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I always forget how sleepy winter makes me until I'm in the middle of it. Hard time waking up. Hard time thinking my way through languages. Hard time making myself do much of anything. On the other hand, I did get the garage cleaned out last night, including finding my serger. Of course this means that now the living room is once again filled with piles of boxes that need to be unpacked and distributed throughout the house. Three from the garage and maybe four more of Christmas presents and various other things that have arrived and never got really broken down and put away.

Argh. This weekend is going to be nuts. Friday will either be going to Home Depot or cleaning the living room and patio so we have room for a tree, one of the two. Until Grimm, of course. Then Saturday will be largely blogging Grimm and Haven, augh. And then Sunday will be acquiring tree, the garage is cleaned except for packing crap so I don't have to do that, but. Acquiring tree, possibly acquiring lumber for my pressing table if the Home Depot trip hasn't been done by then, probably blogging Grimm when I can, and possibly going to see Desolation of Smaug at the end as a reward for all my hard work.

Argh. And, you know, it's just this weekend? Because once we get the tree and it's up, the garage is cleaned out, the boxes within will be unpacked, my craft room is slowly taking shape, that will all be stuff I don't have to do in future weekends. And from here on out, it's only one TV show blogging per weekend, and that's not bad at all. Given that we dropped Person of Interest the only thing we're backlogged on in the future is season two of Haven, and maybe the first season of Grimm if we want to go back and do that. So that's a much less of a workload to do.

Right now, though, it just feels exhausting and like I have too much to do and I just want to curl up and cry about it. Or maybe say fuck it all and sleep. Also it's winter and the dark and the cold makes me sleepy and I have alligator skin.

All right. Today I'm taking in two pieces of leather to cut into pouch parts, and I've got Deli story to work on and then Nerd Girls and White Lightning. Though after this weekend it'll just be Nerd Girls and White Lightning and that'll be kind of a relief, too. And that's about all I want to try to get done while at work today. One thing at a time, right? I can get all of this done this weekend, right? Of course right.

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Projects projects. I did plug in the iron to the outlet where the sewing machine is plugged in and that seems to work fine, so now it's just rearranging the craft room. Again. I still have to figure out how to store my fiber, does anyone have any ideas on that? So far my inclination is yarn in bins in cabinets, unspun wool in baskets from the ceiling because why not. I mean, I'd have to make the baskets, but that shouldn't be more than a couple weekends worth of work. Anyone have any other ideas? My ultimate goal for furniture is to have a desk for my sewing, a pressing table with cubbies in two sides for ... I'm not sure what I'll keep in there, but something. And a sideboard on which I will keep my mini painting stuff and under which I will keep, maybe, minis and yarn. Or maybe just yarn. In the closet I have fabric and unfinished projects. So, um. Yeah! Stuff and things. I also need to find a ready supply of decorative jars with widish mouths, though I might just start using sauce jars to hold things rather than buy new jars. My sense of economy is warring with my need to make everything pretty. Maybe I'll just print out pretty labels.

But. That's a weekend project. This week I think is spinning in the evenings, and writing White Lightning and Nerd Girls, and some stamp carving. I did test out the stamps that I'd carved today, and they worked a treat! I need to clean up the edges some, but apart from that they look beautiful. So that, at least, is one way of getting images onto the leather. And then I have to test whether or not setting it in the oven works.

There's a stray black cat out front. Or it was out front, then it crossed the road, and it's freaking me out a little because I keep expecting street pizza kitty at some point. But I'm not sure what to do if it's someone's outdoor cat. It might be a year old. Halp? Anyone got any opinions? I have a live trap, we could totally catch it and keep it in one of the many MANY rooms in the house under quarantine. Argh. Just. Argh.

I think work has finally calmed down though. Well, it calmed down yesterday towards the end of the day, which means I might have two brain cells to rub together. Hopefully I'll get a box shipped out today, and this is probably your last week to sign up for Christmas cards! Linky link. I think I only have a couple to send out, too.

Stuff and things. No, I think that's pretty much it. Though the black cat appearing has made me oddly inclined to do witchy things like read tarot or something. Sadly, I don't think the cards will tell me if this is someone's cat or not.

Oh, I know what I need to do today. Dig up icons. Or make icons. Or both.

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Conjugate ALL THE VERBS!

I'd actually forgotten the primary reason that room became my craft room, and that the fucking horrific magenta walls was only the secondary reason. The primary reason being that two of the outlets don't work. Which is fine, I only need one outlet anyway, for my sewing machine and my iron and all my other crafts don't require anything to be plugged in, but it's still annoying having to rearrange the whole damn thing three times so I can get to the outlet that works. On the plus side, no more sitting with my back to the door. Yes, that's still a thing. Those of you in college with me remember our severely lopsided table where that was a thing. Possibly with the same deep amusement.

Speaking of deep amusement, I have managed to drag a friend into watching Haven and am now laughing my ass off while he says things like 'There had better be a tattoo mystery' and 'Since it's a Canadian show I'm just waiting for Tahmoh Penikett to show up.' Those of you who have seen Haven know EXACTLY WHY I am laughing my ass off, and those of you who haven't I'm not spoiling the hilarity for you.

What else. I started watching Almost Human over the weekend, and it was some funny shit let me tell you. I'm really enjoying it. It's still hilarious. Also they have fucking phone trait, which amuses the everliving shit outta me. The one-eyed pirate from Pirates has somehow turned into Spencer fucking Reid, I have no idea how, and the banter/chemistry between Karl Urban and Michael Ealy is AWESOME. I love this show so much.

I'm really glad, too. I'm glad I've found a show I love, and have come to love a show I was having mixed feelings about, in time to completely fall out of love with Person of Interest. I'm still angry about what they did at the end of the HR arc, I think it's lazy, cheap writing and a complete cop-out (pardon the pun) of an ending, and I'm pissed off that they felt they could do that and call it clever, innovative, shocking, and not suffer consequences. It's neither clever nor shocking. It's a sign of a want of creativity, in my not so humble opinion, to not have anything further to be able to do with the character so they kill that character off so everyone else can grieve/go on a vengeance spree in their various ways. I did see the episode after that and with two minor exceptions, was neither surprised nor gave a damn about any of it. Characters which I previously loved did not stir me. About the only thing that pleased me was the ending, and not because this was a new and interesting place to take that character. In fact, it was so predictable it was almost inevitable. But I enjoyed it because I enjoyed the actor's performance. Everyone else, well. I rearranged my sewing room, carried my netbook around the house, and generally was not able to pay attention to most of the episode. I don't even hate Person of Interest anymore except for what they did to the character, and the sociopolitical implications thereof, not to mention the bad writing. But I don't hate the overall show. I don't feel anything for it, and this used to be one of my favorites.

That's okay, though. Sleepy Hollow continues to amuse me week after week, Almost Human is HYSTERICAL and fairly boilerplate procedural but still hysterical, which seems to be a theme this new-show-season. Nothing new or groundbreaking or innovative or twisty, but oh my god everyone with the witticisms from the writers and the chemistry from the actors. And I'm starting to really like Agents of SHIELD now that everyone's got some characterization. Despite certain deeply problematic elements that make me go "Guys. You GUYS." I won't be pushing this show on anyone? But I won't apologize for watching and enjoying it either.

I feel like I should keep a running tally of my projects or something. Pouches are coming along slowly because I haven't quite figured out the technique of putting designs on things apart from freehanding. Stencils failed miserably, next up is carved stamps, which will work as soon as I figure out this whole pencil to paper to transfer of graphite thing. Curtains are on hold till this weekend when I rearrange the craft room. Shirts are on hold till same or till I give up and move everything downstairs.

Writing will continue as soon as I get all this shit shoved out the door at work. Which shouldn't take too long once I stop babbling at y'all and get to it! I will not do the organized December talky talk meme because I am bad at remembering memes, but feel free to ask me something you want me to talk about at length, and I will.

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Right. Um. Not getting distracted by the fight over whether or not you could totally make sustainable clothing in Ye Olden Days and whether or not modern clothing is a slave market thing and whether or not it's an injustice that we can't all make our own damn clothing (although in general the whole thing amuses me, as someone who can do most of the production parts herself if she had a TARDIS). As far as I can tell, having learned at various points how to spin, weave, dye, sew, knit, etc, there is just no goddamn way of making all of one's clothing that is both inexpensive and fits into one's general modern schedule unless one has access to industrial equipment. And you know what? There never was.


Only got down to halfway through page 21, in contrast with yesterday's massive success. On my list of words I've picked up just from commonality: careful and it's derivations thereof, people. I feel like I should keep track of this to remind myself that I'm not a horrible failure for only managing to read Russian at a kindergarten-first grade level.

Leather came in today. I may have gone a bit nuts on account of OMG can make ALL THE POUCHES now. (Note to self: leather bakes for 5-7 minutes at 300 degrees.) I got some brown that will make a nice color, some red for both Iron Man and Akira (what? Shut up.) and some blue that will make a nice Captain America (SHUT UP.) and I have some pebbly white stuff that I don't know what that's going to become. And. And and and. I may REALLY be going a bit nuts with this but you guys it is SO MUCH FUN. AUGH. And yes, I know I have to finish the first one. But I know all the steps now!

(And besides, I seriously and literally can always find shit to do with leather. Oh yes.)

Still need to do German and finish writings, but other than that I think I'm good on things to do for the day. Also still need to figure out what the fuck I'm making for dinner. But oh well. Probably teriyaki, that's quick and I still have a shitpot of Person of Interest to do. Probably while leather sewing.

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Started midway down page 15, made it all the way to page 16! And I think I figured out how to say I call shenanigans in Russian (обозвать фиглярство?). Maybe. Either that or I smashed two words together and called it macaroni. The second word seems a more likely translation than the first.

А потом до меня дошло is apparently "and then it hit me", too, which is something I'm going to think of/use a lot. Note to self.

Ahem. So, I did buy some fabric for blazers today and now REALLY DONE SPENDING MONEY GODDAMMIT. I just need to start leaving my wallet at home. In a lock-box. No, I think apart from needing to keep an eye on my ordering out I'm done, but. Rrrgh. Which means I need to stay away from those daily t-shirt sites or at least exercise better willpower, and not order out. I can do that.

Breathing is still an issue, albeit not so much of one that I'm constantly sucking on the albuterol; I've only used my inhaler once in the morning and this makes twice. I can't tell if this is due to the increased cardio this morning or the cold weather or the cold, or some combination of all three. Starting, I guess, with maybe taking cold meds tonight so that I sleep better and doing five minutes or so less cardio tomorrow morning. Which is about one song. Hopefully that will mean easier breathing. On the plus side, whatever I pulled on my left back shoulder muscle seems to have unpulled itself with stretches this morning! I am very pleased with that because that was also making breathing an issue, more in the sense that I couldn't always get in a good position to breathe without it hurting.

I'm broken. Send help. Or robot parts.

I have plans for this evening. They involve cutting out shirts and watching TV and doing very little else of consequence. Okay, cutting up and freezing the rest of the chicken. And maybe putting stuff away in the craft room. I really don't know how to take a break, do I? Okay, I have plans for the evening that involve spending a good chunk of the evening sitting on the floor with a netbook, a pile of fabric, and some scissors and taking my sweet time about things, how's that? Still need to clear out some costume project boxes, though, so I have space for my personal projects. Woe. Bleh.

German is not yet read, so if anyone wants to smack me in three and a half hours to do it that would be acceptable. has been read. Smackings no longer required! I'm slowly getting better about remembering on my own, too! Woo!

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So, I'm starting to do this thing where part of my dance exercises includes making a playlist and then just dancing around the living room to it at high energy. Eventually and sometimes this will include actual choreographed routines, but for now I'm going back to just dancing around the room like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I can definitely feel the cardio! It's definitely more fun than a Dreadmill. And then I post the mix here for accountability.

Today's Morning Jam:
Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
So What - P!nk
Cheap and Cheerful (Midnight Boom Bonus Track Version) - The Kills
You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette
Magick - Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
Man Up - The Blue Van
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

Though one of the disadvantages to this is definitely that it leaves me winded. Ow. That's not good for an asthmatic. I mean, I have my inhaler and presumably my wind will increase when it's not winter and I'm not fighting off a cold, but ow.

And, you know. Now that I have spent way more money than I should on t-shirts and pizza, the next sewing project I do after I finish replacing my blouses (which costs no money thank god, I have the materials, I just need to take the time to cut shit out) needs to be working on blazers from the pattern I have so I can wear them over my t-shirts and be all Tony Stark about it. Because really. That is a good look and I want to adopt it for my own. Even if it's been a hell of a long time since I made anything that formal. I still think I remember how to do it, though. This also means allocating some money out of my next paycheck for fabric and lining, note to self, and I think I have buttons and this is going to be way more fun than it should. Go go long-term wardrobe revamping!

I feel fairly clear today. Which means today had damn well better be a decent writing day, argh. Nanowrimo, and maybe, maybe, dime novels CS basic stuff posts, as well as reading over sewing instructions for the two blazers for which I have patterns. There, that's a good list of things I can do while at work. About the only thing I didn't get done was screen caps this morning, ugh, but that I blame on both staying up too late and not realizing how winded I'd get this morning. This afternoon, then, after I get home from work.

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Yep, it's winter. I've reached that whole keep a bottle of lotion in the house in all rooms stage. I think the water freezes on my skin before it's absorbed into the skin, is why.

I exaggerate, but really, I disapprove of the sudden turn for the fucking freezing things have taken.

I'd forgotten that there was a Jeff Bridges Dungeons and Dragons type fantasy movie where he seems to be channeling Sean Connery. And there's a Rakshasa? I missed the Rakshasa the first time around. I need to see this movie at some point, the preview was on my Pacific Rim blu-ray. But then imdb tells me it's not out till 2014. I has a sad. Still need to see it though. January! Hopefully we'll catch it in the dollar theatre, which by the looks of the lack of advertising for it shouldn't take too long.

Successfully finished two smaller projects yesterday. One outline is off, one file is posted, now I just have to somehow finish Nerd Girls and re-read White Lighting and figure out how that's going to go in November and I guess I'll be okay? Oogh. I also finished the boy's arm-warmers last night but apparently when you wash superwash yarn it stays stretched, sort of the opposite of what I expected. Okay then. Now I have to figure out how to elastic it so it stays more rightly on his arm. And I went back to making this kimono thing that's really a long vest that I've been slowly knitting. I have no idea how long it'll take me to make it or how it'll look when it's done, but it's worth a shot? Winter is the season of knitting things! And generally mucking about with wool. Yes. Which also reminds me that I need to figure out how many squares on the damn blanket I've knitted already and how many I have left to go. Yeargh.
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Apparently we don't even get to have a silver lining to the Great Shutdown of 2013 (and by we I mostly mean my family), because Mom was declared "essential personnel" and so is still working 60-80 hour weeks on programs that, as far as I can tell from what little trickles down to me, only keep breaking because the people testing them are fucking morons. As in "Program, tell me the answer to 2 + 2" "4" "It's supposed to be 5! This program is broken." No, idiot, the program isn't broken, your input is broken. Your HEAD is broken. Oi. Congress is broken, the people (okay, person) who could use a couple days off doesn't get them, and the tens of thousands at the very least of people who need their damn paychecks don't get them, either. Argh.

Thinking of my mother, though, it's worth remembering that when she first moved back after being a teacher in San Diego for a couple years, she was originally going to be a car mechanic. Grandpa talked her into taking a computer programming aptitude test, which she apparently tested so high she may have broken it, and she discovered she liked programming. And here we are today.

Did get my closet halfway cleaned out yesterday, including tossing some clothes into the donation bag that I've been holding against losing X amount of weight, upon finally deciding that even if I do, this isn't going to work, I'm a short curvy person and always will be, not a tall stick. A few pants I won't wear again, put back a few skirts that are snug now, would feel better with an inch or two off my waist but oh well, and am debating tossing onto the donate pile because no matter how much weight I lost, it's not going to change the fact that they come up higher on my waist than I want them to. And yet, I like the cut of the skirt itself. Maybe I'll take it apart for pattern pieces. I'm going to take apart some of my current blouses for pattern pieces because the fabric they're made of is about as thin as a Tea Party politician's excuses. And I'm going to get some new blouses because I can, because then I can sew blouses off that pattern and make them with actual damn fabric. Maybe I'll sew some beads onto them or embroider them or something.

So. There's that, and we're going to get curtain rods this weekend. And I need to sew the two curtains I have material for now, after some weeks and months of having it and not sewing it. Maybe tonight, probably Friday night before Haven. Maybe I'll set up the sewing machine tonight. I did clean off the patio area so I can set up the crockpot for dyeing. If I get more merino I might set up both crockpots, but as it is I think it'll just be the one for Silas Weir Mitchell's scarf. And I really should spin some things with the fiber I do have before I start going completely nuts with the dye stuff. Although I still want to do a turquoise and brown fiber. Argh. Maybe I'll see if there's more merino at work and set up a second dye pot because lo I am weak. The remaining question is, then, what do I do with probably around 200 yards of fingering/sport weight yarn? Or do I make more and make something bigger. Decisions, decisions.

Anyway. Stuff and things. This month is working on Nerd Girls, drafting that, and maybe figuring out what I'm doing for Nano and outlining that. And blog work, of course, and Gods and Monsters. So. We'll see how all of that goes. The next few days as much as I can will also be worked on Dragon, because my fucking wrist.
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Second Day! Got up, took my time getting out of bed, to be honest. Showered, threw on Cheetara again and did my makeup again and everything, to go down to the Walk of Fame and try to see about that picture Burn Gorman said he wanted. He wasn't there, so we went and grabbed breakfast instead, then split up and I went down with the boy to see if he was there this time. He was! But I couldn't line jump just to ask him about that photo, so I stood in line for twenty minutes or so trying not to bolt from fear. Which turned out to be a good thing because not only did he remember me "How could I forget?" he thanked me for taking the time -- ME. That's a thing I usually say to actors! And he asked if I was changing into another costme or street clothes, so I briefly told him my costume plans, and he high-fived me again and was generally exuberant and darling. And now when I get home I have to watch all of the Torchwood and the ... thing. EVERYTHING WITH HIM IN IT. He was SO SWEET. I love this man. I wondered how this day could top yesterday? That was it.

So, after that we went out to the exhibitor's hall where I got an NCIS hat and some severely sore feet. While I was tottering back to the hotel after that someone told me about the DC photo shoot, so I figured, sure, why not, right? Tron photo shoot last year was fun, I could do that for 20 minutes and then dart back across to the Hyatt for Claire Coffee and gang's Grimm panel.

Apparently? Not so much. This was a full-on professional photo shoot with video, LOTS of cameras, maybe a couple hundred costumed heroes in various configurations (the smallest was the Batman heroes one I was in), all on the steps. LOTS of photos and video. It took a fucking hour and a half and could have taken longer if I'd felt confident enough in my costume to get an individual shot. Which I wasn't, but definitely next year. The thing that bugged me most about this year's Huntress costume was that I couldn't get the belt or bracers done on time. That ought to be easy for next year. So, by the time we got out of that it was 5, the Grimm panel was over, so Kiki and I decided to hit the panels tomorrow and head back up to the room and go horizontal for a bit.

After that, though, it was time for dinner at Benihana's and sushi and so on. Well, not sushi, but a hibachi dinner with an onion train instead of a volcano and the chef throwing the shrimp tails into his hat and making the egg roll and so on and so forth. I love hibachis. And there was pub and then there was [profile] booknerdguru's panel about sexing up history. Which was pretty much what you'd expect from a room full of alleged adults who are at least half drunk (according to Bethany the next day) and talking about sex in history in television. "Such, my angels, is the role of sex in history." And actually Lion in Winter did get brought up once. Interestingly, Copper and Ripper Street and other Victorian shows barely got a mention, along with Deadwood. It was all Tudors, Borgias, Rome, Spartacus, and DaVinci, and that ilk.

After that we decided to go upstairs and get some sleep because there was a Sunday 10 am panel we wanted to go to. So I went up, started mends on my Silk Spectre, and curled up in bed.
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Tetsuo costume is finished! Entirely! I need to figure out a makeup scheme, but that shouldn't be too hard. I might start experimenting this morning and if people tell me "you look like shit" I know I've succeeded. Because really. Tetsuo spends half the time looking like a zombie, and that's without the creepy cybernetics. (As it turns out I completely forgot that I'd be leaving for work early and wouldn't have time, but oh well. I can research zombie makeup and try again later.) Huntress cloak has its hook and bars, it could use another snap but I have no fucking clue where my pack of snaps has gone. I had one there a week ago, I saw it.

And today... ye gods. Today is going to be interesting. Assuming I have time I have to spin up a bunch more natural yarn and then ply it for dropping in an indigo vat, I have edits to do on Gods and Monsters and then drafting the next one, which I hope to at least get three scenes into. Then poking both at this new thing that seems to have erupted over night and maybe some at Nerd Girls, which I've been neglecting. If I have time. I more expect to be able to poke at Nerd Girls tonight when I have my Campbell open in front of me, but whichever.

A week till Dragon*Con. Little less than. I can't quite believe it's that close, though. I guess that means some light/quick machine sewing tomorrow night, and that should take me to just doing the leotard on Saturday or Sunday and then, ulp. All costumes done? In time for Dragon*Con? That's never happened before!

This is, of course, not including all the writing I have to do. And the batch-making of burritos so I don't have to worry about that for the next two-three weeks, if the pots in my fridge right now are anything to go by. Plus the batch making of spaghetti and chili, which at least all I have to do there is dump things in pots and remember to stir every half hour. Plus the cleaning of the house. I think that's it, really? But argh. Oh, plus formatting and finishing of stuff to put up for sale, and mostly it's down to all the fiddly little things and I just need to set it up and knock it down. Which isn't bad. But keeping it all coordinated? Argh. Maybe that's what will happen around lunch in between Russian. Getting my calendar organized so it doesn't all crash together.

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Still needing way more sleep than I'm happy with, but at least today is better. The boy is home, we went out for dinner last night and had good italian food and I got mousse. Mmmm mousse. And finished the Tetsuo costume completely, with the addition of tackbacks and hook and bars on the cloak. So there's that. Can't be bothered with the arm this year, which is to say that I completely forgot I was building it until a couple weeks ago. Still, it wasn't meant to be a high-maintenance costume in the first place, so maybe that's for the best.

Dragh. And the house is all over laundry and crap again. Admittedly this is at least partly because the boy came home and neither of us had the energy to put it away last night. Maybe I can get him to do some of that picking up today, since he doesn't have to go back to work till tomorrow night. And the bathroom and office are still mostly clean. Bed's got clean sheets on it. But still dyaugh. Though, really, this place would probably be neater if I'd had any energy to finish the picking up over the weekend. Fucking illnesses.

Today! Finish up Gods and Monsters this week, which is only tidy up the conclusion of the last scene and add on the coda, and start next week's. Dear god, it might even happen. Tonight, finish up Huntress costume with the cloak and the hems and maybe start compiling Black Ice into things. Also, caps for the blog. And that ought to be enough to be going on with; if I finish that I can do some knitting or read over the other two things I mean to attempt to publish as e-novellas. Or something. Augh. What is this madness. This is not Sparta. I am lost.


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Russian, now with 100% fewer triggers! )

There's a few mistakes that I seem to constantly make on Russian. One of these days I will remember that 'room' is feminine. Really. Also given how much has changed I think I just need to write the vocab on a card and play mad libs.

I feel a severe need to run around in circles screaming. Dragon*Con, publishing things, Gods and Monsters, the blog, everything. Cleaning the goddamn house so I don't come back home to a pigsty. Eating properly and not keeping a steady diet of mac and cheese and sherbert for the next few days. Exercising so I stay awake and feel better about myself. Getting a decent night's sleep every night. Spinning the freaking yarn for everyone, and also to keep my zen. Augh. Twenty bajillion different things and all of them need to be done right the hell now and panic and freak out time yet?

No, not really. Everything's scheduled so that I have time to do everything, the only thing I might not have time to do before Dragon*Con is build the Tetsuo mutant arm, which has kind of fallen by the wayside since it was the least essential part of the whole thing. But I still have at least one weekend in which to sew or build an entire new costume, so it's really not that bad. Still not entirely sure what I want to do about my Silk Spectre costume. I have all the material for the rebuild I was going to do and now I just want to scrap it all and start over. Argh. Probably what I'll end up doing is sewing new sleeves onto the store-bought costume I have and calling that a good job for this year. If I really feel ambitious at the last minute I'll find some yellow gauzy material and make a robe over a black leotard. Who the hell knows. I have a shitton of potential costumes anyway. Oh, and I need to redo the collar on the Huntress cloak because I've decided I don't like how it is right now. C'est la vie.

Barring that, though, the writing stuff is going really well. Apart from my constant panic. Which I've learned to tune out by now, so there's that at least. I need to finish stripping edits on Black Ice, keep churning through Gods and Monsters, tweak and plan and outline other things. Life goes on? I need to do blog posts, too. Personal ones, that is. Murderboarding blog posts I've gotten into a kind of a rhythm on. Speaking of life going on, I should check in with the neighbors about that bed. Poor bastard.

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Got chicken and two kinds of beans made last night, plus extra cheese sauce from the mac and cheese, and if I find a bag of baby carrots today that ought to be enough. Either that or the green beans I have can go in the rest of the dip? Dunno. Maybe I can go up to the market and find some celery and wash and bag that. Anyway, that ought to be good to keep me for the rest of the weekend.

Stripped most of the edits out of Black Ice yesterday. Or, well, okay, I got about halfway done? Done with most of the smaller things, and I have to finish one larger story and then the main novella and then it'll be ready for formatting and publication. Which is a terrifying thought. Well, e-publication, formatting for print is much harder, but but but book! Even if just the ebook, coming out at the end of Dragon*Con! I will celebrate by getting good and drunk and trying not to think about it. Seriously, the process is terrifying enough and thinking about having this thing out there made me sick to my stomach yesterday. Not that it stopped me from doing things about it. I've somehow over the last several years managed to train myself apparently that well, where the nerves don't stop me from doing things. So that's good? Still terrifying.

I also put up my dress form last night! I love this dress form so much I cannot even tell you guys oh my god. How the hell did I ever do anything before I got one of these. I have to finish putting stuff up on it and pinning it eventually, but that's not much of a bother. You guys, this is the shit. It's an adjustable one so I can adjust it to my measurements, I was good and smart and didn't get the one that I would have to adjust to its largest setting; this one is one that goes up and down around my measurements. And sure, it doesn't adjust too much down, but I think I've come to terms with the fact that my torso isn't going to get much narrower. The waist is the only part of me that's likely to, and the dress form goes down to 29, which is about as small a waist as I'm ever likely to get barring a corset. And ow. In short, DRESS FORM. OF AWESOME. She needs a name. Something suitable, like Anne or Catherine or Marie.

Today's things: finish up Gods and Monsters and post that. I have a few bracket notes to fill in, but other than that. And then draft the next one. Stripping edits from Black Ice, and fucking around with Scrivener, GoodReads, Smashwords. Not panicking. I can do that, right? The not panicking part? Of course right.
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All right, a new week, this time with more rested. I don't know if I was stress sick on Saturday or just sick or what, but that was a day of mostly sitting in one place and doing nothing which, admittedly, I probably sorely needed. Sunday at least I got a bunch of fiddly costume tasks done. And some of the sample yarn spun. Slowly but surely, bit by bit. Maybe one costume task a night to get this shit done.

Apart from that... god. I got a lot of rest this weekend, I did get some shit done both with costumes and blogging, but now it's Monday and my head is spinning with all the things I want to do and I have no idea how to make it stop. I mean, probably the first thing I'm going to do when I sit down at work, then, is organize myself and my week and figure out what I need to do and when I need to do it by and set up the calendar for all the blocks of time, etc. But until then I'm probably going to be freaking out that I didn't get something done that I should have for imminent... I don't know. Because of reasons.

So, okay. Things I know I need to do. Finish this week's Gods and Monsters today, that actually shouldn't be that hard. Get an hour or two of Haven done tonight since that's up this weekend, actually put in the last of the Black Ice edits today. And after that I can figure out what else I want to get done, what I need to do today. That's a plan, yes, self? Yes. Good girl. Keep moving.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Arrrgh I'm having one of those No One Cares days again. ALREADY. I did not need this shit, I have work to do. Seeing "Oh look another episode of Night Vale" on my tumblr dash isn't helping, either. Bye bye, Tumblr. I can't be having with any of this shit today, no pity nor poking, I have work to do.

Okay, so. By the numbers then. Gods and Monsters went out today, I could do more work promoting it so I don't whine so much about how no one cares but I have other shit to do, so, later, maybe. I need to get two chapters of Gods and Monsters written this week so I'm not struggling to keep up after D*C. I need to code this week's chapter, that's pretty easy. I have How To Train Your Dragon tweet-along tonight, that should be good for getting at least the wig finished, maybe the Huntress costume to stitch back down and figure out if/how I can improve that white stripe towards the bottom. Ugh. And I should pin Faye Valentine, though pinning is probably all I'll get done during the movie. After that, for tasks to be fit in whenever I have time, hooks and eyes need to be bought and sewn at least to the Huntress cloak. I thought there was something else I needed to sew it to, but I can't remember now. And... no, there's more to do, but I just need to make sure it's on the list, not do it tonight. I need to make Huntress's belt, remake Silk Spectre and Cheetara's entire costume STILL, that's on the list for this weekend. Actually this weekend should be nothing but writing work and blog work and Cheetara/Silk Spectre.

WRITING WORK. Oh dear god. It's not even a list I have to keep other than in my head right now, it mostly consists of format and read over Black Ice, promo copy for Black Ice, set it up for publication. Kink Bingo and Gods and Monsters and Sandborn and blogwork but there is SO MUCH OF IT. It's actually a minor miracle I haven't gotten tired of either Black Ice or Gods and Monsters by now. I've hit the point of "oh god no one cares about this shit but me," but I haven't gotten tired of it yet. That's a good sign, right?

Head spinning. Too many damn things to do, not enough time. If I could take another week off of work maybe I could get everything done but, no, day job. Which means the next three weeks plus need to be scheduled extra efficiently and argh. Frustrated. Tired. Nowhere to go but to keep moving and fail better.
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Русский язык )

And today that's all corrections, a few days' worth of corrections, so. I think that's about all I'm up for today, not because of emotional content (though boy howdy is there a lot in that Russian) but because ow fucking menstrual migraine spiking me above the left eyeball. Fuck that, and everything else menstrual or pre-menstrual pain related. Ow.

Picked up what I think will be the last of the supplies needed for costume stuff this year at work. Somehow, despite having thirty or forty spools of thread at home (literally, I have two freaking sewing boxes full), bright yellow thread is not among them. And hole punches for the leather because, despite having found my rotating hole punch, I'm pretty sure it is crappy rotating hole punch and not suitable for leather. So now I have the kind you bang with a mallet. And I have a fuckton of grommets anyway, so that's not a problem. I have... oh, hey, found my sewing awl. So now that I've found that I think I'll get a couple of the small packs of natural/whiteish waxed linen and try and make a better Silk Spectre belt out of that. Emphasis definitely on try. I think that's it, though. I think, amazing as it is, apart from complete costume rebuilds which may go amazingly or may go disastrously, by the end of this weekend I will be fucking done with costume building. Certainly by the time Anna gets here. How the hell did this happen? How did I end up organized enough for this? How the hell am I going to store everything? (Probably in garment bags. Anyone know where I can get a dozen or so cheap garment bags? They don't have to be the thick plastic, they're not traveling anywhere, just sitting in my closet.)

I feel like I had some more to say here about other stuff, but the second I think I have a long entry about everything something comes along and distracts me and proves me wrong. I know I have a long entry about Orphan Black, but I'm going to save that till after I've finished the series. I will say, though, that the next person who tells me I MUST watch it is getting throatpunched in my imagination. No, I MUST do nothing. You can tell me you adore it, you can tell me you think I'll love it and give reasons, you can tell me you think I'll love it and give no reasons whatsoever, you can gush about the actress (though god that's getting tiresome, can we please remember that many other people are involved in production, too? several of whom I feel haven't been getting the attention they deserve), you can gush about the plot, the mind screw, but don't you fucking tell me I have to watch something. And I'm not meaning "OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS SHOW" once or twice in the first throes of your enthusiasm, I mean people who say this over and over and over again. No. You do not tell me what I must watch. I like you, I consider you a friend, but fuck you very much, that just makes me want to dig my heels in and tell you it sucks and rip it to shreds on general belligerent principle. And I think people who do that are assholes. So stop making me want to do asshole things by telling me what I have to do. Argh. I'll start telling you you HAVE to watch the last season of Heroes, and no one wants that.

Ahem. So, well, I guess that's a paragraph I don't have to write later when I talk about Orphan Black! Writing is happening. More writing would have happened today if I hadn't gotten the headache from hell and spent some time passed out on my shipping cart. And then tonight when I get home there will be making pasta of some kind, I don't have any meat defrosted but I do have a number of pasta sauces and noodles, two of which should correspond nicely, and then there will be the last chunk of Orphan Black and cutting fabric and sewing fabric and then I will have pouches for Huntress and it will be glorious. Yesh. I have a plan. It's better than a gesture.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I can't describe the clusterfuck that happened in Texas last night without words that will get me into trouble. Let's just say I wish to employ a Texas stereotype to deal with the problem of women's right to competent medical care without government interference. Jesus hitman Christ is that too much to ask? That the government stay the fuck out of our examination rooms? You old dessicated sad sacks are, by and large, not medical professionals (and at least one of the ones who was in the past has shown no knowledge of basic female biology either, I have to add) so quit acting like you are and fuck right off. Go punch a chad or something. Stop freaking out that women might have brains and wills and ideas about how they want to live their lives that don't involve your idea of what a woman should do or be. You still don't have that right to make that decision for another, I don't care how you justify it.

God, politics today. I want to curl up in my fictional worlds and my costumes and not come out. Yesterday it was the Voting Rights act weakened, that Texas bullshit where a bunch of old white men literally argued about a woman's right to speak to them about women's medical care, and today the Supreme Court decides if separate but equal is still a valid approach to ruling the country. No matter how much of a lie it is. Freedom to marry a person of the opposite sex isn't freedom to marry, your honors. Sorry, but it isn't. Where's that consequences of gay marriage pie chart.

Deep breaths, Jag. Deep breaths. Politics is always politics. It's just more vicious now than it has been. Or the viciousness is more visible thanks to people deciding they can show their asses in public and being older and more able to recognize this.

So, okay. Less rage more building things, I wasn't able to do any sewing last night since my old Singer featherweight refused to sew the material. Not sure why, I tried switching through three needles, it didn't seem to be a tension problem, it just kept snapping the thread. So, now that I've found the cords for the upstairs one I'll see if that works any better and if not, well. I guess it's time to remember how to hand sew things. I did, however, get a bunch of writing done last night, so at least there's that. Hopefully the more advanced computerized whatever sewing machine will work better, and I can get everything done in a timely fashion still. Ugh, so tired. Too much adrenaline last night.
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Русский язык )

Well. That was fun. And by fun I mean I'm so, so fucking tired of being a woman in a world that traditionally hates, loathes, and mistreats women. On the plus side, even if it's a morbid plus side, if I memorize this in Russian and German and maybe a couple other languages, I can be more helpful in an emergency?

And part of this was started by yet another post by another woman talking about how she is pushed on by men every day, and another part of this was surprisingly inspired by Kickstarter apologizing and making some pretty decent reparations, including a donation to RAINN that almost doubled what the guy got on his Kickstarter. It's definitely a start, and I appreciate that they did the donating thing unprompted and as part of the initial apology; far too often the donation comes after someone apologizes. And it looks like a real apology, too, so. Yay!

God, that fucking guy. I'm assuming you all have heard of this. Cutting for those of you who, like me, might be weary of all the misogyny in the world. )

Here, have some song lyrics so you can scroll down past the cut text without seeing it.

o/~ When we grow up will I be pretty
Will you be big and strong
Will I wear dresses that show off my knees
Will you wear trousers twice as long
Well I don't care if I'm pretty at all
And I don't care if you never get tall
I like what I look like, and you're nice small
We don't have to change at all

When we grow up will I be a lady
Will you be an engineer
If I have to wear things like perfume and gloves
I can still pull the whistle while you steer
Well I don't care if I'm pretty at all
And I don't care if you never get tall
I like what I look like, and you're nice small
We don't have to change at all

When I grow up I'm gonna be happy
And do what I like to do
Like making noise! And making faces.
And making friends like you.
And when we grow up do you think we'll see
That I'm still like you and you're still like me
I might be pretty, you might grow tall
But we don't have to change at all

I don't wanna change, see, 'cause I still wanna be your friend. For ever and ever and ever and ever...o/~

And now we feel better. Okay, Free to Be You And Me always makes me feel better anyway.

Slowly ripping this sleeve off for building things, and it's making me realize I'm going to need to attach straps to it somehow. Oops. Straps that can go under my arm and maybe around my neck, I need the internet to help me, I think, so that this sleeve that's suddenly going to be very heavy can stay hooked onto me and not fall off. First, though, I need to see what the shape of the sleeve will be when I'm starting out with it. Argh. I'm nervous and I really want this to work because otherwise I have no idea what I'm going to do. I mean, okay, I do, I'll just do the t-shirt and jeans and cape and do some seriously strung out looking makeup and that'll be it, but still argh! I'm really nervous and I want this to work, okay? Okay.

Well, at least I won't have long to wait to find out if this works or not. There's time blocked out for it this weekend. Tomorrow, actually. So! Progress on all the costumes, it's happening!
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Gaeilge )

Yep, still tired and in pain from the morning workout. I'm almost getting used to this. Except not. It is doing me some good, though. Number of plies is going up, number of push-ups is going up, flexibility and muscle tone, etc. So there's that. I just wish something like exercise energy high would kick in because building muscle or something just makes me sluggish for a bit. Maybe I need to rethink and start alternating things.

Costuming happened last night! I started in with the wig experiment and have discovered that, yes, superglue and thread make a decent sized plug type thing that I can use. Also I have a lot of extension hair. After that it's just a matter of seeing if I can stick it into the wig, and then I'll be golden. Well, spotted. I also got the headband for Faye Valentine painted and that turned out really well, and got the belt for Silk Spectre cut out and then promptly decided it looked horrible. What I might do, though, is cut that section in half, make more of a buckle cover over the front, and use that as a cover for a simple nylon webbing and buckle belt. Preferably a two-inch one.

But, yeah. Two of those were by and large a success! The third is just a pain in the ass and not essential anyway. This week I have even more costuming crap scheduled out, along with some writing, and hopefully between the lot of it I can get almost everything sorted and off my list. And then it's just down to the costume rebuilds. Which still frighten me.

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm not glad I had horrific dreams about the Lurking Bandit apparently taking an epileptic fit and somehow causing or being around for the derailing of a lot of freight trains that I had to witness from the window of a bus and what even about that? I would like less horrific dreams and more nice ones please thanks. Ah well. Hopefully today will be quietish, I can get writing and editing done. Ooh, and maybe repotting some of those no, I can't do that yet. But the boy brought home two new more further along tomato plants for me to hopefully not kill, so there's that. I can do that tomorrow sometime. Oh the glamourness of my life.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Gaeilge )

Not only did I get Person of Interest done last night, I got a draft of the next Gods and Monsters done. Sometimes I amaze even myself. Then I usually sleep like a rock because exhausted. So, according to today's calendar, I'm spending the better part of this morning editing (read: adding in that one scene I only noted down because I wasn't sure it should go in there) and the better part of the afternoon editing Blood in the Gutters. Awesome.

Slowly, very slowly knocking down shit on my to-do list such that it's manageable again. Which is kind of a miracle, honestly. Or at least I feel like it's manageable again, which is mostly the important thing, as long as I'm keeping track of everything. Mending is happening, costume bits are being pulled together. I need to either finish or rebuild my Tetsuo arm because, hilariously, over the weekend the boy started pulling down some extraneous wiring and cable from the exterior of the house. At which point I blinked, looked at pictures of Tetsuo, and decided that would make the awesomest Tetsuo arm ever. So instead of painted veiny mutant thing which, honestly, did kind of look fairly horrible, I'm going to have covered in cables mutant sleeve thing. Seriously, this is going to be awesome. Hilarious and awesome. I just need a new pair of pantyhose to cut up and fuck up for the base. But, yeah, that's happening, I dug through the garage some more and found whole other chunks of costume boxes, so that can get sorted over the weekend. I might end up going through my project boxes and seeing which ones need to be scrapped (anything that involves my body and a relatively close fit, since I seem to have changed shape a bit) and which ones can still be finished. (Cloaks and the like) and then schedule out time to finish those. Oi, so many craft projects. Also with the random urge the other day to make a bracelet.

Also also with the random urge the other day to watch Poltergeist, the Legacy. Seriously, is that a TV show anyone remembers? I used to love that show. I don't remember what it was like anymore, not at all, but I used to love that show.

I need to update my calendar, though. I need to sort through and figure out what all I need to do over the next couple weeks, then sort through the calendar and slap it all up there. Oi, so many things to keep track of. Now that I'm not focused on the one next immediately due I think it's all starting to pile on. Which just means I need to be more careful about one thing at a time, slow steps, etc. One thing at a time. I swear I can do this. Or at least, somehow manage to juggle everything so that nothing gets too fucked up. Really. She said, promptly getting distracted on wondering how the fuck to french seam both ends of a pair of panty hose. Such is my life. Also, why do I not have an Akira icon.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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