Jan. 27th, 2017

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Seriously, any time my life wants to become less surreal. Not because of the viral tweet this time, although that's still hitting me in the dizzy spot. But this time an old college friend who I haven't talked to since college wants to get in touch and I did and I found out what she's been doing and.... okay! Sure. I need to email her back with what I've been doing, but .... yeah, I don't even know what's going on anymore. On a whole different level than the complete shitshow of politics.

.. Come to think of it this goes well with my contacting my old professor out of the blue, as karmic... something. I don't even know. The world is very, very weird right now.

And I didn't manage to get anything done yesterday, either. Which is probably a result of me not getting extra sleep on Wednesday, which I need to remember, and also maybe the mental stresses of the last few days? There's probably good reasons for that, and I'm probably not being lazy, but argh.

Discovered two more celebrity follows on Twitter, which thankfully is not giving me an existential crisis. Also thankfully they're buried somewhere in the mass of followers so I can't really go looking in my follow list and make sure they're still there like I could before. And since they're not in shows/areas I keep track of, hopefully it'll slip out of my head eventually.

I don't even know what to say about today's immigrant ban. It's absurd. It's especially obscene today, which is undoubtedly why he did it. It's ludicrous that this will keep anyone safer, even if his goal was to protect the citizens of the States, which it obviously isn't. It's beyond foolish to think this will result in anything other than more suffering which, again, is probably why he did it. Because he's a hateful ogre in a spray tan and an absurdly colored hair implant, and he doesn't know any other way to behave. And the spineless boot-lickers who are right there with him just want the power this will bring. It's a threat to the other countries that deal with him because, hey, none of them were affected. Yet.

I don't know. I'm going to go to sleep, get a lot of rest before capoeira tomorrow, and spend the rest of the weekend hiding in my house picking things up and trying to piece my brain back together. And catch up on the writing I didn't do during the week.


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