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And, um. Holy shit. I think I just finished my German book. Probably it's a good thing that today is a check-in day since a) I didn't do it last week oops and b) I can brainstorm and get help on ideas of where to go from here. Possibly Russian/German review simultaneously, since German... somewhere in the last several chapters it all started coming together. I'm not sure when or how. But a lot of it is making a lot more sense and right now I'm having more trouble looking up the right words or the right conjugation/declination of words than I am actually stringing words together.

It seems to be a day of productivity, too. I checked with the Eisbiebers and they would like some amaryllises, so I'll bring them some tonight. And then I did finally complete a scene's worth of edits in Black Ice, and the German. Small victories, lots of them, over time. I'm feeling much much better than I was Monday, and even better than I was Tuesday. And I'm slowly working on unfinished projects in between everything else. Right now, cutting out leather bracelets and then figuring out how to attach them. We've got a snap-setter, though I'm also kind of looking at the idea of small buckles. Decisions. And I'll take home the cord for dreamcatchers today, so I can get that done at some time over the week/weekend. And that will get a couple of projects off my hands.

I definitely need to start (back) in on the costuming, though. Like, pronto. Not sure when or how that's going to happen, the first step will be moving the craft table upstairs where it goes and out of the patio. Which, okay. Note to self, self. Move the plants over to the rolling cart, then the craft table can get carried up after the boy's awake. That's not so hard, is it? Then I'll at least have a surface to sew on. So I guess that's something else to consider in this afternoon's check-in.

In the meantime! All right, self. We have shit to do, let's go do it and stop blathering at the poor people on your flist/dwircle.

ETA: Right. Since my brain is both trying to do all of the things and cycle through thoughts faster than I can retain them, the plan for tonight!

1. Move plants the fuck off the card table and onto the rolling table.
2. Get Japanese books into the kitchen.
3. Chop chicken and prep dinner.
4. Do Japanese while keeping an eye on rice and stir fry.
5. Translate Questions while doing the same.
6. Do PoI till the boy rousts himself.
7. Do Haven Herald until the boy leaves for work.
8. Do PoI till about 11:30, at which time it will be time to get ready for bed.

Can we remember this, self? I surely hope so.

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I have about two, maybe three more exercises in this German book and then I'm done. And then I have to work on translations all day. Bzuh. When the fuck did this happen?

Actually did get some header templates and full page templates up! Woo! And I even smashed a fucking conclusion out of that one story for submission, and I have no idea how I did that but I'll take it. Did not get the full scene out of line edits but the day is still young. Ish. Okay, it's middle aged. And I still have time and room for some line edits between doing the various posts. What I do not have time for, brain, is doing things with the desert world. Put down the painted man and step away from the wild child sand witch. Let it go, woman.

I also really do need to put my amaryllis bulbs into pots and tie up the sage before it starts turning into a sage creeper instead of a sage plant. I'm not sure whether or not raised beds will actually happen this weekend, but I definitely need to do some actual tending of the plants I have. And possibly dig around in the pots I have and get rid of the ones that aren't growing anything so I can put other things in those. Maybe try tomatoes and peppers again, but maybe try other things like, um. Thyme. Since that's all my Scarborough garden is missing.

Something something stuff. Potatoes. I am not fucking going back out in that coldass wet weather to get the kind of potatoes I usually use for, um. Not really steak fries because they're not fries, but. We call them onion potatoes. Chunky hash browns? Something. So, mashed potatoes it is. Hell with it. I'm really loving this whole domestic thing. I know it doesn't magically make everything better to have the perfect house or whatnot, and the thought of the house getting so messy that I have to clean all of it is a pain, and there's all the gardening to do, but. Oddly. I'm really, really enjoying all the little domestic things I'm getting done. Go figure. In a way, it feels weird to think of myself as being domestic. And yet it's the right adjective to attach to all that set of things I love doing.

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Oh dear god what the shit just happened, where the fuck are we going, and when the crap did I get dumped into this handbasket.

Mostly this amounts to, augh I made new friends on Twitter, several of whom either are or have Connections. And by connections I mean writing for things like Angel (as in, Joss Whedon's Angel) and Burn Notice and, um, buggeryfuck. What was that other thing. I forget, but still, these are people who are more connected than I've managed to get thus far. And they think I'm cool. And what the shit is this madness. It doesn't look like Sparta.

No, okay. I have shit to do. And I finally redid and reposted the Arcana page! For all those five of you who care. It is now greatly less pretentious and more concise as well as involving the usual multitude of examples. Next up, finishing the worksheets. And picking up the house and doing a draft of Haven ... thing. The WYAH posts. Oh god I'm punchy and tired, this ought to be an interesting evening of dubious productivity.

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I think that exercise was more to practice asking someone to speak slower and listening comprehension than anything I could do written. That said, I'm deeply pleased/amused that I understood all the sentences just reading them. Possibly this means I need to sit down and watch Lola Rennt or something and see if I can understand spoken better.

I did go ahead and make me a blog for the website. Something more along the lines of a grown-up blog? I don't even know what the difference is between a blog and this journal, except that this journal has much less thematic, structured blather. And language practices. And dragon eggs. Probably neither of those things will go on the blog. But, I made a blog, put a link to it up on the web page, put links to Murderboarding and the web page up on the blog, and did a first entry. We'll see what happens there. Also did manage to code a link page and toss that up, and now I guess it's time for coding the Arcana page? So tonight's statement of intent will be line edits, doing the Arcana, and working on putting things into coherent form on the Grey Gull until the boy goes to work at which point I'll switch to doing follow-up on Person of Interest, because I suspect there will be Game of Thrones this evening on the TV. Which, you know, is fine, I don't have to use the TV or ignore distractions to write up the Arcana page. Dinner will be fucking takeout because I didn't expect to have to cook for anyone other than me (read, scrounge in the kitchen hey that looks edible) tonight, but game got cancelled. So, fuckit, I was craving crab rangoon anyway.

Tired. And chilled. And tired. Did acquire Fimo for decorating dreamcatchers. It remains to be seen whether Fimo works as well as I remember sculpey working previously. Although now that I think about it, having a small piece of Fimo in my hands while I think at the computer or the netbook could be incredibly beneficial. Must investigate further.

No, all right, self, come on. Get some work done this last hour, and then you can go home and order food and curl up on a warm couch with a warm boyfriend and a warm cat or two and fuck around with words while watching Game of Thrones. Which, I may hate the novel series, and there may be aspects of the story in general that I find deeply troubling, but damned if I don't enjoy the television. (Hating the novel series has more to do with the fact that apparently while I love George R.R. Martin as an editor I cannot stand him as a writer. I barely got through the first third of ... whatever the first Game of Thrones book is. The boy, however, is slowly munching through them. Go figure.)

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Statement of intent: Today at work there will be line edits and Arcana re-drafting, as time permits. This evening there will be When You're At Home post drafting of the Grey Gull and Arcana-re-drafting, also as time permits. We will not do what we did the last time, self, and procrastinate all to hell and back. That is how backlogs die. We will get the Grey Gull drafted, if we're very lucky we'll get notes tonight and draft tomorrow night and then Friday can be spent reviewing and taking notes on the Herald offices so that Saturday can be drafting that one and Sunday can be spent fucking off and doing nothing. And then *gasp, shock* Even more backlog! Sort of. In theory. For as often as I say I'm going to get Haven 1x01 done it keeps not happening.

I feel like I should explicate this: I call these things statements of intent because this is what I intend to do. I refuse to call them goals because although they might fit the idea people have of goals, I don't want to feel bad because I couldn't get all of them done, and, acknowledging the fact that both life and shit happen, statements of intent fit better. I intend to do these things. What I intend and what happen ain't always similar.

I need to remember to take home the cord to make my dreamcatchers. And possibly some Fimo so I can make some charms for them. I have no idea why I've decided I need to make little Fimo charms, but I want to put some kind of charms on them and Fimo will be a cheaper price point (I think) than getting pewter ones from the bead store, right now. Plus I do have tools and things to work it, on account of mini painting tools. Posssssssibly there will be pictures later. Maybe. Though, heh. Suddenly... well, no. I can do charms and things on Sunday. I can make the hoops for them tonight, that'll be quick, and then make the charms and weave the dreamcatchers Sunday. I haven't made the damn things in so long, I wonder if I remember how.

(I lie. It's dead easy.)

So, that'll be something I can do with the weeping cherry bits I trimmed of so we'd stop running into them. Now I just have to figure out what I'm doing about the rest of the front yard. And the house. And everything bloody else. Maybe I'll spend a chunk of Sunday doing that, just wandering around my front yard and planning things. Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a Sunday. Andp ulling the front walk. Die weeds die.

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Not quite the rousing victory I wanted over my webpage, but the bulk of it is fucking done. The bones of it are done. I have ten or twelve other things I want to do, and getting the Black Ice page up is going to be a bitch and a half, but at least I have a damn web page now! Which of course means it's open season for the brainweasels on it's not pretty enough/it's not cool enough/it doesn't have enough neat stuff, etc etc etc. Fuck off, weasels. I have work to do. Like, tonight, Haven 1x01 and reading over the Stephen King post. And line edits. And cooking. And, you know. Actual work instead of curling up in a ball and crying about how I'm not cool like the other kids.

Possibly it could use some morebetter graphics, but I can fuck around with those later.

I'm cold. I dislike this. I also dislike the fact that I'm warmer at home than I ever am at work, despite the fact that the thermostat is supposedly kept several degrees warmer. I know it's supposed to get warmer and it does look like it's staying more in the fifties and heading up over the next week or so but arrgh. Do not want to be cold. Am tired of winter. Ready for spring now plskthnx.

Still got nothing more substantive. I got a wossis dragon? Legendary, that there thing. On DragCave. Yes, my substance for the day is pixelpets.

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I have a minefield in my black mold. I swear to god this thing is crawling around the inside of my brain grabbing onto anything it can find and building up higher and higher. Also, I am Spider Jerusalem.

Ahem. If I can ever not be hyper, other things that happened today are that I managed to get a scene and a half edited, not including what's going to be going on tonight, so, that section is probably going to be halfway done in the next day or two. Which means all the way done by the end of the week? Maybe? I hope. Which puts me at somewhere around halfway done the actual anthology, since I have two largish stories to edit after that. I think. Oogh. Either way, it's more progress than I had before!

Oh dear god there was a dead possum under our house. Gross. (This tangent brought to you by an unexpected phone call from the boy who just pulled the corpse out of the crawlspace.)

Again, one of those times when I feel like I should have more to say considering I spent the better part of the afternoon babbling about mostly writing things. But no. You get me and my writing babble and dead possums. Enjoy!

ETA: And while I'm thinking of it, two more things. (See, I knew I had more to say.) The first, a question: Duotrope, worth it, yes or no? The second: Things What I Need To Get Done:

1. Last two worksheets for web page
2. Finish line edits on Horror Big Bang, THEN go back in and add the extra scene(s)
3. Something for Luna Station
4. Kink Bingo Amnesty (Ray/Randi, which is what provoked it to mind)
5. Black Ice pages (w/illustrations and fake ads)
6. other stuff I have since forgot.

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Doing German before I get distracted with anything else, because apparently today is another day of skyrocketing high followed by as big an unassisted crash as I can get. Yesterday it was people complimenting the first original fiction I'd put out in public in a while. Today it was getting attention from one of the writers of Angel. And Rome, and Burn Notice, and other things, but Angel is what came to mind. Insert obligatory my life the fuck how is this here.

I did a thing! Sort of based on the giant character-building questionnaire of doom, but so far just those questions. Go, break it! Tell me what other questions you want on a form to fill in that I can then make into a chart or something. Have fun. I'm having fun.

I seriously need a nap, but I'm having fun.

Tonight is apparently macaroni and cheese with tuna and then all the Person of Interest ever. At least till around 10, when it's all the line edits or coding, whatever I'm in the mood for. Probably coding, at this point. I think part of the reason I'm so enthused by the idea is because it's almost over. I'm almost out of pages to code. Shock of shocks.

And in the meantime, I really really need to finish that Haven post so I can get that out there, do Person of Interest tonight, and then do Haven 1x01 or the When You're At Home series or both, tomorrow evening. get started on *gasp, shock* a backlog! No, surely not. That never happens.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Oh, and if anyone needs a Valentine's Day dragon from a previous year, let me know?
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In retrospect I should have just taken the second enchilada out of the pan and into the fridge with a big sign that said "Jag's dinner, do not touch". Ah well, half an enchilada is better than none. Also for my own future reference, and maybe I will remember next time: two chicken breasts make about four big enchiladas. There's room in the big pan for six, so let's do that next time.

And, actually, since there is enchilada sauce left I might have to make some bean ones and freeze them for future nomming. I have no idea why I never tried this recipe for the red sauce earlier. Now I just need to whip together more batches of salsa as prep before I do these things. Which means I need to remember what the fuck the family salsa recipe is. I doubt Mom has it, she doesn't cook. Maybe L has it, I think it was her recipe, anyway.

Distracted for a moment from German by someone who gave me a plotbunny and the short fiction that ensued, and then by the startling development that people actually liked it. I will never, ever stop being surprised that people actually like my original fiction, particularly the off the cuff stuff. Which probably says something, too, about how I see my fanfiction, namely that people like the ideas I'm coming up with for other people's fictional characters, but it has nothing to do with my writing or my voice. So, there's that. Anyway, now I have flash fiction and, something. Further impetus to get my website the hell up?

Fortunately I also have a fairly light day at work. Unfortunately I now have a hyperactive brain trying to run in twenty different directions at once. That's nice, brain. Let's take this by the numbers, shall we? What was next on my list of things to do. More website coding for that side of things, a return to untangle for day job stuff, and, oh yes. Spices to buy. Okay, I can do this. Without going in ten different directions at the same time at high speed.
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Well, a while back I ordered a few shirts from this one place that had some cheap shirts that I hoped were inexpensive rather than cheap. No, they actually are cheap, they're fairly thin and I'll be surprised if they wear well, and probably they're meant to be worn maybe once a month because other people rotate out their clothes/closets more than I do and therefore don't put their clothes through the washer as much as I do. But it's even more irritating because these were pretty much the kinds of shirts I wanted. Simple long-sleeve scoop-neck and cowl-neck shirts. Because somehow I've gotten used to being cleavagy.

Ah well. Maybe I'll just keep collecting shirts and end up being able to rotate out my shirts that much. Or something. I would like to find other inexpensive clothing sites than Kohl's, though, that have shirts I actually like. Ideeli is good for some things but it's so hit or miss.

Speaking of clothes and things, I need to get my earrings out and actually hanging and things. Not entirely sure where, hell, maybe I do need a jewelry armoire, but I need to get that done anyway. There was a vague sort of a gesture involving picture frames and backing. And I just now realized. I could do a dreamcatcher and hang my earrings on that. See, Jag, you can be smart.

Now let's see if I can also be productive today.
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All right. Still this had better not be a bipolar fit, but after lining up the wargs and naming them so Anna could pick them off with frying pans I feel, not so much manic and energized, but heartened and better. So maybe not, maybe just a combination of exhaustion, bad dreams, and worse timing. Now it's a day of what seems to be relatively quiet day job work interspersed with coding, since I got a fair start on the Nathan-Duke essay, and then home for more essay, cooking, and then cleaning. My contribution to game tomorrow will be sopapillas, so at least THAT'S easy to make. I just have to menu plan for the rest of the week.

I would really like to be on a more even emotional keep, and I would say that doesn't look like it's going to happen except it sort of is? As I knock down projects that were weighing on me, most of them with self-imposed deadlines. And I got the DVD shelves put into place last night and some of the DVDs on them, but I think I might insist that that should be our first DIY project. Hammering together some goddamn DVD shelves, because really. The depth of the cheapass shelves that we have right now is perfect for DVDs, the height is also perfect, there's just not enough of them to ... well, no, there's way more DVDs than that shelf can hold. A lot more. But then they also only go halfway up the wall, so there's more than enough room to build them taller and ooh. I should ask the Elf Lord if he wants to help me make that a weekend project in a couple of weeks. He's got the woodshop already downstairs at his place. I can get him the measurements and. Ooh. Okay, there's that solved! And in the meantime I'll just unpack the freaking DVDs as much as I can and then leave the rest in a box. Won't bother to sort them by genre or alphabetize, as long as we can hopefully get to them.

So, yeah, that's most of the downstairs done. Still need to clean up the book nook, wash the damn hutch off (I still have no idea what we're going to put in there. Other than booze. It might be booze.), and put things away in the office, but it's about half done! And I have most of tonight to do the putting shit away part, or nagging the boy to put shit away, and tomorrow to do the scrubbing and cleaning of surfaces part. So. WOOT. This is doable. I swear, self. And my reward for getting the craft room done, since the upstairs is also mostly done, will be a plying head for my Lendrum. Because I have a fucking craft room you guys, it is amazing. I have no idea how this happened. But I will take it.

Watching Being Human has had the odd delayed result of everyone remotely male, white, and dark-haired now looks like Aidan Turner. At least out of the corner of my eye. Andrew fucking Ross looked like Aidan Turner, he had Turner's gormless grin superimposed over his face. I have no idea what the hell my brain is up to, but I guess this is better than telling me I suck?

Oh, hey, there's the upswing. ... wait, no. Dammit, body. Brain. Whatever. Something. No, dammit body, too, because seriously is the OrthoEvra patch supposed to do this? I mean, as long as the PMS isn't standard, I'll take the uberlight cycle. Which is only slightly lighter than normal, I'm usually one heavy day and then light. But eek. What about it, my peeps? Any other experiences?
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Well, that was half an hour out of my day due to incredibly moronic mistakes. Namely, mine. Oops. Now my password hint to myself is hopefully moreclearer, though, and I won't embarrass myself in front of tech support again.

Dammit, Jag.

Right. Somehow, I have no idea how but I suspect it has to do with no headache today, I have actually managed to get through all of my notes on the Cape Rouge for the upcoming post. Which means that tonight might actually go quicker than I thought, reviewing the last handful of scenes in that episode, going through further episodes (only one of which should have any substantive information because I am sadly lacking in knowledge about boats) and then pulling caps and that might even get posted today! We'll see, but the wargs of Imposter Syndrome, Muddled Thinking, and PMS seem to have stopped nipping at my heels, so it might get out on time after all. If that works out, and if by some miracle I manage to get a good chunk of cleaning done today, I'll sit down and pull times for the next WYAH essay for the weekend. Friday's day job work can be coding the website and working on the Nathan-Duke essay.

Hey, speaking of surprising things, what the hell is this shit where I'm actually getting traffic on my website? This is not helping the whole shit I need to get my website up and working thing. Well, it kind of is, because then I don't have the excuse of "people aren't going to see it" not to do it. On the other hand, eek. It's been kind of half-assedly there for a while. Still, the actual tasks to do aren't complicated or even necessarily that time consuming. Well, maybe a bit time consuming. But they're not complicated or numerous, so that shouldn't take too too long in the grand scheme of things.

I've come up with two different approaches (and realized that it's a marathon, Jag, not a sprint) to getting interpreter-fluent in Russian: the first, which I think I've mentioned before, involves translating the Leviathan into Russian along with various other parts of my website. The second involves translating useful/everyday emergency services dialogue into, well, every language I can think of that I can manage, starting with the dialogues I often had at the clinic where I did Spanish interpretation. This brought to you mostly by my contemplating interpretation and going over those memories. Debating whether or not to post them here, but while posting them here would keep me honest about doing it, you might not want to see random bits of dialogue in Spanish, French, Russian, or German. You might! Speak now if you care.

...I seem to have guitar picks in my pocket. I didn't mean to put them there, they just sort of happened.

So, yeah, all in all, doing much better today without the headache. There are a lot of things where I need to remind myself that it's a marathon not a sprint, not the least of which are putting together the anthology and getting interpreter-fluent in Russian (Spanish [again], French, German). Website building and House unpacking are a bit of a sprint, for a given value of sprint that most likely will take a month or two. Another month or two. But the rest of it is a will-take-multiple-months-to-years marathon. And the blog is just a thing that happens regularly, because apparently if I can't chew on TV shows I will chew on actors, serial killers, friends and neighbors, or whatever else is lying around. I am not kidding. I have gotten into a discussion of whether or not the Son of Sam was most likely the Son of Sam and only him or whether there was additional bastardry involved.

So, that's happening. Now I also just need to figure out what I'm doing for Valentine's Day if anything and I'll be golden. I'm usually incredibly lackadaisical about Valentine's Day, never having made much of it in the past. But I'd like to know if something's going to happen so I can plan not to get any of the aforementioned projects done that night. ... Oh god, I've become that uberorganized scheduled person. When the hell did that happen?
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Ejercicios mañana.

Headache still here. Sense of impending doom slowly fading? Although not spelling anything right or using the correct English prepositions is not helping, brain, what the fuck is wrong with you. Toggle better.

(Sí, claro que estoy cambiando rapido entre español y inglés, pero de niña pude hacer eso sin problema. Ahora, claro que no. Y debo practicar mi ruso, y me duele mi cabeza, y ... )

Okay, never mind. Whine more, why don't you.

I do, at least, have chocolates for tonight. Chocolates, all the material for foot soaks, Being Human is free on Amazon, I have wine and whiskey to choose from, probably wine because dinner will be spaghetti, so, a nice red will go perfectly. And the rest of the world can just fuck right off for a little bit. We have earned this goddamn respite.

Heh. More things I'm not saying in public because that would be mean and petty and serve no useful purpose, but I disagree so hard with some of the things the Once showrunners are doing in their approach to the overall story. I'm not even watching it anymore, I'm just catching bits and pieces of interviews because a couple friends repost them. There's maybe a couple contexts where statements like that would make sense, and I wish I had enough faith to think that was the case, but, um. No. Just, no. Cheetos and Mountain Dew and little else.

Okay, no, I have work to do, I can't continue to sit here and chew on Vince's twitter account. That would be silly. Come on, self, let's get back to work and then maybe there will be less work in the future I can't even type that with a straight face. The reward for work well done is, all together now? Yeah, I thought so.
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Holy shit, I can string together sentences in German. I think. I'm still really shaky on clauses and whether or not they require infinite commas or not. But on the plus side, this is helping me figure out what I need to review. And restoring my confidence in my ability to speak any damn thing. And my ability to translate my author bio into German! Spanish and French, sure, German, not so much.

And yet, I just strung some fucking sentences together. Fuck. Yeah. I might have to go find some German fanfic. Or some German literature so I can write some German fanfic. Well, drabbles. Something. Fuck yeah four fluent languages.

... hey, I just had a brainstorm on Russian.

Ahem. I also have a headache, so that might be the brainstorm. Or that might just be politicians in Arkansas being jackasses again. Or still. Don't ask, you'll just get the same danger of ragestroking that I have. Instead, let's focus on positive things, like this awesome factory building converted to reduced-rent teacher housing specifically intended to make teacher's lives better. I am all for helping out our teachers. They are a much underappreciated bunch.

Feeling much more like a competent adult today, which might have something to do with the sleep I got. Still a bit tired, which might have something to do with the headache, which definitely has something to do with PMS, but at least ... well, if all I get is a headache and some bloaty soreness after having an extremely irregular cycle due to starting hormonal crap again, I will take it. And hope that that does go through to having almost no PMS symptoms at all. Because that would be so nice. I mean, I know I pretty much won the lottery as far as PMS symptoms go, but it would still be nice to reduce "very little" to "none."

Right. Sadly, I have too much shit to do to sit here yammering. So let's get to it. Not quite shut up and soldier, soldier, but maybe more like... I don't know, what's a good get up and go to work song? One of those.
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Ich woll nicht Deutsch studieren. )

I'm fairly sure that wasn't quite as cohernt as it might otherwise have been. Any second now I'm going to start using all the wrong prepositions and then no one will be able to understand me in anyl anguage.

Traci Dinwiddie, fellow North Carolinian as I understand it (who played Pamela Barnes on Supernatural) has an idea that just might help me get through February. Which is traditionally a bitch of a month to get through for me and mine. "How about listing something we appreciate about ourselves each day?" Traci, that sounds like a damn good idea. You can join in using the hashtag #DigMe on twitter. So, today's that I singled out because despite my inability to string together proper fucking sentences, I do appreciate and enjoy my facility with languages. I appreciate that I can study German and have it be fun and not a chore. And that I can pretty much do it on my own, too, with a capable textbook. At least German. I'm not fucking touching Mandarin with a ten foot pole until I have a teacher.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but parts one and two of my speculations on Wesen biology are now up, for those of you who watch Grimm and are into that sort of thing. And if I knew where the hell my X-Files diary had gone to, I'd type that up, too. That was one of the most awesome science projects I've ever done. Actually my whole high school was awesome, I did X-Files in biology and Star Trek in physics. I didn't do anything in Chemistry because the teacher was incompetent. Seriously, everyone's grades dropped a full point in that class. He didn't come back the next year. Anyway, yes! Blogging happened. Anna also updated all our fouth-wall-shattering profiles. Well, almost all. I'm looking forward to knocking down the fourth wall for Person of Interest, too.

Tired. I have no idea what I'm doing tonight, and this irritates me more than it used to because I know there are approximately half a dozen things I would like to plan out doing, and I can't, because I have no idea what I'm doing. And the truly sad thing is, none of these are strictly speaking time sensitive. No, two of them are, one being to cut up and cook the chicken that's currently in the fridge with an expiration date of yesterday, but even if I go out tonight I'll have time to do that. The other one being finish recapalyzing Person of Interest 1x01, which at the very least can get done tomorrow, since it's already started. So, really? Nothing to worry about. And here I am feeling grumbly over it. Definitely symptomatic of my need for a good fucking night's sleep.

Also I don't understand how it can be 3-4 degrees warmer than my house, according to the thermostat, at work, and then I feel like it's fucking freezing, whereas at home I'm wandering around in a shirt and sweats and barefoot and feel fine.

Anyway. I suppose most of my mood can be put down to my inability to fucking sleep through the night. And it's time to go home soon, where I can either curl up with a blanket, a boyfriend, a good meal, and my netbook and get some stuff done, possibly with a good TV show, or I can curl up with a blanket and my netbook and do a bit of stuff until later when there will either be Hobbiting or murdering beef with my teeth. Either would be acceptable. One step at a time, Jag. One step at a time. You've got plans in place, you're not a failure nor doomed just because you haven't reached the end of this stretch of woods yet, and it really does get better. I promise. Faith manages, right? Of course right.
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Spirit still willing. Brain only slightly less spoo. Network provides lifesaving help. Particularly when pointing out typos that make sentences into brickbat lingerie. At some point that might get a more direct less semantic translation, but there it is. I really need to figure out how the hell to get a decent night's sleep.

... I also need to stop going off on wild tangents like translating everything in my "wall o' [language]" tags into Spanish or French. Self, that is not the way to either relax (unless it's a for-pleasure free time activity) or knock down your list of things to do, quit it. Besides, Spanish doesn't have a more useful phrase for any of those phrases either. That I know of.

... I also need to stop thinking that just because someone came and corrected several mistakes in my German, that means I fail at German and should go crawl into a hole somewhere. Oi, these aren't brainweasels, these are wargs on the horizon. Thorin, we have wargsign the likes of which even Mahal has never seen.

Anyway. That's done, and per the suggestions of my sister courtesans, putting this here so I don't digress too far off track. Today's tasks are blogwork (specifically the Wesen biology) and line edits on the Brownie Mafia story. If my brain shuts down and I need to be productive (and it's not a warg) I might do coding. If not, knitting and TV watching it is. Tomorrow will be a new pair of tasks to alternate between, and so on. And typing this out, keeping it logged ought to keep me honest and on track for the day. Hopefully. At least tonight is a music night, which should help me reset my brain in between bouts of writing/editing. Still not entirely sure when I became this organized person who could do all this but, hey, whatever. Now it's of to make sub-lists of all the lists of all the projects I'm working on over the year. And hopefully that doesn't trigger a hypergraphic fit because as stressed and tired as I am, that's something to watch out for.

... and balloons. I need long, skinny balloons. Though damned if I know where to get those.
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I'd say that's about 2/3 of the way done. The spirit is willing but the brain is spoo.

I do need to rustle up enough brainpower to do blogwork tonight, though. And, now that I'm coding the final stages of the damn Leviathan, patch a duplication in at least one of the exercises. I've got a bunch more Wesen speculation to write at the very least. And and and. And cleaning, and cooking, and every other goddamn thing. I need to take some time for myself at some point towards the end of the weekend. Hobbiting or reading something. I still need to finish Fort Freak, and by finish I mean start, since I haven't actually started in on the new (third?) wave of Wild Cards books. I actually also ought to write more Wild Cards fanfic, but right now my list of fanfic I ought to either write or finish is so freaking long it's scary. Maybe that's what I'll do someday this week, take a bit of time and just sit down and fucking finish something. And just keep doing that periodically. Augh. Thank god I learned my lesson about posting WIPs with that last one. Oooops.

Hurm. I seem to somehow be managing to stick to schedule. Which is probably a good thing because tonight looks busy. And I know tomorrow night is busy but I can't for the life of me remember what the fuck I intended to do. If anyone sees where my brain went, would they let me go?

Rainy, windy, supposedly we're going to get gusts up to 70 mph tonight. Gusts. Up to 70mph. I'm not sure I believe that, at that force sustained that's a hurricane. A small one, but still. But we're definitely going to get wind and gusts. And wet. I don't like wind, gusts, and wet. At least not right now when there's still crap outside that needs to be dealt with. I am a bad composter, we haven't been turning that barrel at all. Though I'm not sure that's entirely necessary per se. I ought to set up a reminder or something for weekends. Haul butt out and turn the damn composter.

There is way too much to remember in the day to day. Or it feels that way... it's been feeling that way a LOT more lately. Possibly I need more than just the one sitting and knitting night.
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Oh god I'm going to have to keep coming back to translate this, aren't I. God yes.

On the plus side, I did get my author bio finished and coded somewhat quicker than I expected. I'm further along in the world building Leviathan (almost done!) than I thought. Which, for those of you who weren't there the last time I tackled this, is a 52-question year-long (or intended to be) worksheet geared towards building an original or semi-original world for a novel. That's the important part, one of the steps in this stupidly large questionnaire is actually to outline your novel, or novella or whatever. So there's that! This means I should actually be able to get the damn thing up tonight. I hope I hope.

Reading over our recaplyses gives me a happy. The method by which I got sucked back into our blog is wacky and tangential, but now I need to pull my head out of it and get back to work. But reading over our blog still gives me a happy, which means we're probably at least doing something right.

Succeeding at doing coding for the website means I get to feel like an actual author, or at least a person who is doing something serious towards being something she wants to be. Steps are being taken! I do need to sit my dumb ass down and stop fucking around with the site design, though; apart from a color change it's probably just damn fine the way it is, and stop freaking out, self. There is one design thing I want to experiment with, but other than that, chill. And keep writing copy and coding. But, you know, god forbid I actually be competent at site design because then I would be able to code my own site and have to actually, gasp, do something. The only thing I can't do is put up graphics, mostly because I can't pay for graphics and I'm not sure what sites to pull from/what the protocol is.

That's a tomorrow problem, self. Worry about that later. Along with finding that PDF layout creator editor thing so I can put word documents into some pretty format in a pdf. And then worry about ebooks and CreateSpace after that. And. Something. No, my brain is shutting down, time to get back to day job work, i.e. packing things and doing physical labor.
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This is an odd struggle going on in my head, between the structured, planning, CS-working part of me and some small eighteen-twenty year old running around flipping tables and panicking because I haven't gotten anything done and I'm lazy and my life is RUINED I TELL YOU, RUINED. And then CS-working me is going "pipe down, I'm trying to work here." I have no idea what the hell is going on. Apart from, while some people seem to have hamster wheels int heir heads, I seem to have a college freshman. She needs to sit the hell down and shut the hell up, I'm too busy for this.

If I'm very clever, a self-contained blog post will go up today in which I vomit forth speculation on how Wesen biology works. If I'm not, well, it'll be a bit less tidy. I do need to remember to schedule myself more smaller breaks, not unlike more smaller meals, self, and so I don't both burn out quicker and have longer burnout periods wherein I feel like a lazy sot, especially if I'm having a college freshman running around my brainpan. I've got plans in place for almost everything except reviewing Russian, which has sort of more of a gesture than a maneuver right now. And once I have the website tasks reviewed I can move on from there.

... no, self, you are not going back and rewriting that novella, shut the hell up. You have far too much in the way of current writing projects anyway.

Apparently I have replaced the college freshman with ... well, me as a college freshman. You no longer have the time to write 10k words per day (although apparently still the plasticity) so shut the hell up.

Still want to go see the Hobbit again. Still not managing it. Woe.
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Well. That happened.

The upshot of the that is that I really, really, over the course of this year, need to get my Russian up to at least passable fluency. Like, stat. The next week and a half is booked pretty solid, but after that I need to start setting out chunks of time to work on translating from Russian to English and listening from English to Russian, although at least if I'm talking to someone I can ask them to slow down. Assuming I'm not dealing with emergency services. Aheh. Aheheheh.

No, it's nothing I want to talk about just yet, and no, it's not an emergency anything, but it'd be really nice if I could start self-pub at the end of this year. Or even the middle. Middle of this year would be good.

To which end, of course, time to get my ass in gear on the line edits and so on. But dear god I'm exhausted already, and the deathmarch hasn't even begun yet.


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