May. 28th, 2017

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I got my boots back! You guys I did not properly appreciate my boots until I wasn't wearing them for a week but oh my god I have the most comfortable boots. (After three years of wearing them they'd better be comfortable and broken in to my particular feet.) But for the week I was wearing the cowboy pull-ons everything felt so weird and loose and I missed my boots. But they were resoled, they look beautiful albeit a bit weird since I haven't polished them in forever, and they feel good.

I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol2 and I actually enjoyed it and think it was a tighter story than Guardians 1, to my mild surprise. I liked everyone's emotional journeys, I like the way they didn't do much with Gamora and Quill except to bring them closer together emotionally and relationally and not focus that on the romance so much as a general closeness and understanding. Kurt Russell was fucking funny even if he [redacted redacted] and [redacted]. YONDU. Oh Yondu. I liked him in the first movie and I fucking love him in this one.

I swatched a bunch of my lip lingeries and lip suedes and discovered that I'm not insane, one of the lip lingeries has a different texture to the other two, I'm not sure why. But it looks crappier on my lips than the other two. The lip suedes are fine, still also two of them have a different texture than the other three, maybe I shook one up more than the other, I don't know? But they're fine. Not sure what to do about the lip lingerie. I seem to finally have solidified into a new makeup routine and have all my new makeup equipment other than primer (still working on the sample size tube) and a lash curler, which apparently does make a difference? Who knew? Not me because I only started doing this a year and a half ago. But overall I'm a bit pleased and terrified by the whole thing. Also by my new skin care routine since the couperose serum has done wonders for my skin, so now after a shower I'm seruming my face and moisturizing and then today I put argan oil into my hair and I'm still getting used to this whole routine where I don't just wash myself and go. It's a bit weird. But a faerie queen has to keep up her All Shall Love Me And Despair appearance.

We got the estimate back from the one tree place that's been prompt and communicative (there have been others but since I'm not in charge of calling these service people and I haven't heard anything from the boy I'm not sure where they stand) and it's about what we expected. Actually a little over what we expected but only because he included an estimate for a tree that was only briefly discussed anyway. The back white oak tree is apparently the least of the problems right now, but he included an estimate for it anyway. So I think we're going to do this.

It's a weird feeling to have life going fairly well when the world at large and especially the country is collapsing into a heap of fear and anger and panic and assholes. I have hopes of trials and treason charges and impeachment though. I think that may be contributing to my atmosphere of optimism. Get these assholes the fuck out of here. Then we can work on rebuilding the progress we'd made in the last eight years.


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