Feb. 6th, 2017

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Ugh I spent most of yesterday relaxing and resting and I still felt tired when I got up. Of course I feel tired now, but that's because work involved non-stop packing and answering phones and packing and more answering phones and fixing things and I didn't even get to the weekend's orders despite having come in on the weekend so I would actually get to the orders on Monday and yet no. At least I can deal with it all tomorrow probably.

And because of all that there's no political screaming today! That and I think I've run out of screaming for a while. It was never shocking and now it's not even really startling, it's just annoying. That I have to waste energy on these people's bullshit. That a lot of strong, creative, wonderful people have to waste energy just treading water because these people can't stop fucking everyone else over.

On Twitter I've become this bizarre hybrid of Fred Rogers and R Lee Ermey where most of the time I swear a lot and grump about things and then in the evenings and at random other intervals I talk at people about okay take care of yourself and get plenty of good sleep. It's absurd but hilarious. It also seems to help, so what the hell, I might as well, right? Although my X-Files binge is also giving me an urge to write helpful hints on the X-Files title card background. Something like "don't reply to the trolls" and maybe "trust but verify"

And now it's the end of the day and I'm still tired. Did manage to get some writing done! Not as much else as I wanted, but writing and reading over some things on top of a longass workday, hell, I'll take it.


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