Jun. 1st, 2017

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Doing better than I expected, I think because tight calves and lower thighs prevented me from doing much last night. I did do enough to have at least two sequences memorized so I can try going over those when I get home tonight, I forgot to go over them this morning. A lot of my problem is I need to go into queda de rins/queda de cuatro and get out of it more and more so it becomes habitual rather than an easy sequence that still requires thought. But yeah. Oof.

(The sequences, so I have some place to remember, are: meia lua, queda de rins, tesoura / chapa, drop back to a tight role, cabecada.)

(I hope I got that second sequence right.)

I'm having a fit of BUY ALL THE MAKEUP TOOLS AND PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED IN THE VIDEOS. I can tell this is stress and exhaustion talking, I already got a shitload of makeup products (seriously you don't want to know how much money I spent trying to figure out foundation shades and then just accumulating new products and tools) and I don't goddamn need more until I figure out a routine for these. But oh my god the urge is very strong. I keep having this urge to get five different brushes and two different types of foundation stick for contouring in three shades and and and and. And I still want the Cover FX Enhancers for shining like a disco ball. And.

This is definitely stress and exhaustion talking.

Does it count if I stress buy things for care packages for other people?

I did stress buy a lash curler if that counts, but I'm not entirely sure how this works and if it should feel like pinching when I do and whether or not it does anything. How do I even do this. How do I tell if it's working? Maybe I'll try it tomorrow when I'm not half asleep and have half my makeup on and half washed off.

This is irritating. I got home, I had a lot of stuff I was going to do, and I got through the first part of it which was trimming a whole lot of crap down and then I sat down to eat dinner and my brain never reactivated. I got upstairs and tried the lash curler and petted a cat and cut tags off my clothes and then everything shut down once I got downstairs and I couldn't even pick a tv show to watch. This is problematic considering I have a synopsis to write. Sigh. I will try again tomorrow.


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