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The only problem with working on Malachy is that the body dsyphoria? hate? the usual omg I'm so fat bullshit kicks in because the character in question is a fashion blogger and sometime store model. And ugh. On the plus side it's not nearly as strong as it usually is either because fiction I am working on and therefore my brain has to be active in other areas, taking away from the self-castigation, or because I actually am more fit right now than I have been in some time. Toned in general and fit in stamina. Go go regular exercise and practice.

(I can tell I'm more toned because despite weighing a handful of pounds over what my last minimum average was, my measurements haven't fucking changed significantly. Go fucking figure. Well, no, they've dropped back to around what they were at my last minimum average weight. So I don't even know how bodies work anymore but I'm going to assume more weight/same measurements = more density = more muscle so, eh, sure.)


I need to watch the American Gods pilot somehow. I'm torn between a few options, but the laziest of them is wait until it's all aired and then binge it in the free week of Starz. Ponder. Meh. But it did remind me of how much I loved Deadwood, so that's not nothing. Go on, guess what I'm rewatching.

On the one hand, two of the household cats are getting more used to Bat Cat, to the point where if he's out and walking around we don't even have to keep an eye on them. On the other hand, Little Bit REALLY doesn't like Bat Cat, but Bat Cat REALLY wants to play with Little Bit. SIGH. Also we still need to get him to the vet even if to all appearances he is healthy. I also think Cassius is putting on a bit of weight again, so... hell if I know what's wrong with him, although I'm keeping his age estimate revised upwards given the gray in his coat. Silver, really.

... I don't have much of anything else for you guys. I had a reasonably productive day? Apart from edits, which are still crawling at a snail's pace mainly because they're mostly writes, double-check to make sure how I wrote this out earlier, writes some more. Strike out a couple of things, split open that paragraph into two, and write three more pages. It'll be a better book for it but oh my god braining it takes twice as long as "this sentence doesn't work oh there it goes okay then" and catching a few unclarities and grammar errors.

(... I need an icon for this project. Hmm.)


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