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Still a bit freaked about money, and the amount of it I have to spend. Still annoyed that everything needs maintenance. Still not completely freaked because savings, but ugh.

On the somewhat more amusing side, I managed to sit through the entire first episode of Dominion last night. It was troperrific. I'm entirely certain there was not one goddamn character in that episode who had a lick of characterization beyond the trope/archetype/stereotype. There was the Chosen One, played by Chris Egan who also played the Chosen One in the LAST big budget biblical-based show, Kings. Woo. There was The Aloof And Powerful Mentor, played by fucking Astinos from 300, boy he grew up pretty. There was the Corrupt Politician and the Honest Politician/Nobleman, who was exactly as ineffectual as you might think. The Nobleman's Virtuous Daughter, The Racy Harlot (who is sleeping with the Aloof and Powerful Mentor, because why bother with a whole season of Spocking around when you can just get right to it), the Winsome Waif, the Corrupt Politician's Son who is exactly what you'd expect, both "Dad, Why You So Evil" and "I Will Be Eviler Than My Dad Mua Ha Ha Ha Ha..." ... No, Sebastian Stan did it better in Kings. Which, yes, I am going to compare it to because big budget biblical based show with Chris Egan in it. Chris Egan, who cannot for the life of him play a savior figure because he has the follow-me charisma of a rock. Not even a cool rock, like Gibralter or the Stone of Scone or even the Blarney stone, a beach pebble that gets stuck in your flip flop/thong.

No, actually, I'm not going to compare it because I'm not going to watch it. The only reason to watch it is the Aloof and Powerful Mentor figure, and only because holy shit Astinos grew up pretty.

Right. It seems I have a lot of fiddly things to do at work today, so hopefully I can get writing done between everything. Hopefully I can stay awake enough to do everything with a clear mind. Hopefully I can get shit done? Oh dear god. I am going to collapse at some point this weekend and I only hope I have enough shit done that I don't feel tremendously guilty for doing so. Efficiency will be the watchword of the rest of the week.
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Okay, between fillings, chimney, and electrician I feel like I should just start an indiegogo or something. Will Write For Cash For Fixing Things What Are Broke. I guess the saving grace here is I don't need the crown still? And the chimney and electrician are not dire immediate freak out needs, and if I really need to at least one of those can go on a credit card but fucking hell, world. At least I have savings. And investments. And the electrician probably isn't that much, just installng things but. Fucking hell, world.

I should get my ass back to writing. I should get my ass back to writing and is there some kind of promo thing where I say "Hi I need $450 for fillings I will write you shit and you donate and so on" without perk levels? Or ... no, fuckit, I need to get my dumb ass back to writing. Never mind.

(Plus if I pre-write shit, or at least pre-draft shit, I can use that as perk levels and then it won't take much time to edit them into submission. Assuming I actually cave and do this fundraise thing. That requires effort.)

Other things, though, are going pretty well. My tomato plants, fucking hell. I tried the homemade lipstick experiment last night and it was shockingly easy, kind of fun, a mild pain in the ass to clean the bowl between colors, and crayola lipstick, folks. No, I am not scared of crayon ingredients, on further thought. Lord knows I've eaten enough of them. And pen ink. And I'm not all that careful about what I put in my mouth, okay? Okay. Things aren't that bad, and if I really do need to scream for help I can. I'm just protective of my savings and safety net. Like, a lot.

Right. I suppose if I'm going to do this writing thing I'd better get lunch and get to writing, hadn't I. Yesh.
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Apparently I'm going in to work today because the Guild Show is this weekend, the fiber fair is next weekend, my aunt isn't actually as ablebodied as she likes to pretend she is, and I'm not as sick as I want to pretend I am. Or sick at all, really. And I'd feel guilty if I took a sick day and skived off work on a day when I didn't really need to but I really, really want to. Maybe after the trade shows. Maybe I will get a break ever if I just refuse to go to the doctor ever and break both my arms. Why no, I'm not resentful of a certain ditzy co-worker at all.

At any rate. Gods and Monsters almost finished yesterday, now I just need to finish it tonight. Hopefully. Today, the only thing I'm writing is Nerd Girls, and please dear god let today be less chaotic than yesterday. I think I'm giving up on getting Halloween decorations made until at least tomorrow night, if not this weekend. They're not even that hard! I just have no goddamn time. The gargoyles are still in the boy's car, but those can go out when the rest of the decorations are out. On the other hand, ooh. Maybe if we still have black felting fiber I can make some spiders to go in/with things. That would be at least some use of my time at work, and it's not like we don't have bushes and trees we can put them in. Okay, so it's not that bad.

Nerd Girls, and maybe reading over White Lightning, what I have done of it, and seeing how I need to rewrite the beginning/how much I need to write of the end. If I use what I have already and try and blend the two together, which might work since I don't think my writing has changed too much since I started, or if I try to write entirely from scratch. Nano dictates that I write entirely from scratch, but if I have a Nerd Girls draft by then I might just try to write something else entirely from scratch at that point. It's not like I have a dearth of novels to write.

Feeling less overwhelmed and like I have no goddamn time to do everything I want to do today. I just need a couple good days where I can get caught up on Nerd Girls even though I haven't actually promised that on a deadline to anyone. Because my brain is weird like that.
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No Russian yesterday, Russian needs to happen today before my head explodes. I guess the plan will be to use phrases like "across the hotel to the left" or "to the right" and "down two blocks" and "turn left" and so on. Landmarks can come when I have a better idea of where I'm going an what I'm walking to and so on. Stupid bloody con maze.

Did at least get the Haven photoshopping done last night, and more to come tonight. And got Haven down to a quick five minutes I can do tonight, and so on. If I'm very lucky I can get all of Person of Interest done tomorrow and Sunday. Gods and Monsters needs to get done today, some of Nerd Girls got plotted and more can get plotted today as it occurs to me, and in the evening there will be knitting and Emperor's New Groove. Scrivener downloading this weekend. Ulp. At least I'm giving myself a month and a half to fuck around and get used to the new software, but still ulp.

Waking up is happening very, very slowly this morning. For example I've been awake for about four hours and I just typed "this weekend." Oops. But on the other hand I did realize that the weak Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is the equivalent of the three blind men with the elephant story. Or rather, one of those three blind men. And then, you know, I lost myself in the aboriginal Australian language that has only geocentric words for directions so its members have an uncanny ability to know where they are and the locations of things at any given time. And so, that's enough of that. Back to work.

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Suddenly I'm disappointed to find out that the literal translation from Irish for "for example" is not "because reasons".

So at this point I think I should just give up on whatever estimates of writing efficiency I had before because clearly I was overestimating myself. Or I always have been. That is entirely possible. Definitely not getting costumes done before the weekend, though. On the other hand I might actually get them done on the weekend. Or a lot of them.

That said, though, I think the major project aspects are done, which means that today, in addition to writing next week's Gods and Monsters, can be devoted to planning out the Nerd Girls Save The World project. Only now I can't decide between calling it Revenging Angels (or something similar) or Nerd Girls Save The World. Or Revenging Angels 1: Nerd Girls... etc. Nerd Girls Assemble? I should take a poll or something.

So, yes, today will be finishing up Gods and Monsters in the first hour or so and then more Gods and Monsters while planning the nerd girl revenge thing. Tonight there will be all the Photoshop for the Haven tagging contest, which should be fun and hilarious, and possibly productive of something. Between that, I guess, more wrangling of my writing schedule for the next few months/rest of the year, and doing some blog posts. That should at least be do-able as far as that goes. And at some point today or tomorrow I need to figure out a budget for Dragon*Con. I hate budget. Bleh.

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The best thing ever is having the boy come home and tell me about the person who died at his work last night. Not in the homicide or horrible accident manner of death, he works at a neurological-type care ward, and at least one of the floors he's been working on is the age-related dementia ward. But. Argh. Extra bonus fail to the person's guardian or guardians for reasons I will leave you to imagine.

Woke up today ... not incredibly late but late enough that I swapped my morning schedule all around so I wouldn't be more than a few minutes late for any one stage. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just wanted to have more damn leisure time. Still, a lot of things got done last night, in spite of fuckery.

So, today's mission whether or not I choose to accept it is to clear up bits and pieces of everything that's remaining:

1. Blood in the Gutters. Seriously, I have maybe 10 pages left.
2. Gods and Monsters, and maybe start on next week's.
3. Outline Girl Nerds story
4. Character profile on Girl Nerds. At least in more detail than couple word notes.
5. Blog posts

And that's more than enough to be going on with. Still haven't figured out this evening's activities yet, but it should culminate in a couple of hours of working on Haven blog work after the boy's gone to work. We're relatively reasonably well timed on everything there, but I'd rather spend all of Saturday getting Person of Interest done and not Haven. Today's incoming at work looks pretty easy. Let's hope the outgoing is, as well.

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My kingdom for a 501 Irish Verbs book. Seriously.

The great bra adventure continues. I haven't told you guys about the great bra adventure, have I? It's not that great compared to some, at least I have a size on the upper edge of standard. But, okay. So I started snapping my underwires on my bras, which is usually a good sign I need to get more. For whatever reason I seem to have been getting them in batches the last ten years, when one goes, the rest usually follow, so, new bras. So okay, rather than go to whatever cheap discount store Voldemart I usually get my bras from, where they still fit decently and last a few years, I decide to go to an actual lingerie store. I get a recommendation from Anna, measure myself once I figure out how the measuring tape goes in ways that will not make me feel horrible about myself, and hey! I've lost an inch or two around my ribcage. Cool, maybe I've gone down a band size. So I get my bras and I order them and they come and first of all, holy shit padding! The other reason I get my bras at a cheap discount store these days is because they are the only place left that doesn't have everything in padded bras. I loathe padded bras on the general principle of, look bitch, I already have enough padding, I do not need more! So what I ordered were bras that I thought would fit and be comfy and what I got were giant turquoise colored foam cups held together by itty bitty straps. The fuck. The shoulder straps were also the shortest I've ever seen. I let them sit in the box overnight and and think about their sins.

Then I got up in the morning and decided it might not be that bad after all, I'll try it. With the sort of reservation I usually keep for poking something that may or may not be venomous/poisonous. So, before my shower, I went and tried two of them on, since I got two different styles. And they weren't bad? But it turns out I haven't gone down a band size like I thought. Which likely only means that the bras I originally bought a few years ago were a larger band size than I thought; all the size info has now rubbed off of them so I'm guessing, and the measuring tape would do nothing since, band stretch. So, fine, I will wear the goddamn padded bras, but I'm exchanging them for the proper band size and we'll see how that fits. I think, actually, once I get to the right band size it'll work out? But fucking padded bras what the hell. I suppose I'll get used to the concept. I got used to putting on makeup! But would someone please explain to me the purpose of padding in bras for women who already have ample shelf space? I hope there is one. I'd hate to think this was some sort of hur-dur big boobies conspiracy.

So, yeah. That's my morning! That and gleeing over the fact that three bowls of pasta alfredo over two nights are not enough to make me gain so much as a pound. I suppose it's a tradeoff for ballet exercises in the morning and building what might end up being ridiculous amounts of muscle. Oops? I will once again marvel at how much more densely muscle packs than fat. Still about the same size I was five, six years ago. Eight years ago? Just twenty ish pounds heavier. Where the hell does it all GO? Bloody hell. I think of all of those weight loss victory stories, the before and after pictures, and I think, I haven't gained twenty pounds! Muscle. Tightly packed muscle. Jeez. On the upside, it's made me not so afraid of the scale.

Right. I almost got all the edits on Black Ice done last night! In between getting lain on by a boyfriend. Finishing that and the goddamn G&M today and why is it that every time I think I've gotten ahead on Gods and Monsters I end up right back where I usually am? Argh. Maybe I can finish that today and start on the next one tonight. Yes. I think between that I will also work on blog entries and get those done. And that ought to be enough to keep me busy for the rest of the day. If I can manage it there may be porn writing, or at least implied porn writing, somehow I don't think it's going to work around to actually being on camera, as it were. But that story's been slowly dying for the past two weeks. Ugh.

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I has an Anna! We has a tired. But, let's see, so far we have visited a local restaurant I hadn't been to before that was quite tasty and rather nice, not too echoy inside, very close (walking distance), good prices, and I'm pretty sure they thought we were a cute lesbian couple. The waiter was cute! There were lamb sliders. Dear god they were fucking tasty. And nachos with queso that was also fucking tasty. And in general I approve of that place. And then we had hanging out on the couch and watching TV and eating chocolate bars and snarking at the stupid Poltergeist people. Like you do, because that show is full of silly.

Today the plan seems to be go to work and play it by ear in the evening. The boy has work so there won't be too many plans to do anything extensive, especially since he'll probably spend most of today asleep on account of no sleep yesterday. I have no idea what we were going to do tonight, there were some ideas but I don't remember any of them.

Stuff and things. I've gotten myself addicted to Gates of Camelot, or rather Tanya Huff did. The evil wench. You should all join me and we can form a clan.

Yeah, I got nothing else and I should go do the getting ready for work thing. I has an Anna! This is going to be the bestest, most hilariousest two weeks ever.
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So, yesterday was supposed to be a language routines and get some writing done yesterday, but what with one thing and another, that didn't happen. I kind of figured it wouldn't happen at work, but when I got home, oh lordy.

First I got home and found out that Sasha Roiz had replied to my off the cuff Princess Bride tweet. Being replied to by an actor you have a crush on is always cause for a little jolt, but this is three days after the parody Renard (Sasha's character on Grimm) account was making Princess Bride references, so there's a whole load of baggage going on with that. Baggage and mental images. Then I go in and sit down to do caps and order dinner because fuck if I'm going to be on my feet in the kitchen, but the boy wants me to walk with him to the gas station on the corner to get gas for the lawn mower. Okay, fair enough. So we do that, come back, I sit down to do caps. Put in the wrong goddamn DVD the first time and it takes me a second to realize it. Swap it out for the right DVD, take a couple caps, get up, feed the cats. Sit down to do caps, get up about twenty minutes later because he's found a baby snake. Baby garter snake. It's cute! I put it in a marigold pot, take a picture. Go to pick it up and put it back on the ground and it pees on me. I got peed on. By a fucking snake. So, fine, fucker, stay in the flower pot. Go take a couple more caps. Feel guilty, come out, finally manage to get the snake out and onto the ground where it can go find a home and food, go back inside. Boy calls me out front to show me how much he's weeded. What are you, five? Can't it wait? I'm exhausted and trying to finish my goddamn caps for this blog entry. So I go look at his weeding, come back in, do a couple MORE caps, realize I've forgotten to order the fucking food. Go back out, boy tells me to go back in and get a menu. Go back in, get a menu, stand around wait for him to decide. Order food. FINISH THE FUCKING CAPS. Food happens. I eat food, sit down to write, boy decides he wants to watch I Am Legend. I am already tired, I don't want to be exhausted and depressed. Go upstairs. Come back downstairs, get chocolate, put food away, go back upstairs. Write some. Discover that writing on the bed leads to exhaustion becoming come on, just go to sleep already. Buggeryfuck. Discover James Nesbitt is coming to Dragon*Con, well, that's good for a bit of an adrenaline hit? No, that doesn't last. Give up on writing, go to bed.

So, yeah. Very little of what I wanted to do yesterday got done. Though Sasha did tweet me back. And a snake peed on me. That doesn't happen every day. I kind of wonder if it got eaten by a bird, though. There was a bird that came down and started eyeballing the place where I put the poor thing, and then when I ran back up the walk to chase it away I didn't see the snake again. Either it burrowed or the bird got it. Ah, nature.

So, okay. Today's plan is to get G&M drafted at work and get at least one scene edited in Black Ice, maybe two. I have an idea of what's going on in G&M, I just need to have the energy to write it down. I have time blocked off in the evening for edits, too, or rather, time left free. So there's that. Hopefully today will be at least a little less chaotic than yesterday. Maybe? Please?

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In retrospect, the Teach Yourself books are definitely better as supplement than primary, and I'm doing this backwards. Oh well. No, self, this does not mean you need to look up the Welsh version of the Grammar-and-Workbook thing.

I actually got a draft of an author bio out last night! I have sort of a schedule as far as updating my website and getting it actually done goes. Looking back on it, it looks like I did actually revise the character sheet of doom to be more expansive and less repetitive. I might add in some more exercises, but that's about it. Which means I'm actually making forward progress on my stupid website. I rather like that. I might redo the style sheet somewhat, but other than that, woo! Go me.

Finished all the available episodes of Ripper Street. I still have no idea how Jerome Flynn was Bronn the bastard (likeable bastard, but still) in the one TV show and is now such a freaking woobie in the other, but I want to give Sergeant Drake all the hugs ever now. All of them. Poor baby. And, jesus h christ (the h stands for hitman), doing Person of Interest results in some really wordy recaplyses. I mean, this is a good thing, but right now we're verging on nearly a thousand words of analysis per minute. For a 44 minute show. Yeah. I'm hoping these get less wordy once we're not doing the pilot where all the character basics get introduced, but I'm not holding my breath for it.

I've hit that point again where I need to stop myself from doing all the things. Which is better than having my inner college freshman, I suppose! And what Google Calendar is for. And remembering to check things off my list.

Oh god, I just blathered for an entire paragraph about a single shot in the PoI pilot. We're doomed. 450 words on 30 seconds. We're doomed.

Ahem. Okay, no, seriously, work. I have tasks to do on the website, things to do as far as writing and editing goes. And, you know, day job work to do. If I can just keep my mind from flying off in half a dozen directions at once, that would be fantastic. Like, Nine fantastic. I have too much to do to go around running in circles. (Though I suppose the plus side to this is that if I am running at this kind of speed, at least I have energy?)
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Oof. No, I was going to do the dialogues but, no. Tomorrow.

My god, I actually slept through the night last night. It didn't result in any more exercise ... no, a little more exercise this morning, but not much, but that's something for check-in. But I actually slept through the night! Apart from one thing that may or may not have involved completely waking up, Murdock was nibbling on me. I think I woke up enough to pet him, but I have only a vague recollection of that even happening, so that might have been more the fact that he was sitting on me as I was falling asleep. That cat, I swear.

And enchiladas happened! Actually enchiladas happened on Monday but out of about ten or so that I made I got to eat three of them. Because the boy ate most of them. Even the leftovers. So I told him that it would be a sweet gesture if he went to the store on his way home from work this morning and got cheese so I could make a new batch, 'cause I had most of the stuff left for it. And he did. And then enchiladas happened.

And the point of all this was sort of, does anyone have an idea for a more reusable wrap for frozen meals like burritos and enchiladas and thing than tinfoil? I was kind of thinking of using the muslin that I have, but I don't know how good of an idea that would be. It would also probably require things to be dry when I put them in, but most fabricy things would be like that. (I was out of wax paper, or I would have used that which is at least more reusable than shreddy tinfoil.) And, god, I need to do all the baking this weekend. I'm thinking lemon bars and spice scones. Sunday is clearly All Day In The Kitchen. And. Something. Oh, and chicken from Saturday if the boy gets more of it.

As you may have noticed, periodically I love fucking around in the kitchen and being domestic.

Still Fuck It's Cold Outside cold, still probably warmer than it is in most of the rest of the United States. Which means I'm frozen and grumpy if I have to go out of doors, but less likely to bitch in public? Really, Asheville is an awesome place to live, weather-wise. The mountains mean we get little in the way of extreme weather at any given time. Of course, if the mountain passes, all of them, get rockslid shut we're ... maybe not so much fucked, but things will definitely slow to a craw. But other than that, we're in an amazingly peaceful part of the country.

I need to essay today, make a grocery list and probably a menu plan, and check in. With luck nothing catastrophic will happen and I'll actually get all of those things done, plus some relaxing tonight. In practice... well. In practice, we'll just have to see, won't we? Also I seem to need some food porn icons. Hurm.
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I was seriously considering taking tomorrow off to recapalyize (this is not quite as bad as it sounds, things are really quiet at work) except then I actually got sick, so now I'm taking tomorrow off to do my best Oscar Wilde impression. What fun.

This is easily the funniest thing I have seen all day.

I'm having bizarre urges to compose folk songs. I don't even know why, and I would blame the cold or the cold meds except this started a couple of days ago. I even have (had?) some of the melody line in my head. God knows whether or not it'll still be there when I get home. Still, this might be one of the more entertaining things I've ever done while stoned. ... Apparently whoever's behind the in-character journal likes it, too. Awesome! ... Crap, that means I actually have to do it, doesn't it.

I have to say, if I'm going to come down sick, at least I have shitpots of leftovers and a couple of tins of juice in the freezer. Though I would love a grocery run. Maybe I can convince the boy he needs to go for groceries tomorrow morning. I'd go tonight except I just want to go home, curl up on the goddamn couch, take cold meds and eat dinner and watch Haven and then fall over and pass out. Which is more likely to be, watch Haven, fuck around online with horse games while I babble about Haven and Blue Lion renders the babblings into more coherent note form, assuming either of us is coherent at this point. But, you know. Details.

Even customers are telling me I sound sick. The good side of this is, I think, aunt won't look at me funny for going "Yeah I'm not coming in tomorrow." or "I'll call you if I feel well enough to come in." I had a customer tell me I sounded sick over the damn phone.

Yeah. Peace out.
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Yeah, I got deeply annoyed at my German yesterday and never ended up finishing it. I should probably do that today, and the next exercise. Meh.

Did have one of those revelations last night that isn't so much a revelation to the world at large as a clicking into place of oh that's how that works. Because I was doing scales on the guitar, got through C and D and started E when I realized that every new "middle" scale I was starting on that appropriate note on the middle C scale. Because duh. So, like I said, obvious (and you'd think I'd know this because I took the freaking piano lessons like Good Educated Girls Are Supposed To Do) but guitar scales are so damn new to me that it took me a couple scales to put it together.

I have no idea why I woke up this morning with this immense feeling of what am I doing with my life, what are my choices, why did I fuck up so badly. It was not fun. Not even a nightmare so much as a general malaise and woe. Mornings like that I deeply regret not telling the boy no you can't take a night job I need you here in the mornings in case I have bad dreams. Ugh. Fortunately the Hamletian feeling went away and now I'm all bouncy happy my house even if it's a wreck, slowly fixing that, languages are awesome and I can speak many of them and I am awesome too and so on.

Richard Armitage remains unfair. Everything about him. I want to curl up on a couch with him and watch all the fun movies and babble endlessly with him. (The most enduring crushes I have are couch crushes. Not, oh this guy's freaking hot, the ones of oh my god I want to spend an entire weekend with this person hanging out and talking about all the things.)

I feel like I've passed a major deadline somehow, and I'm not sure how or why. Maybe just that we've gotten through the Once Upon A Time skewerings and back on to more major blogwork now? Or maybe because it's a week and change till my next non recapalypse post. Or something. Not sure which. Which means it's time to get back to Dwarf porn and Talia Wayne AU (come to me Bane/Talia I have missed you!) and random other things I haven't been working on because unpacking and cleaning and such. Not that I don't have cleaning left to do, but it's settling down again. Thank god. Now I just have to finish all that and keep it clean, that won't be hard right? Right?
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Oh kitten, my kitten. Murdock is officially too crazy for the Humane Society to handle. Fortunately they don't really have to, the only thing we needed them to do was chip him. They were in there for forty five minutes. The poor woman said she'd handled feral cats that were better behaved. Of course, the second he got back to us he crouched down and licked my fingers. Mommy! They were mean to me! Yeah, no, you little shit, I know you and your ferocious anti-vet ways.

So we got the chip in its injector case and took him to the vet. The vet techs took one look at him and went back into the employee area, reappearing in leather gauntlets up to the elbow and wielding a net. They know Murdock well. He was back there for about thirty minutes, the first five of which were accompanied by yowling and thumps. Then everything was quiet. About halfway through they came out and said "he's all quiet now, we'll just monitor him a little longer and then you can take him home." Meanwhile we're chatting over cat stories with the receptionist, who calls him our "wild man."

Of course, now he's up and moving, for a drunken sailor version of up and moving. Still, that's one item off on my to-do list, one cat safely home and moderately healthy, double checking with the vet how long it should take to wear off. And we never have to do that with him again, yay!

It looks like I'm down to data checking on house stuff again. I dropped the contract info off at the lawyer's and now I just wait for their phone call. I can at least check on fire ordinances and lead paint removal in the area, and maybe collect numbers of bug sprayers and see if they have price listings. It probably will be cheaper just to do it ourselves. I don't even know where the four or five wasps we saw are coming from, the boy didn't say he found any nests in the attic and the one nest I found chunks of on the balcony looked fairly dead. Still. Wasps. The bumblebees may live.

I can't believe I'm going to become a homeowner. It's like now that I have room to breathe I have room for the absurdity of it to hit me. What the hell? I'm not a responsible adult, I'm a frivolous person who likes her shinies and instant gratification. I'm a teenager still, dammit, maybe not in body but certainly in attitude. Or I'd like to have that kind of careless fickle attention to what's shiny and cool and little else. Being an adult is too much hassle.

(And, you know, then again, being an adult has led me to dig into the process of getting a fucking awesome house so hard I'm actually fooling everyone into thinking I can do it. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

I shouldn't say things like that. I can totally do it when I'm not thinking about how this is what responsible and diligent persons do. It's not so much that I don't think I'm either of those things, it's that when I'm tired I either whine about how much work it all is or freak out that I'm going to do something stupid and blow it. And I'm really heading towards tired, right now. Still. It's the weekend. If nothing else I can catch up on sleep.
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My god, there are not enough exercises for all those prepositions. On the plus/amusing side, I managed to string together phrases in something resembling my first coherent sentence in Irish? Or my first coherent translation. Or something. I need a workbook. Or a couple more textbooks.

Three day weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. I even managed to get some writing in on the last day, which would have been more except for the selling bank for the house we want continuing to be a giant bag of dicks. They won't pay for the house to be de-winterized, which is actually less calamitous than I feared; at first I thought they wouldn't let us get a decent inspection at all. But Realty Lady says we can get most of the utilities turned on ourselves, we'll just have to pay for it instead of them. So, fuck them, but I still get my inspection just to make sure something else hasn't gone horribly wrong. Because at this rate we're pushing the upper limit of "repairs we know we'll need to make immediately/in the next five years." On the other plus side, some of those repairs are definitely a in the next five years problem.

Right. Back to the grindstone today. Things to do: Deal with modly things and reply to emails with confirmations and answers, call Realty Lady and discuss how de-winterization and turning on utilities is going to happen and when so I can get the goddamn inspection scheduled. Again. For the third time. Writing! BBMs, check publishing schedule, and do at least an hour or so on website stuff. German, Japanese, guitar, fuck I'm busy. At least the chicken's already cut and I just have to cook it up tonight and then apply sauce. And most of that's writing, and since there's very little incoming the only outgoing I should have to deal with is the usual weekend backlog. Woo! Okay, I can do this.
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Once Upon A Time last night irritated me so much I cannot even tell you guys. )

And then there was a random explosion over stock and I have no idea what happened but I do not like being in a room with randomly yelling people.

Oh, but I did watch the livestream of the chat with Once Upon A Time actors and writers and came away with one spoiler and a couple impressions. My first impression is that Robert Carlyle was really, really bored. Almost the whole time, very few people asked him any questions (although Cyprith's nail polish question got through, which amused me endlessly. I was actually wondering when they started in on the fashion questions if they'd ask hers, and they did! Some sort of greeny-black pre-made thing, apparently.) and mostly he was just sitting there on the end being tiny and fidgeting. My second impression is that the writers are the exact kind of nerds as in from the D&D skit. You know the one? "Where's the CHEETOS" "Are there any GIRLS there?" Which explains so, so much about the show. I was kind of intrigued to know that it takes Carlyle a fair bit of time to get into the Rumple costume, and the boots, which don't actually look that bad, take an hour or so? I think is what he said. Christ. I could probably design a better boot than that.

Still nothing on house stuff, still annoyed at them that we can't get in and find out what's wrong and argh. That whole business is generally annoying. Did get a chunk of writing done this weekend, mostly on BigBang Mixups, need to get back into writing routines this week. Which shouldn't be too hard unless I end up having another pile of house logistics to deal with. Um. Things and stuff. Grimm was interesting this week and I saw way more of Sasha Roiz than I ever realized I wanted to. Or maybe not, I can't decide. Also, fucking Titus Welliver is ALSO in everything. Also also, Grimm is turning more interesting than OUAT by the episode. Which saddens me. And I hope Alcatraz is new tonight. I need my Sam Neill fix. Yes, my life is still fairly boring.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, went to look at more houses over the weekend. It looks like the leading contenders now are New and Busted and Old Hotness, thank you Anna for the names. Both are pretty much what they say on the tin, New and Busted needs about six months of work and is as old as I am, Old Hotness is considerably older, needs less work as far as I can tell except for some cosmetic wear and tear on the outside, and is fucking awesome. That said, right now we're back to financing and dragging an inspector out to Old Hotness. If we end up going with New and Busted I know at least several pieces of work that need to be done there, and that all the money we'd save going into that one would go into repairs fixing it up. Whereas Old Hotness might not actually require that much immediate fixing.

Oh Once Upon A Time. Oh you fairy tale people in the real world, why are you made of so much fail. Mary Margaret, why do you make me want to slap you with a dead trout? David, you make me want to slap you with a dead trout in both worlds. And Rumplestiltsfucker, what the hell was with the spontaneous burps of accent? Plucked from your heid? Really? I'd say that doesn't even sound authentic except it kind of does, and, really, he is a native Scotsman, but really? This after half the conversation was conducted with him using a fairly flat near-American accent. Also, the Once Upon A Time writers need to be beaten with every single book on writing dialogue I've ever read, my lord. I am, however, seriously giving this Mysterious Stranger the side-eye. That was an awfully Gold-like conversation he had with Emma. Which then resulted in even more speculation that he's grown-up Bae, which resulted in me shipping adult!Bae/Emma so hard like burning. I cannot even tell you, flist. Of course, I need to finish the Ruby/Gold fic first. Oh, decisions.

Heh. Of course, the other reason I want the Mysterious Stranger to be Bae is for the reunion scene. I know Carlyle can carry it. I'm pretty sure Eion Bailey can. That would be one hell of a scene, there. And no one else would understand, because no one knows Rumplestiltstitter's history. They just know him as the scary, scary motherfucker. So. That could be interesting, too.

One of the randomass things I have decided to do to occupy me while househunting, in addition to filling a hope chest, is planning a garden. Basil, Oregano, and the Scarborough herbs, along with some carrots and potatoes and tomatoes, because it is REALLY HARD to fuck up tomatoes, and composting! I am so excited about composting o my flist, you would not believe. Which probably says something about me. You know, I think if I could get away with it in the city, I would keep chickens in Old Hotness. But I don't think the city's zoned for that.
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So, the minor frenzy of "ooh shiny" over my excerpts on the Nano comm seems to have died down. On the one hand, ego deflation ahoy! On the other hand, it's kind of a relief not to have the pressure. And on the sword hand, I'm enjoying the hell out of this novella and I have plans for the world and all the novellas I've written in it anyway and that's what matters. Mostly the enjoyment part.

Work has kicked. My. Ass. Apparently everything had to happen today, somehow, everything coming in and everything shipping out. I'm trying to go as fast as I can and still be accurate, but boy my headache has faded to a dull, feverish thump. And I do mean feverish. I'm getting one of those mini stress fever things and I do not like it, Sam I am. At least everything got out, everything was pretty well accurate, my desk is slowly getting cleaned. And once Old and Busted goes away, it'll be even cleaner because I'll have a whole bunch MORE space to clutter the hell up.

Hopefully I can get through everything tonight, at least. While it's quiet in the house, get some writing done, get some guitar done, etc. Dinner tonight will be quick and simple, I think. And then, all the writing. All of it. I want to get at LEAST a couple of these projects to the next stage/out the door. Argh, why aren't there more hours in the day. At least the weekend is coming.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Aww, that's so cute. German has two words for assassin and both of them are gendered.

Dragging out the Faust did help, not only with the learning of the prepositions but also with the realizing, hey, with the help of a dictionary I could probably understand this. Which means it's apparently the day for that because I was really, really startled by the ease with which I read the first Russian email exercise thing. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that easy to look at all those words and understand what they meant the first time! Which, yes, duh, of course it wasn't, I've had two and a half to three years of study since then, but it's still trippy. Learning, not just how to read and speak and write in another language, but that I can.

Ahem. Meanwhile. I have work to do, and cannot glee about the Anne Rice vs Stephanie Meyer catfight that seems to be brewing, so says Yahoo. No, seriously you guys, that is the most hilarious thing ever and I want to make all the popcorn and sit back and laugh, but I have shipping and writing to do. But it's so funny.

Oof. So, right now I have to finish this coda scene in HBB and then go over it all and make sure all my Chekhov's guns are in place. Because there's a couple that could use moving to a more prominent position on the wall. And, you know? I subscribe to the Stephen King archaeology theory of writing. There's a dinosaur there, and if you're lucky you can get 60-70% of the skeleton. You never see the whole thing. But if you're lucky, and if you're careful or if you go back to it and keep working on it often enough, you can get quite a bit. Everything I've ever written in the Black Ice world comes out 80-90% close. It is quite possibly not the best, but the closest to how I picture it series of stories I've ever written. Which bodes well for Nano and makes me feel a lot better about my writing.

So damn much to do. Writing, checking this in, then finishing up what I can in the day before I go grocery shopping. Then, um. Yeah, I don't even know. But my electronic brain does, actually, and that's a big help. I might even manage to get to bed on time tonight. I actually got most of my writing done by now, so that should help me get to bed on time. Get up, start writing, and do it all at the proper hour it's supposed to be done. Woot!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I'm having one of those "OMG I'm learning Irish" moments again. Which is probably good because after the first three lessons I'm going to need buckets of review to keep this in my head. Plus pronunciation review.

So. I spent most of this weekend asleep or playing stupid video games, which is probably just what I needed. I managed not to go nuts over the fact that the apartment isn't clean, my stuff wasn't getting written, I just sat back and relaxed and slept a lot and now I feel better. I still have no idea what I'm going to do about, well, anything that I still have to do stuff about, but all I have to do is survive this week and the resultant craft fair plus trade fair at the end of it. And then it'll be okay.

And, you know. Slowly getting back on the routines, exercise, languages, sleep, guitar, I've got music theory lessons coming up, day job. Knitting projects. Work type work. Lots of, although at least today, still not much incoming. Probably a lot of outgoing. And packing for the show. And. Ugh. Want another weekend day to clean and write and so on. Then again, I'd probably just spend that half asleep, too. A little bit of each at a time.


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