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... I take it back. Irish is the most complicated, annoying language ever. Worse than any other language I've studied. Worse than English.

My lavender is coming up with pretty pretty flowers! My morning glories are not, but I planted them... what, a week ago? Less than? I should really just calm down. Especially since I've definitely established that I can grow things from seed. So calm down, self. They'll grow when they grow. It's only towards the end of May, you have the entire summer and into fall for some growing seasons. Calm down and stop worrying about your plants.

(I will not calm down. I will in fact calm up. I will also attempt to collect more plants.)

Thingy thing thing. I'm making myself finish at least one of the friendship bracelet projects I've started before I even attempt to do a cabinet cover for my courtesan cabinet, but that may be the next knitting/braiding/thread project I start on. Which has not stopped me from picking out a pattern, but at least I have some degree of willpower. Maybe? There's at least a couple other knitting projects I need to finish too, while I'm at it. Le sigh. Maybe I can remember to get going on that. And repair my wheel. And everything else.

And no, none of this has distracted me from writing, it's just that thinking of one craft project I want to do reminds me of all the unfinished ones I have yet to do. One project at a time I guess? Plus the writing one project at a time, which is its own sort of chaos and aaaugh. No, I'm allowing local chaos to infect me. One project at a time. Today's project: finishing this bracelet and working on the dime novel I was working on. Once that's done, the next projects. And so on and so forth. I can totally do this. Really.

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Yep, still tired and in pain from the morning workout. I'm almost getting used to this. Except not. It is doing me some good, though. Number of plies is going up, number of push-ups is going up, flexibility and muscle tone, etc. So there's that. I just wish something like exercise energy high would kick in because building muscle or something just makes me sluggish for a bit. Maybe I need to rethink and start alternating things.

Costuming happened last night! I started in with the wig experiment and have discovered that, yes, superglue and thread make a decent sized plug type thing that I can use. Also I have a lot of extension hair. After that it's just a matter of seeing if I can stick it into the wig, and then I'll be golden. Well, spotted. I also got the headband for Faye Valentine painted and that turned out really well, and got the belt for Silk Spectre cut out and then promptly decided it looked horrible. What I might do, though, is cut that section in half, make more of a buckle cover over the front, and use that as a cover for a simple nylon webbing and buckle belt. Preferably a two-inch one.

But, yeah. Two of those were by and large a success! The third is just a pain in the ass and not essential anyway. This week I have even more costuming crap scheduled out, along with some writing, and hopefully between the lot of it I can get almost everything sorted and off my list. And then it's just down to the costume rebuilds. Which still frighten me.

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm not glad I had horrific dreams about the Lurking Bandit apparently taking an epileptic fit and somehow causing or being around for the derailing of a lot of freight trains that I had to witness from the window of a bus and what even about that? I would like less horrific dreams and more nice ones please thanks. Ah well. Hopefully today will be quietish, I can get writing and editing done. Ooh, and maybe repotting some of those no, I can't do that yet. But the boy brought home two new more further along tomato plants for me to hopefully not kill, so there's that. I can do that tomorrow sometime. Oh the glamourness of my life.

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I actually slept through the night last night, amazingly enough. I'm not sure how rested I feel today since I didn't manage to get to bed early last night, either, but I at least got a full night's sleep. Average full night's sleep, anyway. We'll see if that's enough and how much I'm recuperating and how much sleep I need. Woo.

I'm rewatching Jekyll in preparation for meeting James Nesbitt at Dragon*Con. I'm not even sure what to say to the creepy bastard. But this kind of makes me want to hide behind Bofur. Though I'd not quite managed to forget that Dwalin/Graham McTavish is in this too. He's also coming to Dragon*Con. This is going to be a weird, interesting Dragon*Con. And I have no idea what kind of line they're going to have, and. Weird and interesting. I kind of hope I run into them without a lineup, but that's always sort of a crapshoot. And I'm still debating whether or not it'd be too ... something. To get Nesbitt to sign my Irish textbook. Well, the more textbooky one.

And apparently this is the week for me tweeting actors on a lark, because it amuses me, and having them tweet back much to my acute startlement. First Sasha, then Colin Ferguson yesterday. I've actually met Colin Ferguson, a couple Dragon*Cons ago, he's a real sweetheart. So, yes. This morning's been a bit odd.

I need to get back on track somehow. That's probably going to be most of today, dragging myself back on track, wrapping up things that should have been done days ago. And dealing with the dregs of the mail order sale. That's going to be fun. If I'm very lucky nothing will happen to make it complicated and I'll get it done. Otherwise it's back to the Red Queen's Race.

ETA: So, I remembered that "chases, escapes, true love, miracles" were Wednesday, sent off a tweet to Sasha about Happy Princess Bride day and so on, and tagged it #inconceivable! An Inigo Montoya bot replied. At least I'm pretty sure it's a bot, the account seems to exist for the sole purpose of finding people who have used that tag and replying to them with "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Awesome. I love the internet.

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Someone tell me what I'm building for this year's DragonCon.

This brought to you by the Beej coming over and showing me the costumes she's building, whereupon I went 'fuck, I need to start building for DC.' I know I need to build a new Cheetara costume, which, I might start with just getting some inexpensive spandex and making a mock-up of the design before I start cutting into the actual spandex I have, and then I also need to build a new Silk Spectre costume. So, clearly what I need is some throw-away spandex. Which I guess means I take an index of it tonight and then buy and build mock-ups over the next couple of weekends? ... Which, actually, come to think of it, shouldn't be that hard. Couple months' work all told. But after Cheetara and Silk Spectre, then what do I build? I'm seriously debating whether or not I want to do Tron again, on the one hand I've heard there will be a lot of Tron people, and on the other hand my success with lightwire has been minimal at best. Though I suppose I could at least take the time to build a proper Tron-like base for it this time, not a steampunk one. That went over like a lead balloon. And I do have Abby and, oh. I was going to do Faye Valentine. But Faye's easy. I might try and remember to do that this weekend.

So, help me, Obi Wan F-list. What the hell am I doing this year for Dragon*Con?
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Woke up dizzy AGAIN. And I'm not sure if I need to up my water intake, my sodium intake, lower either, something. It's just first thing in the morning, though, so it's possible that what I need isn't any of that, but more sleep. Or maybe that and more water. Fuck if I know. It's not acute or anything, just annoying, especially when so much of my exercise routine depends on balance and such.

Simple joys again. Last time it was hot running water, this time it's the ability to do laundry. Spent some time last night tossing clothes through the washer and dryer, folding them and putting them in my dresser or, well, in the boy's nightstand, since his dresser is in the garage still. That's probably one thing we should do today, get his dresser upstairs. Or tomorrow. But soon. And stuff can all get folded and put away, he can figure out how he wants to arrange his clothes and I'll arrange mine, and. God, slowly unpacking, but still unpacking. Progress! Bit by bit.

I both can't believe it's Friday and am so fucking glad it's Friday. I hope it's a quiet Friday, but I don't know how likely that is. And then when I get home the living room needs done because tomorrow it's going to be full of furniture.

... I'm hesitant to make plans, now, past that, because chances are they're going to get changed within the next few hours or something. Apparently the boy intends to go grocery shopping in the morning, which means I do need to get a menu done, but fuck if I know what else is going to happen. Ugh. I should make a list of things I mean to get done this weekend rather than a schedule. Yes.

Oh! But! I also discovered that my time to make a double batch of biscuits is about 30 minutes prep/15 minutes cook. And by prep I kind of also mean clean up a bit between stages, but. I had a massive biscuit craving (still not a Hobbit) last night so I got home and to the kitchen and immediately flung myself into baking biscuits. And they came out fucking fantastic. And then I ate possibly more of them than I should have but biscuits and jam. Only now I need suitable jam for the biscuits. Or to make honeybutter. Or both. I think both. I promise I'm not a Hobbit. I just need my biscuits and jam.
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Fuck yeah washer and dryer 90% installed! Which is actually sort of like those clicky pet sites where you have something at both 10% and 55% grown in that it's grown 100% out of egg status but only 10% out of hatchling status. In this case my laundry room has grown 100% of a washer and 90% of a dryer. Ish. We need to hook up the big tin exhaust pipe thing. We can use the dryer, it just makes the whole place very steamy. But I did fucking laundry last night. BOOYAH. Sorted out some of the clothes, which didn't last as long as I wanted because in the middle of sorting clothes the washer decided it wanted to go for a walk. Well, a waddle. I moved it back into a place where it seemed sturdy and braced, gave it a dirty look, turned it back on again, and it fucking tried to escape again. So I got the boy up and we got it moved back and braced better and now it knows to behave itself. Also the fucking thing is from Mars. Or Stark Industries. There's actually a light-up dial in the center that looks like Iron Man's chestplate light. The boy informed me that if this thing starts JARVISing me it's my fault.

So. That happened, and I got a couple batches of taco meat and spaghetti sauce done. Bigger batches than I meant to on account of apparently we had four pounds of meat instead of two, but, hey, fuckit. Spaghetti sauce lasts for a while and it's easy and makes for good batch cooking. And then I got some writing done and, okay, maybe it wasn't the stuff I did want to get done, but it worked out all right. And today I come home and won't have to worry about not waking up the boy, so I can get a bunch more stuff done. Starting with affixing the exhaust pipe to the dryer, self, don't forget that.

Still somewhat offended that Memrise has Na'vi on there but not Khuzdul or Sindarin and what appears to be only a piddling attempt at Quenya. Come on, Tolkienites! Let's get with it! I am also sorely tempted to rectify this, and have to keep reminding myself that goddamn woman, don't you have enough to do without adding more tasks? Yes, yes you do. So shut up. (And that said, you know, if any other Tolkienite and linguist out there wants to start tossing a tutorial into Memrise I would not be averse. Ahem.)

It's Thursday. I'm not sure I've quite got the hang of Thursday. I don't know, though, I'm up, I'm dressed and showered, I've done a small load of clothes and a load of dishes in the dishwasher and my lunch rice is finishing up and I've done my languages and my exercises and I fed and scooped the cats and watered the plants and moved the lettuce in before it all dies and fucked around watching more Hobbit stuff a bit. I think I qualify for a competent adult badge for the day, right? Of course right.

Now I just need to remember that I'm saving my money for Knoxville and I don't need to buy another bottle of Burt's Bees lotion just because I decided I like that one best of the fifty frillion lotions I seem to have accumulated. Though I might walk up to the spice shop and get some cumin since, out. ... and if I want to make beans this weekend I will need cumin, so that's that settled. Okay, self. You can do this. Let's get to it. (This is so much better than last night when the wolves had turned into wargs and were gnawing at my ankles.)

Aren't you glad you started reading me so you can see all this mundane crap? Or is that a warg talking again. I never can quite tell.

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Today's bird count is at least three blue jays, two boy cardinals, one possibly girl cardinal or some other more sedately colored bird, I didn't get a look before it flew away and I was coming up the front walk rather than looking through the window.

Got at least four or five book boxes done last night. It looked like a lot more before I thought about how many book boxes we probably have. If I can get off early today it might be finishing that up, or it might be something else, there's just too damn much to do and not enough time to do it in. But at least some stuff got done yesterday. And I'm slowly picking up the kitchen, and I need to check and see when Pixie wants to pick up a key. So, text! Easy enough.

And now it's starting to hit me that I didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted to. Mostly writing, but also unpacking. I don't know if this is unfounded or if I do need to pay more attention and be more efficient or what. I have four empty boxes that weren't empty yesterday and a couple clean shelves with books now on them instead of dust? And I have a couple thousand words of essay that weren't written, but I wanted more. I guess the only way to fix that is to be more efficient today. Argh. I wish everything weren't happening at once. That I had time to do stuff.

No leaving early for me today, I need to take home the dolly so we can move the washing machine and dryer, and I can't do that on the bus. Plumber today, in theory, and then furniture delivery Saturday and that's about it for external logistics, now I just need to crunch internal logistics. Which, ugh. I have a shitton of blogwork to do and a shitton of unpacking to do and, no, I'm just really tired. So, shutting up and soldiering on, because I don't get a rest for a while.
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I have no idea what's responsible for the attack of dizziness this morning but I do not like it, Sam I Am. No center floor exercises for me, just stretches, barre type exercises (until I get my portable bar the mantel will do), and isolations. I will say, though, doing almost solely dance exercises is working almost all of my body pretty well. The only thing I'm missing is upper body, mostly the area between my elbows and my shoulders, which, apparently that's what push-ups are for? Given all empiricdotal evidence. Still not happy with the dizzy. Drinking lots of water and soon eating and such to compensate, and not sure what happens if that doesn't work. I did give about two and a half vials of blood over to labwork yesterday, but you'd've thought that would make me dizzy yesterday, not today. Delayed reaction?

Of course the second I say that is when Call to Dance by Leahy comes on and I end up bouncing around the living room. Oi, self.

Murdock and I have discovered that when Mommy puts birdseed under the bushes by the front window, blue jays happen. Five of them, this morning, which amuses and surprises me because my impression of blue jays has always been that they're cranky and territorial. Maybe they can tolerate each other for being fed? I also may be killing my lettuce, or at least one of them, which gives me a 3/8 success rate. Which is my own damn fault for putting them out before we had fully moved in, since that's when most of them died, ah well. But the broccoli is now at, I think, 6/9 plants have little broccoli heads! I have no idea what the strawberries are doing, the outer leaves are turning pretty but useless colors but there's still green inner leaves coming up, so I figure it aten't dead yet? I seriously have no idea what I'm doing here. Basil seems to be hanging in there, same with rosemary, which I've decided I'll just leave on the shelf, keep watering, and then pick off bits when I need fresh rosemary. Parsley is doing nicely but I've come to realize I don't actually cook with it as much as I thought and why am I growing this again? Kind of the same with sage except when I harvest it it'll be more for smudging than cooking, so there's that for usefulness. I wonder what I'll end up growing come spring...

What I really want to do is take a whole week off work to get this house straightened up the way I want it to be before Pixie moves in. And I can't afford to. Both monetarily and in terms of being the only young able-bodied person in the store means certain obligations, like doing the physical shipping work. I mean, yes, there are other able-bodied people in the store, but not as many as you'd think. Maybe two others. Which means that if I'm out, they have to pick up the slack, and usually 'they' means the other able-bodied person (Elf Lord) and my aunt. Who has MS. And is really amazingly functional for all that but also tires easily. Ugh. Although thinking about it, I might start checking in if I can leave two hours early, because that's the UPS cutoff and after that there's nothing time sensitive that needs hauled around. Hmm. I might ask the aunt if she thinks that'd work.

Less Irish done today than I wanted, but oh well. I discovered that my Irish dictionary has a phrase for, roughly, "cough it up or I break your face." I am deeply amused.

And Aunt thinks it's a good idea for me to spend a few days leaving a couple hours early, so now I have to make the best of that time and get a bunch of cleaning and unpacking done and not be dizzy. Do you hear that body? You are not allowed to fall down yet, it's not over. Also I suppose that means I should make the most of work hours, too. As a friend of mine on Twitter would most likely call it, here goes the great unpacking deathmarch. Actually, I like that tag. I may have to use that tag.

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Okay, Centralia's unfairness is reaching epic proportions. Between his voice, his Tolkien dorkiness, and those sex scenes I just watched, I mean, come on. How much more can a girl take?

Irish is happening tonight because it's not going to happen in the morning, because doctor's appointment. Honestly I'm a little surprised I thought to do this now, we've spent most of the day hauling shit around the house and moving furniture and cleaning things and sweeping things and moving more things and so on and so forth. Plus cooking dinner for tonight and future nights. Yay batch cooking! Boo batch cooking on a day after we've been hauling shit around all over the place. This is not counting, of course, the fact that next week's going to be fucking insane for all the furniture delivery and final construction that's going to be going on. Poor boything is not going to get any freaking sleep, it looks like, at least Tuesday. Dunno what's going to happen Wednesday. Saturday, at least, I'll be around all day to deal with delivery people.

I really, really need to remember to check in this week, too. That was one of my projects for this year's CS and I'm flopping out of it already. The other one, finally manage some exercise/weight loss control, is actually going really well. Regular check-in? Not so much. Still, it's only... what, it's only been one full week in the new year? Oi, it seems like forever.

Finally saw the Leverage series finale. The callbacks were entertaining and, thank god, it did tie back and resolve the dangling Hardison plotline from the season premiere. Not as well or as completely as I would have liked, but doing it that well or completely would have required a lot of intermediate touching-base, which we didn't get, so, eh. That went about as well as it could. Sterling remains hilarious and the best. I remain consumed with lust for Eliot. I kind of wish Quinn had been in it, but oh well. I can't say I'm too sorry to have Nate and Sophie out of it, because I had grown so over that romance several episodes ago. Still, I enjoyed it. It was fun.

Probably it's time to pass out now. Tomorrow's going to be a day where I spend most of the day looking at the schedule. I love those days. I love to wave at them as they rush by.

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Lenition is going to be the death of me. I mean, obviously there's a pattern to it and I'll get it embedded in my thinkmeats eventually, but until then, ARGH. Lenite this but not that, this but not that, aaaugh. No, what I really need to do, when I finish this first grammar book, is make a chart or perhaps a Punnett square of when everything lenites according to gender. Yes.

(These are the things you find on your DW flist when you add someone who's studying multiple languages at once on her own, especially less common ones like Irish. Endless, endless bitching.)

So, after several days of joking about Thorin being a dwarf pinup in playgirl with nothing but a weapon hiding his unmentionables, I come to find out that there actually is a dwarf pinup calendar. You bastards, why was this not made publicly available? Why was Centralia not in this interview??? I am disappoint. Though really, just the idea of a dwarf pinup calendar, oh my god. I love you guys. The entire cast of the Hobbit, I love you guys. Even you, Kili the uncouth. Chew with your fucking mouth closed.

Picked up my guitar again last night for the first time in months. Discovered that I can still pick up the scales pretty damn quickly! And do most of the chords, although Cm is going to kill my left pinky finger one of these days. But I did up and down the C major, C minor, and C pentatonic major scales, kind of sort of memorized them (I'll review next session) and did some arpeggios on the C chord, so that happened. I even managed to do this and not fall over laughing at Centralia narrating a documentary on sperm. No, I'm not kidding. This is out there. It is a thing. That exists. I'm not sure if it's more frightening that it exists in the first place or that I think I've actually seen it before. At least I'm fairly sure I've seen some of the footage before. I don't remember it and I didn't get all the way through it because after ten minutes I could barely focus and I needed to freaking eat my damn dinner. But yes. I have now joined the ranks of the fangirls who have listened to a documentary on sperm solely because Centralia narrated it. His voice was noticeably more tenor than usual, he's usually got a beautiful, pants-wetting baritone. I like to think this was because he was trying not to laugh the entire time he was narrating, because some of his dialogue, oh dear lord.

We are getting our furniture delivered next tuesday! I will have my fucking dresser! I will be able to put my goddamn clothes away. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. It's the little things in life. On the other hand, this means we do need to do a fuckton of cleaning today and over the weekend. On the other other hand, we needed to do that anyway. We really, really need to do that. I need to go through my clothes and pull out what can go into plastic tubs in the garage or something. Bleh. And we need to rearrange the bedroom so it's not full of shelves we don't need/aren't going to use. BLEH. Well, I suppose I can get started by taking out more cardboard to the recycling. Little things adding up to big things.

And then I'll take refuge in Kili being unable to eat with his mouth closed and Centralia narrating about sperm. Because oh dear lord.

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I have no idea why an 'a' keeps wanting to creep into 'Deutsch.' No a, fingers. Learn better.

It's been a day. That morning did not make anything any better, and it's just plain been a day. No sign of anything out of James Purefoy, which means that email that freaked me out this morning was for nothing. Alas. I demand some kind of ego-stroking gratification if I'm going to be diving under my desk, dammit! Maybe that was Twitter burping for some reason, who knows. And there's been some other stuff and all in all, I'm glad it's Friday.

For my own porpoises and other marine life, things I have to do. Well, first I have to finish this order since apparently my shipping is not done for the day as I thought. Then knit that test cuff/gauge swatch for the arm warmers. Then cast on and start knitting the arm warmers. Do some Memrise before going home. Go home, chop up and cook all the chicken, settle in and finish line edits on Black Ice, then start finishing some WIPs. Watch Supernatural season 1 while poking at WIPs. Saturday is all the analysis ever and packing and then WIPs, Sunday is working on the house, pulling down the vines trying to take over the garage, maybe pulling down the icky drywall in the garage too. We'll see. And I need to work out a watering schedule with the boy while workers are still in the house. Which fortunately won't be much longer.

Oh god, that means I get to start spending money on furniture. Eek. Fortunately there's only a short list of furniture and appliances we really need, and the rest we can sort of sock money away for. Plus, Craigslist. And the ReStore. Come on, self, there's plenty of places you can get decent tables, end tables, shit like that. Calm down.

(We now pause for a moment while I freak out over the fact that I am furnishing a house. A fucking awesome house, I might add. Squee!)

Absolutely nothing I have seen so far inclines me to watch Elementary, which leaves me feeling rather sad. The positive fan responses don't sufficiently counterbalance my initial take of with fifty plus stories in the original why the hell did you feel the need to make up a mystery for the pilot?? and at least one review interpreting their Holmes-Watson as going back to the Holmes-Bastard Watson-long-suffering leaves me with I'll take that in Cumberbatch-Freeman form, thanks. At least Freeman's schtick is that he's long-suffering, whether it's an abusive partner or the absurdities of the universe or being hauled off on adventures by dwarves. I'd say this is a plea for people to find me reasons to watch it, only it's not so much that as a quiet whine and needing to go curl up with my Collected Works. Which are packed and in the garage. Fuck.

Still tired. Tired tired. I want my guitar, but it's still tucked behind the amp. On the other hand, the rest of the boxes are out of the way, maybe I should just move the amp, convince the boy we need to take over the TV stand so that's out of the way, and break out the damn guitar. Since that's not going anywhere until we're actually living in the house. Still need to catch up on any of the TV ever. Maybe this weekend will also be Warehouse 13 weekend, after analysis. Someone remind me of that later. When I have brain cells. And am not at work. Mostly that second one.
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Okay, definitely needed that extra hour of sleep; I actually feel awake now. Awake and capable of doing analysis before work, which is both useful and a minor miracle. Schedule could use a little tweaking as per usual, but if I can get down a schedule where I get an extra hour's sleep and still get to do all the things I mean to do, that'll be fanTASTIC.

Still excited about house stuff. Still bouncy. Not entirely sure what we're going to do today, maybe just some more cleaning, maybe scrubbing out the toilets. I kind of want to crawl up onto the counters and deal with the lightbulbs in the bathroom vanities, which are at least in need of re-screwing the shade things? onto their stalks, and at worst in need of replacing the whole damn thing (ugh, more money, maybe I should start doing internet fundraisers, contribute a few bucks to my house fund, get a story) but I want to see which it is, first. And we need to go back to that wallpaper. Come to me, glorious hardwood! Just because it's probably the most dramatic change we're going to see for a while, here is the before:

Photos! )

It's going to be gorgeous. We're going to be working on it forever and aye (or at least for the next two to three years) but it's going to be gorgeous and it's mine and I love it good. At least most of the major stuff should be done in the next couple of months. The only downside to this is keeping track of my spending and watching the numbers climb. Houses are expensive, yo! But the upside to the downside is that keeping track of my spending means spending less on frivolous excessively shiny, I don't know, door handles or something. There's a part of me that really, really wants to do the internet begging charity auction thing. Please send me money I will write you stories. And then the rest of me up and smacks my head and reminds me that I'm doing the anthology precisely for that reason. All profits go to fixing up the old house. (No, seriously, that's probably what I'm going to put it towards.) So get your dumb ass moving on the line edits, woman.

Also, I have to ask. What the hell is this? I'm both disturbed and entertained. More so than usual.

Right. I feel I should start keeping a list of topmost writing projects I'm working on, cutting things down as I finish them. Except now that I look at my gtasks it's already there, so never mind! In other words, let's get this show on the road, start knocking things off of there. The sooner I finish my line edits, the sooner I can slog through ebook formatting and then I can hope that some of you would actually pay money for this on purpose.

ETA: And while I'm coming up with reasons not to do the charity auction thing, fucksake, woman. You already planned to finish a bunch of WIPs, do Nano, do Yuletide, and both of those around a fullish physical labor schedule is more than enough. Stop being a needy idiot.
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And then it suddenly got cold. Very cold. It snowed last night, or rather, it blizzarded for about 20 minutes. The 20 minutes we drove home, of course. If the roads had been colder that would have been quite an accumulation, but fortunately it hasn't been that cold for very long. It's just been cold long enough that I'm annoyed by my inability to remember my hat and gloves when I go out. And possibly my winter coat. And my under-layers. And it's supposed to get back up to warmish this weekend.

I didn't get as much writing done today as I wanted to, but I did get a fair bit of filing, and some writing happened, so there's that. I have so many writing projects going right now it's unbelievable, but thankfully there's only a couple that have deadlines. Tonight: Japanese/dinner/guitar/music theory review, then finishing this section in Juke Joint Jezebel, finishing up both Yuletide fics and posting them and getting them out of the way because they are beta'd and DONE DONE DONE AHAHAHAHA. EARLY. VICTORY IS MINE. And then trying to wrap up the Nanonovel that keeps trickling and then at least one more scene in the Mecha thing that needs a title, so I can get that finished in... maybe a week? Drafted, at least, and off to the mixer for review.

I've started up an organizational post again of things I need to do. Logistical crap. I think, once again, I just need to get in the habit of getting up, looking at that list, and figuring out the next few items on it. I may even make it top sticky so it's easier to find.

There's a spinning wheel debacle going on that makes me want to chew people's livers out, honestly, I wish I had that kind of disposable income. I just want to go home and curl up and be warm and sleepy and do things in a leisurely time, but I can't. I suppose the good thing here is, though, that the house isn't that dirty, I've been reasonably good at keeping on top of it, there's no more major out of town stuff and I have ideas for Christmas things.

I also have a pile of Ridiculous Robert Carlyle stuff as a hedge against any Once Upon A Time episode with too much Sorcery, so fuck you, writers. And stop making him giggle like that, it's excessive. I have spinning and knitting to do, I need to do some beans this weekend, and now that I'm calmer everything looks a lot more manageable. But, god, I could use a weekend or three.
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Sleeeeepy. Exhausted sleepy. But having so much fun with Leverage. So much fun. There are many episodes tonight and thankfully I got a chunk of my writing done already which means I can indulge in a few episodes and Eliot! Eliot Eliot Eliot. Not that I have a crush or anything.

And I completely didn't do the scene I meant to do for today's writing schedule, but wrote something in something else instead. This is probably a sign that I should go to bed. That and the fact that it took me about three hours to remember that I had this post open and post it. Oops.
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Jumping back into this with a wall o' Deutsch. Crap. And slightly less of a wall of Japanese.

I have a serious sleepy, here. This is the kind of sleepy where, previously, I would maybe have ordered or scrounged for food instead of cooking. But since I pre-cooked a bunch of chicken, some beef, and made a pasta sauce I don't need to do that. Mua ha ha ha ha. I have a smart, sometimes.

I'm not even sure what this is, really. Post-deadline exhaustion? Pre-Dragon-Con don'-wanna? My legs ache and my body aches and I'm sleepy and I don't want to do anything but curl up and take a nap, only I know that if I do that I won't wake up in any clear state of mind to do anything, so I'm not going to. If I still feel this tired after dinner and blinking around on guitar, I'll make an early bedtime of it.

I'd be more interesting, but I really got nothing right about now. Except continued bouts of Leverage and my daily routines. Get up, exercise for two hours, shower, study Russian, try not to pass out. Work, study German, come home, cook, write, guitar, Japanese, edit, try not to pass out. Until bedtime, when passing out should happen but rarely does these days. Leverage is fun. I love a good caper/heist flick, and since my friend Anna has been constantly telling me that this is a good caper/heist show I really have no excuse for not watching it until now. Um. Discovery of the day: young, Angel!Christian Kane is not hot? older, Leverage!Christian Kane is nommy. Very nommy. And Timothy Hutton, but I've always had a thing for Timothy Hutton, ever since The Dark Half. Don't ask me why.

I did see Captain America. That happened. Most of my reaction to the movie can be summed up thusly: Hey, he doesn't look that much like a bobblehead in the actual BUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKY aww and we're back to bobble!Chris. Yes, we saw this in the previews. Saw it. Saw it. guessed it. Aww he's so cute. Hah, lateral thinking saves the day again. Saw it. And now, the embiggening! My god that song is cheesy. Cringe, hide under seat. Cap, Cap Cap BUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYBUCKYNOOOOOOOO! BUCKYYYYYYYYYYYY! Cap, Cap Cap aww Chris Evans aren't you cute. The end. It was pretty much the Jag Squees Over Bucky show. And Chris Evans was cute.

Right. Dinner, guitar, writing, feeding of cats. Not passing out until the assigned moment. I'll fall down when this is over and not before. Etc.
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So, I tell the boy that I think my allergies are acting up because we haven't vacuumed the floor in a while. I come home, he's out at game, and what do I find? A vacuumed floor. How awesome is that.

Okay, hey, SONAR? Norton? I was fucking installing that. That is a legitimate goddamn program and if you fucked up my Campaign Cartographer I will hurt you a lot. Upon further examination, apparently this is a distinct problem with SONAR and Symantec, in that Symantec believes everyone has to run their software by it to be whitelisted or their program blocks it as malicious ware. Which would be nice if there were only a few software companies but there aren't. And plenty of legitimate people make small time software packages that do no harm to people's computers and fuck you, Symantec. You are not the boss of Software. Fuck off.

Clearly the answer here is never trust programs that run around in gold and black. So pissed. I actually went to install that tonight because I'm at a point where I need to use something to make a star map, and I have the Campaign Cosmographer thing, and if I can't use it now because Norton was a flying jackwagon ...

Sigh. Deep breath and sigh. And bed soon, and my CC discs need new covers because these are pretty well smashed, but at least the discs themselves work. We'll see if the programs work on my computer. And. Something. I had further thoughts here but they all left in the wake of that irritating little SNAFU.
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We'll see how I did on that; might or might not require further study. Hurm.

A question for you, internets. Why is "RIP Kurt Cobain" trending? Aren't they a bit late to that particular fact?

Oof. That was an... interesting storm last night. But at least I got some stuff done before it arrived. Not all the stuff I wanted to get done thanks to gdocs apparently no longer having that 'work offline' feature, but some. Enough to tread water. Today, oof. There's a fair-sized order to check in, mail stuff that didn't go yesterday. Things to do. But on the other hand, things got done yesterday and I started on the damn lace knitting anyway! HAH.

Finished Season 2 of Scarecrow and Mrs King. Which I now will have to get on DVD for better quality stuff, but dear god Bruce Boxleitner's adorable could be weaponized and used to level small countries. He's also starting, either because of the way his hair is done or because he's slightly older or because of some way he's playing the character, to look a bit more like Sheridan. Which is odd that he didn't start out being someone I pictured as Sheridan, but quickly ended up being Lee Stetson, bratty James-Bond-ish spy. (Only less seducing, apparently. Sort of.)

Ahem. Anyway. Stuff and things. Today I do a link roundup, work on some planning for some projects, work on some edits for some other projects. Hopefully do some more knitting and get one project off needles. And remember to do my German lesson, oi. That would be useful. And try not to fall over in the Red Queen's Race. Which is what link roundups are starting to feel like; I don't have time for analysis or anything but collating information and slappng it up there for people to consider. It's a bit grating. [ profile] wiresandlights, if you want to watch, go watch it! If you want to participate and have half an hour to spare every other day or so, click join and then tag the welcome post or anything marked "comm business" or "open thread" and let us know how you can help! Please!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I am committing kitchen alchemy. This is going to either turn out really well or really poorly.

So far so good, I opened my computer when I got home and it started right up. So. I'll start squirrelling away money for a new computer now, and hopefully this one will last me another several months. At the very least. Preferably another couple of years, but hey. I've given up the idea that I won't get a new computer every four or five years at this point.

Things and stuff. I forgot to do German today, whoops, because work was a bit chaotic, but I started on lace knitting! Three times. The third time did indeed seem to be the charm because I got a couple rows done, we'll see if I can get a full repeat of the pattern done tomorrow. And finish my scarf tonight, because I have three projects on needles and that is one project more than I mean to have on a regular basis. And the scarf will finish up quickest.

Still debating whether or not I'm enthused enough about this damn SciFi Big Bang story to keep doing it, or whether I should go to a different story. On the other hand, it is kind of an intriguing exercise in can I do cyberpunk and it's not like I haven't put a fair bit of work into it already. On the other hand... bleh. I don't know. The ending also needs stretched out, the whole thing is paced very poorly. Maybe if I resolve to do a little bit on it every day I'll get it done without either neglecting it and having to cram it all in at the last minute and hating it, or making myself sick on it. The rest of my stuff, though, is coming along nicely! Including two final drafts, thank god.

(I also may have had the realization that I can save to PDF format in Word. Seriously, is it that simple? Save as PDF, send to on-demand type publishing company thing? Or Amazon or whatever. Really? Because that would be awesome.)

Oh, this time Michelle's claimed the warm clothes. She is queen of the laundry mountain. Oh cats.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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If my laptop screen is crapping out on me, I'm going to be so pissed. I can deal with a couple missing keys on the keyboard (yes, I'm very, very hard on my computers) but the screen is kind of necessary for me to see what's going on. Argh. It was okay-ish yesterday after a bit of collapsing, but today it took ten minutes to start up. At least I've got everything backed up now except my music, which will happen while I'm at work today, so I won't be losing much of anything. And at least that really is my HEADPHONES crapping out on me rather than my iPod. I'd rather have to replace a $10 pair of headphones than a 200$ iPod.

Ah well. Other than that, at least, the weekend went pretty well! Got Black Ice FUCKING FINISHED before my head cold kicked in. Discovered that KMFDM now does songs in Russian, which amuses me a fair bit. Various other fun stuff, including seeing Dawn Treader, Rango, and lounging around all day watching Scarecrow & Mrs King. Seeing Dawn Treader again made me renew my promise to myself to always go knocking on the backs of wardrobes (but leaving the door a little bit open, just in case!) to see if something wonderful might be back there. To always remember that the happy ending does not come in the middle of the story, and that Goblin Kings bearing fruit are to be viewed with suspicion no matter how pretty they are.

I did, at least, find that cowl knitting pattern I've been looking for. And there's a lace scarf that I'll attempt to start today, which reminds me to put that yarn in my bag. There.

I had other stuff to say, but, moo, I can't remember what it was. Other than, Scarecrow and Mrs King is absolutely adorable and why is Bruce still so sweet-looking and/or sexy? He hasn't changed much at all. I require more Bruce. Tron: Legacy/Tron comes out soon, I'm not sure where I'm going to scrape up the money for that just right now but that's what I get for buying boots, and at least the budget refreshes soon.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Now with boot and wallet pictures! )

I take it back about the parkour. It was barely above freezing and there was snow on the ground and no, I am not going out to jump around on stumps in that weather. Fuck that.

Really, really glad it's Friday. Really glad my short story is on its final pass with my beta team now! Seriously, have I mentioned how much I love having a good beta team? A good editor is worth her weight in gold, a good team of editors is priceless. I don't care what you say, Laurell K. There is no author so good they do not need an editor.

Right. Work, and please GODDESS AND MUSES let me have the energy to finish my damn Black Ice thing today. It keeps getting pushed off because I keep having editing shit to do, and submission shit, and now, well. Maybe now I can finish it. Argh.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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