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Okay! That was a fun if exhausting weekend and now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. Saturday was a hair appointment earlyish in the morning and getting all my split ends whacked off, my bags chopped short again (it was the longest my stylist had seen it, which I can see, it's been a rough while) and then it was off to Dave and Busters, where I got two jackpots on Kung Fu Panda, one lucky jackpot on one of those roulette games, didn't play as many throwing games as I expected because we discovered the Star Trek game where you collect chips to exchange for tickets and cards you can also exchange for tickets or keep as a set. I opted for both!

And that was a funny one. We collected a whole bunch of cards, turned them all in after much agonizing on my part, we had almost a full set and almost enough tickets to get three stuffed animals. So we went back to the Star Trek game after a few rounds of throwing things at things games and some more Kung Fu Panda, and eventually collected enough for all the stuffed animals... and then a card dropped that was the last one in the set, that we hadn't seen all day. So of course we had to stay and get it. It took about an hour. It dropped into the dispensary chute. And then it got stuck and we had to get a tech to get it out. But it was all fun and totally worth it.

And then the next day we went and spent some birthday money on a whole pile of crap at home depot including a flamethrower (okay, it's a propane torch, but when it's that big of a torch [not a flame] it's a fucking flamethrower) and a heat gun, one for weeds and one to get the damn paint off the walls. I hope. And two bucketloads of cleaning supplies, literally, and some light bulbs curtain tiebacks and? No, I think that was it. We went in for a jug of SimpleGreen and a jug of Drano and light bulbs. Oops.

Still. And I got new bras with birthday money which ugh why. Why is this a thing. Why is this a majorly expensive thing. I got four bras and it was over $100 and I may be on the leading edge of standard sizing but still inside standard sizing, which means I get to skip the Big Girl Tax which is at least 200% and why, clothing industry. Why do you suck so much.

But. Buuut something. Stuff. At some point there will be a LOOK AT ALL MY MAKEUP post of some kind. At some point there may even be a look at my pretty house post of some kind, although I think that'll wait until we've maybe heat-gunned all the paint off the goddamn paneling. (Seriously who paints perfectly fine wood paneling? If you want it lighter just sand it back and refinish it lighter. It's pine paneling. I have opinions about the shitty house flipper group that tried to flip this house last time. Assholes.)

I kind of want to spend my remaining birthday money, after I've paid off the credit card from all the things that went on sale BEFORE I got my birthday money, paying for someone to come in and clean my damn house. Except I already spent most of the weekend cleaning it with the boy and now it just seems like it'd be pointless since there's little enough to do that it can get spaced out over the week. Meh. Can I go back in time and choose to spend yesterday sleeping instead and then pay someone? Is that a thing I can do? No? No.


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