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I has an Anna! We has a tired. But, let's see, so far we have visited a local restaurant I hadn't been to before that was quite tasty and rather nice, not too echoy inside, very close (walking distance), good prices, and I'm pretty sure they thought we were a cute lesbian couple. The waiter was cute! There were lamb sliders. Dear god they were fucking tasty. And nachos with queso that was also fucking tasty. And in general I approve of that place. And then we had hanging out on the couch and watching TV and eating chocolate bars and snarking at the stupid Poltergeist people. Like you do, because that show is full of silly.

Today the plan seems to be go to work and play it by ear in the evening. The boy has work so there won't be too many plans to do anything extensive, especially since he'll probably spend most of today asleep on account of no sleep yesterday. I have no idea what we were going to do tonight, there were some ideas but I don't remember any of them.

Stuff and things. I've gotten myself addicted to Gates of Camelot, or rather Tanya Huff did. The evil wench. You should all join me and we can form a clan.

Yeah, I got nothing else and I should go do the getting ready for work thing. I has an Anna! This is going to be the bestest, most hilariousest two weeks ever.
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Okay, I have now found a couple storage tumblrs (though if anyone else can rec me one I'd appreciate it) and gotten some good ideas for some DIY projects for Old Hotness, which still needs a name. Most of this along the lines of storage organization, but some of it is also just cool repurposing shit. If anyone has an idea for a thing or a DIY project to store both hook and stud earrings, too, I'd love to hear it. So far all I can think of is an earring tree, but I can't find a really nice DIY pattern and all the storebought ones are kind of bleh. Well, most of them. I also need to figure out how the fuck I'm going to refinish my crafts table. Isn't there some kind of spray-laminate you can use that people use to cover their penny floors/desks/things?

Packing is definitely going to happen this weekend. Packing and getting rid of shit. I need to put my foot down, or at least have a serious talk with the boy, about things like the Hoyle games CD for Win 3.1 or whatever it is that we've had for years that we really, really don't need anymore. Along with a few other things that just need to be tossed. Actually, mostly, we just need to go through that.

This has all resulted, of course, in me bouncing with energy and needing to CRAFT ALL THE THINGS. Which goes right along with yesterday's WRITE ALL THE THINGS in an utterly unproductive way. I actually also suspect that if I'm not careful I'm going to hit mania, possibly upswing bipolar type mania, and hypergraphia all at once from lack of focus and excess of energy and the culmination of months of upheaval and never knowing when it's going to end. So, self, this means you have to be careful. Got it? Good. No new craft projects yet, and if a brilliant idea strikes, write it down. There'll be time. There are no impending crafts deadlines, only writing ones. And those aren't all that impending either. I need to take a breath and just remember to keep notes in a couple places for great consolidation, and then slowly work on projects one at a time. Come on, self. Also, stop trying to schedule shit in the future, you know what's coming up. Nanowrimo. Yuletide. Be reasonable.

(This rarely, if ever, works. But I can at least try to put the brakes on.)

At any rate. I've done German and shipping, and now it's time to get back to filing and other more immediate do it or it'll rise up and drown you type tasks. Because... well. Sometimes I really do need to put the brakes on my brain and stop trying to do everything at once, and breathe. This is definitely one of those times. I also kind of wish my guitar weren't packed, that's awfully settling. But maybe knitting will help, too.
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I feel like I should have something constructive, productive, or incendiary to say about the Occupy protests. And the fact that the police seem to have turned on them, are no longer treating the protesters with politeness. That veterans are being dragged off for peaceful protests, that the media refuses to cover it in a way that favors anything but the status quo, that the Republican/Conservative/Corporate opposition (because it's a little of each) is becoming more strident and more hysterical in their opposition to the Occupy protests with every passing day. I feel like I should be turning myself into some kind of firebrand, but I don't have the energy. I don't have the hope. I don't have the illusion that the kinds of equalities that happen in other countries can't happen here because This Is America, Goddammit. Yes, it can happen. Yes, the police can be and has been bought, before if not now. No, it's not probable that people will be black bagged but yes, it can happen here. And has happened.

Yes, there can be tremendous inequality in this country, and there is. Yes, people can have no clean water (and there are plans to deny people clean water in Alabama), no adequate health care (Mississippi), education with outdated materials and inadequate facilities that would be featured in any brochure about Haiti or some African countries or so on (California, Texas, all over the damn place). Yes, we can have so-called third-world problems here because here in America, in the so-called first world, we have increasingly large pockets of third-world lifestyles. People with not enough food, clean water, health care, protection from the elements, people simply with not enough. Yes, we can be and are being fucked over by the establishment. This is America. We have Establishment here too, and there is class warfare going on. It's Scorched Earth warfare, and the rich are winning. So no, I don't have any hope to deal with politics or protests or carry a banner or wave a flag. Maybe I should, but I don't. I did that six months ago with the Wisconsin bullshit, and only a handful of people gave a damn then.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the shit that's going on and I'm tired of going out of my way to fight it. Maybe at some point I'll find my giveadamn again.

I'm knitting a Jayne hat? I installed my Blu-Ray internal drive all by myself. I've gotten to the new episodes of Haven, or, well, not the new ones, but the ones I haven't seen yet. I managed to make a decent cream of tomato soup. I'm eating healthy, not too much candy, lots of exercise. I'm slowly getting faster on the guitar, working on chords and fingering. Things aren't all bad even on a macro scale, I'm just having a hard time seeing the general good right now, so I'm going to see the personal good, if you don't mind. I'm getting my Big Bang written. I'm doing my job. I'm learning languages! It's not all bad.
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Dear Self: Remember the goal? The goal wasn't to lose weight, it was to get in shape to kick all the ass. That's still the goal. And you need to do the work to get to the goal. It's not that complicated, and you know you can do it. You went from maybe 10 push-ups to 32. And eventually you'll get to 50. You went from barely being able to do 10 pike90s to pushing 40. You can see the muscles shaping up, feel it every time you go running. But you need to do the work. So let's do it.

Yeah, now I know my workout is working me again, because I have a ridiculous amount of sweaty. I also had a peculiar revelation not long ago regarding my body, my sense of beauty, and Christian Kane. See, apparently Christian Kane and I share a kind of physical makeup whereby we can pass for white (him more than me owing to less NA blood) (see: Lindsey from "Angel") but it doesn't entirely look good. But if you stick a good durable weathered tan on him? (see: Eliot from "Leverage") He becomes pantsmeltingly hot. My mantra through watching the first season of Leverage was "I don't remember Christian Kane being that hot." The long hair and a few more years on him, making him leaner and meaner, helps. But apparently, so does getting out in the goddamn sun, which I don't do enough of. And I can tell it's a real tan because on the few occasions that he's in less than a t-shirt, I can see the fishbelly white of his upper arms. This led to a revelation of, oh! I'd probably find myself liking the look of my skin a lot more if I got out there and got a little more tan as nature intended.

You'd think this wouldn't be something you'd need to tell a half-Mexican-Indian. You'd think. But you'd be wrong. Actually, I've told myself this a lot, I'd feel better about how I look if I just tanned like I'm supposed to be. But that's the first time I've ever actually seen it in action.

And no, this isn't a referendum on how people are supposed to look or anything like that. This is me going, hey, I like the way this looks, oh, stupid, I should do that. Duh.

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The bizarre and confusing ways in which my body sheds fat, gains muscle, and generally changes its shape never cease to amaze me. By way of a fer instance, nothing between about my clavicle and my hips wants to change shape. Ever. It is STUCK THAT WAY. Likewise nothing from about an inch below my shoulder joint to an inch or so above my elbow wants to change shape significantly, although I know I'm building muscles because I can do more push-ups. I can do more crunches, I can lift more, I can do X pose for a longer amount of time, etc. And I can see my thighs slimming somewhat, I look in the mirror and I can see things happening to my neck and shoulders, and it's just overall weird. Bodies, I swear, how do they work.

Well, and on the other hand it's only been about a week and a half since I picked up my normal exercise and food routine again, and the first few days of that are always shaky, so continued improvement probably won't start happening again for a bit. But it still confuses me. That's not even getting into the weird shit that happens every month, ladies, you know what I mean.

Right. Everyone, this is possibly the most terrifying Criminal Minds anything anyone has ever come up with. Made by the cast. All of whom have far too much time on their hands.

Someone claimed my OFBB! Yay! Now I just have to get off my lazy ass and polish it up and finish it. Because damn. It needs polishing. It's a good story, but goddamn the parts of it need polishing so bad it's not even funny. Still amused that it's kind of an alien invasion post-apoc story, though. Especially from the point of view of the fae. I wonder if anyone's ever actually done that before. I'm almost certain someone has to have, but damned if I can think of where or who.

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I have no idea what the hell happened this morning. I woke up, reset my alarm, poked a couple things and went back to bed. Instead I slept not only another half hour, but another hour on top of that. Thank god for demanding, hungry cats or I would have slept through all my workout.

(Yes, I'm one of those weird people who must be up three hours early so she can exercise and study a foreign language. What? It's fun. Stop looking at me like that.)

Um um. Slowly bashing down stuff on my list of things to do, go me! Most of the urgent stuff is done, now it's just down to extra stuff that isn't strictly necessary but that I want to get done. Well, the getting laundry money is kind of necessary. But other than that! Not so bad, really. And it's Thursday, so the week's almost over and I can have a bit of a rest, and. And things and stuff. Plotting Nano is going pretty damn well, as much as I can plot something about a world I created where I don't even know half of what's going on. But I have more of an idea of what's going on now than I did the first few stories I wrote in it, which pleases me better. And it hasn't lost any of its appeal or its shape! (For reference: Black Ice.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I just have to say this, guys, Ted Nugent makes you gay. (Warning: That link contains vitriolic homophobia, whether or not it's satire. The language is definitely homophobic.) And that said, Ted Nugent makes you gay. Ted. Nugent. Kansas is a gay-teway band, too. So are Nickelback, Eminem, the Grateful Dead, and Ghostface Killah. I'd be more outraged if I wasn't laughing so hard. Oh, and Toby Keith. Apparently listening to Toby Keith will make you gay. However, listening to Cyndi Lauper, apparently, will keep you straight.

This is my new favorite icon. Because he did. It is mine and you cannot have it until Mark Sheppard has a conversation with you at a con, fails to come up with a suitable answer, and calls you a troublemaker for it. Because he did. And it was awesome.

So, yeah, this is an uberlanguages post because I was out late last night, up lateish this morning, and kableh, everything all piled up on itself. And I have a million and one things I need to do, first among them to sign up for the Music Theory course online and get the Quidam tickets if they're still there. Actually, first I need to sit down tonight and make a list of all the shit I need to do over the next couple of weeks. Catch up on tags, although I got a fair bit of that done already. Bleh. And get quarters for laundry tomorrow. Clean clothes would be nice.

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A new day! Will I today have internet at work? Well, wireless. We shall see!

God, that's a pile of rules. Yes, I'm still doing Russian. Two days a week, possibly reducing it to weekend review if I can make that stick. But, two days a week until I finish this chapter. And then going back and reviewing.

I've gotten ever so slightly addicted to Night Circus. I blame a certain person who knows who she is. If you're interested, um. Let me know and I'll send you an invite? It's pretty simple to play, kind of ... fluffy gothy ... something. And yet eerily entertaining and addictive. I still don't have wireless at work, so there's only so much I can do during the day, but I will probably be very distracted by it tonight.

That said, though, the still not having wireless at work is incredibly irritating. And would be more so if I didn't have docs to work on on my netbook, but at least there's that. Still irritating because this computer is ten, fifteen years old, slow as an arthritic turtle, and as crazy as it's been the past couple of days I have the sneaking suspicion work's going to give me at least one slow day this week. Which means I should get cracking on my Big Bangs, really. Worked some on my Horror Big Bang last night, but I still have no real idea where it's going and I fell asleep early anyway. I'd really like to know if this exhausted thing is going to keep up or go away.

And all my muscles ache. All of them. Okay, mostly my arms and legs, but it's the good, I did a lot of exercise ache. Just have to keep moving so I don't stiffen up. Oogh sleepy. Looking forward to a lot of sleep this weekend.
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Oogh. Tired. Don't want to write. Or do tags. Or much of anything. I don't know if I'm still catching up on sleep or something, but. Bed on time tonight, at least.

We're poking convention hotels to see what shakes out. Already. Because it's Dragon*Con and, yeah, you kind of have to get these things early if you want a convention hotel. And I've discovered we like the convenience of having a convention hotel and not really having to go outside if we don't want to, just navigate the Atlanta hotel habitrails. (No, seriously, three of the hotels are connected by a series of habitrails, and connected to a couple buildings as well.) On the other hand, hey, if we have to walk a block or two, next year it's sensible shoes all the way, goddammit. Oof. Too tired to think about that right now, especially since I just tried to say something to the boy and it came out "og-bah-kuh..." Yeah.

On the plus side, I did look at my deadlines and stuff and realized I actually had about two more weeks than I thought I did to get one project done. Aheh. Oops. I think... mm. Right now I think writing some, and then poking my writing schedule to see how I can make this shake out properly.
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The F-chord has taken up the C-chord's position as my nemesis. Damn you, F-chord. Damn you to eternal Barry Manilow. Or, worse, badly written and super-saccharine young children's music.

Apparently tonight is the night of ALL THE PROTEIN for dinner. Homemade lassi, peanut butter sandwiches. I'm going to turn into a sack of protein, not that I'm not already, being a living mammal, but you know what I mean. I actually meant to get more vitamins into my diet with drinking the lassi tonight, but I think the protein beat them into submission and sent them crying home to their mommas.

Right. Time to get to writing work. And editing work, but mostly writing. I have ... actually, a lot of random things to do, and just about everything else except gathering some ammunition paperwork and making my lunch for tomorrow is done.
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Note to self: Yes, you will need to grind the vocab by the time you're done with the book; you're about hitting the instant saturation ceiling or whatever you're going to call it.

So, apparently Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the running to play a "suave Jewish-American man who builds [a] hotel and makes unusual friends and powerful enemies along the way." Apart from the fact that the article writer felt the need to specify Jewish-American, which makes me think there's going to be some frightening anvils with Stars of David on them, I'm trying to picture JDM in a yarmulke or speaking any kind of Hebrew. It comes out sounding a little like possessed!John Winchester speaking Hebrew. This disturbs me.

So it goes. I watched the series finale of Babylon 5 the other night, which, predictably, left me bawling. I don't know if it's the actors or the writing or just the story overall, that ending always leaves me in tears. And wanting to watch it again, which is never the best idea. Instead I think I will watch Castle and see if the kiss actually happens.

Big Bangs are gearing up. I need to finish taking my notes on that. I need to get my dumb ass in gear and start pounding through Long Road, ugh. Speaking of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I need to do a lot of things, starting with writing and editing work. Fortunately, I seem to have figured out a writing schedule routine that works better for me when I'm doing editing work, so. I think I'll get to doing that, and stop blathering at you all. While I still have brain cells left. And chinese food. Mmm.
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I'm drinking tea with lemon in it. I haven't had tea with lemon in for... years. Either I'm really displeasingly sick or I'm maturing, and I don't want to place bets on which. I got to go out of the house today, but about an hour into work I discovered that my so-called morning sniffles weren't going to go away. Now my body is generating enough mucus to press down on my jaw or teeth and make them hurt. Ow.

Also, I have no Human Target. I have instead a travesty of a show ... that apparently is airing so a Presidential Address can happen at 8.30. That would have been a lovely thing to put up on your website, Fox. Rabid fandom is displeased.

Urf. I'm going to bundle up and go incoherent till Human Target now. I do not feel well at all.
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No, Jag, you're doing Japanese, not Russian. Remember that.

So, apparently tonight I made the tastiest omg comfort food ever. It is tasty, it is creamy, it is cheesy, it is terrific. It also may be somewhat Ameri-centric, as it involves a kind of cheese called Laughing Cow, which is a creamy swiss cheese. Probably you could substitute any kind of creamy cheese with garlic/onion/chive flavor that you like and melts well. I don't know if Laughing Cow is available in your country of choice, though.

2-4 Boneless skinless chicken breast halves
12 oz pkg farfalle (bow tie) pasta
16 oz chicken broth OR 2 cups water+2 cups chicken boullion
1-2 cups broccoli florets
1 medium red pepper, thinly sliced
salt and pepper to taste
1 tub each (8.75 oz) Laughing Cow garlic and herbs and Laughing Cow french onion cheese (recipe originally suggests 2 8oz containers chive and onion cream cheese + garlic. I cheated)

Place chicken into saucepan and add water to cover. Boil 20 minutes. Allow to cool, then pull meat into shreds.

Cook pasta.

In a large skillet over medium high heat (or an actual shallow pot, if you want not to worry about slopping it over the sides) combine broth, red pepper, broccoli, salt, and cheese. Stir until smooth. Mix in chicken and pasta. Makes lots. Vary your vegetables as needed to accommodate allergies, triggers, etc.

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My hands look like a circus clown puked on them. That's what my aunt has now told me this scattered, multicolored look is, clown puke. It amuses me particularly because of the "technicolor yawn" euphemism for vomiting. (Look, I remembered the e!) Oh my god, my hands are wrinkly and covered in dye.

I also have nine shirts tie-dyed and marked with the amounts of dye and urea I used for each, and I did not tie-dye the entire kitchen, so I consider it a win. Also, note to self: 1/2 hour soda soaks are all well and good, but for god's sake WRING YOUR SHIRTS OUT BETTER WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OUT, WOMAN. That's half your mess problem there, wring the damn things out or you will slop dye all over the place. I need to print up a copy of the tie-dye riff and scrawl notes all over it. So far it looks like more dye = darker color, more urea = deeper color, but I'm not sure yet. Need half a cup more urea to check. And to boil the fuck out of the shirts.

Oof. Time to brush teeth and crash hard. Japanese corrections and catching up on the writing I meant to do tonight until tie-dye ran late... all happens tomorrow.

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Well, that fit of energy lasted until I got in to work. Fortunately I was able to slowly do all the things I needed to do. Languages got done, lunch got eaten, hopefully that will energize me some between the carbs for longer energy and the chocolate for the immediate burst. At least it's not that busy right now, here in back. Either that or I need to stand and stare at my spinning wheel till the excitement ramps up enough that I can do things that aren't nodding off at my desk.

Like sit out front! Sure.

Hrrm. Yarn might not be dyed today, I did forget that there aren't that many of us while the Witch Queen and the Dye Giant are off on holiday, and the Lurking Bandit is at the farm minding things. On the other hand, it's really flippin' dead. On the other other hand, that doesn't mean it won't go nuts soon. Maybe there will be spinning for now, in the lull, and writing my fingers off after shipping goes. And then dyeing things either at home over the weekend or whenever I get a chance next week. Hm! Decisions. That seems like the best plan, really.

Yeah, I have no brain to do anything right now. I think I'll see if I can find more work-work to do, and then bring my wheel out front and sit and be a tourist attraction. For all the tourists that aren't here now that school's started.

I have a wheel! Eeee!
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Well, I tried that protein powder today. Wasn't bad in milk. I may actually keep up eating that crap, although only at half doses to start with until I know it won't have any adverse effect. At least, no measurable one.

Still pretty damn efficient at the early morning stuff, need to tighten up the thingie once I get back. Probably just by making a list of exercises. And... something. I keep saying that, and it keeps not working. Maybe by making a list of exercises and taping them to my screen, that might work. I swear I need to kick my ass about stretches.

I'm a little too entertained by Fish Tycoon. I haven't quite yet figured out how to keep everything from dying, but still way too entertained. I might start all over again, yet again, because I think some of the reasons my fish keep dying is because they got too inbred. Live and learn. So, clearly the solution is to get fish, get the air bubbly thing, and then get more fish. And keep growing them up so I can make more money. Ye-es. Definitely too entertained.

This weekend, I kicked so much ass with writing. Today and tomorrow, I finish up the Holmes Big Bang and get the rest of Martine drafted and then... something. Something something. Kink Bingo, and I have two other Big Bangs that need to be even started before I go completely batshit fucking insane. Yes. More so than I have already. I heard that. Shaddup.

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German! The German I didn't get done last night, oops.

Deutsch )

The nice thing about this is that I apparently retain enough German that most of that I can just read through without stopping to translate in my head. Still, I'll type up the translation Sunday night.

In less shiny news, apparently the pest spraying guys came into the apartment, looked around the kitchen we had so painstakingly taken apart and put all the food stuff away from where they said they would be spraying, asked us if we had any bugs or had seen any bugs... and when we said no, they didn't spray. ARGH. If the roaches all flee to our apartment after they're sprayed in other places I will hurt something. We're laying down boric acid now that we've got everything out, anyway, so there's that at least. Stupid fucking ... someone. Either the apartment complex or the company man.

Anyway. Japanese, I guess, to come later tonight so I don't spam you all with my language lessons. Ahem.
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Oogh. The rest of the German is going to have to wait. Well, the next two time telling exercises are all dialogue's I'm supposed to listen to, so that's right out. I might do something else to go over time telling, just because it's good to spend more time on things, I think, considering how I was floundering last time.

The boy ordered pizza for dinner, which meant a less than healthy dinner (although I only had two slices, which was good) and an even less than healthy than that dessert of B&J's afterwards, since I was feeling indulgent. Note to self: pizza tends to make me feel indulgent. Would be a good time to quit while I'm ahead. But I doubt I did anything too terrible, considering how much I've been schlepping around this week and how much I've been watching what I eat. That said, it also means I have no leftovers for bento, which I think will mean cooking some stir-fried veggies tomorrow morning. Only veggies, too. Veggies and rice. I'm not sure what I'll do that way; it'll be a fun experiment!

I've gotten some clarifications on the Novel Big Bang stuff, which is nice. And it is pretty much what I hoped. 85% means what we consider to be 85%, which I can do. (Trying to make up 85% of my final word count would be a stone bitch.) And our projected word count only has to be a number ending in 000 or 500, which is good. A rough estimate. I'm debating whether to shoot for 90k which is about a mystery paperback or aim for 120k, which is closer to a fantasy paperback. Decisions. Decisions not to be made this late at night while I'm this tired.

I think I've also decided (a little early, but still) to do only one Nano this year and spend the rest of the time editing all my damn projects. Oi. So much crap I have yet to finish. So little time. Or brain.
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Bento, Day 1. Rang bell, cat fucked off... )

Bento, Day 2. Rang bell, cat ate my food. )

I'm discovering the really awesome thing about bento is that I can eat my main meal and my fruit and my dessert, and feel full. I used to, when I brought leftovers in, eat a lot more than that, but now I can pretty much just eat that and even on a fucking insane day of work, I didn't snack. I didn't run to the candy basket. I didn't nick pieces of challah or find out what tasty cookie the Lurking Bandit brought in from home today. I just drank a litre and a half of water and kept going. And then I had merienda.

(Merienda, for those of you who don't remember or in case I didn't explain before, is a Spanish word roughly meaning afternoon snack. It's like the kind of snack you give kindergarteners. I don't think there actually is a specific equivalent word in English like breakfast, lunch, etc, unless you count tea, but that's what it is.)

I do need to start putting something in there for second breakfast, some sort of fruit or something. That's how I've been eating for a while, ideally five meals a day, cereal or toast or something small first thing in the morning, second breakfast I can carry around with me when I get to work while I see what's what. Lunch, merienda, and then the biggest (relatively speaking) meal of the day is dinner. It'd be awesome if I can do all three of the at-work meals in my bento, but we'll see!

Also, this is my chip-case. Because I AM FROM THE FUTURE )

Why yes. I am easily and cheaply amused. Why do you ask.
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1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

Stuff )

Deutsch )

Oogh. Okay, so, I didn't get the fic finished. But I got most of it finished. There's some descriptive polishing that could get done, which could also get done in the other fic. But right now, sketching one last scene and then bed.

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