Mar. 21st, 2017

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Okay, today is at least starting out more promising, since there's only one supplier order incoming, we got most everything except the wholesale yarn dealt with yesterday, and I woke up closer to on time and got my exercises and some of my languages done before I left for work, plus the household crap.

(And then, you know, I developed a pounding headache stabbing into one side of my head so, maybe not so promising. At least I haven't comfort-bought anything, but the social anxiety and lack of coordination of brain-anything is through the fucking roof.)

I do have some degree of a plan, if the painkillers kick in and this turns out to be a headache and not a migraine. In to-do list form because right now I just feel miserable and heading towards nauseous.

1. Finish Julien's story now that that extra scene has crept in there
2. Set up new fae story, which I think means that all the other stories can go into edits and the extra scene in Julien's story means HEY I FOUND THE ANCHOR STORY. Oh my god did I find the anchor story.
3. Edit some amount of stuff in Malachy IDEK anymore
4. Write out the damn timeline in the story that will forever need a title because the first and the second parts have major disconnect.
5. Write up a couple more fashion designers.
6. Where the fuck do I find histories of makeup companies
7. Don't forget languages tonight self.
8. Don't die, either.

ETA: The painkillers kicked in, I feel somewhat better apart from another random massive tortilla chip craving, I want to sit down and write ALL THE THINGS but I'm at work boo.


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