Apr. 19th, 2017

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I have a headache just mild enough for me to decide to go to capoeira anyway, I've somehow managed to run out of shipping labels I have no idea how, I'm usually good about remembering to re-order but I guess we've just been shipping so little by UPS these days that I lost track, and I'm bleeding. Normal bleeding not injury bleeding. I dislike this entire state of events and when I get home I am taking a shower and spending the rest of the evening either playing video games or reading or knitting or some combination of all three. Fuck this day. Not a hard fuck just an irritated one.

At least I got my edits done before the headaches of various kinds came on. And I'm mostly just tired-cranky and blegh, not in any kind of distress. Which is a positive considering I've been various kinds of distressed since the goddamn election. I'll take this kind of generalized cranky/surly.

I also figured out why I've been playing Summoner's War way more than Pokemon Go even while both of them have events at the same time THANKS GUYS. For the simple reason that it's been rainy and windy off and on the last several days and ugh why. Also I've been just achy enough to not want to walk anywhere and oh my god you the PMS surly. Sitting on a couch playing a monster summoning game is about my speed.

And writing is going well. I definitely need to start moving ahead and doing actual pages in Nanowrimo, but on the other hand I can probably do twenty pages at a shot once I get back to where I pick up the text already written in the previous draft, so I'm less worried about making my Camp Nano editing goals. I've gotten all the rough details of Starlight's background sketched so I can pick that back up again, and Eochaid.... well, Eochaid needs to get his happy ass moving again.

(And then I managed to give myself an asthma attack at capoeira for being too enthusiastic? Pushing too hard? Being too belligerent? Something, I overdid it and kicked off the asthma and let's not do that again, self, hmm?)


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