Jan. 17th, 2017

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Blergh, why are all the books I want for research around $30, with no reviews on them ever. (The current subject of complaint is ancient Irish history, for the record.) (Although speaking of records I'm not sure such records exist for the eras I want to look at. I'm still going to complain.)

But I did finish making all the notes on Malachy, which is to say I got to about 20 pages before the end and stopped because once I've done all the rewriting and patching together I'm going to do those last pages will probably look a lot different. By that point I'll probably be rewriting the whole thing, so the hell with editing it just now. Which means it's off to Long Road, and refreshing myself of the eras, places, etc, where that's going to be set and what I need to read and research for it. Yay!

No, actually yay, because I love reading about history and things.

Ugh for a lot of other things. I really, really need to get better about going to bed on time, as I periodically do but I think especially in winter. Still haven't worked that one out. I started food tracking just in time to run smack into period bloat so not only do I feel uncomfortable in my body the scale is trying to murder me in the brainpan. And both the Aunt and the Elf Lord have just gotten over some fairly hideous colds that I'm sure I've been fighting off, and I don't wanna. Blegh.

I mean I guess the plus side is the rest of everything is going well? I heard back from my old professor which was kind of terrifying, but I also got some good recs to start and he offered to help further after he got settled into the semester, so. YAY. Sources. I made it through one novel only about a week longer than I planned for, I'm working on the second one, and as soon as I get off my ass and make my story priority list (possibly tonight) I can get working on White Lightning. Most other stuff is going well. House stuff is going well. Bat Cat is settling in about as well as one can expect when he's quarantined in one room and a bathroom.

I'd be waiting for the other shoe to drop but I think the endless cascade of shoes is coming entirely from the political situation right now. Yay.

Oh hell. Sure, I'll do the meme. Which fictional setting would you put me in, and what sort of role would I play there?


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