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I feel like I should have something constructive, productive, or incendiary to say about the Occupy protests. And the fact that the police seem to have turned on them, are no longer treating the protesters with politeness. That veterans are being dragged off for peaceful protests, that the media refuses to cover it in a way that favors anything but the status quo, that the Republican/Conservative/Corporate opposition (because it's a little of each) is becoming more strident and more hysterical in their opposition to the Occupy protests with every passing day. I feel like I should be turning myself into some kind of firebrand, but I don't have the energy. I don't have the hope. I don't have the illusion that the kinds of equalities that happen in other countries can't happen here because This Is America, Goddammit. Yes, it can happen. Yes, the police can be and has been bought, before if not now. No, it's not probable that people will be black bagged but yes, it can happen here. And has happened.

Yes, there can be tremendous inequality in this country, and there is. Yes, people can have no clean water (and there are plans to deny people clean water in Alabama), no adequate health care (Mississippi), education with outdated materials and inadequate facilities that would be featured in any brochure about Haiti or some African countries or so on (California, Texas, all over the damn place). Yes, we can have so-called third-world problems here because here in America, in the so-called first world, we have increasingly large pockets of third-world lifestyles. People with not enough food, clean water, health care, protection from the elements, people simply with not enough. Yes, we can be and are being fucked over by the establishment. This is America. We have Establishment here too, and there is class warfare going on. It's Scorched Earth warfare, and the rich are winning. So no, I don't have any hope to deal with politics or protests or carry a banner or wave a flag. Maybe I should, but I don't. I did that six months ago with the Wisconsin bullshit, and only a handful of people gave a damn then.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the shit that's going on and I'm tired of going out of my way to fight it. Maybe at some point I'll find my giveadamn again.

I'm knitting a Jayne hat? I installed my Blu-Ray internal drive all by myself. I've gotten to the new episodes of Haven, or, well, not the new ones, but the ones I haven't seen yet. I managed to make a decent cream of tomato soup. I'm eating healthy, not too much candy, lots of exercise. I'm slowly getting faster on the guitar, working on chords and fingering. Things aren't all bad even on a macro scale, I'm just having a hard time seeing the general good right now, so I'm going to see the personal good, if you don't mind. I'm getting my Big Bang written. I'm doing my job. I'm learning languages! It's not all bad.
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Me: Don' wanna.

Sam (Also Me): Well, you have to.

Me: Don't. Shan't.

Sam: What, you want to stay in bed another hour? Skip the park and just do your dance exercises?

Me: Ooh. Yes.

Sam: Well, you can't.

Me: ... yes I can, you're a figment of my imagination, I totally c--

Sam: NO.

Me: Fuck.

But then I did. And I did feel better, and I did my dance exercises and I still felt better and so on and so forth. The skies did not open up on me, I didn't run into anyone's pets, it was all good.

Hm. Today, the first thing I definitely have to be grateful for is my family. My strange, strange yet wonderful family. My mother, in particular, today, because my birthday present is, um. Somewhat more than I expected. We'll just leave it at that.

Electricity. That powers my air-conditioning. I like the air conditioning when it's over 80 and humid out. Or even fans. Those require electricity too.

Good actors. Good, entertaining actors and good scriptwriters who give the actors good material to work with.

And, today I am grateful for Bruce Boxleitner. Who is still handsome, still adorable, still a wonderful actor and a sweet guy. And damn but he looks good in blue. Ahem.

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Well. Screen blacked out twice this morning but seems to be more stable now. Still don't like it very much. But hopefully I'll have time to scrape together the money in case the screen dies for good.

Oof. Um. I had thoughts. I really did, but then they went away. Tonight, setting the stew to simmer. Possibly baking the cake if I can figure out how to store it until Friday. It's a birthday for a geek, so naturally the cake will be labeled "lie." Possibly "tasty tasty lie."

Too many things to do, too little time. ARGH. On the plus side, leather comes in today. And then the vultures can descend. I swear, since the leather bin got emptied we've had at least three or four people a day asking when we're going to get it in. It's scrap leather, people! It's not that ... something. And I'd bet half the time people are all "ooh leather, I can make something out of this" and then it sits in their closet for the next five years. Not that I've ever done that. Ahem.

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Still not happy about the whole reorganizing everything I have in the cloud so far, but I'll deal. Probably by doing most of the rearranging during Human Target and Castle. Rassum frassum ARGH. And I'm jonesing for chocolate and this is really irritating me because I already had a brownie and a mint earlier today. Ugh.

On the plus side I got a decent bit of editing done today. I knocked down all my languages and made a healthy dinner and packed away a healthy bento for tomorrow. Plus did my exercise, all that stuff, so it's not like it was a bad or unproductive day, just an annoying one. And a tiring one.

And again I say, fuck you, caterpillars. I know this. If I just stop and breathe and think, I know this. So fuck you.
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My Japanese was erased by the kitty. Kitty is a BAD KITTY. Ugh, don't want to re-grind. Decisions. I suppose I will go by the logic that I totally would if it was a video game, so I will.

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So, I've discovered lace knitting. Which is less accurate as to say I have had lace knitting demystified with visual aids courtesy of the Beej. The world should probably fear me covering it in lace arm warmers. That won't be very warm because of the lace, but hey.

Oof. Pinch hits done, and I got a chunk of one Treat for someone or other banged out, although it has since turned sort of epic. I need to remember that not all of these stories need to be the length of a doorstopper.

... I thought I had more to say here, but I guess I didn't. The DREAM act was defeated, which I feel is a setback, but it's been a surprisingly productive week in DC this week. I'm rather impressed. And cold. I'm going to go bundle up now and write some more. Or spin. Hmmm... decisions.
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Apparently it is the season of miracles. Honestly? That whole thing has just once again made me miss the days of Cronkite, Murrow, newscasters who believed in the responsibility and integrity of their work and their duty to report the news. Not commentate on it or assign value to it. Not sling sensitive information around willy nilly without a care for the consequences. And so on and so forth. Also, Moore needs a smack in the head half the time these days, maybe more. Speaking of people whose crusades we can sometimes sympathize with but whose personal actions we may not like very much.

Also, this. Fingerbones! This is in addition to them thinking they found one of Amelia Earhart's fingerbones on an island not far from her plotted destination. I really, really need to start reading science journals more often. They have such fascinating stuff in them! And now I want to know more about this supposed new species of human.

Trying to decide if I should also conjugate the perfective/completed verbs on that list above. Hmm.

I have done my pinch hits! And am now eyeing the long list of pinch hits I didn't get that I kind of still want to do anyway, that I might end up doing for treats. And debating whether or not I want to do them tonight. Ultimately, probably not. The apartment could use picked up and I still have a buttload of fiber to spin. I'm getting better about not overtwisting, although someone since pointed out that overtwisting isn't always bad if you only do it a little. I just... argh. Debate debate. So many skills I want to have perfectly, so little time to shoehorn practicing all of them in. And yet, I do it anyway.

Um. Thingie. Human Target last night was disappointing, but not surprising considering Christmas episodes are always kind of tricky. Exercising int he morning is going way better and more productive when I turn the internet off for that hour, why had I forgotten this? Something to remember. Christmas last minute surge is on us, heh. And here I thought it wasn't going to happen. However, today is the last day for us to ship anything since UPS won't pick up from us tomorrow, so, that saves me that worry anyway. Off to the trenches for two more days!
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No, cat, you cannot have any of my naan. Stop that.

Level grinding for all languages! My inability to type in any of them nonwithstanding. I lied, I only did four of the five remaining exercises for Russian, but I have the feeling more work on that will happen anyway, so. And, heh, apparently that's the last grammar point. Woot! So, yeah, more practice. It might have been all five but I got distracted by Barack Obama signing the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I love my President. I may sometimes want to slap him, but I do love him.

So, yes! I saw Tron Legacy last night. I did enjoy it. It was really fun. It wasn't amazing terrific cinema by any stretch of the imagination, and it was full of in-jokes and laughing up its sleeve at the 80s, philosophy, and religion, and it was shiny. And it was fun, which is the very least I demand a movie to be and not all movies I see manage it. So there. Pbbththth. I was particularly fond of Kevin Flynn saying "The only way to win is not to play" which had me fighting loud laughter in the theatre, and a character who was a sparkly female named JGem. Yeah, you children of the 80s, you know what I'm talking about.

Oh. And there was a preview for a fucking ROCK 'EM SOCK 'EM ROBOTS MOVIE. It wasn't called that, but it was about guys who fight tournaments with robots in a wrestling ring. So, yeah. It starred Hugh Jackman, I have no idea what it was called, go look it up. Also saw Pirates and, um. Thingie. One other big preview. I can't remember.

I should probably get ready to go to work now. Can't tear myself away from my awesome President. I love my President. I really do.
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I've discovered I'm more likely to do the repetitious exercises for Japanese without trying to add more vocab or make things unnecessarily complicated if I think of it as level-grinding. This probably says something about me, and that something probably involves me being a ginormous gamer geek, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to care. Hee! Tomorrow, more level grinding in the form of probably repeating this format of exercise with some other sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, things like that. Yay level-grinding!

I need to remember that around Yuletide time I tend to go nuts with grabbing pinch-hits. I'm doing better this year than I have previously! I think. Maybe. There's still time left for me to go nuts and grab five or six more. Heh.

It's starting to warm up, which is nice. I'm going to try to get to bed earlier tonight and get up and watch the eclipse, which is nicer. A Winter Solstice full moon eclipse, I don't know how often that happens and I'm sure there's some math that could tell me, but it's special regardless. I feel full of energy tonight. And thoughts and ideas and possibilities and hopefully guitar music. Where's my nail clipper. Tonight, I think, will be chord practice.

It kind of boggles me when I think about it (so I try not to, so of course I'm writing about it), how many things I'm working on learning and/or picking back up again. Russian, German, Japanese. Practicing Spanish. Practicing guitar. Practicing dance. Doing my day job. Doing writing, focusing on practicing and learning techniques and skills there a teeny bit more than usual. Learning new recipes. I haven't been adding many of these, except the guitar, in recent days, but when I look at all I've been trying to cram into my day it does kind of make me want to fall over. Thank god for weekends.

Right. Yuletide, and other writing things. I have a fuckton of presents to deliver. Sort of.

Addendum: Things I need to remember about guitar playing.
1. Ow, my fingers.
2. Trim your damn nails.
3. After two years, when your strings look like that? It's time to replace them.
3a. Especially when you have to retune after an hour and a half of playing spread over three or four days.
4. Re-up your vocab. Triad, 7th, major, minor, etc.
5. Set a routine. Chord changes before strumming, and fingerpicking for 10 minutes or so both for fun and for ear.
6. Yes, the guitar tuner works, just because you still haven't mastered using it doesn't mean it's broken.
6a. Even if the pitch pipe is annoying as hell.
7. Seriously. Trim your nails.
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Short bit of Japanese today, because I think that was a relatively simple grammar point although it may need some more review, and because I should also do some transcriby goodness to practice my Kanji.

So, currently it looks like I might not be coming in on Saturday, just Sunday, though either one is fine with me. At some point this weekend I need to go see Red, and that might be Friday night. And in the meantime, writing, editing, things, polishing. Upcoming deadlines are upcoming, although thankfully none are as pressing as they used to be. Still, need to get moving! Brisk, efficient action. And making sure to get plenty of rest so I don't make stupid exhausted mistakes.

I am wearing purple today. I haven't been out front much yet so I haven't had much of a chance to give an anti-bullying spiel, but I am wearing purple! And I think I had more to say on that topic, but damned if I can remember what. So, I get to do work now.
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No, Jag, you do want to do your Japanese homework, because you want to speak the language, and you are not going to learn it by beating yourself in the head with the textbook. Stop that.

I've been having a massive amount of caterpillar today. Caterpillar, for those of you just tuning in or who have forgotten or never cared much, is when my brain goes "wait, you've studied how many chapters and grammar points and vocabulary words and so on in how many languages? NO ONE CAN LIVE AT THAT SPEED!" and then it falls over on itself and I can't think in almost any language. Today it started first with Russian, then with Japanese where it collided full-on with the feeling of I'm never going to learn all this so why bother.

No. That is not the answer. At all. Ever. I bother because trying and studying and trying some more is how we learn, not sitting there staring glumly at a pile of textbooks. I bother because learning languages is calming for me, and even doing lines in a notebook helps. I bother because talking to other people in other languages is fun for me, learning the differences, the way culture affects language and vice versa, because I love being able to talk with people in general and breaking down the language barrier one language at a time deeply appeals. So, I try. No, I won't get it right the first time. Yes, I will probably annoy people with incessant questions and occasional bull-headed stubbornness. But I will learn. I want to learn, because what I want can't be achieved without effort and studying and learning. So there.

And all that aside, if I can possibly manage it, I need to get to bed early tonight. I am verging on too damn exhausted and because we have two craft fairs/shows this weekend and ALL THE COUSINS, I'm not going to get a weekend. It's good on the money and bad on the Jag not falling over of exhaustion. Ah well, it'll also be fun, too, with the spinning and dyeing and things.

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I'd almost forgotten... well, no, I had forgotten what it was like to feel this way. To be depressed, and have to drag yourself to do all the things you need to do. Thank god for routines. Yelling at myself about not yelling at myself to snap out of it is not helpful. Actually, not much in my head right now is helpful, except that I've got almost two years worth of routines behind me to keep me going forward.

Mostly, this is because it's coming up on a year of living with one income to the household. The boy still hasn't got a job, the economy effing sucks, and the last flurry of interviews and things has netted one callback to tell him that they were going with someone else and a resounding silence. There is a tentative plan to get him into school for CNA training because the medical field is almost always hiring, but at this point I can't muster hope for that. It feels like we'll be here forever. Which is very doom and gloom and leads to guilty feelings because I know and have good friends who are worse off than I am, at least I have a job. But damn. This is not a place I wanted to be again.

Right. Well, all that aside, I have the dye chemicals I needed. I have dyes. I need a plan for the 12 shirts I'm going to dye, but I have stuff. Last time I used 1/4 cup Urea and 1 pint water divided 3 ways, and 1/2 tsp dye. So this time I may use... 1/2 cup Urea and 1 pint water divided 3 ways, and 1/2 tsp dye. Hmm. Okay, I think I have it set up so that I have four combinations with three shirts apiece. I'm debating whether to soak all the shirts at one time and do it or see if letting the soda soaked shirts sit makes a difference. Eh, I think I'm going to be lazy, so. Yeah. One big pile of soda soaked shirts it is. And that'll make it easier on me when I do the dyeing, not keeping track of too many variables. Okay, having figured that out, I feel a little recovered. ... This does mean I need to set up a drip area for my shirts to drip dry. Christ, 12 shirts. Oi. Good thing I got a drip tray type thing. And good thing I mean to let the shirts sit overnight to let the dye set. Which also means cleaning off the craft table of my fiber. Oi, why is being so crafty so complicated.

Tie-Dye Diaries:
1/2 Cup urea, 1/2 tsp dye x3 - blue and yellow, yellow and pink, yellow pink blue green
1/2 cup urea, 1 tsp dye x3 -
1/4 cup urea, 1 tsp dye x3 -
1/4 cup urea, 2 tsp dye x3 -

Anyone want to offer any suggestions on colors, I'd totally take them. I'm also planning on maybe eventually painting something on some of these shirts in plain black paint, if anyone has any ideas of cool designs. I got nothing, right now, other than kanji to spell out random things. (Although one of those things has to be vampire prince, because the kid who played Henry Fitzroy needs a tie-dyed t-shirt that says vampire prince. What. Stop looking at me like that.)

I'm spinning some of the fiber that came with my wheel and giggling over the yarn. Right now it's red and black yarn. Later it might be yellow and orangeish and green yarn. Later still it might be purple and blue and gray and something yarn. I have no idea. I'm amusing myself and that does make me happy, making yarn. Although that probably won't happen till at least after the 19th, right now, between the tie-dye experiments and all the writing/editing I have to do. Oogh. But. I don't have plans for my yarn as such but I do have plans for fussing around with fiber and wheel and things, and I've gotten a couple old issues of a couple magazines which have good suggestions for things to do with the yarn. So. Yay? Hey, if it comes to that I can always pile it on my head and sell myself to an art gallery.
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Ai. No puedo pensar en español ahora. Estoy cansada, estoy ... eh, estoy tan cansada y no puedo pensar en español, posiblemente en alemán también. Japonés puedo hablar y escribir, pero solamente hice un poquito. Meh, no quiero escribir en español, quiero regresar a casa, cocinar, posiblemente mirar un poquito de television, y ir a la cama por leer un poquito, o acostarse.

Oh well. Umm... Once again, I really have very little of anything. I´m tired, I´ve got food for stews and things and stocks and so on, but I'm not sure I really want to cook any of it. Maybe tomorrow. My doctor's office called to push an appointment for a physical back, which gives me another week or so to get in slightly less embarrassing shape, which is nice, but. My giveadamn is well and truly broke, at least for now. And ... well. Things, and stuff. Hopefully tonight will be a night of leftovers, since I just remembered we have them and I might not have to cook, and writing and editing. That would be nice and restful.

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Sharlto Copley is my new crush. Screw Liam Neeson (who I've already drooled over) and Bradley Cooper (who I'm kind of enamored of now and randomly encountered last night on The Midnight Meat Train), Sharlto Copley was the best Murdock since Dwight Schultz. I want one for my room.

Although, yeah. That's another thing, we were up last night after game writing and doing other things, and the boy was flipping channels and landed on SyFy. Which had some strange blue-tinted film on involving a subway, so I clicked on the channel guide to see what it was. And the first thing I see is "The Midnight Meat Train (2008) Bradley Cooper..." and some other names, and I bust up laughing. I hadn't seen him on the screen at that point, all we knew was that it involved a train, Vinnie Jones doing his Vinnie Jones thing (hurting people), and lots of blue. And the only thing I knew Bradley Cooper from was A-Team. Which is still one of the only things I know him from, although now I also know him as the poor bastard from that Clive Barker film. Oh, and the boy reminds me that it had space aliens, although I think they were eldritch abominations.

Anyway. It was actually very well put together, well done. Vinnie Jones and Bradley Cooper both turned out good performances, along with that other chick whose name I don't remember. The reporter Everhart from Iron Man 1&2. It was a little terrifying and very much head-tiltingly WTF, which I've come to expect from Clive Barker. Stephen King will give you ordinary things and then turn them around back to front so that you see the seamy, terrifying underbelly. Clive Barker just presents you with something terrifying, ordinary enough that you can relate to it, and out of the ordinary enough that your mind can't entirely cope with it and so the sense of surreal does as much damage to your peace of mind as the outright horror.

Stephen King gives you a lamp monster. Clive Barker gives you the demon-infested pulsating goop-lamp from hell with a chestburster egg for a lightbulb.

I'm trying to remember what else I needed to do, apart from answer the one question that was asked on my last post. But I have not the mental capacity to make words order properly, so that will come tomorrow.

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I have this sudden urge to write a fic wherein Eve has to deal with Guerrero's family. First, though, I need to finish the Guerrero and Tiger Cub one.

I should start taking pictures of my bento again, but for now I'm actually kind of learning what's working for me as far as meals and what isn't. I do need to keep diversifying and seeing about other stuff, maybe get a little creative, but so far it's working and I really like it. Now I just need to stop snacking. There is no candy basket. Repeat after me now, there is no candy basket. Although I have discovered that the sandwich rounds, cut in half, fit absolutely perfectly in the narrow lunch boxes. This makes me very happy.

Today may or may not be a light day. There wasn't much left at the end of the day yesterday, one pick up in store order that was pretty huge and a few mail things, but, we'll see. But at least my writing load is to where I can do it in the evenings if work gets busy, and for the most part, I have it scheduled and packaged out and handled. Next due date seems to be the end of this month. Eminently do-able.

Warehouse 13 was... an okay start to the season. The writing seemed a little herky-jerky, what with a bit of bad characterization and some weird bait and switching. And a plot twist that seemed incredibly lame at least at the time, hopefully it won't turn out to be. And there's more episodes yet to go. Maybe it'll get better and I'll put most of the weirdnesses of this episode to the characters being shook up. We will see. At any rate, I feel like I should be writing fanfic about it. If only kind of silly fanfic. Unfortunately I should be writing kink bingos, and I can't porn anyone in Warehouse 13 without feeling weird about it. Blah.

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Oh! Something I forgot to mention this morning. The hawk is back! And evidently none the smarter. It sat in blue jay territory. Whereupon the blue jays took turns in correcting it of this grievous error. The poor thing looked deeply harassed, but I imagine the blue jays felt more harassed at having a bigass interloper in their territory.

... Oh my god, Jim Butcher just tweeted me twice. Like, I had a mini conversation with Jim Butcher. This makes me squeeful.

... Three times. THREE. TIMES. I about had a fangirl heart attack and died! (And then I did my Japanese like a good little girl, because Jim told me to.)

Ahem. Breathing. Remembering to breathe. Squee! Jim Butcher twittered me three times! Three! Times! Squee!

Care package sent. Other package sent, minus dress because I am a dingbat and forgot to grab it when I left this morning. I will grab it either tomorrow morning or (possibly more likely) put it in my satchel over the weekend and then bring it Monday and ship it then. Because I am a dingbat who can't remember stuff. I still have a blanket at home that's a baby blanket sample for a kit we sell, that I took home to finish sewing the binding on and never actually remembered to take back in. I should do this Monday, too.

Care package sent, UPS shipping gone, bills paid. I has paycheck! Which means after I finish wicking I should run up to the bank and deposit that sucker. I will say, my Japanese is getting smoother both to type and to think in; I'm remembering more, and it's kind of nice. Russian is getting easier to read although I still have vocab flubs although! If vocab is one of my biggest problems right now, a) that's relatively easy to solve if kind of time consuming and b) it means I'm retaining more of the grammar and structure and rules and things. German, as always, is just weird. I have very little idea of how I'm doing in German. Probably well. Possibly just screwy.

Ugh. Thinking of something. Thinking of something. I can't think of anything else, which means it's time to get down to writing. And think of what I want to cook for dinner tonight, which, fortunately we have some chicken already cut up and ready. That was a minor bit of panic/irritation. Needs moar meat foodstuffs. Ah well. Writings happen now. Because Jim Butcher said so.


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Yay rules. Oof. Cramps have finally subsided, I think. Cunning plan has been outlined and vaguely sketched in. Shipping is being blitzed through, since I have a long weekend's backlog and wasn't in this morning on account of getting my teeth buffed and polished better than the damn Impala. Hush, youse, that was not blasphemy.

Hopefully I can finish Don't Dress Your Cat In An Apron tonight. Preferably I can finish it today after UPS goes away. I think our regular driver is back, which means punctuality and me not having much to do after 4. Well, 4.30 once all the emails are sent. And then I can finish the stupid fic of pain and ow, and hope it's not too horribly offensive or badly written or anything. This is a potentially sensitive subject that I don't know much about, so I'm kind of hoping a common sense do a bit of first person research and extrapolate what I can't see described already by primary sources approach works. I've had some advice, and now I'm handing it to my betas at the very last minute. Bad writer no cookie.

... On the plus side! Finished Season 2 of Prison Break and OH MY FUCKING GOD I HAVE NEVER BEEN CREEPED OUT BY ANYONE SO MUCH AS I AM BY T-BAG. I, seriously. Every time the man is on screen I feel the ooze. Kudos to Robert Knepper, major kudos, because I absolutely adore him in every other role I've seen him in, which is all of two, granted. Tommy Dolan and his character from Good Night and Good Luck, Don Surine, I think. But still. Somehow. The man oozes. Just oozes. I kind of feel bad every time something really nasty happens to him (and there's a lot of those) but at the same time he is such a Blade it hurts. For all five of you that know what I'm talking about. And he OOZES. And he's kind of sexy but creepy and slimy and he makes me want to take five showers every time he gets that covetous look and did I mention the ooze? Eek. William Fichtner, on the other hand, just makes me want to take him by the shoulders and sit him down and make him be still for five minutes and then curl up and hug him and pet him and make everything all right. And the Company makes me want to go around like a Shadowrun assassin and just shoot ALL of them.

Ahem. So. Finished Season 2 of Prison Break, which means tonight is Camaron while the boy is out doing his gaming thing. From which he had FUCKING WELL BETTER COME BACK AT THE USUAL TIME. Or call. One of the two. Or I will be pissed. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, McGee.

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I seriously can't believe I was up at 6.45 on a Saturday. I need my head examined.

昨日は勉強しませんでしたから、日本語 )*

Right. That's Russian noun tables typed up (I could have gone to a library and copied it but this gives me that much more practice) and everything assembled for... what have you. Adjective tables typed up as much as I can manage, good gods. That's a lot of information.

Today I'm front, which means it's debatable how much time I'll have my pocket ninja out and open and how much time I'll have just doing nouns and dealing with customers. There may be a movie in the evening but given that there's apparently nothing in the area that I want to see, there may just be dinner and hanging out with friends. No, I take it back, almost nothing, Kiki found the last theatre in Asheville that's playing Nightmare. Sad state of affairs. Either I'm getting pickier or movies are getting crappier, and I honestly don't know which is which.

Oogh. Headache developing. Hopefully either this doesn't last long, or the day isn't that busy, one of the two.

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* Cut text says, since I didn't study yesterday, Japanese.
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日本語 )

Okay, that was a fuckton of grammar instructions. Most of which I already know or remember but typing it out helps you if you're trying to learn along with me and me to remember it even more, so hey. Aw damn, the nifty boxes around certain particles didn't translate nearly so well to this medium. Not that I entirely expected it to, but aw darn anyway. Oh well. I have them in the word document of my review, so that's what matters.

I actually have crap to do today. Day job crap, I mean. It's a miracle. Admittedly it's also that we got in a big pile of crap to ship out for backorders but, seriously, people. What the hell? This week has been absolutely dead, work wise. It's a little unnerving. (Okay, more than a little.) Ugh. Just, ugh.

On the maybe not so plus side I oh. Hm. I have to work Saturday, but it also occurred to me that since the mail and the UPS doesn't actually run on Monday, maybe I should just shift my weekend to Sunday-Monday instead of Saturday-Sunday. Which gives me a weekend and a shorter work week next week, and doesn't leave me sitting here going man, I could be home stretching out on my bed and doing this writing instead of sitting here practicing bad posture by slouching in my chair. Yes. I think I'll discuss that with the Aunt person and the Lurking Bandit.

Ahem. Anyway. So, yeah. Hopefully I'll get the care package of crafty doom out tomorrow; the food part of it is procured and lurking in my fridge for the moment, just need to finish gathering the rest of it. I have four writing things I really, really, really, really need to get done maybe THIS WEEKEND, if I can, and then I can buckle down on my other three damn Big Bangs. And. Something. I'm actually managing to get shit done today, I just need to not lose copious amounts of brain cells in the process.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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