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Jan. 2nd, 2017 03:43 pm
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Jul. 7th, 2027 05:33 pm
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For when I have free money, or to save up for these things:

Much needed:
2 pair blue sweats?

Look at your Etsy wish list
Look at your Modcloth wish list
Look at your makeup spreadsheet (Notoriously Morbid Changeling lip overglosses)

These in all colors but the light gray and dark brown.
Black Magic or Mad Science shirt
You need this t-shirt in your life.
Jeans that are not simple Lands End/LL Bean

Graphic Novels
Leaving Megalopolis
Secret Six: Friends in Low Places
Hawkeye: My Life As A Weapon
Hawkeye: LA Woman
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I'm getting used to being emotionally tired. This fucking regime is emotionally exhausting with generally all of my responses to its actions being incredulity and anger. I'm not sure what happened last night to make me this physically tired, though. I thought it was a cold when I woke up with basically my throat and nose full of snot, but after the initial ick was cleared it never reappeared even after I got home, so I'm guessing it was just morning allergies? And most of the plants are still asleep? I have no idea.

I called off capoeira. Two shortish (20m and 1hr) naps did absolutely nothing for the exhaustion, if capoeira was in the afternoon I probably would go but I want to sleep in tomorrow and given that I already napped into the evening I knew I wasn't going to go to bed early. I have no idea what's going on but urgh. Hopefully it's only a temporary thing, it's only been today anyway. And the boy said he didn't sleep well last night, kept waking up every 45 minutes, so if he was waking up he might well have woken me up just enough that my sleep was disturbed but not enough so that I'd remember.

Sooooo blegh. You get a victory dance and a me complaining. HAHAHAHAHAHAH DIE AHCA DIE. My favorite part isn't even that the AHCA is dead, although that is at least 50% of it. It's also that it was so thoroughly killed, that the Republicans were left admitting to the press afterward that they didn't have a plan, that at least a couple of them have admitted publicly that they're the obstruction party, not the presents-alternatives party and they dont know how to present alternatives. Which hopefully will discredit a lot of future things they want to tear down.

... I'm going to remind my reps of that on Monday or in the morning when I'm better rested. i think we all should.
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Yesterday was better, albeit a little spendy on the food because ... Because. I need to get better about that. But on the plus side I have leftovers for days. The capoeira demonstration went pretty well, there weren't that many people at the open house and I think it was fewer than the organizers had hoped, but we had fun.

(And since this is coming on the heels of yet another half-finished post about what I hoped for for the open house and how nervous I was [not very but still] I really, really need to get better about my daily check-ins.)

I did figure out how to get my cupcake though. Even though I don't have a craving for one anymore and by now it's mostly just humor value and stubborn.

I'm in a weird headspace where I'm not nervous per se about how much of my day to day chores I'm not keeping up with (especially since I generally manage to do 2/3 of them out of the week's worth) but I'm a little annoyed with myself, but it's not knocking down my self esteem any? Which I'm taking to mean I've finally internalized, yes life in general is a shitshow for almost everyone right now and you're going to be okay, but it sucks and take it easy on yourself. I'm ... not sure how I feel about that even though I intellectually know it's a good thing. Mostly I'm just surprised.

.... I might need to put reminders on my phone about the updating my web page part because I do at least need to keep up with current projects. Although right now it looks pretty updated, hmm. Miracle of miracles.

Yeah, mostly my life these days is writing, writing problems, trying to organize my head and figure out what I'm doing and where it's all going and how it all fits together. (Poorly. The answer is poorly.) Craft projects are happening but they're simple and relatively mindless so there's not much to talk about there. Blegh. Fucking politics. Eating up way more than its fair share of brainpower.
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Okay, today is at least starting out more promising, since there's only one supplier order incoming, we got most everything except the wholesale yarn dealt with yesterday, and I woke up closer to on time and got my exercises and some of my languages done before I left for work, plus the household crap.

(And then, you know, I developed a pounding headache stabbing into one side of my head so, maybe not so promising. At least I haven't comfort-bought anything, but the social anxiety and lack of coordination of brain-anything is through the fucking roof.)

I do have some degree of a plan, if the painkillers kick in and this turns out to be a headache and not a migraine. In to-do list form because right now I just feel miserable and heading towards nauseous.

1. Finish Julien's story now that that extra scene has crept in there
2. Set up new fae story, which I think means that all the other stories can go into edits and the extra scene in Julien's story means HEY I FOUND THE ANCHOR STORY. Oh my god did I find the anchor story.
3. Edit some amount of stuff in Malachy IDEK anymore
4. Write out the damn timeline in the story that will forever need a title because the first and the second parts have major disconnect.
5. Write up a couple more fashion designers.
6. Where the fuck do I find histories of makeup companies
7. Don't forget languages tonight self.
8. Don't die, either.

ETA: The painkillers kicked in, I feel somewhat better apart from another random massive tortilla chip craving, I want to sit down and write ALL THE THINGS but I'm at work boo.
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Ah, the randomness of life. As in I went to bed at a vaguely decent hour last night (not too much past my bedtime), I was settling in with the cats to sleep, and developed a nosebleed that lasted not at full blast but at an irritating trickle for half a fucking hour. So I slept in, woke up, ran downstairs to cut the chicken I'd forgotten to cut the previous night oops, started putting away some dishes, ran upstairs to shower and get dressed, wondering if I could catch a cat nap today, only to find out that today we got in at least six supplier shipments plus the yarn we get in around 50lb lots because it's our house brand weaving yarn. OY.

As a result I got home and, heh, not much got done on my dailies. I did pull out and fuck around with Campaign Cartographer some more and while I could wish for a greater variety of symbols and things, it'll work for making the maps I need and I'm slowly getting the hang of using it. I'm also getting an idea of how very, very time consuming it's going to be. Ugh.

I guess that's a good reason for not getting much of anything else done tonight. I just have to remember to commit a few hours to it every weekend, and maybe place one or two buildings on it during the week. Incremental map development. Yay.

Anyway. Writing off the rest of the day as a bust too because while I did get a lot of day jobligations done and everything else, so not an entire bust, it's 11.30 in the evening and I got crap for sleep and the hell with everything else. Including trying to get anything done. I have done many things, I can start up again tomorrow.

It's like I'm growing and learning as a person or something.
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Welp yesterday was a bust as far as keeping up with dailies goes. Wednesdays are always tricky though. And capoeira was exactly as bad as I feared, and then [personal profile] lireavue whacked me upside the head with yes and it always takes you a couple weeks to recover after being off for ... I think I was out for a week? Yeah, pretty much. So argh, but most of the brainweasels have stayed in whatever braincaves they lurk.

And I also came out of capoeira with an assignment to write filk. I'm not even kidding. This is going to be weird and interesting.

Getting close to the end of the Julien story, which is good because I need to get those finished and get into editing them and polishing them up. Sort of making progress with edits on Malachy, which is to say I'm typing up the notes and I've worked my way through the first chunk, I think, I'm slowly working through my research books and taking notes and tweaking things, and this is not the organized first round of line by line edits that Turing Shrugged was. Oops. Still, it's progressing. And I think it'll be a lot more solid if I do the first round edits with all of this either in mind or tweaked into solidity as I go along.

Ugh, I don't know. I still feel a bit like things are slipping through my fingers but also a lot more with it than I have in the last couple of days. Or at least a lot more capable of handling things. Called my Mom this afternoon and rec'd her Miss Fisher since she was watching Midsomer Murders and looking for more TV/film recs. And we said "okay, no politics, only fun stuff" at the start and within about five minutes ended up talking politics. Because that's how we do. But that helped too.

But I have to do taxes this weekend, ugh. Which means I have to figure out something fun to do after taxes to reward myself, preferably not a food reward or a spending money reward because ahahahah oh god the taxes I will have to pay. Maybe it'll be just curling up with one of my books and reading it all afternoon, or all Sunday afternoon. Actually that sounds like a really nice reward. Let's do that. I've got a lot of fun stuff I haven't even cracked yet.

(I have cracked Gneil's Norse Mythology book, and while it's definitely not going to be anywhere near an exhaustive listing of Norse mythology the man can spin a damn good yarn.)
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Ooh, and off of the last chunk of videos I just linked Youtube rec'd me a person who did a series on gesture drawing, which might be helpful as well. Videos here, and right now what I'm doing is blindly mimicking the gestures on scratch paper to get my hands used to the motions, and then trying to find a balance between my own gesture drawing and copying what I see on the screen. It's a process. It's a fun process though. I really need to remember to make more time for this. Even fifteen minutes a day.

It's pie day! I bought the aunts and uncles a bunch of small tortes pies to celebrate. Look, the bakery down the street has some really good pear and frangipane/almond torte that I will eat whenever I get a chance. And for today, that counts as pie.

I've been so damn distracted for at least the last 36 hours, first by getting very little sleep because of sleeping next to a running chainsaw all night, holy hell. He's usually not this bad, usually I can get him to roll over and he stops, but with this last sinus cold I don't know what happened? But boy the snoring. Ugh. Yesterday that and today the snow, today a bunch of orders at work taking two steps longer than usual, and now I'm getting to the end of the day and oh yeah I haven't checked in with anyone yet. But the good news is I haven't stress-eaten all of the ice cream ever. I think this is the point where I need to stop getting quarts of ice cream and start getting individual packs. No, I haven't been eating entire quarts, just more than I should in one sitting unless capoeira day.

(Speaking of which, heh, tomorrow may be my first day back in over a week which is kind of nerve-wracking, but at the same time WHO KNOWS. There might be ice on top of snow on the ground.)

Oogh. Things are very slowly getting done I guess. I just. Yesterday tired, today all the fiddly things and then the Maddow story dropped, and the Anderson Cooper on is getting less time but that looks to drop tomorrow and. I resent the hell out of having to devote this much energy to this current US regime, grrr. But the best I can do is keep going, keep myself in routines, try to keep everyone else there too. She said, eyeballing the hugeass twitter thread of tonight. I swear I've turned into a den mother or... I'll ask the boy in the morning what rank I should give myself as coxswain. That ought to amuse me and maybe both of us.
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I can't even tell what my state of health anymore is because first I was exhausted, then I was fine, then I was exhausted, then I was fine, and now I'm exhausted and not headachy but slightly feverish and I don't even fucking know what's going on anymore. Fuck everything.

I just hope I can get a significant amount of writing work done today and consequently go home and either crash early or do languages after a nap and crash on time so we can go to Dave and Busters tomorrow. I would really like to have one damn day to just hang out and relax and be ridiculous and have fun. Especially when it's a treat that involves skee-ball and carnival games and hopefully the Kung Fu Panda game will be there for punching things, and when I get tired there's always the lottery games for tickets and prizes. Which works a lot better if I'm not sick.

We did get the bigger cat carrier yesterday, which hopefully will alleviate some feline anxiety, and we went to the new pizza place which definitely had some new waitstaff/kitchen kinks to work out in the timing department, but the food was fairly tasty. It's only been open less than a week, I think it had been open three, four days by that time? So I will forgive it a long wait, especially when I can see people standing around the orders computer trying not to visibly panic.

And I did get home and get most of my languages done, which is a minor miracle considering I've been wanting to go to bed early all week.

I think if I can manage to stay awake through it today will be a day of typing up all my writing notes for Malachy so far, assuming I get through writing and edits with time to spare while I'm at work. Maybe starting with my cheat sheet/step by step list for self-publishing. If I'm very lucky and more alert than I have been I can also get some gesture or figure drawing done, which I did manage to do yesterday. I really, really need to do more of that. It is relaxing for me, I just forget that I was going to try to make it a priority again.

But I did start with this video yesterday, which at least starts with a number of 1 minute poses, which is useful. I started out not at all getting the spirit of gesture drawing and then after a bit of practice, doing better. But then I had to do another thing so that ended quickly. Maybe I'll spend some time tomorrow evening just doing that. There's some one minute poses, two minute poses, and five minute poses, so I'll have a chance to develop some mad leet skillz or something. Which isn't a phrase I've seen on the internet in years god I'm old.
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Well, I thought I wasn't getting sick, just slightly sleep deprived and I was going to be fine and maybe I should have gone to capoeira and then around 9.30 last night I started zoning out, and I'm reasonably sure it wasn't just carb overload given that I also slept until about 7. So. Oops.

Plus side, after lunch there was quite a bit of eating of basically sugar-and-flavoring-and-gelatin candy and the sugar kicked in the brain cells to where I managed to figure out huge chunks of this novel that had been fucking me up. And I think I've figured it all out! And I don't need to buy new research books for it. Minus side, now I'm really hyper and making all kinds of typing errors oops. But at least I wrote it down in a semi-organized fashion so I can go back and figure out what the fuck I was talking about in my sugar craze.

Other plus side, in my sugar craze I decided to talk about all my umpteen million (which turns out to be shy of 20!) projects going on right now, and that helped me organize what I'm working on, what needs doing, in sequence etc. So now my to-do list has been updated and my prioritizing is in the forefront of my mind. Sort of.

And! And I even managed to get my word count minimum through the sugar crash after the half box of candy went through me. And also ugh, now I remember why I try not to do that anymore. But I still have an hour and a half left at day job, mostly sedentary tasks to do, maybe I can get my edits done in time to not have much to do by the time I finally land home after dinner with the fam and errands and argh.

(Oddly, since I took yesterday off from capoeira and planned already to take Saturday off from capoeira, it feels almost like a vacation week. I hadn't realized how much I measure time by classes and the resultant aches and pains. Which makes going back and looking at the but when will I find time to do a martial art posts even funnier.)

And maybe it is the additional sleep, or maybe it's actually finally managing to cram in an exercise habit in the morning. Or maybe the extra sunlight slowly creeping in, but I continue to feel this entire week like I've got a handle on my life. Enjoying it while it lasts, because you know it never does.
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I, um. I think I figured out at least part of why Iron Fist is getting such bad reviews, and apart from the fact that I can't find writing credits who aren't comic book writers (this might just be due to a lack of updating), it probably also stems from the fact that the fight coordinator only has experience being fight coordinator and choreographer for one other show: Marco Polo, which isn't the best example of Asian fighting cinema of any kind anyway. Wuxia or Kung Fu or whatever any of the other genres/countries are called. And. Um. Between that and it doesn't look like they gave the guy who plays Danny Rand any extensive training at all? Two hours a day of wushu training um. I think the average for people who want to look like they know what they're doing is, what, six hours for three months? Come on, man!

Although this does make a little voice in the back of my head go "psst hey there's six months until DragonCon you could scale up your capoeira training" no. Shut it, voice. Go away.

La de dum finally getting around to sorting out the demons in the Pseudomonarchia for shits and giggles and making my own Pseudomonarchia and I cannot read the words "great president" anymore without thinking of the Moldy Carrot in Chief. Oops. I also started sketching them according to their descriptions for shits and giggles and maybe props later on, and discovered that I am absolutely shit at drawing maybe men, maybe just human beings. Plus side, I did find these people or this organization, and apparently there is life drawing timed sessions online! I may work on this.

Ugh, today was supposed to be a relaxed day of getting things done and instead, okay, yes, I got some things done but most of that was sketching or reading about three pages in the Grimoires book and the rest of the time was doing small fiddly things at work and bleeergh. And my headache is back and I didn't sleep well and I am not going to capoeira on the off chance that some of this is also illness. I am going home, making cheese sticks, and doing writing work with periodic capoeira training breaks because rarrrgh. I don't know. It hasn't exactly been a bad day, but I'm grumpy now.
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Yesterday got started and then got quickly finished around noon when my exhaustion, headache, and possible head cold got to be too much. I went home and spend half of the day asleep and the rest of the half of the day on the couch watching TV or doing other mindless activities.

There are plusses over the last 24 hours. I got a bit of crafting done and a bit of writing done. I started entering makeup descriptions into my spreadsheet. The print copies of the two books that have print copies are now up on Amazon, yay! Also eek. That's more than a little terrifying. But other books came, my Viking books came at Malaprops so now I'm really truly well and truly done getting research books. For maybe six months. Heh.

I see they gave Fuckknuckle with the Nazi fetish another comic book character to ruin. This one is Magneto, who would possibly beat Captain America to the punching of Hydra goons, not even kidding. Magneto's hatred of anything that even smells like a Nazi is legendary, so you can't even argue that "omg you don't know comics" no, um, this is one of the cores of Magneto's personality. Another one being the epic long love affair with Xavier but Magneto's core motivation is always kill anything that so much as smells like a Nazi. Which is definitely Hydra. I mean I can see why he would go undercover to destroy them from the inside but you start out with that, you don't spend three issues with everyone wondering how you got the book when you don't even know who the fuck Magneto is.

igottagowashsomething dot gif, you guys.

Happier things though, if I can ever make my brain behave and go back to the document I did figure out how to both racebend the Winchesters for this novel (actually they no longer resemble the Winchesters at all) and keep the rough emotional effect of "two guys get out of a car and all three of them look like they've taken a few punches to the face/grill". It involves Danny Trejo, for one thing. I cackled over this for a good five minutes let me tell you.

And at this point I think the alleged erotica is just getting pushed back to be "when I need a creative kickstart" writing because, eh, let's face it, that was never for any deadline anyway. And I have, um. Three? Four? Projects I'm currently working on anyway, but at least those projects are progressing! Slowly but steadily. Up to and including hilarious twitter polls that show that people are liking Idris Elba more than The Rock right now. It's the small things that amuse me. Or maybe I just amuse myself.
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Someday I will remember to fire up the Dreamwidth post creator and finish my check-ins but yesterday, it seems, was not that day.

So I got most of the work stuff done by the time I had to go to the dentist, no writing stuff but I got home absurdly early so that's less worrisome. They got me in thirty minutes before my actual appointment time and got me out of there three minutes before my actual appointment time so, heh, holy hell. And then I got home and petted cats and was so tired and jarred from all the equipment poking, prodding, vibrating, and buzzing in my mouth that I spent a couple hours just playing stupid phone games and trying not to fall asleep on the couch. I fucking hate dental work.

Since this was also about two hours before capoeira, needless to say I did not go. The last thing I want to do after I've been novacaine'd up is turn upside down and try to do complicated coordinated movements.

I'm incredibly tired and disheartened (and when I got home I was still half numb) which I think is making it difficult to write, but ugh, now I'm kicking myself for being four or five hours at home and not getting much of any writing done. I did get some reading done, self, that's more than adequate, especially when it's research reading for building up the tradition. And I'm getting writing done in the more immediate projects, too. And, hmm, the only thing I need immediately for the Malachy book is an understanding of which creatures are coming in where, so I really can and should get started on that.

I'm just so goddamn tired. Today, this week, the dentist appointment, and the state of the regime and everything else make me so very tired. Maybe I will go to bed early tonight whether or not I've written or edited much of anything and hope that helps something.

Oh, and for Wednesday currently I am reading... four books? I'm reading the Grimoires book by Owen Davies and a book called The Edge of the World about events in the North Sea between the fall of the Roman Empire and medieval times, I think. And then for fiction I'm still reading Delilah Devlin but I've put that down in favor of something called The Corpse-Rat King so I can give that back to the boy to give back to our friend. Especially since I read way faster than him, if I read it and pronounce it decent I might get us a digital copy that I can pass on to him.
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I feel like I've hit some sort of milestone. The lady who got my pickup book order for me at the local bookstore not only remembered me, but also that I was writing something and that I usually ordered 2-4 books at a time. She asked me how the writing was going, even! (Slowly, but the research is going great!) Which is true, but since the problem with the first draft was not enough grounding, well, that's not a bad thing to go slowly and keep one foot in the historical record. Archaeological record. Thing.

... Come to think of it since I was a bit rushed earlier, I might go back and pick up that Norse mythology book after all. Say hi more leisurely, and have a chat and an explanation or something. Assuming work doesn't explode.

And I did get some work done in Julien's story last night despite my brain being eaten up with secret societies, which was good. Last night was terrible for both concentration and self-love, given that I got home an hour early and was all "yay I have extra time to write" and then... got a lot of reading and researching done but very little writing. Reading and researching is important too, self. Especially if that's about all you can do with getting your face prodded with dental equipment.

... seriously though, reading these books is so much a help for organizing and grounding some of the background here. The Grimoires book gave me some of the originating cultures for the main grimoires used down history, the North Sea history book is giving me the countries and names and setting of the time to mash at least one of those cultures into another. I still need a book on Vikings. I have no idea which one but Open Syllabus Project is giving me some good ideas. Now I just have to at least try and wait till my book budget refreshes oops. (This might not actually happen in the interests of having everything I need for multiple novels, plus whatever else the whole vikings thing might inspire.

And then there's a whole other set of books I want to get for a novel idea that [personal profile] lireavue reblogged at me from tumblr, thaaaaanks. But that's for later. Probably. No, what I need to do is figure out the appropriate timeline intersections and then decide if I have suitable material on them or if I need to hoard like a dragon again/still/some more.

Oddly, I'm really happy right now with my writing progress though. Even with spending enough money to make me cringe slightly. (And then getting a list of potential other history books to read ahahahahah oh god.) I'm being productive, I'm learning things, and I'm spewing them out in the form of fiction, this is making me very happy. Team Ravenclaw FTW?
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I am so goddamn tired. And stressed, I can feel my impulse control shredding along with my nerves. Hence buying more makeup although at least I didn't get the Aromaleigh of which I only want one color that's discontinued. That can wait till I get paid, if it sells out in those couple of days then oh well. I did get some Fyrinnae samples since they had a sale on and I have a list of things I want samples of. And, hah, I have a list of three people now I can foist off my sample jars and colors I bought and no longer want on. So that'll free up some room.

At this point I really am only hanging out with Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing cabinet for the highlighters and occasional changeling lip tint. Because those things are fucking awesome. Which, okay, depending on the month that might be 3/4 of the Cabinet stock, but right now their eyeshadows aren't finding any of the very small gaps in my collection.

I'm tired. I'm pissed off and I'm scared and I'm tired and I fucking hate 75% of everyone in charge of this country right about now.

Relatedly, but also with food things )

Okay y'all can look again.

Called my Mom to whine at her answering machine. Got home and started doing some writing and building my magical society, which is much more fun. Got to play around with my makeup and pull a bunch of stuff that didn't delight me, that I'm not going to wear, and so on. I do like playing with colors. At some point I should really do a lot of swatching and so on and figure out better conditions so I have some idea what I want to wear on any given day and what goes good with what and so on. After a year of practice I have a better idea than I used to, but still. Also I haven't updated my makeup spreadsheet in like six months oops.
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Whaargble well okay, I got proof copies for Sandborn and Black Ice ordered. Again. And hopefully in the future I will know how best to get this crap formatted (check certain settings in Scrivener and then add any extra blank pages that need to be added in Word/Open Word/whatever) and not have to order umpteen million proof copies several months apart because I am a nervous wreck while doing this. But those are ordered. The main room in the house is absurdly clean because I spent an atrocious amount of time cleaning it, and gardening, and now I am damn well buying yet more books as a reward. So there.

We'll call that my comfort spending for today, since it turns out that one of the JCCs that was targeted in today's wave of bomb threats was here in my town. Which, about the only change that makes me feel is that now I'm a little more scared for my life, but fucking hell these people make me so tired. These people who can't obey such basic rules of conduct as "don't threaten children," they make me so goddamn tired.

Happier things, you guys. I finally got my works cited page up, and am reading the Grimoires book on that list. It is so tasty I cannot even tell you. It has pages and pages of both end notes and recommended reading. I love it good.

I finished taking notes on Nerd Girls, read over the notes on Malachy and noted things for myself and most of them I believe I can interpret well and fairly without help, so that's fine. I still need to figure out what the antagonists are in Malachy other than Hunter Standish, the most annoying rich white dude ever to rich white dude (and also [redacted redacted redacted]), but that I can do at some point in the next few days as I hurriedly page through my Daemonium and Ars Goethia and so on. There's got to be an answer somewhere in there. Today is for getting at least to Julien's portion of this story and maybe a scene into it, and laying out the bones of my fictional magical tradition and what they do other than long involved pretentious hermetic rites and so on.

Of course now that I have seeds in the ground it's supposed to freeze at least two nights out of the coming week. Because of course. Still, it's all marigolds and broccoli and other plants that do all right in cool weather, so hopefully they won't be affected very much. I have no idea how much cleaning I'm going to get done over the next week or so, but the weekend after this coming one is the one the boy took off for a con we're not going to go to anymore so maybe there will be a Dave and Busters trip in the offing. That'd be nice. And in the meantime, he has also promised to help with the cleaning. And hopefully get the big shelves on which the board games can go, because I would like my bookshelves back please and thank you. Aaargh. Really, we just need to rearrange a huge chunk of shelving. Over the next couple of weeks. I hope.
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So, I don't normally talk about the woo-witchery stuff on here but this has happened two weekends in a row now, plus apparently binding the Evil Orange One against harming people is going mainstream. So, last time I called on the river while I did witchery and cleaned house, cleaning to cleanse away the corruption in the government, filing to ensnare all their bullshit in endless red tape, and self-pampering to ignite the happiness and care of those in need or in trouble. Today it was cleaning again with the corruption, gardening to grow the grass roots organizations helping the people, and knitting to bind up those who would do harm in endless knots until they cut that shit out. And by calling on the river I mean invoking the local river, which by the way is prehistoric. It predates the forming of the continents, that's how goddamn old it is, at least according to geologists and river-ologists. It's a really damn old river. It flows backwards because it's so old it goes "fuckit, I do what I want."

Apparently when I call on the river I get really really hyper, work all day, and then crash hard at the end of it. This is endlessly amusing to [personal profile] lireavue and as much as I really hope I don't have cause to call on the river much more, it's amusing to me too. I'm rule of threeing it up, three hours each for three different goals, and I've done it twice so there's one more time to go. Sometime in the next few weekends.

Apparently prehistoric river mana is really really really intoxicating. Who knew. (But seriously, this is "shit the country and my people are in danger and the world is on the verge of destabilizing" kind of power, don't try this at home kids.)

You get a check-in post on a weekend day because I did so much today and I want to have a record of it somewhere so I can look at that over the week and go "Yes, this is why I'm so tired." (That and I have a filling on Wednesday, ugh.)

Cleaned the boy's side of the living room including his absolutely filthy desk that had various items stuck to the table I don't even want to know with what. Wires can get sorted later tonight if I'm really, really energetic. I cleared out two of four raised garden beds and planted broccoli in them, planted snapdragon seed in the snapdragon rail baskets, planted zinnia and hollyhock and poppy and marigold in the front pots for the pollinators. I still need to clear the back pots and the other two raised garden beds, but this was a damn good start. I also think whenever we go to home depot we need to get a tarp to cover the grill. Which we damn well need to use more often, blegh. In time. I'll talk to the boy about what we want to do with that and see if I can get him to help clean off the porch.

Oh, and I made a watering station for passing dogs, since we have a number of dog bowls. Maybe we should get a couple more but for now there's a bed of mulch into which I plan to put some succulents, and a water bowl for any passing dogs. I'm fairly sure I was told once that people let their dogs come up and water at the feral cats' bowl, so that will make it easier on everyone.

Aaaaugh I am so riverdrunk. But also I should take a May sunday every year I think and go walk along the greenway and reconnect myself with the river, I feel bad about doing this without paying regular respect to it.
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Still irritated that I spent most of yesterday in a half-awake stupor. I've actually been more productive the last couple of weeks than I have since the scumbag was elected, but I'm still annoyed at underperforming sarcastic air quotes something something. Yes, I have an inflated view of my body's abilities to do shit and problems accepting my own limitations.

We're getting a butcher shop! We're getting a butcher shooooop. At least, I hope we're getting a butcher shop. There's one planning to settle into a building near my house that's been getting constructed up for a while, it looks like it'll be ready to open soon. That would be so amazing you guys. FRESH. MEAT. I mean we'd probably still stock up on the sales at the grocery stores, depending on their prices, but you guys I could walk up and get amazing steaks or something and it is so fine.

I have, I think, figured out that I'm doing Malachy next, which is fine, I've got a list of things I need to make for that including floor plans and timelines. Right now I need to finish up writing down my notes for Nerd Girls, which is good, I only have one section to go on that. And then I think Long Road between the two so I don't get the voices confused. Unless I get Turing Shrugged back between now and then and I'm... not even sure where I left that. I think I finished the first round of line edits down to figuring out where to better integrate the parrot? Augh.

And then obvs I need to get my ass moving on White Lightning. Yaaay. We'll see how much I get done of the current story this weekend and then I need to start laying out the stories and figuring out what else needs to happen other than each story gets edited and pasted in the Scriv file.

I wish I had something more interesting for you guys but this is pretty much my life. Cleaning the house (trying to keep it clean, ahahaha) and working on my novels and things and the occasional knitting but I'm in the middle of all my projects right now. And I know what I'm doing so there's nothing interesting there. I did get a passel of long-sleeved shirts (now of course that winter seems to have given up the fight against global warming, heh) so now I get to figure out how to layer like a stylish person and not a lump. Probably google will help me, but I also want to knit some cowls and drapes and things to go with it. Buuuuut hell if I know what I'm doing. Which is pretty much the story of my life.
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I take it back, I do need a couple of research books, one to round out my collection of books on this cult and that one, one because a better edition of the whole Key of Solomon chaos was recommended to me. And then I've found three titles/authors on fashion that might also work for research for the whole thing and no, I'm being good and not buying them yet. I would however be getting a couple books out of the library by the same authors if the library website would ever damn work.

(It did after I swore at it, so now I have another book on hold, but oy that took forever.)

I had such grand intentions of getting a lot of stuff done today, and I did get most of the regular stuff done today, but then I ended up being so damn exhausted that when I came home I got a pokemon down the block and came back and finished eating dinner and sort of staggered my way through the rest of everything. So let's see, what do I need to remember that I intend to get done over the next few days.

House cleaning is the big one. Which is mostly just putting stuff away, reorganizing the bookshelf with all the stuff I'm going to read on the outside. I really, really need to get more floor to ceiling bookshelves into the office stat, I need more space for my non-fiction books so the fiction books can go where they currently are. Actually. Actually if I pick up the craft room this weekend I might be able to move some of the nonfiction there.Hmm.

Anyway. That's one thing. Another thing will be to finish taking notes on Nerd Girls and then put all the notes in the ongoing projects binder and do a much longer edit on Malachy. Keep writing on the various stories I've been working on, priority to White Lightning stories so I can get those drafted and off to Editrix. Survive Saturday capoeira, I don't know if I'm going to do anything else after that or if I'm just going to come home and clean. Um. Knit, now that I've finally picked up my knitting again as a regular thing and not an I'm going to fuck off and spend the rest of forever knitting so I don't have to think about what's happening. I think that's been my main fear because god knows it's tempting just to pretend that the world outside my town and my house doesn't exist.

If I have extra time this weekend, even taking an hour to clear out the garden and churn up the soil would be a good idea. But I won't count on getting that done. And I have a bunch of books to finish reading, a book of shadows for my baby witches in this novel to sketch out if not write entirely (hey, maybe I can sell that as a tie in) and. Whatever else I usually do to do. I am so tired I am falling over early. Meh.
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You all laugh, but I have just now realized that if I want to have actual magic users in this book I can't start from Crowley or Gardener or what have you, I have to create an entirely new fucking magical tradition that either unifies all of them or pulls from some of them or looks down on all of them as fucking hipsters why. Oh my god I can't believe I did this to myself. Self, that was stupid. I mean, at least I know what I'm wiki-ing for the next ever? Plus I have kind of a framework already from rewriting the Covenant and using that as a starting point to shoot off of. But boy was this stupid.

Blergh capoeira. Although for once I actually feel like I have energy for it. If not suitable hydration oops. I keep meaning to drink more than I normally do in a day and I haven't managed it yet. Maybe I just take the water bottle to class. Also I need a new water bottle.

I am sort of successfully sitting on the urge to buy new research books, or at least confining any that I buy to being relevant to the Lifestyles of the Modern Witch series. Which means I actually have almost all the books I need except possibly some on the history of fashion, history of makeup, things like that. History of Holmby Hills? But things like that, and maybe if there's a Domesday book on immigrant families something about that. Everything else I've got through, and those would be things I'd pull one or two bits out of and not use again, so I think those can stay un-bought.

And! And I was able to get my writing, my edits, and a wiki article started for the damn magical lineage before I went to capoeira! Which was good because I ended up being thoroughly distracted. Go me.
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I can tell I'm stressed beyond belief because I want to just go place orders for my next stack of research books and dude, no. You just paid off the last stack of research books and you've read like two of them. No. Stoppit.

(I am looking into payment plans on a new tablet but that's more because I'm sick of lugging my damn laptop all over creation and I miss my netbook even if it is slow as shit right now and won't hold a charge to save its life. I miss having a portable computer bigger than a phone and smaller than a laptop. Currently I've been recommended the Lenovo Yoga, am sighing and eyeballing the iPad just for ubiquitousness, and trying to figure out what finance plans are available from the various tech places I've ever bought shit from.)

I did at least finally get the second chunk of Nerd Girls re-read and notes taken, so that's a goodness. I got the last Nerd Girl wiki'd up and it's not everything, but none of them have a full wiki, it's a start. In a shocking flip of events, I got no original writing done during the day so I get to do it all in the evening. Though honestly that's the easiest part, that's why I start with it. Which I probably shouldn't. Oops.

And come to think of that I should probably also write up a protocol sheet of some kind for releasing a new novel. Blah blah finish edits copy into scrivener format in scrivener order proofs write ad copy etc. I have scribbled handwritten notes somewhere about what to do and how to do it in Kindle, but, um. Given that they're somewhere we see exactly how useful that is.

I'm not sure I have much in the way of interesting to share today. Things aren't going poorly, they aren't going well either but not in a specific to me sense. More in the whole world is a tire fire sense. But I'm getting more organized, more things done in a writing way. So that's not nothing.


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