Jul. 7th, 2027 05:33 pm
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For when I have free money, or to save up for these things:

Fyrinnae wish list 7.50 ea

Nyx Lippie Pairs:
Lace Detail & Nude
Honeymoon & ?
Jet Set
Foul Mouth
Little Denim Dress
Run the World

You need this t-shirt in your life.
Jeans that are not simple Lands End/LL Bean
Halter Top, Blue and Black only 35
Halter Top Keyhole Front 34
ROund Halter Neck Top, several colors no red 29
Twist Asymmetric Sleeveless Blouse, Black/White only 34 UM
Cut out stretch blouse 25, various colors none olive
Scoop neck cold shoulder flutter sleeve Five colors 30
Scoop neck strappy cold shoulder sleeve 4 colors, 25 probably clearance
Cold Shoulder top at JCP, pink and black
Asymmetric Cutout Long Sleeve Purple or Black 35
Cross-Front Pleated Cut-Out 40

Bras, at least 2 so you can throw out one or two of the many mended ones
Check your makeup stash
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Organized like a Mongol horde )

And if you don't think a Mongol horde is organized YOU try getting together a bunch of warriors and storming all over a huge swath of land on horseback against potentially superior numbers and making it work for you.
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Notes from a weekend of aggressive productivity:

* In order to combat increasing flail of I will never be able to read and write this, do each vocab section by writing down the words, attempting to transliterate them letter to letter, then listening to them and matching up the transliteration with what's being heard. It does, in fact, help. Maybe do it more organized next time, though.

(Also the sketchpad is slowly running out, maybe consider getting a couple reams of that eco paper.)

I am not, in fact, as bad at Arabic as I think I am. I do need to memorize the difference between giim, haa, and khaa better, but other than that the dictation part wasn't nearly that bad. Also, dictation might help the Hindi.

I did manage to, while checking the new keys to figure out which one was which for deadbolt and knob, pick up Little Bit and cuddle her and remind her that we're okay and know how to handle a cat. Just in case. I don't think she's been avoiding us because she's scared, I think she's been avoiding us because letting humans pet her would ruin her street cat cred or something. Possibly also because it's fucking hot and sticky out here human and you want to cuddle, are you high? Here, I will shed on you, that'll teach you.

* I really need to make a regular day of it for cutting the ailanthus, probably every other week, so it doesn't turn into a big thing like this that I have to then haul branch by branch out to the back greenery pile. I don't know why I haven't stuck this on Habitica before, which is my main place for remembering do this on this day, but I should.

Moment of panic when we thought, suddenly, that our refrigerator was broken when it skyrocketed to 45 degrees F internal temperature. No, it turns out it's not broken, it just has a weird design flaw ... okay, it might be not working properly, but it's not broken in that we can't use it. Apparently the fridge compartment needs to be 8 degrees warmer than the freezer compartment, so when we tried to jack up the freezer above fucking freezing solid as a rock, well, the fridge compartment went up too.

It wasn't that bad a weekend, but the two hour headache on Sunday robbed me of a lot of editing and arranging things time. That was not at all what I'd planned, and now I have to triage the most urgent tasks and figure out what to get done and argh. Ugh and double ugh and argh. Oh well.
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Gaeilge )

Okay, I'm not sure if I'm stick, comma, still, or sick, comma, again. What I really want to do is just curl up and watch Warm Bodies because oh my god this is the funniest fucking movie ever. Instead I went to work, and now I'm zombieing around with my body too cold, my nose too runny, my head too spaced, and definitely feeling sick.

Spent last night sneezing and sort of doing edits on Gods and Monsters, which thankfully did get finished today. If I'm very lucky I'll be able to finish a lot of writing tasks today, and on time to do the sewing ones this evening. Thus, this list is for my own edification and because I have a brain that is covered in ick right now.

List )

Yeah, I wish I had more things interesting for you, but I'm just too sick to process thoughts right now. Warm Bodies was hilarious. Go see it.
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No, not THAT House. In order, roughly, of completion, with a few 'if then's.

1. Call real-estate attorneys Or email, that works too.
1a. Set up appointment with attorney
1b. Drop copies of paperwork by law office.
2. Send thank-you notes
3. Call and get rough quotes on forced-air heating systems.
4. Call/shop online around for homeowner's insurance (consult bank checklist).
AAA*, State Farm, Allstate, GEICO** (*have membership, *have car insurance)
-- MUST provide replacement cost coverage
-- MUST include Windstorm and hail damage coverage
-- MUST have a maximum deductible of 5% of the policy's dwelling coverage amount

5. Call and get estimates on electrical tidy
6. Collect phone numbers of local masons
7. Collect phone numbers of local chimney sweeps
8. Check with Realty Lady to make sure you're clear on protocols for this point on
9. Give name of real-estate attorney to Mortgage Lady (and update Mortgage Lady)
10. Contact plumber (eventually)
11. PACK
12. Microchip Murdock the little escape-artist shit 9AM-6PM Humane Society Shelter place
13. Discuss pull-down ladders with boy; relocate? contact local carpenter contractors? etc.
14. IF relocating attic access THEN contact local contractors for that
15. Explore fountain removal, do we just need to take out the mud mat?
16. Look into local fire ordinances, can we have a legal fire pit out there? It looks like it needs a permit, double check with fire marshal or local fire department.
17. Look into outer wall lead paint procedure
18. Price out wasp spraying, might be cheaper just to take care of it ourselves
19. Double check inspection report, make sure all things marked as needed repair have been planned for/addressed in budgeting.
20. Breathe.
21. Don't die.
22. Name house
23. Make list of small repairs, put in box and at least one other place where you can easily access and strike things off over the next 6-months. (And then after that there will be MORE small repairs. And more. And more.)
24. Re-read mortgage paperwork + how-to booklet
25. Check on Home Depot credit cards, terms, no-interest periods, generic credit card vs store card only? (store only would be preferable)

To repair (barring the big three systems):
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House Crap
1. Consolidate paperwork for appointments.
2. Check with Realty Lady about real estate lawyers on Thursday.
3. Don't panic.

Other Crap
1. Email C_D/author with contact information and drafts
2. Email other WBB artist with contact information
3. Check over Spanish
4. Tag and post in CS
5. Email mixer for BBM
6. Triage writing
7. Deal with work computer shit as it comes up. Computers may well be available but give it another week to make sure.
8. Check schedule for week of the 13th for some time off.
9. Go to bank for quarters and depositing rent check
10. Ship the freaking care package already, it's not perishable.
11. Write letter to grandfather
12. Email artist back
13. Back up documents
14. Read over BBM email and email mixer back
15. SATURDAY: make doc file with list of things to do once stuff has been moved in to new house. Buying things, etc.
16. Code and post the 'Tools' page for the website.

(Oh you who have been listening to me flail, anything else I'm missing?)
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It is so very time for an organizational post. This one slightly more long term because there is no way I'm going to cram this all into the coming week.

1. Get. Credit. Report. Honestly, Jag.
2. Get safe deposit box for the Sparrow folder.
2a. Use that opportunity to talk to a banker there about pre-approval?
2b. And to deposit the family check.
3. Christmas presents for Dye Giant and Lurking Bandit
4. Clothes Inventory
4a. Pack up summer clothes
5. Personal Style discussion
6. Make list of 10 houses with the boy to contemplate, 5 of which we should be ready to look at.
7. Find local lawyer for the legal crap (starting 12/12)
8. Check with [as yet unnicknamed] aunt and see if she knows local good inspectors
9. Call bank and find out where the fuck the debit card is. (And no, there's no weird activity on my account, I've been checking)
10. Finish boy's arm-warmer
11. Music theory final exam, such as it is
12. 3 scenes at least on untitled Mecha story
12a. Which needs a title.

13. Shop the Music store for Gig bags
14. Chop some of the damn onions already!
15. Pre-cook chicken.
16. Re-read Swordspoint
17. Go over Spanish
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1. Create character for Pathfinder game
2. Create character for Deadlands?
3. Spend 30 minutes outlining for WitchesBigBang. If you can't come up with an idea that fills an outline in that time, DROP IT.
4. Talk with boy about which chop shop to bring the laptops in to.
4a. Find third laptop (Dell)
5. Print off warranty instructions for GoFlex external HD, send back. Piece of shit.
6. Call 800 number nice lady at the bank gave me, cancel the stupid service.
7. Call cable, cancel TV service.
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1. Make list of local tech shops/chop shops to repair the laptop screen.
2. Call Pixie re: Guild Show
3. Create character for Pathfinder game
4. Make lassi
5. Spend 30 minutes outlining for WitchesBigBang. If you can't come up with an idea that fills an outline in that time, DROP IT.
6. Call local tech shops/chop shops, ask about trading in cannibalized laptops to repair the other laptop, retrieving data off very old mp3 player.
7. Pick up radius after the Great Blu-Ray 'splosion.
8. Print out directions and document list for Social Security Office (next weekday the boy has off, this Wed has a doctor's appointment on top of it).
9. Print off warranty instructions for GoFlex external HD, send back. Piece of shit.
10. Call 800 number nice lady at the bank gave me, cancel the stupid service.
11. Call cable, cancel TV service? Maybe not. Maybe just after football season.
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1. Outline Nano
2. Subscribe/buy webspace
3. Make at least a home page for the web page
4. Pick up music corner
5. Email C. about computer
6. Call bank about getting that stupid Purchase shield thing taken off my account 800-922-4684 Apparently that number is a useless robot. Emailed CS and will go to the branch tomorrow to talk to a person.
7. Find/print 10 new recipes for experimenting.
8. Get Social Security Card
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1. Quidam tickets
2. Music Theory class
3. Outline for Nano
4. Schedule annual physical
5. Check email for follow-up email from blood donation
5a. clear out email, yeesh
6. Pay bills
7. Get quarters for laundry
8. Balance books post-D*C
9. Subscribe/buy webspace
10. Make at least a home page for the web page
11. Check out guitar store up the street (Saturday), look for headphones and gig bag and strap
12. Cancel Audible subscription
13. AVG
14. Pick up music corner
15. Check in
16. Outline Nano
17. Writing schedule
18. Make lunch for tomorrow (Thurs)
19. Email Chris about computer
20. Call bank about getting that stupid Purchase shield thing taken off my account 800-922-4684
Stuff. Things.
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Shit I need to keep track of/keep up with.

1. DW Docs
2. WitchesBigBang
3. Writing (aka all the other BigBangs)
4. Guitar (reorganize your brain there, self, seriously.)
5. Exercise
6. Tron costume
7. Other D*C Costumes
8. A Song of Ice and Fire
9. RP Tags
10. Squirrels. I know there was something else. More as I think of it.
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-- Email players, schedule next game
-- Write down 10 blog post ideas
-- Look over character sheets
-- Make appointment for Mikey and Michelle's shots
-- Turn in DarkFest fics
-- Review link roundup
-- Japanese
-- Guitar
-- 2 chapters Long Road
-- Rent check
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Okay, I may have bitten off more than I could chew with last week's estimate. This week's task list!

Mail package
Sew waistband onto black riding skirt
Get black wig thing bits stuff.

Hem black riding skirt
Sew buttons onto black riding skirt
Sew/Iron patch onto leotard
Rip sleeve off yellow unitard

Sew side seams of white riding skirt
Sew pockets and darts and pleat of white riding skirt
Hem sleeve of yellow unitard

Sew waistband onto white riding skirt
Sew crotch of white riding skirt
Try blouses with skirts
(Try on leather pants if we're feeling brave)
Rivet bracer

Hem white riding skirt
Buttons onto white riding skirt
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2. Dye leotard
3. Alter Silk Spectre leotard
4. Finish riding skirt
5. Cut out other two riding skirts (label pattern pieces! do not forget this!)
6. Sew (or start sewing) riding skirt
7. Write like a mofo
8. Chuckwagon stew
9. Mall trip
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1. Write, Post FYW prompts
2. Pay cable bill
3. Email OBB summary
4. Big Sky Riding Skirt
5. Drop Spindle practice
6. IR/SD
7. Wig shop
8. email about wheel *gulp*
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1. Call doctor's office. Schedule physical. Check scoliosis. Ask re: PT Oct 1st 1pm
2. Call Mountain Physical Therapy, schedule appt. Mon the 9th at 1pm, follow up Wed 11th at 3pm
3. Deposit check.
4. Move the rest of the minis to spare room
5. Write
6. Record yesterday's vocab for Anna when home
7. Review writing schedule
8. Tag CS
9. Drop spindle practice
10. Fill out all four new patient worksheets plus injury/pain scale sheet? It's on the website.
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1. Sort through spare room, make list of what needs to be done
2. Finish Cassie/Nick Kink Bingo
3. Fandom icons! 1 White Collar, 2-3 Push, 1-2 The Losers
4. Tidy desk area
5. Filing (into filing cabinet)
6. The Losers Kink Bingo, 1-2 stories?
7. Research likely peoples for to fill in the blanks for Holmes Big Bang
8. Fix Russian; 1st exercise, #5. Verbal aspect issues and 'snowman' needs to be put into the correct case (gen).


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