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What even is Charlie Hunnam. What even in his accent? Oh Charlie Hunnam. I don't even with you.

Happy birthday [personal profile] lireavue! May it go smoothly and with minimal weirdness or upheaval.

Well, yesterday was a mess of chaos, but at least stuff got done? An episode got finished, a couple of files got updated, a lot of work stuff got done and some sleep was had. And no more of the wackass bullshit that happened Tuesday night. Without getting too much into it, Anna and I talked ourselves into a profiler hangover Wednesday morning. The kind where we get too little sleep, have massive headaches, and overanalyze everything. Fortunately another night's sleep and having to actually do some profiling on Haven characters seems to have cured that.

I forgot about being called upon to help break down after SAFF this weekend. Which means none of my days are actually restful for the next week and a half. Woo. At least I can get some considerable amount of sleep Saturday and Sunday nights? We picked up more Halloween decorations that I don't have to make because I have no time or energy, and I picked up some more patterns though god knows when I'll have time to sew them, see also no time or energy. Almost done with extra blogwork though. That should leave my evenings free and so on. Until oh dear god Grimm comes back when the weekends become all profiling all the time. Well, all profiling and all analysis. At least it's fun. Because let me tell you, we so wouldn't be putting the amount of time and effort into this if it wasn't fun.

Right. I suppose I should get up and do some amount of exercise today, lest I become a zombie for the rest of the day. It's funny how I've turned into someone who needs to exercise to wake myself up. I can't say as I mind too much.
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I keep wanting to go check on my plants and see if the more proper watering did anything, except 12 hours or so isn't enough to perk up the plants THAT much. I am not good at this whole patience thing, have I mentioned that?

And I'm almost out of new-to-me Mentalist. Woe. I mean, on the plus side, no more Simon Baker smiling in ways that make me want to hide under the covers, but still kind of woe. I actually appear to have underestimated Bruno Heller's ability to play a long game and make it interesting. Which I shouldn't have, given his previous track record, but I did. I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon.

Things I need to do today: edit Blood in the Gutters since I do have a draft of Gods and Monsters up and oh god, the plot just kept unfurling and wouldn't shut up yesterday. And then White Lightning and a check-in post this afternoon. But in addition to the other things I need to do pretty soon, this weekend I need to go through the logs of the past week and write down all the shit for the next X "seasons" of G&M so I have the outline all there. Yes, that's how I figured out how to make a serial structure that works for reader interest and so on, structure it like a goddamn TV show. Murder novels are structured similar to episodes of procedurals, after all. Hopefully this'll work too.

Aand stuff. Things. Grimm is off the air, which means we're ramping up to do Haven on Murderboarding as well as Person of Interest, which is going to be a job of work. And I've got that scheduled for weekend mornings so I have large blocks of time in which to do my share of it, but, hoo boy. At least they're short 10-12 episode seasons. But just in watching the pilot we've found all kinds of little details that they threw in that make us swear a lot and. Yeah. Hoo boy.

Still, I'm feeling surprisingly chipper for the time of the month and the achiness and tubby feeling. It's not even precisely fat or bloated, it's tubby. And achey. Crampy. Ugh. But I got sleep last night. I think that's the reason, I actually slept. It's amazing what sleep will do.

Apropos of nothing, [personal profile] selenak wrote a much more coherent piece on being reluctant to watch Hannibal which about sums up all my reluctance, only better worded and more eloquent. Mads Mikkelsen aside, I have every faith in its production values (unlike a few other shows I will not be returning to), I just... Hannibal. Mmph.

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No Irish today, ran out of time due to sleeping in ugh.

I'd forgotten exactly how bad my morning sneezing fits are. I think I forget this every year, I'm allergic to something that blooms around springtime and just in the mornings, with the end result that lots of sneezing fits make maneuvering around breakfast and cats and exercises way more difficult than I feel it should be. It irks me. It's irksome.

This weekend, good fucking god, THIS WEEKEND. It was full of Srs Discussions Are Srs and some ugly truths and a lot of wait holy shit seriously? That's a thing? type revelations. I could have done without the energy sapping qualities of half of those, but at least good stuff came out of all of them. The upshot is that I need to make a CS post sooner rather than later (and by later I mean at the usual time) to get it all straight in my head, because it might mean my chances of pulling off a half-decent book publishing are greater than I'd previously thought. There's also some very peculiar mindset shit tied into that particular area, the one tied into low self esteem in some very peculiar ways where if people are talking about the blog behind our back, it's always in the "oh that crazy fangirl" way and couldn't possibly be in a positive way. Anyway, more detail later when I sit down and go over it. I also got massively infodumped as to self-publishing and publicizing and marketing and things, and apparently I have the right... technique? Words? And just needed a shitpile of new tools. So there was dealing with that too.

And the end result being that meat pies didn't happen, and neither did the sugar cookies I started craving at 8pm that night. Poopy. But edits did happen, shepherd's pie happened so at least there was healthy dinner, a whole bunch of other shit happened, um. Useful shit did happen! The weekend wasn't entirely wasted, just, not as productive as I wanted it to be. Which means I need to stop kicking myself, especially since the boy decided to fuck up his sleep schedule resulting in him getting up at 4 am last night, which meant I had to get up, and then the cats, and fucking argh. No, actually, now that I think about it, the only thing that didn't get done over the weekend that I wanted to do was pick up the living room. So nyah, brainweasels. Nyah to you.

Today's statement of intent: EITHER rewrite whatever the Julien/Syd story gets called OR finish edits on First Principles, you don't have time to do both, self. In the evening, maybe, whichever one of those doesn't get done during the day can get worked on. Russian didn't look too bad last I checked it, so maybe picking out a grammar point in there and otherwise moving on to the next chunk of verbs, assuming I've mastered the difference between увидеть, видеть, and смотреть to my teacher's satisfaction. *salute* German, still churning on the questionnaire in German. I also need to ponder what to do with my blog now that I've migrated it to wordpress and my website so that I have that one central location for everything related to Kitty Chandler. But that's just ponderings and actually fucking around with it can happen later in the week.
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Reasons I love the boy, in no particular order: he brought home donuts. His response to CNN's response of "oh the promising career of these young athletes cut short by their sentencing" is a very unsympathetic "tough shit." This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but these amused me and came to mind today.

Today's statement of intent before I get any more sidetracked: One scene in TT to patch up that second gap, line edits on at least the first story for LSQ, and Russian/German at lunch. This time Russian at lunch and German after UPS because I really, really need to get back on my Russian practice because reasons. Also because Kiki will kick my ass if I don't, and deservedly so. Blogwork only in the evening, and thankfully I don't have to worry about dinner since the boy has voted for finishing the pizza I made yesterday, so that's just heating it up in the oven or microwave. Which is good because I'm fairly behind where I wanted to be on Murderboarding blogwork. Ugh.

Definitely need to check in this Wednesday, and address an issue preferably today that popped up to my attention over the weekend that knocked me for a loop for at least a day. Which, I think I've got some ideas on how to address it? But, argh.

It's gotten back to cooler temperatures here, which is a bit cranky making, but goddamn it was nice yesterday. And 5-10 degrees over what it was predicted to be, so if it stays like that, that shouldn't be too bad. I am, however, now chilly and a bit sleepy due to the greyness of the day and another minor thing throwing me for a loop shortly before I went to bed last night, resulting in less sleep than I would have liked. Ugh. Today, this week, even, had better be less up and down than last one. At least in terms of the unknown unknowns, and even some of the known unknowns. Right now I have a set of known unknows pertaining to Murderboarding that are driving me a bit batshit. Argh.

... I just realized nearly every paragraph on this entry ends in Ugh or argh. That's the kind of week I had last week. Not even bad in all aspects. Just. Argh. This week had better shape the hell up while it still has all its extremities.
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Words cannot describe how awesome Leahy is. For all those of you who ever listened to A Call To Dance and just sort of sat there after the first time enraptured by visions of one of those frenzied fairy dances on a hill somewhere, that's what the entire damn concert was like. Only warmer. It was amazing. They were energized and incredibly skilled and oof. I'm still buzzing off the high the next morning.

I'm not sure what's going on on Twitter this morning, but everything this week seems to be designed to throw me for a loop in the mornings. Today it was an account following me that looks like it's only following me because Unspooling Fiction (Murderboarding) has become a Thing lately. I'm not sure if that means it's become an even bigger Thing or if that's just the internet or what. At least it looks pretty good? It's either going to be really good, like, The Shield good (well, I liked The Shield anyway) or it's going to suck hardcore. There is no middle ground here. I'm hoping for good, for our sake and theirs. I like the writer, and I haven't heard of the others involved as far as I can tell. And their last update on their news page was end of September of last year.

Two days till Grimm. I find myself very, very wary of, well, everything. Mostly I want my damn Captain back, not this love-obsessed bespelled psychopath who's replaced him. I miss my Captain, dammit.

Right. Today's statement of intent: doing the writing I didn't do yesterday because snow and languages and Leahy (AUGH LEAHY AUGH) and doing at least two scenes worth of line edits, and figuring out what else I need to be writing over the next week. Apart from the Grimm recapalypse because dear god that's going to be interesting and probably full of metaplot and things to chew on. I really hope today's quiet so I can do some research and sort out my brain. My brain right now isn't so much hyperactive as a jumbled mess. Ugh.

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No, yeah, still giddy over the fact that I made a web page in freaking Russian. And German. But mostly the Russian. It was hard, it was a pain in the ass, but it was a fun pain in the ass and I did it. Especially since some of the hard was finding equivalents for specfic terms in Russian. I forgot about that and what a pain in the ass it's likely to be. I mean, I'm very familiar with English (obviously) and even Spanish, and I can probably play around with words to get them to mean other things, but Russian? Fucking forget it. At least for now. But yeah, my website has a Russian and German language mirror index page. I did that. And soon, it will have at least several pages mirrored in other languages.

... which, crap, reminds me that if I'm going to translate my short stories, I should make spaces to put those in links on the stories themselves. ... This is gonna get really complicated.

The Haven Herald blog post turned out to be way meatier than I ever expected; if I'd realized it was going to be that detailed I would have started on it way way sooner. But, it's up. It exists. Now all I have to do is Person of Interest tonight and tomorrow and I think from here on out it's pretty much, PoI and Grimm per week until Grimm goes off, and then Haven and PoI per week. Holy damn, I didn't realize we were down that far. I think I like this much better than endless essays on top of recaplyses! And I suppose if we ever find ourselves lacking for material, we can do cancelled shows.

Right. Ahem, anyway, statement of intent for today: Line edits, at least one scene in, and mirror index pages in Spanish and French as well as picking things to translate for Russian and German practice, and pulling quotes for a Behind the Scenes at Murderboarding. Tonight, Person of Interest, however deep towards the end of it I/we get and then finishing that tomorrow morning. Fortunately it's not really a metaplot heavy episode so it shouldn't take too long. Christ, how the hell did it get to be Friday again? Not that I'm complaining, really. I could use a weekend.

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Boy brought home doughnuts for breakfast. Boy is a thoughtful boy. Though I still don't entirely understand why his co-workers are bringing in free food. What the hell, we got doughnuts and salad greens (seriously?) and english muffins out of the deal. Most of which I'll take to work so that I can have help eating it and it won't go to waste. I don't have any damn thing except maybe some nuts to toss on a salad. Argh.

At some point we'll probably stop practicing our French and Spanish on Twitter where vanishingly few people can read it. Today appears not to be that day, though. I can't say I'm sorry, either. It's not like we're speaking Irish or something. Which would be INCREDIBLY obscure, show-offy, and involve me making a lot of shit up and looking things in dictionaries.

Today's statement of intent! Line edits and Haven Herald/Person of INterest in the evening, as per usual. Hoping to get through another ten minutes of PoI tonight, which, since dinner's relatively simple, might even happen. I think the plan that way is to get dinner started/made, go into the computer room and sit and do some there, then come out and hang in the living room with the boy until he goes to work and then doing the rest of it for the last couple hours. Since I have Haven on the netbook, or at least, the relevant episodes. Yes, this is a good plan. And we will execute this plan, and we will thrive, and we will call it... this plan.


I can't say I'll be sorry when, after this week, it's pretty much all the recaplyses all the time, though. Grimm on the weekend... Okay, PoI recaplyses during the week by turns, Grimm as a Saturday marathon thing, the time of which might be shortened from experience since we last did it, and Haven as we have time/see fit. Which might be the same amount of PoI which might mean, gasp, shock. Having that thing we don't talk about so we don't tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thingie. Ahem. EVEN SO. I am liking this plan more and more the more I think of it.

Right. I suppose this means it's time to get up and pretend like I'm a responsible adult, empty the dishwasher and get dressed for work and go offer the neighbors some amaryllis bulbs. Because apparently we are drowning in them at work. Or rather, Aunt Beej is drowning in them and giving them away to anyone who will stand still long enough. It's cute.

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Doing German before I get distracted with anything else, because apparently today is another day of skyrocketing high followed by as big an unassisted crash as I can get. Yesterday it was people complimenting the first original fiction I'd put out in public in a while. Today it was getting attention from one of the writers of Angel. And Rome, and Burn Notice, and other things, but Angel is what came to mind. Insert obligatory my life the fuck how is this here.

I did a thing! Sort of based on the giant character-building questionnaire of doom, but so far just those questions. Go, break it! Tell me what other questions you want on a form to fill in that I can then make into a chart or something. Have fun. I'm having fun.

I seriously need a nap, but I'm having fun.

Tonight is apparently macaroni and cheese with tuna and then all the Person of Interest ever. At least till around 10, when it's all the line edits or coding, whatever I'm in the mood for. Probably coding, at this point. I think part of the reason I'm so enthused by the idea is because it's almost over. I'm almost out of pages to code. Shock of shocks.

And in the meantime, I really really need to finish that Haven post so I can get that out there, do Person of Interest tonight, and then do Haven 1x01 or the When You're At Home series or both, tomorrow evening. get started on *gasp, shock* a backlog! No, surely not. That never happens.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Oh, and if anyone needs a Valentine's Day dragon from a previous year, let me know?
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Well, that was half an hour out of my day due to incredibly moronic mistakes. Namely, mine. Oops. Now my password hint to myself is hopefully moreclearer, though, and I won't embarrass myself in front of tech support again.

Dammit, Jag.

Right. Somehow, I have no idea how but I suspect it has to do with no headache today, I have actually managed to get through all of my notes on the Cape Rouge for the upcoming post. Which means that tonight might actually go quicker than I thought, reviewing the last handful of scenes in that episode, going through further episodes (only one of which should have any substantive information because I am sadly lacking in knowledge about boats) and then pulling caps and that might even get posted today! We'll see, but the wargs of Imposter Syndrome, Muddled Thinking, and PMS seem to have stopped nipping at my heels, so it might get out on time after all. If that works out, and if by some miracle I manage to get a good chunk of cleaning done today, I'll sit down and pull times for the next WYAH essay for the weekend. Friday's day job work can be coding the website and working on the Nathan-Duke essay.

Hey, speaking of surprising things, what the hell is this shit where I'm actually getting traffic on my website? This is not helping the whole shit I need to get my website up and working thing. Well, it kind of is, because then I don't have the excuse of "people aren't going to see it" not to do it. On the other hand, eek. It's been kind of half-assedly there for a while. Still, the actual tasks to do aren't complicated or even necessarily that time consuming. Well, maybe a bit time consuming. But they're not complicated or numerous, so that shouldn't take too too long in the grand scheme of things.

I've come up with two different approaches (and realized that it's a marathon, Jag, not a sprint) to getting interpreter-fluent in Russian: the first, which I think I've mentioned before, involves translating the Leviathan into Russian along with various other parts of my website. The second involves translating useful/everyday emergency services dialogue into, well, every language I can think of that I can manage, starting with the dialogues I often had at the clinic where I did Spanish interpretation. This brought to you mostly by my contemplating interpretation and going over those memories. Debating whether or not to post them here, but while posting them here would keep me honest about doing it, you might not want to see random bits of dialogue in Spanish, French, Russian, or German. You might! Speak now if you care.

...I seem to have guitar picks in my pocket. I didn't mean to put them there, they just sort of happened.

So, yeah, all in all, doing much better today without the headache. There are a lot of things where I need to remind myself that it's a marathon not a sprint, not the least of which are putting together the anthology and getting interpreter-fluent in Russian (Spanish [again], French, German). Website building and House unpacking are a bit of a sprint, for a given value of sprint that most likely will take a month or two. Another month or two. But the rest of it is a will-take-multiple-months-to-years marathon. And the blog is just a thing that happens regularly, because apparently if I can't chew on TV shows I will chew on actors, serial killers, friends and neighbors, or whatever else is lying around. I am not kidding. I have gotten into a discussion of whether or not the Son of Sam was most likely the Son of Sam and only him or whether there was additional bastardry involved.

So, that's happening. Now I also just need to figure out what I'm doing for Valentine's Day if anything and I'll be golden. I'm usually incredibly lackadaisical about Valentine's Day, never having made much of it in the past. But I'd like to know if something's going to happen so I can plan not to get any of the aforementioned projects done that night. ... Oh god, I've become that uberorganized scheduled person. When the hell did that happen?
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Excuse me I have to go do a victory dance because I have fucking green things growing in my pots. The tomatoes and the oregano have sprouted little green things all over the place and I am growing shit! You guys! I have broccoli thriving, I have parsley that I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do with it (beef stew this weekend?), I have basil, I have rosemary, I have lettuce that I'm just letting die because there's really not enough of it to harvest and fuckit I can use the pots for something else, and I have fucking tomato and oregano seedlings. Which is good because I use a lot of both. Holy shit I can grow things. And my jade plant has little green new leafbits and and and! I didn't kill it after all! Or at least, I didn't kill one of them. Probably because I didn't let the cats at them because dear god they've been chewing on the lettuce. I don't know why.

And yesterday we got (well, the boy got, mostly) the toilet finally fucking installed with a flange and everything that fits, so no more leaking. So we have both bathrooms functional! Even if one is still very dirty with construction dust because we just shut the door till we got the damn toilet done. And we put the mattress pad thing... cover, I think. Back on the bed, and then made the bed with actual sheets like a motherfucking adult! And holy shit we are really getting this house to looking like something like a real house! I think tonight I'm going to work on the office, though. Because this is just getting ridonkulous.

Also when the recipe for the lemon bars says ungreased pan? It lies. I think, except for biscuits, I'm just going to assume everything lies when they say ungreased pan. Because goddamn.

Ugh. I did sleep last night, at least, so I feel like I'm actually somewhat compos today. Which is good because I have a whole huge backlog of things I didn't get done yesterday because I was staggering around like a zombie. Piles of writing, which I think will get done because at least incoming is very little, and then when I get home piles of analysis and blogging and editing in some combination or another. Also I have no idea what it is about the home profiles that's freaking me out but I wish it would go away. Oh jesus fuck we have what incoming? Sigh. Never mind. I'll fit it all in somehow. At least I got sleep last night. Where's my goddamn shitkickers.
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I'm fairly sure that wasn't quite as cohernt as it might otherwise have been. Any second now I'm going to start using all the wrong prepositions and then no one will be able to understand me in anyl anguage.

Traci Dinwiddie, fellow North Carolinian as I understand it (who played Pamela Barnes on Supernatural) has an idea that just might help me get through February. Which is traditionally a bitch of a month to get through for me and mine. "How about listing something we appreciate about ourselves each day?" Traci, that sounds like a damn good idea. You can join in using the hashtag #DigMe on twitter. So, today's that I singled out because despite my inability to string together proper fucking sentences, I do appreciate and enjoy my facility with languages. I appreciate that I can study German and have it be fun and not a chore. And that I can pretty much do it on my own, too, with a capable textbook. At least German. I'm not fucking touching Mandarin with a ten foot pole until I have a teacher.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but parts one and two of my speculations on Wesen biology are now up, for those of you who watch Grimm and are into that sort of thing. And if I knew where the hell my X-Files diary had gone to, I'd type that up, too. That was one of the most awesome science projects I've ever done. Actually my whole high school was awesome, I did X-Files in biology and Star Trek in physics. I didn't do anything in Chemistry because the teacher was incompetent. Seriously, everyone's grades dropped a full point in that class. He didn't come back the next year. Anyway, yes! Blogging happened. Anna also updated all our fouth-wall-shattering profiles. Well, almost all. I'm looking forward to knocking down the fourth wall for Person of Interest, too.

Tired. I have no idea what I'm doing tonight, and this irritates me more than it used to because I know there are approximately half a dozen things I would like to plan out doing, and I can't, because I have no idea what I'm doing. And the truly sad thing is, none of these are strictly speaking time sensitive. No, two of them are, one being to cut up and cook the chicken that's currently in the fridge with an expiration date of yesterday, but even if I go out tonight I'll have time to do that. The other one being finish recapalyzing Person of Interest 1x01, which at the very least can get done tomorrow, since it's already started. So, really? Nothing to worry about. And here I am feeling grumbly over it. Definitely symptomatic of my need for a good fucking night's sleep.

Also I don't understand how it can be 3-4 degrees warmer than my house, according to the thermostat, at work, and then I feel like it's fucking freezing, whereas at home I'm wandering around in a shirt and sweats and barefoot and feel fine.

Anyway. I suppose most of my mood can be put down to my inability to fucking sleep through the night. And it's time to go home soon, where I can either curl up with a blanket, a boyfriend, a good meal, and my netbook and get some stuff done, possibly with a good TV show, or I can curl up with a blanket and my netbook and do a bit of stuff until later when there will either be Hobbiting or murdering beef with my teeth. Either would be acceptable. One step at a time, Jag. One step at a time. You've got plans in place, you're not a failure nor doomed just because you haven't reached the end of this stretch of woods yet, and it really does get better. I promise. Faith manages, right? Of course right.
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In retrospect, the Teach Yourself books are definitely better as supplement than primary, and I'm doing this backwards. Oh well. No, self, this does not mean you need to look up the Welsh version of the Grammar-and-Workbook thing.

I actually got a draft of an author bio out last night! I have sort of a schedule as far as updating my website and getting it actually done goes. Looking back on it, it looks like I did actually revise the character sheet of doom to be more expansive and less repetitive. I might add in some more exercises, but that's about it. Which means I'm actually making forward progress on my stupid website. I rather like that. I might redo the style sheet somewhat, but other than that, woo! Go me.

Finished all the available episodes of Ripper Street. I still have no idea how Jerome Flynn was Bronn the bastard (likeable bastard, but still) in the one TV show and is now such a freaking woobie in the other, but I want to give Sergeant Drake all the hugs ever now. All of them. Poor baby. And, jesus h christ (the h stands for hitman), doing Person of Interest results in some really wordy recaplyses. I mean, this is a good thing, but right now we're verging on nearly a thousand words of analysis per minute. For a 44 minute show. Yeah. I'm hoping these get less wordy once we're not doing the pilot where all the character basics get introduced, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

I've hit that point again where I need to stop myself from doing all the things. Which is better than having my inner college freshman, I suppose! And what Google Calendar is for. And remembering to check things off my list.

Oh god, I just blathered for an entire paragraph about a single shot in the PoI pilot. We're doomed. 450 words on 30 seconds. We're doomed.

Ahem. Okay, no, seriously, work. I have tasks to do on the website, things to do as far as writing and editing goes. And, you know, day job work to do. If I can just keep my mind from flying off in half a dozen directions at once, that would be fantastic. Like, Nine fantastic. I have too much to do to go around running in circles. (Though I suppose the plus side to this is that if I am running at this kind of speed, at least I have energy?)
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Well that was more difficult than I wanted it to be. Admittedly partly because of unfamiliar vocabulary and different order of things, but argh.

So I got very little done on the house this weekend, but at least we cleared the blog work! Dear god, the season finale recapalypse plus the speculation at the end covered about 20k worth of words. Which means today is a no blogwork day. Tomorrow there will be comment replies and tackling future blogposts and so on and so forth. Well, and tonight will be all the Reese ever, which is kind of like blogwork in that we're watching it now for analysis later. But right now it's mostly just fun, watching Person of Interest, and bitching about how there are no competent profilers on that show and a lot of nasty surprises (at least one so far) could be avoided if anyone could actually read reactions and expressions. Ahem.

Oof. And then tonight is folding laundry if the boy hasn't done it when I get home, dragging his dumb ass out grocery shopping because neither of us was in a mood to leave the house over the weekend (well, I was fighting with the blog and my head cold) and we need kitty litter stat. And. Something. I demand there be Hobbit this weekend. I don't care whose door I have to mark or what crockery I have to toss. I will toss dwarves if I have to.

No, brain, I am writing fanfic today, not blog things. And possibly tonight in prep for tomorrow I am contemplating where I'm at with line edits. There will be no blogwork today. Stoppit or I will turn you into a penguin.
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My to-write list involves a number of different fandoms including the Dark Knight movies, The Changeover, Plunkett & Macleane, and Darkover. My brain is currently either stuck in Moria or tromping to Erebor with Fili and Kili. Send. Help.

On the plus side, did get Duke's profile done and out on Murderboarding. Slowly getting back into the swing of things there, we're working on churning down the Once Upon A Time episodes we've decided to do (the Pilot, Desperate Souls or Skin Deep, and another K&H episode) and watching a bunch of Person of Interest the better to start posting those. And once Haven's out, we should be in time to post the back episode recaplyses of that as well. And. Okay, most of this is already outlined on the documents we use to keep our drafts, but it's organizing my head, okay?

I need to decide if I want to go out to Knoxville this weekend and hit up the used bookstore and see The Hobbit again at the IMAX. Argh. I mean, on the one hand, 2 hour drive both ways ugh. And on the other hand, life-sized trolls! And 3 more hours of Thorin Smokin'shield. And on the other hand, longass drive. During which I could get knitting done, it's true. Debate debate. I guess it also depends on how much I get done this week, since I won't be able to write on the road or while in K-ville. And on the other hand, bookstore of huge. And I do have a list of books I want to get to study the Greek, Egyptian, and Latin. Whaaaat.

Yeah, still too much to do and not enough brain to figure out what order I'm doing it in, let alone if I have enough time. Which I guess means it's time to just start setting them up and knocking them down. Errands first, and then sitting down and doing computer stuff. Computer stuff that does NOT INVOLVE MORIA DO YOU HEAR ME BRAIN.

My brain isn't listening to me. Stupid brain.
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Oh, wow, new people. Hi new people! o/* I know I promised you daily languages, but my future office is still full of construction detritus and I haven't found the box with my language books yet because garage full of boxes. Some of which still include appliances. [ETA: Now one less appliance. Started getting the fridge in the house, and hopefully by the end of the day it will be in there.] So at the moment it's either crawl over everything or leave it packed probably till the weekend, which means Monday will be back to languages at the earliest. This makes Jag a cranky Jag, but at least there's Memrise.

(If you haven't discovered Memrise, it's worth a look if you're interested in learning languages. Mostly it's just one giant set of vocab flash cards, but all in one place for many, many languages, and it's very useful for that part. Not so much for grammar, but in purple it's stunning for vocab it's amazing. Also with some other flash card type sets too, like plants and constellations and things.)

Anyway. Other things, state of the me? Still chipper, despite setbacks and spending way, way more money in the past seven days than I ever wanted to. Equal parts house and... no, actually, most of it is the house. I need to update the budget on that subject. Actually I need to update the budget quite a bit. Something to pull things together for and do this weekend, I guess. But money, argh. And then again, tools and equipment don't buy themselves. For example, my shopping list for the next while for the house includes: wood putty, all-weather silicone sealer, 8 foot ladder, rake, couple more smoke detectors for the upstairs (I still haven't gotten over having an upstairs yet), curtain rod since the dinky one we got was a little too dinky and now that I'm looking at my master plan... I didn't actually have a size on that window oops. But at least a collapsing rod starting at 28". Humidifier. That's not including curtain rods for the rest of the downstairs, which I would dearly love. And I think one of my small tasks this weekend is going to be to go around and remove the remains of the blinds/curtain rod assembly from the windows, assuming we have an 8 ft ladder by then. Because I am five foot short and have 9.5 foot ceilings. Because yes, that's the kind of house I went for. What? Whaaaaat?

Pixie is really excited to move in, I'm slowly warming to the idea of not having a giant house all to myself, mostly because there's more than enough room here for me to be an introvert some of the time and rattling around a giant house by myself at night (the boy [the boyfriend-boy, not the son-boy, no plans for children as yet] works nights, for those of you just joining us) doesn't entirely seem like the best plan. Plus the money would be useful, both for us since we'd be charging her less than she'd rent for other places and for her because, well, we'd be charging her less than she'd rent for other places. And while we can afford the mortgage and all our bills (yes, we made sure of that before we bought the house, oh most definitely because this is not a house I should like to lose), this will help us pay for all the various renovations we want to do a hell of a lot quicker.

For example: the boy has decided that what we're actually going to do in terms of repainting the walls is pry off the baseboard and the window framing (and the chair rail in the rooms that have it), hang drywall on the plaster, put back baseboard and window framing and then

... Oh, hey, the boy's home, I'm getting used to the sounds of the house.

anyway. And then paint the drywall. He has a point about some of the layers of paint on this plaster that we could sand down to would probably be lead, and that's just never a fun thing. But oi, with the work before I get to paint my house fun colors already! And then, in my own defense, I have to point out that this is the first time I've actually complained about having to do physical labor on my house. This whole house buying process I've been mostly I GET TO FUCK AROUND WITH DRYWALL AND PIPES? WOO-HOO! TEACH ME YOUR DIY WAYS! So the grumbling comes sort of with that caveat. Besides, the paint job in this house is kind of atrocious. And there's more than enough rooms for us to do one room, live in the rest, move stuff around, do another room, live in the rest, move stuff around, and musical rooms we go. He thinks it'll be a month per room, which is fine, at ... hell, only four rooms? Yeah, we can do that easy. Four rooms to hang drywall in, and then a fuckoff huge area to sand down to the gorgeous pine paneling and refinish. Because wtf why is there two-three layers of wallpaper over my fineass paneling. I've been bitching about this for months. Literally, months. At least a couple of them.

Miscellaneous other tasks on the house include lining the closets with something other than, seriously, is that corkboard? And making sure the shelves are all aligned straight instead of kind of canted, and possibly dropped in some sort of rhyme or reason. Sealing the attic entrance and dropping a new one (that might be professional work) since right now the attic entrance is over a 16" drop or so, because the stairs originally were reversed. The boy wants to extend the balcony so that it's actually a balcony instead of sort of a queen's receiving area. Right now it's not even big enough to stand on in hoop skirts, unless you want the ass end of your hoops to go poking back through the door into the house. OH, and before most of this goes on we need to board up the crawlspace access with probably screws and boards so it can be easily gotten into again if necessary. On account of the cats will surely go in there if not prevented.

Yes, my journal for the next few days will probably consist of HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE languages HOUSE fandom HOUSE blog weird stuff that happens around here HOUSE HOUSE.

So, okay, fandom stuff! I really, really need to get back to Yuletide and blogwork. Yesterday wasn't bad but towards the end of the day I made the mistake of looking on that I got coal thing and found a whole slew of hate on me. I mean, I knew it was around there at some point, and then I forgot! Which is probably the best thing to do with anon hate memes. And then it had the predictable effect of me going "oh god I suck why did I do this I really suck I should just quit now" and the rest of the evening was either running house errands or tumblr. Which is okay for one night but now I need to get back to work. I've got Yuletide to write and blogwork to do, at least three blog posts I'm working on that I'd like to get done if only for the sake of backlog. Women of Grimm and Women of Haven, and then the post I was going to write on horror tropes and then stopped for lack of a thesis. Yes, you can tell I rolled around in academia long enough for a lot of it to stick to me. But now I have a compare and contrast thesis, so that ought to be good, I just need to finish it. Come to that I should probably make a thesis for the Women Of posts, or at least formally write it out. And yes, the thesis of the Women of Haven post going to be something along the lines of LEAVE THE DAMN WOMEN ALONE FOR MORE THAN ONE SEASON JESUS CHRIST. It's like the series is being written by Henry VIII, only instead of divorced, beheaded, died, it runs something like deported, died, deported, mindwiped then deported, died, off the rails, died. Not a happy pattern, here. And suddenly I want to see a love interest for the Teagues just to watch something fuck with their judgment. What? I never claimed to be a nice person.

All right, I've rambled on enough at you for the moment. The blog, by the way, for those of you who want to see what I'm writing for/on, is here: Unspooling Fiction, also known as Murderboarding when we're on Twitter and want to shorten it up a bit. It includes Haven and Grimm thinky thoughts posts, information posts, and recaplyses, which is what we've taken to calling these things that are sort of recaps and sort of analyses of, well, everything that comes to mind for us to chew on. It started with Grimm and going over Renard's everything, because Renard (yes, I am a shameless fangirl), and then extended somewhere in Season 2 to full-on entire-episode recaplyses. So the format for Grimm Season 1 is going to be a bit thin, and we still have to do the backlog of Haven Seasons 1&2. But that will come later. Right now I'm just trying to get through moving in and the last couple episodes of Haven. Oh, and if you like what you see on the blog, there's a poll on the top right-hand side for what show we should do next, since Grimm will be on hiatus till March and while we can do the first couple seasons of Haven, we're also used to doing two shows at once. So that'll keep us busy for the next three months, and coming up with new content while both shows are on hiatus, and then coming up with new content that isn't Grimm while Grimm airs, too.
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I'm trying to Memrise and my brain is doing that half-awake thing where instead of the language I want, it grabs for some other non-English language. It's like I have one right hand and six left hands, and instead of the left hand I want I end up using a different one and knocking the water glass I was reaching for over. Le sigh.

This is clearly a sign I should just go freaking shower and stretch and wake up already.

We actually have something resembling healthy food in the house, which is a minor miracle. Pot pies again and soups, so not entirely healthy especially when you consider sodium count, but it'll do. Other than that, it's probably about time to start picking up and battling the entropy in the apartment, and maybe that'll happen tonight after we watch pilots. Almost done with pilots! Then comes the polling. I have no idea what kind of poll numbers we're going to get, it might just be a handful of constant readers or it might be a large number of people. We have no idea. Plus, "Vince" and "Dave" might retweet us again, in which case it'll be a huge swath of Haven fans. It's a mystery! Isn't it fun?

Kind of fun. I have no idea who's puppetting those accounts, several theories but no concrete knowledge, therefore I have no idea whose attention we've gotten. I also have no idea what our relationship with them is, other than, they tweet at/retweet us pretty much more than anyone else, almost with a two to one ratio, maybe, for the next highest number of retweets. Which might just be a product of there's two of us, or. Something. I don't know. It's fun and unnerving all at once. I'm not used to having official attention! I have no idea what's going on or what I should be doing, and it rankles, not having a roadmap for this. Not so much that I'm completely off my game all the time, but every time they talk to us it throws me slightly off for the next hour. Particularly when one of my tweets is a pithy/snarky comment involving calling "Vince" a slightly sarcastic endearment, and I don't expect him to pay it any attention, and of course that ends up being the one he replies to today. My head hurts.

Scheduling and getting routines back in today, and I learned how to light the pilot light on the hot water heater last night! It wasn't broken, it was just a device that makes sure you really truly mean to light the pilot light rather than oops a spark or a flame got in there. So there's that. Once the boiler gets hooked up we'll have hot water and heat and everything, and that should be today or tomorrow. I don't imagine they have all that much in the way of stuff to do. Our potrack is hung, our above-the-sink light is hung (and we're going to end up switching those two eventually, I think, and our chandelier is hung. And is actually lower than I expected. Oops. Well, it'll probably also be over the dining room table, and I can walk under it safely. The boy will just have to walk around. And at that rate I guess we'll leave the ceiling fan/light up in the other room and I'll figure out something else. Maybe. It does look cool, though. Maybe the boy will get used to walking around?

This is the somewhat weird thing about being a short person living with a tall person. I can walk around under the potrack and the chandelier just fine, and sure some things require stepladders but I can live with that. But I also have to consider that I need things that are going to get walked under to be a foot and a half or so higher than I would for me. Which is surprisingly difficult to do!

Anyway. So, that's the heat and hot water heater solved, and now we're down to small fiddly stuff. And it's not just me with the height thing, the shower head for the downstairs shower comes about to the boy's nose. Seriously, I think he's going to have to duck to get under the spray. We're going to replace it with one of those removable/mobile hoses, but I was deeply amused when we poked at the shower and discovered that. That's going to get replaced, and the light above the shower needs to get fixed/put back/replaced, I'm not sure which of those is true. And there is a huge, huge list of other things to do that are relatively minor (replace various fixtures and lights, paint, baseboard heating, clean everything, sand stuff). The short of it is, we have no end of small things to work on and I love it.

And soon we'll be moved in and living there and I will roll around the entire house and have a blast and revel in the fact that it is my fucking house. This is the kind of house I dreamed about as a kid, and then I grew up and decided no, no way could we ever afford a house like this, and then we did. Because the economy sucked balls, because no one else seemed to want it, because doing ALL THE FIXES turned out to be manageable at least, the big stuff immediately and the smaller stuff easy enough ourselves over time. I still can't believe this is happening. I have a fucking house. With a foyer. And a craft room. And a great hall. I have a great hall you guys. I have a fucking parlor. I have a kitchen the size of my apartment's goddamn living room.

Yes, this has become the all Murderboarding/house stuff all the time journal. Why do you ask. And yes, I'm careening between ughexhausted and DO ALL THE THINGS. Eventually, this too shall pass.
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Still aten't dead. Though so much for a post every morning. We got most of the crap moved from the apartment to the house last week and over the weekend, excepting only the mattress and a couple of blankets, our computer desks, our computers, and the cat things. And, you know, odds and ends like plastic plates left over from a party a bajillion years ago, my knitting that I'm currently working on, a book I was reading, the boy's book he was reading. Things like that. Does that mean that, with no distractions, I'm actually getting some things done?

Well, since I still have the internet at the apartment, no, no it does not.

I have Yuletide to finish (it's actually almost done! I've just been incredibly slow lately and moving) and that's about it as far as my fiction writing obligations go till January, which means I get to splash around in the Talia Wayne AU pool. As for nonfiction, i.e. the blog, well, I have two essays to write there, which will probably mean one essay and one multi-part essay since the second one is xenobiology on Grimm. And there's a lot of xenoforms to analyze.

We've also started watching pilots to see what we want to do with Murderboarding while both Grimm and Haven are off air, and all I can say is either my standards for TV have gotten ridiculously high or TV has started sucking a lot more lately. I watched Terra Nova and apart from the shitty pacing, the lackluster acting, the clunky dialogue, the recycled sets, the awkward CGI, and the insufficient world-building, it wasn't bad! So, yes, I hated it. I watched Touch and the acting and sets weren't so bad there (although there were a couple yes-this-is-a-set moments, ugh), the pacing was decent and the dialogue wasn't bad except for a few egregiously cliche lines. But the storyline and overall plot was so, so heavy-handed and the treatment of non-neurotypical people was so freaking messianic it was like being back in the eighties again. Anyone remember The Boy Who Could Fly? That was awesome and amazing when I was five. Not so much now. I might watch a few later episodes of Touch to see if it smooths out, but neither Anna nor I feel like tackling that one on Murderboarding.

We are thinking about ripping Once to SHREDS on Murderboarding, at least a couple episodes. Though like I said on tumblr, this is less ripping to shreds in the sense of THIS SUCKS AND THE DOG SUCKS AND EVERYONE WHO LIKES IT IS A MORON and more "your pacing is off and your dialogue is excruciating, this acting job is LOVELY, I like the use of color here, WHY DID YOU MAKE THAT STORY CHOICE IT HURTS MY BRAIN, this looks awkward but is actually consistent with the character..." on and on ad nauseum. Yes, we hate it. I hate it both because I hate it and because I feel like it had a lot of potential that's now wasted. But other people don't hate it! So, you know. Whatevs. But I do appreciate that there's a lot of thought put into making Once, and because of the love I once had for it and the love I still do have for Bobby Carlyle, I'd like to chew it to bits on Murderboarding. At least a couple episodes.

Is there other stuff happening besides moving and writing of both the fictional and non- variety? Probably, but damned if I can think of what it is. I really, really need to get back into the habit of checking in regularly at CS. Which I guess will be the next thing I do after I hit post on this, or rather, tagging, and then checking in tomorrow when I have some more closer idea of when we'll be in the house with all systems go. And I can start on my routines again!

Right. I think that's about all I have to ramble on at you about today. Which means it's time to get my butt moving on either work type work or writing type work. I should really take a lesson from Shannon, actually, about this. X time to fuck around on the internet, then back to work. We work before we play.
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You know, I won't explain but I will leave this bit of cryptic here, it's nice to know sometimes that my estimation of fandom's opinions as compared to my opinions are right. It makes things easier. On the plus side, I got a glove knitted up last night! Almost perfectly. I now have to figure out how to get rid of that giant hole between the thumb and the rest of the fingers. So, okay, not so simple as knitting up two tubes. I may try something else and then may ask the Beej for help because, um, dignity. And stubbornness.

The bedroom looks really weird without the top bunk. Which, for those of you who don't know (which might be most of you), for the past four years or so we've been sleeping in a bunk bed because that's what I had at the time, and it was the easiest bed to move down. Well, since this bed has survived two moves and a long stay in a basement, we're finally getting rid of it. We have a fucking Tempurpedic mattress that will be delivered once we're in the house, you guys I cannot explain to you how awesome this thing is. Memory foam, though expensive as fuck for a mattress, is definitely going to be worth the indulgence right now, especially with the 25 year warranty. The rest of the furniture, at least, the things like tables and bedframes and chairs and things, can wait or can be got much cheaper secondhand, since we already have a folding table and folding chairs and things like that. But I refuse to get a mattress second-hand and I'd prefer not to get appliances second-hand. Which is less a matter of not trusting second-hand appliances and more a matter that the one reliable store went out of business when the store owners hit the age of fuckit. Also, getting new appliances gives us the top of the energy saving benefits, so, eh.

Anyway. The things you can do when you still have a chunk left over from a house down payment.

This weekend was full of entertaining blog stuff over at Murderboarding, mostly involving actual actors from the show (well, one) posting an ask to my tumblr that quoted part of the recaplysis, thereby causing our heads to explode because proof positive that at least the actors actually read this shit. And possibly the production crew, I got tweeted at by one of the co-creators of Haven. That was good for a moment or three of spaz. Still, I'll be glad when this season of Haven is over (YAY SEASON FOUR OF HAVEN GREENLIT) and Grimm is on hiatus and I can have more versatile Saturdays.

There might be more to this except I'm off to work. Self, remember to call and check at the end of the day if the gas person was there, to call after work and give them your ShowMe number and the boy's Social Control number, and don't forget to start today with Nano instead of blog stuff. Assuming that's even possible, if Flutter's not there. Ugh. Monday backlog. This is going to be fun.
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And just when I think I shouldn't add anything more to my to-write list, I get Eric is Roddy the Reinigen's real father. Why, brain? I have enough to do, why must you taunt me like this?

Ah well. I survived yesterday, went home early because there wasn't anything for me to do. With the roads all blocked off shipping ended about four hours early, and the storefront was deader than disco, and I went home to take notes on Haven stuff for other blog posts, backlog and so on. And that worked out pretty well.

The apartment is still a disaster area, but I think this weekend will be spent either analyzing or cleaning and packing. I've hit the point where half the shit that's lying around is little fiddly unpacked things that aren't easy to categorize and don't go in any particular box, which is half the reason the apartment looks like crap. (The other half is because Murdock has managed to worm himself again and decided to play in his own poo to boot. Or something.) So, get that all picked up and done, and then Sunday will be spent hauling boxes to and from the house and that will get that out of the way and maybe I can have a decent apartment again. The other reason the apartment looks like crap is because when the house hunting started, there was so much uncertainty over when we would be moving and whether or not we would even be moving this year, that my motivation to do more than basic household tasks dropped to about nil. So at least I know how that happened. Only now it all built up and ugh.

Ah well. If I'm very lucky we'll have Total Recall tonight, get back just in time to see Grimm, have head explodie over that and then see Haven. And prep all the prepping for tomorrow's episode analysis. And somewhere in there I have to draft up the next chapter of J3 before that slips back down under the radar again. Weird thing of the day, too: Apparently my tumblr posts of links to our analysis got the attention of an official actor's tumblr from Haven. Bunker now.
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Ugh. Half my Irish is missing. It was just verb copy anyway, and I think I figured it out, but still. We'll see if it's still up on my computer when I get home, though, I think I left that window open. If not, what the hell, typing it up again could help seal it in my memory. I think I got it, though. I think.

Something entertaining and terrifying happened over the weekend! [personal profile] lireavue and I did our analyses on Murderboarding of the new Haven and Grimm episodes, as usual, and then because we were up late the night before and analyzing all day and somewhat punchy, we ... well, actually, no. We've been following the Creepy Twins, Vince and Dave, on their Haven twitter accounts (in-character, yes) for shits and giggles, and at some point I tweeted Vince about how "well, if you want answers, we're investigating." And he/whoever's running the in-character account tweeted BACK with something about our our investigations were impressive and they looked forward to the report. So that said, we tweeted them (along with everyone else under the sun, because see: punchy) with the analysis report on the Haven episode after they posted this week's 'Haven Herald' saying that this week's Trouble was swine flu. "Swine flu? really? Our report says otherwise" I tweeted at him. So Vince tweets BACK with "Fascinating report, [twitterhandle], but all our sources say it was swine flu. [link to Murderboarding]" At which point we then get more than double our previous record high of hits on Sunday. This after...

So, okay, we were trundling along with a daily average, and then on Friday I posted an analysis of Juliette and Nick's relationship (Grimm, this time, not Haven) because another site, a jewelry site I think, was posting a blog entry on the engagement ring and there was going to be nepotism involved. For shits and giggles, and because I'd gotten two replies from Bitsie already, I tweeted her a link to the entry. Then she retweeted it with 'very cool' attached and suddenly our hits that day were over three times our daily average. Holy shit! Yay spike! And that was Friday or so, and then Saturday we spiked slightly, too, and at the end of the day we posted our analyses and, for shits and giggles, tweeted everyone relevant we could think of. See above for how we sent it to 'Vince' and 'Dave', I have no idea who's running those twitter accounts. And then on Sunday Vince passes on the link and then Dave retweets that tweet and suddenly we're up to... almost nine times our previous daily average. And now we have to recalculate the average, because who knows how many of these people will turn into regular readers. Or whether or not this will happen again nest weekend.

So, yeah. Um. We seem to have inadvertently gotten the attention of actors and Someones from two shows we really enjoy. Go us? We'll be in our bunker. Hiding.

House shit! We got the koi pond pretty much weeded, half the surrounding shit cleared off of it. Including chopping down most of a cottonwood tree. At least I think that's the answer to the "what the fuck is that" question, cottonwood hibiscus. It's got the right sort of elephant ear leaves and looks like the right trunk. At some point if anyone wants to play identify that plant I can pass around pictures. It's down now, because lighting fires directly under trees with big leafy leaves didn't seem like a good idea, and the koi pond is going to be the fire pit. Weeded the koi pond of all the I don't know what that was growing in it, pulled out the sticker bushes and most of the pokeweed and a couple other things I'm not sure what they were. I think one of them was trying to be an oak. And we managed to pull out the mudmat, which had dried up and cracked all to hell, as well as a ceramic plate, half a round ceramic tile, a lot of rocks, a glove or two, several plastic bags, and half a bone from something. We also found spiders, salamanders, worms, wooly worms, and probably other things I missed while the boy was hauling around things. Now, hopefully, we can get that filled in with mulch and be done with it till we fill it in with sand and cover it with rocks for the fire pit.

It's been a long, full weekend. And I'm tired, and after doing all that yardwork my legs feel oddly like a Siegebarst hit them, but my back and arms are fine. And my brain is tired, and I need a nap, but what I'm going to get is an attempt to organize my shit because that really needs to happen post-haste. Also languages. Because Irish verbs are still giving me fits and there's no conjugation book.


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