May. 13th, 2017

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Well the morning was starting off with the dulled despair of no Congress is never going to impeach the Tangerine Mussolini and then I found a picture of Dominic Purcell doing a yogurt commercial encaptioned something about keeping a full tummy without ruining din-din. And now I'm hearing that in Heat Wave's voice and it will never get out of my head. But it's much funnier.

I swear when I started editing this thing I was on page 1 of 100, now I'm on page 84 of 117. It didn't come out of nowhere, I know that I added a bunch of scenes and a bunch of words but moving my own goalposts? If that's the right phrase, even for a good cause doesn't feel that much better. Plus side I did probably get ten pages of edits done today even with adding in a chunk of text. Which I should probably count the bigger chunks towards my words today oops. And then I progressed more on other writes for other upcoming projects!

Beeeeh on the one hand my makeup test product things came! And Nyx is totally my price point but on the other hand there's still a part of me that wants to look like a supermodel or those youtube girls and clearly that must mean I should use those products that start at around $30/bottle. Bad brain, no cookie. You will try the Nyx ones and then after you're not paying a credit card bill every month, maybe you can put some of that towards makeup. Until then calm thy vanity. Why do I even have that lever.

Ooh, and it's finally raining, which means my garden has been watered whether or not the boy remembered to do so. Yay. Actually at this point it's probably drenched.


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