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A collection of salad recipes, mostly using Trader Joe's dressings for now, in no particular order.

(Mostly because I've discovered salads and a roll/bread/bagel type thing are a good way for me not to feel hungry throughout the day and also stuff the fridge with ingredients at the beginning of the week and then not eat crappy lunches the rest of the week. I just don't want to get tired of them.)

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Right. Got down to page 36 and a bit over because the last paragraph was long, and it's... coming easier? После is the word of the day, as it was repeated three or four times at least just in that one page, and for my future reference it means after or later on. There was also some repetition of "tailor" and "barber" or "hairdresser" but I'm not sure I'd be able to pull those words out of my brainpan if asked. Recognize them, probably, remember them readily, not so much. Still, progress.

Also Woot is trying to kill me, or at least to kill my wallet. Do really want a lot, the white and the ... what, purple? Should not spend money on. Do want, though. At least, it being Woot, I only have to resist till the end of the day. Add it to the list of nail polish and other things I'm resisting buying.

Things and stuff. What else is going on.

I need to buy a dress. I need to be Zoe Washburne and look for a dress with some slink. I want to be Kaylee instead and COVERALLS FOREVER, but I'm going to Portland, chances are I'm going to go to some restaurant or another that will be formalish, I'm going to want a dress with some slink. I can't even begin to explain to you how awkward I feel in formalwear. I've worn it so little in my life that when I put it on I feel clumsy, awkward, and two sizes bigger than I am. HALP. It's not even, I think, that shopping for the dress it the problem, it's not feeling awkward. Maybe I should pretend I'm cosplaying Inara. I do have one slinky black dress, but that's about it. I'm also debating seeing if I can fit into and then taking my leather pants, because leather pants.

Yeah, I'm much more ... I don't know. I'm not Inara. Maybe I can compromise by finding a nice pair of slacks instead. Anna's glaring at me now, isn't she.

Did call Mom last night. Need to confirm days off with boy and then book plane tickets for DC, because ... because. Because life goes on until it stops, but right now it's still going on for my grandpa, I guess? She says he seems happier and livelier, which might be a result of I don't actually think that man's lived alone for any long stretch of time in ever, and maybe he was lonely and is glad to be living with family again? Hell if I know. But with luck that means we can see him in February.

Still haven't pulled out time to edit, probably won't till the end of the day, but that's okay. I did my Russian. Still roughly proceeding on schedule. I do not need to be jittery, or nervous, or anything else. I'm doing fine. Really.
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Started midway down page 15, made it all the way to page 16! And I think I figured out how to say I call shenanigans in Russian (обозвать фиглярство?). Maybe. Either that or I smashed two words together and called it macaroni. The second word seems a more likely translation than the first.

А потом до меня дошло is apparently "and then it hit me", too, which is something I'm going to think of/use a lot. Note to self.

Ahem. So, I did buy some fabric for blazers today and now REALLY DONE SPENDING MONEY GODDAMMIT. I just need to start leaving my wallet at home. In a lock-box. No, I think apart from needing to keep an eye on my ordering out I'm done, but. Rrrgh. Which means I need to stay away from those daily t-shirt sites or at least exercise better willpower, and not order out. I can do that.

Breathing is still an issue, albeit not so much of one that I'm constantly sucking on the albuterol; I've only used my inhaler once in the morning and this makes twice. I can't tell if this is due to the increased cardio this morning or the cold weather or the cold, or some combination of all three. Starting, I guess, with maybe taking cold meds tonight so that I sleep better and doing five minutes or so less cardio tomorrow morning. Which is about one song. Hopefully that will mean easier breathing. On the plus side, whatever I pulled on my left back shoulder muscle seems to have unpulled itself with stretches this morning! I am very pleased with that because that was also making breathing an issue, more in the sense that I couldn't always get in a good position to breathe without it hurting.

I'm broken. Send help. Or robot parts.

I have plans for this evening. They involve cutting out shirts and watching TV and doing very little else of consequence. Okay, cutting up and freezing the rest of the chicken. And maybe putting stuff away in the craft room. I really don't know how to take a break, do I? Okay, I have plans for the evening that involve spending a good chunk of the evening sitting on the floor with a netbook, a pile of fabric, and some scissors and taking my sweet time about things, how's that? Still need to clear out some costume project boxes, though, so I have space for my personal projects. Woe. Bleh.

German is not yet read, so if anyone wants to smack me in three and a half hours to do it that would be acceptable. has been read. Smackings no longer required! I'm slowly getting better about remembering on my own, too! Woo!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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This whole weight loss thing is very weird. I've hit one of those points where I'm rapidly losing weight (for a given value of rapidly that is less "four pounds in a week" and more "up a bit down a bit but overall in a month the average will probably be 2-4 pounds less at the end of the month than at the start") and will continue to do so for a while, then settle out to a new average again and stay there for six months. I'm not complaining? I don't mind that at all, particularly since it doesn't require drastic diet changes or even too drastic exercise changes on my part, I still exercise the same time I used to every morning and I don't eat significantly less or radically different foods or anything. It's just. Weird. Very weird.

Whatev. Bodies themselves are weird. My doctor should be happy when I finally go to my physical, though. Assuming the past year of measurements is real and the scale hasn't been fooling me all this time. Because scales, no matter what you weigh, are fucking evil bastards.

Good god what the shit happened to our blog over the weekend. We got linked off the semi-official Haven facebook page, semi-official in that it's more in-character official than SyFy official, but either way, we got linked. And got around 6x the normal hit count for our day. I don't what even dear lord that was. Something. We've also been getting more attention than usual from at least one of the writers and it's all snowballing again. Freaky shit.

I am running faster than usual in the brainpan, somehow, today, so hopefully this will result in me getting an outline for a short story for an anthology, the Teagues' profile updated, and Nerd Girls worked on. I already put paranthetical refs into the timeline page! Because I am a fucking ninja of productivity today. I don't want to know what happens when I crash, but hopefully it'll be bedtime when I do.
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That was somehow not the weekend I meant to have, though it was good enough. I got the peppers transplanted, if by transplanted we mean pulled up, filled in with fertilizer, and put back in again. And I have tiny little pepperlets! Hopefully they will grow bigger and stronger now that they're in proper soil. The tomatoes seem to be heading that way.

And then I spent most of the rest of Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday working on my Huntress costume, which was way more than I expected. I did get almost all of the cloak done, though, except for the hem because the whole damn thing turned out to be longer than I thought. Admittedly most of that was the cowl area, making the tall collar and then lining everything in the white stripe, and getting all that aliganed took forever and a data figure. And now I'm just down to sewing the white stripe down my unitard. And possibly the extra rectangle bits. So that's that costume done. Then most of the rest of the costume bits, I think, will go away until after Swannanoa. Either that or most of the costuming crap will go away and the rest will progress very, very slowly. The boy still hasn't told me what he wants for a costume for Dragon*Con, which I think means he's going costumeless.

And! AND. I seem to have mislaid another half-pound somewhere, which is nice. It puts me down to, hopefully, losing only another 6 pounds before Dragon*Con and continuing to work on tone and muscle and so on, and that should be easy peasy. That's something like losing a pound every ten days. Extremely doable. I love this, I love this whole fitness thing. And losing weight. And toning up to look damn good in my various spandex. Mostly the toning up helping to look good in my spandex, but the losing the thicker-than-I'd-like layer of fat from around the muscle is useful too. WHEE.

And in the meantime I murder the boyfiend because waking me up every two hours last night was just fucking annoying. I do not have a concussion, I do not need to be woken up every two hours, LET ME FUCKING SLEEP. Dear god. The next night he's off and I'm working the next day I'm closing both the bedroom doors and he can crash on the couch or the spare bed or something, fuckoff and let me sleep. Ugh. Monday. I did not want to approach Monday from a lack of sleep perspective. Le sigh.
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I think at this point the Russian comes with general trigger warnings )

Yes, today's Russian is relevant to life. No, I don't want to talk about it. There's not much to tell anyway, but. Nngh.

On the plus side, the Gods and Monsters is chugging right along. Not that, given this section, I had much doubt that it would once I sat down and wrote it, but it's nice to have that confirmation? On the minus side work also turns out to be busy today so who knows when I'll have time to sit and let it chug. Blargh. Maybe dinner will happen/get made quickly tonight and then I can sit down and chunk some out for a bit. I did finish my next Haven episode last night, which is three weeks ahead. At the rate we're working, things might happen that I can't talk about because wrath, high atop, etc.

The more this Snowden shit goes on, the more I want to see proof of life presence in whatever country claims to have him at the moment. Why no, I don't believe that Russia has him or in any way can control whether or not he's extradited on account of they probably don't know where the fuck he is either. I was severely skeptical when it was announced, apparently from him, that he would be on a plane to Moscow. But it turns out he was never on that plane, and now he's in the wind. And the more power to him. I can't say I'm surprised at the extent of the government surveillance, and in some cases I'm not even sure I can argue that it's illegal, depending. But some fucking transparency, please. And/or organization. A lot of the people I know already expect they're being spied upon anyway, but... sigh. Fucksake, everyone. Also, casting that wide of a surveillance net? Means fucking nothing unless you have the personnel with the skills to process it all. Which I bet they don't.

ANYway. On other lines that won't get me black bagged or something. Um. I seem to be having one of those days where I like how I look in the mirror (apart from my apparent inability to do eye makeup. Again. Oops.), I'm discovering I can eat a dinner of pasta and two sizable scoops of grasshopper oreo ice cream and not freak out on the daily weighing the next morning. Obviously, things would be different if I were eating two large scoops of ice cream every night, but somewhere along the line there's been a happy confluence of I'm exercising enough that I've built up enough muscle to handle a greater food intake than I would be able to otherwise (say, if I really were trying to get down to 130 pounds or 110 pounds or whatever I'm supposed to be at at five-foot-nothing), I've gotten into the kind of food habits where the slips I make (big bowl of ice cream, brownie a la mode, pot of fondue all to myself) are minor and have minor effects and are few and far between, and perhaps most importantly, the number on the scale is a source of information, not overwhelming fear and dread and self-hatred. I've been hovering around 12 pounds lighter than I was at the start of the secular year, by now, and I've gotten to the point where if I take three weeks off I can still do 25 push-ups when I get back to real exercising. This is awesome.

And, you know, on the minus side I spent the better part of last week aching from some part of my body. Usually my upper arms, thighs, or core. I couldn't cough or sneeze or hiccup without it hurting in my abs somewhere. Then I took a weekend, that went away, and after increasing my plank time this morning I wonder if I'm in for more of that. Sigh. The things I do to look good in my costumes. (NB: This is not, of course, the only reason. It may be the catalysing reason, but it is far from the only one.) (Being like the superheroes I dress up as, now, that's a bigger reason.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Русский язык )

Yeah, that was just corrections, and I'm going to indulge for a moment in pretending I never decided to learn Russian and this never happened. Some days I am very eloquent not only in my native language, but also several others! Some days I wonder why I get out of bed in the morning or how I get dressed and out of the house without hurting myself.

And then, you know? I've learned a lot of things about feeling this way. I've learned how to pick myself up and go "Okay, fucker, you are not going to beat me, this is a skill I can learn, now let's go again." I've learned that it's okay to freak out and drop your head and cry for a bit over making mistakes. I've learned that doing so doesn't mean you're somehow then disqualified from picking yourself back up a few minutes later and going "All right, fucker..." I've learned that, for me, it works best if I do it in that order. Life is hard. Shit's hard. There are a lot of mistakes out there to make. I have no idea where I learned how to make mistakes, but I'm pleased and proud of it.

Still need to do more reading in Russian, though. And now that I think about it, I wonder what will happen when I go back to the Watch books now. Preferably with a dictionary.

Back to order of operations. I have no idea when the hell it got so late in the day. Finishing up emails here, then doing ... something. Gods and Monsters seems to have stalled out for the moment, so probably Blood in the Gutters till I go home. Then heating up the pizza and doing a fuckton of Person of Interest till my brain dribbles out of my ears. Also watering plants and such. Later tonight there might be more either Gods and Monsters or White Lightning, but I'm not counting on it, I have all of tonight allocated to PoI.

And as far as the lipstick question, a lovely friend of mine has linked me to this instruction set on how to make your own lip colors with crayons and natural ingredients. And since most of those ingredients (apart from shea butter, which I have since gotten because also good for me) I already regularly get, as soon as I get some lipstick containers and a braintwin I am so fucking trying this. There will be kitchen courtesan alchemy. FEAR US. I haven't necessarily yet solved the problem of the tank tops that don't make me look pregnant, don't come in hideous skinned-a-couch patterns, and aren't see-through or racerback, but I'm working on it. I have some potential solutions on their way.

Okay, yes, on that balance, it's not a bad day, fucking up at Russian aside. I will attempt to unfuck it more tomorrow! Or not fuck up again tomorrow. Or something.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Gaeilge )

Today's dance exercises were about as inefficient as one can get, ugh. Not entirely sure why, either. Tomorrow may be better. Should be better.

And the boy did pick up longer screws, so now we have the frames for raised beds. We just need to turn up the soil so that some of the mulch mixes in and then we can transplant maybe tomorrow or Friday! Which will be good because it's definitely time and almost past time to be planting. Well, except the peppers and cukes. And food from the ground! There will be food from the ground and it will be awesome.

At least there had better be food from the ground by the time Anna gets here or I will scold my garden most vociferously.

Anyway, the amaryllis bloomed. It popped out a huge freaking bloom and I need to take pictures of it because amaryllis! So beautiful. And it's in the 60s and 70s already and, okay, I could do without it pushing 80, but I am all about temperatures in the rest of that range. 'tis spring 'tis spring!

Which I will totally blame for my new habits and practices because otherwise I don't even. Well, no, I kind of do. And it started when I decided to change jeans and t-shirts for jeans (because my work isn't exactly the most decorous, and I like jeans, dammit) and blouses, nicer shirts, more fitted and pretty and decorated shirts. I doubt I'll ever be the traditional feminine, but my style seems to be a sort of faerie rock star type style, so I started swapping out generic-shaped t-shirts for that. And now we appear to have gone from nicer shirts to makeup. I've started putting on makeup, first lipstick in the morning, and then foundation powder. Since I'm not interested in much in the way of face makeup it's a light coating of that mineral powder shit and then done. And I do enjoy painting my nails, I like painting them funny colors. But now I've branched out into wanting to do eyeshadow, and I don't even with that. Apparently my ... something. Draws the line at eyeshadow. I have two voices right now, one of them all "IF YOU START WEARING EYESHADOW YOU FORFEIT ALL YOUR REBELLIOUS TOMBOY CRED," as though the nailpolish and foundation powder and lipstick weren't enough. And the other voice says "Look, you like colors, you like being funky colors, you want to be a rock star like Heart and P!nk and you want to be like Lori Petty and what's wrong with that? As long as it's something you want to do and feel like yourself while doing, what's wrong?" I like that voice a lot better. It's a more sensible voice.

So, that's happening, and I blame spring. And regardless of what the first voice says, I am wearing bright red nail polish (I forget the actual name), and black leather bracelets, and my "Yarrrrn!" shirt, and soft naturalish pink lipstick with gloss, and natural-looking base, and fuck anyone who says anything against it. This is how I want to be. And it's a beautiful day.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Reasons I love the boy, in no particular order: he brought home donuts. His response to CNN's response of "oh the promising career of these young athletes cut short by their sentencing" is a very unsympathetic "tough shit." This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but these amused me and came to mind today.

Today's statement of intent before I get any more sidetracked: One scene in TT to patch up that second gap, line edits on at least the first story for LSQ, and Russian/German at lunch. This time Russian at lunch and German after UPS because I really, really need to get back on my Russian practice because reasons. Also because Kiki will kick my ass if I don't, and deservedly so. Blogwork only in the evening, and thankfully I don't have to worry about dinner since the boy has voted for finishing the pizza I made yesterday, so that's just heating it up in the oven or microwave. Which is good because I'm fairly behind where I wanted to be on Murderboarding blogwork. Ugh.

Definitely need to check in this Wednesday, and address an issue preferably today that popped up to my attention over the weekend that knocked me for a loop for at least a day. Which, I think I've got some ideas on how to address it? But, argh.

It's gotten back to cooler temperatures here, which is a bit cranky making, but goddamn it was nice yesterday. And 5-10 degrees over what it was predicted to be, so if it stays like that, that shouldn't be too bad. I am, however, now chilly and a bit sleepy due to the greyness of the day and another minor thing throwing me for a loop shortly before I went to bed last night, resulting in less sleep than I would have liked. Ugh. Today, this week, even, had better be less up and down than last one. At least in terms of the unknown unknowns, and even some of the known unknowns. Right now I have a set of known unknows pertaining to Murderboarding that are driving me a bit batshit. Argh.

... I just realized nearly every paragraph on this entry ends in Ugh or argh. That's the kind of week I had last week. Not even bad in all aspects. Just. Argh. This week had better shape the hell up while it still has all its extremities.
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Gaeilge )

Today had better be more with the ability to focus on projects and less with the brain no worky and skittering around all over the place, that's all I'm saying. At least I got a few things coded for the website, but oi.

Still slowly getting things picked up! Slowly but surely. And two of my broccoli plants have bolted because I was too ignorant to know that you're supposed to pick it before it goes all spread-tipped like that. Well, now I know! I really need a book or something that tells me what to do instead of going to five different websites on the internet and then forgetting it all at once. But the rest of it has now been picked and will not bolt and maybe I can get another head off the plant? I have no idea about these things! I'm just happy that I didn't kill everything I put into a pot. The jade is growing pretty well, if slowly, as I'm given to understand it does. The strawberries are continuously putting out new leaves, which is my goal, to keep it alive until I can put it out in a raised bed perhaps towards the patio. And the oregano and basil continue to show their little heads. I plucked some basil leaves and used it in cooking the other night! Rosemary continues to be rosemary, parsley continues to be parsley. Though I definitely need bigger gardening space, so now I can't wait until I have the whole fucking yard to plant in. Raised beds, all of them!

Ahem. Again, statement of intent and for my own reminder, today's work is the Haven Duke-Nathan post, possibly some of the Audrey home profile, and then website coding. Not essays today, probably the rest of the worksheets. Line edits tonight, since it's not my turn at the moment to chew on Reese. Well, line edits and probably writing randomass fanfiction. And I need to remember to check in today, and we'll see what else I get done.

Killed some music weasels last night, too. The problem with ... no, the problem with doing things you're good at for extended periods of time, assuming it's an actual problem and not a problem from a certain point of view, is that when you run into something you really have to work with there's the feeling of oh my god I'm the stupidest person ever for not being able to just do it. Which is what stopped me from doing a lot of things as a kid! It will not fucking stop me from playing guitar now. I have grown some, I have baseball bats and frying pans, and I see you lurking there, weasels. Fuckoff and bother someone else. It's also helpful to discover that I learn things much better, as far as music theory goes, by actually performing them. Lacking a piano I'll have to figure out how to change it to the guitar, but since guitar was the end goal anyway that just cuts out the middle step of ... figuring out how to change it to the guitar.

This weekend or, well, this Saturday will be Valentine's Day instead of Thursday, which means that either I do blog work most of the day Sunday or I organize my damn craft room. Actually it might mean I do both, depending on the boy's sleep schedule. Blog work during the day, cleaning in the morning and early evening. We'll see.

My house is finally fucking starting to take shape! And better still, I'm getting into the good habits of picking things up and putting them away every now and again, in bits and pieces. Which, as big as the house is and as messy as two humans and four cats can be, is a good thing. I may even be starting to get the boy into good habits that way, too. Which would be nice. I love the man, and it's not even that he's in the habit of a dirty house, but my god the clutter. Clean clothes and papers all around his desk. If I had that many papers scattered all around my desk I'd go bugshit. I like to know where my stuff is so I can get to it when I need it.

Hurm. I also need to figure out how I'm going to store everything in my craft room. Which means it's time to go back to looking at DIY storage stuff, preferably stuff I can get ahold of and use easily. Come to me, internets, tell me of your DIY projects!
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Deutsch )

Well, a while back I ordered a few shirts from this one place that had some cheap shirts that I hoped were inexpensive rather than cheap. No, they actually are cheap, they're fairly thin and I'll be surprised if they wear well, and probably they're meant to be worn maybe once a month because other people rotate out their clothes/closets more than I do and therefore don't put their clothes through the washer as much as I do. But it's even more irritating because these were pretty much the kinds of shirts I wanted. Simple long-sleeve scoop-neck and cowl-neck shirts. Because somehow I've gotten used to being cleavagy.

Ah well. Maybe I'll just keep collecting shirts and end up being able to rotate out my shirts that much. Or something. I would like to find other inexpensive clothing sites than Kohl's, though, that have shirts I actually like. Ideeli is good for some things but it's so hit or miss.

Speaking of clothes and things, I need to get my earrings out and actually hanging and things. Not entirely sure where, hell, maybe I do need a jewelry armoire, but I need to get that done anyway. There was a vague sort of a gesture involving picture frames and backing. And I just now realized. I could do a dreamcatcher and hang my earrings on that. See, Jag, you can be smart.

Now let's see if I can also be productive today.
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Deutsch )

Well, that was half an hour out of my day due to incredibly moronic mistakes. Namely, mine. Oops. Now my password hint to myself is hopefully moreclearer, though, and I won't embarrass myself in front of tech support again.

Dammit, Jag.

Right. Somehow, I have no idea how but I suspect it has to do with no headache today, I have actually managed to get through all of my notes on the Cape Rouge for the upcoming post. Which means that tonight might actually go quicker than I thought, reviewing the last handful of scenes in that episode, going through further episodes (only one of which should have any substantive information because I am sadly lacking in knowledge about boats) and then pulling caps and that might even get posted today! We'll see, but the wargs of Imposter Syndrome, Muddled Thinking, and PMS seem to have stopped nipping at my heels, so it might get out on time after all. If that works out, and if by some miracle I manage to get a good chunk of cleaning done today, I'll sit down and pull times for the next WYAH essay for the weekend. Friday's day job work can be coding the website and working on the Nathan-Duke essay.

Hey, speaking of surprising things, what the hell is this shit where I'm actually getting traffic on my website? This is not helping the whole shit I need to get my website up and working thing. Well, it kind of is, because then I don't have the excuse of "people aren't going to see it" not to do it. On the other hand, eek. It's been kind of half-assedly there for a while. Still, the actual tasks to do aren't complicated or even necessarily that time consuming. Well, maybe a bit time consuming. But they're not complicated or numerous, so that shouldn't take too too long in the grand scheme of things.

I've come up with two different approaches (and realized that it's a marathon, Jag, not a sprint) to getting interpreter-fluent in Russian: the first, which I think I've mentioned before, involves translating the Leviathan into Russian along with various other parts of my website. The second involves translating useful/everyday emergency services dialogue into, well, every language I can think of that I can manage, starting with the dialogues I often had at the clinic where I did Spanish interpretation. This brought to you mostly by my contemplating interpretation and going over those memories. Debating whether or not to post them here, but while posting them here would keep me honest about doing it, you might not want to see random bits of dialogue in Spanish, French, Russian, or German. You might! Speak now if you care.

...I seem to have guitar picks in my pocket. I didn't mean to put them there, they just sort of happened.

So, yeah, all in all, doing much better today without the headache. There are a lot of things where I need to remind myself that it's a marathon not a sprint, not the least of which are putting together the anthology and getting interpreter-fluent in Russian (Spanish [again], French, German). Website building and House unpacking are a bit of a sprint, for a given value of sprint that most likely will take a month or two. Another month or two. But the rest of it is a will-take-multiple-months-to-years marathon. And the blog is just a thing that happens regularly, because apparently if I can't chew on TV shows I will chew on actors, serial killers, friends and neighbors, or whatever else is lying around. I am not kidding. I have gotten into a discussion of whether or not the Son of Sam was most likely the Son of Sam and only him or whether there was additional bastardry involved.

So, that's happening. Now I also just need to figure out what I'm doing for Valentine's Day if anything and I'll be golden. I'm usually incredibly lackadaisical about Valentine's Day, never having made much of it in the past. But I'd like to know if something's going to happen so I can plan not to get any of the aforementioned projects done that night. ... Oh god, I've become that uberorganized scheduled person. When the hell did that happen?
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Ich woll nicht Deutsch studieren. )

I'm fairly sure that wasn't quite as cohernt as it might otherwise have been. Any second now I'm going to start using all the wrong prepositions and then no one will be able to understand me in anyl anguage.

Traci Dinwiddie, fellow North Carolinian as I understand it (who played Pamela Barnes on Supernatural) has an idea that just might help me get through February. Which is traditionally a bitch of a month to get through for me and mine. "How about listing something we appreciate about ourselves each day?" Traci, that sounds like a damn good idea. You can join in using the hashtag #DigMe on twitter. So, today's that I singled out because despite my inability to string together proper fucking sentences, I do appreciate and enjoy my facility with languages. I appreciate that I can study German and have it be fun and not a chore. And that I can pretty much do it on my own, too, with a capable textbook. At least German. I'm not fucking touching Mandarin with a ten foot pole until I have a teacher.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but parts one and two of my speculations on Wesen biology are now up, for those of you who watch Grimm and are into that sort of thing. And if I knew where the hell my X-Files diary had gone to, I'd type that up, too. That was one of the most awesome science projects I've ever done. Actually my whole high school was awesome, I did X-Files in biology and Star Trek in physics. I didn't do anything in Chemistry because the teacher was incompetent. Seriously, everyone's grades dropped a full point in that class. He didn't come back the next year. Anyway, yes! Blogging happened. Anna also updated all our fouth-wall-shattering profiles. Well, almost all. I'm looking forward to knocking down the fourth wall for Person of Interest, too.

Tired. I have no idea what I'm doing tonight, and this irritates me more than it used to because I know there are approximately half a dozen things I would like to plan out doing, and I can't, because I have no idea what I'm doing. And the truly sad thing is, none of these are strictly speaking time sensitive. No, two of them are, one being to cut up and cook the chicken that's currently in the fridge with an expiration date of yesterday, but even if I go out tonight I'll have time to do that. The other one being finish recapalyzing Person of Interest 1x01, which at the very least can get done tomorrow, since it's already started. So, really? Nothing to worry about. And here I am feeling grumbly over it. Definitely symptomatic of my need for a good fucking night's sleep.

Also I don't understand how it can be 3-4 degrees warmer than my house, according to the thermostat, at work, and then I feel like it's fucking freezing, whereas at home I'm wandering around in a shirt and sweats and barefoot and feel fine.

Anyway. I suppose most of my mood can be put down to my inability to fucking sleep through the night. And it's time to go home soon, where I can either curl up with a blanket, a boyfriend, a good meal, and my netbook and get some stuff done, possibly with a good TV show, or I can curl up with a blanket and my netbook and do a bit of stuff until later when there will either be Hobbiting or murdering beef with my teeth. Either would be acceptable. One step at a time, Jag. One step at a time. You've got plans in place, you're not a failure nor doomed just because you haven't reached the end of this stretch of woods yet, and it really does get better. I promise. Faith manages, right? Of course right.
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Spirit still willing. Brain only slightly less spoo. Network provides lifesaving help. Particularly when pointing out typos that make sentences into brickbat lingerie. At some point that might get a more direct less semantic translation, but there it is. I really need to figure out how the hell to get a decent night's sleep.

... I also need to stop going off on wild tangents like translating everything in my "wall o' [language]" tags into Spanish or French. Self, that is not the way to either relax (unless it's a for-pleasure free time activity) or knock down your list of things to do, quit it. Besides, Spanish doesn't have a more useful phrase for any of those phrases either. That I know of.

... I also need to stop thinking that just because someone came and corrected several mistakes in my German, that means I fail at German and should go crawl into a hole somewhere. Oi, these aren't brainweasels, these are wargs on the horizon. Thorin, we have wargsign the likes of which even Mahal has never seen.

Anyway. That's done, and per the suggestions of my sister courtesans, putting this here so I don't digress too far off track. Today's tasks are blogwork (specifically the Wesen biology) and line edits on the Brownie Mafia story. If my brain shuts down and I need to be productive (and it's not a warg) I might do coding. If not, knitting and TV watching it is. Tomorrow will be a new pair of tasks to alternate between, and so on. And typing this out, keeping it logged ought to keep me honest and on track for the day. Hopefully. At least tonight is a music night, which should help me reset my brain in between bouts of writing/editing. Still not entirely sure when I became this organized person who could do all this but, hey, whatever. Now it's of to make sub-lists of all the lists of all the projects I'm working on over the year. And hopefully that doesn't trigger a hypergraphic fit because as stressed and tired as I am, that's something to watch out for.

... and balloons. I need long, skinny balloons. Though damned if I know where to get those.
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Oh fuck you caterpillar brain. I am so totally capable of remembering the grammar to seven languages, fuck. you.

I was a little disappointed to find out that the Words and Deeds Love Meme didn't have to do with showing your love for people by performing deeds. You know, now that I've finally looked into it. But love memes were never my thing anyways, they always seem to flitter around the edges of Network and never quite fall into my circle of friends, so, eh.

Slowly, very very slowly getting into the whole thing of cleaning shit. And I can't believe it's only Wednesday. And there's some tentative plan to have game here in two weeks and argh. I mean, there's a house, and it's there, it just needs all the things put away in places found for it, but argh. Don' wanna. I guess that means I have three primary tasks for this weekend, and eek. Just. Eek. One of those things is "Clean ALL THE THINGS" and I can't even express how much I don't want to. Fortunately I've also become a quiet mistress of do little bits of cleaning at a time, so there's that.

Website work is going well? And line edits. Or at least they were going well until my brain collapsed into a flan yesterday. But the Leviathan's almost coded, and I've got ideas for several more worksheets, essays to bash into place, and an author bio page coded. So that's actually going along quicker than I expected. I started Teoria too, oh god, someone remind me to check in today before I forget. Wait, that's what the calendar's for. Someone still remind me. And there's the caterpillar brain again, reminding me that I'm juggling fifty things all of them complicated and I'd better not let them drop. German, Japanese, Irish, Russian I need to figure out what I'm doing or rather how I'm doing it, dance exercises, music study, keeping a household, writing, coding, editing my writing, day job... Fucking hell.

Now is not the time to dwell, self. Now is the time to get your butt in gear because work soon. It's not like you don't have mechanisms in place to keep this going, just remember to take your breaks every now and again. Deep breaths. Keep going. You're doing fine, and don't look down.

ETA: What the fuck is going on and why are there people in Forensics jackets outside the front of the store next door.
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I have no idea what's responsible for the attack of dizziness this morning but I do not like it, Sam I Am. No center floor exercises for me, just stretches, barre type exercises (until I get my portable bar the mantel will do), and isolations. I will say, though, doing almost solely dance exercises is working almost all of my body pretty well. The only thing I'm missing is upper body, mostly the area between my elbows and my shoulders, which, apparently that's what push-ups are for? Given all empiricdotal evidence. Still not happy with the dizzy. Drinking lots of water and soon eating and such to compensate, and not sure what happens if that doesn't work. I did give about two and a half vials of blood over to labwork yesterday, but you'd've thought that would make me dizzy yesterday, not today. Delayed reaction?

Of course the second I say that is when Call to Dance by Leahy comes on and I end up bouncing around the living room. Oi, self.

Murdock and I have discovered that when Mommy puts birdseed under the bushes by the front window, blue jays happen. Five of them, this morning, which amuses and surprises me because my impression of blue jays has always been that they're cranky and territorial. Maybe they can tolerate each other for being fed? I also may be killing my lettuce, or at least one of them, which gives me a 3/8 success rate. Which is my own damn fault for putting them out before we had fully moved in, since that's when most of them died, ah well. But the broccoli is now at, I think, 6/9 plants have little broccoli heads! I have no idea what the strawberries are doing, the outer leaves are turning pretty but useless colors but there's still green inner leaves coming up, so I figure it aten't dead yet? I seriously have no idea what I'm doing here. Basil seems to be hanging in there, same with rosemary, which I've decided I'll just leave on the shelf, keep watering, and then pick off bits when I need fresh rosemary. Parsley is doing nicely but I've come to realize I don't actually cook with it as much as I thought and why am I growing this again? Kind of the same with sage except when I harvest it it'll be more for smudging than cooking, so there's that for usefulness. I wonder what I'll end up growing come spring...

What I really want to do is take a whole week off work to get this house straightened up the way I want it to be before Pixie moves in. And I can't afford to. Both monetarily and in terms of being the only young able-bodied person in the store means certain obligations, like doing the physical shipping work. I mean, yes, there are other able-bodied people in the store, but not as many as you'd think. Maybe two others. Which means that if I'm out, they have to pick up the slack, and usually 'they' means the other able-bodied person (Elf Lord) and my aunt. Who has MS. And is really amazingly functional for all that but also tires easily. Ugh. Although thinking about it, I might start checking in if I can leave two hours early, because that's the UPS cutoff and after that there's nothing time sensitive that needs hauled around. Hmm. I might ask the aunt if she thinks that'd work.

Less Irish done today than I wanted, but oh well. I discovered that my Irish dictionary has a phrase for, roughly, "cough it up or I break your face." I am deeply amused.

And Aunt thinks it's a good idea for me to spend a few days leaving a couple hours early, so now I have to make the best of that time and get a bunch of cleaning and unpacking done and not be dizzy. Do you hear that body? You are not allowed to fall down yet, it's not over. Also I suppose that means I should make the most of work hours, too. As a friend of mine on Twitter would most likely call it, here goes the great unpacking deathmarch. Actually, I like that tag. I may have to use that tag.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It is, in fact, so dead at work, that I spent most of the morning with A discussing how we would insert ourselves into The Hobbit to smack some sense into Thorin during the Arkenstone debacle, and then what having a sensible, back to his wise(ish) ruling self Thorin would do to the time between Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Somehow this led to "GET THEE AN HEIR" and which of Kili and Fili would have children most likely to be a suitable heir, assuming Thorin didn't find himself a wife and have lots of little stupidly attractive dwarf children. And sitting on Thorin's head to keep him from going and dealing with Moria. And and and.

I am not writing that one. I have four NYRs to work on and Talia Wayne AU, which is still in progress because Bane/Talia FOR EVER. For various values of Bane/Talia ranging from asexual yet lifebonded to parners and lovers and parents till death do they part or not even then.

Biscuits happened over the weekend, with the discovery that I can in fact make pretty decent buttermilk biscuits and not fuck it up, except for the getting flour everywhere. Which tends to happen during baking. Buttermilk biscuits and stewed chicken, and yesterday grilled chicken with herbs from my garden. You guys I actually plucked things from my windowsill garden and put them onto food! And it was delicious. Om nom nom. There may have to be more baking this coming weekend but today/tonight/tomorrow there will be replacing showerheads and mopping MORE floors (seriously, we mop three times and the water still turns this nasty gray-brown halfway through) and possibly starting to peel the wallpaper off the spare bedroom so we can get that painted up and ready to be moved in. Because Pixie's coming in February and AUGH. My house is FILTHY AND NOT SUITABLE FOR COMPANY.

... Oh, hey, I'm on chapter 'elf.' Yes, Elf means Eleven in German. I'm going to laugh anyway.

... Oh, hey, my Japanese book part 1 arrived. That's timely. I'm supposed to start that tonight. And my base/top coat for nail polish, which means once I get that replacement screw for my vanity I can get all THAT unpacked and do that, even if I'm not feeling the beauty very much today because sharks. Fucking sharks. Eh, another day or two and I should be feeling it more, though, which should coincide with everything being unpacked. Which means that the last of my new courtesanly tools are in, which means it's time to get started on all the projects for the coming year. 2013 I am ready for you. Do not disappoint me.

Just in case 2013 starts off disappointing, I present to you, Thorin Dreamboatshield: An Unexpected Hotness of Dwarves

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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This is actually way more fun than I expected. Despite morning routines still being skewered on account of ... well, mostly on account of not having my clothes unpacked so I pretty much have to get dressed for work right away, and it's hard to work out properly in my jeans. Though I suppose as soon as I'm done with this I'll do some, because it took me looking back at a nudge on my check-in post to remember that even some, yes, is better than none. If nothing else I can do push-ups and some stretches. And no, self, even if you do push-ups you're not going to push through the hardwood floor. Come on, you've lived with hardwood floors before, you're smarter than that.

(I have very weird twitches and tics while getting used to living here. Or maybe they're normal and no one ever talks about them so they just feel weird to me.)

And despite morning routines still being fucked I have memrise'd, I have watered plants and taken out some recycling and trash. I have fed, scooped, and watered cats. I have had breakfast, or such as I can cobble together with my half a kitchen at the moment. I have showered and pulled together clean clothes from the bizarre pile of boxes in which they are currently resting. How bizarre, you ask? I found an unopened container of vanilla extract in with my shirts and jeans. I have no idea why it was there.

I have turned off the hot water heater and the main gas line into the house so the boiler guy can hook up the last few radiators without difficulty. Contractor guy stopped in and was highly entertaining and surprised that we've moved in (DUDE. We told you. Several times. Don't be such a dingbat.) but was able to tell me at least that the electric county inspectors would be by today to check out our electric. If we're lucky, too, our bed will be delivered today and I won't have to throttle anyone. And then stove, maybe we can maneuver the fridge in today/tonight, but either way, we should actually start having a real grown-up house! Maybe tomorrow we can hit the hardware store and/or maybe this weekend we can look for furniture and I can have a real grown-up dresser. Craigslist is not working out for me so far, sad to say. But maybe if we just go with dresser and vanity table for now something will turn up! I hope I hope.

Meanwhile, for my remembering's sake, today I have to cancel cable at the old place and find out where to drop off the boxen, finish putting away the kitchen, and write all the Yuletide ever. I don't think I have anything else to do in terms of house logistical talking to people crap. I think. I hope, anyway. That shit is more tiring than being on the phone for five minutes has any right to be.
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You know, on the one hand I'm amused that certain conservatives/Republicans are so scared of Obama winning they think he's going to circumvent the actual fucking law saying that the Presidency is only two terms per person? It's in the US Constitution, guys. I am, however, not at all pleased that they're forcing independent agencies to withdraw proof that says their ideas are bullshit. We've known trickle-down theory doesn't work for thirty years. I knew it when I was a little girl. If a five year old can understand why trickle down theory doesn't work, you should be able to. It was a joke when I was little. It's not funny anymore.

(Yes, I had a different childhood.)

I need more Nameless icons, clearly. Also it deeply amuses me to be studying Irish right before tackling my daft Irish half-fae bastard story for Nanowrimo. Seriously, all I need now is to finish moving in to the house so I can set up the spinning wheel and then I can Nano and spin when I'm not Nanoing. And wear lots of flannel and take up drinking beer and being generally uncouth at everyone in my vicinity. NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THIS PLAN. Except I hate most of the beers he likes. Cider, I'll drink cider. Actually now I kind of do want to get a six pack of cider.

It's Friday. Yay. Tonight, TV and cleaning and packing, tomorrow, profiling and profiling and packing. Sunday! Packing and packing and moving stuff. I really love moving. Not. On the plus side, once we finish hopefully we won't have to move ever again. Or at least not for a really really damn long time. Maybe in between profiling I'll try to push this weekend and see how much packing we can get done, now that the house is, mm. 2/3 to 3/4 of the way done. Bathroom ceiling, heat pipes and their enclosing boxes need to be done. But I think that's mostly it. Couple weeks worth of work. WOO. HOO.

Right. How the fuck have I already spent my clothing allowance for the fortnight? (Answer: Because it's not a big allowance, silly.) How the fuck did I become the sort of person who can do that? (Answer: Because you bought leather bracelets with bullets and skulls on them.) I need to figure out how to tell if I can wear camisoles under things, preferably with several things to try on under them. Possibly this will involve getting out some of those shirts I bought for Faye Valentine. Ooh. I'll do that tonight, then. Along with packing and watching TV. Yesh. And fuck you, PMS weasels, I am not fucking tubby and saggy. I am in goddamn good shape and if I am feeling a little bloated and squishy right now it is because water retention because fucking PMS, so fuck you.

Yes, I still say 'fuck' a lot.
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Oh lord, my family. I called my Mom this morning to check on everyone, since she, an aunt, a couple of uncles and my grandfather are all in the DC area. Granted, not getting hit directly, but I'm not sure there is exactly a directly with Hurricane Sandy, so there's that. Anyway, I call to check on her, she's supplied and hunkered down, grandpa's power lines are buried 'cause he lives in a downtownish apartment building and he already hoards food out of sheer Costco-shopping "oh that looks tasty" absent-mindedness, so there's that. Aunt B has a generator in case of exactly this sort of emergency, and everyone seems fine. Brother is, I think, off at law school. Or possibly back in India or Sierra Leone or wherever the frell he's doing charity work now, I swear. So, there's that, but my idiot sister was apparently making noises about going to the barn to work this morning. Sis, I love you, but I'm with Mom on hiding your car keys. STAY THE FUCK INDOORS OR I WILL COME SIT ON YOU. I bet I can still kick your ass.

SIBLINGS. I swear.

Boy is sick. Again. Which I suppose is to be expected when you work in a medical field, even one that deals more with brain injuries and age-related dementias, but good gravy. I'm pretty sure it was his boss got him sick this time, on account of how he went in and covered a shift for him 'cause boss/friend wasn't feeling well a few days ago and, well, now look at him. And yet somehow even with all of that I managed to get a shitpile of groceries over the weekend, do three loads of laundry, do the dishes (twice, ugh), cook dinner both nights, help pack up the fiber fair booth, and get a full fucking analysis done on Grimm. Because I am just that awesome. Now if I don't get sick that'll be my second miracle of the week. So far, so good. I did admittedly do most of this the day before, and spent the better part of yesterday doing nothing but knitting and watching Fringe. And that felt good.

Does anyone know what the hell is up with LJ? I mean, apart from the flist thing and the US offices closing thing. It keeps trying to redirect me either to the LiveJournal main site or to my journal, and when I want to actually look at my flist for my weekly check-in (which is about all I do by now, guys, so those of you who are on LJ only, yeah, DW is the best way to get my attention. Same username, and you can comment with OpenID.) this is kind of a pain in my ass. Or check the Yuletide comms. Or anything useful.

So, I already spent next paycheck's clothing allowance. We'll stop here and take a moment all those who know me to boggle at the fact that I have given myself a clothing allowance. Jeans and t-shirts girl for so long, it's a bit startling what I get up to given half a chance and a medium that lets me put together outfits without looking in department store dressing room mirrors. Because department store dressing room mirrors suck hate. When we all go to hell, Hell will have a room entirely consisting of dressing room mirrors all whispering our flaws to us in the snootiest fashion-consultant voice, and wouldn't it be better if we just did X, Y, or Z horrible procedure/diet? Uh-huh. In the absence of any health and wellness problems I have to pay attention to, my diet is "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." That's it. Fuck this fashion crap. But I still want to look kind of nice, so polyvore is now my saviour, shut up Chrome that is too spelled that way. I have no idea why I spelled it that way today, but it is. Anyway. And I can order stuff online and if I'm smart I don't pay shipping and get to return it for free, too, if it doesn't fit! But since I've got my measurements, size guides generally work for me. Except when they allow "ease." Fuck you I don't need 4 inches of ease. I need the goddamn shirt to fit the way your measurements said it would. Freaks.

Why do I have a clothing allowance. Why do I already have fifty frillion things I want to spend it on. When the hell did this become my life? Oh self, you amuse yourself so. The best thing about Polyvore is that most of the things in the 'my items' folder are either equivalents or just, things I have already. It's like playing paper dolls with my wardrobe!

Ugh, work today. Probably will be busy. Still want the other half of my weekend, but oh well. Should also keep in mind UPS delays all up and down the east coast, while I'm thinking of it. Because that's going to go on forever and a data figure.


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