May. 8th, 2017

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I really need to remember that when I keep up with Habitica and check five or six times a day, just quickly glancing at my phone, I get more done just because the back of my brain isn't constantly going "hey you should do this regular thing. Hey what about this. Hey."

I'm also just plain waiting for something else to come up, quite possibly a false flag "terrorist attack," to distract from this latest development with Ze Russians. Waiting. There were White House? Capitol Hill? Sources this morning saying that the White House was calling Senators begging them not to let Sally Yates testify. And then there was the threatening comments from the idiot's twitter account and, yeah. This just will not stop being messy.

The most likely homophobe brigade ... is there a general catch-all term for "people who are afraid of the non-cis non-straight"? I feel like homophobic doesn't really cut it and neither does transphobic but... anyway, they were talking at Gail Simone today which meant that I saw the ones she chose to reply to mostly with variations on "... you seem ... nice...." and it was fine, this happens a lot, but it also got me irritated. In a vein of, look fuckers, just because you get uncomfortable seeing anything outside this very narrow box doesn't mean the rest of us wouldn't love to be acknowledged as being fellow sentient fucking feeling fucking beings in fiction every now and again. I just. Why. Why do you insist on stripping out all the humanity from everything.

Grrr. This is still bothering me hours later. Grr I say. Also grr because I saw a picture and recipe link for macaroni and cheese float by on my tumblr dash and now I want macaroni and cheese. GRR.

I did get almost ten pages edited at work! I might even have this finished with first pass edits by the end of the month like I said I would. Of course I'm on the easy part right now, the part between sections where I have to rewrite entire damn scenes and reintroduce scenes and figure out what the fuck is going on. Although oddly, watching Wynonna Earp should help with that now that I think about it.

I started watching Wynonna Earp. It's amazing. I am now rewatching it, one day after I binged it in an entire day. I fucking love this show. I love the women in it. And apparently I get to cosplay Wynonna when I get to DragonCon, with a Willa to match. This is going to be hilarious fun.


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