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Jag, you dumbshit, don't leave the boisterous French music on when you're trying to learn Irish right after you've done your French vocabulary. Especially not when you're this tired and your language switcher is sticky.

Well, that takes the prize for one of the strangest dreams I've had in a while. Something to do with a couple of guys a la Croup and Vandemaar (they looked different but they were definitely that twinned brand of bad guy) taking me and a few other people hostage in some mall that had something to do with both Dragon*Con and New York City (the fuck? Dragon*Con is in Atlanta) and towards the end had me treating the Vandemaar character like a misbehaving puppy, which seemed to be working. Or at least it seemed to confuse him. Weird.

Woke up feeling like I'd lost two out of three rounds with a Siegbarste (that's an Ogre, for the non-Grimm-obsessives in the audience) and after stretching and doing some of my dance exercises, at less power than I could pre-Dragon*Con sadly, I feel less achey but no less tired. Time, I guess. Both time to get back up to strength and early fucking bedtime. Eventually there will come a day when I recognize my limitations as I hit them and stop. Today is not that day. Yesterday wasn't that day, either. "Hey, I've just gotten back from a good six hours of working on my house, I know, I'll hike down to a creek and up the hill again to my aunt's house! That's fun!" It's only a 15 minute hike, but, really, self? On top of a day of climbing up and down ladders, washing everything in sight? Uh-huh.

On a related note, soon will come a day when my ability to do laundry no longer depends on whether or not I have sufficient quarters. I long for that day.

Somehow, despite all this tired, I still have my shit together for work. Knitting, thank you cards, camera in case we go by the house this morning or afternoon on the way to or from work, chip reader to upload Dragon*Con pics at work. At the very least I need to email them to my family, who may attempt to disown me if I don't. Then possibly I need to upload them to tumblr, except I think I also need to strongly reduce the size. Pfui. Maybe I can download Gimp at work, which 'maybe' here means 'I should remember to do that.' And this on top of all the other work shit. Yaaay! Oh god. And another thing, I should come up with something to do with all my goddamn jewelry. She said, as the braintwin tossed a perfectly good idea that works perfectly. Okay then! That was moderately hilarious.

When I left home today the boy was curled up asleep in bed under the blankets, and with two cats right bundled up by him. It's definitely autumn.
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So, I was reading some article which I'm not going to bother to link to because this isn't about that, and it brought up the whole Republican advisor's comment about "And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."


The problem with this isn't even that part of the quote, which actually isn't a bad idea as a general idea. The problem is that this person has taken it so far to the extreme that "reality-based community," the really real world, doesn't exist. Which leads me to wonder, what the hell are you working with, are you acting on, to use your word Advisor Person, if not reality? You can act in your own vacuum all you want, it's not going to change anything in this reality based community called Earth. Maybe you'll manage to rig an election on Barsoom. Do they have elections on Barsoom?

I'm constantly amazed at what the Republican party candidates come up with that show an astounding lack of political acumen. Mitt Romney is just amazingly bad at politics. At some point it becomes less a gaff and more sheer ineptitude; I can understand why he'd say derisive and vitriolic things at a private event where he has no expectation that his comments will hit the public eye. But assuming (and I'm quoting this from memory) he actually did say "I don't care about [the 47%]", it's a simple fix! All he had to say was that he didn't care about getting their vote, and while that might be derided as snobbish and stupid, it's at least a more tolerable response sentimentally than standing by "I don't care" full stop. My god, man. And this whole thing of we're not going to let fact-checkers stand in the way of our party line, and don't even get me started on the existence of fact-checkers at all. When every word out of Paul Ryan's mouth is a lie or is being thought of as a lie, when he's getting booed off the stage, it's hard not to stand there and wonder how these people ever became the party candidates in the first place.

You're acting, all right. You, you Republicans, all you frothing die-hard idealogues who haven't let the truth get in the way of your cozy fictions, you're acting like a pack of rabid dogs. When I was in high school studying philosophy I learned about the dialectic, thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Action, reaction, new action. Creating other realities, as this person so blithely put it, also requires interacting with the reality that already exists. You have to have the pre-existing thesis to come up with the antithesis for the process of synthesis to occur. Goddammit, people. I swear, it didn't used to be this way. I'm pretty goddamn sure. I have no idea when the Republican party got taken over by demagogues and ossified pedants, and it's not like my own party has had a history of sunshine and roses, but damn.

I think it was Paul Ryan getting booed off the stage today that did it. (Supposedly, I didn't see the video myself so I can't be sure.) I mean, I grew up with a very thorough idea of politics. People stood up, they made arguments, they made speeches and promises, a lot of the time they lied. But they had to at least be civil, pretend as though they knew what they were doing, pretend as though they had a plan and a basic sense of decency and were approachable while remaining above everything and. The shenanigans weren't so obvious. I'm pretty sure.

What the hell do they teach children in school these days?

Obligatory house stuff: Got contacted by the draw specialist today, who promptly turned into a robot when I had only one question to ask her. The process promises to be somewhat annoying but not bad. Permits go in on Monday since the offices are closed today, and then we'll get started! WOOT.
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Crap, I forgot to look for my German book. I guess I can do that a bit today, but it's getting down to the wire of time to go.

Note to self: When dealing with analysis of hard to watch things, make sure you do it before the last hour or so of the evening. Or you'll spent the next hour decompressing instead of sleeping. And then you sleep or grog your way through all your exercises and you don't feel as good the next day. Silly woman. At least that part's over.

I did, at least, get my hope chest sorted out and my knitting needles sorted out and that all stuffed into my knitting bag. I've got my afghan squares ... I don't even know how the hell many afghan squares I have. I'd check but the boy's sleeping where I have all the damn things tucked, so oh well. I know I'm not down to the last couple yet because I still have piles of yarn left and I haven't done that many. So I have that for if work's slow today. I have filing to finish up, first one set and then the next, which, at least the next is a slightly smaller stack of papers. I may also have raided the Big Damn DVD Sale on Amazon for a couple seasons of the Mentalist on sale at about 75% off, and the third season of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Which I probably shouldn't be doing after Dragon*Con, but I have more leeway than usual right now. And I've been meaning to. The vampire fangs, on the other hand, retractable or no, I definitely don't need. Remember that, self.

And the third note to self: listening to Maroon 5 in general is bad for your not thinking about Fluffy. Stop that. Even if it's a new album.

Oof. Sons of Anarchy started last night, Haven starts up in another... week? No, nine days. And I need to catch up on Warehouse 13. Everything else I think I've caught up on, and what the fuck Copper. Suddenly I'm revising my opinion of one character. She's like Al Swearengen, only more psychotic. I mean, that said, I'm really enjoying the show, even if the girl kind of creeps me out and the madam creeps me out even more. Kyle Schmid is adorable, and so are the two Irish coppers. Well, the two who look a bit interchangeable. It's post-Civil-War-New-York-City, there's a lot of Irish coppers. Um. Copper, Grimm will come back soon, although not long enough. I need to get the caps up for the latest analysis to go up maybe tonight? And then get my butt moving on the analysis I'm working on so that can go up end of this weekend. So much television, so little time I can devote to planting my butt and resting and watching it. Or maybe just, so little brainpower to devote to the shows I want to catch up on.

But, hey, look! Routines! Coming back, except for that one about Japanese in the evening. That needs to get fixed soonest. I had a review plan, I think the key is just going to be to take it slow and steady and not get discouraged over having to take it slow, which seems to be mostly what trips me up. The grammar structure of Japanese is fairly different from everything else I've studied, and between that and the pictogram writing rather than alphabet writing I think that's slowing me down more than I'm comfortable with. Which is kind of stupid, not in general but specific to my particular passion of learning languages. It's a challenge, Jag. A language learning challenge, you remember what those are like, yes? You can't just slurp everything. Rise to the challenge.

Work work work. Speaking of rising to the challenge. Getting through filing without getting bored. At least I have stuff to write and brain to concentrate on it now that house stuff is winding down. That might even make a good transition.
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Holy crap, I just did the weather forecast in Irish! FUCK YEAH.

Also, now I'm back on a mild surge of want to write Guerrero/Black Widow. Or Guerrero anything. We can blame [personal profile] oldandnewfirm for this, and I'm sure this kick won't last long, and I have approximately 52,714 other things to write. But I'm going to roll around in all the Guerrero until I get to work and actually work on one of those other things. So there.

Talked to Mom yesterday. We commiserated over house buying, she apologized for only sending me money for my birthday (it's FINE, Mom, I promise, money is always useful), and she told me about my cousin getting into trouble with the law in Prince George's County for something utterly fucking stupid. For those of you not in the know, at least as of a couple years ago PG County had the highest rate of officer-involved shootings in the United States. I am not joking. They also seem to have enough excessive force complaints to make it about a third of their wikipedia article, which, well. It's Wikipedia. But when I lived in the area, PG County was not the county you wanted to get arrested in.

And this is the cousin my aunt B (his mother) wanted me to board for a year. Uh. Huh. I don't think I'm equipped to handle this kind of problem, and I'm pretty sure no one else here is either. On the other hand, with the legal crap I think it's pretty much moot now.

Apparently we had a woman in the store yesterday who wanted to buy Stuff. At first the Aunt thought she meant finished things, which people do sometimes think we sell, and tried to direct her to a couple other stores on our street. No, she wanted to know if we had Things. What kind of things? You know, Things to Buy. I leave you to pick out the logic of walking into a store that caters to a specific set of needs and asking about Things To Buy.

And, oh great, now we're two people down on the day we're short staffed. Oh this is going to be fun. Where's Guerrero and his rifle when you need him.
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A couple days late, but this was handed to me as an antidote against all the rhetoric over the past few days. Muslims attend Christian Coptic mass.

Oof. I think I have a schedule up not only for self-publishing one novel, but also for getting this other novel in shape for a small press publishing company submission. Which is mildly terrifying, but as a friend said, if I'm distracting myself with freaking out over self-publishing I'm not freaking out over submitting to a small press company. And out of all the novels I have ready right now, this is probably the best shape/easiest/most likely to work. Now, if I can do this and not panic like a mad crazy panicking thing I'll be golden.

I wonder how likely that is.

I wrote Soldier fanfic, which is nice because it was taking over my brain for a while. I'm kind of debating writing the other side of it, too, except that's Todd's point of view and Todd's point of view is hard, dammit. I suppose the other thing to do is, um. Something. My brain is so scrambled by now. I had a snow day today and I spent most of it either cleaning or editing. For the record? Editing one's own stuff is way harder than writing. At least, it is for me. It's much harder, and it's much more exhausting.

All this and I'm planning on doing a few Big Bangs, too. Oi, this may not be my best plan ever. Except all the publishing stuff is weighted in the first half of the year, and most of the Big Bangs are weighted in the second half of the year. God, this is going to be an exercise in time budgeting like no go to hell. Eek. And possibly now I have babbled at everyone more than enough. I'm going to go hide in my Castle or Tron fantasy world now. Or possibly plink around on the guitar. I have new strings! I like new strings. They mean my guitar sounds nicer.
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Ugh. That's about all the energy I have for the moment. And why the hell did my keyboard go to Russian.

I'm kind of amused that there's a Japanese community in the Spotlight section right now. Amused and intrigued. I'd be more participatory or bouncy except that suddenly I'm bloody damn tired and going to bed as soon as I figure out what else I wanted to put here. Had a couple of tags on a couple of joint fics to do and then bed. Oh, right. French, too. Goddamn, how old is this book? It was my... sophomore or junior year of high school, which, no, junior. Which makes it about thirteen years old. Sweet cream Jesus on a whole wheat cracker.

I'm exhausted. I really am. I should have done more writing tonight but I did at least stretch those muscles some during the day, that counts for something, right? Also in the category of things done tonight, the bookshelves were taken apart a bit (shelves taken off) and reinforcement was attempted until the boy decided that driving screws into the sides of the flatpack bookshelves was just tearing up the pressboard more. Then we put a lot of things back on the shelves. But at least stuff is going up on the shelves. Slowly, we'll get this apartment back in shape. We have way too much crap.

Coherence dropping off. Finishing French post and hieing off to bed.
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Well. I've graduated from crawling, hobbling, and otherwise hissing in pain every time I move or roll over, to pretty much being able to get around, sit, stand, do some limited yoga, and the only bad part is that every time I get up from a sitting position I sort of lurch to my feet and then spend the next five minutes staggering around like the Bug in an Edgar Suit from Men in Black. Seriously, I need to call up Vincent D'Onofrio for pointers.

Tomorrow, routines resume. So does work. Which will be nice because I haven't been to work in five days and ... actually, I've barely been out of the house in five days for one reason or another, and it's starting to get incredibly surreal. I really, really want to be healthy again. I miss being healthy. I miss being able to go out for a walk without worrying that I'm going to flop down by the side of the road twitching and paralyzed and in pain. Still, given the past couple of days worth of not doing that within the safety of my own home, I think I'll be able to manage. And just in case, there'll be a couple of naproxen in my pocket along with a not!Vicodin and my cell phone. Just in case.

So, we need a new TV. And a few other things, mostly me being housebound for the last five days, have led to me and subsequently the boy starting to pick up the house. Again. And the spare room. Again. And this time it might actually get finished! I'm hoping to do this over the next couple of weeks, between everything else. It started out as a way for me to get up every fifteen or so minutes and lurch, because otherwise I'd just continue to stiffen up and nothing would ever get achieved in terms of recovery. And now somehow it's turned into a thing. We got all the minis out of blister packs and sorted into tackle boxes according to rough category, we finished fixing up one bookshelf that was kind of wobbly. Cleaned up the carpet in the supposed guest room, and tomorrow we sort of rearrange the furniture. And the boy calls recycling places to find out what we can do with the TV.

Apart from trying on the Cheetara boots absolutely nothing got done this weekend in terms of costuming, on account of it's really hard to do any of that until and unless I'm actually able to, um. Stand up straight. Next up on my list, though, try out Cheetara makeup (which I may do right now, tonight, before bed) and see if the rest of my costume came in at work, then put together my steampunkish outfit and take pictures with the backup skirt and see what else I want to do. Hm. There may be pictures of the Cheetara makeup too. You will not know until it happens!

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I really hope I did that right.

Who forgot to do Japanese today in the midst of costume frustration? Yeah, that would be me. That said, I'm so staying up an extra hour or so tonight to get everything I want to get done, done, because no work tomorrow and as soon as I get home from the dentists I am going back to bed.

Day 2 of being a good girl and sticking to my diet (Diet: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.) and avoiding the copious amounts of candy, chocolate, carbs, cheesey stuff, etc. It's easy to say, no, Jag, that's candy, you shouldn't have it. It's a lot harder to say, no, Jag, you can't have macaroni and cheese for dinner every night. Or that pile of fried rice, or, well, anything. Mmm carbs. No, not mmm carbs, Jag, sadly, you're not yet active enough to justify that. Not as much as you used to be, and as we get older our metabolism shifts, blah blah blah. So! Mostly plants. Including grapes. Which we need more of because someone eats them all.

The boy is considering, I think, becoming a CNA. This is tangentially Pixie's fault, but I can't say it's a bad idea. There's always work in health care, even if it's not as lucrative or as rewarding as one might wish. Right now, it's a job, and that's more than a lot of people have. I can only encourage this, but we'll talk about it when he gets home.

(Note to self: I will not ask the boy for a milkshake, a sundae, or an order of fries. It's 10 o'clock and I don't need any of those.)

Spent some time this evening wandering around in my 5" hooker boots. Taking normal sized strides, getting used to it. Hopefully by the time Dragon Con comes around I'll actually be able to walk in them. I also, now, thankfully, have all of my costume save the wig on its way to be Cheetarah. Leotard gets here, I dye it, hopefully it actually turns out the right shade and decent dye job otherwise I go for burgundy. Sew the patch on, chop up the unitard, sew it all together. Boom, done. I may, but I don't think I will carry a stik. I kind of want to carry a collapsable baton but I'm not entirely sure that's legal. Ah well. The important thing is, DUDE COSTUME CHEETARAH OH MY GOD. And, of course, Silk Spectre.

Dragon Con is going to be seven kinds of awesome. And after tomorrow... well, on the plus side, after tomorrow I won't have to dread getting my wisdom teeth yanked.

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Ugh. Tuesday tomorrow. Which means the day after is Wednesday, which is when I get my teeth yanked. Really, really not looking forward to this. I keep trying to remind myself that after probably an hour or so it'll all be over, all of it, up to and including the shots, the yanking, and I don't have any pain afterwards usually, just wonkiness. It's not working very well. I have to be injected on the roof of my mouth. Do you know how much it hurts to be injected in the roof of your mouth?

On the plus side, or maybe just the other side, I ran out of drum carder demo wool to spin. I apparently blazed through that in a few hours. And now, I have to actually card some stuff before I can spin it. Which means either no more running commentary from the Nameless bastard, or twice as much. Hmm.

Still debating the whole steampunk vs pirate thing, but didn't get around to taking pictures tonight. Maybe pictures tomorrow, or the evening after. At some point when I can get my corset or cinch on. The hilarious thing is, I told a couple people at the store what I had planned and they were all "ooh, you might want to do this, and that's cool, and now we're going to run you through dyeing your yarn!" I seriously think at least Beej is sort of tickled pink that I'm leaping on this.

Writing somehow managed to leap back on me. I'm not entirely sure how, but I'll take it. Deadlines are still encroaching and I still need to do some fast writing. Plus, um. Something. Wow, my brain just failed. But, plus one more major thing to completely throw my schedule out of whack, and then it's back to normal at least until Dragon Con. I think. Barring any other crazy shit that decides to happen. Which is entirely possible.

I'm sure there was something else important here that I forgot to type up, but damned if I can remember what it was. Ah well.

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В Москве и Московской области без осадков. Ветер югозападный, 3-7 метров в секунду. Температура ночью 10-15, днем 20-25 градусов.
В ленинградской области температура ночью 8-13, днем 18-23. Кратковременные дожди.

В Москве и Московской области 22 февраля временами небольшой снег, на дорогах гололедица, днем максимальная температура 2-5 градусов мороза, по области до 9 градусов мороза, ветер западный. 23-24 февраля облачная погода с прояснениями, временами небольшой снег, ветер северо-западный, местами с порывами до 14-19 метров в секунду, температура 23 февраля ночью 4-9 градусов мороза, днем 1-6 градусов мороза, 24 февраля ночью и днем 6-11 градусов мороза, на дорогах гололедица.

1. На какой географический район составлен этот прогноз погоды? В северной европейской Россие? Московской области
2. На какие дни? 22-25 февраля.
3. Какой день будет самый холодный? Я думаю, 24 февраля.
4. На какие дни прогнозирусется гололедица? 22, 24 февраля?
5. Заполните пропуск (extrapolate from the series of the first three words): время - time, место - place, временами - at times, местами - some places?

Oogh. And at some point I'll go back and do the questions from yesterday, at some point today. Barring that I have a fuckton of orders to do, since I shouldn't have much in the way of inbound. Which I CAN CHECK ON MY NEW TOY. Not that I'm bouncy about this. At all. Ever. Checking, checking... yeah, it doesn't look like there's much due at all this week. Not from UPS, anyway.

Still pretty much okay, though taking exercise easy for a bit. Still generating enough mucus to drown a horse. Don't know what's up with that, but it's really getting irritating. Still just generally bouncy about, um. Everything. I had a moment today when I read a long sentence full of big words in Russian and pretty much understood it. That was awesome. Of course, then I was promptly lost in half the rest of it, but hey!

Oh. And in other news, somehow science has managed to make a gel that pretty drastically reduces your chances of getting HIV. Holy crap, people. Maybe a vaccine or something isn't that far off, yeah? That would be incredibly, intensely awesome.

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Ugh. Okay, some of that was done, some of that will have to wait... till tomorrow, I guess. Between going out early Friday because of sick and the weekend backlog, there's not going to be much opportunity to get this done this morning while I'm at work.

Still have a sore throat, but everything else seems to be down to irritating sniffles. Which is kind of nice. I should be able to put in a full day at work without feeling like I'm going to fall over. I don't know if Flutter will be there, and if she is she damn well better not still be sick or I will fucking murder her. She is totally responsible for this and don't try to tell me she isn't. Stupid bloody coming to work looking like death warmed over and sniffling all over everything.

Yeah, there really isn't much to this entry. This whole weekend was spent writing RP stuff, watching what little I could muster brainpower to watch, not leaving the apartment and reading almost the entire back catalog of xkcd. I need to find a new webcomic to read all of the next time I'm sick, because that seems to be the tradition.

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And that's the end of that grammar point. And. Hmm. I can't tell if the grammar's coming in smaller chunks that go by faster but are easier to digest or... what. Something. I think they are. At least in this section, there are... ten grammar points, but they're all way more interconnected than usual. It's actually kind of nice.

No languages yesterday at all due to PMS fuzziness from hell. No making the bento I'd planned, either, which is okay because I still have crackers and cheese and the ricotta spinach mix and pre-assembled fruit cups from the weekend, so that's all right. Not quite the variety I was looking for, but it'll do. And then tomorrow a break from Italy with Spanish Rice and refried beans, which, I may try the Spanish rice tonight for dinner. And then do leftovers tomorrow. We shall see! This is a lot of fun, but definitely requires a bit of pre-planning. Hmm.

Today... oogh. Hopefully today will be better than the PMS hell of yesterday. Dizziness a bit, definitely weakness and sweatiness resulting in some openmouthed panting every time I did anything involving exertion. Got home, lay down a lot. Went out for a walk after dinner and ended up cutting it short because the sweatiness and so on came back. This morning? No running, no exercises of any major kind, so hopefully it'll be gone and I can get through a full day of work. I'd really, really like that.

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Here's one you haven't seen in a while: Me (Me) and Sam (Also Me)

Me, coming out of the shower: Wow, that only took...
Sam: Ten minutes, yep.
Me: ... so, I just... got up. Stretched, ran, showered, washed my face...
Sam: In an hour, yep. See what happens when you don't get distracted, when you go through all your routine cleanly and efficiently?
Me: ...?
Sam: *baps* You stretch in five, you feed the cats in five, you leave five minutes early. You come back, hop straight into the shower, it takes you ten minutes instead of fifteen.
Me: Oohhhhhhh.
Sam: Duh. Now, do it again, for eight weeks.
Me: Crap.
Sam: *laughs at me*

I get no respect even from myself. I swear.

So, I have this novel. And it's about an angel who doesn't know he's an angel, whose life started about five or six years ago, who has a couple of girlfriends (poly, not cheating) and who has managed to, unbeknownst to anyone in the book until towards the end, knock up one of them. The other one is possessed by a demon who's trying to get him. I forget why, but I'm sure I wrote in a good reason, I remember the outline was pretty tight. Recurring motifs involve mirrors, wings, shadows, and headaches. Sort of. Shadow and darkness, both of light and the kind that happens when you pass out. Main characters are the angel and his two girlfriends. Side characters are another angel who's kind of investigating the human angel (I'm getting tired of typing out amnesiac angel) to see if he's redeemable back to heaven or if he's a lost cause, and the demon who's possessing one of the girlfriends to corrupt the angel. And the possessed girlfriend's girlfriend (see: poly).

The only problem is, this is for [profile] novelbigbang and they need a title by the end of the month. And, seriously? I suck at titling things. HELP ME, F-LIST. I also should probably come up with a book blurb and a real two-page-ish plot synopsis for query purposes, plus a synopsis of whatever length they want for the comm, but that can come later. And that, sometimes at least, is easier.

Poll #3589 Title my novel!
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What should I title this novel?

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The Amnesiac Angel
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Mad Angel Blues
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Broken Angel/One-Winged Angel
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The Unfallen
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Shadow Wing
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A Tidings of Wings (this is not a typo, tidings is a collective noun, somehow)
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Splinter Reflection
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Splinter Eye
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Something less lame, which I will suggest in comments!
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I am so awesome that, would you believe it, I'm almost ready to go by now. I just need to put my chip case (CHIP CASE) and my bento (BENTO) in my pack, grab my sunglasses and iSis and things and go. Which. My iSis is trying to give me a heart attack. I have a flip-closed iPod case, and it was closed, and I wasn't touching it, and it was off, I know because I turned it off when I got in from walkies/running this morning, and it spontaneously turned on. For no apparent reason. What the hell, are there demons about, and if so, why didn't the TV flicker on? What the fuck, iSis?

Anyway. In conclusion, I am awesome, and this better be the start of a fucking fantastic day. Or at least, a day of me being awesome. Like, strangely, the past two days have been. Exhausted, but still Michael Bay.

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Okay, that's apparently all the Russian 'm getting done today, on account of getting distracted by calling Mom and looking for my soft case (and sneakily securing financial aid on the dentist bill while I'm at it) and finding out about family stuff. And then babbling about the family dacha to Kiki. Oops.

So, okay, the dentist visit wasn't that bad. And by not that bad I mean I actually almost fell asleep in the middle of the root canal. That's how not bad it was. I love my dentist and his copious use of localized painkillers. I swear, I don't know what he's using but that shit could go for a fortune on the black market, probably. And it's not even a strong general! It's, swab with the gel, inject a local a couple of times, and suddenly all I can feel is the vibrations for a while. The vibrations are annoying, the smell and the sound is annoying. Having to get my own drool and the rinsing water constantly sucked up is kind of annoying, but oh my god the man is painless. I love him.

There's a tree down over half the road leading into the apartment complex. Just, crack, fell over, jagged edges poking up and everything. There's also caution tape in front of it, sort of, that fell down, so I'm assuming someone reported it and they're going to send someone out eventually, but. It puzzles me because while there was some sprinkling last night, it seemed like it was mostly sound and fury signifying no real precipitation at all. Hm. Either way, it made for an interesting walk. Definitely a walk, not a run. After yesterday and feeling weak most of the day, hot and sweaty the rest? No running this morning. Running tomorrow. (Always a boom tomorrow.)

So, grandpa's selling the family dacha in Shenandoah. Which is kind of sad because I did want to spend more time there, but when I was a kid and through my teenage years and into my wild and crazy plans it was a toss-up between there and, well. Here. With the farm and everything. And now I'm here, so I don't need to split my time between Shenandoah and Asheville. It's bad enough with the hour or so drive from the town to the farm. And I'm sure there's people in the family who could use the money, me with a spouseish type SO type thing out of work, my cousin with a year old? baby, my siblings in college. So, yeah. And! Plus. There's already restrictions in place on the land so that it can't be developed and such due to it being literally right up against a national park. It's protected land. So, woot!

Hopefully my damn chip case will arrive today. And then I need to find stickers to put on that and my bento. I made a bento lunch today! Which consisted at least halfway of leftovers. And I found a pretty damn awesome recipe for chicken last night, but I'm not sure what else to cook it with besides noodles. Although the noodles were good. So, hmm. It takes a while, though. Not time consuming to make, itself, but it takes 50 or so minutes to bake in the oven. Homemade shake 'n' bake. And before, lightly browned in olive oil, onions, and garlic. MMMMM. (Onion-sensitives may omit the onions >.> details to follow!)

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Still reminding myself that flinching is understandable but not necessary, that just because you're hurting doesn't make it about you, and that being sorry is good but learning from your mistakes is also a part of making them. Fail better next time. (As far as fails go, this could have been worse. Learn from it. Like, reading comprehension is your friend and don't get sidetracked.)

Anyway. That's finished up that grammar point for the week. Yay weather? Our weather is hot. Today, 18-30 degrees celsius. Hopefully low humidity though. Haven't learned how to complain about the humidity in Russian. For bonus points and thanks to Kiki, I said the climate in Florida is hot and oily.

There's talk of seeing Jonas Hex tonight. That ought to be fun. If nothing else there will be hanging around with Midget Hagrid, which is always fun, and possibly wandering around talking in hyperbole and drinking girly beer. I love it, he shares my fondness for Smirnoff type beverages, which he calls alcoholic Sprite and I call girly beer. This means I get to have more of it, since every time he comes over for game or for any length of time he has at least one, and I get to cycle them around more often. Anyway, so, yes. Jonas Hex. Is good. And slowly but surely getting progress on writing, and there's not much happening this weekend so hopefully I can actually finish the Holmes Big Bang and do the [profile] novelbigbang pretty heftily. And, actually, now that I think about it, I'm not actually sure what they mean when they say 85% done. Plotwise, or word count wise? Huh. Something to think about. I'm going to go for 85% done plotwise, and see how that works out. My word count is going to be hefty enough, anyway, that I think even with 85% done plotwise I should be close to 85% wordwise of how it's going to turn out. Argh. Food for thought.

I am kind of amused that, looking at all my tracking information, my Pratchett books, my Madness of Angels, my bento box, my satchel, and my chip case should all be arriving at the same time on Monday. Roughly arriving at the same time. I'll be less amused if the UPS delivery for that day consists entirely or even mostly of my stuff, but there you go. At least I'll have all that out of the way, and I'll be able to see if this chip case thing really works. If not, hey, I'm not out any money and only a small percent of my gift certificate. I suppose I should get ready for work, too. Don' wanna.

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Italics and exclamation point are actually in the book. Heh. I think I even understood most of that straight off.

Ugh. In a strange mood today. Not quite worried or upset, not quite not, either. On the other hand, there was absolutely awesome Jeffrey Donovan, Matt Bomer, and Mark Feuerstein this morning. I mean, awesome. It was hilarious. They were playing... well, it was hilarious. Jeffrey Donovan put a lobster on his forehead. And pillowfights! Oh my god it was wonderful. Amazingly wonderful.

Right. So, getting ready. Something. Made that lime curry thing last night as a stir fry, which it didn't work so well. Definitely works better as a rub than a stir fry, so, duly noted. Slowly getting into the habit of bringing more fruits and veggies to work to snack on, now that they're more in season and, well, tasty. Did not manage to get into any kind of writing groove at all last night due to various and sundry heavy discussions, but none of them were actually bad, and I did pound out some words to keep in practice. I'll meet my minimum and I should at least get all the drafts in on time. I actually need to check on the original big bang, since I don't have an author to email the draft to, and see if I need to have a full text draft or just an idea of where the story is going (which I do) and if so, then I can stop freaking out over that. Which would be nice. And I was supposed to start poking at Barton Hall yesterday. Fuck. Oh well.

And my usual satchel has sprung a giant hole out the bottom, so it's time to retire that Bag of Holding. They always said you weren't supposed to mix Bags of Holding with Portable Holes; I guess they were right. Fortunately, I have achieved enough gold to purchase another Bag of Holding, so that's on its way. This one's a Bag of Holding +1! It'll have enough room to put a small lunch sack in, so I'm actually thinking of buying a bento box and using that for my lunch. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get a preferably not too flowery, flattish bento? Still poking Google.

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Oogh. Someone remind me to come back to the make your own dialogue section after I've tackled the grammar points?

Got my first bingo done for Kink Bingo. Now I just have to fill the rest of the card and/or finish Sherlock Holmes Big Bang. Well, more that than the other. And Martine. But at least that one's done, posted, finished.

Heading out a bit early today to go to Staples and hopefully get a color printer cartridge. And some chips! And a chipcase. I'm still stoked about being able to put information on chips and I really don't think that's going to go away anytime soon. This was the future, back when I was in high school, this was what people did in the futurstic future in Shadowrun and so on. They put data on chips. And, yeah, maybe the chips aren't as big as they will be in the future or at least as ubiquitous. Because come to think of it, you can fit more data on a chip than you can on a CD, so why aren't we using these yet? Damn. But, yeah. This is the future. And I'm living in it. Butt wiggle dance of happiness.

I have been writing so much smut lately. Maybe that's why it's hard to write Sherlock Holmes. I suppose I could write Sherlock Holmes smut but it goes against the grain, as one of those people who just firmly believes that Holmes was asexual and too arrogant to have room in his heart for anyone but himself and probably Watson. No Sherlock Holmes smut. As hot as Robert Downey Jr and Basil Rathbone are. No. On the plus side, it did sort of help when writing some of Martine. Which I need to get back to today. I think, this weekend, I'll actually be able to finish the Holmes Big Bang once and for all, with edits and fixes and everything. There's really only one major fix I need to do, and the rest is pretty much just polishing and tidying. At least as far as I know. Betas may say differently. And hopefully I can get all that done around finishing Martine, devote the week after that to Martine, and then get back to a more even writing schedule.

And last but certainly not least, People are being stupid and insensitive on the internet. Oh, and water is wet, too. This latest one takes place in Supernatural Fandom, your home of all flavors of batshit crazy all at 110% volume all the time. Further proof that Jag just doesn't understand these things and is going to go hide in her bunker now.

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Oogh. Well, the new battery works. The second new battery, which means it's time to dig up how to return the first one. Which was actually easier than I thought, I did it just now. Okay! That can go out in today's mail.

Morning came! No one was horribly offended by my fic. This makes me rather happy, because that was kind of terrifying. Now I get to concentrate on other fic. All of which is long and ponderous, so this ought to be entertaining. Well, okay, no. Not all of it is long and ponderous. Some of it is short and porny. Some of it... hell, I don't know what that will turn into, but it'll be interesting. Watch this space for copious amounts of random fanfic. A lot of it will be porny.

Crap, so many bills to pay today. Things to mail. Crap to do. All of it in the morning, and what I should have done was make a list and check it off. Instead I'm going to be scatterbrained and do it all at the last minute. One thing at a time. Paying bills. Electric, credit card (all of, heh, two-figure bill, but it still needs paid), rent. Note these down in the books. Battery to be returned because Jag is a dingbat, purse, pocket ninja, lunch. Mail bills, mail cheque, mail care package of crafty goodness. Do not go insane. Which, it may be a bit late for that, but hey. Checkbook back in purse once bills are paid. Okay. Not going insane. Yet. You'd think I would have remembered all of this sooner. Or just decided to pay my bills tomorrow and return shit tomorrow when I'm not doing it all at the last minute. Oh no. You would be wrong. I have to be a responsible adult today, dammit. At least it'll all be done.

Seriously, anyone have a new brain? I think I left mine on the plane somewhere. And where the hell did my login cookies go?

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Hm mm mm... and talk about the weather. I can't remember the rest of those lyrics. I am, however, terribly amused that Kiki is apparently predicting my book. And, goddammit, I need to learn my numbers. Maybe I should make flash cards.

Oogh. Despite getting a late night to bed last night (but I finished the damn fic!) and a slow start this morning as a result, the only thing I skimped on is exercises. I think that deserves a pat on the back. Especially since it was just the specific exercises, there was a fair bit of going walkies.

Ugh. As everyone's been saying, another day, another slew of bad news from the Gulf. I kind of wonder if now people will agree that we need to at least cut back our dependence on oil, except that I don't have a clear idea of how dependent we really are on it (my guess is, lots) and it's the sort of things that sounds clever when you don't really know what you're talking about. I do think we need to investigate living a more sustainable lifestyle. But mostly this wasn't meant to be a rant on green living so much as a holy fucking hell that's a mess. Mr. President, taking full responsibility for this, what the hell were you thinking? You just painted a big fat target on your back and you aren't responsible for this, anyway. BP is. Take the responsibility you're due, and no more than that. I have no idea what your stance originally was on offshore drilling, but there's your responsibility. Rant rant ramble. I'm going to stop now before I'm here all morning.

Clearing out the last of the weekend backlog today, partly made more complicated by the fact that I didn't get in till noon thirty yesterday. Dentists, yay. On the plus side, I only have one appointment between this cleaning and the next in October. On the minus side, it's a root canal. Yay. On the plus side, it's not a wisdom tooth extraction? Which is now on my top whatever list of horrific dental procedures I don't want to have. Also, the dentist said the magic words "might come out", which means Jag gets to have more panic nightmares about all the teeth falling out of my mouth (more than I actually have, I think, to begin with, which is impressive) so, yeah. Root canal asap please and thank you. I like my teeth.

Ugh. Right. Anyway, two looming deadlines over with. One fic posted, other fic needs going over and then posted. I'm still kind of terrified of offending someone with that second fic. It's not a topic I've ever really dealt with before. I've tried to address issues that I've had brought up as things a person in that situation would have to make, and I've tried to make the character a well rounded character in his own right. And... that's the best I know how to do? We'll see. Next up, finishing Holmes and not getting distracted by wondering about Japanese and Twitter. Ahem. Finishing Holmes and working on the other three things. Four things. Ish. Ugh.

ETA: Ah-HAH. So twitter DOES include both kanji and hiragana as characters. Oh, god, now I'm tempted to write 140 character stories in Japanese. Someone hit me.

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