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I can't describe the clusterfuck that happened in Texas last night without words that will get me into trouble. Let's just say I wish to employ a Texas stereotype to deal with the problem of women's right to competent medical care without government interference. Jesus hitman Christ is that too much to ask? That the government stay the fuck out of our examination rooms? You old dessicated sad sacks are, by and large, not medical professionals (and at least one of the ones who was in the past has shown no knowledge of basic female biology either, I have to add) so quit acting like you are and fuck right off. Go punch a chad or something. Stop freaking out that women might have brains and wills and ideas about how they want to live their lives that don't involve your idea of what a woman should do or be. You still don't have that right to make that decision for another, I don't care how you justify it.

God, politics today. I want to curl up in my fictional worlds and my costumes and not come out. Yesterday it was the Voting Rights act weakened, that Texas bullshit where a bunch of old white men literally argued about a woman's right to speak to them about women's medical care, and today the Supreme Court decides if separate but equal is still a valid approach to ruling the country. No matter how much of a lie it is. Freedom to marry a person of the opposite sex isn't freedom to marry, your honors. Sorry, but it isn't. Where's that consequences of gay marriage pie chart.

Deep breaths, Jag. Deep breaths. Politics is always politics. It's just more vicious now than it has been. Or the viciousness is more visible thanks to people deciding they can show their asses in public and being older and more able to recognize this.

So, okay. Less rage more building things, I wasn't able to do any sewing last night since my old Singer featherweight refused to sew the material. Not sure why, I tried switching through three needles, it didn't seem to be a tension problem, it just kept snapping the thread. So, now that I've found the cords for the upstairs one I'll see if that works any better and if not, well. I guess it's time to remember how to hand sew things. I did, however, get a bunch of writing done last night, so at least there's that. Hopefully the more advanced computerized whatever sewing machine will work better, and I can get everything done in a timely fashion still. Ugh, so tired. Too much adrenaline last night.
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Part Two of Juke Joint Jezebel is up (link goes to the whole work) and has had an emergency error edited by one of my betas whoops no one saw that. I have also shipped all the things ever and now my legs hurt.

At this point ... you get an illustrated conversation in my head because it's much more fun that way. Today the part of Also Me will be played by Amber, music manager, coach, and all around tutor to up and coming artists. She's also the most prominent character in my head whenever I pick up the guitars.

Me: I can't pick at all! Give me fingerpicks!
Amber/Also Me: Yes you can. Come on, start with House of the Rising Sun, it's all arpeggios. Start with the Am...
Me: See? Slow.
Amber: That's because you just started. Do the first three chords.
Me: *fumbles through*
Amber: Now do them twice more.
Me: *grumps, fumbles through some more* Hey, I'm getting faster.
Amber: See? Now do the next three chords.
Amber: Oh, you're fine, you can do an F chord in your sleep. Now do all six, three times over.
Me: I hate you.
Amber: No you don't. Do Hotel California for ten, then we'll finish with Wish You Were Here.
Me: To remind me I really can do this?
Amber: Exactly.

I still prefer fingerpicks.

Oof. Got through a fairly hellacious day of shipping. Got through an evening of what was almost an angsty night of show watching, and instead turned into (for me at least) a night of pointing and laughing at interrogators who don't damn well know how to read their subjects. Take note, folks, even you in the cheap seats. The first thing a good interrogator needs to know is how to read the people you're interrogating, quickly and accurately. Knowledge of all the techniques in the world won't help you if you can't tell how and when to apply them.

I'm sure I had more to say at some point. I did pick up a lace knitting pattern that I think I will attempt, on account of the first lace knitting try didn't go so well. Which, actually, with the number of projects I'm stopping and taking off needles and counting as a learning experience to do this, works very well towards cutting me down! Net loss one project, net gain less scattermind.

Oof. I feel somewhat bad about not getting much more than a quarter of the writing done that I meant to, today, but you know what? It was a busy fucking day. Tomorrow will be better, and I will get up on time and I will make it better. So sayeth I.
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Right. Um. Turn of the (last) century Japan and Central America research is a go. We'll see first what wikisurfing has to say, because if nothing else Wikipedia is at least useful as a place to start looking for search terms. And then going on to the library, Amazon, and other places.

Other than that, today might be a quiet day. Not much incoming, maybe not much outgoing. Which might mean time to work on the two novel projects I have currently going and do some editing. I think in this case editing will come first, it hasn't for the last couple of days and it's getting to the point where it should. And then, resting up this weekend. I am still sore from a couple days ago. This is not happy making. And I took an industrial strength Aleve earlier that only knocked it down a bit. Rarr. Sulk.
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Okay, I take it back, I can't come up with any more sentences for Russian. I also need to do a double dose of Japanese tonight, among other things, reviewing the grammar point I botched last time. I'm not sure what I'll do for all that review other than lots and lots of physical description, but there really does need to be a lot of review. Till it is embedded in my brain. The whole random dizziness can explain some of the mistakes but not all.

It's about 10 degrees here. 10-15. It's supposed to get up to a whole 40 degrees in a day or so, but right now it's officially fucking freezing. And I'm in the middle of the US. Fear our chilly winters.

So... something. Saw Harry Potter last night! It was fun, there was a lot of me making faces at the screen and wondering where I'd seen that guy before. Turns out I'd seen at least a couple of Voldemort's mooks in Guy Ritchie films, which just makes me conflate the two in my head. Those of you who are familiar with Voldemort and Guy Ritchie films may now kill yourselves laughing. For those of you who aren't, it's kind of like bumbling cops and criminals with a lot of violence and swearing. And bumbling. The man's made two very successful movies off stupid criminals. The tone is similar to Sherlock Holmes, a bit.

Almost done with the first arm warmer for the Elf Lord, thanks to having very little in the way of actual work yesterday. Once I get that done there will probably be Fifth Doctor Arm Warmers, and then maybe Fourth if I can get the right colors of yarn together.

Also, XKCD today speaks a funny truth.

I wanna go pass out until it's time for Human Target tonight. Sadly, I have to get dressed and go to work. Which is kind of like passing out only less interesting.
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Oogh. I think that's all correct. I'm not entirely sure what answering the questions did, since those seem to all be yes/no questions, unless it's repetition rehearsal. Something. The dizzies did not go away last night, and that's almost as irksome. And they're still here. Not sure what's going on with that.

Right. Tonight may or may not be date night, but I'm thinking probably yes. I'm getting sick of not seeing movies in theatres as they come out, so since the boy does have something of a weekend and I don't actually have to be up that early in the morning most mornings, I can afford a night out at a movie or something. Plus, Dawn Treader's out, Harry Potter's out, and Tron will be out and I haven't seen either of those first two. This needs to be remedied.

It also needs to warm the hell up here. It's about, oh. 11 degrees Farenheit outside. The level of do not want is skyrocketing every time I take off my house robe. Double points every time I get out of a hot shower or out from under the blankets. I don't mind winter so much but damn I wish this place had better insulation on the bigass patio windows. I can feel the wind and cold seeping in along the ground and it does not make me happy.

On the plus side, arm warmers! I'm getting better and faster about making them, better about going back and picking up dropped stitches or undoing mistakes (mostly dropped stitches) or things like that. After this pair I'll make one for the boy and then I'm going to start making really long ones, possibly with sock yarn or just really long ones with the yarn I've got. Experimenting. Warm warm arm warmers, and that'll help. I might even make leg warmers, since the principle is pretty much the same. Big tube o' yarn! This makes me a bit ridiculously happy. Mm, thinking of knitting though, I need to update my blog. Things and stuff!

Today might be relatively quiet, which would be nice since I doubt I'm getting much writing done tonight. I can get some during the day! And some knitting. And apart from the fucking freezing cold, it's not been that bad these past few days. I think the chaos is finally settling. Or something.
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This is epic awesome, you guys.

I seriously need a guitar tuner. My guitar is getting on my nerves. I probably also need to restring it, but have only half an idea how that is accomplished from having done it a couple of times about ten years ago. Yeah. Also, most of my Russian is Human Target jokes. I need a life.

Snow morning this morning. Which is nice because I was up too late last night finishing my Yuletide main fic. Now I just have to do my pinch hit and I'll be all set! And, heh, edit my main fic and see what the betas say and do the edits. But. That's not so bad. Which means I get to do some damn reading tonight! Among other things. And a shitton of short stories, which will probably be easier than, oh, everything else I've done lately. And outlining and wossname. I need to redo my writing schedule.

Yeah, mostly an uneventful weekend, apart from cleaning and poking at writing and poking at my guitar and poking at my spinning wheel and several inches of snow dumped on us in the night. Blargh. Go back to sleep. I want to, but I can't. Stupid work. Stupid not having many book deals to pay for me to go back to sleep and not have set hours. Grumble.
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Ugh. Sniffly.

So, we took Murdock to the spay/neuter clinic this morning. He spent most of the morning before that curled up asleep in my lap warming my legs and purring. I miss him already, but we're going to pick him up tomorrow morning, so it's not like it's that bad. But, my kitty! It's amazing how quickly I've gotten attached.

Oogh. Something I meant to talk about yesterday but didn't on account of choking on my taco. In the past couple of years I've been involved in a project with some friends of mine for self improvement. In a moment of wacky pith I called it Courtesan School, because, hey, glamourous and mysterious and historical and one of the books I have on the practice suggested a good easy set of traits to remember and aim for. What it is, is a kind of self-improvement school. Aiming to do and be as badass, graceful, what have you as we always wanted to be. We've had some rocky points. Both for ourselves and for other people who've been in the project and then decided it wasn't for them. But it's a little amazing, in the past year I have (in no particular order):

Studied three languages, improving my mastery of each. Developed an exercise routine I can stick to, and do. Gotten in better shape, I can lift more, walk longer. Kept yearly doctor's appointments (or non-yearly, as needed). Developed better time management skills. Improved my diet. Improved my skin quality. learned how to apply makeup to my specific advantage and, importantly for me, learned how not to be afraid of it. Learned to knit, spin, weave. Developed new coping mechanisms, relaxing mechanisms. I've learned how to be more positive, more resilient. Allowed myself to collapse sometimes, and learned how to get back up again.

It's kind of amazing, how... well, all of it, really. But also, when you put your mind to it, what you can do. Especially when you look back on it, each little step not seeming that significant and then you look back and go, holy shit. I did all of that?

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No snow today! Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. I'm just as happy to have the hours at work, especially if it's going to be relatively quiet. I can get some writing done. Also if I can poke the Beej about this knitting thing that I seem to be doing wrong.

Last night's Christmas Eureka and Warehouse 13 episodes were on CRACK. Harry Dresden as an overworking neglectful mundane father, that's all I'm saying. Also, Santa.

Rest in Peace, Elizabeth Edwards. She did not have an easy time of it, and she bore up with more grace than I probably would have at least.

Yuletide. Need to finish my ginormous Yuletide fic of semi-ginormousness so I can send that off to my betas and get that done and then have a hope in hell of polishing it in time. Argh.

And too little time before I run off to work. And Russian may or may not be fubared. Ah well.
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It helps to hit 'post' when you want to post your Japanese, Jag. Just saying.

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Ugh. Stupid genitive plural.

Stupid weather. On the plus side, if we really are going to have a snow day, that's a bunch of spinning I can do. Or I can spin tonight. Either way.

I have a lap Murdock. Which I suppose is better than a Murdocksicle. Little shit keeps getting out. He hasn't yet figured out that Out There is way less pleasant than In Here. Either that or he's curious about all the white stuff that's out there. And still coming down, I might add. I'm pretty sure that's actual snow falling and not just drift floating around. There may be phone calls in a bit to determine when exactly I'm going to work. If I'm going to work, although it doesn't look that bad.

I AM DEBT FREE. I have paid off my damn college loans, and my credit card, and I am fucking free of debt. And! And and and, I have an investment account in my name (actually, two, with the same company) to the tune of a fair chunk of change, so that when I finally need to make a down payment on a house or retire or something I should at least have some money to work with. And to build on up until that time. Oh my god you guys this feels so good. So. Good. You have no idea. This is amazing. This is abso-fucking-lutely amazing. Also holy crap that's a wind out there. And some snowfall. That's got to be snowfall, there wasn't enough snow out there to blow around that thick.

Oof. Things to do. Stuff and things. Thinking about it, it looks like I don't have nearly as much as I thought I did to catch up on my words by the end of the year, so! That's something, and otherwise I'm pretty much up to date on my projects. Life is going... pretty well, really.
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Argh. That was more frustrating than I wanted it to be. Also, why is it snowing. Ugh. Can't it wait to snow till the weekend when I don't have to go in to work? Pout. Sulk. Or at least can't it wait till I actually went to bed early.

Signal boosting! Off my flist, personal parts redacted: The Tuesday Toolmen are retired volunteers (early 50s - late 70s) who perform free repairs and modifications to low income senior citizens' homes and people with disabilities in Michigan. Their efforts keep the elderly from losing their homes. They've donated more than 4,000 hours of volunteer service (recognized by a Presidental Service Award) and their efforts have been very successful in helping the community. The Tuesday Toolmen are trying to receive a grant through the Pepsi Refresh project in order to help expand their organization into other cities. Pepsi is distributing the money based essentially on popular vote - if you build an account, you can vote for 10 organizations every day. (And if you're OK with signing in via Facebook, you don't even have to build an account!)

The Pepsi Refresh page:
The Tuesday Toolmen website:

Please consider taking the time to set 30 seconds aside and vote. The Tuesday Toolmen will be eligible until December 31.

I went to TSO. It was fucking awesome. We were up in the third row, along the end, close enough that I could have reached out and touched the bassist as he ran past at the end segment when they're coming back from the platform. There was a lot of up close views of the band, which was kind of awesome, since I've seen the light show many times but now I'm up to the point where I may or may not have small crushes on half the band. Ahem. No I want not trying to make eye contact with Chris Caffrey why do you ask. The bassist totally did remember us, though. The really cute bassist. Aw. The only bad thing was that Jay Pierce didn't do either of his songs that I remember, I think there were only two, apparently because he was sick that day. Which left weird gaps in the program where they hastily segued through his parts. Ah well. It's TSO. They'd have to work pretty hard to do a bad show.

NASA made new life, and not in the usual way. The possibilities for that both in science fiction and in science research and development are staggering. It's really kind of awesome.

Right. Time to get ready to schlep out into the cold. And evict this purring kitten from my chest. Dammit. I don't wanna.
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Wall o' Russian grammar! Augh!

There seems to be something very bizarre and unfriendly going on in the Human Target fandom, or at least a section of it. I'm not sure I like it. Misogyny is something you get used to when you have ... well, when you're a person who pays attention, and I kind of expected it to come up when the show introduced two female characters into what was previously a boys' club, but damn. That's a lot of oh this show sucks now I'm not watching it anymore from people I previously agreed with.

I do think some shows work better as a boys' club. A-Team did. Oz, from what I understand, did. Human Target worked fine as a boys' club, but I think now that the new showrunner seems to be settling down and some of the problems are starting to even out, it seems like the women will integrate just fine. The premise of the show, unlike A-Team, isn't predicated on a concept that is inherently male-dominated. Not the military, not a man's prison, not a boys' school. It's a bunch of pseudo-legal criminals and an ex-cop. No, I don't like the overtones of UST between Chance and Ilsa, and yes Ames is irritating, but she seems to be written to be irritating. Which makes for some amusing interaction between her and Guerrero. And in the last episode, she's grown up a bit. Everyone seems to be settling into telling a good story again. And yet, people are complaining. The show didn't need women. Guerrero and Ames are going to hook up (I so don't see where this is coming from), Guerrero's been neutered (what??) because he isn't immediately abandoning Ames Blah blah most rececnt episode )

And that was a really, really long ramble. Wow. Probably most of it I said yesterday too.

My kitten remains problematic. Although I think he's slowly figuring out that just because we go into another room we're not completely abandoning him. He still likes human food, but since Maggie grew out of that I'm thinking Murdock probably will too.

And as of probably a week from today I will be DEBT FREE. NO MORE STUDENT LOANS. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. At least a quarter of that extra per-month money is getting dumped into savings, though, before I get used to having it. No point in blowing it all. I'm not sure what to do else, but I'm going to keep a careful eye on my budget to make sure I don't go completely nuts now. Happy dance of no debt-ness! I seriously didn't expect this to happen for, um. Several years, anyway.
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I love this Russian book. It has review built in. I was just saying how I needed to go back and review the last four chapters, and look! The next four pages are genitive review!

Oof. It's really getting bloody cold here. It's below freezing right now, at a time when I'm usually getting ready to walk over to carpool to work. There might be snow eventually, which will be nice, but, brr! On the other hand this also gives me an excuse to knit ALL THE THINGS. And spin. And knit. And do funky stuff with wool and things.

And have a cat on my back, evidently. Hi, Murdock.

Human Target was pretty awesome. The writers need to be smacked about a few things, but then, most writers this season do. )

Okay, I'm kind of liking having Murdock on my back. He's warm, he's pleasant, he feels good. He's purring. Sadly, I have to get up in another minute and start moving, getting my shit towards the door. I could stay like this for a while. Especially if he actually lets me get my exercises in like he did this morning. Woot! It's the start of a good day.
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Рксский язык )

My hands are still funny colors. I've washed them about five times.

Oof. Yeah, those verbs are still going to require extensive review. And the best I can figure is just to make sentences, [Subject] [verb] [location phrase in accusative] [manner phrase in prep]. And write them over and over again.

Productive morning, at least. Did the exercises, got my face moisturized and washed after shower since it's getting on towards that time of year again (or should be) and my skin dries out awfully with the cold. If it ever gets cold. I shouldn't say that, then we'll have another freakish winter like last one. Shutting up now.

Desert deadline is pressing down, and I should feel nervous, but I don't, entirely. The major portion of the edits are done, I've got more to go over, sheer word-count wise, but the edits are less substantial. And along with that there's mundane_bingo I should start working on, outlines for Nano, and edits for Martine. And Martine edits aren't going to be that substantial either, or at least, the necessary ones. I do want to fill out some sections here and there, but it turned out surprisingly well on its own. It's been a while since I've both been able to stick to a schedule and not felt writing pressure.

And my tie-dye experiments are at an end, which means that there's nothing I absolutely desperately want/need to get done, craft-wise, till the beginning of the coming year when Dragon*Con costumes start coming together. I could live with this, seriously.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Y ahora yo continue mis estudias de lenguajes. Ayer no hice ni japonés ni aleman, y eso es insuportable. No puedo hacer eso si quiero estar un buena chiquita cortesana.

Y los químicos! Ay, necesito recuerdar. Creo que necesito dos libras carbonato sódico (o ceniza de sosa, recuerda eso) , una libra urea, y unos pequeños cantidades de Rojo Claro y Azul Claro. O... eh, o pequeños cantidades de Azul Intenso y Turquesa, como usa la vez pasada. Azul Intenso, Turquesa, y Amarillo Limón hace un bonito verde, pero no sé como hace el Azul Intenso, Turquesa, y Fuschia para morado. ... Eh, puedo intentar, y coger Rojo Claro y Azul Claro, y reponer si no lo uso. Bueno.

Posiblemente tambien necesito hacer una lista de vocabulario con los palabras químicos para teñir. Urea es lo mismo en íngles como en español, pero washing soda es carbonato sódico y ceniza de soda y eso es utíl de saber.

Oi, y quiero publicar más, pero necesito ir a el trabajo. Bueno, no tengo mucho más que es interesante o utíl.
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Заполните пропуски

Наш дом находится недалеко от университета.
Значит, вы живёте совсем недалеко от библиотеки!
Да, как раз справа от библиотеки! И рядом с моим домом есть также большой парк.

Как по-русски?
1. Nastya lives across the street from a school. Настя живёт напротив школы.
2. She lives to the left of the post office. Она живёт слева от почты.
3. Her apartment is not far from downtown. Её квартира находится недалеко от центра.
4. It is far away from the university. Находится далеко от университета.
5. Nastya's apartment is close to a movie theatre. Квартира Насти находится близко от кинотеатра.
6. It is to the right of a store. Находится справа от магазина.
7. Our dorm is near the gym, but far from the library. Наше общежитие находится близко от спортивного зала, а далеко от библиотеки.

Oogh. Sort of headachy. Don' wanna go to work. Have writing to do. Meh.

Eventually there will be blogging about Spirit Day and the underlying problem that started it, but not right now.
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Русский язык )

Oogh. Well, Mentalist last night gave me a whopper of a headache. And we got the biggest infodump ever about Jane's wife and family. We got more information out of last night's episode than we have in two seasons of the show. Which probably means that after that they're going to not tell us anything more for at least a while, maybe not for the rest of the season. But it still left my brain fairly scrambled. And we're trying to make hotel reservations for D*Con. Or rather, the boy is. I can handle the rest of the arrangements, but I can't stand waiting on hold and navigating shittons of websites as everyone zerg-rushes the hotel. And, really, why the Zerg Rush? Dragon Con is on FOUR hotels. Possibly FIVE. No one needs to zerg rush the ONE hotel.

My spinning wheel is happily settled in the craft room. There may be pictures later today. I'm debating whether or not I actually want to go out tonight and do stuff in a social manner with people who may or may not be people I'd like, or whether I just want to go home and sleep. Or rest, or both. What with no Human Target, though, there's nothing really saying I have to go home and watch it now, or rest there. Being social is different from the energy I've been using. On the other other hand, god right now I just want to sleep.

Maybe I'll see what happens during the day. I need to catch up on writing projects. and I need to put the crafting, apart from the mental floss, on hold at least for next week. So much catch up. So much sleep I need. Not happening right now. Soon, though. Soon.
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That icon is all the more hilarious if you picture it with Raymond Watts, this 6'lots" 140lbs soaking wet scraggly haired Sorcerer-musician plonking one foot down on a guitar stand. With boot on. Big boot. The man's a beanpole, even if he's an adorable beanpole I want to throttle half the time. My understanding of bandom got a lot more visceral when I started following KMFDM. Even haphazard and half-assedly.

Someone explain to me why I can't spell пожалуйста today? It's a simple damn common word. After everything I've been doing (yesterday I did all three languages, did my exercise, picked up no less than three damn projects at work, did my shipping, did some writing, finished a Big Bang, made dinner, and boiled the fuck out of the tiedyed shirts. And then I wonder why I'm so tired) you'd think I'd learn... something. Not to take on so many damn projects. With deadlines, that's the problem. Oh well.

Today's chores: Writing in the Desert, editing Martine, brainspamming on the First Book. Spinning and cooking the damn curry. Surviving work, which shouldn't be as hard as it sounds considering I don't think there's going to be so much to do. Fuck! And the bank. Depositing rent check. Why is being an adult so hard? It didn't look this hard when I was a kid. At least the store projects, one of them is simple, requires printing up something for data collection and putting it out, which I can do today. And the other one is slightly more complicated but not going to start until November, which means I don't have to start working on it until the weekend. The sheer amount of discussion, processing, and infodump that happened yesterday was fucking exhausting, though. I keep forgetting how hard it is to organize all these things and keep them straight in your mind, and process all the little bits of information, until I'm trying to do it.

Hey, though, my to-do list is shrinking. At this point I almost think I want long swaths of things to have to write. If only because I'm not boiling things, lifting vats of stuff, working with chemicals, lifting and carrying, running around, trying to process things. I'm writing. That's it. That's familiar, that's something I know I can do. Bleh. More sleep, I needs it. Maybe I can take a nap at work.
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Русский язык )

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sharlto Copley and his Murdock? Because I do. I really, really do.

So, absolutely no writing or editing of any kind got done yesterday but it was a trade off between getting a fuckton shipped out at work and getting the craft room picked up and ready to be vacuumed for painting and spinning, recovering from a bout of nausea and bile inducing PMS, and getting my shirts prepped for tie-dye. Which will happen tonight, yay! Today, tie-dyeing and maybe, maybe cooking (god I hope nothings spoils before tomorrow) and writing/editing. And probably poking at my spinning wheel at work, although I'm not going to take it home till tomorrow at the earliest. I need to pick up a little more around here, and vacuum the spare room, and let the Beej (our resident spinning wheel expert) poke at it some and tell me things. But I poked at it yesterday and despite the somewhat frightful state of the box it is running smooth and lovely and it is MINE. MY WHEEL. MINE.

Seriously you guys, you have no idea, we get these wheels in stock by making an order three to six months ahead of when we think we'll need them. Then we slowly run out of wheels and parts and have to field calls from people who may or may not know how long it takes to get stuff in, and build up a waiting list of more parts. Then we get them in and they all go right back out again. Gleep. But I've got a sufficiency, I think, right now, of parts and bits and things. Though I might steal an extra hook and an extra drive band just to have around because working with crafty machinery, even simple machines, teaches me that you can never have too many spare parts in case the cats go crazy and knock everything around the room. Thank god my sewing machine is older than everyone in my family but my grandfather and made of metal and nigh on unbreakable.

Um. Things. And stuff. I've started developing quite the little collection of dye supply materials in the apartment, which is kind of funny considering we have a pretty big industrial dye kitchen at work. Then again, there are some times when I don't want to make the trek in to work to just dye one leotard, so it works. God, I'm turning into my NC family, and I love it. I love it so good. Spinning, dyeing, possibly knitting and weaving up next, and it is so much fun you have no idea.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Oogh. Now I'm all doubting my competence with the genitive case. Damn you, genitive case! (Although those words were also annoying. Oh well. Practice.)

Did manage to get to bed on time last night despite the best efforts of a ... not so much a stray cat, from the condition of it, as a cat that probably snuck out while its owners weren't looking. The same cat that snuck out about four weeks ago, but it must have been found and taken care of since because it was clean, nails trimmed, no mites or fleas or anything that I saw. And that probably wouldn't happen if it'd been living on its own on the street for four months. So, yeah. I have no idea. Didn't have a collar, either. I'm kind of tempted, if I see it again, to give it a collar that says "you might want to collar your cat" except I know how my babies are with collars. So, hell. For all I know it might have had one and divested itself of the damn thing at the earliest opportunity.

Oogh. Cat, its' very hard to get the pocket ninja out of his bag when you're laying on it.

Mikey says hi, by the way. He's been clinging to me all morning. He decided that his comfort and petting routine was more important than my sun salutations, so I got to do another five minutes of floor stretches so I could rub his ears and belly. Spoiled cat is spoiled. On the other hand, I have discovered that the only time he scrapes my leg with his teeth as he cheeks my leg is when he's hungry, so, yes. That is in fact a sharklike threat to cut me open if I do not feed him right the hell now. He's a big boy. I listen to him.

Except when I need to get my pocket ninja. Move your fat ass, cat, and stop putting your ears back at me.

Yes, this post is all about my cat issues. Apart from writing issues, that's pretty much all I got.

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Tomorrow, probably, instrumental case. And that leaves... lessee, did Prep, Accusative, Genitive singular and plural, Dative, nominative is pretty well down just off everything so far... So, what, just instrumental case that I've learned that I need to review? ... Damn.

Still very cranky at the boy. Do not appreciate being dragged out of the house at eleven fucking fifteen at night because he doesn't want to go to the grocery store to satisfy his ice cream craving by himself. Seriously, man, if you want ice cream at near to midnight, get it yourself. I'm going to go to bed.

Feeling better today, at least. Got up roughly on time, got exercised, showered, ate and perfumed. Think I left my iSis at work, unless it's in my cable cords part of my satchel, but oh well. Was completely and utterly zonked yesterday. I've decided, too, that I'm not going to worry about my monthly word count for May, just going to finish out the month and then catch up if I'm behind. I did, after all, build up some padding. And there's Nano. As long as my projects get done, that's what matters.

Oogh. Still tired, still kind of cranky. Much less so than yesterday, though? Maybe today something will actually get done.

ETA: Yep. Left iSis at work. Someone remind me tonight to type up vocab sheets and noun/adjective declension tables? Or find them online somewhere I can print them out.

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