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Okay, we'll do this by no order whatsoever. With my stories last because I already posted about them.

Whistler's Coda, Sneakers, ~1500 words. Whistler and Liz are awesome the end.

The Butterfly Also Casts A Shadow, The Shadow, ~7500 words. A mini-casefic, or a casefic in a bottle if you prefer. From Margo's point of view, and excellently done.

An imprint set in wax, The Lion in Winter, ~2000 words. Richard/Philip. A scene post-production so close to the play itself you'd think it had actually been written into it. All the glorious banter you can shake a scepter at.

we hit the ground running on empty stories we've been told, The Dark Tower, ~2500 words, Roland/Cuthbert quasi-explicit, for those of you who aren't interested in that sort of thing, or for those of you who are. Their last night before the final battle. Beautiful.

The Flinders Street Gang, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, ~4500 words, Phryne/Jack UST. Enjoyable Miss Fisher fic is enjoyable, I've missed these two having UST all over my screen.

And at this point I'm getting tired so it's just going to be my two fics to rec nest: Sol Invictus, the Christmas Eve And Other Stories/Caprica crossover that was really, really amazingly well done. And The Eleventh Hour Light based on Christmas Eve and Other Stories, which means you don't actually need to be familiar with canon to understand it. Just read and enjoy. ;)

(And, you know, check out Trans-Siberian Orchestra if you have Spotify or other things.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Okay, there's a shitpile of stuff I want to do and little time to do it in, but before I go any further I need to post:

I got for Yuletide, not one, but TWO Christmas Eve and Other Stories fics. TWO. It was my first Yuletide actually nominating fandoms, and my first requesting these for fanfic, I kept meaning to but I kept forgetting when it came time for nominations, and I got two incredible, wonderful stories!

Sol Invictus is actually a crossover with Caprica, so it might not make sense unless you have a smattering of Caprica/BSG knowledge. Or it might! IT's a beautiful story on its own.

The Eleventh Hour Light is a story based on the overall story of the album, and it's gorgeous and requires no background knowledge at all. So you all should go read it. now. right now.

Now if you'll excuse me I have stuff to do and an album to bounce around listening to.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is a placeholder letter! If you've come here and I didn't update it I am deeply sorry. The main rule is gen is better, explicit is less preferred, slash is much much less preferred (at least the non-canon or less probable), and I'm a big fan of character study and worldbuilding.

Prefer not:
I'd prefer no drastic AUs; AUs where characters live instead of die (or die instead of live) and then the consequences of that are explored are interesting to me, High School or In Space or Cavemen vs Astronaut AUs, not so much. I'd also prefer no unspecified/non-canon slash, for the simple reason that I somehow never end up a big fan of the big slash pairings or even the small ones. I like the canon pairings, for the most part, if I have a preference for any pairing at all. And then some of these fandoms don't lend themselves well to romance/erotica at all.

Worldbuilding! Character exploration! I love to explore the world and the characters of any canon more thoroughly; I love what-ifs. Mood, I love the moods of most of my fandoms and certainly every one I requested. As far as requests or preferences go, I'm actually pretty easy. Something thoughtful and exploratory, elaborate, another flight of fancy in a world I love.

Length (apart from requirements of course) is a handwave, however long the story wants to be. Grimdark or fluffy is equally 'eh whatever.'

Christmas Eve and Other Stories - Trans Siberian Orchestra
I'll be honest; if you were picked because of this fandom or picked it to write about I'll be shocked. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of my big holiday favorites, I go see every concert of theirs I can (seriously, I've seen their Christmas show ten years running) and I'm looking forward to this year because they have a new show up. But this album in particular was my first, my first concert of theirs, and it still makes me cry happy happy tears. The story, the music, all of it. If you're not familiar but you'd like to explore writing something for it, Spotify has the album on their radio thing, and it's pretty easy to get ahold of. The story is on the TSO website; in brief, it's a story within a story within a story of a Christmas eve in a bar. A man listens to another man tell a story about a child who came into the bar on Christmas and told a story (you see how recursive this gets?) about a girl standing outside in the snow who wished on the neon sign of the bar, lacking stars in New York City, that she could be home for Christmas. The crusty old bartender (tm) comes out and gives her the cash from the register, packs her in a cab to the airport, and lo, a happy Christmas family reunion. It's both much better and much more schmaltzy than I just made it sound. Seriously, I don't much like schmaltz, but this album! The most famous track off of it is Sarajevo 12/24, (or as my friends and I call it, Hells Bells/Music to Conduct Mage Battles By), an orchestral rock rendition of Carol of the Bells.

(And if you're familiar with the works of TSO, by all means, feel free to pull from other albums!)

DWIGHT. Dwight Dwight Dwight. All the Dwight, all the time. I added Audrey, Duke, and Nathan because honestly I would not mind fic about any of the main three, but there is not enough Dwight fic on AO3, dammit! And, honestly, I know I said I prefer no non-canon slash, but Duke and Nathan are the one pair I've found lately where I side with the massive quantity of fan slashers. They need to kiss and make up. Yesterday. No explicit/pornography please, but anything outside of that is fine. Audrey/Duke, Audrey/Nathan, Audrey/Nathan/Duke, Duke/Nathan. (But no Dwight slash... >.>)

Johnny Dixon - John Bellairs
Johnny Dixon is another one I put in there not entirely expecting anyone to pick it up. Though that's what Yuletide is for, right? Johnny Dixon is comfort reading from my childhood, it spooked me out when I was little, but it was also fun and exciting adventures. I really wanted to have adventures like that. Alas, I didn't get any haunted clocks or houses or figurines or anything. But I still love the books. No specific requests here, something in the mood or something dealing with the characters, even something dealing with Johnny or Fergie or any of them grown up.

SAM ADAMA. ALL THE ADAMAS. Adamas kick ass. And yes, I had to put the no slash thing up there out of reflex because my tastes are generally not fandom tastes but SAM AND LARRY. There is also not enough Sam and Larry fic on AO3. I am all about the Sam and Larry, Sam and Larry having hijinks, having domestic bliss, even having domestic arguments and making up afterwards. Yes, go on, laugh at the ridiculousness of me being all "no slash pls" and then picking two fandoms where I love the slash pairings. Or is it still slash if it's a canon marriage? I have no idea. Okay, Sam and Larry aside, I love the Adamas. All of them. I love Josef even as I want to smack the stupid out of him, I love Tamara's badassery even when I want to shake her and oh honey no, I love Sam. Sam Sam Sam. I love the spouses/partners and their taking care of their Adamas, Larry and Shannon and Evelyn. I think because so much of the Adamas family dynamic pings off of my own (much loved!) family dynamic, it makes the whole of them a really happy place for me.
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Tired. Definitely tired. Worked into the evening yesterday, worked all day and then got off work, went to Goodwill (no really nice lamps, alas, not many lamps at all), went to Home Depot to which I need to write a nice letter and Lowes a nasty one, went to the apartment to pick up boxes, went to the house to drop off boxes and bugbomb the fuck out of that place. And attach the supply line to the toilet. Which worked, even if the toilet itself looks like the fridge from that one episode of Cowboy Bebop. But then we counted all the lights we needed to put bulbs in, what kinds of bulbs we needed, then we set foggers in everything and turned off the electricity to the building, bolted out of there and locked the door after us so the bugfog could do its work. Thankfully not dislodging Silk Spectre onto my head. I swear, I don't mind the poor girl being there, but I walk in fear of knocking her web and dropping her on my head one day.

I'm tired. And no one's nominated Sons of Anarchy or Blood Ties or Lion in Winter yet, and it makes me worried about juggling my own nominations. What I really want to do is go to bed. What I'm going to try to do is get some analysis and some porn done, and THEN go to bed. At least we did get a load of boxes over, so I have my living room back.

How the fuck is it only Wednesday tomorrow?
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I sat down to eat lunch and started to fuck around on the internet, and a little voice inside my head said "Isn't there something you should be doing?" No. Go away. "Isn't there something else you're supposed to be doing?" FINE. And then I dragged out my German book. That little voice sounded suspiciously like Eric Renard. Fucking smarmy bastard. Can I trade him in for his brother?

There, Eric. I did my German. Now shut up.

It's Monday. It's Monday and I'm still tired from housework over the weekend. It's Monday, I'm still tired from housework over the weekend, and I have the usual weekend backlog of shipping to do. This is the whiny paragraph of DO NOT WANT.

Yuletide Nominations are open! and will be open until October 3rd, for those of you who, like me, had too many to pare down and wanted to see if someone else would be kind enough to nominate some of yours. Everyone remembers what happens to me during Yuletide yes? Yes. That will happen again. And since I've discovered ways of being MOREBETTER efficient with things like cooking and such, and by the time crunch time comes I should be all moved in, FEAR MY PINCH-HITTING CAPABILITIES. FEAR THEM. Or just point and laugh at me because I'm a masochist.

Today, god, there will be early bedtime please let me manage it. Or there may be a 20 minute nap after UPS goes. After work there will be going home, collecting the boy, and then going over to the house to pull nails out and do a few other things before coming back home and heating up dinner. Yay batch cooking. Without which I would not survive this, I think. I'm going to be batch cooking on the weekends until at least January. Which means I need more recipes that batch and freeze well. Gimme, folks! (Although, heh, once we get moved in I can dig up a George Foreman from somewhere and do hamburgers some nights.) I will say, all this running around and doing crap... well, come to think of it, will probably hit a pause when the contractors start really fucking around on the house, because there will be only so much we can do with their stuff in the way. And then, once we're living in one place instead of two it should tone down some more. And everything that's making me run the Red Queen's race is stuff I like and want to be doing, rather than oh god do I have to call another bank please no. I can live with this.

Right. Back to the grind, there's a shitpile of orders and they need to get gone. Shipping kitty to the rescue! Here I come to save the day!
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This year's New Year's resolution takes place before the turn of the actual secular year. Making more fic recs and leaving more comments, because I always whine when I don't get enough of either.

Tron (mostly Legacy)
oXoA A Yori if she had gone to the new system before Tron: Legacy fic, and a wonderful look at Yori in general. I always was a little sad that she didn't make it into Legacy because of reasons, one assumes, and this is a really well-crafted and poignant look at how she might have changed what happened.

Breakfast I'm a sucker for Sam and Quorra, not necessarily the romance of it but the whole dynamic between them. How close they are after such a short time, both because of their bond with Flynn and on their own merits as people who get along. This story illustrates that bond very, very well.

Baby I'm Cold Inside One of the most touching Audrey-Nathan stories I've seen, and definitely the best executed hypothermia-excuse-for-shippiness story I've seen.

From the Dirt and Five Card Spread. I miss this show, I really do. From The Dirt is a nice brief look at life in the carnival, Five Card Spread is an epilogue centering around Sophie, her relationships with other people. It's really well crafted, the voices are excellent, the detail is sparse but vivid, rather like the show.

Peter Pan
The Art of Becoming The lyrical flow of this is just beautiful. It's a work that uses the balance and tradition of the same actor playing Hook and George Darling and it's very, very well pulled off. If you've ever been a fan of Peter Pan as theatrical as well as book, definitely have a read for yourself.

Harry Potter/Epic Meal Time
Epic Wizarding Experience (Accio calories, hater) I have no idea what Epic Meal Time even is and this story had me laughing so hard I actually snarfed my food. Yeah.

Warehouse 13
And you wouldn't think I'd forget my own gift, would you, but I did. The Thousandth Man, a poignant and touching and beautiful and snuggleable Claudia&Jinks fic, exemplifying everything I love about those two. They are the bestest of BFFs I have seen on TV in a long, long time, and this story captures that. Made even more awesome by the fact that I apparently didn't actually request Claudia&Jinks on my Yuletide letter, but they are still one of the things I love most about the show. And the writer totally went there. Sweet.
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Dear Yuletide Author,

First and always, thank you for writing! I hope you enjoy the writing process as much as I'm enjoying the anticipation!

I'm not as big a fan of slash as most fandom seems to be, though honestly if most of fandom didn't seem to be into slash I probably wouldn't even bring it up. I love good characterization, character driven fiction. I love introspection, pithy dialogue, snark, comedy, even black comedy (as you may be able to tell if you got matched for Sons of Anarchy). I'd prefer no PWP because there's surely a kinkmeme for that, although if that's what strikes your fancy I'm not going to hide behind the couch from sex or erotica. I also don't read mpreg and sweeping displacement AUs like [Fandom] in High School or [Fandom] in Space, it's just not my taste.

Individual fandoms! Sons of Anarchy, I jump from favorite character to favorite character like a frog on a hot plate. Juice has won a special place in my heart for being an utter woobie over season 4 (I'm mostly current, yes, so don't worry about spoilers). Bobby and Opie are probably the only ones I've never felt an especial attachment to, although I like them well enough. Tig is the crazy bastard I adore even if he's got a list of issues a mile long, Happy amuses me in that look at the funny sociopath kind of a way. Clay is played by Ron Perlman. I have had a crush on Ron Perlman since Beauty and the Beast. And given Clay's random isle of Lesbos comment indicating the biker has a brain and a library card, if you can get me to picture Ron Perlman's beautiful voice reciting poetry or theatre or something I will love you forever. Gemma is a kickass chick I aspire to be like. Sort of. ;)

It'd be really hard to go wrong with Warehouse 13, I think, although after the season finale (again, I'm current, don't worry about spoilers) I'm on the edge of my seat wondering about the consequences of what everyone's doing/intending to do, so if you find inspiration of consequence fic, go for it! Claudia is adorable, Pete... Pete is my huggable squishy bear. (Eddie McClintock gives good hug, if you ever have a chance to meet him.) I do ship Myka/Helena, if you were wondering from the no-slash if that was a hard and fast rule, it isn't. Jinks was loveable and wonderful, which I didn't expect from what sounded on paper like a random token character. Mrs. Fredericks is fascinating, I wrote a piece on her for last year's Yuletide if you want to check me out on AO3, Artie, MacPherson, Benedict Valda... You probably couldn't go wrong with Warehouse 13.

And finally, Falling Skies. It's something I actually just recently got into, but the show intrigues me and depresses me at the same time in the way that post-apocalyptic series' do. I get into the habit of picturing all the people lost and missing, all the places and things destroyed, and it's depressing. But in the way that I also go back to for entertainment, because sometimes you need a good cry or a good curl up and be sad show. The aliens intrigue me. If you're familiar with Fringe, Nina Sharp cross-over would be hilarious. Anti-villains are a thing for me, so Pope being a love-to-hate-him bastard would be good.

Again, these are all just ideas and starting points, don't feel bound by any of them. I write a lot of what I like to read, if that helps get a feel for things. And as always, HAVE FUN. That's what Yuletide is about, after all!

Thank you, and good luck!
-- Jag
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This was originally going to be its own story, and then I realized that it might not make much sense, character behavior-wise, without reading the entirety of The Rainbow Connection or at least skimming it. So, we'll call it a deleted scene, even though it may stand on its own.

Read more... )
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Before I break for dinner, some Yuletide meta. Liner notes! Because... I wanted to document my thought process. I have no idea. Maybe people would be interested!

19 stories )

The Rainbow Connection )

Hammurabi )

And, for the most part although less so for the top half of these stories, much, much thanks goes to my ever eagle-eyed editor, [personal profile] lireavue, without whom these stories might be a lot less coherent and probably with many more typos.
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Staggering out to feed the cats, and I may as well get this up before the rest of it.

I wrote, um. 21 Yuletide fics this year. I think. Here they are, in the order from posted last to posted first as they appear on my dashboard. The last two are so much longer because they were either my original story or the pinch hit I received first. Liner notes, deleted scenes, and arguing interviews with "actors" characters to follow after I either go back to bed or wake up a bit more.

21. Prince of the Land of Stench - From Hell (blended comic and movie), wicked Jack, not as gory as you might think.

20. New Process - Soldier (movie), Todd and Sandra. Todd does not think like the colonists do. He doesn't register injury like they do, but he feels the ways he is somehow wrong nonetheless.

19. Living Fairy Tales - Beauty and the Beast (tv show), as [profile] not_from_stars has already discovered. :D Vincent and Catherine, because they are adorable. And if I ever meet Ron Perlman I'm going to beg him to recite something for me because dear lord that man has sexvoice and wickedly hot delivery.

18. Sunny Side - The Losers (movie), Aisha/Clay, semi-plotless porn. Because these two don't really need a reason, even within the movie.

17. Agnes of Gru - Despicable Me (movie), Agnes and Edith and Margo. The girls are growing up, and don't know entirely what to do with themselves, let alone expect Gru to know what to do with them.

16. Scrapyard Parkour - The Losers (movie), Jensen and Cougar. The gruesome twosome share a moment of camaraderie and bonding.

15. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - The Losers (movie), Jensen and Aisha, slightly porny at the beginning. Jensen and Aisha share a moment of companionship. Preceded by awkwardness.

14. Keeping Secrets - The Bourne Trilogy (movies), Nicky thinking of Bourne, slightly porny in the middle.

13. Walking Wounded - Covert Affairs, Annie and Auggie and Jai. Annie recovering from an injury that terrifies her while Auggie and Jai try to help, each in their own way.

12. Strain - Watchmen (comic and movie blend), Rorschach being Rorschach, a scene between Dreiberg's basement and Manhattan's government facility.

11. Consequence - Push (movie), Cassie and Pop Girl. The two Watchers share an interlude post-movie and an uneasy truce is struck.

10. Playground Justice - Human Target (tv), Guerrero and Chance. Taking on a small job for Ilsa as a personal favor, the boys get to indulge a little.

9. Keep Breathing - Blade Runner (movie), Zhora and Roy, with a side of Zhora/Roy. Very small slice of life fic in three scenes.

8. Storybook Love - RED (movie), Cooper and Victoria. Victoria wants a favor from Cooper. To his surprise, he finds himself inclined to grant it.

7. Dungeon Swag - The Losers (movie), Jensen. Jensen secures some of the team's supplies from a unique sort of arms dealer with an eclectic method of determining her clientele.

6. Fooled Hearts - Push (movie), Nick and Cassie. Could take place sometime within Rainbow Connection, Nick and Cassie cope with the loss of a dear friend.

5. Starstuff - The Darkangel Trilogy (books), Erin and Aeriel. Post series, Aeriel feels burdened by what she has agreed to.

4. We Regret To Inform You - Warehouse 13, Mrs Frederic. The Warehouse Caretaker carries out a duty she dislikes having to do, but knows she must.

3. Moonlight and Love Song - The Wolfman (2010 movie), Gwen Conliffe and Lawrence Talbot. Post-movie, Gwen has a late night visitor and, sort of, a happy ending. Or closure, at least.

2. The Rainbow Connection - Push (movie), Nick, Cassie, and Kira. The next ten years are life-changing for Nick and Cassie. Almost captured, almost escaping, finding the one weapon they could use to destroy Division and unable to decide how to use it. Finding themselves at the center of a revolution and leading a war to survive, somehow they manage to keep each other sane and whole long enough to reach their happy ending. LONG

1. Hammurabi - Human Target (tv series), Guerrero and Chance and Winston and Ames with a side of Ilsa. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. One of Guerrero's victims decides to exact vengeance on him, torturing and taking from him that which Guerrero took years ago. Now Chance has to get him out of this mess, learning a few new things about his old friend in the process. LONG
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Oof. Okay, now that the headache and nausea has subsided I might be able to read over and post the Christmas fics. Half of which were written in the middle of cramming I don't know how many Yuletide fics yesterday, so they really do need read over. Sigh. Next time I really will just post that thing in, like, November, and work on it over time like I did with Yuletide. Sometimes I has a less than clever.

Christmas is here, bringing with it a pile of snow. About two inches so far, and climbing. This means no farm today, although we kind of expected that with the way the radar was looking yesterday, and I brought the present I was supposed to give to the cousin to work, so that got there last night. Aunt's cat is fed and watered and hopefully occupying her heating pad, so that's taken care of, and about the only thing to worry about is how bad the roads are since the boy's out at work. Mildly disappointing, and I'm kind of wondering what happens when Monday comes and there's two people at the store, one person out here (me) in town, and everyone else up at the farm. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it and burn it behind us.

YULETIDE! Oh my god you guys I seriously got the best story ever. I requested... Tin Man, Watchmen, *coughmumble* and *coughmumble* (Yeah, I don't remember the other two.) And I got an amazing Tin Man story of Glitch, post-series. If I Only Had A Brain. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is touching, it is... it made me very happy. And then it made me go put on Tin Man again because I really, really like that treatment of Wizard of Oz. I mean, I love the classic too, but I love this miniseries. And fic. Oh fic. I love you so.

Someone else got this really damn good Dresden Files fusion fic, book+series mashup. It's very good, it blends the two together with a well-used device, and the characterization is spot on. The turn of phrase is superb. The lions are a nice touch and... well, you'll see.

This is an interesting Bourne/Nicky story that went the opposite direction... I'm not supposed to say that. It picks up Bourne/Nicky more after the movies than before he lost his memory, but it's well done.

Oof. I'm sure I'll come up with more when I have brainpower to write. And a less dirty apartment.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you, first of all, for signing up to write for this! I can't speak for any of the other fifty bajillion people in Yuletide, but I've gotten to the point where all I want for Christmas is to be able to pay my bills and fic is always a wonderful surprise Christmas morning.

Overall, please, no non-canon slash. I am not a slash fan, with a few specific exceptions (most of which you can tell from what I write, follow the fanfic tag!), and it does not excite me. Canon slash is canon; if I didn't enjoy the story and characters the canon gave me I definitely wouldn't request it on Yuletide, so, for example, Silhouette is definitely outed as a lesbian and you want to write femmeslash, yay! For that matter, I'm less interested in a story where romantic relationships at all are the focus, at least partly because there are so so many of them out there.

Mostly what I do like reading is good characterisation, good story. Vivid detail, a well-told tale, characters that yank your heartstrings or make you want to slap them or both. I write and read a lot of character-based fiction, also a lot of sensual fiction. (Not erotica, just fiction that describes things in sensory detail.)

That's my preferences: as far as specifics for each fandom, go nuts. I have a terrible crush on Jackie Earle Haley (Guerrero) but I also just love the action fun of Human Target. Tin Man was a wonderful fantasy jaunt for me, and I'd love to read anything from that world. And Watchmen is much the same, only less with the wonderful fantasy jaunt and more with the ow, ow, that was my heart you just ripped out of my chest and stepped on, those were my idealistic dreams you just ground under your boot.

I hope that wasn't too confusing and/or demanding! I've left anonymous comments on so you can ask if you have a question, or you can go through my fanfic or my original fiction to see what I write, which is probably a good measure of what I read. Or at least a starting place. I hope you have fun with it!

Thank you,

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What I Wrote For Yuletide:

For my actual recipient
Hold Your Head High, The Dresden Files (TV)/The Craft. Just something I'd had in my head for a few years now. Originally it was a Mary-Sue-ish OC and then I realized that Sarah actually fit perfectly.

Under the Darkening Sky, The Dresden Files (TV). At the very last minute I realized that my recipient might not be as enthused by a DF/The Craft crossover as I was. And I'd been meaning to write something more along the lines of what happened when Bob was alive for a while. This was as good a time as any. Set in the same canon as my other stories, Lifeless and Hopeless.

Pinch Hits:
Sorrows and Joys (Low Spark), The Secret History. Henry so totally swings both ways. And he does like Francis. This just seemed to me to be a logical conclusion, at least before things got, um. Complicated.

Speaking in Tongues, The Shawshank Redemption (movie). I've seen this movie so many times I seriously probably know most of it by heart. This was harder than I'd thought it would be to write, first I went one way, then I realized I needed something to continue actual plot for 1,000 words, then I realized that might not be the way to go and tried to backtrack, then... I just groped for a conclusion because I'd about hit the word limit. It amuses me that EVERYONE pretty much commented on how clear Morgan Freeman's voice was. That's pretty much because I had him narrating everything in my head. If I couldn't hear it in his voice, I didn't write it.

Taste of Brine and Salt, Kushiel's Legacy. Hyacinthe's perspective while waiting on the island for Phedre. This was a last-minute pinch hit, but I grabbed it because I knew it would come easy. It did, for any number of really complex hard to explain reasons.

Taking True Measure, The Mahabharata. Another last-minute pinch hit. I grabbed it because I wasn't sure how many people on the pinch hit list were willing or able to do it, and it had gone around a couple of times. I'm not sure it's quite what the requester wanted? But they wanted Mahabharata slash and I tried to accomodate. Of all the characters they listed, those were the two I could see best.

Hour of the Wolf, White Collar. Another story I've had in my head for a while, though this one I have no idea why it appeared. I may write the surrounding fic for it, eventually, if I remember that I had this idea or if people decide they really want to read about the surrounding events to Neal's rape.

The Great Goddaughter Caper, White Collar. When I grabbed this White Collar pinch hit the first thing i thought of was, oh, I'll use standard mystery format for this. And pretty much from there on in it was a series of 'what can I use for... oh! I can use that!' For some reason, all my White Collar fics wind up from Neal's perspective. I'm a little afraid to contemplate what that says about me. One of the things I do hope I captured well in this fic is that Peter is not dumb, he's just not as good at some things as Neal. Then again, he's better at other things than Neal is, which is why they make a good team.

Dirty Laundry, The Good Wife. I'd actually been watching this evenings, after NCIS, pretty much only because it was on after NCIS and it had Julianna Margulies in it. And then it kept reappearing on the pinch hit list, and I figured, what the hell. It turned out way more coherent and better than I expected I could do, given that I wasn't that familiar with the series. It also helped that Julianna Margulies is the face for a similar-ish character, in that they're both strong and intelligent women, so the mindset was pretty easy to get into. I may actually wind up writing more The Good Wife fanfic now.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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All right, I suppose some sort of introduction is in order for the new friends I've made through Yuletide, or at least, a last chance to flee before the insanity consumes you.


My name is Jag -- and I actually do go by Jag in real life and have for a good fifteen years or so. Which is a little frightening in and of itself. My username is Kittydesade almost everywhere I've been, including on Deadjournal, Insanejournal, Vox, and Journalfen. Of all of those I think Insanejournal gets updated most. Oh, and Greatestjournal, not that anyone ever goes there anymore.

My userinfo is pretty self-explanatory; I haven't updated my interests lists in a dog's age but it's still fairly accurate. It's also a good place to go for the fandoms I've been interested in over the past many years. More recent fandoms, as in, in the past six months or so, have not been added. My actual interests haven't changed that much since I did last fuss with it. The best way to get to know me as I am at the moment is to go through the last page or so of entries in my journal. Yes, most of it is German, Russian, and Tarot, but interspersed with that are real actual entries about what I've been doing.

I'm attempting a little exercise in self-improvement called Courtesan School, and you will find the phrases 'baby courtesans don't do that' or 'baby courtesans do do that' popping up a fair bit these days. Mostly what it involves is energetic, positive thinking, exercise of mind and body, self-discipline, and doing the little self-care things consciously every day to make myself feel good about myself and in general. A few of my friends are doing it with me.

In general, I don't feel a need to be private about a lot of things, so feel free to ask.

Enjoy the ride.
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Things What I Wrote For Yuletide

Echo Location - The Cell - Yeah, I freely admit I had no idea where I was going with this when I started; I threw ideas onto the page. The first one, amusingly, was the one that stuck. I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out. There's not too much else to say except that [ profile] lonelywalker was gracious enough to beta it for me and did a fine, fine job.

The Midnight Coalition - Akira - Yes, yes, I did it, I admit it, it was me. Happy now? (For those of you who didn't get to see me flail, this was a friend's pinch-hit. I think it, too, turned out rather well, despite all my flailing because it was a friend's and extra-special.) I re-read the comics. They were a lot sadder than I remembered them being.

And the shitton of The Mentalist stuff that I wrote.

Keep Me In Your Heart - A Warren Zevon inspired look at Jane's past, after some discussion with the betas of what his wife must have been like.

The Hendrix Riff - Given a prompt of "Jane building sandcastles" all I could think of was the Hendrix recording of Castles Made of Sand. I grew up with that song and many others by Jimi and it always struck me as terribly poignant and occasionally made me cry. So I wrote a story along those lines.

Quasimodo - This is what you get when I try to think of Jane+Grace fic while listening to Notre Dame de Paris. I threw in a random Richard III reference because the image of Jane as a tragic hunchbacked figure when he's a beautiful bright blonde blue-eyed boy amused me.

Seduction: The Fourth Erotic Station - I love the little intricacies of the show, watching his moods shift and watching him work on people, all the little things he does. I wanted to write a fic that highlighted the hows and methods as much as I could fit in without it being one long stream of exposition and analysis. The title comes from a mini-chapter heading of a book called The Book of the Courtesans: A Catalog of their Virtues. The erotic stations are, in order, Flirtation, Suggestion, Arousal, Seduction, Rapture, Satiety, Afterglow. Tempted to write a fic for each but we'll see how much of my to-do list I get knocked down after the holidays settle.

Sophie's Turn - The whole time I was watching that episode I became convinced of two things. A) They had had sex at one point, most likely while he was under her care (which would also give her a reason to help have his record expunged) and B) it ... wore at them both (which is why she never touches him, stays apart and aloof from him in her body language, and why he seems to be more wary of her than most people). I called it Sophie's Turn because it's her turn at Jane, it's the point in which she turns into something else, and it's her turn to be ... broken, in a way, by Jane. Or played. Or both.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
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Title: Drinking Buddies
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase, Caleb
Word Count: 1,110
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Enemies make for strange friends, but not bad drinking buddies. Written for the 2007 Yuletide Challenge

"I. Will..."


Chase smiled, and it was toothy, and it was tired. He looked nearly twice as old as Caleb who, still in college, still knew better. Chase hadn't been about to threaten to kill him. Again.

Then again that might have been exactly what he'd meant to do. Caleb was already carrying a double dose, tripling -- no, quadrupling the load might be too much for him. Even him. Especially him, with addiction running hot in his blood.

No it isn't, Pogue said sometimes. Pogue wasn't here right now.

Caleb felt his lip curling in slight disgust and turned away before Chase could see the expression on his face. Their truce was fragile enough; he didn't want to break it.


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Title: Apocryphal
Fandom: The Mahabharata (text translation by C Rago [?] and film)
Characters: Duryodhana
Word Count: 1,005
Rating: PG
Summary: Every side has two stories; this is his.

No one ever intends for the atrocity to happen. For the war to consume their homeland, for the bitterness to consume their life. And yet that is no excuse. I make no apologies for what I am, what my life and my choices have made of me. Those were my choices to make.

They had the best of everything, and now that I am gone they have the best of that as well. There is no one who will read my words aloud, although I should not be surprised at that; there was no one who would listen when I was alive. I could have shouted their flaws and the fallacy of their perfection from the top of the highest mountain and no one would have listened.

I was only a child. My family was my world and I thought they were the best of everything. For a few shining days, I thought they loved me.

They did not, of course. The histories will claim that I was the first to turn on them, but they abandoned me and mine long before we thought to raise our hand or voice against them.

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