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And now I'm tired again. Despite getting a fair amount done yesterday and a good deal of sleep. Tired. Mainly of Republicans. I'll figure out something suitably eloquent and angry to say later but right now the thought of even sending them a message through ResistBot or something makes me exhausted.

More positive things. My pacing is about on course for the novel to turn out timewise the way I want it to. I was pretty sure the pacing would work out all right, but you never know. So far it seems to be working out well. I'm editing without too much brainspace problem, there are always the small problems of where did I put that note or floor plan or what the hell is the word for the thing when someone's doing the thing. But I'm still feeling pretty good about it. And I need to bust my ass on the other two projects, as per usual.

The Backerkit for the Hobo Coins kickstarter arrived, and I filled that out and soon I will have all of the prettiest, most badass i Ching coins out there. Look, my Mom used to throw i Ching, somehow that stuck with me.

Some of my birthday money arrived, so I'm flush again. It's less exciting than it was when I had a whole list of "I'm going to buy this and this and these other things!" and then everything went on sale and suddenly my budget and timing was all topsy turvy. But it's nice to be flush and have money to throw at people for fun stuff like cats and spa nights.

I'm having some problems with body-hate and so on but I'm reassuring myself that I can do more pushups than a couple of weeks ago, back to what used to be usual. As long as I'm building muscle and stamina, I can point to myself and say look, this is a kickass body with, okay, a few bumps and dings (stupid lungs) but it kicks serious ass, and that's not nothing.


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