Mar. 20th, 2017

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Ah, the randomness of life. As in I went to bed at a vaguely decent hour last night (not too much past my bedtime), I was settling in with the cats to sleep, and developed a nosebleed that lasted not at full blast but at an irritating trickle for half a fucking hour. So I slept in, woke up, ran downstairs to cut the chicken I'd forgotten to cut the previous night oops, started putting away some dishes, ran upstairs to shower and get dressed, wondering if I could catch a cat nap today, only to find out that today we got in at least six supplier shipments plus the yarn we get in around 50lb lots because it's our house brand weaving yarn. OY.

As a result I got home and, heh, not much got done on my dailies. I did pull out and fuck around with Campaign Cartographer some more and while I could wish for a greater variety of symbols and things, it'll work for making the maps I need and I'm slowly getting the hang of using it. I'm also getting an idea of how very, very time consuming it's going to be. Ugh.

I guess that's a good reason for not getting much of anything else done tonight. I just have to remember to commit a few hours to it every weekend, and maybe place one or two buildings on it during the week. Incremental map development. Yay.

Anyway. Writing off the rest of the day as a bust too because while I did get a lot of day jobligations done and everything else, so not an entire bust, it's 11.30 in the evening and I got crap for sleep and the hell with everything else. Including trying to get anything done. I have done many things, I can start up again tomorrow.

It's like I'm growing and learning as a person or something.


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