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Title: Family (All The Myriad Ways)
Fandom: None/Originally The Covenant, kind of.
Characters: Aaron Abbott, Dale Yardley, Andrea
Word Count: 4,690
Rating: Explicit.
Summary: Aaron and Dale, happily married, want to start a family. For this, they need some assistance, and they enlist Aaron's old friend Andrea's help.
A/N: Written for this Sex Is Not The Enemy prompt.

"I guess... we're all ready?"

Dale smiled, but his voice was shyer than he had been about sex in a while. They'd talked it over, him and Aaron, weeks before this. Hell, they'd been tossing the idea back and forth for almost a year now. Children, whether they would adopt or opt for a surrogate, did they want to raise children or wait a little while, although that question seemed sort of silly when it came out. They'd been together for ten years, married for the last couple of those. They both had decent paying jobs, more than decent, in Aaron's case. They weren't going to get any more stable than they were now.

Andrea wasn't his first thought. He didn't think she'd been Aaron's first thought, either. Until they started talking about surrogacy versus adoption, and Andrea had almost offered before either of them had asked. She liked kids, Dale thought. She liked being someone's mother, and she still clearly loved Aaron. Just as clearly, she was happy that he was with someone he loved, who loved him back.

(Which was good because Dale didn't know what he'd do if some woman Aaron actually cared about... )

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Title: Marital Arts
Fandom: The Covenant (sort of)
Characters: Chase/Ginny (OFC)
Word Count: 1,100
Rating: light R
Summary: Chase and his wife have an... active and varied sex life.
A/N: Written for [community profile] kink_bingo

Her husband's predilections and preferences in the bedroom were well known to Ginny. The rest of the world might think of him as hetero because he was married to a woman, even when Massachusetts law permitted otherwise. Chase still told her, at night and after the children were asleep, sometimes after sex, of his fantasies. Men featured profoundly in many of them, more so than women.

It started as a discussion on what appealed to him about men, if there was anything he missed. There were men in particular he missed, but in the beginning he almost fell over himself in his efforts to reassure her that this didn't mean he would stray. She stroked his hair and soothed his fears on that account, and asked the questions she could think of. Some things he did miss that she simply couldn't give. Some intimacies she could allow, with the other boys, as she thought of them. Some the boys themselves wouldn't allow, and others, certain specific others, could be duplicated.

He blushed when she offered. Blinked at her, and blushed. She laughed and told him it was just an act of sexual pleasure, and of love. What was there to be ashamed of?

They didn't do anything about that first discussion, but it provoked others, and online shopping trips with the laptop balanced between them late at night in the old house. Soft, sly looks and whispered suggestions culminated in outright experiments until they discovered what they both liked and could indulge in. Which resulted in Isabel taking her baby brother for several long walks, and when Ash and the twins came along, Will spending at least one afternoon a week at their places.

Which left them plenty of time to chase one another around the bedroom.

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Title: Boy Land
Fandom: The Covenant
Prompt: Any fandom, any character, bullying
Characters: Aaron Abbott, Tyler Simms, Caleb Danvers
Word Count: 2,083
Rating: R (homophobia)
Summary: Aaron is a homophobic prick, but for a very deep-seated reason.

He didn't like the way the other boy was looking at him. )
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Title: Drinking Buddies
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase, Caleb
Word Count: 1,110
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Enemies make for strange friends, but not bad drinking buddies. Written for the 2007 Yuletide Challenge

"I. Will..."


Chase smiled, and it was toothy, and it was tired. He looked nearly twice as old as Caleb who, still in college, still knew better. Chase hadn't been about to threaten to kill him. Again.

Then again that might have been exactly what he'd meant to do. Caleb was already carrying a double dose, tripling -- no, quadrupling the load might be too much for him. Even him. Especially him, with addiction running hot in his blood.

No it isn't, Pogue said sometimes. Pogue wasn't here right now.

Caleb felt his lip curling in slight disgust and turned away before Chase could see the expression on his face. Their truce was fragile enough; he didn't want to break it.


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Title: National Coming Out Day
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Pogue, Caleb, Reid, Tyler
Word Count: 1,075
Prompt: Emergence
Rating: PG
Summary: Okay, so I'm a little late for National Coming Out Day. We'll pretend I actually meant to write this for the occasion instead of realizing it fit in perfectly with the theme. Caleb, becoming more comfortable not only with normality, but with being open about who he is and who he loves. And Pogue, who likes him just the way he is.

It took the better part of the first semester for Caleb to relax. At least, it seemed that way.

And yet, every day was a little better. Hell, even for Pogue, every day without Aaron or Kira or that bastard Chase was a good one. Every day they put between them and the beginning of that last year of high school was a good one. Pogue kind of wanted a do-over on that last year, but that would mean sacrificing all that he'd found with Caleb. And there was no way he was going to do that.

It had taken the better part of the first semester for Caleb to start really smiling again, the way he used to. Even back before William Danvers' premature decline, back before everything had started. But, God, it was worth it.

Now, he thought, they actually seemed almost human. Felt normal. About as normal as they were going to get, anyway.

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Title: Fallen
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase
Word Count: 429
Rating: PG (ish)
Summary: Chase's Ascension

It hurt.

He didn't realize how much it hurt until it was almost over. He didn't know what it was until his parents' bodies were scattered along with the wreckage of their car across the last mile. And even then, he didn't know what to call it. An upgrade? Chase Collins, mark two?

"Pull over," he whispered. His parents didn't hear him. "Pull over," he insisted.

"We're almost home, honey." His mother's voice (foster mother) was trying to be reassuring, but the imminent sensation of needing to hork in the car was drowning her out.

"Chase," his father turned around to look at him. Then at his wife. "Maybe we should..."

He had been wrong. What came out of him wasn't vomit, wasn't bile or reconstituted chicken, wasn't anything. It was energy, pure energy that came rocketing out of his mouth and slammed through the dashboard. It was still vomiting. It still had that horrible feeling of his body out of control rejecting something, pushing it through his mouth. Only this time there was no foul aftertaste.

There was a taste of blood, sliding around inside his mouth. He thought he'd bitten his tongue, or maybe the inside of his cheek. But that wasn't really that bad.

He didn't know what had happened. He didn't even realize was crying until he felt his face for injuries and his hand came away wet and clear. And it wasn't as though he particularly felt like crying. Not for the death of his parents, whom he hadn't cared about in years. Not because he was hurt, because he wasn't. He felt better than he had in... ever.

Hands on the black pavement beneath him. Pushing himself up, at first to his knees, and then upright. One step at a time. Make sure everything works.

Something strange has happened to him when he was 13, and it was happening again now. The two events were connected as inextricably as his heartbeat and his utter failure to care about anything. He hadn't always been like that, he realized. He cared about things, once, even people. And once upon a time he had been just an ordinary boy.

Didn't matter, really. He rolled his head around on his neck, finished making sure everything worked, and stood.

Wreckage scattered all over the street and everything sang. Everything in his body hummed with power. He turned his palm up and floated into the air twenty feet before he realized he was flying. And then he started laughing. It was wonderful. It was all going to be okay.
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Title: Ambiguity
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Reid, Pogue, Caleb
Word Count: 1,330
Rating: PG
Summary: Caleb and Pogue's first fight, kind of. Communication is good, peoples.

It wasn't that they were fighting. He didn't know what it was, wasn't sure what to call the great silences and awkward moments that seemed to spring up between them in the last 24 hours. He was pretty sure he had said something wrong. That, at least, he was pretty sure of.

The only problem was, he wasn't sure what it was. And the silences and awkward moments were starting to pile up into something almost too big to deal with.

Pogue sat crosslegged on the couch, failing to focus on his English homework. He already knew how to write, this was just a requirement course, something everybody had to go through. It didn't mean anything. His inability to complete the work didn't mean anything either. It certainly didn't mean that he was afraid of losing Caleb. It just meant that he was distracted. The pencil tapped in an increasingly frantic rhythm against the edge of the book, until it went flying across the room and almost hit Reid in the head.


"Sorry," he mumbled.

Reid snorted, tossing the pencil back at him and coming into the room. "You're doing homework before 10. Must be important."

"Yeah," he said, not paying attention anymore.

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Title: Coping Mechanisms
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Aaron, Pogue
Word Count: 1,944
Rating: R
Summary: Everyone knows what Aaron wants, but Aaron can't bring himself to admit it or go for it. Except in private.

Pogue knew, of course. It wasn't as though Aaron was very subtle about it, making comments whenever he could about other guys, usually derogatory and of a sexual or genitalia-based nature. He figured most of the other guys didn't notice because they were busy making the same jokes; the difference between most of the other guys and Aaron was that they didn't emphasize the sex part. Aaron's jokes were vicious, and meant to hit a specific part of the body.

Not that Pogue cared one way or another. It was sort of funny to watch Aaron getting slammed into lockers by other people, when he took the joke too far. It was even funnier to watch Aaron get called out on his behavior, which always left him red-faced and sputtering but unable to reply.

And it wasn't that hard, after the first year of that, to figure out why being in a locker room was hard for Aaron. Why he made those jokes and said the things he did. Pogue was blessed with a household which, while they never talked about it and his parents never asked, also never condemned the so-called alternative lifestyle. The one or two times Pogue might have let the word 'boyfriend' slip it was assimilated into the conversation without anyone batting a lash.

Of course, that had ended pretty quickly after that, so it didn't much matter. And then there was Kate, and it still didn't matter.

He avoided making himself an obvious target whenever Aaron looked as though his blood was up. He ignored the other boy when he tried to make insinuations about the Sons of Ipswich, insinuations that often went ignored by the rest of the locker room as well, after Pogue started going out with Kate. Even after they broke up, clearly, Pogue had bagged one of the school hotties so he couldn't be queer, right?

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Title: Grave Men
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb, Pogue
Prompt: Dirt
Word Count: 1,129
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pogue has to deal with his father's death.

He pulled a handful of dirt up and let it slide through his fingers, wondering why they still did this. As though it mattered. The people back here behind the houses didn't care, they were six feet under. Which wasn't literally true, either. Not to mention, most of the people back behind the houses were long gone to skeletons or dust. Except, of course, the one under the dirt.

Caleb's hand came down on his shoulder, squeezed gently. He reached up and covered his hand with his dirt-covered fingers.

"I'm sorry."

"I know."

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Title: The Sweetest Gift
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb/Pogue
Word Count: 1,112
Rating: PG
Summary: Caleb and Pogue make some discoveries with/about the next generation of the Sons of Ipswich.

Neither Pogue nor Caleb was actually there for the birth. It was the kind of thing that made men uncomfortable, and though either of them would have been with their wife, if they had had wives, they didn't. And so they weren't. Privately, Pogue had the feeling that they wouldn't have been welcome anyway. It was sort of a private moment, for the woman and her husband.

For young William they had gone through a surrogate service, and although they had interviewed the woman a few times and gotten to know her well enough that they all four of them trusted each other, they hadn't become close. Not like with Pogue's son. Maggie was one of his mechanics at the garage, and she and her lover had wanted children. The new century, new thinking gave rise to the new concept of more than one child per Son. Now Pogue had a son and an unPowered daughter. Time would tell whether or not the bloodline carried true, but neither of them thought so.

William came home with them, after a quiet conversation with the woman's husband and the renewed assurance that the adoption had not been reconsidered. The papers came home with them a few days later.

Breast milk or formula, the doctors said it made no difference, but Pogue and Caleb both took turns worrying over its nutritional value before Reid told them they were both acting like girls and to stop it.

"The pediatrician said it'd be fine. So they'll be fine. Stop that." Reid picked up baby Timothy, automatically draping the spit rag over his shoulder. "I said stop."

"Guy goes to med school and suddenly he thinks he knows everything," Pogue muttered, but with a sort of sheepish smile.

Caleb just sort of shook his head and continued to feed William.

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Title: Slide Show
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb, Chase
Word Count: 884
Rating: PG
Summary: Slices of life from a redeemed Chase.

Chase looked around the room for a moment before closing his eyes and just breathing in the air, deeply and with a smile on his face. The whole house smelled of Caleb, and he had quickly discovered he liked that.

Caleb hadn't told the others about him, of course. Or at least, not yet. Or at least, not where he was. He'd tried to offer Chase a room and Chase had made some sort of snide remark about skeletons in closets. The conversation deteriorated from there. Eventually Caleb had stormed off with clenched fists and tightly held-in Power, muttering something about Chase finding his own damn place to sleep. Chase had chosen the attic. He liked the idea of looking down at everyone moving around below, maybe unaware that he was even there. He also liked the idea of his own little Fortress of Solitude.

He perched on the windowsill that was more than wide enough to have fit him and a lover if he'd had one. One knee half drawn up in front of him, other leg stretched out, hands folded over his shin. He wasn't sure what else he needed here, having moved in a bed and a couple shelves, a trunk for clothes. He had some things, nothing personal, nothing that wasn't subsistence level.

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[Fic] Fury

Sep. 26th, 2007 09:19 pm
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Title: Fury
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase, Caleb, and the boys
Word Count: 1,000
Rating: R
Summary: Caleb is clearly not the man with whom to fuck.

It was the same room. Caleb remembered looking down at the broken boy in the bed, only it had been long blonde hair instead of dark brown, and the eyes had been a softer blue. And Tyler wasn't waking up to tell him not to go. The doctors wondered if he would wake up again, but Caleb knew better.

He didn't realize he was shaking until he felt Pogue's hand on his arm and realized the other man was holding him still. Five years on since the last time he'd run into Chase, and he still went from zero to fury in the moment it took to realize that the too-still leg protruding from behind the dumpster ended in Tyler's sneaker. They'd pulled the boy out of a pile of rubble and bags of rejected food, done what they could while they waited for the ambulance.

It wasn't just Tyler, it was Reid too. The blonde boy sat in the chair by Tyler's bed, hunched over and pale as though he was going to be sick, hands curled up so tightly in front of him that Caleb wondered if they'd freeze that way. His cheeks were wet; he hadn't responded to either Pogue or Caleb's questions or pleas. He just sat there, staring at his friend, willing him to wake up somehow. With them it could have been more than will alone but now, as before, it didn't seem to help.

"I'm going," Caleb said quietly, brushing his hand over Pogue's shoulder as he went past. Pogue nodded, and this time he didn't say anything.

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Title: The Prodigal Son
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase, Caleb
Word Count: 1,789
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The prodigal son returns to Ipswich

Glass clinked against glass, dishes clattered in the kitchen, the slow murmur of conversation drifting around them. Caleb put up the aversion field so that people wouldn't be inclined to listen in; it made their service slower than proverbial molasses but it was worth it.

Especially since he didn't even want the others listening in on this conversation, or looking at who he was sitting with.

Chase looked older than the last time he'd seen him, which was explained by the fact that it had been six or seven years, but it wasn't just that. Chase was a man in his thirties, now, Caleb had just hit twenty five. And Chase was only two months older. It was sobering to look at him; there but for the grace of his friends, of Pogue, and all that. Something to remember every time he got the urge to make a quick fix.

It was also something to think about, and something to get used to, and beyond that he just wasn't sure what it was. Chase looked beat. To hell and back, and more than just physically; his eyes were strained and tired. Caleb couldn't imagine the man sitting in front of him now being the boy who had terrified him in his last year of high school. Psychotic, paranoid, destroying anything and everything in his way just to get that power he thought would help him live longer.

Chase just looked tired now, and as though he would be grateful for every second of life circumstance granted him.

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Title: Wonderful Tonight
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb/Pogue
Word Count: 1,185
Rating: PG
Summary: The last two left standing at Tyler's 21st birthday party

Pogue wasn't sure how Tyler had managed to convince the old man to let them stay in the bar this long after closing. If it had been Reid he would have suspected some use of Power, but with Tyler it might just as easily have been a guileless look and a reminder that it was the youngest Son of Ipswich's twenty-first birthday.

However it came about, the four of them were still in Nicky's past closing time, after the last of the party goers had dispersed. Playing pool and nursing their last few beers, one each, Pogue thought. Hard to tell.

Tyler, responsible Tyler, was going around and collecting their empties and trashing them. Caleb went over and grabbed a handful from him after the first few tables. "Hey, man, let us get that. Birthday boy shouldn't have to do anything."

"Yeah, and if I don't, Reid will just sit there and keep pounding on the jukebox…"

"I am not!"

"And Pogue'll just fall asleep on the table."

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Title: Sanctuary
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase, Caleb, Pogue
Rating: PG-13 for potty mouth
Word Count:
Summary: Caleb's been keeping secrets and Pogue ain't happy.

"You're such a bastard."

Chase grinned.

Caleb almost expected him to burst out giggling like some kind of horror movie villain. Followed by a monologue, but Chase didn't. He didn't say anything, which just made Caleb want to hit him harder.

He didn't, because the rage had gotten so much harder to control since that night in Sarah's room.

"Why." It wasn't what he'd meant to ask, even if it had come out in more of a rasping statement. And it was what he wanted to ask, it was what he wanted to know even if he had to throttle the answer out of Chase with his bare hands. Especially if he had to. He would...

... enjoy that a little too much. Caleb stared at Chase in horror and slowly increasing disgust, and Chase just smiled that much more.

"Think about it for a little while. You'll understand."

Caleb intended to knock Chase through the next few walls, and fuck what that would do to the house. He meant to leave Chase broken and bleeding on the floor, but what actually happened was that he lunged for Chase, power gathering, and Chase just laughed and disappeared out the window. Caleb followed, only to lose him in the trees that whipped against his face, raindrops spraying everywhere. Chase, nowhere to be found.

He did spend some time looking. Using power indiscriminately and scouring the grounds, levitating through the air and ignoring the winds and the storm. But by the time he found anything that even looked like a trail Pogue's bike was roaring up the path, followed shortly by the jeep. Caleb slipped back in through the window, face wet.

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Title: Lully Lullay
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb and Reid, with a little bit of the other boys
Word Count: 2,048
Rating: PG-13 for Reid's potty mouth
Summary: Reid and Caleb start to have a conversation, until they begin communicating in more than just words.

They were sitting on the porch when Reid started, opposite chairs. Caleb had one leg drawn up and his hands wrapped around his knee. Reid was just watching him, watching the sun move slowly across the sky.

The other two had gone into town for snacks, after a marathon session of video games had left them all out of food they knew how to prepare, or were willing to. It left Caleb and Reid on their own, a situation that hadn't happened often since they'd grown up and discovered girls. Or boys.

It wasn't that it was uncomfortable. Just that it wasn't easy to be, right now.

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Title: Five First Kisses
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb and Pogue, mostly
Word Count: 2,506 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: First Kiss
Summary: Five first kisses that may or may not have happened. Cross-posted all over the place, up to and including [ profile] lieutenantwitch, [ profile] lover100, [ profile] covenant_movie, [ profile] covenant_fictio

It probably wasn't what Caleb had meant, but one phrase stuck in his head for months after it started. Sometimes it was good, other times it made him wonder just how long this was going to last. We're in college, he'd said. It's where you're supposed to experiment. Why aren't we experimenting?

Pretty good question, Pogue had thought, except that in the twenty and slightly plus years they'd known each other, even if the first few years were the blank space of infancy, he'd never thought of Caleb as anything but straight. The idea that something might happen hadn't gotten beyond the fantasy stage. And a few surreal dreams he'd wanted never to wake up from.

He still wasn't sure when Caleb figured it out. Before Luke, and that awkward moment when he'd brought the other guy over and Reid looked up from the couch with a flare of jealousy and anger. Tyler hadn't even blinked. Caleb had blinked, but hadn't said much of anything except, don't leave the pizza out this time. Pogue had called him a neat freak and they'd disappeared into his room.

Luke hadn't lasted long. He'd made himself right at home in their home, despite Pogue's oblique and finally blunt warnings not to. They were four boys, grown up together back home, and they wouldn't take it well if some guy came in and started acting like one of the boys. Luke had told him not to be such a girl and that was the end of him. Except that it wasn't. Reid probably would have 86'd him from the house if he'd been sprawled over the couch drinking their last beer again, but he hadn't. Pogue hadn't invited him over again. Caleb had kissed him first.

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Title: Fathers and Sons
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb, mostly
Prompt: Ghosts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,822
Summary: Caleb learns that his new relationship may not be as new as he thought. Written for [ profile] lover100

Caleb would have been welcome at the Parrys' if he'd wanted to spend the summer break there, even with the new developments. In spite of, because of, he wasn't sure. Maybe they just took it as it came, it didn't matter because Caleb was one of the boys. He wasn't sure how long the Parrys' had known their son was bisexual. He'd gotten to know Richard Parry a little better in the last couple of years, and realized that the man saw a lot more than he let on.

Not that he and Pogue were going to stop seeing each other just because they didn't live together for three months. Hell, they'd seen each other almost every day even when they had lived at their separate houses, even on summer breaks. Someone would get bored and call over to someone else's house. He'd get Tyler on the phone, or Pogue, or Reid complaining that there was nothing to do and in the next blink they'd be out on the cliffs or at Nicky's or playing paintball somewhere.

And Pogue hadn't even said anything when he said he wanted to stay at home with his Mom. Just nodded and it was okay, and he had a funny look on his face that Caleb wasn't sure about but he still hadn't said anything.

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Mar. 20th, 2007 12:04 am
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Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Chase
Word Count: 1,642
Rating: NC-17 for somewhat disturbing material
Summary: Chase and an older guy. Smut. I have no idea where this belongs except somewhere in the porn fic thing. That I have yet to finish. Or even finish outlining. Heh. Rough cut. I just needed to get it out of my head. That should tell you how bad it is.

The guy had a reputation. Chase had heard about it in whispers that meant it was too bad even to talk about directly behind his back, in the dressing rooms, where people usually held their clandestine conversations. It made him curious. They told him he shouldn't be. He just smiled and asked them how bad it could be?

Calvin stopped coming over so often after that. It was the beginning of the end, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

Somehow, word of his curiosity got around to the old bastard. Philip Donovan might be feared, but he had his feelers out in just about every corner of the production company, and Chase realized a part of why no one talked about it when he was invited over to the old man's office one evening, after shooting had wrapped for the day, when most of the people had gone home. He closed the door behind him without even asking. There were a few reasons why a company head would want one of his rising stars in his office, in this field. Some of them not so nice.

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Title: Cold Pizza
Fandom: The Covenant
Characters: Caleb, Pogue
Prompt: Life
Word Count:
Rating: PG
Summary: A day in the life of two boys at college. Written for [ profile] lover100

It started out clandestine, for no reason that he could discover. Little touches stolen while the others were out. Kisses and explorations in corners, in secret places. He thought, although he never really confirmed or felt strongly to, that it was because it was new. And it was delicate. If they'd been like most other couples on campus, advertising it as soon as it was there, necking on every couch in every lounge they frequented, it would be too quickly over. Or upset. Or something.

That, and there were other people to consider. He didn't really want other people weighing in right then, and he didn't think Caleb did either.

Weeks passed. They made love for the first time. They held hands in public for the first time. They did a lot of things for the first time. Sarah found out and helped orchestrate a Valentine's Day to remember. Months passed. Things settled down.

The calender was stuck on March on the kitchen wall, when it was almost time to pack up and head home. Appointments had stopped around the twenty third, unmarked, along with anniversaries. Although three month and six month and things like that... that was for high school. And girls. Pogue smiled a little, looking over the counter at the top of Caleb's head, just peeking over the arm of the couch. He'd probably fallen asleep doing Stats homework.

The oven timer didn't even raise a stir. He put the pizza in, took it out again quickly and put on enough slices for both of them (just about filling the pan) and put it back in again, resetting the timer. College food. Pizza. One of the drawbacks of growing up in luxury was never really learning how to cook.

It wouldn't take more than ten minutes. But that was ten minutes he could sit on the floor and watch Caleb sprawled out over the couch with his head half on the arm and one hand dangling down, drifting at the very least or dead asleep. Ten minutes of tracing every dangling finger and feeling the warmth of his hand on his, palm against palm. Memorizing his face as though he could live in this moment forever. Wrap it around them both and keep them here, just the two of them. He had the longest lashes of anyone, so beautiful. Lips that were totally made for kissing, so he did.

Which was when Caleb pulled him down, arms wrapped tight around him and grinning as he kissed him back. Pogue went sprawling overtop of him, laughed.



"Is that your stats book or are you just happy to see me?"

Caleb's tongue stopped the rest of the words from coming out. They'd been bad words anyway. Or at least silly ones.

Matters progressed. The stats textbook and the notebook hit the floor unnoticed, lost in waves of hair and hands and kisses and love and the glowing heat of love that stole breath away and made hearts stumble in their rhythm.

The oven timer made them stumble in their kisses, and Pogue almost fell off the couch with a laugh. Caleb caught him with one arm around his waist and the other hand dug into the couch, grinning.

"Come on, don't go..."

"That's the oven, man. The pizza's gonna burn."

"So? C'mere..."

More kisses. One hunger was replaced by another as Caleb started tugging up the edge of his shirt, teeth grazing over his lip. Pogue rolled back onto the couch, onto his lover, with a motion that sent them sliding against each other and both gasping at the contact.

"The smoke alarm's gonna go off."

"It goes off once a week when Reid burns the popcorn."

Nails light down his back, making him arch and sigh. More kisses, not light, hot and intense and broken by whispered words that made it hard to breathe. I love you. I love you too. Stay with me. Always.

Time faded. The world went away. The pizza smell started to fill the room.

"... Now I'm hungry."

"Told you so."

Laughing, Caleb rolled Pogue off of him and bounded over the couch, racing for the kitchen. "Last one there goes hungry!" Pogue hit the ground, rolled, bounced to his feet and chased after him.



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