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I was so gleeful to get my boots back that I got the boy to teach me how to shine boots like he was taught in the military, and apparently this involves fire. Guess who spent the better part of an hour last night lighting boot polish on fire. You get three guesses and the first two don't count.

(Of course this led to a number of amusing conversations where he'd say in a very long-suffering voice "It's on fire" and I'd be all "Yeah, I know, I know" with a grin that would probably be unnerving if he didn't know me well.)

Still watching too many makeup videos of how to do a this eye and that eye and cat eye and one eye two eye red eye blue eye I need more palettes and also two weeks of paid vacation time where I can just sit and fuck around with this stuff. Having dug out a really old smoky eye type neutrals palette (okay not that old but still) and messed around with it I have discovered that I am actually messier with palettes than I am with loose powders. Which is entirely the lack of practice, but still. 2017 is the year of escapism by makeup. The Urban Decay primer potion is also A Primer, for experiment noting, but the applicator is terrifyingly pokey. Why, Urban Decay. Why do you want me to stab myself in the eyes.

(I could just use shape tape but I want to conserve that for the luggage I'm carrying around under my eyes.)

I have no idea where the day went. I did get most things done but not nearly as much of it as I meant to while at work, meaning by the time I got up to play with makeup it was late and i was exhausted. For a day when I didn't actually have shipping to do it turned out to be surprisingly busy. Restocking and organizing will do that, I suppose.

Blegh. Maybe tomorrow I'll take another shot at palette/pressed powder shadows and actually get something out of it. And if that doesn't work, I do at least know what I'm doing with the loose powder ones! Something I never thought would happen. Heh.
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