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I still haven't seen Wonder Woman yet. I know, I know. I'm being good and waiting for the boy so we can see it together. Although after last weekend I don't know why. I was all asleep all set to go to capoeira in the morning, wake up at 6am and roll over expecting to see him snoring next to me and no boyfriend. It's six in the morning. The fucking birds are singing, the sun's streaming through the balcony door and into the bedroom, and what the fuck. Cue panic, texting, wondering where the hell he is. Of course he's on his way from game. At six in the fucking morning. Without texting me to let me know he's been late up talking to the Dwarf. He brought home apology donuts but still, I cancelled capoeira because there was no way I was going to be able to stay up to yell at him, go back to bed at 7-7.30, wake up again early enough to change and get to class and be awake enough to do goddamn anything. And this fucked up my entire sleep schedule for the weekend and now I'm half asleep at work and I'm still pissed off.

But I did get the goddamn synopsis done, with one bracket note remaining in until I can go home and look up exactly which damn demon lord that was. Now I think the next week is apparently going to be all Malachy all the time because of Redacted while I wrap my head around it. At least most of it is typing shit up and getting things logged and hopefully I won't have time to panic. Because oh boy wow there is panic. And vicarious happiness because it means a friend [redacted] that [redacted] is going to [redacted] but .... nngh. If this all pans out you guys I am going to explode.

(I wouldn't expect any of these things to become unredacted anytime soon, so I'll try not to talk about it too much. But my head's about to explode.)

On the plus side, my urge to buy all the makeup has dropped now that I have an urgent project to work on and a sense of joy and hope again. Politics is seriously draining my energy and getting me down and ugh. It's hard to be hopeful or energetic about working on my writing when I'm writing it to publish it myself and so on, especially in this kind of environment. And way too easy to get distracted by shinies.

Still. I managed to do some Helix murderboarding last night! And Malachy is sort of falling into place once I apply pressure on the pieces and ass-glue to get it all written down. So that's good.
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