Mar. 31st, 2017

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Ow. Owie ow ow. So the other night capoeira was a whole lot of basics. Except unlike the classes where there's a bunch of new people and we're doing very slow basics with lots of pauses for explanation, this was a class with Puck and the other mainly recurring student and so it was much more basic moves and evasions at a fastish clip over and over and over with nitpicking the little things and then doing those with attention to detail over and over. And ow.

It's funny how a class in "the basics" can vary in difficulty depending on if it's teaching the basics for the first time or going over the basics to perfect them.

Almost done with the sample, which means I can work on other things now yay. But I've also rediscovered my love of lace knitting. Oops. I also lost a stitch marker, which immediately kicked off a need to buy more stitch markers because omg losing all of them! No, self, you're not losing all your stitch markers. They're just also on twenty different projects because you have a bajillion projects on needles. Actually only three or four projects including one that's umpteen million stitches long. I really need to finish that one. Also I finally have blocking boards! Because of the aforementioned lace knitting kick. Although I still have umpteen projects to finish.

No, I take it back, I lost at least two markers, I am getting another damn set of stitch markers if I'm going to be losing them at this rate. At least they're cheapish. Or rather, I pay 20 including shipping for 32 of them from an indie lady on Etsy and they're pretty and I'm supporting indie business and that's a lot of damn stitch markers. Also I need to get the fucking star chart shawl off of the damn needles because that's taking up at least half of them.

Blergh. Between wanting to get the sample finished and a couple other day jobligations I have had no focus for writing. Hopefully that'll change once I get home. I really do need to get some shit written down so I can start edits, finish the one story, and, well, keep going on everything. But with last night's thunderstorm and subsequent lack of sleep, not to mention endless muscle aches, I'm lucky that I have enough executive function to get through the day. Blergh I say!


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