Jan. 31st, 2017

kittydesade: (do not thump the book of g'qon)
Today's incoherent political gabble consists mostly of FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUUUUUUUUU because I have a Republican Senator and grrrrrrr fuck him anyway.

Not helped by the disappointment at looking up the martial arts instructor's credentials and seeing that he learned Krav Maga from a guy who appears to have been shuffled out of active duty in the IDF to a desk job to make him stop making things worse by punching them. I appreciate that generally in a military force everyone learns some combat basics but if your need to punch things is so great that you get pulled from the field to ride a desk because you're causing trouble...urgh. I don't want to sit on both the instructor's advocacy of punching things and my own need to hit something, thanks. (For those interested the style is apparently "Commando Krav Maga" by a guy named Moni Aizik. The first two hits were mainly other martial arts sites complaining that this guy was giving people bad ideas and Krav maga a bad name.)

Damn, too. I was looking forward to taking a seminar on more directly combat related physicality. I mean I like capoeira for long term practice, but sometimes I just want to learn how to avoid people with weapons. Or hit them really hard in the kidneys. (I'm having aggression issues right now can you tell. We should probably get that punching bag installed soon. Plus side, I'm used to expressing them with ranting to thin air or online or screaming into a pillow or doing some kind of physical practice. My Mom taught me well. And got me good therapists.

I really, really need to do more writing. I made it to around 9.30 last night, getting everything done, languages and everything, and then Yates got fired and people were calling it the Saturday Night Massacre all over again and I freaked myself right the hell out and nothing got done. Apart from being not good for my deadlines, that's just not good for my mental health. Blergh. At least I did get my 500 done for the day, that hasn't happened I think since the inauguration.

Now I just need to fix my Scrivener syncing phone to computer problem argh.


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