Feb. 21st, 2017

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I can tell I'm stressed beyond belief because I want to just go place orders for my next stack of research books and dude, no. You just paid off the last stack of research books and you've read like two of them. No. Stoppit.

(I am looking into payment plans on a new tablet but that's more because I'm sick of lugging my damn laptop all over creation and I miss my netbook even if it is slow as shit right now and won't hold a charge to save its life. I miss having a portable computer bigger than a phone and smaller than a laptop. Currently I've been recommended the Lenovo Yoga, am sighing and eyeballing the iPad just for ubiquitousness, and trying to figure out what finance plans are available from the various tech places I've ever bought shit from.)

I did at least finally get the second chunk of Nerd Girls re-read and notes taken, so that's a goodness. I got the last Nerd Girl wiki'd up and it's not everything, but none of them have a full wiki, it's a start. In a shocking flip of events, I got no original writing done during the day so I get to do it all in the evening. Though honestly that's the easiest part, that's why I start with it. Which I probably shouldn't. Oops.

And come to think of that I should probably also write up a protocol sheet of some kind for releasing a new novel. Blah blah finish edits copy into scrivener format in scrivener order proofs write ad copy etc. I have scribbled handwritten notes somewhere about what to do and how to do it in Kindle, but, um. Given that they're somewhere we see exactly how useful that is.

I'm not sure I have much in the way of interesting to share today. Things aren't going poorly, they aren't going well either but not in a specific to me sense. More in the whole world is a tire fire sense. But I'm getting more organized, more things done in a writing way. So that's not nothing.


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