Apr. 14th, 2017

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Welp okay it's a good thing I managed to get up with my alarm today. Actually up and out of bed, not just awake. I forgot until I'd been awake about five-ten minutes that I was leaving early today to go around the clay shop. Whoops. I mean, plus side I did manage to get up, water plants, put on some fantastic makeup if I do say so myself. And got to work and did the errands on time.

Work wasn't very nice though. There was quite a bit of hauling around about 200 pounds of yarn, running back and forth between the front and the back, and shuffling around some supply orders and then I got home with every intention of doing gardening and then got out into the garden and realized I was too goddamn tired to do anything. Quite possibly too goddamn tired to study, but we'll see about that.

Plus sides though, I watched a hell of a lot of makeup blogs and got a better idea of what my girls for Malachy are doing, at least the two elder ones. Nobody knows what the third sister's doing, least of all the third sister! Which is funny, the supernatural stuff I know the texts for, I know where to go for research, this is my bread and butter. Okay not my bread and butter, but hermetic magic is what I know. Makeup? Wardrobe? Beauty blogging? And other largely stereotypical women things but still, I have no idea what those are.

I suppose I will try and at least do a bit of languages before bed. I also found a lamp that'll work to brighten up the bedroom since we can't get the overhead ceiling light/fan to work. And at this point I'm a little afraid to get it fixed because I'm sure any effort to fix it will result in "okay and now we need to run new wires all through here." and then it'll be a ridiculous expense. Easier to just put around some floor lamps, since the last electrician we had in to fix a couple blown outlets said the wiring was fine in general, albeit weird. (Which, what do you expect, the electricity was retrofitted to the house.) And there's a whole laundry list of chores to do over the weekend including gardening and weed whacking and the boy's got the lawn and I'm going to try and do the porch and the patio. I'm quite excited about it all! Except irritated at being tired now. Meh.


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