Mar. 7th, 2017

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Yesterday got started and then got quickly finished around noon when my exhaustion, headache, and possible head cold got to be too much. I went home and spend half of the day asleep and the rest of the half of the day on the couch watching TV or doing other mindless activities.

There are plusses over the last 24 hours. I got a bit of crafting done and a bit of writing done. I started entering makeup descriptions into my spreadsheet. The print copies of the two books that have print copies are now up on Amazon, yay! Also eek. That's more than a little terrifying. But other books came, my Viking books came at Malaprops so now I'm really truly well and truly done getting research books. For maybe six months. Heh.

I see they gave Fuckknuckle with the Nazi fetish another comic book character to ruin. This one is Magneto, who would possibly beat Captain America to the punching of Hydra goons, not even kidding. Magneto's hatred of anything that even smells like a Nazi is legendary, so you can't even argue that "omg you don't know comics" no, um, this is one of the cores of Magneto's personality. Another one being the epic long love affair with Xavier but Magneto's core motivation is always kill anything that so much as smells like a Nazi. Which is definitely Hydra. I mean I can see why he would go undercover to destroy them from the inside but you start out with that, you don't spend three issues with everyone wondering how you got the book when you don't even know who the fuck Magneto is.

igottagowashsomething dot gif, you guys.

Happier things though, if I can ever make my brain behave and go back to the document I did figure out how to both racebend the Winchesters for this novel (actually they no longer resemble the Winchesters at all) and keep the rough emotional effect of "two guys get out of a car and all three of them look like they've taken a few punches to the face/grill". It involves Danny Trejo, for one thing. I cackled over this for a good five minutes let me tell you.

And at this point I think the alleged erotica is just getting pushed back to be "when I need a creative kickstart" writing because, eh, let's face it, that was never for any deadline anyway. And I have, um. Three? Four? Projects I'm currently working on anyway, but at least those projects are progressing! Slowly but steadily. Up to and including hilarious twitter polls that show that people are liking Idris Elba more than The Rock right now. It's the small things that amuse me. Or maybe I just amuse myself.


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