Jan. 30th, 2017

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This has been your political commentary of the day.

It's funny, I've gotten to the point where I can call my congressperson if I have a solid thing to call them on fairly easily, but I still have anxiety issues with emailing back anyone from college. Which is a longer list than I expected. Not even bullies or teachers I didn't get along with, I like these people! And yet I have anxiety.

I also haven't been doing much of any creative work in the last week or so (gee I wonder why) and I need to fix that. It'll help me if I do, it might help me help other people, other people might benefit from having something fun to read maybe? Though some of these stories aren't the most fun. And. And mostly it's just good for me to keep working at this. I don't think a lot of us anticipated it would get this bad this soon, but lo, it has. Which means I, at least, need to keep working.

Bit by bit. Today's goals, I guess, will be to write some in the erotica and some in the Julien story since I need to get that finished drafted for the anthology. If I can do that then when I get home it can be only languages and reading for research, and maybe reading over Long Road and getting those edits written out. And exercise. Mustn't forget exercise, I need to do that, I need to practice my capoeira and possibly just punch the air a few times to get some anger out. Really.

... speaking of punching things, though, I'm not sure whether to be amused and touched or afraid and touched. The boy texted me earlier today to ask if I wanted to attend a seminar on self defense against weapons in a couple weekends, saying that we could go if I wanted. It's one of the ones at the place near-ish to my capoeira practice I think, so realistically I could also go by myself if I could scrounge up the money, but it'll be nice to have company. They mention Krav Maga too, which I'm obviously interested in. And I can't tell if he thinks I'll need it or if he's just trying to make me feel better. (It's working.)

I have fond hopes of getting there, they say "okay how would you take down this person pointing a gun at you," and the right answer is my reflex answer of step outside the gun arm if he's within range and punch him a couple times quick under the arm. Or in the kidneys. Or something. It's entirely possible this is bravado on my part but this is why I want to take the class, to learn!

I'm going to go write and stop fantasizing about punching people now. We'll blame my upbringing that this is how I get under significant stress.


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