Jun. 8th, 2017

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I saw Wonder Woman! I had Thoughts! Spoilery spoilery thoughts )

I think I have run out of words on Wonder Woman. We went and saw a 10.30 showing because it was that or this coming Saturday due to the boy's and my schedule, ugh. We got home at 1 in the morning and went to bed at closer to 2 and ugh. But it was so worth it. I did cry at the No Man's Land scene, and several other places as the boy keeps reminding me with amusement. And there was one part towards the beginning when every woman in the audience was audibly laughing for several minutes. I'm pretty sure anyone who's seen it knows exactly the scene I mean, it was just... the shared knowledge and experience of women.

But ugh, am exhausted. I can't tell if I'm exhausted and sneezing because I'm sick or because I didn't sleep much last night and there are allergens out there. And besides that no, Elf Lord, I do not need to stand back and let the guys do the heavy lifting, I'm tired, not weak or incapable. I swear, most of the time the men in my family/at my work (one and the same these days anyway) are okay about such things but sometimes they take the weirdest streak of "no, let me lift that."

Dude. You literally hired me to be your shipper/handler and sling the heavy boxes. What up with that.

Probably driven by my lack of sleep I did PitMad on twitter and got not one but two bites at the apple on the first round of tweets so, um, yay? I have no idea about one publishing company but the other at least looks solid. I'm leaving out the book currently in a state of [redacted] and all the older books that I haven't looked at in ages and probably could use a rewrite because I was a different writer ages ago. Yeah, we'll leave those out. But still. Turing Shrugged got a bite. Long Road got a bite. Two different books got bites, what even. I'll do another round of tweets tonight I guess. What the hell right? Apparently this is the year for unexpected metaphorical heart attacks. Better than literal ones.

Um. Okay, for my own future reference it seems like it's thirty minutes from the inciting event to where I can calm down and think about anything again. But in the meantime, keep working on the current projects, keep working on Helix, keep moving there, pick up... something. Pick up and try to resume normal routines? I don't even know what knocked them out of whack this time. No, wait, I do, birthday week festivities. So, all right. Pick languages back up next week, I think with Arabic it's about time to start on the grammar if I can flip through the alphabet book this weekend and determine that I'm as good on the letters as I'm going to get without attaching them to words regularly. And sort through my mental Workshop, and away we go.

I mean none of these nibbles might turn into anything but boy it's exciting isn't it!


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