far I have determined that Jakalope and The Kills and Sweet Talk Radio are all awesome and should be a part of my life more often. Dropbox, likewise, is awesome. It may also save my butt from being immensely frustrated and therefore not wanting to use googledocs for really big documents in the coming year. Or not wanting to touch the bigger documents at all. Granted, even most word processing programs balk a bit at really large documents, but they don't take nearly as goddamn long.

Still have all of the tired. Now have all of the facepalm at my Music Theory lesson, which was doing at least decently and has now seemed to have devolved into Music Theory for Dummies. Either that or having no formal music theory training and yet several years of piano and guitar lessons involving reading music and so on have given me a really skewed knowledge base. I'm going for the former, though. On the other hand, I did have a sort of relaxing weekend and I do feel more ready for the week ahead. Especially with having managed to get all the stuff moving to the new computer pretty damn quickly. Now, checking over Spanish and then writing until bed. Maybe dishes if I have the energy/time before I pass out. But I even got a draft of my OBB finished! Almost a full two weeks before it was due! Everyone gasp in shock!

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Someone forgot to do their Japanese last night whoops. Bad me. We'll call it distracted by Sherlock, in which I discover that yes, Benedict Cumberbatch, apart from having one of the most hilarious names ever, is indeed possibly a fangirl's ideal dream. Except where I spent a minute or two noting that and then the entire rest of the first episode squealing over all the Holmes trivia references and how they got the watch speech almost verbatim except updated to the 20th century and how they copied over the Sherlock Holmes deduces Watson was in a war speech almost exactly as well and and the flat finding and everything. It made my little Holmes fangirl heart happy.

Oof. And almost done with Kink Bingos, and ... something. I hate being crampy. I hate bleeding once a month, and I'd bitch more except I have a sneaking suspicion someone would just point out Seasonique or something. And I am just paranoid enough of putting unnecessary chemicals in my body for the sake of greater convenience to really not want to go that route.

Last day of, hopefully, being shorthanded. And maybe it'll be a quiet Friday, it was sort of quiet yesterday, so, here's hoping. I could use some writing and knitting time, anyway. Then again, I can knit even if I have to sit out at the front of the store... anyway, here's hoping!

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Ow. Ow. And ow. Fucking fingertips. Fucking scales. That make me jump over four frets. Which is why I practice, yes, I know this, headvoices, but that doesn't make me any happier about it. On the other hand, guitar practice was easier today than it has been in a while, I'm making headway on Who By Fire, and I've learned a scale. Blues scale C, for those of you keeping track at home. This is really kind of awesome, it's reinforcing my idea that yes, I can do this and yes, I should be practicing like this. It makes me feel good. Also, Ben&Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream is fucking phenomenal. Yes, those two things are related.

Oof. I'm debating what to do about my website and webspace, since my original hosting provider person, well, there are Circumstances. We'll leave it at that. And I think what I'm going to end up doing is relocating my fannish website somewhere, maybe with less fanfic and more random fanspew like big fanfic works, mixes, etc. Those Dark Tower Beam poems I keep saying I'm going to write and lately might actually do so. And also making a website that has more professional person stuff on it. Would anyone like to weigh in on what a professional person website should even have? Leaning more towards professional author person, but possibly also adapted to other stuff, depending. When I actually get to making more than a bare bones site I'll probably peruse some advice blogs/lecture notes/etc to see what they have to say, but for now, interwebs! Enlighten me.

So glad tomorrow's Friday. So glad it's a three day weekend. I've got my list of stuff to do, meat to marinate, things, stuff. I might even go to the library and get out Guns, Germs & Steel because from what people are saying, my belief about Jared Diamond's ethnocentrism is misplaced. His shoddy methods, maybe not so much. Memory might not serve me as well as I could wish seeing as it was ten years ago and I hated it with a fiery passion, but then again, eh. You never know. On the other hand by the time I finally free up time to actually read it I might have forgotten all about it. Right now, Bio-Informatics for Dummies calls. Which is not the most scintillating of books, but it's useful as research. Next up, Astrophysics for Dummies. Or maybe just Physics. Does Space Travel for Dummies exist? Hmmmmm.

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No snow today! Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. I'm just as happy to have the hours at work, especially if it's going to be relatively quiet. I can get some writing done. Also if I can poke the Beej about this knitting thing that I seem to be doing wrong.

Last night's Christmas Eureka and Warehouse 13 episodes were on CRACK. Harry Dresden as an overworking neglectful mundane father, that's all I'm saying. Also, Santa.

Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Edwards. She did not have an easy time of it, and she bore up with more grace than I probably would have at least.

Yuletide. Need to finish my ginormous Yuletide fic of semi-ginormousness so I can send that off to my betas and get that done and then have a hope in hell of polishing it in time. Argh.

And too little time before I run off to work. And Russian may or may not be fubared. Ah well.
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I'm going to take a moment to ogle, fangirl, and drool over Jessica Biel now. Her telling the Spike Guy's Choice awards that, yes, she 'entertains herself' (hee!) to them, too, and thanking Spike TV for setting feminism back 50 years and probably only half joking about it and... well, all of it. And she did have hot co-stars. And my GOD her outfit. Drool.

Ahem. Hopefully today will be quieter. I have leftover teriyaki beef, I have much less shipping to do (I hope) and I have writing I can work on. I got another scene down in the Yuletide fic last night and I think it might end up being about 10k words. That's the size of a Big Bang. Yeesh. But I'm having fun. And I'm working on a series of world-building exercises for, well, random purposes. And Bingos. And it's fun. I'd forgotten how much fun writing could be instead of laborious.

Anyway. Um. Not much else is happening, no links of interest to report. Still interested to see the fallout from WikiLeaks. I have no strong opinions on either side of WikiLeaks good or bad, and I can see both arguments having merit. It's frikkin freezing in WNC right now. I got House of Mysteries, now I just need to read them. Somewhere, I need to write down which trades of Sandman and Transmet I'm missing so if I randomly find myself in a comics store again, I can buy them. And! Human Target tonight! Guerrero torturing people! Ilsa being shocked about it! This will amuse me in the sick, demented way that only mindless television can. I love it.
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OKAY, JAG. Enough screwing around. Back to your languages. No matter how damn tired you are tonight, back to your languages. You do not get fluent if you do not do the work. And you enjoy it, and you do feel better afterward.

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The boy took me to the Japanese steakhouse Ichiban tonight. Because he is an awesome boyfriend even when he doesn't know I have had the day from hell. He also bought me (all?) four issues of House of Mysteries trade paperbacks as compensation for not punching the dogfucker in the face. No, I'm not going to elaborate. Except that the man has already been kicked out of one gamestore for conduct unbecoming a gentleman and I avoid going to game stores he'll be at if I can. He irritates me that much, in physical person.

My legs hurt. My back hurts. I got in to work and did the mail pretty leisurely, then waited for UPS. And UPS brought me 60 pounds of yarn that, for a general estimate, usually comes in 4 oz skeins. That I had to check in and label. And then parcel out because that was ten or twelve orders right there that we'd ordered for, and that took up a good two hours. And then I had to pack boxes like a mofo because we already had about 10 orders to pick and there's a whole rant about a co-worker here that I'm not making either because I'm tired, but basically after I was done with that it was about 1.30, I hadn't had lunch yet, I and I still had to pick about 10 or more orders and pack them and run papers and labels by 3.45 pm. Yay. Thank god for the Beej. Still, we managed to get it all out. And THEN I got to sit down and do customer service emails long enough to stiffen up before I unloaded the shipping boxes that had also arrived that day. A bundle of about 25 boxes weighs anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds. I was schlepping about ten, twelve? More? Sizes of boxes, so... yeah, I don't have teh brain to math anymore, you do it.

All this by way of telling you how fucking tired I am. I hurt. I can't complain too much, I am gainfully employed, but god I hurt.

Stuff. Things. If it's quiet tomorrow at work I might actually be able to take some time to call up Asus and deal with my damn netbook. I miss having my netbook at work. I miss being able to look at things or check languages or write or just listen to my own damn music. I suppose, though, now that I'm knitting, I can do that when it's slow. Not that it's likely to be slow before January. Life in retail.

Murdock-kitten continues to be clingy. Someday he will allow me to be on the laptop and not ram his head into my chin like a very tiny brawler. Until that day, I get to amuse all my friends on chat with abruptly breaking into current discussion to type MURDOCK GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY FACE. Ah, the glamorous life of a kitty mommy.

... Speaking of Murdock, I haven't heard him around in a while. Uh-oh.

Oh, does anyone have a favorite hat knitting pattern for a Jayne hat? I figure if I'm going to start making hats I might as well start with that one.
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All right, let's try that again.

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I swear, I have the clingiest cat that ever clung. I am, apparently, not allowed to have things in my lap that are Not Murdock. That book I was reading? Not Murdock. The computer? Not Murdock. That bowl of cereal? Not Murdock, and in fact that is Murdock's Cereal Milk, Human, Why Are You Drinking My Milk. I'm also not allowed to shower alone. He told me this at the top of his voice.

I am not allowed to buy any more yarn until I knit what I've already got. Seriously. I am going fingerless gloves happy, here, I am going absolutely nuts with it. By way of example, here are some of the projects I'm currently working on:

1 pair fingerless gloves watermelon colored Noro Kureyon.
1 pair fingerless gloves ribbed from freaky purple NatureSpun Brown Sheep
Wash ribbed and stockinette fingerless gloves from Brown Sheep purple to get an idea of shrinkage (lay flat dry)
1 pair fingerless gloves from slate blue NatureSpun
1 pair fingerless gloves from deep navy NatureSpun
1 pair fingerless gloves from deep navy NatureSpun with dark teal fluffy edging

And that's just the ones I have plans for. I also have a couple other balls of yarn I'm not sure what I'm going to do with, but. PLUS all the yarn I've spun. Although most of that is getting given away. I need to spin my two other monkeys and then box it up and send a bunch of it off to people. And set a bunch of skeins, too, which may happen tonight. And then I'll probably start spinning the other monkeys tomorrow.

Two scenes out of 16 are done for Yuletide and I'm almost at 1k. And let me emphasize, one of these scenes was a short intro scene. This is going to be a pretty big story, and it is going to be so much fun to write. I just hope my recipient likes it. I also managed to finish a short story I was getting stuck on yesterday, which was nice. Now I just need to revamp my writing schedule, figure out what I need to do for all my Bingos (which will have to happen tonight, since I don't have a computer I can look at my bingo cards on, argh) and get back on track. Cake.
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That's MY cereal, dammit. Why do I always forget what having a kitten is actually like when ... okay, when the boy picks one up. So, not my fault, but still.

Man, trying to fit all this into a morning when I was woke up early, stayed up late, and am leaving almost forty five minutes early is hard, yo! 20 minutes of rapid exercise, and then I'm off. Well, then I'm dressed and waiting for my ride. And then I'm knitting for a while. Or reading. Ooh, fairy porn.

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The other side of the story, in brief, also known as accounts from TSA operatives. This makes me think it's less (still partially, but less so) Milgram's at work and more a combination of that and bad bureaucracy. (For those of you who aren't familiar, the Milgram experiment was an experiment in order to determine the degree in which people would obey authority figures, despite the orders being in conflict with their personal conscience. This involved, basically, being ordered to electrocute someone with an increasing level of harm, up to and including causing the person to scream in pain. No one was actually harmed, but the important thing is that the people administering the supposed shocks didn't know that it was an actor. They truly and honestly believed they were administering, under orders and with the assurances that it was all part of the experiment, significant doses of electricity. And most of them did it anyway.) So.

The Schizophrenia Virus: Apparently there's a new (for a relative value of new) theory that schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and multiple sclerosis are all caused by (directly or indirectly) a virus that's inherent in our systems as human beings, and activates when... if I remember this right, when our immune systems are weakened as infants. The proofs I can remember are that the symptoms of at least schizophrenia respond to antivirals, that immune system responses were measured in schizophrenics in ways that indicated the body had been attacked by something, but no recognizable antibodies were present... there were a couple other things. It also explains a repeated, measurable, if tiny increase in the percentage of schizophrenia afflicted who were born in the winter and early spring months: flu season. And there were a couple other reasons besides. Drugs and treatments are now in trials that treat all three (I think?) conditions as though they were caused by a virus. It also makes me wonder about the future of gene therapy, which, as I understand it, involves latent or otherwise harmless viruses being applied to a person; if the appropriate whatsises could be tacked on to viruses inherent in our system... Anyway, it's interesting.

Also, this is just awesome.

I think there was another link here that I meant to round up, and haven't yet.

Mail order sale done! Sleep achieved. Most of the weekend stuff was shoveled out yesterday, a bunch will go out in the post mail today, and if I'm very lucky I'll be able to end the day not so exhausted I have a near-migraine and with a clean desk. The week wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but the weekend was sort of brutal. Fell down on nearly all my routines, and I'm fairly sure the only reason I kept up with Russian was because it was numbers, which aren't that hard. Still. Back up on the horse, routines and eating properly and so on.

I did start reading Divine Misdemeanors last night, which, despite my urge to throttle the purple out of Laurell K and remind her that tea does contain caffeine you nit was actually pretty enjoyable popcorn reading. I'll probably finish it tonight. Then, finally, finishing a friend's novel and giving her back the edits on that, then finishing Bourne Supremacy. My god, I have time to read again! When did that happen?

I have my Yuletide assignment. It, and my recipient, are awesome, and I hope my recipient likes the fic. Because I'm going to deeply enjoy writing it. I just need to figure out a couple of main details and then I can start drafting that on Dec 1, after Nano. I'm knitting, and trying to keep my knitting projects down to two things only. Because as soon as we clear out the craft room from its current quarantine zone I am going back to spinning ALL THE FIBER. It's really kind of hilarious how crafty I'm turning out to be. And then again, there are worse habits to pick up, considering where I work and the family business and things!

Holy cow, you guys, I have energy! That hasn't happened in, um. A week. And we'll see how long it lasts after I get to work, but, hey.
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At some point there will be an icon of kittens. Also possibly I will post a picture of the cats all lined up and eating if I can ever get one. Right now their graduated (?) sizes are just so damn cute.

And thank god for journal draft saving, because otherwise I would have to do all that all over again and be even more exhausted and cranky than I already am. Work is insane. Mostly thanks to a mail order sale weekend which, weekends are already usually pretty bad because it's two days worth of orders I'm not in to pack, but mail order sale final weekend was kind of nuts. Came in a bit early, sorted everything out, packed a bunch of shit, picked a bunch of orders, and now I am sitting down and eating a goddamn sandwich. From the sandwich place of awesome. Pomegranate glaze and goat cheese chicken sammich on grilled panini. With tropical coleslaw. Because dammit, I deserve it.

This, after coming in to work on Saturday. Oh my god I am so ready for Thanksgiving just to get a chance to sleep. AUGH. More stuff to ship. I run and hide now. (Amusingly, this was piled up on the other stuff with the accompanying comment of "just when you thought it was safe to have lunch")

There would be more but I'm incoherent right now.
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This really should have been the icon for yesterday, but I spent all night cramming in last minute edits for my PolyBigBang, which is now posted. So. And Human Target, I did take a break for Human Target. GUERRERO. So much Guerrero. It was awesome. I loves me the pocket ninja.

Right. So today. Mail order sale. Not getting annoyed at A Certain Person who ... well, no. Not getting annoyed or bitter at them. Not her fault she can't multitask/work as efficiently as I can when I put my mind to it. If things get slow, copying over Russian vocab or knitting, since I brought my knitting to practice making appropriate knots in things. As opposed to inappropriate knots which just make snarls. Appropriate ones make arm warmers. Bright purple arm warmers, too. And then, getting home and working my cute little ass off at Nano. Current writing projects involve: worldbuilding tutorial, Nano, and very very tentatively outlining three future big bangs. Where 'outlining' here means 'throwing ideas around and seeing if some of them stick. Oh, and workblog. And origfic bingo. Oh christ. Fortunately all of these are small projects and only one of them has an upcoming due date. And no quality control.

It's a lot easier to work on a project with no quality control with an upcoming deadline, seriously. And for the tutorial, the workblog, and the origfic bingo, the quality control is different from usual, too. The tutorial and workblogs just have to be clear and sort of pithy. The origfic bingo I feel less pressured on because they're not Big Bangs, no one's collaborating with me and putting an effort into it that I feel I have to match and stress over. There's probably a CS post in that. And if I had access to my scratch pad I would write that down! STupid damn netbook. I'll worry about that after the mail order sale, but still.

The pressure is off. I feel as though it's off, anyway. I can breathe again, and I can write. And kick ass at this whole mail order sale thing. Apparently, though, I cannot tweet from this computer. Argh.

Stuff and things, things and stuff. I need to organize my brain, especially my electronic brain. Something to do at lunch. Tutorial. Workblog essays to start, plus fiction. Origfic bingo. Nano. CS post. Knitting. Spinning. Outlining. Projects that I should put in some kind of organized to-do fashion. And update my damn writing schedule and stick to it. That, too, got knocked down when I lost my netbook. Fucking first world problems. Ah well. One thing at a time. (And apparently right now that thing is checking in all the damn dye. Yeesh.)
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At this point I'm ready to just say 'fuckit' and memorize all the numbers. Oi.

Tired. Slightly cranky, and mostly tired. Really tired because Mikey did the waking up thing AGAIN and we tried locking him out of the room except he kept banging on the door, then. I'm ready to try a squirt bottle next. I have no idea what's up with him lately. He's so obnoxious and so loud and so damned big and muscular for a cat that it's hard to wrangle him and stay half asleep enough to be able to get back to sleep quickly. Ugh.

Okay. Today, more mail order sale. Coming home, figuring out what to make for dinner. Oh christ, I have that appointment with the postal service rep today. That requires being a responsible adult. I don't want to be a responsible adult. I want to go back to bed. I want to curl up in bed, and then do some writing, and then ... drink hot cocoa and sit around in my pajamas all day. Something like that.

Instead, I get to be a responsible adult. Yay.

Right. Sigh. Going to work. Possibly copying the vocab sheets out of my first year Russian textbook. Coming home and posting my Big Bang. I'd say going to bed early but that probably won't happen. Maybe going to bed early tomorrow night. This weekend I am taking for myself and doing not a goddamn thing. Except writing. And dicking around with computer games.

Small victories: So far I have not eaten badly, I've kept up with making everyone's lunch, I've kept up with Japanese in the evenings, and I've gone to bed on time. I've had two kickass days in a row, it was only a matter of time before I had a more blah one. And I'm halfway through the mail order sale week. And then I can rest. Okay, that wasn't so bad. Little better now.
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Yeah, remember when I said I was done with this exhaustion thing and had caught up on sleep? I lied. I am, however, done with the schadenfreude and being petty and bitchy for today. I am allowed 15 minutes of petty, unmitigated bitchiness in my own head and then I have to do something productive.

Like practice Japanese while listening to Irish language music. Oi.

I think that's what they meant. At least, they said answer the questions with the floor number rather than the department and/or floor number, so there's that. I also need to trim my nails like crazy but I kind of don't want to because I want long nails for Cheetara. On the other hand, can I stand having long nails that keep getting longer until Dragon Con. Decisions. Hm. And, heh, apparently Tia Carrere is coming to Dragon Con. This is turning into a fucking huge list.

I have my white leotard for dyeing! I'm tempted to order a couple more white ones in case this doesn't work out, but really I think I'm going to at least try to wait and see. It's white. And it's mostly cotton. There's a limit to how bad this can go, especially when using the stupidly simple least expensive dye. So, for my reference, I'm using about a tenth of the packet of dye that I have, to start with. And if it's too light I can add more. But given the formula with which I'm dyeing this, given that I want a medium shade and the leotard is a little less than a third of a pound, and given that one pack of dye works for one to two pounds of fiber... yeah, that's a good place to start.

Oof. Game Saturday. There might also be dyeing on Saturday, or maybe hand-sewing. Something to knock down my list o' shit to do for the con while I game. I can game from the kitchen, I've done it before, and hand sewing I can just have oooh. I can do hems. That'll be good. Or a hem, anyway. Possibly hems plural if I cut and sew it all Friday evening, but, god, I'm not sure I want to do that. On the other hand, that would mean I have both the skirts fucking done. Hmm. Decisions. Maybe just start cutting tomorrow and see how that goes. That sounds best. Especially since I have writing to do. Holy shit, you guys, I'm almost done with this costume. And then I'll have a Cheetara costume as well as a Silk Spectre costume to be reused.

Things and stuff. Writing happened. Is happening. Will happen, will finish happening soon, I think. Well, will have to finish happening soon because going home happens soon. And then pondering cooking and baking for Saturday, assuming game happens. Because if I cook up a shitton of food for everyone and then have Chuckwagon Stew in my bento all next week, I will murder them all. Especially since I think I've only just regained my normal allotment of spoons. Murder, I tell you. Also, my kitchen is fucking filthy, that goes on the list, too.

As a random aside, I'm starting to feel like Sheriff Carter. I feel like my vocabulary for the rest of the night is going to consist of "NOW what?" and "Are you KIDDING me?" If I'm going to act like Sheriff Carter, goddammit, I demand a badge. And no Sorcerers in my goddamn town.
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Surprisingly, getting all the shit done today that I wanted to get done while I was at work was not as hard as I expected. This means the only thing I have to do this evening is sewing and writing, both of which I can live with. And doing bento. And then, hopefully, getting to bed on fucking time. Or even early. Guys, if I'm stupid enough to get embroiled in RP tonight, smack me?

I'm doing something fairly expensive but also fairly brave and ultimately productive, more of which will be revealed later. But I also really want to bounce about it, so you get cryptic until the deal is done. Suffice to say, living in Asheville and working at the family store has corrupted me to picking up a number of other crafty hobbies (this one, at least, requires less in the way of equipment I need myself and more that I can just borrow from the store) and it is really sad how into it I'm getting. But also kind of cool. This is a family business that's in semi-danger of dying out because I'm the only child who's come back to work at the family business, and we don't seem to have the money to help bring in others of the next generation. I'd like to. I know friends of mine would like to, but... it's frustrating. But this is a step. A really awesome step.

Today going smoother seems to have given me back a couple spoons. I almost want to use a different metaphor, now. Instead of spoons maybe hearts, or Life, or something. I feel like some kind of video game character running around through the day looking for mana potions or heart potions or something. If I were Link I'd be able to build up my heart containers. Which I might actually have been doing by way of CS. Maybe I started out with four heart containers and now I have six. Whatever the metaphor, I have more of it now. I feel a little better, a little less scattered and sleepy, and ready to actually finish out the day productively.

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Two days' worth:
6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?
Anywhere I can sprawl. I write on my back with my legs propped up against the wall, at my desk slumped down in the chair (yes, I know it gives me bad posture), on my stomach on the carpet, where ever. And I write at whatever time of the day I can. I try to start writing a couple hours after I wake up, so my brain has time to wake up, and stop a couple hours before I go to sleep so the wolves don't get me. Other than that, I'm very flexible. I can also write on computer or pen and paper, but since computers got way more portable and efficient at word processing I've gotten much, much lazier and prefer to write on computer. At least, full-length stories. Notes I'll take on anything that stands still with anything that leaves a mark.

Literally, sometimes. I have an OCD disorder called hypergraphia, and there have been times when I was nervous or upset more consistently than I am now when I would cover surfaces and scratch paper with lists, song lyrics, anything written down. It was a good time for jotting down notes that might make sense later, but not a very good time for my state of mid otherwise. I don't really consider that writing anymore, although I kind of did at the time.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

I tend to listen to movie soundtracks and scores when I write, because if I listen to song lyrics I wind up singing along and that plays hell with trying to focus on what I'm writing. I also listen to instrumental music, orchestral or folk or what have you, and I definitely relate music to mood or character. My Nameless half-Sluagh has a whole playlist of Last of the Mohicans tracks, folk fiddle music, some Western-style music, and some celtic airs. My amnesiac angel novel has most of the score from the original The Crow. I'm not sure what my desert novel playlist will end up being (although I expect I'd better solidify that as I buckle down on it) but I think it will end up having a lot of Firefly, Serenity, western film stuff (natch) and probably some flute music. I like to score my writing as though it were a film. I'm sure I'm not unique in this. :)
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日本語 )

Ohguh. Only a small bit of Japanese today on account of my somewhat inability to English, let alone any other -ish. Or tell time. I thought today was Tuesday for about an hour. I froze up with Spanish, which, now I need to review the specifics of a couple of things just so that I have the grammatical rules and terms straight in my head in such a way that I can explain them and not just be all "this sounds like this? I think?" And... between that, being called awesome by Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer on Warehouse 13), getting not only my current leotards in but also my original leotards shipped, getting my patch, getting to demonstrate spinning and successfully be a tourist attraction for half an hour, then... various and sundry other snafus? My brain is more scattered than than ashes on the wind.

Things that went right today.

* Did I mention I got tweeted and called awesome by Eddie McClintock? because I did.

* Two of my leotards came! Two others, including the white one I mean to dye, will come later in the week!

* My larger patch came, after I was a silly person and didn't look at the size of the Thundercats patch I ordered.

* I not only successfully salvaged a spinning demonstration wherein I was actually unable to make the damn yarn catch, I managed to thoroughly entrance and delight a bunch of... four to eight year olds? For about half a damn hour. Go Go Kitty Tourist Attraction.

* I successfully dragged enough of the Spanish from the background of my brain to the foreground to review and correct the Spanish exercise, with some help from the web, and to realize what was tripping me up as far as matching words to grammar forms. Explaining grammar when you're near to a native speaker of a language you haven't spoken in near to 20 years is HARD.

* I did manage to get my Japanese done.

* I made a plan for maybe making Whites and maybe not, that I can live with, that satisfies both my sudden urge to do that costume and the reality that Dragon*Con is fast approaching.

* I did not raid the candy basket, but instead went and supplied myself with good chocolate from across the street, so I should be set for the next month or so.

Tonight, German while having dinner, and then writing and either a little more sewing or more dicking around with makeup. I think I need to cave and find a light, cream base for lighter beige/Latina skin to go under my Cheetara makeup. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Random language practice )

日本語 )

And that's all she wrote for that, because I have to do my emails and get ready to get the hell out of here. God my workstation's a mess. I really, really need to clean it up on Monday. Like, a lot. File my papers, break down boxes and clear them out, all that jazz. And probably clear some of the crap off my table as well, which here means trashing it. Or putting boxes too far gone down to the recycling. Oogh. Except today what I had to do was ship a fuckton of backordered yarn since it was finally in. And now the dyehouse for our yarn is waiting on their dye, which didn't come when expected. Oh goodie. Because what we needed was a BIGGER delay in getting that yarn in.

30 days of writing meme )

3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you're writing about fictional places)?

... Oh christ.

It depends on the circumstance. Usually the names just sort of pop into my head, the shape and sound of them, and with a little prodding they drop right in. Dale worked that way, I knew it was sort of a D-a type sound. Joss... I can't even remember how, but I know Martine was that way too. My go-to when I need a name right now and can't think that way is usually the environment around me. The news or newspaper or a news website, the paperwork at work. I'll pull first names from there, and last names, and mash them up together, sometimes altering them (from 'Jennifer' to 'Jen' or 'Miriam' to 'Maryam' or something ridiculous like that) or just taking a first name from someone and a last name from somewhere else.

Sometimes I'll need a cultural name. And sometimes when I need that, I'll google [culture] [gender] baby name, but a lot of times I'll go to literature or fiction or history and just wiki surf until I come across something I like that sounds right. I prefer looking in original sources for names, especially when I'm aiming for a certain geographic region. If only because then I know that I've at least gotten it somewhat right, even if that name isn't in favor anymore. Preferably matching up name, region, and time period, but you can't always have everything.

Fantasy names I've never been good with. Which is probably why most of my current works are urban fantasy. I am kind of fascinated with conlang, so I expect when I dive into fantasy or more distant sci-fi for a more concerted try I'll actually create a linguistic background for the names for my made-up culture. If you haven't already figured out that I'm something of a language geek by now, well...

Names for countries and cities and places and things... well, again, I don't do fantasy or sci-fi much as I used to, so that's less of an issue. Clubs and restaurants and things, I tend to go for either "stock" names or build off of names of places I've been, organizations I've heard of, and so on. So far it's been very easy to just mix and match or chop and paste. Sometimes I'll make it relevant to a plot element, or a character element of the character who owns or runs the place. Usually I try to make it either fit into the theme or just sound plausible.

Mostly, my favorite names just seem to click. I know them when I hear them.

(And by now I've been writing this post for about three hours, so I think I'm just going to post it and be done.)
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日本語 )

30 days of writing )

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why.

Thus far, without a doubt, Nameless. With Martine coming in a close second, but, Nameless. He is my half-Sluagh, he is an uncouth bastard, but god I love him. He will not shut up and I love that about him.

One of these days, I'll finish editing the damn story and actually get it into print. (I think just being scared of what happens if it gets into print and no one likes it or wants to buy it is a big part of that.) His story, called The Long Road, is the story of his life up to the modern day and does jump around a tad. Despite it being about a half-Sluagh, the supernatural really plays very little foreground role in the story. Mostly it's just about a guy making his way through the world and several centuries worth of time, which is the mainly remarkable thing about him.

He lurches around, getting into trouble with his werewolf friend and fighting his way out of it again, bedding women and the occasional young man, taking odd jobs here and there to survive or sometimes living off the land or coming close to starving many times. And despite his uncouth, hard-bitten, really crude and gross and disgusting and kind of horrifying exterior, beneath that he is deeply, truly loyal and loving with those he cares about. His friend, primarily. He also, despite being unsettling in that deep-down way you can't quite pinpoint but god you want to get away from him, is very safe. Around people who are too innocent to know better (unless they come into the areas he frequents, bars and such), around children especially.

His voice is very strong, very clear. I love writing him, even if there are times when he (and he's the only character of mine that does this!) just casually blurts out things that make me go OH DEAR GOD EW. I love his voice, I love his personality, I love almost everything about him. And I love the fact that he doesn't make me want to go squish him. He's his own person, he's a vivid character, very colorful, and a great deal of fun. And wise, in his own way. Right now, he's definitely the one I love playing with the most.

I promise, after I get through with another Big Bang or two, I'll get back to that. Really. Pinky-swear.

Did get my makeup today. Did not get my leotards which, at this point, I think is going to result in me looking for a backup and emailing the store have emailed the store and asked for the status of my order. And will now start looking for a backup piece. Probably towards the end of the day around CS post time. That's the last major piece of my costume and, argh. Just, argh. It would be so much easier if I could actually have it and have it all done. Ah well. Maybe if I'm very lucky I'll find something somewhere else. ... Maybe if I remember to go outside this weekend I'll get rid of this damn farmer's tan, because now I'm thinking of trying to more match the makeup to my coloring and it's just going to be bloody awkward if I'm still this weird combination of tanned and pasty. I'm not supposed to be this pasty, dammit.

Sigh. Back to work. And then probably to more writing and emailing people and so on, but mostly, back to work. And. And and, running across the street to the other wig shop to see if they have a slightly more outlandish color that at least won't look quite so... Seriously, folks, I do not look good as a platinum blonde.
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日本語 )

Well, that's done. Dear lord, I think my splitting headache has finally gone away with the application of about a litre of water and 550 mg of naproxen sodium. Take that, head.

Slowly running down the long list of things to do today. Among them: contact SciFi Big Bang artist, write up the rest of the prompts at least for the next several months, German, drop spindle practice. Try not to die. I actually had one or two other writing tasks but I've now completely forgotten them in the time it took for me to go to the kitchen, get some water, and come back. I suspect at least one of those is start kicking my ass on ... Christ, I can't even remember. Desert novel thing. I have lost all track of time and the only reason I am not running into myself all over the places is because the physics of this world do not permit such activity. Or else I would be. A lot. This isn't Red Queen Running, this is Red Queen Tripping Over Her Own Stupid Feet And Falling Flat On Her Ass.

On the plus side, my family seems to be determined to keep throwing money at me for my medical bills? I'm not worried about paying my medical bills, per se, it is irritating to have them, but I'm not worried about it. It's also nice to have family throwing money at me, I guess. Anyway, it's equally nice to know I'm probably not going to have much of them for a little while yet. I've got another PT on Wednesday after UPS has at least theoretically gone, and that'll be good. But apparently after the initial evaluation the price drops considerably. I like this.

Ugh. I kind of want to email to check on my leotard order. I might, later today. It seems like this store might be the equivalent of our store, so I'm not too worried, but the damn thing was hard enough to find the first time. Ah well. Still can't remember what the hell else I meant to do. Maybe that's enough for one day. Maybe I should walk up to the lingerie store before the end of the day and buy stockings. Ye-es. I can do that, at least.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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