Feb. 27th, 2017

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Whaargble well okay, I got proof copies for Sandborn and Black Ice ordered. Again. And hopefully in the future I will know how best to get this crap formatted (check certain settings in Scrivener and then add any extra blank pages that need to be added in Word/Open Word/whatever) and not have to order umpteen million proof copies several months apart because I am a nervous wreck while doing this. But those are ordered. The main room in the house is absurdly clean because I spent an atrocious amount of time cleaning it, and gardening, and now I am damn well buying yet more books as a reward. So there.

We'll call that my comfort spending for today, since it turns out that one of the JCCs that was targeted in today's wave of bomb threats was here in my town. Which, about the only change that makes me feel is that now I'm a little more scared for my life, but fucking hell these people make me so tired. These people who can't obey such basic rules of conduct as "don't threaten children," they make me so goddamn tired.

Happier things, you guys. I finally got my works cited page up, and am reading the Grimoires book on that list. It is so tasty I cannot even tell you. It has pages and pages of both end notes and recommended reading. I love it good.

I finished taking notes on Nerd Girls, read over the notes on Malachy and noted things for myself and most of them I believe I can interpret well and fairly without help, so that's fine. I still need to figure out what the antagonists are in Malachy other than Hunter Standish, the most annoying rich white dude ever to rich white dude (and also [redacted redacted redacted]), but that I can do at some point in the next few days as I hurriedly page through my Daemonium and Ars Goethia and so on. There's got to be an answer somewhere in there. Today is for getting at least to Julien's portion of this story and maybe a scene into it, and laying out the bones of my fictional magical tradition and what they do other than long involved pretentious hermetic rites and so on.

Of course now that I have seeds in the ground it's supposed to freeze at least two nights out of the coming week. Because of course. Still, it's all marigolds and broccoli and other plants that do all right in cool weather, so hopefully they won't be affected very much. I have no idea how much cleaning I'm going to get done over the next week or so, but the weekend after this coming one is the one the boy took off for a con we're not going to go to anymore so maybe there will be a Dave and Busters trip in the offing. That'd be nice. And in the meantime, he has also promised to help with the cleaning. And hopefully get the big shelves on which the board games can go, because I would like my bookshelves back please and thank you. Aaargh. Really, we just need to rearrange a huge chunk of shelving. Over the next couple of weeks. I hope.


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