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One of these days I'm going to get back into the habit of posting here. Really.

So, I did a costume check last night, all my costume pieces with the exception of the ones I'm working on/tidying up are there, and as it stands I still have three complete costumes (old, but complete) to go to Dragon*Con with, so I'm happy. If I can finish the other portions of my costumes this weekend that'll give me five costumes, and if I can do at least a little bit of fixing up a new part for one of the costumes, that will be phenomenal.

To that end! My to-do list for the next several days, none vital all hopeful:
1. Raid Goodwill for a Faye Valentine-esque white top Tomorrow morning
2. Dye shorts and top yellow
3. Hit up Joanne Fabrics for a headband to paint yellow and some suspender/bracer clips
4. Apply bias tape maker to spare black fabric, make the bracer/suspender/garter tie thing.

5. Cut out leotard based on ripped up other leotard pattern Tonight
6. Sew leotard (five or six seams and lots of hems, not too hard) Tonight

7. Sew lightwire onto coat for Tron
8. Assemble pieces of Tron outfit.
9. Double check fit of corset for under Tron coat.

And then I need to pull together everything for Dragon*Con in terms of other stuff. Medicines need to go in the medikit, and actually that needs to be its own to do list as well. Netbook and cords need to be packed ... I'm going to go do that now.

There. Netbook and kindle cords are packed, along with Netbook. I need to email my contact information to at least one person I'm meeting and, there, done that. I need to pull together the medikit, figure out my knitting for the trip/downtime, probably confirm the hotel reservations which will require an email search because I have no idea where under all the damn house emails it went to. What I'd really like is some way to holster a water bottle to the bag I use for my medikit. That bag was really useful last year, I think I can fit everything into it again this year, but damned if I can figure out how to put a water bottle onto it. I've got my walking around money, my kindle is staying in my bag of holding until such time as we actually leave, and things. Stuff. I know I'm forgetting something. I'll dig out the giant to-do list of con prep when I get to work.

We finally, finally finished the fucking writeup of the last ep of Grimm. SPOILERS ABOUND. But it's here if you want to see it, the whole analysis and speculation and pictures and explanation and everything about how Eric gives no fucks unless you're a hot model and Renard is tired and cranky.

Right. And now work, finishing shit at work, um. Stuff and things. So scattered. Still not quite on the full schedule, although at least now it's just banging languages back into efficient shape.
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I'll have more coherent thoughts later. And I need to go over the episode with Anna and our usual fine toothed combs, but for now? HOLY SHIT, GRIMM. The icon is relevant.

Right. Hopefully today will be better and yesterday was my one day of emotional wacky due to PMS. I would say I've got less day job work to do except it's not so much that I have less as that it's shifted from outgoing to incoming, for today.

And on the personal front, hopefully we get the car back from its routine maintenance today and make forward progress on the house! Why the fuck are banks so slow. That's what I want to know.

I'm sure I'd have something more to say if I were more rested and less zonked and still Grimm-obsessed. Maybe later.
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Hey, look what I forgot to post the other day oops. Actually I've been falling down on languages a lot this week. Stupid mail order sale. Stupid exhaustion.

New plan: Thursday nights are me time, and I'm not going to game. The last two games we've supposedly had we spent the entire night shooting the shit and not actually getting any gaming done. Hell with that. I mean, I understand that there's going to be some social time, but I am neither impressed nor amused by planning to do one thing and then fucking off and not doing it two evenings in a row.

Still exhausted. Really really exhausted, in half of yesterday I ran around about as much as I had the day previous. Today's not going to be much better unless I get everything done at the start of the day and then nothing much shows up to do. Which, given that it's Friday, there's normally a 50/50 chance of it being hectic to the point of exhaustion. Given the sale I'd up that to about 80/20 in favor of exhaustion. On the plus side, it is Friday, which means I can come home and fall over till I feel like getting up and doing something.

And in today's Grimm appreciation post, we have rings for everyone! I love that the show pays enough attention to detail that every member of the family we see has the ring. We can't see what the signet or symbol or whatever is, so we don't know if it's the same, but they have one. It makes me squee a little. Okay, more than a little.

I should learn not to post these things until after I get to work and the aunt has a chance to babble at me. So, this morning's fun story about my family was a road trip the grandparents (I think, or friends of theirs) took from France to Spain through the Pyrenees. And they were driving along and came across a circus that was slowly making its way through the back roads. And since they were back roads and this was back before everyone and their cousin with a chin had the car everyone was a bit startled and there was some brouhaha, and in the course of all this an elephant sat on the hood of the car. Not damaging it significantly, but putting a sizable dent in the hood. Well, they got that straightened out and everyone went along and a little later down the road they came across a motorist who'd had an accident, who was by the side of the road with a wrecked bike. So they gave him a lift to the next town, small Spanish town, and they took him to the police station to report it and the police gave the guy a lift to the hospital and then the police started to interrogate the grandparents/family friends (I think it was my grandparents but now I've forgotten the proper antecedent). Because they had this damaged motorist and a big dent in the front of their car. And sure they'd picked up the motorist but he was at the hospital by this point and couldn't back that up. And when asked about the dent all they could say, truthfully, was "An elephant sat on the car."

So, that happened to my family. My family has some truly wacky adventures.
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Maybe I'll have some house news today, yes? Seriously, the longer this drags on, the more I worry about something fucking else going wrong. ... like reaching into your bag of apples and grabbing the SQUISHY HALF-ROTTEN ONE EW OH FUCK GROSS. Ahem.

Holy shit, Grimm. Just. Holy shit. Also, what the hell is with the opening credits and why are they so sucky? Oh the spoilers behind this cut ) Not that I think anybody but one person on my flist cares about spoilers at this point, either because of not watching or because of originally not caring, but it's possible?

So. We'll see how the day goes. Either it'll be crazy again like yesterday or it might be quieter? I'm suspecting crazy. At which point I'm glad all I have to do for dinner is throw in a freezer burrito or toss stuff onto a skillet. So many things I want to do, and no real time to do them. Ugh. Work was supposedly going to be slow and then resumed kicking my ass, too.

I should say something clever but I'm all out of clever. And Dragon*Con is in a little over two weeks, when the fuck did that happen. I mean, I think I'll be ready for it, but still would like to know when the fuck that happened. Dragon*Con is an end of the year thing! When the hell did it become the end of the year? I did, at least, sign up for an astronomy workshop that looks like it will be made of awesome. It's geared towards writers and working with astronomy when you're writing science fiction, with some real life scientists who have done consulting on shows, so. Very excited! It's all day Saturday which means I'll have more crunched autograph time, but eh.

Right. Back to work and letting Grimm swallow my brain rather than dwelling on all the crap I have to juggle right now, because Grimm is more fun. If also kind of scary.
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I'm going to strangle my boyfriend, don't mind me.

But, yes. We've again reached a point where I'm pretty much sitting and waiting for things to come back, which I think is the final point of sitting and waiting for things to come back. And then when things come back we'll have a final close date and we can be done with this goddamn enterprise. I won't know what to do with myself when the house is finally bought. Well, no. I know what I'll have to do. Pack. But after we've moved in. I won't know what to do with myself.

Well, no, I know what I should be doing with myself. Getting back into routines. And, you know, it's funny. Now that it's finally getting to the point where this all might come out all right, I'm actually feeling a bit terrified of moving. And getting into the house. And not having something or not being able to do something or, well. Anything. I'm half expecting to start having those nightmares where I'm back in college but I don't have my class schedule or my ID card to get into the dorms or something. Logic, brain, the only things we don't have that we'll need to buy are the fridge, stove, washer, dryer. And that's easily enough taken care of. Everything else is manageable.

Except my brainspace, possibly. I need an aspirin and to sit my butt down and write. Especially since today seems to be a relatively quiet day. Oh. And at some point I need to refocus and come up with maybe a lesson plan that will gear me towards sufficient fluency to be able to test for translator positions in a couple years. Maybe just involving more stuff like I'm doing with Russian, but also constructing sentences... I don't know, and my brain is in too many pieces right now to figure it out.
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Ugh. So I guess I'll see today just how many more delays the house buying process can throw at me. Don't have many more words for that beyond the usual complaining. Too tired to have hope. Or despair.

Other news. Gloves are coming along, I cut out the lining for the coat last night for Lovelace so that, hopefully, I can start sewing today. Maybe finish it up by the weekend or Monday or Tuesday, and then put some glowy stuff on it. I still don't have a tophat, so that might have to be ordered, too. And the rest of it is easy. Then I guess that means next weekend or the week after is cutting out Cheetara and slowly working on that. Spandex, ugh, that's going to get french seamed. And at that point that's all the costumes I'm going to try to build this year, but it might even work out. I'd be happy if it did.

I might actually (gasp, shock) start line edits today. We'll see how energetic I'm feeling. Stupid cats kept me up off and on last night and now everything's going in slow-motion. And with Bele Chere imminent I have no idea how busy we're going to be. Definitely a lot of foot traffic tomorrow, combined with a lot of screaming for help out front because some people panic if there's more than five people in the store. Which is what's leading to me getting no rest at all this weekend. Yaaaay.

At least I can work on my beading and my gloves. And cleaning off my desk area. Which means I'd better get to it, come on, Jag. You can do this.

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So, my computer spontaneously shut itself down last night. The keyboard went haywire and non-responsive, and everything started trying to shut down. It stopped when I hit "cancel" when the "these programs are impeding shut down" window popped up, but that was the only way I could stop it. I couldn't even make the keyboard work to boot up in or out of safe mode, which really freaked me out. And then again this morning, although this time I cancelled the shutdown and installed updates in case one was really being persnickity. And I ran AVG virus scan, which came up empty, and other than that I've got nothing.

This is a bad time for you to be freaking out on me, computer. I'm just saying. Of all the times you could have picked, this is definitely one of the worst. I already nearly had a breakdown over money this morning while on my walk. This after my aunt offered to float us a loan and knowing that my grandfather would probably just flat out give us money if I really asked. Which reminds me that I need to write to him again and let him know it's almost done. Also that I need to scan in some docs today.

Of course, then it crapped out AGAIN. In the middle of trying to scan the documents. Then I went to work nearly in tears. Then the boy came home with a new keyboard, plugged it in, scanned his chunk of documents, everything seems to work, so it was one or some combination or all of updating, rolling back to a restore point, replacing the keyboard, and cleaning out the hardware.

I'm just going to go ahead and post this now while everything still works, while I still remember it's here, and hopefully someone will remind me to go back and parse the Russian later today.

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So damn tired. Got more paperwork in the mail today for house stuff. Don't want to deal with this shit. Really don't. Still going to, because if I don't who the hell else will? Boy has to sleep during the day.

It looks like there's light incoming today, at least. Which is good. I can hopefully get some stuff done today both on languages and on writing. I'm hitting the point in the World-Building Leviathan where I'm almost done but I was already kind of lagging in the brainpan energy department when I wrote it the first time, so figuring out what the fuck is going on is an interesting process. Still. That, and I might as well start line edits on the project to finalize that for formatting and processing out. I have never been so excited to begin line edits in my life. Eek!

I guess that surge of energy went away. I want to curl up with Sasha Roiz and Jeremy Renner and all my freaky ideas and never leave my apartment or my house or wherever I settle in. Blah. Nothing else interesting happening, guys, move along. I'll try to be more energetic and interesting next time.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I should actually slow down on the whole vocabulary adding and preposition review some. I know enough words by now that making sentences of them and reviewing and so on wouldn't go amiss, rather than trying to cram everything in my head at once and learn at a great rate of knots. I i guess, too, if today's slow, I can do a lot of that.

I am tired today. I had a screaming nightmare where, when I woke up, the only reason I knew I hadn't actually screamed in my sleep was because my throat didn't feel raw. Bad dreams about family, about my grandfather (I called home this morning, he's fine. Stupid brain), waking up to all the rain and gray, and now I am just tired. And if I have to hear one more goddamn word out of anyone's mouth saying that Daniel Tosh's comment in response to the heckler (not reprinted here for triggers) was an appropriate response or funny, I am going to throatpunch someone. I had a whole series of thoughts on that yesterday, today it's too tired, fuck you, throatpunch.

House progress continues slowly but hopefully. I have game tonight and I don't want to go unless I get some more energy reserves from some-goddamn-where. Time's doing that slippy thing again where it can't possibly be as late in the month as I think it is. I'm in a goddamn Steve Miller Band song.

Oh well. Checked in with home, I have some stuff to do, stuff to keep me busy writing wise, language wise, work wise. None of it very complicated. If I can manage to keep doing one thing at a time, I should be able to get through today.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Russian is slowly getting better again. Maybe not again, but I feel like it's getting better from where it was stagnating. Helped in no small part both by Memrise and by reading Twilight Watch in the original. I'm having a lot of fun finding where the translations are more semantic than literal, where it's more of a gesture than a maneuver than a word for word. I mean, I do this in Spanish and French relatively a lot, but it's fun doing it in Russian too.

Termite people and engineering people called, now I just wait for callbacks and email people back. Yay. Well, kind of yay. Yay in that I get a fucking break from paperwork and deadlines and things. Kind of yay in that there's still more stuff to do.

And then for some reason I got into one of those end of the world discussions and how the house would probably be pretty good for surviving in. Foot thick walls and a fair amount of space for gardening and so on.

Right. I have writing to do, both in terms of things I have to get done and in terms of ideas that are gnawing on my brain. Might as well do that since I don't actually have much packing to do.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Can I have my nap yet? Failing that, can I go shoot the entire Texas GOP? They're damaging my calm.

No, I wouldn't want to, because blah blah precedent blah blah democracy blah blah politics. Blah blah blah bitchcakes. I know all the reasons why I don't actually want to, but goddamn do I want to. Given both my family history and my education, I know damn well why I don't want to go on a spree of eliminating people who are inconvenient to my politics and yet in times like these it is really easy to understand why people do. But then, this is why we have impulse control. And why we're better people.

(I should add, I don't even necessarily mean liberals or Democrats in that 'we.' I mean every person with political beliefs who believes in democracy strongly enough to have a reasoned debate rather than try and do an end run around electoral process and equal rights to make things turn out their way. It's just that the Republicans are doing a fuck of a lot more of that right now. Or maybe just more blatantly. I used to believe I could have a reasonable dialogue with Republicans. I even did, with several! We were friends, they had their ideas, I had mine, we debated them and then went out for donuts. What the fuck happened to this country.)

Okay, enough ranting about politics. The bank is still fucking crazy, or at least flat out illogical and obstructive, but the contractor agrees with me on this and is still willing to work with me and hopefully doesn't think it's my fault. And I still don't have numbers to crunch, but Renovations Lady swears she's making my paperwork top priority today. I don't really care what priority she makes it so long as I get it freaking soonest. And probably a lot of this wouldn't have been necessary if she'd answered my goddamn questions in the first place. ARGH.

This post is rapidly turning into Jag swears at all the people who she feels are less competent than her. So, let's instead get ready to go to the dentist! Because that's fun.

I want to go back to bed now.
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I have found the Best Thing Ever. It is this. It MAKES TYPEWRITER SOUNDS AS YOU TYPE. Best. Thing. Ever. You have to turn the sounds on, though, in 'preferences' at the bottom. And you can choose between manual and electric typewriter. I am ridiculously amused.

Massive chocolate cravings. Pretty much out of nowhere, too. Not sure what's up with that. I mean, it's the week before Shark Week so that could account for some of it, but not all. Or at least, not usually.

Still haven't heard anything new on house stuff. Realty Lady and I are kind of doing the email equivalent of clutching each other on the deck of the ship that may or may not be crumbling beneath us. We'll see how this goes.

And I spent a little bit of today amusing myself with seeing how long we could go not in English with Anna. Mostly in French and Spanish, since those are the languages we have any degree of fluency in. It was way more fun than I expected, somehow, and between this and my newfound victories in Russian I might spend more time doing this whole no-English thing. We'll see. I still need to build up my vocab but Memrise is awesome for that, if a bit random in its choices of word sequence.

STILL need a polyglot icon. Come on, Jag. You know how to do this, make one.
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I'm not even going to get into house stuff in detail, but I got an email from the bank listing the paperwork they still needed. Among them, a clean copy of the contract. To go with the three I've already sent.

Fuckit, at this point I'm copying it for my own benefit and mailing them my own goddamn copy because CHRIST IN A TEN GALLON COWBOY HAT, PEOPLE. I have emailed it to you, faxed it to you, had my agent fax it to you, WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE THIS YET. And why did you not tell me before?

... I swear I need to declare a moratorium on news. There was a capital punishment headline and a headline about the Norway trial that didn't actually have anything to do with the Norway trial, just something that happened in proximity to it. I'm being vague because people can look it up for themselves if they want, but, guys, my head exploded. Do not make your heads explode too.

My brain is trying to drag me in a million different directions at once, most of them involving fanfiction. This is not at all like helping, brain. One fanfic piece at a time, plus all the other shit I have to do. I suppose the upside to all of this is that the BBMs are almost done nicely ahead of posting dates, and I just have to keep my head above water long enough to remember to post them. And all the frillion other things I've been working on but haven't posted.

All right, anyway. Along those lines. Back to work. Enough screwing around. ... Heheheh. Screwing around.
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Slightly more awake this morning, and I did manage to gather enough coherent thoughts to check in yesterday. Taking NyQuil did get me to sleep through the night at least, and I was able to get some rest. I'm not sure if it's because I was taking actual brand NyQuil or because they shifted the formula back, but this time it worked pretty much like the original knock-me-out-for-X-time-in-20-minutes, wake up feeling fine. Of course now I'm tired again, I think because usually NyQuil takes 8 hours and I only gave it 6. Ah well.

Still no word from the plumber. Which isn't entirely surprising but isn't helping my nerves. for one thing, I'm not the people they technically report to, although they know the situation and I suspect they'd call just to let me know it's been done regardless, unless there's a legal reason not to. For another, repiping an entire fairly large house. They got started yesterday, it might conceivably take a couple days. Or at least I think it would, especially if they're being careful to leave things as intact as they can. Still nervous, though. And then if I'm not going to hear anything back until the selling bank says so, this could take a while.

Ah well. Still sort of working on my litanies against fear in many languages, less so yesterday on account of brain no worky. Still incredibly sleepy. This is going to make work interesting, there's no incoming today, I have no idea how much outgoing there is. Maybe I should tidy up the box room.

I'm sure I should say something deep or meaningful about the recent political developments. Mostly what I want to say is "Oh fuck you, people." My country is one of the few that went against the amendment, for what it's worth, and with all the redistricting I wasn't sure which way we were going to go, now that we've been dragged under a Republican representative. Traditionally, Asheville is very progressive, laid-back and groovy, and full of hippies. It's probably one of the safest places in the state for two men (or two women, but people get less weird about that) to walk down the street holding hands. And I know this because I've seen it for myself. >.> And there are already rallies to repeal the amendment, but, let's face it, folks. The conservative Stop Having Fun Guys element is strong in the Dark Side. A lot of the people who voted for the amendment didn't even realize how sweeping it was, they were too caught up in the panic of oh noes, two men might get married. As if that was such a tragedy. On the plus side, go Obama for finally coming out and saying it. I also liked his arguments in the expanded version.

Did finally see Castle the other night. There was much rejoicing. (Yaay!) Spoilery gabble aside, I liked that the end shot of a particular scene was a focus on the holding hands. It seems like a really good metaphor/image with which to seal that particular Thing.

In conclusion, god I need more sleep. Even after getting a decent night's sleep. Meh.
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Someone explain to me why I'm now writing the Litany Against Fear in a frillion different languages.

Okay! So, that went well. The plumber came, said they'd start probably today (Tuesday, that is), and offered some good suggestions how we could hide some piping they'd lay externally so we didn't have to tear up too much of the wood. We all drooled over the original wood paneling and hardwood floors and everything, and he explained that by the end of it all most of the maze of twisty pipes all alike would probably be gone, so that's all right. Hopefully that means this will get cleared soon, because now all that's needed for the loan and the closing is the final inspection post-plumbing. Cross fingers!

Someone was taking their turn at sporking the Republican/conservative notion of bootstrapping, rich people are rich because they worked hard for it dammit, their hard-earned monies for them. Because obviously no one else works hard for their money. Oh, wait. Effort does not directly translate to riches and success. That's an ideal model, not an actual one. If it were an actual model, I'd've been published already or I'd've gotten a damn good paying translation job somewhere based on several years of studying other languages. If it were an actual model, there'd be a lot more successful people. If it were an actual model, all this crap I've put into getting this house? I'd already have it. Jackasses.

.... Well, there went my morning. I'm gonna miss you, Mr. Sendak
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Still tired. Despite getting at least a little extra sleep last night. Still no word on house stuff, no idea what I should be doing as far as the apartment situation. Or, you know. Anything.

No, sorry. Not much to see here today. Too tired to come up with something entertaining, interesting, or educational today. Just doodling in my Russian now.
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Oh look! Still nothing decisive on the house. We're stuck at the appraisal stage, for those of you playing at home. Everything else is set and ready to go but until the water problem is fixed the bank appraisers can't/won't finish and the bank won't approve and we're stuck. So now we're waiting for the selling bank to figure out what they're doing. It's not that expensive, so I'm guessing if they don't want to pay for it we can reimburse them. But annoying. Much annoying. And a bit nerve-wracking considering what happened last time.

But keeping up with other things seems to be going pretty well! Keeping up with languages, keeping up with writing and coding projects. And knitting and weaving and all those other good things.

I feel like I should maybe have something more to say here, but I really don't. Grimm, Miss Fisher, hope chest knitting ... I'm currently on afghan squares, and that's going well. House stuff. Writing. It's all very repetitive and I don't feel like repeating it now.

Someone give me something interesting to talk about! Yarrr.
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Oi. Okay, let that be a lesson to you, Jag. Never start doing more Russian than usual when the laundry's in in the morning. Also, god I can't wait till we have in-house laundry machines. Can't. Wait.

I may have hit the point where I need a to-do list to keep track of my to-do lists. Maybe not, but I definitely need to get into the habit of writing down all the shit I need to do during the day at the start of the day before my head explodes. I haven't yet gotten to the point where I need to write down the habitual stuff at least. And there will be weaving class tonight! A whole three, three and a half hours where I will be focusing on one task! Or an over-task of related tasks. It's like a miracle.

Till then, I get to go even more manic than I already am, oh fun.

House thing seems to be going well. I need to get information from the 2nd Mortgage Lady and give some information to her, but we have the insurance thing done and everything else seems to be on track. Paralegal has all the information she needs I think, and I need to print up some things she sent me and put that in the box but I don't think it involves anything we need to sign. I don't think. It's a very weird feeling after all this logistical crap to suddenly not have it to do.

And packing. Endless amounts of packing. And more packing. And then more packing and I think we're going to end up just dropping stuff off on our way to work, me and the boy. Take a couple boxes, sling them into the car, haul them over, drop them off. It's kind of on my way to work, it's less on his way to work but it's not far off the main drag, so there's that. Stuff it in one of the spare rooms. On a counter. Something. Once we get the keys, at least. We'll have about a month and a half to get all the major contractors done and that ought to be enough time.

Till then, I have writing! Which goes apace, albeit slowly. Last night I just ended up being too tired to focus on much besides knitting till very late, and then I got dragged off early. But writing is slowly getting back into the groove. I need to get back into the groove of counting my words, though. Starting today. Holy crap, I might even be regaining my routines. By tooth and claw. I've got my shitkickers on, so let's wade through some of this shit I have to do.
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Slowly, slowly getting the hang of this. Very slowly.

I still want to know what the hell is with house stuff progressing at a crawl and being piled with frustrations, and then all of a sudden everything happens right the hell now. I mean, I'm fairly glad I'm prepared for all of this and can handle it fairly efficiently, but christ in a toolshed with a bucket and a rake. Now we have the inspection this Thursday, hopefully third time lucky, and I need to figure out who I'm using as our real estate attorney preferably by the end of the day. Which also shouldn't be that hard but AUGH. Or, well, no. I'll mess around with looking into real estate attorney reviews and let Mortgage Lady know the inspection is on Thursday, the selling bank is being a great big pile of dicks, and gimme a couple days to figure this out.

Chugging along, getting back into a groove. Watched the new Once Upon A Time last night and laughed my ass off when I realized I actually had, yes, written a story in which Granny quoted the Wolfman at Ruby. That bit about "Even a man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night may still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright." Laughed so hard I cannot even begin to tell you. Slowly getting stuff finished and coded and all that good stuff.

AND. And, oh Once Upon A Time, and some pictures of future episodes with Gold and the Mysterious Stranger whose name probably is not August W Booth showed up. And it made me chew on and cling to my theory all the harder. Just saying.

Um. Hmm. Not much incoming today, one shipment from a supplier who's not always the timeliest about shipments, we'll say, so this ought to be good. And then outgoing and we'll see what else I can get done.
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Okay. I feel like I actually have a brain today, which is good because yesterday I had several bouts of staring at the screen for minutes on end trying to think of how best to phrase this concept that I had clearly in my head and wasn't translating on paper. On the screen. Whichever.

House stuff is now on hold till I hear back from anyone about anything, but with it being under contract most of the panic that someone will snake it out from under me is gone, at least. And yeah, someone probably could come by and see it and be all "Yes! Cash now, give me house!" but given the state it's in (shutters falling off, paint peeling off the front) I think they're more likely to take a look at the outside and go "Bleh." So we'll wait to hear back about the boiler. Which means I don't have to think about having to do anything but my taxes this weekend, which is fucking awesome. Back to fake people problems!

First of which, I think, will be banging on the BBM drafts so those can get done. At least those are relatively short. If I can bang out 2-4k on an original story in a day (admittedly, a day I don't have to work, but still) those can get done over the weekend, and then I'll have drafts and can do all the edits ever. So... mm, actually, that can be work type stuff. And then home type stuff, more Long Road, more Black Ice. Triumvirate is also a work type thing because right now it's still in world-building stages, and that takes care of that writing stuff! I had more thoughts but they went away.

One thought since I'm looking at my documents list again is that I've completely gotten distracted from sporking poor Kiera Cass. I should actually get back to that, not to rip her writing to shreds although there is some of that involved, but to remind myself why I do things the way I do them and why this is better than that and so on. It's really good for that. Hell, I could probably do it with my own writing, if I knew where half of it was. And if it wasn't so loaded to do it with your own writing; that way lies endless pits of "God I suck." No, that's not true, this is writing you were doing ten years ago. On the other hand, doing it to someone else's writing leads to the pitfalls of "How come sucky writing like this gets published but I don't." and "Everyone is a terrible writer but me." Both of which are bad, for different reasons.

Also need to get back to that rewatch of Farscape. Though tonight there will either be The Glades or New Amsterdam, and all of the pretty. And the snark. Piles and piles of snark. I am... starting to feel like myself again. Which is a little unnerving that the stress of house-buying logistics has knocked me that far out of myself. On the other hand, it's also kind of reassuring to know that I'm capable of doing that. Still, I'm glad we'll (hopefully) only be doing it once.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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