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So I gave it some thought (and, yes, was moved by a couple free samples that Sephora wanted to throw at me that I actually wanted, half the time they're crap I don't want) and went ahead and got the Kat Von D Shade & Light contour palate and a Marc Jacobs eyeliner that I've heard good things about to get free shipping and to try and figure out how this whole waterline business works. Apparently I will practice stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil after all! I also favorited a whole bunch of stuff there and at Ulta for later, but thankfully the stress shopping urge has gone way down. Mostly the only reason I made the Sephora order today was in case the free samples ran out of my shade of foundation. (One of the free samples was some Makeup For Ever Ultra HD foundation which.. okay sure why not. I'll try anything once. Next up is Too Faced foundation!)

I also figured out that the reason my concealer doesn't work on my redness is because it's an oil based concealer. Under a water based foundation. Oooops. In my defense I got the concealer a few months ago before I decided to change foundations and was just going to use this concealer until it ran out on me. (Although this is going to make the silicone based concealer [Shape Tape] I want to use... interesting. Hm. Fuckit, we'll just see how this goes over the next several weeks. The main thing is No Oil Based Makeup.)

I seriously was not thinking about all these factors when I was getting all makeup-y when I was a kid.

Getting some sleep and sleeping in a bit this morning seems to have gotten me through the worst of yesterday's everything. It certainly felt like every week in 2016 or worse when someone died and I spent the day recovering from getting socked in the psyche and then five days later repeat. But I didn't listen to Audioslave or Soundgarden so his music attaches no real importance to me except awareness of his general importance? But... argh, I don't know. I have no idea what happened but sleep seems to have reset that.

Weekend! BIRTHDAY WEEKEND. And Dave and Busters and my last-ish makeup order should come today and I get my hair done did tomorrow and I'm going to get myself a pastry today just because I can goddammit. I'm actually more excited about this than I have been in a couple birthdays? Or maybe I'm just more excited than I have been about anything in a while which is also always possible. Heh. But mostly, Dave and Busters and taking a weekend off from having to do anything! Which probably means I'm going to end up cleaning and doing shit anyway. Knowing me.

And stuff got gardened yesterday, which is to say planting and weeding happened, and today I need to finally jesus plant the seeds I froze weeks ago. Although at least I documented when I did it so I have an idea of how long they've been frozen. And they'll have been defrosted for 24 hours, note to self. The peppers and tomatoes aren't growing as I might wish, but they're not dying either. Just small.

I definitely feel better today. I feel happy and energetic. Where the hell did this come from.


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