Feb. 3rd, 2017

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So yes. I have a hole in my tooth. I guess the good news here is that it's not awful to fix, it might not even need to be drilled, just needs cleaned out and refilled. But ugh. And I need to make an appointment to deal with that because the Aunt also needs to have a hole in her teeth refilled so we can both go get poked and prodded and stuffed in the face at the same time oh joy.

... wait I might not even need to get numbed up if he doesn't need to drill. HEY UPSIDE.

I was doing so good and avoiding the Twitter news and then I saw an article that said 'he' is why we can't have nice things and like a dumbass I clicked it and now I'm all MUST BUY ORANGE TREES AND APPLE TREES SO I DON'T LOSE MY FRESH FRUIT. Jesus fuck if he loses us most of our trading partners I think 90% of the country will straight up storm wherever he is and drag him out to lynch him. It won't even be so ambiguous as oh dear the stock market did a weird thing and oops there goes the economy. It will be straight up YOU GOT US INTO TRADE WARS WITH OUR BIGGEST TRADING PARTNERS LOOK WHAT YOU DID.

Anyway this is pretty much my cycle. I'm doing all right for a while coping with the onslaught of politics and then something happens that sends my brain into complete meltdown, usually late at night. I need to get into the habit of skipping over that stuff after say 10pm.

I did finally manage to get through a chunk of Long Road yesterday, and I think the problem is going to be equal parts pacing and research. Basically I have to read a bunch of books about the right eras, write/rewrite/edit the relevant sections till they're the appropriate length, and then go back and history check everything and decide if I'm leaving that there because pop culture fantasy history or if I'm changing that to be more historically accurate because history is more fun.

And then after that... fuck if I know, do I go to Nerd Girls or back to Malachy argh. Plus the other two projects I need to work on on weekends, at least one of which I need to go back through and make a timeline and an arc for and aaaaargh okay I'll reread that this weekend I guess. Aaaargh.

It's not as bad as I'm complaining it is, I'm just having project paralysis. This is why it's so much easier for me to fall into something fun and not-related to anything I've imposed myself a deadline on, because then I'm not wondering which one to tackle next for optimal results and I'm just enjoying myself. NOT THIS YEAR, MOTHERFUCKER. This year I work, because there's a lot of work to do.


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